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Top 3 tips to protect your hearing aids when wearing a face mask

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Is Music Production Damaging Your Hearing?

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Protecting Your Hearing

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How to Improve Your Hearing at Home

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How to take care of our ears? to avoid hearing loss

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Mayo Clinic Minute: How to protect your hearing

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Is Your Hearing At Risk? Tips to Protect Your Ears

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Follow the tips below and start protecting your hearing now! Turn the volume down of the TV, radio, music, etc. Avoid loud or noisy activities/places, when possible. Limit your time exposed to loud sounds.

A large part of protecting your hearing is learning to recognize potentially dangerous noise levels. Then you will have a better idea of what to avoid. Prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85 decibels is considered to be damaging to your hearing. To. No matter which one you prefer, take steps to protect your hearing while you’re young.

4. Be sensible when using headphones. A lot of hearing damage comes from people turning the volume up to the maximum level on the personal devices while using headphones. Headphones direct the noise straight into your ear, so the capacity for ear damage is. To protect your hearing, use earplugs — and try to avoid loud noises. Noise (sound) is all around us — at school, at home, and all the places in between.

It’s everywhere we go. But being around too much loud noise, like at concerts or fireworks shows, can make you. The maximum volume on your mobile device is likely 94 to 110 dBA! Protect your hearing with these tips for smart listening Choose headphones that block out the sound around you. If your over-the-ear or in-the-ear headphones have a good seal, you’ll.

Now, here are some tips from Doc Willie Ong to avoid loss of hearing: Volume down – Noise and loud sounds are the worst damages you could ever do to your ears. Let your volumes down listening to your favorite music or podcast to avoid deafness. Take Steps Now. En español | When you experience any hearing loss it can catch you by surprise.

But there is much you can do to cut the risks. Here are 10 tips to help you protect your ears and your hearing. Earmuffs may provide a viable alternative to earplugs. Whereas earplugs provide an airtight seal that helps protect the ear canal, ear muffs fit firmly over the outer ear.

As such, earmuffs can help protect your hearing if you cannot find earplugs that fit correctly inside your ears. How Can I Protect My Hearing? Turn down the volume. If you wear earbuds while listening to music, take out your earbuds and hold them 3 feet (1 meter) away from your ear. A Few Proactive Tips to Protect Your Hearing The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Better Hearing Institute share many of the same practices to protect your hearing this summer.

Keep a safe distance. Noise from exploding fireworks can reach as high as 155 decibels (above 85 decibels can be considered unsafe).

List of related literature:

Prevent hair sprays, oils, or other hair and face products from coming in contact with the receiver of the hearing aid.

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prevent hearing loss.

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There are several strategies for protecting your hearing if you believe or determine that your exposure exceeds safe levels.

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Clean hearing protectors regularly.

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Although wearing hearing protection is advisable, it creates similar limitations.

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• Protect your hearing when using earbuds or headphones?

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Prevent hairsprays, oils, or other hair and face products from coming into contact with the receiver of the hearing aid.

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We can safeguard our hearing using hearing protection.

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The employer shall provide more effective hearing protectors where necessary.

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Hearing protectors can be used as additional protection.

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  • me listening to this with headphones

    but guys when i took my headphones off i started having headaches and i am 11:(( is that normal?? does it go away??

  • Listen to this man kids.
    I’m 37 now and I’ve now got Hyperacusis, Tinnitus and probably hearing loss. I have a rumbling in my left ear most days due to to contraction of a small ear muscle as a result of Hyperacusis. I love music like it’s part of me. But I don’t enjoy music like I use to. Nobody educated me! Goodluck.

  • I am very glad I made a decision to try this hearing problems treatment “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) out for my granny. It makes me satisfied knowing it makes her day spending time with her close friends and talking with them without any hearing interferences..

  • My dad’s hearing has been becoming more serious since a couple of years ago, so I bought the hearing loss remedy “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) for him. They did not immediately make him clearly hear every word spoken to him, by any means, but I have observed a few slight developments in the last month..

