Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves Into Heart Trouble


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Hypochondriacs’ Worrying May Boost Heart Troubles. THURSDAY, Nov. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian. Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian researchers report.

In fact, people dubbed the “worried well” were twice as likely to develop. By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter. THURSDAY, Nov. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian researchers report.. In fact, people dubbed the “worried well” were twice as likely to develop chest pain or have a heart attack compared to those who weren’t anxious about their health, the new study found.

Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves Into Heart Trouble. Anxiety about health can boost the chances for heart disease, study suggests. Please note: This article was published more than one year ago.

The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And “More information” links may no longer work. Hypochondriacs may worry themselves into heart trouble by Steven Reinberg, Healthday Reporter (HealthDay)—Constantly worrying about having a heart.

Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves Into Heart Trouble THURSDAY, Nov. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian researchers report. Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves into Heart Trouble.

Jul 7, 2020 | Health Tips. THURSDAY, Nov. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian researchers report.

In fact, people dubbed the “worried well” were twice as likely to develop chest pain or have a heart attack compared to those who weren’t anxious about their. The ‘worried well’ – those who needlessly agonise about their health – are more than twice as likely to develop severe heart problems later in life (file photo) Scientists believe hypochondriacs. There are of course a few stipulations with this research.

The study’s results do not explain cause and effect, meaning there’s no insight into why being a hypochondriac is associated with a greater chance of developing a serious heart condition. But while chest pain is something to take seriously, you have to put it in context with other heart disease risk factors: a healthy, 30-something woman with no family history compared to a 60-year.

List of related literature:

Hypochondriacs have much more to obsess over.

“The Hypochondriac's Guide to Life. And Death.” by Gene Weingarten, Dave Barry
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Additionally, there is a relationship between atherosclerosis and sleep apnea, depression, and anxiety.

“Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing Practice” by Kiran Macha, John McDonough
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Too often, the symptoms that may alert us to a problem are not obvious, or we do not realize their connection to cardiac health.

“Motivational Interviewing in Nursing Practice: Empowering the Patient” by Michelle Dart
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Patients who are acutely or chronically ill, including a recent myocardial infarction, surgery, a mild viral illness, and even those who are pregnant or have had significant weight loss, will have fluctuating lipoprotein levels and should not be tested until they are stabilized.”

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In the absence of symptoms of overt heart disease, the past medical history should be reviewed for cardiac risk factors; hereditary etiologies should be included in the differential, especially if there is a family history of syncope or early sudden death.

“Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of the Adult Patient” by Allan H. Goroll, Albert G. Mulley
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Other diseases that contribute to heart failure are diabetes, severe anemia, and hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

“Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book” by Susan G. Salvo
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But by the time these symptoms occur, heart disease is usually well advanced.

“The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!” by Linda B. White, Steven Foster
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Instead, hypochondriacs tend to confine their anxieties to more ordinary syndromes, such as heart disease or cancer.

“Functional Neurology for Practitioners of Manual Medicine E-Book” by Randy W. Beck, Frederick Carrick, Matthew D Holmes
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or cardiac disorders, diabetes, and other chronic health problems 2.

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and related to prognosis in chronic HF patients with diabetes but not in those without diabetes.

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  • Me: googled accelerated plaque formation
    My mind: you have those symptoms, don’t you?
    My soul: well, this sucks.

    This is just life ruining. I’ll die because of anxiety and not of an actual sickness.

  • anybody put ur hand on ur chest and try to feel heartbeat and it feels slow and like it’s barely pushing against ur chest but then you get nervous and it speeds up and feels normal

  • I have thissssss… Tomorrow I am scheduled to go to the doctor for blood laboratory. Please share some tips how u overcomed this… Helpppp…

  • I thought I was alone. thanks for the video. I am visiting doctors often and they do E.C.G Echo other tests and always says no issue but blood pressure and heart rate are little bit higher. Even doctors say I have no major heart issue I still experience chest pain, arm pain, numbness and I am fear as hell. I always get panic when I am at a long distance from a hospital. Also I get panic when I am stuck on traffic thinking that if something happen to my heart I would not be able to get to a hospital. Doctors advice me to exercise daily but I am fear to do that too. On days that I do exercise my blood pressure drops and heart rate drops to between 50 60. That drop again make me panic thinking that I am going to have an heart arrest with low heart rate. I am usually don’t search about health related matters on internet because they all says I am gonna die even if I had a little cough. But finding your video is a great relief. Thank you very much for the video

  • Another reason why it is important to show this is the opposite. Having social anxiety and then getting physically ill, the doctors tend to look at my history and say “it’s your anxiety”. However, other than being discharged from my psychiatrist, I have now had physical proof that I am unwell, and yet sometimes they still doubt me. I find it so difficult. It’s like they want you to speak up about mental health but it really does hold you back when you’re in need for physical health care.

  • I have this:( It’s like hell
    When I was like 13 I was convinced I had tetanus when I stepped on a nail in bare feet, then IBS, then when I was 15 it was Morgellon’s disease…
    It kind of went away till this year I guess being reminded of death all the time… (I’m 23 now) my nan passed away on new year’s day, I became really ill after my brother visited, I had HORRIBLE headaches for about a week as well as other flu symptoms and nausea, then they went away but then there was the covid thing, which I wasn’t too worried about but my brother got that and got better.
    But my hypochondria really came back in the last few months, first I had a bit of an eye infection and I thought I was gonna have like maggots crawling out of my eyes or infesting my brain or something, then after that I had this HORRIBLE stomach ache (both these nights I lay shivering in bed and this time I actually thought I was going to have a heart attack) then I had a bad cough and when I breathed in for about five seconds one day I had this thing where it hurt my chest when I breathed in until I breathed in really hard and it somehow stopped. And yep you guessed it I thought I had covid. Of course it turned out to just be a cough but then for about a week afterwards I had chest pains while breathing in. Then that went away. But then I had a headache and I thought “what if I have a brain tumour?” And now I have a toothache and worry about what if I have to go to a dentist? (I haven’t been for over 10 years because I’m too scared, I would literally be shaking violently and freaking out if I had to go to a dentist or doctor)
    I think that is the reason why I worry so much about my health. It’s the thought of not only being sick or injured but being hospitalised or being at the dentist, and being out of your control, having needles (which is another one of my phobia) inserted in you, or having your body cut open, or anything going wrong, or side effects of medications, and first and foremost pain. It’s all to do with pain avoidance. Right now I’m shaking at the thought of going to a dentist and having my teeth pulled out or something or going to hospital and having surgery and having my body cut open D’:

  • I honestly thought it was just me, some days I drive myself insane googling every single symptom or thing that comes into my mind and diagnosing myself…I don’t know what i am so afraid of, I’ve built this fear around the Drs even having my blood pressure taken panics me and sends my bloody pressure and heart rate high af!! To the point I have to calm down to have it taken again…as soon as I’m out the Drs I instantly calm down…All I have to do is see 1 of those machines and I freak out. I know I am in control but some times I feel so helpless and want to burst out crying

  • The 2 people that downvoted this had a heart attack watching this video.

    All jokes aside tho I have this condition due to having a chronic biliary disease and its a nightmare, this video helped a lot thankyou.

  • Its absolutely right and I’m crying as I listen this I can’t live like this anymore, I’m in constant fear, this time it’s my throat, I can’t function

  • OMG this is so me! Thank you for this video. It makes me feel better. I hate this, always looking for reassurance. Thank you for this video.

  • Thank you so much! You have just diagnosed my problem, unlike anyone I ever met! I just kept laughing cause it sounded exactly like me, bless you for this video!!

  • I have this problem. I feel like I am melting and my skin is on fire. Sometimes I hallucinate when it happens. I believe I am about to have a heart attack but nothing is wrong with my heart. I have been told it is all In my head but I know for a fact its not. That’s the worst feeling of all, pretty much being told that you are crazy.

  • For me Jesus was the solution. He completely healed me from Anxiety. I didn’t thought I will have a normal life when I suffered from this disease but Jesus Christ has given me a new beginning and now I’m 100% healed from anxiety. Try Jesus and I guarantee you that you will be healed completely.

  • Damn this lockdown made my hypochondria worse.. sitting at home all day, worrying that i have cancer. every single day its a struggle.Thing that’s worse is that i’m only 14 and i have used the last 2 years worrying about dying of a fatal disease. if anyone could help talk, i would appreciate it.

