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5 Tips to Make Assertive Communication Easier and More Effective

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7 Effective tips to communicate better with your child

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Communicating with Your Child

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How to talk to Children and Build Positive Relationships

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How to Talk to Your Child: The Best Strategies for Effective Communication

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8 Ways to Improve Parent Child Relationship

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Parenting Tips for Toddlers: 5 Essential Rules for Communicating With Young Children

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Avoid shouting instructions at the child. Put your hands on the child’s shoulders, kneel down and acknowledge when the child makes eye contact, then provide clear instructions. Give instructions one at a time, breaking down a large task into several smaller ones. Make frequent eye contact with the child and repeat your instructions. As your child gets older, good communication will make it easier for you to talk about things like alcohol and drugs.

Responding to Behavior Discover more about positive and negative attention and how to use praise, imitation, and description. 6 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Children 1. Avoid dead-end questions.. Ask children the kinds of questions that will extend interaction rather than cut it off. 2. Extend conversation.. Try to pick up a piece of your child’s conversation.

Respond to his or her statements by asking 3. Respond verbally with ‘Yes’, ‘I see’, or ‘okay’. Encourage non-verbally also with a smile, eye contact, nods, and gestures.

Ask appropriate questions to keep the conversation flowing such as ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘when’, and ‘why’. Observe the behavior of your child and enter your child’s world. 37 Ways to communicate better with your children 1. Always be interested in their day, even if they don’t want to tell you anything.

2. One of the most satisfying parts about watching a child grow up is observing how they learn to communicate. Maybe they start with some baby sign language and then move on to basic sounds and words. There’s also something refreshing about communicating with a small child: they always cut to the chase and tell it like it is. Tips to Make Communication With Your Child Easier: Tips to Mak e Communication With Your Child Easier: HealthyWomen June 30, 2014: Complications Only Account for Some Variation in Hospital LOS: Communicate With an ADHD Child Health Tip: Communicate With an ADHD Child HealthDay

Your phone, computer, or television is a distraction, and will not aid you in communicating with children. When it comes time to talk, do not allow these objects in the room, or keep them turned off. Turn off your phone, power down your computer, and leave your TV behind. Try to incorporate these tips into your busy day and see if they help to make kid-friendly communication much easier.

Common Kid Communication Challenges in Nursing A recent study published by the NIH identified two of nursing’s most common, yet most challenging, kid-communication situations. When your children are young, there are all kinds of resources at your fingertips to help you communicate with them. Countless magazines and Web sites are devoted, at least in part, to the art of talking to your kids how to teach them responsibility, how to help them express their feelings, how to get them to eat vegetables.

You also might spend a lot of time on the playground swapping war.

List of related literature:

• Recognize their child’s stages and styles of communication to know how to adapt.

“Speech-Language Pathologists in Early Childhood Intervention: Working With Infants, Toddlers, Families, and Other Care Providers” by Plural Publishing, Incorporated
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You already spend time doing these things, and adding communication games and child expectations to those routines makes them richer learning experiences for your child.

“An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn” by Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson, Laurie A. Vismara
from An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn
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The more you interact with her by talking, reading, showing and performing activities, the more comfortable your child will be with you.

“Slow and Steady Get Me Ready” by June Oberlander
from Slow and Steady Get Me Ready
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Top tips • Communicate with both the child as well their parent(s).

“Oxford Handbook for Medical School” by Kapil Sugand, Miriam Berry, Imran Yusuf, Aisha Janjua, Chris Bird
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Put “conversation time” or “sharing time” on the child’s daily speech schedule so it becomes an anticipated activity.

“Here's How to Treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Second Edition” by Margaret Fish
from Here’s How to Treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Second Edition
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Convey information by letting your baby see, touch, and hear ways to express her own feelings coupled with a sense of being appreciated, validated, and approved.

“Inside Transracial Adoption: Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-country or Domestic Adoptive Families That Don't
from Inside Transracial Adoption: Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-country or Domestic Adoptive Families That Don’t “Match”, Second Edition
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∎ Have caregiver and child create a list together of “communication rules” describing how they can communicate respectfully with one another.

“Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents: How to Foster Resilience Through Attachment, Self-regulation, and Competency” by Margaret Blaustein, Kristine M. Kinniburgh
from Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents: How to Foster Resilience Through Attachment, Self-regulation, and Competency
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• Introduce key vocabulary words in the child’s L1, with help from parents or community volunteers.

“Promoting the Educational Success of Children and Youth Learning English: Promising Futures” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Board on Science Education, Board on Children, Youth, and Families, Committee on Fostering School Success for English Learners: Toward New Directions in Policy, Practice, and Research, Suzanne Le Menestrel, Ruby Takanishi
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Box 2.5 highlights some guidelines for effective communication with children.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
from Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
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It can help to write down the instructions on a piece of paper or use picture lists depending on the verbal level of the child.

“Caring for the Vulnerable: Perspectives in Nursing Theory, Practice, and Research” by Mary De Chesnay
from Caring for the Vulnerable: Perspectives in Nursing Theory, Practice, and Research
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  • I have a job that requires a lot of assertive communication. People pleasing has been a struggle, as I naturally want to please. It’s not always an option.

    I find in my context I have to keep reminding myself why I do the job I have and to try to separate my sense of self worth from people’s approval.

    This is much easier when things are going well but I still struggle when things don’t go so well.

    I think this is a good topic for the channel

  • My mom SCREAMS at me and talks with such a disgusting tone, but when I do that, she ALSO screams at me and tells me I am being disrespectful. Maam, YOU WERE MY INFLUENCER SO IM TALKING EXACTLY LIKE YOU, Its ur fault. All of it

  • I get that it’s normal and healthy to want to negotiate and persist… its the “stay calm and neutral” part that is the problem. There’s only so much anyone can take, and while it’s vital to be modeling calm positive behavior for them… that’s a lot of pressure on a worn out, frustrated, never-gets-a-break mom whose barely keeping it together as it is. THAT’s the parenting tips I need. I already know that getting frustrated is my problem, its the “how the heck to find some calm when they’ve repeatedly pushed every single trigger you have and won’t give you room to calm the F down” that I need help with.