  • Can you loose your hearing still by listening to calm music for a long period of time not a long period but like when your abt to go to sleep for like 15 min and then when a like 20 min drive and that

  • My father is using hearing problems guide “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it). It seems to be enhancing. For a guy who refuses to succumb to a hearing aid, I guess that this is a decent choice. Now, I do not even try to speak louder when conversing to him because he could hear me clearly..

  • Just before using this hearing problems remedy “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it), I could barely hear over the ringing. This amazing guide has cut the noise down my more than half and I could hear better! After two weeks, my hearing has started to show more developments..

  • Thank God im good. I put music on the high when I’m driving and working out, but I balance it out with exercise and diet and meditation

  • Producers who are starting out a career in audio and music, this is serious, I knew it but never knew it would happen to me. Some tips in the long run
    #1 mix with monitors and don’t sit too long
    #2 mix with low spls, you could save your ears + get a better balance
    #3 don’t buy headphones buy monitors. Headphones can cause serious case of damage to your ears.
    #4 have a good pair of ear plugs
    #5 don’t listen to too much sub woofers

    Avoid loud noises 0:52
    Be careful when listening to music 2:38
    Protect your ears at loud events 3:50
    Add some cardio to your life 5:21
    Train your brain 6:36
    Do some yoga 8:44
    Change your diet 10:18
    Keep your outer ear canal clean 11:49

  • I used to listen to music at maximum volume and it cut down my hearing a bit. Now it’s like my ear drum is clogged but I can still hear well.

  • I call bullshit, I wear headphones/earphones daily and listen to nearly most of anything from my computer or console on through them. The warning sign should be if your ear hurts, period. Other than that put the volume up at 100% if you want.

  • I Am 15 years old music producer.I have low tinnitus but it all make me realise that how important my ears.The scariest part is that now I getting hear loss. I thank In The Mix for giving so important video.Thanks
    a lot

  • I traveled a lot learned that hotels and hallways with kids running in
    them and louder ambient noises not like home were messing with a good
    nights sleep. I experimented with different ear plugs and found that
    Flents “Quiet Please” use once or twice and toss works wonders all night
    long. Had a sump pump in the basement at home directly under the
    master bedroom. The pump back-check valve thump when it rained annoyed
    me as it was different. I started using the ear plugs at home. Now
    decades later, I wont sleep without them anywhere. I buy these in a
    bulk container.

    The Bose noise canceling headphones were perfect
    for flight (I began to loathe the open cabin sound of airplanes and
    airports have little noise of need I set alarms on my phone for
    flights so I know when to check flight display monitors). I use these
    for hours daily with my Ipad and listen to Channels of interest even
    in the car.

    Its like finding out that silence or good control of sound is preferential almost always.

    I also find that there is a slowing down effect so focus is
    intentional. I can listen to concentration music specifically on
    yourtube that permit me full simple and deliberate focus on the issue at
    hand and I deal with things on time and efficiently. Its literally
    like finding a vane of pure gold.

    A few hints… Quiet please
    by Flents are good for one or two uses I buy in a large container very
    cost effectively. Buy a small supply at first form the drug store.
    Only the Bose has an elastomer oval pod that fits my ear better than the
    common circle buds. I find circular buds to hurt when wearing over an
    hour. Keep them clean daily with ZEISS Wipes (used for eye glasses)
    buy in bulk. They don’t scratch glasses either.

  • I dunno if i am gonna get a reply or not as the video is old but, what if some of us (like me) also like gaming alongside making music even if it is for a short period of time and like in fps games for clarity in footsteps and gunshot sounds sometimes we crank up the volume a bit. is that equal to the ”loud noise exposure’ that you talked about like the one when going to clubs even though it is not that loud the frequency of sounds like gunshots aren’t exactly pleasant. so i am a bit concerned for people like me and what should we do besides the steps you mentioned while producing and if gaming is bad for us if we want to pursue music production as a career.

  • When I was a young worker, I have had scenarios when my work was jeopardized due to hearing problems. My physician told me that there wasn`t really much that I could do to improve it so I started out studying. Thru this guideline “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) for treating hearing problems, I`m now able to perform my work well without getting bothered by tinnitus..

  • I have molded ear pieces on my hearing aids and my ears itch terribly. The molds are supposed to not be sensitive to allergies. I’m afraid that the rough scratching I do to suppress the itch that I’ll damage my ears. Can you give me advice.