  • Thank you so much for these videos. I relate to this to a T. I know I drive everyone around me crazy �� but I can’t help it. It’s a horrible way to live.

  • Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoyed the video and
    found it helpful �� if you are new to the channel consider
    subscribing and if you have any questions don’t hesitate and just leave a
    comment below and I will get back to you for sure.

    Check out my Patreon page if you want to support the channel
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  • many people find health anxiety to be so confusing and weird and tbh i understand that it sounds weird and is quite out there but it is a real thing and can be so debilitating. when i was 15 and heading into my last year of school i had my first panic attack because i got served raw chicken and thought that i was going to get food poisoning. from there, it went down hill. i’d have panic attacks all the time about vomiting or diarrhoea as they’re my biggest fears. my panic attacks would make it worse because they cause nausea and in some cases diarrhoea which would make it feel as though i was actually ill. i would constantly seek reassurance, and i would have to go home from school because the panic attacks would leave physical symptoms and i’d be so anxious in case anything happened in school. i would avoid people who were sick with vomiting bugs at all costs. other stress factors can also add to the health anxiety, mine was a lot worse because i absolutely hated school and i seemed to get a lot better when i left. i got help and my counsellor was the most amazing person ever. that was 1 year+ ago. now i’m 17 and i’m doing a lot better. i will always be anxious, and i’ll always be scared of these things but i know how to manage my anxiety.

  • I am Laura from this documentary. I am now around 13 years on from this now…

    At the time mental health was not openly talked of, I felt alone and no one to turn to. Waiting list for CBT / councilling at the time was 4 months and I was in such a deep hole I knew no way out. I joined a chat room called “no panic” and saw an advert for a documentary of which if chose would receive full CBT therapy.

    Of course, not after attention, I just wanted to get better and if it meant treatment ASAP I was desperate and took it.

    It was the best thing I ever did. I had the best support of channel 4, the team at “only
    Human” best therapy off one of the UKs leading therapists. I walked away having learnt to face my fears, challenge myself… and now 13 years on, yeah I still have bouts of anxiety at times. Only had around 2 panic attacks in 13 years I know how to love with anxiety…

    Anyone suffering please do message me.

    I can say this. Accept you have anxiety. Don’t fight it say to yourself “yep here you are again / ride with it. It will pass and yes I realise anxiety causes physical symptoms. Which then creates vicious circle you can’t snap out of,,, ride with it… the anxiety will pass and thoughts will get better…

    I look back now and can’t believe how bad I actually was… I was obsessed. Yes I get thoughts time to time, but fill life with other things, breathe and smell the air outside. Take in nature, take up new hobbies, see friends, listen to music distract!
    I had far too much time on my hands back then being a single mother.

    I’m Here if anyone struggling would like to get in touch. And all those with negativity or so support to people suffering with a mental health issue shame on you.

  • The guy seemed kind of condescending at the 16:45 when she was having a panic attack. Do you think you’re having a panic attack or suffering from a serious illness? Lmao ��

  • so i have a question, i was having a rapid heart beat around December with very little chest pains they listened to my heart and made me wear a hulta monitor for 3 days and said everything was fine, still to this day i worry about it constantly andi feel more pains then i did then in the same spot i have health anxiety its so stressful

  • This video has given me the assurance that I’m a hypochondriac, now I’m on google trying to find out how hypochondriac will kill me.

  • I’m 26 and I have Health Anxiety and I’ve just finished my 30 minute exercise and this video gave me such reassurance and relaxed my body. This was very helpful, Thank you

  • Thank you thank you thank you!!! You have no idea how much I needed this video!! Be started journaling and working on myself. This I needed this advice.

  • I’m so happy my symptoms match the ones in the comments assuring me that the random poking and finding lumps on my body and assuming diseases by checking “Dr Google” is all a waste of time.

  • As a 15 year old I’ve been diagnoised with extreme hypochondria, depression, OCD and anxiety.It’s so bad that i’m afraid to go to sleep since i think i would get heart attack in my dream, so i need to drink pills so i can sleep without knowing it. I self-diagnoise alot, i’ve diagnoised myself with hundreds of different diseases, and i can’t stop checking my puls and counting it. I can’t focus on anything, just on diseases and death. I get anxiety attacks on daily basis and it really sucks, getting pills tomorrow.(sorry for my bad english, english isn’t my native language.)

  • i can relate to this. Mine is the feeling that Im swallowing the food wrong and it directly goes to my lungs. �� Its been botherinh me for months.

  • It is like you are saying each word for me
    As if i have addressed these issues to you already
    I do watch it time n again its helping me to deal with anxieties
    Thanks Dr Tracy.

  • Does anyone else have a whole bunch of symptoms like dierrea, ringing in ears, spasms, a jelly like feeling in the right side and awhile bunch of other symptoms

  • This is super reassuring. Anxiety and anxiety attacks are just horrible. Even though I know it’s probably anxiety, for some reason I need somebody to say it out loud to feel better and this video is definitely helpful, thank you!

  • Thank you for this helpful video. This is my 1st time watching it and you spoke on everything that I’ve done to myself. I was going thru a anxiety attack right before I found this video and needed it. I will be your subsciber and listen to all your advice. I’ve dealing with anxiety for 5 years and just trying to find a way to cope with it and keep myself going. thank you once again and please keep updating your videos.

  • I have heart anxiety everyday. Everyday I think is my last day. I have a panic attack everyday and think I’m gonna die. I live in fear of death every single day. It’s taken over my life. Can anyone help me? Is there support groups? What do I do? I’m sick of being in fear everyday. I’m suppose to be a man. Someone please help me.

  • Yes yes yes. Been health anxious for 10 years. Sometimes it feels like it’s getting / has got a lot better. I now worry more about my partners health! Anyone else!?!?! I have complete panic attacks at the thought of him being ill and I watch him sleep to make sure he’s breathing. This is not ok. My sister said something to me years ago that made me think. She said I’m not really scared of dying because I’d be dead, I’m scared of not living. I’m scared of missing out. But the paradox of this is HA makes you paralysed in fear and you don’t live properly! Try living your life to the fullest, no one knows what’s coming. We could get hit by a bus but I bet none of us worry about that! It’s so strange. Ask yourself what you’re really scared of, deep down it’s not the illness or even dying, it’s missing out, not fulfilling your potential, missing your family, your family being heartbroken, leaving loved ones behind in pain. All we can do to control this is live our best lives today, tell people you love them and live every day like it’s your last.

  • Unfortunately I’m having that because I used to Google everthing and the more i Google the more i get anxiety about cancer
    It’s really hell and sometimes it cause me some panic attacks
    I wish if i can just go over it

  • I’m a hypichondriac. It started few years ago when my granny was diagnosed with cancer, since then I thought I have it too, at first I was going to the doctors NON-STOP. I was always told I’m fine and one day the doctor said I may be a bit anemic AND I FREAKED OUT and since that visit I went to the doctors only once. And right now I’m SO SCARED to visit the doctor it’s been 2 years almost bc I think he is gonna diagnose me with cancer that has spread and it’s terrible, my mom also is a hypo…

  • I am 16, and definitely have health anxiety. I just want everyone to know, you are NOT alone. You are not alone if every time you get over a fear, a new one comes along. You are not alone if you always ask if other have gone through what you are going through. You are not alone if you google symptoms. You are not alone if you always check if your symptom is still there. You are not alone if you experience this kind of anxiety in different way. This form of anxiety is overlooked and there aren’t the most recourses to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and remember your feelings are relevant, but are in your head. I promise you, you are healthy.

  • Dr Tracy, first of all i want to thank you for all the help that you give to us. I just have one question, the constant fear of having a serious mental illness like psychosis or schizophrenia can be a kind of hypocondria. Thank you.

  • The one in the wheelchair.. lol her legs are way too fat.. if she couldn’t walk her muscles would waste away and her legs would be skinny. This whole series is laughable.

  • Her blood pressure was higher than normal because of her anxiety and she was freaking out. I can’t imagine having to live like this. It’s a mental health thing. She needs to see a specialist about it.

