Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves Into Heart Trouble


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Hypochondriacs’ Worrying May Boost Heart Troubles. THURSDAY, Nov. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian. Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian researchers report.

In fact, people dubbed the “worried well” were twice as likely to develop. By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter. THURSDAY, Nov. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian researchers report.. In fact, people dubbed the “worried well” were twice as likely to develop chest pain or have a heart attack compared to those who weren’t anxious about their health, the new study found.

Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves Into Heart Trouble. Anxiety about health can boost the chances for heart disease, study suggests. Please note: This article was published more than one year ago.

The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And “More information” links may no longer work. Hypochondriacs may worry themselves into heart trouble by Steven Reinberg, Healthday Reporter (HealthDay)—Constantly worrying about having a heart.

Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves Into Heart Trouble THURSDAY, Nov. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian researchers report. Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves into Heart Trouble.

Jul 7, 2020 | Health Tips. THURSDAY, Nov. 3, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Constantly worrying about having a heart attack may make it more likely you’ll have one, Norwegian researchers report.

In fact, people dubbed the “worried well” were twice as likely to develop chest pain or have a heart attack compared to those who weren’t anxious about their. The ‘worried well’ – those who needlessly agonise about their health – are more than twice as likely to develop severe heart problems later in life (file photo) Scientists believe hypochondriacs. There are of course a few stipulations with this research.

The study’s results do not explain cause and effect, meaning there’s no insight into why being a hypochondriac is associated with a greater chance of developing a serious heart condition. But while chest pain is something to take seriously, you have to put it in context with other heart disease risk factors: a healthy, 30-something woman with no family history compared to a 60-year.

List of related literature:

Hypochondriacs have much more to obsess over.

“The Hypochondriac's Guide to Life. And Death.” by Gene Weingarten, Dave Barry
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Additionally, there is a relationship between atherosclerosis and sleep apnea, depression, and anxiety.

“Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing Practice” by Kiran Macha, John McDonough
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Too often, the symptoms that may alert us to a problem are not obvious, or we do not realize their connection to cardiac health.

“Motivational Interviewing in Nursing Practice: Empowering the Patient” by Michelle Dart
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Patients who are acutely or chronically ill, including a recent myocardial infarction, surgery, a mild viral illness, and even those who are pregnant or have had significant weight loss, will have fluctuating lipoprotein levels and should not be tested until they are stabilized.”

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In the absence of symptoms of overt heart disease, the past medical history should be reviewed for cardiac risk factors; hereditary etiologies should be included in the differential, especially if there is a family history of syncope or early sudden death.

“Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of the Adult Patient” by Allan H. Goroll, Albert G. Mulley
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Other diseases that contribute to heart failure are diabetes, severe anemia, and hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

“Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book” by Susan G. Salvo
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But by the time these symptoms occur, heart disease is usually well advanced.

“The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines!” by Linda B. White, Steven Foster
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Instead, hypochondriacs tend to confine their anxieties to more ordinary syndromes, such as heart disease or cancer.

“Functional Neurology for Practitioners of Manual Medicine E-Book” by Randy W. Beck, Frederick Carrick, Matthew D Holmes
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or cardiac disorders, diabetes, and other chronic health problems 2.

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and related to prognosis in chronic HF patients with diabetes but not in those without diabetes.

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  • Me: googled accelerated plaque formation
    My mind: you have those symptoms, don’t you?
    My soul: well, this sucks.

    This is just life ruining. I’ll die because of anxiety and not of an actual sickness.

  • anybody put ur hand on ur chest and try to feel heartbeat and it feels slow and like it’s barely pushing against ur chest but then you get nervous and it speeds up and feels normal

  • I have thissssss… Tomorrow I am scheduled to go to the doctor for blood laboratory. Please share some tips how u overcomed this… Helpppp…

  • I thought I was alone. thanks for the video. I am visiting doctors often and they do E.C.G Echo other tests and always says no issue but blood pressure and heart rate are little bit higher. Even doctors say I have no major heart issue I still experience chest pain, arm pain, numbness and I am fear as hell. I always get panic when I am at a long distance from a hospital. Also I get panic when I am stuck on traffic thinking that if something happen to my heart I would not be able to get to a hospital. Doctors advice me to exercise daily but I am fear to do that too. On days that I do exercise my blood pressure drops and heart rate drops to between 50 60. That drop again make me panic thinking that I am going to have an heart arrest with low heart rate. I am usually don’t search about health related matters on internet because they all says I am gonna die even if I had a little cough. But finding your video is a great relief. Thank you very much for the video

