‘I Wasn’t Eating’ Senior Twin Siblings Fight Pandemic Anxiety Together


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Twins Edna Mayes and Ethel Sylvester, 92, are relying on each other through the pandemic, in which one of the hidden dangers is to their mental health. ‘I wasn’t eating’: Senior twin sisters battle pandemic anxiety together Subscription sale! $5/5 months Ninety-two-year-old twins and neighbors Edna Mayes (left) and Ethel Sylvester, of East St. Sylvester and Edna are 92-year-old twins and are living through the pandemic, and all the anxiety it is causing, together. By Cara AnthonyEAST ST.

LOUIS, Ill. — Ethel Sylvester dialed 911, trembling with fear. Senior twin sisters in East St. Louis battle pandemic anxiety together | ‘I wasn’t eating’ Cara Anthony, Kaiser Health News Her twin sister.

‘I Wasn’t Eating’: Senior Twin Sisters Battle Pandemic Anxiety Together. Health Society ‘I Wasn’t Eating’: Senior Twin Sisters Battle Pandemic Anxiety Together. By Cara Anthony On Apr 16, 2020. Share [ADVERTISEMENT] Amazon Best Sellers: Most Popular Books Based On Sales (Updated Hourly). Alone in her apartment, in the middle of the night, Sylvester didn’t know what was happening to her body.

She feared it was COVID-19. Her neighbor and twin sister, Edna Mayes, had no idea her best friend was in trouble. “I couldn’t get to the door,” said Sylvester, recounting last month’s incident. “I was shaking, just shaking.”. “I wasn’t eating because I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do,” Sylvester said. “I wasn’t washing my face or nothing like that.” She had reason to be worried. Older people are dying of COVID-19 at higher rates worldwide. House bill would secure telehealth expansions after pandemic: 4 things to know; I Wasn’t Eating’: Senior Twin Sisters Battle Pandemic Anxiety Together April 16, the staff determined that Sylvester had “no signs” of COVID-19 but instead had a case of high blood pressure and anxiety.

Senior twin sisters battle pandemic anxiety together By The Atlanta Voice | on April 20, 2020. By Cara R. Anthony | Kaiser Health News. Ethel Sylvester holds a photo of herself and her twin sister, Edna Mayes, as children. (Cara Anthony / Kaiser Health News). ‘I Wasn’t Eating’: Senior Twin Sisters Battle Pandemic Anxiety Together. ‘I Wasn’t Eating’: Senior Twin Sisters Battle Pandemic Anxiety Together By Sandra R. Nicholson 4 months ago. EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. — Ethel Sylvester dialed 911, trembling with fear. The 92-year-old felt.

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. — Ethel Sylvester dialed 911.

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Outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness have been responsible for sickening hundreds of passengers on cruise ships.49 The culprit for many outbreaks is believed to be a virus similar to the Norwalk virus, which is also called the winter vomiting virus.

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twins had been exposed to the same toxin or disease).

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  • I love soy milk but I did not drink cow’s milk. Never liked it. There is a ridiculous fear of soy products in this country. Stupidity.

  • great got months to live, nueroendoctrine carcinoma and all they want is the sample from me, and to radiate me, it didn’t work, made me way worse 1 round of chemo almost kidney failure, so you’re telling me my government is going to let me die and leave my autistic son who has no father?! PISSED DOESN’T COVER IT.

  • man I still can’t get over it, trying to come up with money for my cremation, telling my son we live in the greatest country in the world that’s killing me. thanks.

  • I used to believe in the medical system in America. Now after watching my father with Multiple Myeloma and how he is wasting away and then witnessing how doctors are censored for a treatment for COVID that has been taken from Americans. I am angry at our government and no longer trust the federal government.

  • there are “ways” of getting this outside the USA, like mexico and it costs a lot less. So a few “vacations” a year to save your life. USA is all about money, FDA just hopes the good doctor will die of old age. How ever the good doctor has a lot of doctors under him who are well trained in the therapy. It will one day be available without big pharmas greedy fingers.