  • lol omg i do the same thing! my heart is now slowing down finally…………and now i think its too slow and i have a panic attack. so glad its not just me. im working on recovering. believe it or not i didnt ever think about recovering from health anxiety. i didnt realize you can stop having it. so im really glad u have this channel for people like me. i dont know anyone else like me and have no one to talk to

  • Omggg this video is so me I been off work for 2 weeks extreme fatigue dizzy chest pain pressure numbness it’s horrible can’t sleep at night wake up because I can’t breath been in the ER like 6 times have a cardiologist but a monitor on me for 2 weeks everything normal still think there’s something wrong I hate ittt

  • Health anxiety is the worst feeling, it is debilitating and causes so much stress. I just came out of a period of having daily battles with severe anxiety for 5 weeks. Miserable. The worst part is that you know your suspicions are ridiculous but a little part of you believes it and it just keeps going on and on.

  • Hi,
    Since the Covid 19 pandemic has started
    All was okay but recently since June end, I have started having anxiety and since few days its really extreme! I have been suffering. Thanks for this video����❣

  • I’ve been to the doctor and they said my heart is so healthy. I check my pulse all the time still and always freak out. What helped you calm down because as you probably know that feeling isn’t hard to ignore

  • hypochondriac is a good “excuse” disease for doctors to write off a patient they can’t figure out what’s causing his/her ACTUAL physical problems. “it’s just stress dear”

  • I am having this f$ #king fear and i dnt know why and all this happend to me once of twice in a week:_( i cant keep calm at night:_( dnt know when it will end

  • O man i been down this road from the age of 34 to 52 im 70 now & the doctors have never found anything wrong with me at the end of the day i wasted 18 years of my life worrying about nothing visiting 3 different doctors every week for various issues the best piece of advice a doctor gave me was go have have a heart attack & come back tomorrow Well when i went back he asked me why didn’t i have the heart attack & smiled.

  • I took off my glasses midway the video. They’re not prescription glasses. But I feel better wearing them. It started when I had an irritated eye. Got checked up, nothing was seen except an elevated eye pressure. No glaucomatous damage whatsoever and no vision loss. But I became afraid I would see blurring, black spots or any signs of vision problems when not wearing my glasses. I took it off, feeling anxious but I’m trying to fight it off like these people in the video are.

  • This year has been destroyed by my health anxiety! But new year will be Better, remember all suferers… i hope new year will be Good for us ��

  • I have a twin sister who is a counsellor who’s own life and mental health is questionable and get she has a disfuntional impact on our family life?

  • I despise panic attacks; they are a living hell that I wouldn’t wish on anyone!! It really does feel like you’re dying/having a heart attack: sweating, accelerated heart rate/pulse, nausea, etc…truly terrifying, and when you experience them daily/regularly, out of the blue, you are terrified. God bless and help all of those of us who have panic attacks/panic disorder/OCD/other anxiety disorders!!

  • I have been diagnosed with depression, generalized anxiety, and panic disorder. Which I do know that I have but I’ve also wondered why no one else with those felt the way I do and I’ve never had anyone describe how I feel until this video. ��

  • God I feel this in my soul… living like this is absolute torture and everybody makes fun of you and tells you to “just stop” and “don’t get so worked up”

  • It feels like alot of people use “Hypochondria” as a way to dismiss people over anything but is it more pathological than that? Like is there a difference between a Hypochondriac and a “faker”? Sorry thats a really simple way to put it.

  • THIS IS ME. My body is constantly crying “wolf.” I have no idea if it’s anxiety, or a stroke or heart attack, etc…I worry that someday something will ACTUALLY be wrong and i’ll chalk it up to anxiety.

  • So I am a hypochondriac and after freaking myself out I use nicotine to calm myself down and then I worry about all the harm I’m doing to my body and the cycle continues. I switched to vaping but it’s still the same fears. I need help I’m going to call a therapist. I do feel reassured knowing I’m not a lone and relieved to know this is a legitimate problem I have.

  • This is my life, but I actually had ovarian cancer, and I constantly wonder if I could’ve caught it earlier by being more proactive with my observations.

  • Dr. Tracey! I hope you get a chance to read this. This is the best video I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for the reassurances. In fact this video’s been an eye opener regarding the heart burns and twitching. Thank you so much for your guidance. Appreciate it

  • It’s a very bad mental disease. I reached a stage where everything was making me feels sick. My fear was cataract I was so obsessed with the topic to the point where it made my life unbearable I was constantly looking at my eyes, imagining that I see reflections, white sports, patches everything similar to eye disease. Cataract became the focal point of my existence, I was crying constantly because of the fear that I may have it, I was so afraid of it to a point where I didn’t even wanted to visit an eye doctor. It was constantly chasing me, the idea of having it, was inter-fering with my life constantly I was so distracted by this desease to the point where I couldn’t function normally.

  • Its true doc, ive already experienced what u have said, all. That’s why i came up in ur video because i search it, because of what i feel the doctor tell its anxiety��������help

  • I live with this and it’s the worst thing ever. Family think I’m crazy but what if I’m right? I’m scared they’re just ignoring me and I might actually have the sickness and it’ll be too late. I need to know I’m ok but I don’t know how… I’m exactly like the girl who thinks she has cancer. I am terrified. I feel uncomfortable all the time and hyperaware. What if the doctor is passing it off?

  • I have anxiey too. My bf hugs me and i cant breathr n panic. I hate being touched. I panic alot always. Especially going grocery shopping i panic.

  • Has anyone ever felt like their heartbeat was too slow or felt weak. I used to be able to feel my pulse in my neck and now I can barely feel it, I felt like it was too slow but every time I call an ambulance they say I’m fine. Even the doctors have got mad at me as well as nurses..

  • I don’t know how therapy would work for this because what if they ever, god for it, have REAL symptoms? Then they rationalize like, oh I’m ok. Then they die?

  • I do relate very much and I think it’s because I lost my mother at 15 so I’m certain I will get sick and die young like her.
    I’m sure there is a definite connection between losing someone trauma in your life.

  • Dude, panic attacks are the worst, especially when they happen out of nowhere, like when you’re not worrying about anything, and all of these physical symptoms happen. Like, you really can’t tell if it’s a heart attack or stroke, because they have similar symptoms. One time I was just happily reading a book to one of my students, and the words on the page started jumping around, my arms and legs got really heavy and numb, my heart was pounding in my chest, and I couldn’t breathe. I really thought I was dying. They took my pulse and my blood pressure and both were sky-high. I went to the Emergency Room and found out I had just had a panic attack. I have had about 7 serious panic attacks since, and they all happen from a build up of stress, but not when I’m stressing at the time. What I’m scared about happening is that I will have a panic attack one day, think it’s a panic attack, but it will really be something serious, because like I said, they have the same symptoms. Now I’m in this cycle where I’m panicked about panicking, especially at work, because it has usually happened at work. Panic attacks are the worst.

  • At this point I have brain cancer genital cancer bladder cancer blood cancer diabetes heart disease asthma epilepsy skin cancer gonna go blind heart attack gonna need amputation I SHOULD BE DEAD

  • I’m having horrible anxiety right now. I have a lot of twitching and pain and all that comes up is ALS. I’m losing my mind I can’t concentrate on anything. I don’t know what to do the emg isn’t until October I can eat or sleep. I know I sound like a baby and I’m sorry I’m just really worried

  • I literally could feel anything and I will search up symptoms. Like Ino I’m fine but my mind tells me different and I start to panic and think the worst and feel like there always has to be a label on what is wrong with me. It’s constant and happens all the time but when I’m around friends or family and do something to take my mind off it it can go but then I’m alone in my own head and it’s back.

  • If you are worried about your heart health, get an echocardiogram and stress test. Talk to a cardiologist. It will be more accurate than an ECG and a blood test.
    Exercise, eat healthy, sleep 8 hours daily. Be positive.

  • I grew up with a mother who has this, on top of other things like severe OCD. She had needless operations, went doctor and hospital hopping. It was horrendous. She’s over 80 now…

  • This is mildly me. I always think Im Gonna have a heart attack or be diagnosed with diabetes or cancer. And every time I get blood work done, I’m good smh

  • I have high cholesterol, uric acid and sgpt. I’m obese 5’8 100kg. He gave me medication and asked me to exercise everyday and to avoid alot of things. I’m one week on and i saw some improvements with me. I’m young and with my will i can go through it. But with google search and reddit kept me on searching for even over 4 hours and triggers my anxiety�� and now everything that she said i did everything

  • These videos have been so reassuring because I can relate to every word. Comforting also because it makes you feel like your not alone. Thank you ��

  • I was a minor hypocandriac after medical negligence almost left me dead they thought it was just a cold turned out it was cancer I still get a little anxious that medical staff will miss something..