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else wants to learn about dealing with toddler tantrums try Loctavan Teaching Toddler Strategy ( search on google )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  • Hi,
    I’m having trouble getting along with my parents. We always have disagreement and arguments. Your video make me smile and better. I’ll will show them this video.

  • hi Lori..this is great..i have never thought of saying this..tqvm.. i cant wait to try talking to my kids now…But i have one 7 yr old daughter seems to have problem waking up..we can gp 1 hour waking her up with results..i hit her every morning..pls help as she has become a very angry person and rude to all of us. pls help

  • Great video as always! <3

    I actually have an interesting problem with this. I am ADHD but also autistic, and I have tried to do the assertive communication thing with other people only for them to say that they have /tried/ to communicate their needs to me (even by directly saying it, so pretty explicitly), but it went right over my head. This is really embarrassing and not intended. But it is true, I miss things about other people’s boundaries a lot.

    It’s like they really have to capture my attention and make it VERY clear (sometimes aggressively), otherwise I don’t “get” it… Any help? D: How does one meaningfully capture the attention of an ADHD-ASD brain?

  • idk what to do. I’m not very warm hearted myself but I’m not mean either.. I just dont like hugs from some people.. and I know people wont understand if I open up..but here I am..

  • Thank you so much for these educational videos. I know it’s meant specifically for ADHD but they are awesome principles that we can all apply. I’m sure their is a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make these videos it shows by the quality and content.

  • How I wish,there will be punishments that will be implemented about bullying,racial discriminations since it is mentioned in these topics as examples.

  • I hate parenting! I read and watch all these videos and I am so overwhelmed. Having kids is the worst thing I ever did…I didn’t plan them. I just like sex and now I am sitting here watching this video longing for my old life of Freedom away from the screaming and crying and parenting videos. I’m packing my bags and running away for sure!! Thank you for this video. It sent me over the edge. I’m outta here! Bahamas here I come!

  • Kiddo grabbed the pacifier out of siblings mouth when the little one was having a particularly hard time. I asked for pacifier back and the older one would not give it back. Instead of punishing I would say “you seem you be having a hard time leaving the pacifier with your sibling. I can tell you really want to hold the pacifier after I told you not to. Let me help”

  • Hi Lori! Thanks for this video. It’s nice there are videos like this to help parents with the essential parenting skill as this is one of the toughest skills to master. So just today, I got a call from my daughter’s school and her teacher wants to meet up with me next week. I suspect that my daughter did something bad in school. And so I’m right coz when I talked to my daughter she told me she hit a classmate. I’m not going to bother getting into the details coz my concern is ‘aggression e.g. Hitting a classmate’ has been an issue for my daughter for five years. She is 10 years old now and in 4th grade. I’m very, very concerned that this has been happening for years and no matter how much I tell her it’s bad and i’m sure she knows what to do, she can’t control herself. I know she can’t take other kids jokes/making fun of her and she always resolves to aggression. What donI need to do. I feel so frustrated.

  • This information is amazing, and presentation is also eye catching.
    Btw in order to be able to communicate assertively, sometimes one needs to be a passive and aggressive (or even be bullied and be the bully) in the past. So he/she can decide the middle point of those 2 behaviors.

    Oh, of course it is merely based on my personal opinion, not some kind of serious studies.
    Anyway, keep up the great work ����

  • thank you my mom aaid my tone of voice is always harsh with my almost two year old. im going to try this methods to see if it changes.

  • it was pretty helpful but I think I have a totally different situation. He is in kindergarden about to start preschool this year he has been having problems putting his hands on people including the teachers today he had an incident where he was throwing chairs at the teacher. whenever he comes home from school we ask him what did he do that day what did he have for lunch did he learn anything sometimes we ask him on the ride home sometimes we wait until later on in the day it seems like he don’t want to open up completely or he’s having problems trying to explain himself or most common answers are I don’t know, because or he will just agree if we suggest an answer. he is not my biological son he is my girlfriend’s son and it’s just him and her at the house he’s never around in the violent or unproper people I guess you can say if you have any suggestions on trying to get him to open up that would be grateful

  • interesting points,if anyone else wants to learn about how to discipline toddlers try Panlarko Teaching Toddlers Planner (just google it )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

  • I took away a telephone shower roughly from my 3 year old hands. The he didn’t what me to dress him. This was after a difficult swimming class where he hit his teacher and a boy.
    At the end I said… I know you like to cooperate to the harmony of the family. Please help me dress you. He accepted.
    From the beginning I should have said.
    I know you like playing in the shower. I know it’s fun. Now is time to go and play outside with the plane and the horse at the main hall. This should have helped.
    Let’s try again to turn of the water and go play outside.
    Please give me some inputs… Now I’m feeling guilty.
    Love to you all.

  • Thank you Lori for your encouragement.

    I haven’t been able to watch your video on how to help my 2 year old baby not to hit.

    Apparently because of my geographical location. South America.

    You have another way for me to see it. I think it would really help.


  • Every time I go into my English class I get this intense anxiety that flares up throughout the class. It’s not the work that makes me anxious, I’m caught up and understand everything, but I don’t know what to do about it. It’s hard to concentrate and crush down an anxiety attack at the same time. Anyone have advice?

  • Re-fram ( from today.) Instead of demanding my 4 yr old gets out of the car by saying..” I asked you to get out of the car, I’m hot let’s go now ” I could have said. “I know you enjoy going for rides in the car, we are home now let’s go in and get cooled down in the ac.” Or ” I know you like being in the car, its hot in there I can help you out of the car.” Something like that.:)

  • Re-fram ( from today.) Instead of demanding my 4 yr old gets out of the car by saying..” I asked you to get out of the car, I’m hot let’s go now ” I could have said. “I know you enjoy going for rides in the car, we are home now let’s go in and get cooled down in the ac.” Or ” I know you like being in the car, its hot in there I can help you out of the car.” Something like that.:)

  • I think I’ll have to watch this one daily for a while. Maybe twice a day. I can also recommend the book “People Can’t Drive You Crazy If You Don’t Give Them The Keys” which has some tips on this too.