  • Hearing is a precious gift that all too often is taken for granted. As audiologists, dealing with cases of hearing loss each day helps to build our awareness of the negative impact of hearing loss on health and well-being. Congratulations to WHO for helping to raise the awareness of hearing health care at an international and global level.

  • Another video that doesn’t mention the word “TINNITUS”. No wonder there’s such little awareness of this issue, no matter how common it really is!

  • this was important to the entire producer community, i mean i love sounds and i love arranging ect….id surely be angry at myself if i damn near lost the ability to hear God forbid. i mean wow that would change my entire world

  • I used to clean my ears with ear buds lately i got serious problem that i couldn’t hear properly then my doctor said ear buds pushes ear bug deeper inside

  • i was really tired working on the right dynamics of my new piece. Then i gave me a long pause and became addictec to Gran Turismo again, since i discovered how to play old games on mac, now in profi studio environemmt… 😉

  • My ears are clogged from always using the head phones and blasting it out loud. It’s not in a very bad condition either…can still hear everything well, but my ears being clogged is just bothers me and I don’t like the feeling of it. What I can do without going to the doctors?

  • I’m turning 32 in a few days, is it too late for me to persue a mixing career, I’m producing but want to learn to mix stuff myself

  • Headphones are especially problematic. We can tolerate levels with headphones that from speakers would have us flinching. The big difference between headphones and listening to speakers is that our sinuses also collect vibrations from the air. Anyone who’s had sinusitis will know there are nerves in there! Also there is mechanical transmission of those vibrations through the skull (handy for tuning an electric guitar without an amp by placing your chin on the guitar body). I suspect one or both of these effects help us perceive loudness.

    Personally I listen at the level where the sound first opens out. Much louder than that and the middle ear starts adding compression which impedes the ability to set compressors accurately.

  • It’s really scary that i got tinnitus from working with software synths. I still don’t know what it was, but there was some “extra” in the sounds and after that I got tinnitus and can’t hear high frequencies anymore at all. And the thing is i have always worked with very low volume so this really feels weird. I quit using software synths just in case cause can’t stand if this gets worse. No doctors or anyone have found out what caused this. But some of my friends to whom I demonstrated this issue noticed that there is some annoying in the synth sound. I had lots of reverb and delay so I dont know if it made something weird. After this I have became very sound-sensitive and it feels there is something extra always when im using DAWs. This is crazy. I’ve been using Macbook Pro laptop.

    This feels almost dangerous as I never used loud volumes. BE CAREFUL AND STAY ALERT!

  • Recently I acquired this hearing loss solution “fetching kamkam site” (Google it) for my dear grandmother who`s a little losing her hearing. Luckily, she didn`t protest and she began to use them based on the directions. She says she seems to hear things a lot clearer than ever before and this is real mainly because she doesn`t constantly say “excuse me” or “what” as much as she used to.

  • The only drawback is this earpain, have got plenty of great music within the head, that coudn’t go through in a single work flow, longer would ainoly cause ear pain, yet lose the flow if i do that, glad found this video

  • I had sepsis, causes me to hv temp hearing loss, my ear doc inject me with steriods in both my ear nerve… gain back hearing but not 100%, they said it may return to nml or just reach 50% max, recommend me to use hearing aid

  • My ear has a problem of listening music differently. Even the ringtone is different in hearing. The background music is now different than before cuz, before, I hear the music normally but until now, it’s different to hear and listening my fav music is sounded different too. Well at midnight, in sleeping time, my left ear is getting more painful and I really couldn’t sleep until the pain happens:'( That’s my problem in hearing everyone! If you found my wrong grammar, you will notice that I’m bad at grammar cuz I’m a Filipino

  • I’m a chain smoker so it’s cool to know that I’ve already been VERY responsibly taking breaks every 30-60 mins for a smoke. That’s what you’ve been meaning to tell, yeah? Did I get that right? Did I?