  • This video was extremely helpful, I didn’t know how badly I needed to watch this until I did. I’ve struggled with anxiety for the past few months and the physical symptom of my heart pounding and feeling it in my arms and thinking it’s a heart attack is hard to push away. I did an EKG with my doctor and did chest and she said everything was perfectly fine 2 months ago and that stress and anxiety levels need to be controlled. Two months later and I am starting to think that something new popped up but I know it is just my anxiety. Thank you so Dr. Tracey Marks. Thank you so much.

  • I have racked up so many medical bills from anxiety attacks that feel like I’m having a stroke or chest pains. I already have high blood pressure so as soon as my head hurts or I feel weak I automatically assume I’m about to suffer something serious. I just feel like a fool when the docs tell me that I’m fine, because i feel I’m wasting their time. So I decided I’ll probably die at home because I’ll assume it’s only anxiety.

  • I recover from the Corona virus and it caused my axiety to hit the roof. I’ve been back to the doctor 4 or 5 times. He told me last time I was there I was extremely healthy and my lungs and heart is fine. I always feel better leaving the office but a couple of hours later I have shortness of breath and my heart start to beat fast. Then it goes away. Thank you Dr. Tracy, I feel so much better.

  • Yo, I’m going through this right now. Thanks for putting out this video, really feels good to not be alone. Did you get on an SSRI?

  • I kinda suffer from this sometimes with my breathing but it’s caused by playing my instrument and I kinda got used to breathing through my mouth and I focus on breathing through my nose and I just panic but I forget about it

  • Now i wonder if I suffer from mild health anxiety. Sometimes I can feel my heart flutter and my heart rate can get up in the low hundreds when laying/sitting. I have been diagnosed with social anxiety and panic disorder so I know its most likely that but it still scares me.

  • I had a panic attack on a plane, the flight attendants just put me in a seat facing everyone. Great work!!!! Made me feel 20 times worse

  • I Google my symptoms for hours,even at night. I can’t sleep,basically everything you said. I get very depressed. I don’t know what happened in my life to make me this way. I have extremely serious health anxiety

  • I poked my finger like 3 weeks ago there is still a small kinda hole there…its not healing so now im worried WHY??..i feel stressed about it..i feel stupid i feel so Stressed about it like maybe it will get infected…ugh..��

  • Hi, new to the channel. Anxiety and depression sufferer for 35 years.. Bp high for awhile200/114 before I had a bad heart attack on June 15th and almost died..the hardest part is my anxiety cuz I still feel terrible with chest pains..go to heart doctor tomorrow…good video����good luck to you all. This is a terrible way to live for me

  • What a dickhead. Genuinely sick people are waiting to see already overworked doctors and this self centred prick checks herself in knowing very well she’s a hypochondriac.

  • These doctor’s really have the patience of a monk. I get that anxiety is real but jesus I feel sorry for everybody having to take care of theese troubled people

  • I suffere eye pain redness tired.

    Since then eye get anxious when my eyes are burning. I am gettin great sleep these days i have too

  • Same thing I’m feeling now I’m not able to write my exams properly ����������…..im crying everyday…… I’m not able to eat food…. I’m not studying…im making my parents to wry. My parents are crying everyday seeing me like this… I’m worried plzzz help me brooo

  • This sound like me I have atrial fibrillation but I only go through this when I do things I enjoy doing like going to the gym or going to amusement parks and so on. I could be fine but I’m the back of my mind I’m hoping not to get a anxiety attack it’s almost like I manifest it. I’m currently getting treatment and hoping to reverse this cause I can’t take living like this I’m even going to check out a behavioral therapist.

  • And I have sickle cell an we be in real pain and they treat us like we be faking but I look at this and they would believe her more than me and she putting on

  • Omg this is so me I think I made a video of this on my channel…. I always thought something was wrong with me my mom use to take me to the hospital every week because in my head something was wrong

  • No one undstnd me.they used to say am coward.they give me all types if names as am a Health Anxiety Sufferer.they dnt understand me.sometimes their words just HURT me so very much..It HURTSSSSS..��

  • Whenever i feel something in me im always worried if there is something wrong it all started because of this pandemic i thought i have the virus but my result and doctor told that I’m okay and then another symptoms visited my doctor once again and then he said I’m fine until i googled all my symptoms and my health anxiety gets worse.

    For example i ate spicy food and then stomach pain even though i know its acid reflux because i was experiencing this before but now that i have health anxiety my mind always think that i have severe disease specially when I’m relaxing or whenever im going to sleep.

    If you are experiencing this too I’m so sorry. I know we can overcome this.

  • Remember friends! You are not a qualified doctor. You do not have the experience or expertise to diagnose yourself with something that you only read or hear about. You are also…not alone. Reading the comments to this thread is reassuring that I am not alone with this. If you read this comment; you are not alone either.
    Google is a modern blessing but it is an absolutely terrifying platform for us health anxious folk. Literally any symptom of anxiety could mean impending doom. Literally an aching muscle could mean a central nervous condition. But it could be hundreds of different things. Literally.
    Your mind will physically manifest it’s fear and you will feel the symptoms of diseases. I know, I’ve been there and continue to be there. It’s horrible at times. It comes and goes. But it’s ok.
    Health anxiety can and does most certainly produce the physical symptoms and sensations of illnesses or diseases that you fear. But it does not mean you are actually ill. It can go well beyond the most documented sensations of anxiety such as sharp shooting pains and stomach aches. Our minds are very powerful things.

    I try to remind myself of this process that occurs every time I start to stress;
    1)I hear/read or see about a disease….
    2)I begin to think about it
    3) I begin to obsess over it
    4) it’s constantly on my mind
    5) I begin to feel the symptoms physically
    6) I then begin to worry that the symptoms are real
    7)the symptoms continue
    8) I ask for reassurance
    9) the cycle repeats

    Health anxiety is a scary thing because it can generate an attitude of ‘without our ‘health’ we can’t live a ‘normal’ life.’
    So I think it really takes a hold strongly inside of us. That’s why it’s hard to fight. But I think a big part of living with health anxiety is to accept it. Accept that you are suffering. Learn to accept that you can feel symptoms. But also to remind yourself that it’s ok.

    We don’t have to be consciously aware of our fears for them to physically manifest themselves in the form of sensations.
    It’s a vicious cycle of constant fear and panic however YOU are not alone.
    Don’t be afraid to talk about it. It’s important to talk. It really doesn’t make you any less of a person.
    I highly recommend CBT therapy!
    Be kind to yourself and tell yourself that you ‘can cope’ because you can.
    Peace and love to you anxious folk! I wish each and everyone of you the best and to remind you that i know exactly how you feel.
    Staying up late, worrying. I’ve been there, I’ll be there again but I know that it’s a combination of trauma, OCD and fear.

  • The thing about hypochondriacs is that they could get the same medical test 100 ways in a row, each time showing that they are healthy, but they will just worry that the test was wrong or was not administered correctly.

  • Why didn’t anyone point out the fructose loaded juice and jams or the carb-loaded breads and pastries? Those things can trigger all sorts of adverse bodily reactions.

  • I have anxiety and I have also suffered 3 pulmonary embolisms and 1 dvt. I have a fear of having another but no psychiatrist will give me anything for it. I don’t sleep well at all because of that constant fear. I also have an autoimmune disorder that caused me to have the problems that I have. But I have to do what I need to help me live a normal life.

  • Currently doing this now and it’s horrible. I get vision issues and feel dizzy and faint! I’ve been doing this now for 2.5 years. My chest feels weird too ugh I want this gone.

  • Did you get on medication? I have a debilitating phobia of medication but I want help. I don’t go out of my house, I freak out over everything. Literally. HELP!!

  • Wow, the description of the mental processes is spot on. I had to laugh out loud (and at myself) at “you google it for the 100th time then find someone on Reddit who reports their uncle complained of…” So accurate, and such a destructive cycle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and energy to do this video.

  • I m from India. I have this shit.
    No one here understands. I feel tingling and burning sensation in leg n arm. I think i hv a deadly disease n i don’t know. I m going maddd guys. Thijs is hell. I spend hours googling symptoms. N then i m more anxious. Lord pls save my life.. ����������

  • I have hypochondriac but this made me laugh how stupid my brain is…..but yeah it’s scary when I get seizures because of that……�� Hope I will be normal one day

  • Since 2014 I’ve been waiting for the ‘big one’! Health anxiety and the heart are the top of the pile for a life of hell and pure misery.

