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You probably know from experience what to do when you get a stomach bug—rest, eat light, cut back on the caffeine and sip some ginger ale. And there’s that tried-and-true BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) diet that can replenish lost nutrients and ease you. 7 Truths & Tips for Survival of Stomach Bugs When They Hit Your Home Hand washing and keeping things clean are your best defenses from getting ill with a stomach bug.

Not surprisingly, this is particularly true after touching or supporting your child and when preparing food and eating. Some viruses will survive on surfaces for days. Here are some ways in which people can avoid transmitting a stomach bug: Someone who has or has recently had a stomach bug should not prepare food for anyone else for at least 2 days after People who work in restaurants, care facilities, schools, and other crowded places should avoid work for at. Since it is not always feasible to avoid people who have the stomach flu, stand a few feet away to reduce your chances of contracting the virus from them. Wash your hands often; especially before eating or touching your face.

Avoid sharing towels or clothing with people who have the stomach flu. To avoid becoming dehydrated from the stomach flu, it’s really important that you consume a lot of clear liquids like water, coconut water and herbal tea. If you’ve been vomiting or your stomach is just very upset, it’s recommended that you avoid solids foods for a few hours.

Eat probiotic yogurt. Studies have shown that eating probiotic yogurt can help to prevent the recurrence of stomach flu. Having a cup of yogurt a day can keep your stomach healthy. Yogurt contains good bacteria known as probiotics. These may include: cereals whole grains breads potatoes bananas vegetables fresh apples plain yogurt bananas.

Chronic belching may also be related to inflammation of the stomach lining or to an infection with Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium responsible for some stomach ulcers. In these cases, the belching is accompanied by other symptoms, such as heartburn or abdominal pain. You can reduce belching if you: Eat and drink slowly.

Staying hydrated, though, is key to avoid complications like hospitalization. Sip water, sports drinks, or juice to replace fluids and essential vitamins and minerals your body is shedding along with all that vomit and poop. Most healthy people who stay hydrated start to feel better within two to three days. You can easily get a stomach bug by touching a contaminated doorknob or shaking hands with someone who’s sick.

Your best defense is soap, water and 20 seconds of vigorous scrubbing and rinsing. In an Emory University study, hand washing removed 96 percent of viral particles compared to just 46 percent removed with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

List of related literature:

• Eat dry, starchy foods such as dry toast, melba toast, or crackers on awakening in the morning and at other times when nausea occurs.

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Additional advice includes eatingt small frequent meals, drinking small amounts of fluids often, avoid foods with offensive odors, and avoiding preparing food or shopping when nauseated.

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Wash your hands with soap and water before preparing food and avoid preparing food for others if you have a diarrheal illness.

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Additional advice includes eating small frequent meals, drinking small amounts of fluids often, avoid foods with offensive odors, and avoiding preparing food or shopping when nauseated.

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Also advise to eat small frequent meals, drink small amounts of fluids often, avoid foods with offensive odors, and avoid preparing food or shopping when nauseated.

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If possible, wash your hands with soap and water before you handle food or eat.

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• Drink as much clean, warm water as possible without upsetting the stomach.

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• Encourage client to eat dry foods (e.g., toast, crackers) and avoid drinking liquids with meals if nauseated.

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Wash your hands frequently and follow safe food-handling guidelines.

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Drink boiled or bottled water where cholera is rife, and avoid foods prepared in an unsanitary fashion.

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  • it literally feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife over and over again from the inside and I’m going through the cycle of what all girls go through or one day will go through

  • Ever since I watched this I started drinking the ACV. I stopped for a few months but back at it. I have tried mixing it with all types of stuff. I had to stop using juices because it contained to much sugar for me. I developed few recipes I like I’ll cover when I do my ACV video.

  • It sucks it was horrible the first days then it calmed down but it has been 1 week and I still fell sick I also can’t go to the doctor because of caronavirus

  • my sister has been complaining of stomach pain and been throwing up since Christmas and only today she got the diagnosed which was gastro. I’m super paranoid that I’ve been ‘exposed’ because I’ve booked a holiday in 4days time. anything I can do?

  • Literally… when you said you pooped yourself I started crying for you. I have the stomach flu right now and I’m staying with a friend and my room is literally right next to the bathroom… but I apparently just don’t know how to take 5 steps fast enough because lo and behold, my pants were soiled and there was vomit all over me in a matter of seconds.
    Embarrassed is an understatement.
    So yeah.. I feel your pain.