  • Another reason why it is important to show this is the opposite. Having social anxiety and then getting physically ill, the doctors tend to look at my history and say “it’s your anxiety”. However, other than being discharged from my psychiatrist, I have now had physical proof that I am unwell, and yet sometimes they still doubt me. I find it so difficult. It’s like they want you to speak up about mental health but it really does hold you back when you’re in need for physical health care.

  • I have this:( It’s like hell
    When I was like 13 I was convinced I had tetanus when I stepped on a nail in bare feet, then IBS, then when I was 15 it was Morgellon’s disease…
    It kind of went away till this year I guess being reminded of death all the time… (I’m 23 now) my nan passed away on new year’s day, I became really ill after my brother visited, I had HORRIBLE headaches for about a week as well as other flu symptoms and nausea, then they went away but then there was the covid thing, which I wasn’t too worried about but my brother got that and got better.
    But my hypochondria really came back in the last few months, first I had a bit of an eye infection and I thought I was gonna have like maggots crawling out of my eyes or infesting my brain or something, then after that I had this HORRIBLE stomach ache (both these nights I lay shivering in bed and this time I actually thought I was going to have a heart attack) then I had a bad cough and when I breathed in for about five seconds one day I had this thing where it hurt my chest when I breathed in until I breathed in really hard and it somehow stopped. And yep you guessed it I thought I had covid. Of course it turned out to just be a cough but then for about a week afterwards I had chest pains while breathing in. Then that went away. But then I had a headache and I thought “what if I have a brain tumour?” And now I have a toothache and worry about what if I have to go to a dentist? (I haven’t been for over 10 years because I’m too scared, I would literally be shaking violently and freaking out if I had to go to a dentist or doctor)
    I think that is the reason why I worry so much about my health. It’s the thought of not only being sick or injured but being hospitalised or being at the dentist, and being out of your control, having needles (which is another one of my phobia) inserted in you, or having your body cut open, or anything going wrong, or side effects of medications, and first and foremost pain. It’s all to do with pain avoidance. Right now I’m shaking at the thought of going to a dentist and having my teeth pulled out or something or going to hospital and having surgery and having my body cut open D’:

  • I honestly thought it was just me, some days I drive myself insane googling every single symptom or thing that comes into my mind and diagnosing myself…I don’t know what i am so afraid of, I’ve built this fear around the Drs even having my blood pressure taken panics me and sends my bloody pressure and heart rate high af!! To the point I have to calm down to have it taken again…as soon as I’m out the Drs I instantly calm down…All I have to do is see 1 of those machines and I freak out. I know I am in control but some times I feel so helpless and want to burst out crying

  • The 2 people that downvoted this had a heart attack watching this video.

    All jokes aside tho I have this condition due to having a chronic biliary disease and its a nightmare, this video helped a lot thankyou.

  • Its absolutely right and I’m crying as I listen this I can’t live like this anymore, I’m in constant fear, this time it’s my throat, I can’t function

  • OMG this is so me! Thank you for this video. It makes me feel better. I hate this, always looking for reassurance. Thank you for this video.

  • Thank you so much! You have just diagnosed my problem, unlike anyone I ever met! I just kept laughing cause it sounded exactly like me, bless you for this video!!

  • I have this problem. I feel like I am melting and my skin is on fire. Sometimes I hallucinate when it happens. I believe I am about to have a heart attack but nothing is wrong with my heart. I have been told it is all In my head but I know for a fact its not. That’s the worst feeling of all, pretty much being told that you are crazy.

  • For me Jesus was the solution. He completely healed me from Anxiety. I didn’t thought I will have a normal life when I suffered from this disease but Jesus Christ has given me a new beginning and now I’m 100% healed from anxiety. Try Jesus and I guarantee you that you will be healed completely.

  • Damn this lockdown made my hypochondria worse.. sitting at home all day, worrying that i have cancer. every single day its a struggle.Thing that’s worse is that i’m only 14 and i have used the last 2 years worrying about dying of a fatal disease. if anyone could help talk, i would appreciate it.