  • Kudos for the Video! Apologies for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried Franaar Over Anxiety Formula (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one of a kind guide for getting rid of anxiety minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my old buddy Taylor at last got great results with it.

  • The fact about not putting her hair up and having it all around her face seems to be she wants protection…if she would attach her hair or even cut it would help her to accept the fact that she needs to think about other people instead of thinking about her all…the. Time…..the fact about being scared all the time is a lack of confidence in herself….anxious…is..based on terrors….so being busy to think about other people helps a lot…

  • Today, pharmaceutical corporations and their world sales efforts have the population running to get vaccinatied. References: Who funds the mainstream media? Follow the money trail. 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avIpEV7p7oo
    and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkYen0g4TRU and here: 2) George Soros funds mainstream news agencies to spew his ‘agendized narratives’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJHREGwSK1o

    3) How Bill Gates monopolizes global health The Corbett Report

    4) Death certificates are being manipulated: Montana physician, Dr.
    Annie Bukacek, discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being
    manipulated. Since her disclosure, she is being harassed and her video
    is being taken down from Facebook. This confirms Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s
    statements that Big Pharma is controlling the entire agenda.

    5) Neuroscientist exposes ineffectiveness of flu vaccines:

    6) The documentary titled: Plandemic ll Indoctornation (Full Movie)
    This documentary exposes Wikipedia, Google, Snopes and various search
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    Who funds the fact-checker sites?

    7) Questioning the Covid numbers and the PCR tests:

    8) Plans for Chaos if Trump wins the election

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    10) Weapons of Mass Emotion: Armed Antifa rioters and “Why Black Lives
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    11) List of studies from 1981 to 2015 on the ineffectiveness of face
    masks to prevent infection:
    Neil Orr’s
    study, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2493952/pdf/annrcse01509-0009.pdf
    published in 1981 in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of
    England. Dr. Orr was a surgeon in the Severalls Surgical Unit in
    Colchester. And for six months, from March through August 1980, the
    surgical staff in that unit decided to see what would happen if they did
    not wear masks during surgeries. They wore no masks for six months, and
    compared the rate of surgical wound infections from March through
    August 1980 with the rate of wound infections from March through August
    of the previous four years. And they discovered, to their amazement,
    that when nobody wore masks during surgeries, the rate of wound
    infections was less than half what it was when everyone wore masks.
    Conclusion: “It would appear that minimum contamination can best be
    achieved by not wearing a mask at all” and that wearing a mask during
    surgery “is a standard procedure that could be abandoned.”

    Masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease and, if anything,
    are unsanitary objects that themselves spread bacteria and viruses.
    Masks get touched regularly, sneezed in, coughed in, and hold moisture
    thus creating unnecessary contamination.

    In Tunevall’s 1991 study,
    https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF01658736 a general surgical
    team wore no masks in half of their surgeries for two years. After 1,537
    operations performed with masks, the wound infection rate was 4.7%,
    while after 1,551 operations performed without masks, the wound
    infection rate was only 3.5%.

    A review by Skinner and Sutton in 2001
    concluded that “The evidence for discontinuing the use of surgical face
    masks would appear to be stronger than the evidence available to support
    their continued use.”

    Lahme et al., in 2001, https://europepmc.org/article/med/11760479 wrote
    that “surgical face masks worn by patients during regional anaesthesia,
    did not reduce the concentration of airborne bacteria over the operation
    field in our study.”

    Figueiredo et al., in 2001,
    http://www.advancesinpd.com/adv01/21Figueiredo.htm reported that in five
    years of doing peritoneal dialysis without masks, rates of peritonitis
    in their unit were no different.

    12) Recommended reading: “A People’s History of the United States”
    Howard Zinn
    and “1984” by George Orwell

  • I cried watching the struggle they were all going through when being pushed to face their fear and not have any reassurance I would be so scared. It could be helpful to some but for some people I feel like his coldness may negatively impact some

  • The thing with me is I’ll feel something anything out of place on my body and think the absolute worse and it will not go away until it is checked out in full and then sometimes even after that I question if the doctors overlooked something it sucks so bad when you have this but I’m happy I’ve gotten better and it wasn’t even with medication

  • To be fair a panic attack kinda does feel like you’re dying, but for the most part people can distinguish that they aren’t, it just feels similar. OCD on the other hand, you can feel like you’re gunna die for the most irrational reasons.

  • I know an hypochondriac and they go round telling everyone the same thing. Gets very annoying. They should just get more hypochondriac friends so they can all moan to each other because there is no curing them

  • Read book by Christine ingram it’s, about panic attack and anxiety how to stop it and how to change your thinking. This book cure me, I never had an attack 12 years, ago now.

  • Wrong! The Anxiety does the role of heart disease and pretend Heart Attacks But it will not lead to Heart disease so if people has anxiety why they survive about 30 years being healthy, and you mean Anxiety is more damaging to the person who has existing Heart disease.

  • I feel like God has heard my prayers and answered my fears by stumbling upon your videos.I have such anxieties about my heart and death after caring for my dad and watching him pass away.This really helped me understand and seek the answer i needed to seek help..Thank you!

  • I fear my sibling has a tendency to hypochondriac actions; I am no psychiatrist so of course I can’t say for sure but her behavior is clearly similar to what I am seeing here, my main issue is how to deal with it without making her feel weird or sick, I have anxiety and depression so I know that it is not a nice feeling.

  • Almost every word she said I could relate! Iv been dealing with this while running my own business and its quite tough. It got to a point I couldn’t think of anything else due to the axiety. Hope others here are doing better and Thank you Dr Tracey for your video. It helps put my mind at ease.

  • Hypochondria made me so scared of an illness it made me selfharm during a panic attack but then I always got terrified of a blood infection and then another panic attack came… It’s a horrible cycle…

  • Medications and the withdrawal off them give many symptoms that make hypochondria and anxiety even worse and no one believes us and just thinks it in our head. Unending cycle of hell ��hope I can heal someday

  • I used to have health anxiety disorder but weed has saved my from over reacting to small things. But I have been diagnosed with things that run in my family I knew I had and I have, my health anxiety made me think I had cancer and I don’t i may have fibromyalgia which runs in my mums side of the family and she has it and so does her mum and many drs say I can be fibromyalgia but I also have a slipped disk which isnt so major but does get in my way of daily which I love doing. So gonna see a chiropractor for that.
    And ever since I was 11 I had a lump feeling in my throat after exercise and that’s exercise induced asthma, and not only till I was 18 I was finally diagnosed with it because of a dr I used to have didnt believe me, got a new one straight away they referral me for a respiratory function test and they said my left lung was weaker than my right as I explained when I cough one side feels like it doesnt react as much as the other, now I’ve had the steroid inhaler that’s improved and is easier to cough up horrible phlegm when I’ll.

  • I would like to know if ANY of these people ever actually had relatives, or like me have a Husband actually DIE, from cancer! I know its a mental disorder… but I feel that many were given into by family and friends.

  • mine started off last year when I was sick. I had the flu and of course I had a fever and so when I got into a hot shower I passed out. ever since then I can’t take hot showers because of the fear of passing out. it’s gotten worse though. whenever my eyes feel weird I feel like somethings bad going to happen. I always check to see if my pupils are dilated for some reason. also whenever my hand, leg, or face gets numb I automatically think that I’m gonna have a stroke or heart attack. i’m always constantly moving around for the fear of having to hear my heart beat are my eyes blink. when I went to the doctor for this I insisted on getting a blood test. when it came back they said I just had to take an iron pill. A while after i got on an iron pill, I started to think that I needed to take other supplements so I could be healthier. it just made my health anxiety worse. I currently have a therapist but they don’t think anything is wrong with me. I don’t know what to do and i’m only 13.

  • it sucks, i drink alkhol to temp it everyday, it works but sooner or later the alkol will start to damage. im 26 started when i was 15

  • Anyone else just not able to comfortably listen to your heart beat? I have to sleep with music/ TV in the background so I can’t hear it while laying on my side.

  • The scumbags laughing at these people should go straight to hell.
    You don’t know what it’s like, so you don’t get to have an opinion.

  • If you are suffering from a mental illness, it is always a good step to find a Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program, and in some cases a dialectic behavioural therapy (DBT) program. It can be so hard for the mentally ill to make real progress in recovering since many doctors aren’t even aware of the resources out there.