  • nice idea I use acv with half a organic lemon and cinnamon with water 10oz I let the cinnamon settle and mix well is that buddy bear probatic vegan

  • So its corona time and I definitely have this stomach virus been going on for about 5 days now. On the third day i started my period on top of it. Haven’t slept in those past days maybe a total of 9 hours of those 5 days. I doubt i will get seen if i go to the er around this time. Pray for me

  • i wanna sue my school now i got sick and had to go to the hospital because of this cause they never clean or change the water fountain not even the ones in the classroom

  • I did not know that so many people have the same fear as me! I think I have the stomach bug right now, so I guess I am a little too late… But I will use this in the future, so thanks!

  • I’m dying holy lordy. my body is strong so hopefully this turns into number 2. otherwise fuckkckckckckck. (I have a fear of throwing up)

  • I am watching a bunch of videos on how to avoid the stomach flu because I went to school for testing today, and two teachers were complaining of nausea and another of a headache/dizziness. Apparently a bunch of teachers called in sick and some teachers came in all-smiles and then couldn’t even walk to their car. Another teacher was saying that if you have any symptoms to leave immediately (it’s that bad!) I was wondering if this is the case with anyone else, or if it’s just something where I live. Thank you for this video, I will be doing my best to keep the germs away!:)

  • Vomiting every 10 minutes. Feels like the worst time of my life. Pls help… ������ ( wrote this comment on behalf of my son going through this now) he really wanted to share his experience. Pray he gets better cos my heart breaks seeing him in pains.

  • I’m a little disappointed in this doctors advice. He didn’t advise us to smoke marijuana. That’s the only thing that makes me feel better if I have food poisoning

  • I had this cold from a walk today. Just saying is like really cold in Britain so… then I tried to sleep can’t breath threw my nose and I woke up wanting to throw up but I didn’t * praise the lord* but feeling so stuffy. So now I am lying in my bed looking up how to get rid of it

  • You are a LIFE SAVER!!!! I have emetephobia (intense fear of vomit) and the stomach bug is spreading like fire in my school. Today somebody in my science class threw up and I felt like I was going to faint, but now thanks to you, I don’t need a hazmat suit!!

  • I had a little stomach ache before bed and then woke up at 12 and threw up and I couldn’t do anything about it. Then I sat downstairs and threw up 3 more times now I just have liquid poop.

  • I went to the ER, got fluids, they gave me zofran and it’s still not helping. Today is day 6 of throwing up for me. I dont know what to do.

  • I just finished my stomach virus after yesterday �� all that vomit my abs started to hurt like a God damn Charlie horse. I’m glad I feel much more better symptoms lasted for 3 days for me

  • Yes i found you in google search last year what a life saver for my 3 year old she would get it every month and a half. Thank you so much.

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  • Same!!! Thank you! It is spreading like wild fire and i also have emetphobia I GET SO SCARED!!!!!! But sadly last week I had the stomach flu thank you still

  • Ive had vomiting and diarrhea for 4 days. then the vomiting went away when i drank fluids at a moderate pace. it is day 8 now and i still have diarrhea and stomach aches….

  • Stayed awake for an extra two-three hours last night cleaning my own puke of the floor. I slept on the bathroom floor and I won’t dare leave this room in fear of making my family sick. I had to stop my best friend from driving for an hour to come “rescue” me. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and I’m crying in the bathroom floor I’m so sick. Life’s just peachy, isn’t it?

  • Man I was tossing and turning all night and I felt a little discomfort in my stomach, especially when I woke up. I knew at that moment that I had the stomach virus. I had a fever of 100.2 all morning, but I took Tylenol and that helped. I’ve been going to the toilet ALL DAY today. My stomach is growling right now. I want to eat something but I know I can’t unless I want my stomach to hurt. My mom said I can have chicken noodle soup. I’m a little nervous about that

  • I’m not vomiting just diarrhea and cramps every couple of mins it hurts so freaking bad!!!! I can’t eat as much and it’s been five days now:(

  • all of you so lucky you’re comments are from such long time ago and you are all healthy while i’m hovering over the toilet miserable

  • I haven’t been able to drink water or eat food for almost 24 hours went to an urgent med clinic they thought I was having an allergy attack so they gave me a steroid shot in my butt that was at 4 p.m. at 8:30 I still couldn’t drink water or eat so I couldn’t even Drive had to have my mom take me to the hospital they gave me saline and muscle relaxer testing my throat for strep I did not have strep describe me magnesium which I’m about to go pick it up wish me luck guys.

  • Hello everyone i suffer from flu virus disease and the Dr told us there’s no cure for it. But i want to appreciate dr ehimare who cure my flu disease with his herbs medicine treatment and i will continue to testify about your treatment and God will bless you more. And you can also reach Dr via WhatsApp +23490 2734 9748 or email [email protected]

  • So ive been drinking acv since about June.. So far I’ve avoided illness. But this morning kiddo woke up puking. So well see if it works on this round!