  • I have a good relationship with my parents, but, my mum is kind of a shopaholic, and well.. I can go overly anxious over cluster at home, plus I live in Hong Kong, so space can be limited. My Anxiety just randomly pops up when considering to buy anything at all, that includes books, pens.. etc etc. I just think about it at the most randomest of times. I always talk to her about my concerns and my phobia of clusters, but she says purchasing items is the only way to make her happy?? How do I get her to reduce the frequency of her buying items?

  • “We need to work on our communication.”
    “Yes. I would really have liked it if you told me that our UFO would get remote controlled into an alien mothership.”
    “And I would have liked it if you would have been more careful to not have almost crashed our UFO when flying to the alien mothership.”
    “Alright. I apologise and will be more careful with my flying in the future.”
    “Thank you. And I will keep you more informed on the wireless connections between the space vehicles we’ll find ourselves in and alien motherships in the future”.
    [Get the movie reference?]

  • my mom outright said that there’s probably no fixing our relationship and she said “it is what it is.” i’m 13. i love her and i want a good relationship but she doesn’t feel the need to change anything

  • I have an adult ADHD with kids that are diagnosed with ADHD as well so you can just imagine the chaos at home daily but videos like these been helping me a lot. I also had to warn my husband and children when my mood isn’t good. My kids are uncontrollable most of the times but they are good kids. For some reason, when you love your children, you can always find ways/solution to solve the problem and constantly fight your own demon to have that self control. Being constantly irritated, frustrated and stressed easily is a battle i have to overcome everyday but I really told my kids that we need to help each other and be understanding to each other. I also always have to warn them and tell them to ignore harsh words that comes out of my mouth when I can’t control my anger because I don’t mean any of it. Heart to heart talk is very important so that they understand deeply and we also educate ourselves about adhd. It really help

  • My baby is 15 months and I’m living with my mom, who spanked/paddled us early. I’m finding that when I stop and breathe and do my best to communicate rather than commanding him to do things, he’s more receptive even though he’s doesn’t fully understand. I think Children really understand intent and they’re wired to communicate and connect.

  • Hi, i was diagnosed a few weeks ago at age 21, and your channel really helps to understand myself a bit better finally! Concerning the communication stuff, does anyone else here cry when they get angry or even when facing a minor conflict? Is that an adhd thing or just my personality (everydays million dollar question lol)?

  • Kids come from school give them space to rewind. Then ask about their Friends and not how was school. What subject is harder this year? What’s the hardest, is it the teachers?

  • Hugs are a natural stress reliever when u actually believe it gonna do crap to your relationship. After that, the same crap and arguments with the same structure that leads to no real resolution and you have spoken about comes back to slap you in the face bc u actually believed ppl were finally starting to change. Why do they go back to the same nonsense of fighting to preserve authoritarian rule or status I may eyes when even I know that as parent you only rule to be able to best serve and give and love unconditionally and inadvertently at the very least teach your child to do the same. In essence, the chance to fight for something that has crumbles ling ago is put over solving the problem, which is left up and the air, and circles back to slap all of us in the face bc it was never solve and tales more than just me to do so.

  • I find assertive communication hard, especially if and when the people I’m trying to have this type of communication take what I’m saying the wrong way and in turn retort in aggressive or passive-aggressive ways. I then find it hard to maintain the assertive approach and my emotions get extremely out of balance and I have a hard time maintaining the conversation, to the point I literally shut down and avoid all communication together. It’s a vicious cycle for me. I really have a hard time with dealing with others emotions as my own emotions start to get in the way and are often affected by others emotional reactions. Then it feels like I’m the problem, constantly, stuck wondering why I even bother.

  • this Jennifer Kolari is very aggressive in her conversation style: she jumps to answer first and every single time she has to top what the other woman is saying like she has to have the last word and what the other one said is never good enough or not as nearly to the point as she thinks what she has to say supposedly is! She needs to apply some CALM technique to herself! Easy does it, lady!

  • I love my parents and they love me but sometimes there too overprotective when I said I’m stressed they compare me to other people to stop me from talking and sometimes there unapologetic it hurts me I just hope they can understand me

  • My parents told me they loved me when i was 3, ive never heard those words from them again. They have made me gain anxiety and blame me for it, all my friends say that they will open to me but they havent. Ive hugged them, made sure they were ok and done chores so they wont be in pain. They’ve just broke me

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Give me your dog
    Seriously give me your dog

    But for real though I wish I had found your channel 10 years ago, life wouldn’t have been such an uphill battle if I had. At least now I can spread it around for others so they won’t have to struggle!

  • Nice content…
    Guys check this article for know about “How to build relationships with kids” am sure this will be very helpful for all of you…

  • I just want my parents to take me seriously and consider that maybe I make a valid point and deserve to be listened to instead of being interrupted and yelled at…. then she tells her friends she never yells at us

  • My mom used to abuse me and now she doesn’t talk to me anymore. She just watches 90 day fiancé. She doesn’t even talk to me or say “I love you”

  • I don’t know it’s not because my parents are abusive or anything but we aren’t really used to showing love to each other. I’m confused, maybe it’s me who doesn’t spend more time with them. Can anyone help? Thanks����

  • I’ve been horrible to my mum to the point she probably won’t accept any kind of apology and gift or be able to even hug me. IDK aid I’m gonna be able to fix my relationship so how can I change?

  • Great video because lots of people believe that to be assertive you must be aggressive and even reach the point of being rude and assaultive.

  • Mom: why dont you feel like you can trust me?? Ofc you can, tell me anything!!
    Me: Well, whenever I try to open up to you I personally feel like you just shut me down, yell at me, or just laugh and make the situation worse, and I end up thinking “why did I do that, I already knew it would’ve made everything worse” ((90 percent of my life my parents will never know))
    Mom: *proves my point and goes on a rant about how I should be more grateful*

    Can anyone relate??

  • Drugs and alcohol was always chosen before me, leaving me with other people cause them to sexually assault me!, Told my mom she didn’t do shit!
    Now I hate my mom, don’t let her see my kids at all

  • One day,if i have a child,I try my best despite anything to be their mom,friend,and protector.They have a freedom to speeh when they’re small,not when they’ve grown up.