  • 22:45 touching a public toilet bowl with bare hands, then touching ones mouth and not washing ones hands for an hour. thats some very tough stuff Kevin is doing/asked to do. I think I couldnt do that myself without thoroughly washing my hands and face right after it.

  • I went to the hospital once during a terrible panic attack that made me think I was going to die of a heart attack. I was referred to a psychiatrist who gave me meds and has me going to a therapist every week to work on my unresolved issues. It’s been 10 months and the panic attacks have stopped. I still get depressed and anxious but nowhere near how it was before. If you’re suffering from anxiety and/or depression please try and get an appointment with a psychiatrist with a referral of course. It will help, it’s not instant and takes a while, but you will get better after they figure out what meds work best and just talk therapy is great.

  • I was having chest pain 2 months ago and my husband and I decided to go for a long run/walk and We got home but i felt like i was going to faint so ended up in the ER and they did blood work so turns out my troponin level was high so i started getting tachycardia because i freaked out so they kept me 4 days did a stress test came back fine but ever since i’m so worried i might have something wrong with my heart �� they said it could’ve been elevated due to stress and anxiety!

  • i’m 19 and i’ve been living with health anxiety for about 5 years now. and it’s gotten to a point where i’m too exhausted to even see a doctor and so i end up just thinking about these symptoms on my own. and most of them are seriously legitimate. for example just now i discovered a small bony lump on one side of my head which is sensitive to touch. and in fact the sensation i get when i touch it is the same as the mild headache-like sensation i’ve been getting all week at work. but at this point i don’t even know what to suspect and i’m just too worn out to go see yet another doctor and worry about something else like wasting my day away. perhaps the most frustrating part is that nobody seems to believe the reality of your symptoms, or any of you other sources of stress for that matter, which creates new stresses like a feeling of isolation. i’ve had an ultrasound earlier this year that told me i actually have abnormally enlarged lymph nodes (the report was marked as ‘probably useful information’, and i’ve been feeling those enlarged lumps for at least the past year now, although the doctor said they’re probably not serious since my lymph nodes didn’t further enlarge by the second time i did that ultrasound). isn’t that enough to prove that not everything i document is my own mental creation? but honestly i think the root issue with this health anxiety, at least for me, is really my underlying fear of death. i really hope that through God, as well as through self help content like this, that I’ll finally be able to pull myself out of this mental rabbit hole, and simply live my life out, even if i do really have terminal cancer or some incurable neurological issue. i might as well not have any of these and be crushed by a falling brick tomorrow. life is just this unpredictable.

  • im backwards. i have a low hart rate and it freaks me out. i get this tingly tickling feeling in my chest and i loose breath and get momentarily dizzy kind a feel like im gonna faint. is the worst feeling. my legs want to give out. idk if it is my heart or lungs cause i always feel congested.

  • Geez what a bunch of wasters. Attention seeking idiots. They should be charged for the visits if they’re wasting so much time with the Healthcare. If they had to pay for it… that would soon straighten them out. Sicko.

  • This morning I checked my heartbeat and I hardly felt anything, it scared me, I thought it quit beating, but apparently it didn’t because I was still breathing and I didn’t feel faint. I guess it was just finally calming down and I wasn’t used to that.

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  • Trey how are you? You really helped me back in the day when my health anxiety about my heart was super bad! Now it’s still bad but I can manage it a lot better-the palpitations are the thing I hate the most and the fast heart rate but I’m trying to manage it through cbt counselling and different exercises:) I have that exact thing now, when it’s too slow I’m like what’s going on this is crazy, and when it’s fast I’m the same too AH we can’t win

  • I’m only 12 years old and I just found out I have this, and it’s the worth thing ever I was failing school cause all what I thought everyday was I’m rotting and I was gunna die early. There were nights it get so horrible my Heart rate went up a lot and I vomited A ton. To make things worse COVID-19 had just started so that just made things 10x worse every night I was coming into my parents room at 2:00 AM waking them up telling I couldn’t sleep then I proceeded to vomit until my stomach was empty then I went back to sleep. After about a month of this my parents told they just didn’t have the will power to do this anymore… So I stopped coming into the room and that’s when it got even worse and this time I had No one to help me… and life is horrible

  • My life in a nutshell! Last week it was throat cancer from a small fleshy bump I’ve had in my mouth for literally 10 years. I stopped worrying about that now it’s Breast cancer. My left arm/armpit/ chest tingles like it is covered in peppermint oil which makes me think I have breast cancer. My life has actually become awful to live rn.

  • This is exactly how I feel. Lately it’s been so bad, I’ve had EKGs and other tests done but they say my heart is normal. I was so use to my heart rate being high. And then would panic if it slowed down to normal. I am constantly googling symptoms and it freaks me out more.

  • The other people in this I can empathize with and relate to. But the woman in the wheelchair is frustrating. She should at least accept that it’s a neurological disorder which is preventing her from walking and that physically her legs are capable if she was wired differently between the ears.

  • Does she get free healthcare? It would cost me thousands to see a doctor that often. I’m glad she sought psychiatrist help after spending so much time at the doctors. They don’t really diagnose or assist in mental health.

  • Hypochondriacs are nothing more than selfish people she has a fear of dying wouldn’t it be something if she went to sleep one day and never woke up then her fear of dying is solved.

  • People may find this comical but until you experience Hypochondriasis first hand and realise the sheer mental struggle and fear one has to live with every day of their lives.

    It is truly unbearable and absolutely debilitating to ones life.

  • The problem Trey is that we see young people randomly collapse from a heart stopping even though the where all good a week ago without symptoms. It can happen fast, yes it’s really really rare but people can go in to the floor in a second bro and that’s what scares us. I love your videos, they’re so helpful thanks bro. Currently recovering, started my business again finally but still afraid sometimes

  • My family has a history of somatic symptom disorder, it so deep it’s generational. I never had health anxiety until I got over my suicidal urges. Now I have such a phobia of death because I want to live now that I am hyper vigilant about my health. None of the symptoms of this disorder came up until I started recovering. Now every little thing that happens with my body (that’s different) I automatically think I’m going to die of a disease. Which is a huge fear of mine since disease runs in my family. Such as cancers, stomach issues. My mom also had somatic symptom disorder, to the point where she would go to countless doctor’s appointments.

  • Me on a daily basis. I cried watching this.
    Living with a person who suffers from any type of anxiety is draining and exhausting. I can tell you this because even my own mom lost her shit with me more than once, and my current boyfriend often loses his patience, and I can’t blame either one of them. It’s a pain in the ass living with anxiety yourself, let alone dealing with a hypochondriac relative.

  • When I was 18 I was like this. I would swear up and down something really was wrong. Doctor’s would laugh in my face. At one point my thyroid levels were a bit high. Got referred to a �� Dr. Did a couple tests. Insurance got cut off so I gave up since I was in high school without a job. A year passes I get pregnant. Things were fine until after I gave birth. I would get tachy out of nowhere. Blood pressure would go up. I called the ambulance so many times from these episodes. I did the best I could to get referred back to the �� doctor. I wasn’t taken serious. I was 20. I gave up. By 21 I developed AFib. I almost fucking died on the way to the hospital. When I get there the nurse at the window checked my wrist pulse and claimed I was just having anxiety. Got an EKG and not even 5 min later I got a bed because I was having irregular heartbeat. I was only 2 or 3 weeks shy of my 22nd bday. My surgeon told me women don’t get taken seriously with heart problems. We get classified as emotional. 4 years I swore that I had an issue and never was taken serious. I had major anxiety from being considered a hypochondriac �� I feel for this woman.

  • I highly recommend “freedom from fear” program( google it) for people who suffer from anxiety disorder of any kind. It works. I promise.

  • I have this last week. I search about my symptoms and i feel i’m scared. When i watch about jesus life and his words(except his crucifixion), I feel better and forgot what was i search in Dr. Google. And today I’m still fight it. And I’m not searching any symptoms to Dr. Google anymore.

  • When I was younger, one of my friends friends was diagnosed with brain tumours. This worried me because I’ve always been prone to have headaches since I was small (my mum gets them too, I think it’s genetic) but as soon as I heard this guy had brain cancer, I started worrying that I had it too. Eventually, I got better and stopped worrying so much about it. Recently though, a family friend was diagnosed with brain tumours. my symptoms have returned and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s all too much for me at the moment, I’m hoping that when I get back into a schedule with school, I will get better again

  • I can relate to u so much whenever i cant feel my heart i feel like my heart has stop beating your video is now making me feel good

  • I was having BP issues that turned out to be from my thyroid. Then my BP got low and normal and I was freaking out lol. I can really drive my husband bonkers!