  • Thank you so much for these videos. I relate to this to a T. I know I drive everyone around me crazy �� but I can’t help it. It’s a horrible way to live.

  • Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoyed the video and
    found it helpful �� if you are new to the channel consider
    subscribing and if you have any questions don’t hesitate and just leave a
    comment below and I will get back to you for sure.

    Check out my Patreon page if you want to support the channel
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  • many people find health anxiety to be so confusing and weird and tbh i understand that it sounds weird and is quite out there but it is a real thing and can be so debilitating. when i was 15 and heading into my last year of school i had my first panic attack because i got served raw chicken and thought that i was going to get food poisoning. from there, it went down hill. i’d have panic attacks all the time about vomiting or diarrhoea as they’re my biggest fears. my panic attacks would make it worse because they cause nausea and in some cases diarrhoea which would make it feel as though i was actually ill. i would constantly seek reassurance, and i would have to go home from school because the panic attacks would leave physical symptoms and i’d be so anxious in case anything happened in school. i would avoid people who were sick with vomiting bugs at all costs. other stress factors can also add to the health anxiety, mine was a lot worse because i absolutely hated school and i seemed to get a lot better when i left. i got help and my counsellor was the most amazing person ever. that was 1 year+ ago. now i’m 17 and i’m doing a lot better. i will always be anxious, and i’ll always be scared of these things but i know how to manage my anxiety.

  • I am Laura from this documentary. I am now around 13 years on from this now…

    At the time mental health was not openly talked of, I felt alone and no one to turn to. Waiting list for CBT / councilling at the time was 4 months and I was in such a deep hole I knew no way out. I joined a chat room called “no panic” and saw an advert for a documentary of which if chose would receive full CBT therapy.

    Of course, not after attention, I just wanted to get better and if it meant treatment ASAP I was desperate and took it.

    It was the best thing I ever did. I had the best support of channel 4, the team at “only
    Human” best therapy off one of the UKs leading therapists. I walked away having learnt to face my fears, challenge myself… and now 13 years on, yeah I still have bouts of anxiety at times. Only had around 2 panic attacks in 13 years I know how to love with anxiety…

    Anyone suffering please do message me.

    I can say this. Accept you have anxiety. Don’t fight it say to yourself “yep here you are again / ride with it. It will pass and yes I realise anxiety causes physical symptoms. Which then creates vicious circle you can’t snap out of,,, ride with it… the anxiety will pass and thoughts will get better…

    I look back now and can’t believe how bad I actually was… I was obsessed. Yes I get thoughts time to time, but fill life with other things, breathe and smell the air outside. Take in nature, take up new hobbies, see friends, listen to music distract!
    I had far too much time on my hands back then being a single mother.

    I’m Here if anyone struggling would like to get in touch. And all those with negativity or so support to people suffering with a mental health issue shame on you.

  • The guy seemed kind of condescending at the 16:45 when she was having a panic attack. Do you think you’re having a panic attack or suffering from a serious illness? Lmao ��

  • so i have a question, i was having a rapid heart beat around December with very little chest pains they listened to my heart and made me wear a hulta monitor for 3 days and said everything was fine, still to this day i worry about it constantly andi feel more pains then i did then in the same spot i have health anxiety its so stressful

  • This video has given me the assurance that I’m a hypochondriac, now I’m on google trying to find out how hypochondriac will kill me.

  • I’m 26 and I have Health Anxiety and I’ve just finished my 30 minute exercise and this video gave me such reassurance and relaxed my body. This was very helpful, Thank you

  • Thank you thank you thank you!!! You have no idea how much I needed this video!! Be started journaling and working on myself. This I needed this advice.

  • I’m so happy my symptoms match the ones in the comments assuring me that the random poking and finding lumps on my body and assuming diseases by checking “Dr Google” is all a waste of time.

  • As a 15 year old I’ve been diagnoised with extreme hypochondria, depression, OCD and anxiety.It’s so bad that i’m afraid to go to sleep since i think i would get heart attack in my dream, so i need to drink pills so i can sleep without knowing it. I self-diagnoise alot, i’ve diagnoised myself with hundreds of different diseases, and i can’t stop checking my puls and counting it. I can’t focus on anything, just on diseases and death. I get anxiety attacks on daily basis and it really sucks, getting pills tomorrow.(sorry for my bad english, english isn’t my native language.)