  • My dad comes for visitation, and we act like freinds, not daughter (or son sometimes) and father. And my step dad and me are completely different, I love my mom, but Mostly keep to myself, my grandma is a narsasistic abuser, and I only REALLY interact on a daily basis with my brother, and mostly talk with him and our best freind(a litteral frickin saint born from demons) is this ok?

  • It might creep you out but in the whole video, I was just looking at you.
    Your words are so simple to understand.
    Love from India ������

  • Totally agree! Ever since I’ve started practicing mindfulness exercises, I’m more aware of my body getting tensed in certain situations and am better at avoiding useless toxic conversations. It really helps.:)

  • i have a good relationsship with my mother, but my dad and stepmom are the most toxic people i’ve ever met. scream at everything i do, and they think that i’m just going to respect them, when they don’t respect me at all. my self esteem is basically non-existing when i’m at their house

  • This is a parents perspective of communication with their children. Teachers can learn a lot from this & it’s pretty straight forward. Teacher, coach, principal parent no matter, anyone can learn how to listen better & have more empathy for others. Those who work with kids should all illustrate this type of behavior modeling.

  • I have been told that I am often either too assertive, or that I need to speak up more. Do you have any advice for finding a healthy middle ground?

  • Anyone get me???

    My story:

    So I went on a trip with two friends right since quarantine recently finished

    And when I got back from the trip at dinner they asked what your favorite part was and I said “It was nice to be away from family for a little while”
    And I guess they took that as an insult I don’t know but they said “Really -_our of everything you did there you didn’t even miss us and…

    I can’t remember much:/ but it was kinda annoying and I was said no no I was just-
    And anyone else have this problem I can never say a hole sentence until one of my parents interrupt me and then they never understand sighs

  • Good luck when you’re dealing with an adolescent boy with narcissistic tendencies. They don’t want to hear anything from you except YES, and OK. The word NO is toxic to them.

  • My mom always has to be the victim, and therefore constantly sees me as the bad guy in many situations. I can’t tell her how I feel when I’m upset with her because, again, she will victimize herself and automatically want my pity. When I don’t give it to her, once again, I am the bad guy. I just can’t wait for the day when I can meet someone who will be willing to hear me out and not constantly put me in situations that make me uncomfortable and trigger my anxiety. Someone who won’t shame me for having normal emotions and reactions.

  • I have loved every video so far. However, i feel like many of those dont apply to me. You see, i am an ESL teacher, and of course i am supposed to speak only english to them. Since most of them are just learning and cannot hold a long conversation, is really difficult for me to develop proper relationships with them without speaking spanish (our language)
    Do you have any tips or some advice? Thank you so much

  • Lol they talk to the viewers as if they’re the parents watching, trying to strengthen their relationship with their children, but in reality we’re the ones seeking a way to mend those relationships. Too bad….

  • When parents says more bad things than can I love them back? ��
    My mom called me bitch just because I had a boyfriend and accused that I was in relation we th a 40 yr old man..(just because my neighbor said so)
    I was just 13 and didn’t had any connection with that parents never believed me ������
    What should I do!?

  • My mom finnally stop asking me questions about my school day or lunch in highschool. But in middle school was so terrible and lunch they would force feed us and I take meds so I couldn’t that much. So I thought how was your day and what did you eat was really rude.

  • I have made a mistake,
    I have broken my dads feelings he dose everything for me we are not rich but he gets me everything in the world and I have been an spoilt brat. I have broken his heart and I fell like ending it. I am not sure what to do.

  • Ted is my depression and Steven is my anxiety
    Sometimes it helps to just say “Shut up Steven, I don’t need your opinion right now”
    I find naming things like that useful so I don’t see it as myself, but a different person with different thoughts

  • How about the interviewer let them finish their response instead of interrupting? There’s an effective way to ask your questions and not come off as rude or impatient.

  • Dear Parents, Want to Raise Brilliant Kids? well, trust me, nothing worth fighting for if it wasn’t for your children. Invest in your child’s future by teaching him/her to read in early age in a very efficient scientific way using a guaranteed exclusive program. You won’t loose anything. Watch those typical instructions and don’t forget to share with your loved ones:

    Cheers ����

  • A miscommunication happened with my daughter a few years ago that brought on a tantrum because I wasn’t listening to her. I misunderstood what she was asking, I said yes then when it came time for her to do what I had agreed to I said no. She was trying to talk to me and I didn’t listen to her. I relived the situation in my mind and came up with a solution. I told her, remember when this happened? I don’t want to upset you by making you think about it but I realized that I wasn’t listening to you. And if you tell me to shut up and listen of course I will get mad. (She smiled at that in agreement). So, how about we come up with a password that if you say that word I’ll know I have to stop and listen to you? That what you are trying to tell me I’m not understanding? She was really happy with that. Our word is banana because she doesn’t like bananas.

  • Your talking speed really grabs my attention, I dont need to speed up your video. But it also means I cannot play with the quick forward and reverse button ��. Your video is packed with information. I love it!

  • I just turned 13 and I feel like crying all the time. I have excruciating headaches and I feel like my heart will explode. I try to talk to my mum but she doesn’t listen and I want us to love each other as much as possible. Please help

  • Oddly i dont have a problem addressing solutions or problems at work. Only with personal relationships.
    Strange.n i have a spouse who says lets not talk about it. Everytime we have problems.its communication constipation. N recently.booom!!!!!!������������

  • my mother doesn’t trust me what so ever. no boys aloud over. no going places at night. no sleepovers i mean seriously she’s just making everything worse for me. i feel as if i have to hide everything from her.☹️it sucks. i just want her to trust me and let me do things.

  • good morning. please. I want to teach a two year old child shapes and fruits in English and Arabic. Are there books I have in Oxford like what I mentioned to you? Thank you

  • No issue with interviewer at all. Where can I move to, to live around all intelligent and beautiful women/people? It appears wherever mean faced, over weight people live, the mean faced and over weight people make unnecessary issues with the intelligent/beautiful people. The mean faced and over weight people are not capable of understanding and should not be allowed to speak or live around civilized people who have higher standards because the mean faced and over weight people trash communication and decent societies.