  • i was able to get rid of herpes virus with herbal medication i got from Dr Ayomede, living with herpes virus made me realize that herbal medication are very powerful and is of great use

  • I have had something similar and was wondering if it was anxiety. I suffer from cardio phobia because every time I fall asleep on my back I feel like my heart is slowing down or stopping then I wake up automatically rising straight up gasping for air holding my head while feeling tingling all over and like I am going to pass out and my body falls asleep and itches, while doing this I also feel like I am going to die.

  • Hypochondriasis means you dont have dieses but you think you have a dieses
    Ok i have hypochondriasis
    But i dont have hypochondriasis
    Means i have hypochodriasis that i am scared of hylochondriasis

  • I habe this and 2 other Severe Anxiety disorders.And it js a Horrible horribke thing to have to go through every single day.I learned Yrs.ago to USUALLY be able to ditinguish a pain that my mind is actually physcially making me feel pain and the difference between that or when Im really having an actual NON ANXIETY RELATED ISSUE.AND IF I PANIC AND GET TO WHERE I THINK IT IS SOMETHING SERIOUS,THEN MY HUSBAND ALWAYS REMINDS ME,CHRISTY BABY,ITS JUST YOUR ANXIETY…And I start realizing that and trying to breathe and calm doen amd take My Xanax and Paxil and Keep doing tbe Next Right Thing.Jesus Loves Us All.

  • My hypochondriac had relapsed and my GP had already schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist but meanwhile I’m visiting GP to get referral to see a specialist for symptoms that I experienced.

  • I was sleep deprived cuz of staying up cuz i freaking out at night cuz i thought id die in my sleep. So one night my rate was 55 to 63 cuz i was soo tired and i saw that so i started freaking out about heart failure then i didnt sleep cuz of that. Now i know pulse goes below 60 all the time in your sleep and a 21 shouldn’t die from heart failure. My doc told me that hes 99 percent certain i won’t die from heart related diease any time soon

  • ive just finished my 3month course of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) my therapist was amazing. Health anxiety is real and its a horrible disorder that is often mocked or belittled.

  • I have this. �� today I did a colonoskopi bcuz I thought I had colon cancer. But I had a perfectly healthy colon. But stil dont belive �� HELP. Now I think I have some ovarian cancer or something.��

  • I started getting heart palps a few months ago. They started when I was hiking up a hill. All the sudden my heart would pause then pound and do that over and over until I stopped moving. That was the first attack. Every since, if I do any physical activity, they happen. So I haven’t done anything to put stress on my heart. But lately, the last few days I’ve had a dramatic increase in heart flutters. They’re mini flutters. A small pause and larger pound happens. I’m totally freaking out. I’ve had a heart monitor for two weeks, had a few ekgs done, an xray, and some other stuff. All came back normal. So I’m not sure what’s going on. And I just read a reply from someone and said the heart palps should get better with exercise not worse. But mine get really bad. And they said it was a bad sign. So now I’m really freaking out. What should I do?

  • I feel that. I’ve been to the doctors now 3 times and the most recent time my primary doctor told me I have anxiety and I asked him how does he know and his answer was so blunt that some people would call it harsh. He looked me in the eye and told me that the fact that 3 EKGs and a blood test came back normal every time and that the fact I’m 22 years of age still coming in complaining about heart problems just screams I have anxiety.

  • Maybe it’s an idea to let these people come once a week, and then they can talk about the past week, what they felt and what worries them the most and the symptoms they have and feel. A check up like heart rate and bloodpressure weekly and an urine and bloodtest every three months or something..maybe it gives them a sort of peace.. they can write it down and once a week talk about it with their doctor/specialist..

  • Whenever i play video games like pubg. I get too anxious for a reason that i might get killed, I get racing heart and feel like i will die of heart attack. Is there anyone who can relate their symptoms with mine.

  • How come you got fixated on the heart? Cardiac phobia? I could safely say I had the same things for over 6 years! All the pains, doctor visits, all the Dr Google, all the ER visits and tests! Ever contemplate an angiogram or calcium score?!!!!! But why the heart? Out of all the things in your body? Is it because you can feel it because of the pain and the palpitations during anxiety?
    Thanks for sharing.

  • 14 years of this gonna lose my job can’t get my knee repaired I’m currently up to 2 panic attacks a day. Here in Ireland I’m in suicide counselling nothing stops my brain. NOTHING. I can’t walk more than 100 metres without a panic attack.

  • This is my everyday. I’m constantly at the doctor getting tested to be told I’m just anxious. The hypochondria is pure hell constantly thinking something is wrong with my heart or another part of my body. How did you overcome this?

  • I have the exact same problem, but things are getting better. Everything you described checking pulse and blood pressure many times per day. If a person has something to lose, they tend to have this phobia about dying and leaving things behind their husband or wife, kids, etc.. A person that doesn’t have anything to lose in most cases could care less. When things are going great we want to live and when things are going bad we could care less.

    So, based on my own research of me personally trying to overcome this phobia starts with breaking the habit of the subconscious mind thinking that you are dying every time your heart rate speeds up, slows down, or whatever. Your body is magnificent when it comes to adaptation and it will adapt to good things and bad things. I am now using audio sessions while sleeping to help with reprogramming the subconscious mind.

    I also try to not focus on the negative or the situation. For example, if my heart rate starts to beat fast I just blow it off as being normal. Our bodies have evolved over millions of years and it knows exactly what to do in just about every possible situation. If you freak out and you get a surge of adrenaline, your blood vessels initially constrict, but if your blood pressure starts to climb too high, your body will start to dilate blood vessels so the diastolic BP decreases. Keep telling yourself that your body is a magnificent creation and it’s primary objective is to keep you alive. Let your body do what it does best and believe it! Yes, I’m talking to myself as well when typing this Lol….

  • really helpful you don’t make “hypochondria” sound like a stupid thing… the words “health anxiety” explain much better where hypochondria is coming from, what the thought process is and how to help reroute it. And watching the art helps the philosophy keep our eyes on the prize. thanks!

  • Thanks! I have struggled with this (and so has my family because of putting up with me) for decades. Medicare doesn’t provide a lot of help for the CBT but Amazon has some GREAT self study workbooks with all of the steps, explanations and many exercises. I was even able to buy mine used, like new, not written in. Your face, expertise and experience are a huge reassurance and motiator to use the method though.

  • same thing happening to me right now,checking my pulse most of the time i even bought a stethoscope to listen to my heartbeat, i have my 2d echo done and ecg,results came out normal it help a little to overcome my anxiety, but still getting anxious most of the time, i also avoid googling about symptoms coz if im reading or thinking about it i began to feeling heart related symptoms

  • So glad I watched your video before scheduling my 4th visit to the hospital.
    Problem is, I am a med student and tend to blow minor symptoms out of proportion in my head.

  • I have health anxiety it’s horrible it’s my heart I worry about I am convinced every day I’m going to have a heart attack I lost my mum she was 52 to a heart attack and now every day is a misery I even cause my own heart to skip beats it’s a viscous circle

  • Thinking you’re dying is the first (and worst) symptom of a panic attack especially for those who are just starting to experience them (you’ll learn to tell yourself that it’s just an irrational fear over time) and is in NO way being a hypochondriac (or Munchaüsen AKA factitious disorder)…

  • This video reallly eases my mind away from observing all the physical things I would feel and connecting it to a specific ailment. Everything just started when we had this Pandemic and my mind can stop thinking especially I when I read the news etc. Then I started to rely on docror Google and things connected me to more and more worries of health issues. I will and will make sure to listen to this video to strengthen my mind.

  • I’m a hypochondriac too I have anxiety so it fits me one day my stomach hurts another time is a headache I thought I had a uti one time another time I feel dizzy so I am one people are like I am too it’s worst for me

  • Oh man! When you talked about the faint heartbeat and finding that freaky!! because like me your used to a stronger faster pulse so when’s its faint I start to think that its weak and possibly heart failure! Crazy!!but I must say you gave me a good laugh! I can totally relate to what you say as in “this is it” my hearts finally given in I’m so paranoid that the stress and anxiety is going to actually cause a heart attack, I need to chill out!! ��

  • Hey there. You exactly described my condition. when i am ready to sleep, out of the blue my heart feels skipping its beats, fluttering sensation n i often feel that my heart has skipped and find myself suffocating and it makes me jump out of the bed gasping for breathing. i am diagnosed with GAD. Does anyone has similar symptoms like mine???