  • The murder of many innocent children. Deceiving parents who are desperate to save their child. Some parents can’t afford to take their child overseas for treatments, yet many are donating money to the cancer foundation and for research to find a cure. On your treatment plan, you will only be offered chemo and radiation.

  • This is all coming to an end. This year. The Quintessential flowing Æther allows this no longer. The ultimate feat. Nothing can defeat the essense of all life! Aweywiiloo. Means asuu alashi Hama daos in my own imagi, this means away with you, as u dwell here no nore..

  • So back when the National Cancer Institue’s Chied of Radiology says that Burzynskis work is incredible and truly remarkable the FDA which mind you is in kahoots with the NCI doesn’t take the word of their chief radiologist? Sounds like Nicholas Petronas didn’t want to potentially purger himself by lying or he was done with the lies

  • Im so sad that government and large companies act in such a way….it’s so wrong. I give up on all of them now, Im so glad I can live a life of my own without being part of it, all be it a poor financial life but I at least still feel human.


  • Thats the 1% and Bill Gates at work right there!
    I applaud Dr Bruzynski for his TRUTH and hope that hes recognized some day……..Bless you SIR x

  • I had Cancer of the Jaw and my life just suddenly crashed. I met a guy who told me he cured himself by eating Apricot Kernels. I ate them for 5 weeks and when I went for my checkup, the Cancer had gone.The doctor could not believe it but when I told him what I had done, I knew there and then I had made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. He would not see me no more, cancelled all appointments and that was that. Now everybody who I tell says Im a liar, and only Chemotherapy and such like can help. People are browbeaten by these Pharma run Medical people. This Video is excellent, I admire everybody who tries to bring the truth to people. I met other people who have been cured with out chemicals.. Sadly now our group motto is whenever people sneer and castigate us when we tell how we overcame our Cancers, we just say to them…., Develop Cancer and die…such is the mindset we have cultivated towards the Brainwashed and Braindead People.

  • I see it every day…chemo kills, not cancer. How is it possible that in 2020, we still don’t (or so we have been led to believe) havea cure. Too much money and profit being made, that’s why!

  • the pharmacy companies cure nothing because the make trillions selling us repeat remedies and vaccines curing anything puts them out of business… What to cure covid regulate this industry to make patents illegal these pharmacy companies need investigating and links to government need checking…they are the criminals

  • Governments and lobbyistes don’t have people’s best interest at heart but profit.. what matters to them is how much they can make out of you, how to take away one’s liberty

  • The underweight people are likely being poisoned by statins. LDL is a critical part of the immune system, and statins lead to sarcopenia and a myriad of other issues.

  • Whenever I am feeling stressed out because of the Coronavirus, I just play some Three Beat Slide music and my anxiety goes away…It’s like some kind of magical drug

  • Today the FDA approves drug’s with no prof of safety and people die everyday and our children are being used as Ginnie pig’s. 2020 if they do come up with a shot for COVID-19 I REFUSE

  • People saying it rich people die it’s not a conspiracy is dum because the richer you are the more money you pay for treatment than the average poor person and rich people do run the government ment but they have power and money if your rich and you don’t have power like the government your as good as a bottom feeder to them

    yes people might be rich but they don’t have the power to back it

  • The hysterical people yelling “6 feet apart!! in a 4 feet wide grocery aisle are driving me crazy more than the virus itself. The exaggerated reactions of fear without data is what is making me very irritable. I stay at home not because of fear of the virus; I stay at home to avoid the crazy people during this time. The only sane and accurate scientist on this is Dr. Ioannidis from Stanford. IHME funded by Gates and Neil Ferg/UK Imperial data that we’ve based all these locked downs on have turned out to be completely exaggerated and inaccurate. And it’s crazy that government has locked down the parks and haven’t allowed people to get outside for vitamin D and sanity. And yes I’ve been eating junk food/takeout because I am avoiding grocery stores with crazy people. The only antidote is listening to Dr. Ioannidis videos based on actual science, and fearless pastors like John MacArthur.

  • Processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. The 18% increase means the risk of developing bowel cancer is 1.18 times higher for those who eat 50 grams of processed meat per day compared to those who eat none. By contrast, men who smoke cigarettes have about 20 times the risk of developing lung cancer as men who do not smoke. Expressed as a percentage, the increase in risk due to smoking is 1,900%.

  • Sadly, the profiteers of cancer will never allow a cure in this country. Collectively, we the people must take full responsibility and action for our health. To me, our government is 100% responsible for the millions who needlessly suffer and die from cancer. They know about the cures available but the almighty dollar is more valuable than us. Thank you Dr. Burzynski for your cures and incredible bravery. You are inspiration and an angel:)

  • Taking chlorine dioxide right now. Have been just trusting myself, and my body, and only taking supplements and eating fruits and veggies for 12 years. I have managed to keep it down, and stay somewhat healthy all by myself…no docs at all. Then our great President said those 2 words…chlorine dioxide! It was on! I’ve ordered a kit from Keavy’s labs, and I have only had 3 different doses, all, upped each time, so that I am on 4 drops in 4 ounces of water. I’ve had zero side effects, and havent noticed any major changes,..not yet. I will be upping the dose, but here to get a better idea of how to go about this so that I get full benefit! Not scared to treat Myself, and don’t rely on some stranger to tell me anything! Finally, big pharma is being EXCLUDED!

  • Im not one to believe in many conspiracy theories, or bigfoot, the loch ness monster, etc. But this is one of those very rare and convincing cases. The U.S medical system profits off of people suffering, if we got a cure for cancer, then the medical system wouldn’t be making as much money as using chemotherapy. Chemotherapy doesn’t grant a hundred percent cure, meaning you could do many rounds of it, spending a lot of money per round of chemotherapy. It just makes sense, considering the behavior of the FDA, no cancer equals no profit.

  • The FDA Making a complete fool of themselves and losing trust, after watching this I feel so enlightened and am thankful for the struggle that Dr Burzynski put up. I am a team player but the evidence that sometimes an individual can make a giant leap in bettering human life is in this documentary. Well done Dr Burzynski….. and maybe due to your battles the FDA may broaden their outlook and learn that brute force to get someone to bend to your will is not always the winning way. Humanity and humility can save the day sometimes.

  • Shameful situation really utterly shameful. Classical situation of big companies using state machinery to take out honest competition. The credibility of all US regulators is zero.
    The passing of the Boeing 737max by the FAA. Shameful


  • Please read our law. If you are in America you are a subject as in to a king. ” If you don’t know how to claim your rights…you have none.” Ty for posting this.

  • I really think DrBurzynski he is a great man think you keep working wonderful man God loves you and your my brother from him I love you thank you so much for helping those how have cancer and cancer free your one of Gods angel you are a strong man and Jesus Christ knew you was the man to get the Job done god bless you

  • Cancer charaties are a complete fraud. It’s a waste of money and supports cruelty to animals in laboratories and cruelty to people through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I’d never touch either with a bargepole as most Oncologists would not. However they still recommend these to their patients.

  • at 24:00..Bingo!! its about money!!..My Dad died from cancer in 1970, and since then, I KNEW the cure was out there, but the industry wouldn’t have it. Just reverse engineer the cancer business, and it becomes apparent.


  • I’ve wrote all this information down cause if I get cancer I want to do DrBurzynski because cancer runs in my family this makes me very mad cause some people don’t have money but if one of those men’s family members had it cause it painful to watch your love one dead it the most important thing we as Americans should be happy this man saved all this lifes

  • Companies are not interested in curing cancer, they are interested in treating it, there is more money to be made in treating cancer than curing it.

  • I’m sharing with someone I love that has colon cancer, I hope it helps him make the right decisions and not to put his health in the governments hands.

  • “as the madmen make a play on words and make us all dance to their song. To the tune of starving million’s to make a better kind of gun” iron maiden I guess your all sitting ducks it’s true your reap what you sew”” Megadeth-

  • This make me want to vomit ��.get sick & they boot �� you out of you job without even a thank you.dont come to America you will be sorry☠️.