  • i can relate to this. Mine is the feeling that Im swallowing the food wrong and it directly goes to my lungs. �� Its been botherinh me for months.

  • It is like you are saying each word for me
    As if i have addressed these issues to you already
    I do watch it time n again its helping me to deal with anxieties
    Thanks Dr Tracy.

  • Does anyone else have a whole bunch of symptoms like dierrea, ringing in ears, spasms, a jelly like feeling in the right side and awhile bunch of other symptoms

  • This is super reassuring. Anxiety and anxiety attacks are just horrible. Even though I know it’s probably anxiety, for some reason I need somebody to say it out loud to feel better and this video is definitely helpful, thank you!

  • Thank you for this helpful video. This is my 1st time watching it and you spoke on everything that I’ve done to myself. I was going thru a anxiety attack right before I found this video and needed it. I will be your subsciber and listen to all your advice. I’ve dealing with anxiety for 5 years and just trying to find a way to cope with it and keep myself going. thank you once again and please keep updating your videos.

  • I have heart anxiety everyday. Everyday I think is my last day. I have a panic attack everyday and think I’m gonna die. I live in fear of death every single day. It’s taken over my life. Can anyone help me? Is there support groups? What do I do? I’m sick of being in fear everyday. I’m suppose to be a man. Someone please help me.

  • Yes yes yes. Been health anxious for 10 years. Sometimes it feels like it’s getting / has got a lot better. I now worry more about my partners health! Anyone else!?!?! I have complete panic attacks at the thought of him being ill and I watch him sleep to make sure he’s breathing. This is not ok. My sister said something to me years ago that made me think. She said I’m not really scared of dying because I’d be dead, I’m scared of not living. I’m scared of missing out. But the paradox of this is HA makes you paralysed in fear and you don’t live properly! Try living your life to the fullest, no one knows what’s coming. We could get hit by a bus but I bet none of us worry about that! It’s so strange. Ask yourself what you’re really scared of, deep down it’s not the illness or even dying, it’s missing out, not fulfilling your potential, missing your family, your family being heartbroken, leaving loved ones behind in pain. All we can do to control this is live our best lives today, tell people you love them and live every day like it’s your last.

  • Unfortunately I’m having that because I used to Google everthing and the more i Google the more i get anxiety about cancer
    It’s really hell and sometimes it cause me some panic attacks
    I wish if i can just go over it

  • I’m a hypichondriac. It started few years ago when my granny was diagnosed with cancer, since then I thought I have it too, at first I was going to the doctors NON-STOP. I was always told I’m fine and one day the doctor said I may be a bit anemic AND I FREAKED OUT and since that visit I went to the doctors only once. And right now I’m SO SCARED to visit the doctor it’s been 2 years almost bc I think he is gonna diagnose me with cancer that has spread and it’s terrible, my mom also is a hypo…

  • I am 16, and definitely have health anxiety. I just want everyone to know, you are NOT alone. You are not alone if every time you get over a fear, a new one comes along. You are not alone if you always ask if other have gone through what you are going through. You are not alone if you google symptoms. You are not alone if you always check if your symptom is still there. You are not alone if you experience this kind of anxiety in different way. This form of anxiety is overlooked and there aren’t the most recourses to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and remember your feelings are relevant, but are in your head. I promise you, you are healthy.

  • Dr Tracy, first of all i want to thank you for all the help that you give to us. I just have one question, the constant fear of having a serious mental illness like psychosis or schizophrenia can be a kind of hypocondria. Thank you.

  • The one in the wheelchair.. lol her legs are way too fat.. if she couldn’t walk her muscles would waste away and her legs would be skinny. This whole series is laughable.

  • Her blood pressure was higher than normal because of her anxiety and she was freaking out. I can’t imagine having to live like this. It’s a mental health thing. She needs to see a specialist about it.