  • I was diagnosed with ADHD, but I’m pretty sure it’s actually autism. When I was misbehaving about “stupid” things, I’d get spankings and they’d yell at me, which is really confusing and hurtful when I didn’t even realize I was being bad. I started becoming “independent” at a very early age because of it. My biological dad left before I was born because he didn’t want me, so that also didn’t help with my trust issues. And my parents and teachers were horrible to me because I had a very hard time learning, and they thought I was just being stubborn/lying. I became exactly what they called me. I didn’t even start learning to read until I was 8 because I shut down and refused to learn, (I taught myself because I didn’t trust anyone) which at that point I was homeschooled. I had mental breakdowns every time I did homework because I associated it with punishment, which I had been traumatized by at that point.

    Edit: Also, my mom will never admit it, but I think she resents me a bit because she had me at a young age. My mom and step-dad are good people, just not good parents for me.

  • I don’t know why everything feels different my parents at least my mom used to love me now she gets easily angry at me she shouts at me she doesnt even hug me anymore i feel so hated and i spend most of my days crying its making me tired

  • I’m not sure but,if anyone else    is searching for  
    how to talk to your children so they will listen  try Awsomic Toddler Method (do a google search )?  Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got cool success  with it.

  • What if we are dealing with someone who has depression or anger issues? I know it’s often not personal and that trying to make them happy makes it worst, but I imagine it is hard for them to accept my needs when they are dealing with their own intense emotions.

  • My mum:I’ll buy you a phone if you go to that high school
    Me:-shakes cuz doesn’t want the phone but will try to get in the school-
    My mum: tells grandmaSee even if I offer her a phone, she won’t go to that high school!
    Me: stays silent while holding back my tears
    It really sucks when my parents misunderstand me..

  • i have to stop listening because that interviewer is not listening shes just preparing her next interjection. its very annoying i want to hear the speakers.

  • Kudos for the Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried Trentvorty Kids Science Theorem (search on google)? It is a smashing one off product for becoming an excellent parent without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 after many years got excellent success with it.

  • Amazing insights and helpful tips to help improve communication and relationship with my kids from early years to teenage,to adulthood.

  • I am a single father with an 8 year old. I have a very question about a very, well I’ll just say it’s beyond my level of knowledge. I would prefer you were a woman responding to this question. seeing as I have a daughter.

  • The interviewer is annoying �� as they are talking she’s like “ ok yea mhm right okay “ but not in a I’m interested but as in hurry up and finish talking ��.. but they gave great advice ��

  • I love it. I’ve been resorting to the 5 perps lately especially with my four year old during this transition with a new born. Poor guy. We have great moments but I ruin them when I use these 4 techniques.:( I’ll have to watch this video more to get it down and get my confidence back on how to engage politely. Thank you!!

  • I believe that listening to “hear and understand” instead of listening to “respond” always helps in communication with everyone! Great video!

  • We live in an apartment complex with a playground, and my child was so excited to be outside, the other day, that he kept running from my sight and potentially endangering himself. I spanked him, but I feel like I could have acknowledged his excitement, held his hand, and told him that I could help him stay safe while his body felt like running in unsafe areas. I really hope I’ve gotten the gist of this video.

  • This is from a mothers perpective not a teachers. Confusing, this is great information, but quite difficult for a prospective teacher.

  • hi everyone,if anyone else    wants to uncover  
    how to tell a toddler  try Awsomic Toddler Method (search on google )?  Ive heard some incredible things about it and my brother in law got great results  with it.

  • My mom keeps saying “stop being sad, you should be happy”. Like what the heck, don’t tell me how to feel, it feels so irritating.

  • I dissagree that emotions and cognitive functions are necessarily mutually exclusive. While this is often true, developing courage and learning how to interpret your emotions can result in the most effective cases of assertive communication that happen. Look at speeches for social justice, such as the “I have a dream” speech, and suddenly the clear cut oppositional relationship looks less universal.

  • Hey! Thanks for the great video! It’s very helpful and positively reinforces that my change in communication strategy over the past year was the right thing to do. It is challenging to be assertive, but I am seeing the benefits! I do have a question and I am wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing. As I learn to be more assertive I feel like I have come up against resistance or even in rare cases even hostility especially with people that I know and I am close to. I wonder if family and close friends are unsettled by the more self-confident behaviour that I have adopted. Perhaps they were used to me being passive, often dismissing my own feelings, and taking blame for everything under that has gone wrong under the sun. Sometimes when I tell people something they did was hurtful (trust me I am framing it gently to them) they seem to resist or even throw blame at me in a defensive way. Some people have now began to adapt to my new self-confident behaviour but some don’t seem to understand and don’t seem to understand the depth of the hurt they caused no matter how many times I tell them. They aren’t bad people they just don’t seem to understand. Any tips?

  • I parent my nephew because my brother has to work in a different city, and believe me… These skills REALLY work.
    This video has been so helpful, I really wanna thank you:)

    Greetings from Colombia

  • Holy moly. I am very happy and excited that you explained this topic in a easy to understand manner. With this knowledge you could become a communications coach or mediator (not the Harvard method, though). Thank you.

  • I have a very hard time with my parents… My mom tells me “stop being a brat”, “you’re so disrespectful”, ” you don’t do anything”, “stop staying in ur room”, “why won’t you talk to me!?”, “i won’t buy or get you anything anymore!”, “stop embarrassing me”, “why can’t you be like your little sister?”, “you don’t deserve anything”, “your 13 you should get up and do everything by urself”. I don’t know why she thinks I’ll give her hugs… All she does is put me down and hurt me… When I say she does those things she doesn’t care… She says I need to get help all the time, I can’t give her my love like she wants… I don’t even know how to tell her that I love her because I get to afraid like I’ll trust her to not hurt my feelings or out me down and she does… I need help, any tips anyone?

  • Kids need to get disciplined and rewarded based on the level of the action Plan and simple they need to understand the importance of the different levels of wrong. I don’t beat on my kids but I will whip them as a last resort for server action. I will fuss at my son if he reaches out with his left hand, stand or sit too eye level when communicating respect women children and elderly x2 loyalty and respect

  • I have my PGCE Secondary Geogeaphy interview in exactly a week and I’m so excited and nervous. These videos are so beneficial! Thanks:)

  • I believe that we parents must make sure that we are being a positive role model to our children. Let our children know that we love them no matter what.I think we should not assume for one minute that children know this innately. Don’t feel bad if you child questions it, take it as an opportunity to sweep them in your arms and tell them how much you love them and how incredible they are.