  • In all seriousness, these people can be laughed off, as I’ve done with some friends in the past.
    But for them it must be a real burden. 25% of gp’s appointments taken up by worriers.
    No wonder it’s difficult to get an appointment.

    Paralysed lady seems like she’s a general pain in the arse and just plain annoying all the time., I’m sure if they set fire to the house, she would be up and about ��

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  • I too suffered from panic attacks when I was diagnosed with tachycardia. Luckily, it wasn’t so severe and I usually calmed down by playing video games and/or chatting with family members. Trust in the Lord.

  • I am new to the anxiety/panic attack scene and I’m in the hospital right now due to stress and anxiety and I feel like complete oof. I’m suffering from insomnia as well. I can’t focus or sleep. Literally cried because I was thinking of all the bad things like having COVID or severe heart problems. Every time I breath It feels like I’ve ran 2 miles and stopped only to hold my breath. I’d never wish anything like this on anyone. It SUCKS.

  • I was told I was bcoz I had symptoms every day but then i was diagnosed with Lupus and fibromyalgia so in the end it wasn’t in my head it was true I down play my severe pain symptoms ��

  • Crazy how everything you’re describing is exactly what I feel. I had minor breathing issues the other day, went to the ER again. My BP is always high at ER or when I see my dr, I did an ekg and the nurse after I was done asked me if I’ve seen a cardiologist or a dr, I said yes my dr he asked if I have ever heard of AFib Ofcourse I have I’ve seen it many times on google when I search my symptoms, long story short, when I saw the actual dr at the Er he said my ekg was actually normal they did chest X-ray which was great they checked my troponin levels also great and my entire CBC was normal, guess what after all that I still feel like they are wrong my BP is high at times, my heart rate goes up and I feel like I actually have cognitive heart failure! No matter what the dr says. No one understands that even with trying to move past this it’s not easy, it’s stuck on my head!

  • My hands always shake and keep on checking every minute if my hands shake, searched it on google, says it pd and et. Maybe this is just all because of anxiety. So i recommend to do not search your symptoms

  • Thank you for this video! It was very reassuring. When I feel anxiety, it presents itself in a lot of different physical symptoms, and I’m starting to feel new symptoms I haven’t felt before (and not experiencing ones that I used to when I first was diagnosed with GAD). One symptom that remains consistent is a loss of appetite / nausea. Does anyone have any recommendations for dealing with nausea due to anxiety? I do feel hungry but as if eating will cause me to throw up. Thanks in advance!

  • This is exactly what I’ve been going through everyday. It’s always my heart that I freak out about, I’ve had EKGs and blood tests. The results are always fine. I just want to feel normal again

  • Im having weirr feeling right now. When i try to stretch, it feels like my heart is stretching or moving (craaaaazy) lol i can’t with this. God has been on my side thou, ive been getting better

  • Hey thank you for your inspiring videos that you have shared with the public. I have a bad case of health anxiety also and always think I have something wrong with my heart. I have gotten blood test, ekg done and nothing is wrong. Is there a way to relieve or get rid of the health anxiety?

  • Has anyone experienced feeling like their heart stops beating for like 3 seconds while falling asleep? Then u wake up immediately gasping for air?

  • I m from India. And I m hving severe health anxiety. I just cry sometimes man. I hv gone mad. People here r so bad they think I m a fool n mad. This is hell.
    If anyone is from india pls we can chat.

  • Thanks for the video. Having a bad attack now I’m mostly heart attack anxiety…. it’s insane what the mind can tell you. SOB, jittery, fullness etc even though I have seen a cardiologist and I have few pvc and RBBB which doctor has too. It’s tough getting thru one. Plus I had gastric bypass and the pouch or stomach is middle bra line area and it’s probably something I ate etc but your mind says nope it’s your heart. I check my HR via iPhone lol not sure it’s accurate it’s like 65. I can relate so much thank you for helping calm me. I take buspar and Xanax and I was taking CBD oil ( need to order more) I try meditating but can’t stay calm… thanks for the support

  • This video was life changing. I can relate to everything she was saying! The best part is reading all the comments. Feels like such relief knowing I’m not the only one constantly feeling uptight and paranoid! Our brains are too powerful and the moment we get into a negative state, it just takes over like a wild fire. I’ve personally been suffering from this for many years. Drinking alcohol and binge eating take it away temporarily. Definitely an unhealthy life to live and contradicting myself of living a healthy life. I feel like we should make a group via WhatsApp or Facebook to help one another through daily struggles…

  • Now i reached this level when my heart is slow and having weird feelings in my chest. Im fighting with my self to do not visit doctors. Bcux i have visited maybe all the hospitals in this country.

  • Hey bro I notice a lot of similarities between me and you especially with the way your health anxiety started and how it was affecting you day in and day out. Super reassuring too watch your videos keep up the good work I look forward to watching more because your a huge positive influence!

  • so the hiv dude is really psycho n should me on meds but the rest are constantly smiling and faking. Hypochondriacs are SELF ABSORBED maniacs that should be put in the ard situation on the edge to survive to realise after that nothing happens. Belive me iv been there.

  • I was In a bad rollover accident where I rolled my truck 4 times a few months back ever since then I’ve been plagued by health anxiety constantly thinking that Something was wrong internally even though I’ve had several xrays and mris. Or attributing back pain and shoulder pain to chest pain etc. It really is a vicious cycle and I sympathize for everyone in the comments going through the same. This was really reassuring for me though even though I can reason it out all logic is out the window during an anxiety episode so it helps a lot hearing it from someone else going through the same situation.

  • People tell me it’s in my head and I should try not to think about it. Well that’s like saying oh you got hurt? Yeah just stop feeling and it’ll be gone.
    I CAN’T control it and that is why I am living this way. No one chooses this life.

  • I’ve had general anxiety + health anxiety for three plus years I have hlhs hypo-plastic left heart syndromes day these videos you that I found today man am I happy I’ve done everything even medicine and nothing seemed to help

  • Hey trey!!!! I have really bad heart anxiety too. I saw your other videos where you said you would walk to walmart and check your blood pressure. Well i have a bp machine at home and i check it 4 to 5 times a day. Its so tiring. I can feel my back hurt i get dizzy and check my bp and yup its high. Doesnt help. Please tell me how you beat this heart anxiety! Did you ever take meds? I work out, i dont smoke, i meditate, but i still have negative thoughts

  • I get worried about my heart whenever I feel any bit of chest pain. I will end up getting it checked and then as soon as I feel okay my anxiety picks another body part/organ to worry about. Its like dude can you stop worrying one after another

  • Absolute idiots!!!!! So wrong having this bloody video online!!! You are genuinely going to scare people to death!!! Listening to someone voice has never made me want to punch someone in the face so badly!!!!!!!

  • I think i found the video.. i am same as u when my heart rate is 80/120 i feel bad because i think the heart is going to stop and i feel very sad, fear, tired very tired and dizzy and nausease since 6/7 years same happand to me when my heart rate is 130/90 i feel better wtf can’t even explain my heart learn to work on 90 Pulse because of my anxiety / fear / stress of 6 years i can’t even explain to my doc.. i have same symptoms tingelind, i cant catch my breath ( atm now ), i have pain in jaw, struggle to talk very hard, pain in my center, pain in my left, arm pain, heart working slowly sometimes even if i am not stressed or anxied that moment i don’t know where to go anymore i have been checked 2002 times i even sometimes i have 60/70 palpination a day and they gone for months and back again nausease, sleep insomnia not sleeping much 5/6 hour not more and some other things which i can’t explain cuz nobody can trust me how i’m feeling since i make 18 years old.. till this day 24 even i check my pulse and blood pressure they are 117/85 still i feel fear why the hell my blood is low my body learned to be high because of my anxiety 24/7/365 why why when it goes 110 i feel bad and tired same low same high can’t even explain i check my blood pressure at least 40 times a day very bad because focusing on my puls and i google it why my blood pressure droped suddenly yeah very bad cuz focusing even when i walk i cant breath because of my fucking pulse 110/120 why walking normal ii am not going out because i feel i will die from this…