  • lol omg i do the same thing! my heart is now slowing down finally…………and now i think its too slow and i have a panic attack. so glad its not just me. im working on recovering. believe it or not i didnt ever think about recovering from health anxiety. i didnt realize you can stop having it. so im really glad u have this channel for people like me. i dont know anyone else like me and have no one to talk to

  • Omggg this video is so me I been off work for 2 weeks extreme fatigue dizzy chest pain pressure numbness it’s horrible can’t sleep at night wake up because I can’t breath been in the ER like 6 times have a cardiologist but a monitor on me for 2 weeks everything normal still think there’s something wrong I hate ittt

  • Health anxiety is the worst feeling, it is debilitating and causes so much stress. I just came out of a period of having daily battles with severe anxiety for 5 weeks. Miserable. The worst part is that you know your suspicions are ridiculous but a little part of you believes it and it just keeps going on and on.

  • Hi,
    Since the Covid 19 pandemic has started
    All was okay but recently since June end, I have started having anxiety and since few days its really extreme! I have been suffering. Thanks for this video����❣

  • I’ve been to the doctor and they said my heart is so healthy. I check my pulse all the time still and always freak out. What helped you calm down because as you probably know that feeling isn’t hard to ignore

  • hypochondriac is a good “excuse” disease for doctors to write off a patient they can’t figure out what’s causing his/her ACTUAL physical problems. “it’s just stress dear”

  • I am having this f$ #king fear and i dnt know why and all this happend to me once of twice in a week:_( i cant keep calm at night:_( dnt know when it will end

  • O man i been down this road from the age of 34 to 52 im 70 now & the doctors have never found anything wrong with me at the end of the day i wasted 18 years of my life worrying about nothing visiting 3 different doctors every week for various issues the best piece of advice a doctor gave me was go have have a heart attack & come back tomorrow Well when i went back he asked me why didn’t i have the heart attack & smiled.

  • I took off my glasses midway the video. They’re not prescription glasses. But I feel better wearing them. It started when I had an irritated eye. Got checked up, nothing was seen except an elevated eye pressure. No glaucomatous damage whatsoever and no vision loss. But I became afraid I would see blurring, black spots or any signs of vision problems when not wearing my glasses. I took it off, feeling anxious but I’m trying to fight it off like these people in the video are.

  • This year has been destroyed by my health anxiety! But new year will be Better, remember all suferers… i hope new year will be Good for us ��

  • I have a twin sister who is a counsellor who’s own life and mental health is questionable and get she has a disfuntional impact on our family life?

  • I despise panic attacks; they are a living hell that I wouldn’t wish on anyone!! It really does feel like you’re dying/having a heart attack: sweating, accelerated heart rate/pulse, nausea, etc…truly terrifying, and when you experience them daily/regularly, out of the blue, you are terrified. God bless and help all of those of us who have panic attacks/panic disorder/OCD/other anxiety disorders!!

  • I have been diagnosed with depression, generalized anxiety, and panic disorder. Which I do know that I have but I’ve also wondered why no one else with those felt the way I do and I’ve never had anyone describe how I feel until this video. ��

  • God I feel this in my soul… living like this is absolute torture and everybody makes fun of you and tells you to “just stop” and “don’t get so worked up”

  • It feels like alot of people use “Hypochondria” as a way to dismiss people over anything but is it more pathological than that? Like is there a difference between a Hypochondriac and a “faker”? Sorry thats a really simple way to put it.

  • THIS IS ME. My body is constantly crying “wolf.” I have no idea if it’s anxiety, or a stroke or heart attack, etc…I worry that someday something will ACTUALLY be wrong and i’ll chalk it up to anxiety.

  • So I am a hypochondriac and after freaking myself out I use nicotine to calm myself down and then I worry about all the harm I’m doing to my body and the cycle continues. I switched to vaping but it’s still the same fears. I need help I’m going to call a therapist. I do feel reassured knowing I’m not a lone and relieved to know this is a legitimate problem I have.

  • This is my life, but I actually had ovarian cancer, and I constantly wonder if I could’ve caught it earlier by being more proactive with my observations.

  • Dr. Tracey! I hope you get a chance to read this. This is the best video I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for the reassurances. In fact this video’s been an eye opener regarding the heart burns and twitching. Thank you so much for your guidance. Appreciate it

  • It’s a very bad mental disease. I reached a stage where everything was making me feels sick. My fear was cataract I was so obsessed with the topic to the point where it made my life unbearable I was constantly looking at my eyes, imagining that I see reflections, white sports, patches everything similar to eye disease. Cataract became the focal point of my existence, I was crying constantly because of the fear that I may have it, I was so afraid of it to a point where I didn’t even wanted to visit an eye doctor. It was constantly chasing me, the idea of having it, was inter-fering with my life constantly I was so distracted by this desease to the point where I couldn’t function normally.