  • “obedience is an unreasonable expectation for any age “, what???? so…..when should we expect our children to obey their authorities? the Bible is very clear about how to train children to become obedient. Proverbs is a WEALTH of guidance. i have a hard time taking this sweet lady’s advice when that statement is her theme. so, if obedience is not the GOAL,then…,what’s the point of the rest of the training? my 21 month old knows right from wrong, and is obedient to our requests about 90% of the time….i KNOW that obedience is a completely reasonable behavior to expect….with consistent firm, loving, discipline, and lots of love and attention, affirming his value to me, as my child.

    wow…still getting over her statement.
    parents there is hope, when we parent the way God says to. He made our children anyways, surely He knows how to train them to be productive, smart, strong and loving adults one day.

  • My experience with talks about feelings:
    Me: “when you don’t call I feel anxious and lonely”
    Them: “why? don’t you have stuff to do? find something to do, seriously. your feelings are your own responsibility and you need to learn to deal with them yourself”
    Them: “this feels like manipulation. why are you trying to control me. I am already doing a,b and c. what more do you need?”

  • My biggest mistake in my
    Last job was being too friendly at the start i feel this really impacted the way they responded to behaviour management.

  • If I try hug my parents they honestly they tell me I’m weird and stupid for it and after we just have a fight and it just effects me more mentally

  • Hi! I’m an overseas trained teacher trying to build a career as a supply teacher here, in the UK but I sometimes struggle with essential things such as what are the main topics for each term (year 1-5) in English and Maths. Is there any chance you could make some vlogs discussing this? Also, some vlogs with classroom scripting would be amazingly helpful and highly appreciate.

  • Very good information in there. It’s a skill no many people have. I struggle with it even at age 53. Understanding how we feel and then communicating that is very hard.

    As always, thank you for what you do here. You’re a positive influence in the ADHD community and I hope you keep it up for a long time.

  • My parents hate me they used to love me now they get mad at me when I ask for food and I can’t even lay down without them working me like a slave, and my brother has 3 fish I can’t even have a hamster I barely eat my parents give me a few dollars a week and I just buy ramen and hot sauce while they eat red lobster and Olive Garden while I eat ramen it’s like they don’t love me anymore like I’m a homeless man and I just live there

  • Thanks for the awesome and helpful ADHD friendly video! I struggle a lot with my tone of voice. I try to use assertive and nonviolent communication as much as possible, but then my tone of voice messes it up, because I sound annoyed or angry, and so on. It is a “protection strategy” I learned in my childhood. And now I need to learn a more useful way to protect myself in order to maintain healthy loving relationships.

  • I try being assertive and explaining my feelings but they just call me “sensitive.” What do I do then? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VIDEOS BTW ❤

  • My brain often goes on the Toot Toot Train and I brainfart my way through conversations. I often can’t get out what I need because I forget it halfway through. That might be due to a overly emotional response to the situation, too, like stress. But I’m not taken very seriously when asking for what I need. I appreciate this video because it pretty much spells out what to do. That’s awesome.

  • My mother doesnt care about my emotions especally if we had a fight over something. I turn 22 in may and I will move out then or earlier, if I can save enough money earlyer

  • On the hospital, the doctor told my dad that he should get a better relationship with me since i hide a lot from him. Im going to start therapy for the first time on tuesday so i really want to have good communication:)

  • There is one book I wish everyone in the world would read Assertiveness Workbook by Randy Paterson. It is one of the best tools for communicating I have ever encountered. Also, Art of Communicating by Thich Nhat Hahn has interesting concepts to explore. These two books have changed my life.

  • The video and content is nice! But if this video is intended majorly for people with ADHD, that does not seem to be considered in some aspects. Too many change of frames, speaker position, fast pace of speaking (atleast for me) and unnecessary sound effects and graphics in some places (eg question marks flying around, sudden “whoosh” sounds etc). One tends to get distracted by this instead of focusing on the good quality content that you have. Just a feedback.:)

  • Nice content…
    Guys check this article for know about “How to build relationships with kids” am sure this will be very helpful for all of you…

  • Most importantly, if the Dictator is your style of parenting be sure to give the reasons and answer the “Why” questions. Give reasons and make them understand why youre grounding them or telling them “No”. But there has to be balance. The Dictator parent can only last for so long.

  • Do you know how i can talk to my 4 year old cousin and she gets in really bad moods so i dont like telling her of but she absolutely hates me even tho i try so so so hard to be fun with her also should i be talking to her in a baby voice or not

  • Thank you. How is that my 3.5 yr. Old is perfect at daycare and anybody else when I AM,as mother, not around? At home he is very whiney almost every 5 minutes, doesn’t speak full sentences, wants me to pick him up,can’t play by himslef, calls me when ever he doesn’t see me (walking to the kitchen or bathroom)…. Very frustrating. Thanks for any advice

  • Hi I was wondering if you could give me some advice. Lately mealtimes have been a struggle with my son. He is just over 2 1/2 years old and loves to play and explore a lot more than eat. My husband and I are unsure how to handle this without resorting to taking his toys away or turning off the TV or threatening to do so. We certainly don’t want to punish him for being curious and liking to explore his world, but we also don’t want him to go hungry. We have never had this sort of problem before he has always enjoyed his food and eating I assume it has something to do with his age. How can we get our son to stop playing and sit down and eat his food without resorting to tears and arguing?

  • I have recently found your channel and I love it for all the same reasons listed by othersmaking it a super helpful synthesised resource!
    But also thank you for the awesome background music. I found myself following everything you were saying while bobbing my head to the excellent music in this video. Helps keep stimulation up!

  • Question!!! I need help understanding my children and possibly myself��, listen better. Sometimes it feels like my kids have selective hearing. We whistle for our kids to come and we have been doing this for a while and they have been pretty good (about 80% of the time) to come. But lately, due to covid-19 and us finally being able to have our kids play outside with other kids, they haven’t been coming at all. Same thing with the houseso I’m wondering if hearing is an executive function or if it’s just because they don’t want toso they’re not going to.