  • Thanks a lot brother ❤ it.. If loudness suddenly coming to your ears of loud speaker and you’ve not put safety buds into your ears so We must close our ears with our fingers or claws. by my eyes������������

  • People with hearing problems are viewers so they need a slow and clear and detailed explanation.please understand viewers problem and make slow and clear to understand and remember

  • I`ve been using this hearing loss solution “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) for almost 8 weeks and also the change is very clear. I still have problems with noises in my head but the sounds arrive to my ears clear. I no more drive people away because I could keep up with conversation longer due to my enhanced hearing. I could go to reunions and parties and feel better. My mood has evolved..

  • My right ear used to hear almost nothing. Taking this hearing problems remedy “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) just a few times, and my hearing is partly back. Though my normal hearing didn`t come back, this item really helped me to hear better. It seems working fine with my hearing problem. I won’t stop using it..

  • Does anybody know who’s the most recognized authority when it comes to hearing loss and hearing aids!!?? I need to have my mother treated asap!!??

  • I have never even heard of the hot oil thing. My gosh, it sounds like something Jenny McCarthy would torture her kids with try on her kids. So glad I ended up with a smart family who wouldn’t even think to burn my ear with hot oil, especially considering how prone my ears are to infections and other problems. If they’d poured hot oil in my ear every time I complained of an earache, I might not even have ears anymore.

  • I’m doing the best I can to keep my hearing in top shape. It’s so hard to deal with people who have hearing loss through aging, because it gets annoying when they say, “Huh”? or “What? I can’t hear you”. PLEASE note that it isn’t a laughing matter.

  • This is very helpful, wish I knew about this before, I’d like to add a little suggestion. Don’t use Earbuds, they are directly in your ears and just at around 60-75% volume can permanently damage your hearing in over an hour of listening or producing music, I know this because I have ringing in only one ear.. one night during a session I creeped the volume up too high and tinnitus. Needless to say I immediately stopped what I was doing and checked my hearing, I lost the upper region of 19-18k in my right ear. sounds are still fairly crisp but often I find it hard to hear certain sounds. If you’re into music I advise you to stay away from earbuds and invest into headphones, as well as taking regular breaks. If you notice any ringing or damage stop what you’re doing and take a break, your ears need it.

  • I’m 19 and I have really shit hearing already. I can barely hear above 14khz.
    I don’t even know why, I’ve been to only a handful of concerts in my life and I wore earplugs at most of them. I don’t think that I turn up the volume particularly loud either. It’s probably just because I’ve been sitting at my computer with my headphones on for such a large period of my life, and that I’ve spent a lot of time in planes.
    I’d like to take into account the tips in this video but as you said a lot of the time I think you might start increasing the volume without even realising it. I’m really scared that my hearing will get even worse. I wish there was some kind of hard limit you could set with earphones/ headphones where you know the volume i.e. a hard limit at 80db but there isn’t really any way you can measure the real volume with headphones at least as far as I know. That’s why I’ve been gravitating towards using my speakers a bit more because you can actually use a proper decibel meter with them to see how loud you are using them. The issue is though I can’t use my speakers half the time since I live with other people and a lot of the time they don’t want to be disturbed.
    I don’t know; It just feels unfair. I’ve never been particularly careless towards my ears nor have I been to many concerts but pretty much all of my friends who turn up music loud and go clubbing every week still have better ears than me. If I could at least hear up to 16 or 17khz I could have hope for the future in that I could still have good hearing after taking care of it from now on.. but since my hearing’s already so shit I basically just feel shit and hopeless about it, like I’ve been unjustly scammed out of my hearing ashen I have the hearing of a fucking 50 year old before I’m even 20..

  • I am an engineer too, mechanical. Are you currently doing music production for a living and left the engineering path? How was it?

  • Great video. Found this in researching why my ears have now become hyper sensitive to certain frequencies after a week of non-stop mixing.

  • thanks for this. I’ve only recently gotten into recording my own music, I mainly just track vocals and then have a third party mix the song. Is there a safe level to track at and if so how do I measure this? I don’t have my the volume stupidly high as I’m cautious about damage to my ears. I really want to be sensible and get tis right from the get go! cheers!