  • Its true doc, ive already experienced what u have said, all. That’s why i came up in ur video because i search it, because of what i feel the doctor tell its anxiety��������help

  • I live with this and it’s the worst thing ever. Family think I’m crazy but what if I’m right? I’m scared they’re just ignoring me and I might actually have the sickness and it’ll be too late. I need to know I’m ok but I don’t know how… I’m exactly like the girl who thinks she has cancer. I am terrified. I feel uncomfortable all the time and hyperaware. What if the doctor is passing it off?

  • I have anxiey too. My bf hugs me and i cant breathr n panic. I hate being touched. I panic alot always. Especially going grocery shopping i panic.

  • Has anyone ever felt like their heartbeat was too slow or felt weak. I used to be able to feel my pulse in my neck and now I can barely feel it, I felt like it was too slow but every time I call an ambulance they say I’m fine. Even the doctors have got mad at me as well as nurses..

  • I don’t know how therapy would work for this because what if they ever, god for it, have REAL symptoms? Then they rationalize like, oh I’m ok. Then they die?

  • I do relate very much and I think it’s because I lost my mother at 15 so I’m certain I will get sick and die young like her.
    I’m sure there is a definite connection between losing someone trauma in your life.

  • Dude, panic attacks are the worst, especially when they happen out of nowhere, like when you’re not worrying about anything, and all of these physical symptoms happen. Like, you really can’t tell if it’s a heart attack or stroke, because they have similar symptoms. One time I was just happily reading a book to one of my students, and the words on the page started jumping around, my arms and legs got really heavy and numb, my heart was pounding in my chest, and I couldn’t breathe. I really thought I was dying. They took my pulse and my blood pressure and both were sky-high. I went to the Emergency Room and found out I had just had a panic attack. I have had about 7 serious panic attacks since, and they all happen from a build up of stress, but not when I’m stressing at the time. What I’m scared about happening is that I will have a panic attack one day, think it’s a panic attack, but it will really be something serious, because like I said, they have the same symptoms. Now I’m in this cycle where I’m panicked about panicking, especially at work, because it has usually happened at work. Panic attacks are the worst.

  • At this point I have brain cancer genital cancer bladder cancer blood cancer diabetes heart disease asthma epilepsy skin cancer gonna go blind heart attack gonna need amputation I SHOULD BE DEAD

  • I’m having horrible anxiety right now. I have a lot of twitching and pain and all that comes up is ALS. I’m losing my mind I can’t concentrate on anything. I don’t know what to do the emg isn’t until October I can eat or sleep. I know I sound like a baby and I’m sorry I’m just really worried

  • I literally could feel anything and I will search up symptoms. Like Ino I’m fine but my mind tells me different and I start to panic and think the worst and feel like there always has to be a label on what is wrong with me. It’s constant and happens all the time but when I’m around friends or family and do something to take my mind off it it can go but then I’m alone in my own head and it’s back.

  • If you are worried about your heart health, get an echocardiogram and stress test. Talk to a cardiologist. It will be more accurate than an ECG and a blood test.
    Exercise, eat healthy, sleep 8 hours daily. Be positive.

  • I grew up with a mother who has this, on top of other things like severe OCD. She had needless operations, went doctor and hospital hopping. It was horrendous. She’s over 80 now…

  • This is mildly me. I always think Im Gonna have a heart attack or be diagnosed with diabetes or cancer. And every time I get blood work done, I’m good smh

  • I have high cholesterol, uric acid and sgpt. I’m obese 5’8 100kg. He gave me medication and asked me to exercise everyday and to avoid alot of things. I’m one week on and i saw some improvements with me. I’m young and with my will i can go through it. But with google search and reddit kept me on searching for even over 4 hours and triggers my anxiety�� and now everything that she said i did everything

  • These videos have been so reassuring because I can relate to every word. Comforting also because it makes you feel like your not alone. Thank you ��