    PS love, love, love your videos. I have learned much and enjoy sharing with others what I have learned. Keep up the good work. And Carry On!

  • Thanks for your video. I’m actually struggeling putting in action this kind of calmer parenting methods (my boys are 21months & 3 y-old) so your example is quite helpfull.

  • I love my parents but they are not really respectful of me, my mom will get mad at me for rolling my eyes or sassing her but then she turns around and does the same exact thing. Not only that but when i try to approach her about these things or just things in general that i think would help our relationship she gets upset, my brother has been saying how he wants to move out as soon as possible and i tried telling my mom that maybe theres a reason hes saying that and that maybe theres some things she needs to do differently but she just rolls her eyes and gets upset, i seriously dont know what to do, its to the point where im just asking her to listen to what i have to say and shes just getting upset at me, there was another time she was driving me to an event w my friend and i was meeting my friend there, my friend texted me and said she was going to be late so i asked my mom if we can wait in the car for her, ( i have social anxiety and i didnt know anyone at the event so it was very scaring thinking about walking into the event alone) she said no and that she had to get home, i started panicking and say no i cant do this please stay w me and she just demanded i get out of the car, i was left sitting alone for 20 mins before my friend got there. Long story short if anyone has suggestions that could help please let me know

  • Help me please! My wife says to me wow the airplanes started to fly again. i responded no they have been flying. WWIII ensued and im like all i did was try and reassure her things are not as bad as she thinks with the corona virus. i saw planes flying every day all day. She then tells me i always correct her and that she dont feel safe. i was trying to make her feel safe. she then says im always trying to fix her. as soon as i said no they have been flying i should have heard the click of the landmine i just stepped on. how am i supposed to have conversations with someone who is so sensitive and get my point across. Should i just not care about my point of view or being right for the sake of happiness. At what point is that living a lie and is happiness worth not being right?

  • 1: Learn to recognise and name your feelings
    Me: Oh no, I’m already failing
    (F in the chat for my psychologist who kept asking me how things made me feel and I couldn’t get more specific than “bad” when the emotion wasn’t anger)

  • Hello there, I bumped into your video after finishing reading a very useful book on the topic. I share its title, in case it could be useful for others: When I say no I feel guilty. It’s a book that draws from extensive psychological clinical practice, and I found it quite useful for it explains all the main techniques involved in assertive communication as well as a number of real-life dialogues that show how to communicate assertively.
    Here is the audiobook: (the dialogues are in the second half of the book)
    Here the review:

  • Hi,I am a toddler teacher I am by myself with six toddler’s 12 to 18 months I would like some advice how to get my toddlers to stop climbing on the table,as soon as I go to change diapers One of the kids get up in the table and then most of the kids are on the table.

  • Thank you, I really agree with you about telling children the truth. I’m currently with a mixed year 4/5 class i always tell the truth (within reason) about what’s happening, why things have changed or about why I won’t be there. It’s amazing to see how mature the students become once they trust you are telling them the truth ��

  • EXCELLENT VIDEO!!! This one is most definitely making me think and analyze how I communicate. I would love more content on this and other communication skills. I often wonder if I speak English when it comes to dealing with certain people in certain situations.

    Side note: I love this hair style! Great job, it looks awesome on you!

  • Great video Jess, I’ll give it a second watch so I can take notes! A tip from my old Cognitive Behavioral Therapist was to write down what you want to say ahead of time to help articulate your thoughts. That way when the emotions kick in you have already rehearsed it.

  • I was crying knowing that my dad hates me. My mom asked my dad if he loves me while he was drunk and he never lies when hes drunk he said “who will love a ugly ass disappointment” my heart broke i dont wanna live anymore i wanna go back to the days where my dad loved me, where i had fun with him now its just hatred that he has for me i honestly don’t wanna live anymore. I know im not the best daughter he wanted, but i love him it just breaks me seeing him say he hates me.

  • Hello, my communication with everyone is pretty short and boring. I can’t hold a full conversation thinking of whats going to think the other person about my comments. Right now my partner says he lived with adhd and he already worked with hisself to get out of there. Hes experience with this made him think he can change if you put efford on it. Now, I struggle a lot with this cause when I make a bad decisions which is constantly happening, or I forget things, conversations when he thinks im not putting attention and I know I am but my mind doesnt proccess it, important tasks of the week that I didn’t do just cuz im on my phone or layin on bed. This situations do make me feel stupid, and more when my partner constantly say that all of this happens cuz I want to be this person but I can give more of me, he tells me im stupid because “i dont put effort” on changing, when I know I AM AND I REALLY TRY. Everyday I cry I feel like im alone and nobody really understands whats going through my head, not even my partner who says he has suffer of adhd. At this point im on depression, im not seeing any doctor’s cause im scared and i want a doctor who listens instead of just give me medication for it. I feel like a terapist will only do his job and it won’t undersand or listen the way I would like him to understand. Im super hyper, but this life im living, when Im getting away from my friends, pushing my family away and getting mad at the only person that shares everyday with me because he doesn’t really understands me, as much as i would like him to, he says everything I do is definition of stupidity because theres nothing going on our life besides my emotions and words and thats affecting me as a person, like I mentioned, im super hyper but this situations are just killing me, Im constantly sleeping’ I take 3 to 4 naps a day just cause I don’t feel like I belong to the outside word, everything I say or do is completely stupid and I cant even hold a full conversation with anyone. I feel useless, stupid, like i really dont belong in this world and absolutly no one understands me. I really dont want to be this person, I dont want to live and I rather be in jail than being on the outside world. I want help, people to talk to or just a braing donation. I never going to change how stupid I am but talking to someone that will probably understands me it will probably help me to not feel like im the only one going through this.

  • That was a great video. I’m guilty of raising my voice and telling my 4 year old that she’s not listening to me. I’m going to try what you recommend. Thank you so much. I just had the thought to look up how to be a better parent here on YouTube and I’m so grateful that YouTube is available. I really appreciate your help. Happy Holidays.