  • Stop saying stomach flu people! There is no such thing as a stomach flu. Flu means influenza. Influenza is respiratory. It’s a stomach virus.

  • My stomach just randomly started hurting in the morning and i have to go to school but j can’t cause when i stand uo my stomach twists and i feel like i wanna puke

  • This is the second time I’ve thrown up/ diarrhea today. I’m supposed to “wake up” in less than three hours to get ready for school. I can’t sleep, and my toilet almost flooded. I just want this to stop

  • What is your suggestion for me… My daughter has the stomach flu right now and I’ve been exposed. I’m starting to feel unwell. Anything I can do to prevent full blown barf city?

  • Thank you to everyone who posted in the many comments before. You making me laugh is making me feel better! I too will add my story… IT’S COMING OUT ON BOTH ENDS… AT THE SAME TIME!! #GodSpeed

  • Why does this make your stomach hurt so bad? The vomiting and diarrhea I can deal with but the pain was so intense. Felt like my stomach was full of lava and no matter what I tried the pain wouldn’t subside. I am in my forties and that was the worst 36 hours of my life.

  • I woke up to go to the toilet every 10 minutes for 4 hours during the night. The last time of those four hours I slept on the toilet and woke up with my but so numb that I couldn’t even feel my toes

  • This reminds me of the time my husband came down with the stomach flu. He didn’t shit his pants, but he did puke on me. You know it’s love when your significant other hurls all over you and you refuse to leave his side. Because you have to be there to open a can of whoop ass just in case the angel of death should make an appearance. I…don’t handle crisis well, is what I’m saying.

  • I got the flu, but my stomach doesn’t hurt, right before I’m gonna throw up I feel a weird feeling and run to the bathroom, had it’s for about 3 days on the 4th rn. My poop is water..

  • I know How the stomach Flu Spread’s: through Bad food or water, By Touching a Dirty Surface Blanket or Doorknob, and Having Contact with someone who has Stomach Virus

  • I remember I had this when I was younger, I felt like I was set on fire and I was crying in bed, I threw up a lot and I couldn’t even sleep

  • I threw up last night. And my stomach still hurts a tiny bit. And every time I eat healthy stuff I puke it up but when I eat sweets I don’t puke it up

  • I’ve gone to the restroom for 90% water diarrhea Atleast 14 times already and my shoulders are cramping and abdominal pain. I literally can’t lay down to sleep because of the cramps

  • Don’t know if anyone is going through this right now but I’m here with you cause I’m cold sweating on the side of my toilet. Don’t worry guys it’ll be over soon

  • If you are looking for even a ounce of relief i recommend warmth! Get a heating pad place it on your stomach do not do if you are pregnant if you don’t have a heating pad get a empty water bottle and put the hottest water you can stand in it. Then place it on your stomach. It will ease the cramps.

  • Grape seed extract! With the grape juice. Also look into oregano oil. I’ve avoided stomach bugs using these things. Google them! Great video. Thanks for sharing!:D

  • i was three steps from the toilet at 2 this morning and i threw up ALL OVER myself. i mean all over. just. ugh. i was crying from disgust/pain and laughing at the hilarity of it all at the same time.

  • Fever �� Wed-Fri, last night kind of normal. But today ugh �� diarrhea and stomach cramps!
    Please Good Lord Don’t be pregnancy ���� Please please please noooooooooooo.

  • My stomach is growling like crazy. Even after I take medicine I get the normal feeling of being hungry. But even if I try bread I feel like I’m getting sick

  • So what he basically is saying his more natural normal way of cleaning doesn’t disinfect that if you want that kind of clean in your house you need bleach!!! Well I don’t know about anyone else but when I clean my home I want both clean & disinfected!! So I am definitely staying with all the “harsh” chemicals I have always used my parents & grandparents used!! Not wasting my time with the natural stuff….

  • Had this problem first started from dehydration and then my diarea was liquid. Black out and collapsed two times, kept saying to my self I’m fine I’m not a bitch. Headache got worser to a point where I couldn’t even sleep properly, I’ve been drinking lots of water but the diarrhea keeps draining it out quickly. So I went to emergency found out my heart rate was sky rocketeting, hooked me up to IV and got a bag of fluid after that I was fine I felt a bit light headed but the headache was gone. The diarrhea kept going but then I started to eat slowly and take sips of water then thats when It started to eaze my stomach.