  • This might be the most important video I’ve ever watched I’m 13 rn and love music but I always get scared of loud sounds or loud music I thought I was crazy but now I see that I was actually Preserving my hearing I do music production too and Occasionally creep up the volume now I know not to do that thx for making this video in the mix:)

  • Unfortunately you didn’t record this video 20 years ago.. Today I listen a noise when the place is silent. Like 15000hz..I used an online tone generator to test my audition and I cant listen anything about 16000 and up.. When I’m 17, 19 years old I worked in some noisier jobs and it’s the result.. I hope everybody follow your tips here. Peace!

  • I’m 26 and I can hear all the normal frequencies well. But I definitely have some hearing loss at around 15k. Anything above 17k I can’t hear. But I think it’s normal to lose those really high ranges as you age. Thankfully I’ve done a pretty good job of wearing earplugs. But I’m gonna wear them more often.

  • Also it’s better to mix through speakers rather than headphones because the distance from the audio source is one factor in hearing loss. Listening through headphones is very close and thus more likely to cause hearing loss.

  • ok so my hearing is bust. So will have to get hearing aids (at least until a miracle drug that fixes hearing loss is available, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon as “nearly-approved” drugs that claim they will do this, like the FX-322 by Frequency Therapeutics eg, that we’ve all been waiting for doesn’t seem to be moving along…). Now my question is if these hearing aids will help with our hearing throughout the day, should we ALSO wear them at gigs and when we use dj headphones or will this cause even more damage? I mean we can hear well in everyday life, but we obviously also can’t hear as well at gigs (that’s why everyone keeps asking us to lower the volume, I guess, lol). So, we want to hear better at gigs/clubs too, so it would maybe make sense to use hearing aids there too. No?

  • I don’t listen to my mixes loud, just a reasonable level, and I actually prefer monitors for the most part and just use headphones for finer details towards the end. I love cranking up closed back headphones when listening for pleasure though haha.

  • Where can you purchase those kinds of earbuds? Are they sold in a local store aswell? I’ve only found ones that take the frequencies down aswell

  • I have some hearing loss in one of my ears, even though I have always avoided loud spaces; no idea what that is from.
    It sucks, would not recommend.

  • I’m 16 and I’ve always been very conscious of my hearing. I usually keep my headset/PC volume below 20 at all times. And for some reason I can always hear a slight ringing in my ears, but only when there is complete silence at the time. Is it my headset causing this? or could it be some other form of sound? (i usually sit in the corner of the room so it might be picking up all the other sounds happening at the time)

  • This is kids training you want a way to increase your senses quickly and efficiently stare at a little candle for as long as you can and focus on it’s sound iscolating any other background noises

  • My ears have been “buzzing” for 8 yrs. It began on a return flight to London UK and hasn’t stopped. I went to an ENT right away and was told “I”m fine”. It’s miserable.

  • I’m so so glad I watched this. Ive been producing seen last year and last week was the first time my ears actually hurt after listening to one of my songs and it really scared me straight lol. I hope I didn’t cause any damage in the past year. I’m gonna have to be very careful from now on

  • I always have this ringing sound when I go to sleep
    Sometimes it won’t be there but when I think about it it happens
    The first time I got ringing I woke everyone up in my house

  • Great video. Thank you for helping to spread awareness.
    From personal experience, I would also offer the advice of keeping a pair of earplugs in every single bag/purse you use regularly, and/or on your keychain or whatever, so that you always have a way to protect your ears no matter where you go.

    I considered myself cautious about my hearing, but on one night out with friends, they unexpectedly took me to a bar that played rock at absolutely ear-splitting levels. I had no idea I’d be exposed to such deafeningly loud noise that night, and had no hearing protection available. My only options were to ditch my friends for the evening, or just sit there and take the noise for hours on end. Foolishly, I chose the latter, and the very next day I developed a ringing in my ears that has never gone away.

    You’d think I would have learned my lesson, but even after that there were several other situations over the years where I was just caught completely unprepared for an unexpected sustained barrage of sound.
    I eventually got wise and now always carry earplugs on me, no matter what.

    That level of caution may seem laughable to some, but it only takes a single evening at a stupid bar to develop irreversible tinnitus and hearing loss.