  • For the longest time I have always put others needs and emotions before my own. It went on so long that I don’t know what I’m feeling or how to even describe it. I have used Passive communication, excpecting others to know what I’m feeling since I didn’t know how to describe it. I always thought that my needs weren’t important enough to mention because it felt like was being selfish and inconsiderate of others. I had this idea in my head that “If I can make others happy, then I will be happy” when in reality, I was the one in need of help. This video just might help me get the closure I have been looking for with my stepdad. We are polar opposites, he’s OCD I’m ADHD. He’s Logical, I’m emotional. We have butt heads on a daily basis for the past 16 years about anything and everything and everything that I do to help myself and say what I need comes off very selfish and I immediately get put down because of it. Or that’s how I feel about, it may not be his intention but since we are on completely different wave lengths that’s how the message gets interpreted. Communication has been and still is by far my weakest skill when it comes to talking about my needs, because I have the idea stuck in my head that saying what I need is very selfish or unimportant. Those words have never been said to me directly, its the byproduct of many lectures and mess-ups which has added onto my wall-of-aweful (great video by the way!!!!). With this video, I just might be able to get the closure I have been looking for. My mom (she’s a Heart) showed me your youtube channel and I have been looking forward to every single upload. Your videos have expanded my knowledge about ADHD and the tips you give have helped tremendously!!!!

  • Hi Lori! Thanks for these videos! They are really helping me.

    Not long ago Ignacio (2) was playing with a friend and hitting him.
    I picked him up violently an put him in his room saying ” you are staying here, you have to learn not to hit people “
    Today I can do this:
    I’ll pick him up gently, maybe walking a bit with him taking him to another playing area and while playing with him I can say:
    You hit Juan When I’ve told you not to.
    It seams like your having a hard time with that let me help.
    It is hard to control our bobbies when we are exited. You are so exited Juan came to visit us.
    Let’s take a big breath and try again.
    I won’t let you hit Juan but I’m here to help so let’s try again.
    I love you.

    What do you think?

  • OMG this can be hard. My husband and I are pretty good at this generally with each other, but that’s so much easier than… telling my coworker or boss I need more structure to our pair programming because right now the process is crazy awkward, and I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m basically just watching them code and trying to follow. I’ve tried just asking to type more often but I don’t think the isolated requests are solving the problem. Wowspelling out that underlying need for structure actually just helped a lot! I can probably do better asking for something like that than just “this is awkward and I don’t know what would fix it”. I think I’ll leave out the “easier to focus when I’m actively typing” part because ability to pay attention can get moral judgements, but I might rephrase it as I “learn better” instead. (I’m being trained using pair programming but just watching someone else work has limited utility).

  • My favorite video clip on communicating. I found this to be very helpful not only with communicating with children but with adults as well. Looking forward to reading both of your books.

  • Relationships are key to behaviour management and learning. Kids don’t want to listen to someone they don’t like. Keep up the good work!

  • Thank you:)
    Although I very much appreciate the advice, the guilt of how I react at times to my 2.5 yo makes my heart hurt. I’m glad there are recourses like you to help parents learn to do better♥️

  • Hi, I just thought of an analogy for my adhd brain…its like this: my brain is like a sky with airplanes flying around (thoughts and feelings), but the air traffic controller is AWOL. There is no body to schedule take offs and landing sequences, or to control routes, altitudes and speeds.

  • Wow… I’m not sure I’d call her a friend anymore, I’d bump her down to acquaintance… And wait a very long time before seeing her again. Would I tell her I was offended nope. Eventually though she may ask why I don’t see her anymore or talk with her as much, then I might tell her. Because that may actually get her to watch her own learned habit that you actually are not the cause of because she’s probably that way with others besides you and learned it a long time ago, from watching others communicate. They don’t even realize that they are putting people down. Because these people tend to say things like, ‘oh that offended /hurt you? You’re weak.’ Which makes me realize that’s another put down.

  • You are so smart and adorable. Your videos show a great amount of research. I watch them with my 10 year old daughter and they help so much. She has ADHD, dyslexia, and sensory proccessing disorder for starters. Your videos help us navigate so many of her struggles.

  • Microdosing LSD is treating ADHD. Check out Dr. Fadiman’s Protocol for Microdosing. Psychedelic science is the Revolution in the Mental Health Sciences. Psychedelics are The Storm!

  • I am watching this for a second time because tomorrow I will have to talk to my friend when she comes over to my place. When she comes over I make her feel at home, but lately I think she’s getting a little too comfortable. LOL. I’m getting ready to write my notes for tomorrow’s conversation, but I’m still feeling anxious about it. Thank you Jessica!:-)

  • I love how practical this is! ❤️ as something that may seem like common sense, but it can be quite tricky because we need to be professional and friendly at the same time!

  • This woman Alicia is mental basket case.I used to work as an au pair in Chroleywood where she and her 3 children lived.She used to beat her middle child and pick only on him.She was going once a week in London to seek psychiatric help.She verbally abused me and was knocking on my door at 1 in the morning,crying because I left small space between the curtas and also didnt put the glasses in order from the biggest to the smallest.Her ex was alchocolic and would turn at the door sometimes and arque.I got thumping heartbiting from stress and I was only 19.Someone told me she had 9 au pairs in that year.I left and saved muself after 3 months there.It was hell!! She even said I eat a lot and Im only 53kg….She is not fit to work with children at all.Her poor son,sometimes I could think of his screams in his upstairs room.Burn Alicia in hell

  • This actually helps me a lot! Also, this can help anyone, not just people with ADHD (which is AWESOME BTW) This video helps me prepare for the future and that makes me happy. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

  • How am I supposed to hug the people who call me “fat” and tell me my hobby is “stupid” and “if You keep getting c’s and b’s you’ll end up homeless” it’s frustrating trying to impress them. I’m just scare how there going to act when I come out.

  • I like your Channel. Makes me feel less weird. I haven’t been diagnosed with ADD but what you say makes sense and is very useful if I can remember them past the end of your video. Thanks for let me feel like I’m not the only weird ball out there

  • interesting points,if anyone else    is searching for  
    how to get your toddler to behave better  try Awsomic Toddler Method (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )?  Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got great results  with it.


  • Microdosing LSD is treating ADHD. Check out Dr. Fadiman’s Protocol for Microdosing. Psychedelic science is the Revolution in the Mental Health Science. Psychedelics are The Storm!