  • Isn’ the position of corporate medicine, the AMA, that a patient cured is a patient lost. I wouldn’t piss on a so called “cancer” doctor if they were on fire.

  • What on earth is wrong with people?
    This is utterly sickening, and I will never make a contribution to another medical research effort!! I have also lost all confidence in the FDA. It all boils down to money, greed, and politics. And here it goes again with HCQ, another drug that can undoubtedly save lives suppressed.

    There is no interest whatsoever in saving peoples’ lives these days, except in the case of Dr. Burzynski and other dedicated individuals like him. It is also disturbing that there is such hate and such a need to want to destroy highly successful people. Why is that?

    I recommend this book, “Elixir: Cancer Has Been Beaten” by Patrick A. Popoli. It explains why the cure for cancer is unwanted. I’ll push it a little further except most likely, for certain people.

    “Plague of Corruption” by Judy Mikovits is another excellent read.

  • When they can make $200 billion a year in treatments they won’t ever release a cure for this its not good business and business make the world go round. These people who try and hide the cures are sick horrible individuals.

  • UNITED STATES OF CRAZY THE FDA IS JUST A BULLY and nothing has changed to this day and that’s why so many people go to other Countries for treatment of many deases America was start with a LIE and keeps right on lieing

  • 35:00 wow what a gripping story. I have a 1 year old son now, and couldn’t even imagine the stress and difficulty of having to deal with an illness of that magnitude. This world is so far out of touch with what is right and wrong, it makes me extremely sad.

  • Can’t believe that I got cure from genital herpes through herbal medicine from @dr_Jesuobo who I met through the internet, I actually couldn’t believe it at first because it sounded impossible to me knowing how far I have gone just to get rid of it @dr_Jesuobo send me his medicine which I took as instructed and here I am living a happy life once again a big thanks him, contact him on Email [email protected]) or WhatsApp him on +2347064887772,am sure there are many herbal doctor out there but Dr Jesuobo did it for me contact him thanks.

  • Thanh you for your program. Thoroughly enjoyed all the topics that have been presented and all the doctors that gave us insights on healthy living. I have one question. Should nuts be eradicated from my diet as I had my aortic valve replaced 3 years old.

  • Anxiety is an illness that is part of my life, but having Jesus in my heart helps immensely. The Coronavirus didn’t give me anxiety it’s how those without common sense have acted during this very different time in our country.

  • I was diagnosed of herpes virus in 2019 and i tried all possible means to get cured,but all was in vail until I saw a post in a health forum about a herbal medicine to cure all kinds of disease, such as CANCER, HERPES, HIV AND AID’S, HE POTENCY, LOW SPAM COUNT,DIABETES. at first I doubted if it was real but I decided to give it a try, when I contacted him, him said it will ship out true Korea service the herbal medicine got to me in less than two weeks I followed as it was instructed it work like magic if any one here also need his help contact him via mail ([email protected]) or WhatsApp+2348025261016 you can call him as well.

  • The Texas Med Board, NCI, ACS, FDA, NIH all of them dont care about saving lives of pple except perhaps their closest loved ones. Its all about the Money!!!

  • Why does this video have like 100 ads? For something that’s aimed at helping and informing people it seems a bit strange that they are jamming ads in every few minutes. I dont know but it is weird no?

  • This sickens me so much. My dad left a 13 year old son, and a young widowed wife 2 years ago. August 10th 2018 @ 10:45 pm due to to these m***fu***

  • Please come to India
    We will treat you like a king, Mr Sabrinsky
    Like you deserve for finding the CURE for cancer.

    Lots of love❤️,
    From ����

  • There is no need to update the dietary guidelines. Only 40% of the population within developed countries under these guidelines are obese, and only 88% of the US population are metabolically unhealthy. We are looking good.

  • Soy? I used to eat it and drink it all the time but I’m not going to invest in Monsanto who owns more than 95%! I rarely found organic in the store and now I’m just completely off of it anyway. Otherwise good information.