  • So how long should one be listening on headphones? I’m a producer and I don’t have monitors yet, so I’m relying on headphones for now��

  • Considering the whole advice from You Mike I am thankful overwhelmingly. This is what You have done and none does so far taking into account how many tutorals I watched on Youtube. Cheers Mate. I am 52 and started the composing and creating the music at home on FL Studio DAW just a few months ago. It might sound funny or rediculous, but I use IPhone ear buds which gives me the whole required music senseations for amateurs ear. It also helps me to hear what my family says if they need me. I won’t achieve a hollywood cinematic quality for sure but I create the music for meself and it is enough for me. My problem is a mastering and mastefully Mixing as far as I am not a sound Engineer or a proper Producer. Even with these smashing Phone ear buds you can still create a lovely tunes I am absolutely sure. Thanks once again.

  • I’ve just bought earplugs specific for musician but it seems they don’t put down volume so much, maybe about 3db. What’s the problem? Is there a specific method to put in?

  • Are there any frequencies in particular that are especially damaging? I know older people lose their higher frequencies first. But what about a heavy 808 bass?

  • Very good video, nice to see one of the most popular channel on fl tutorials talking about this. I suffer from tinnitus so I know what it’s like, everyone wanna avoid getting it, even though I didn’t get it from loud music alone though. Our ears are so important to protect, same with our eyes. Take breaks like mentioned in the video above, mix in low volume and do not increase the volume of your mix before master time or checking important sections in the mix:) Ear fatigue appears after 60-120min of mixing and makes your hearing feel bad, your mix will feel bad and the volume overall feels low, that’s why you need to take 5min breaks to re-set your hearing. While you’re at it, use your ear break to relax the eyes as well by looking out the window on objects far away ^^

    Thanks Mike for your wonderful videos <3 Cheers:)

  • I am relatively new to learning producing. My ears slightly hurt right now. My hunger to be better is more than my ears ability to sustain constant percussive sounds. I am serious. i know you may love producing music and learning but please practice balance. I have to take a break until my ears heal. I have not been listening too loud. i have literally been at it for days. Even at low volumes it affects you. I guess i am hoping some one reads this and understands to take care of their self. I am not tired of learning. My ears hurt to hear and that is a sign i need to chill. i practice gain staging and practical volumes and I’m telling you, you need to take breaks. Listen to Michael. New producers need to understand there is a learning and a conditioning curve and ALWAYS a balance. Please have patience with yourself. You got this and we will build up to where we need to be with practice and conditioning. I am upset because i have no clue how long it takes to heal and go back at it when this is all i want to do. Your ears do get tired and please respect that. This channel has been the biggest and greatest help at all my gains. its 6-23-2020

  • rolled off highs is a blessing. try hearing loss where you have tinnitus and/or are losing your bass frequencies. welcome to hell.

  • Thank you very much for this video! Last night, I fell asleep while I was listening to song using my headphone… I think I turned the song off after about 5 hours:( Is it bad…??? sometimes I cannot sleep without listening to music:”

  • Back then, my right ear was deaf. Using this hearing problems treatment “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) just a few times, and my hearing is partly back. Not perfect but helps considerably. It seems working fine with my hearing problem. I will keep using it..

  • 5 years ago I got hearing damage from staying too long composing and mixing one single project. Since that day I have loud tinnitus (Ringing Ears) but im still able to hear and enjoy sounds. You are the firts producer I heard talking about this issue. Thanks for your concern! This is high valuable information!!!

  • Thanks for this. Only 17, but had some moments I thought i was losing hearing… Turns out it was just my air conditioner making a faint ringing sound. Still, that scared me enough to feel the need to start being safer about this.

  • Oh no-

    I used to listen to loud music a lot like it was a addiction. Now I realize that I’m harming my ears and I’ve already gone past the limit. I’m only hoping that I can stop the addiction, because most people thing it’s too early and keep listening to loud music until it gets so bad that hearing is painful to them.

  • Thank you for this.. I just started having a constant ring in my ears from mixing my music.. I hear fine. It seems almost perfect, but the ringing is annoying and I real number, because music is my life and the only thing that makes me happy.. I really appreciate this video and Thank you for your concerns and advice.. Have an Awsome day.