  • All of you are noobs I’m so used to getting these things I’m just chilling not vomiting because I only eat bread and barely eat that so I don’t have the acid because the bread absorbs it and there is no other food in there to make me vomit because it’s big brain time also I’ve found it’s best to not be moving around but to lay down on a couch or in a bed near a bathroom and just calm down lay down stop freaking out watch YouTube and either sleep it out or sweat it out

  • I cant eat, i cant drink anything, im awake all the night and i go to WC 15 times in 3 hours, i am at the village, so no medication available, what should i do, my stomach hurts so bad��

  • I have not gotten th stomach flu for about 7 years now, and I’m really scared that I’ll get it any time soon, so I watch vids like these to feel better so if I do get it, there is some ways to feel better ��

  • Who’s sick in March 2020 during quarantine??

    I’m on day 4 feeling better but still no appetite. Stomach still feels upset and I feel like puking every other hour. Nausea going down though ����

  • NOOOOO! I HAVE EMETOPHOBIA! Which is basically the fear of vomiting, so I tend to stay the HELL away from people who threw up or are sick ��, and sadly for me, I’m literally trying my best not to ever throw up this year, NEXT YEAR, OR THE NEXT YEAR!! And yet, I might get sick today:’)
    Me *two minutes later*: I HAVE TO VOMIT!….Oh wait… it’s stomach cramps….���� ��
    Who else thinks that vomit and stomach cramps hurt like HELL!?

  • I am a bad germaphobe so this stuff will help me, Becuase iahve middle school and it hasnt been as bad, but I was wodering if you still having got the stomach flu since doing this video? I so that is like 3 years!

  • Do you just incorporate the lettuce in with your lunch or dinner that your having? The grape juice looks good to do with me, is that ok to do for an adult as well, instead of the kombucha drink?

  • Me:my throat hurts
    My mom:it’s ok (gives meds)
    Me: (first period in school)
    Me:(trys not to throw up)
    Teacher:are you ok??
    Me:yes yes I am oka(throws up)
    Me:goes to nurse
    Me:(calls parents) and (doesn’t answer)
    SUFFER for THE rest OF the DAYYY!!! ����������������������������

  • My mom came home with the pukes after stressful weeks of moving her parents and she got her mom settled in the nursing home..that night she came down with it,dragging two other kids with her,I did the house cleaning for two weeks and at I time I would drink Ocean Spray grape/cranberry..I did NOT get it! I haven’t had it for two yrs (KNOCK ON WOOD).I make sure I get a good nights rest each night,take my vitamins, I do the grape juice/ACV and pro bios with an empty tummy first thing in the morning and if I go out in a public place with lots of people I do it again at night..just plain juice.I encourage my younger siblings to do it as well. I’m a hand washing freak before eating or touching my face,mouth,eyes and nose..sounds extreme but,I gotta work and carry on in life!Thank you!

  • Sooo this is great, I work up around 2 am with nausea. Then like a half an hour later I vomited, it continued for a couple of hours. Now I have to stay home from school, and I am sooo hungry and thirsty but I am worried I will throw anything up that I eat and drink. But right now I am slowly sipping on water.

  • Things which happened to me

    1. My stomach is making sounds and starts paining while I turn. It’s only during when I sleep or just laying down.

    2. I vomited but that wasn’t too much. Only a little at night something 2 AM

    3. When I move my eyes to left and right side it pains very hard.

    4. My head is becoming more heavier. And I feel like I am very much tired

    5. I just drank water. And some spicy food.

    I don’t want this deadly thing ever in my life.. I googled about this disease. And it says that it can be throughout the life. What’s better. To die

  • So how do you double up the method? Do you kids also do the Kambucha or do you just do that? How much years so far have you been BUG-Free and what do your kids do, do they just do the grape juice with ACV and buddy bear probiotics? I am heading into the 7th grade this year and I am a HUGE germaphobe that I limit myself going to public restrooms. No one really has gotten sick at my middle school but it is scary. I have Emetphobia and Germaphobia and them too mixed makes it hard for me. I take two showers a day. thanks!

  • Every time I drink I vomit and I’ve been without food for 24hrs. I don’t know if I’m hungry or if I’m gonna vomit. Should I eat or should I not? Anyone know?

  • This helps a lot! I have emetaphobia and I had the stomach flu last month. I went 8 years without throwing up, and that day just set my anxiety higher than ever. Since then I’ve been really careful of not touching my face, being very hydrated, eating well, and exercising. I also wash my hands very frequently. But I have a hard time with places with a lot of people…you never know who had it or still has it…

  • 1:22 Really no true way to prevent yourself from getting it…yeah there is…. Social distancing, self Isolation, always wear gloves and a mask, only leave your home for essentials, I can almost gaurentee you you won’t catch the stomach flu