How you can Wean Your Son Or Daughter From Breastfeeding


How can I wean my baby off breastfeeding and still get him to sleep?

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Consider delaying weaning if: You’re concerned about allergens. If you or your child’s father has food allergies, consider delaying weaning until after your child turns age 1 Your child isn’t feeling well. If your child is ill or teething, postpone weaning until he or she feels better.

Weaning your baby after One Don’t Ask, Don’t Refuse. This is the method I always use with my kids. It’s definitely the slowest moving one, but I Place time restrictions for when you nurse. You will find it easier to make this transition from breastfeeding to Shorten the time you breastfeed. TIPS FOR DAYTIME WEANING Breastfeed the child when he asks, and don’t offer when he doesn’t.

This simple technique known as “don’t offer, don’t Change daily routines. Instead of heading home after picking him up from daycare, head to the grocery store or elsewhere If possible, get help from. Weaning can be simple or a struggle, depending on your circumstances and how attached your child is to breastfeeding.

Get advice on how to wean, when to know if it’s time to start weaning, and how to address problems that might be pressuring you to give up breastfeeding. Also, get the scoop on introducing cow’s milk to your child. When weaning older children from breastfeeding toddlers up to 2 or even 3 years old Hodge says moms should expect some acting out and anger from their children.

While many children are able to wean from a nutritional standpoint at 12-18 months or so, most children aren’t ready to emotionally separate from breastfeeding until somewhere between 2-4 years old, with some children nursing happily till 5 or even longer! When a child is ready to wean, you may notice he/she is: Pulling away from the breast. But, using raw cabbage leaves is an ancient method to help women when they want to wean their babies from breastfeeding naturally. Place the raw leaves on your breast and inside the bra.

The leaves help soak the milk. Try the leaves therapy for a few days. As you slowly stop breastfeeding, your body will start producing less breast milk and eventually your body will no longer make breast milk.

Weaning gradually can help your child Get used to the new taste of infant formula (for your child younger than 12 months old) or fortified cow’s milk (for your child 12 months or older). Even when your baby start eating solids, the pediatricians group recommends continuing breastfeeding until your baby is at least 12 months. You may continue breastfeeding longer, if you and your baby want to. When you decide to wean, know that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Wean in whatever way works best for you.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends feeding babies only breast milk for the first 6 months of life. After that, the AAP recommends a combination of solid foods and breast milk until a baby is at least 1 year old. Then, babies may begin drinking whole cow’s milk.

List of related literature:

To do a partial weaning, follow the step-by-step instructions in “The practical details of weaning,” above, to decrease your number of breastfeedings until your milk production adjusts gradually downward.

“Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers” by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Jack Newman
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If she is uncomfortable with her child nursing, it may be better to wean the older child rather than feel resentment when the toddler nurses.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
from Counseling the Nursing Mother
by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
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To encourage your baby to get more of his milk during the day and evening, try offering the breast in a quiet, darkened room, nurse whenever he begins sucking his fingers, and limit the use of a pacifier.

“The Nursing Mother's Companion” by Ruth A. Lawrence, Kathleen Huggins
from The Nursing Mother’s Companion
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Weaning from either breast or bottle should be achieved gradually.

“Family Medicine: Principles and Practice” by J. L. Buckingham, E. P. Donatelle, W. E. Jacott, M. G. Rosen, Robert B. Taylor
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You can serve up the breast milk or formula in a bottle, if he’s already taking one, though a few babies this age who balk at breastfeeding will also balk at sucking from a rubber teat.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
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• Make sure your infant or child has pleasant sensations during feedings: Hold your child during feedings, and allow him or her to suck on a pacifier, sit in a high chair, and be a part of family meals.

“Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach” by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzanne Dorner
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Educate the mother about the benefits of extended breastfeeding and support her in her decision to wean at a given time.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
from Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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Weaning The infant should be weaned from your breast some time after the first year.

“A World of Babies: Imagined Childcare Guides for Seven Societies” by University Judy S Deloache, Judy S. DeLoache, Alma Gottlieb, Jerome S. Bruner, Professor of Anthropology Women's Studies and African Studies Alma Gottlieb
from A World of Babies: Imagined Childcare Guides for Seven Societies
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Weaning should be gradual, replacing one bottle-feeding or breastfeeding at a time.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, David Wilson
from Maternal Child Nursing Care
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During those first few minutes when the baby is actively feeding, leave her alone.When shestops, takecare notto let the breastfall outof her mouth,and compress the baseof your breast (touching your ribcage) between your thumb and forefinger.

“Breastfeeding Made Easy: A gift for life for you and your baby” by Carlos González
from Breastfeeding Made Easy: A gift for life for you and your baby
by Carlos González
Pinter & Martin Limited, 2014

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  • I’m not familiar with those but if they are shaped like a nipple, that might work great. Did you try having someone else give her the bottle (and not being around) and making it only breast milk? I think if you are there that she will want your breast!

  • I’ve been breast feeding for 9 months everytime i tried to stop and my breast where huge and swollen can you do a video on what to do with your breast

  • Why offer another animals milk? Is there a suitable alternative? do native people that do not have access to animal milk just keep breastfeeding til later ages?

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  • I need your advise, I am trying to wean day time feeding for my child who is 20 months old now, reason is I am all alone in home and need to cook and when he do breast feed it’s continuous till he don’t wake up for around 2 to 3 hours.
    It’s 3rd day today, yesterday and day before yesterday he cried a lot, I felt like I am getting selfish and but today he slept without asking me to feed, I gave him whatever he asked to eat, played with him and in his sorrow of not getting breastfeed, tried to make him laugh. And now he asked me to move aside that he want to sleep on bed.
    I just want words of affirmation that I am not doing any wrong

  • My lil one is 1 and i want to stop breastfeeding she already has 11 teeth and i think she is using me has a humun pacifier and no i have not giving her one

  • What to do when the baby refusing to drink milk from breast in second month???
    I really want to give milk from breast not through the bottle???please give a solution.

  • Thank you! That’s what I need to hear now. I’m breastfeeding my 2 years old boy and my family constantly asking me when I’m going to wean my boy. Now I know I can breastfeed my boy as long as I feel good.

    And the don’t offer and don’t refuse part is very true to me too. My boy would come to me when he needs comfort and connection. And I like the quiet moment with him in my arms.

    Thanks for empowering all breastfeed mama:)

  • Thank you so much for addressing this. I’m an assistant in a waldorf parent child class, and also extended breastfeeding my two year old! I always strive to make nursing mother feel comfortable. ❤️

  • Breastfeeding here at 3 years, and it does provide a lot of solace anytime we have a fall or scrape. Thank you for the support and encouragement.

  • Recently read this article on how to wean your child, it was super helpful!

  • This video couldn’t have come at a better time! My little girl will be one in a month and I am trying to put together a weaning game plan. Like you said, I feel so torn between wanting my body back but not wanting to give up that intimacy. I don’t want to give it up completely but I do want to get it down to just breastfeeding first thing in the morning and before bed. Thank you so much for posting this video! ❤️

  • This is a wonderful insightful video and I always make sure to watch for an updated video on your channel. I do have a question to ask now that our lives have changed so much over the past weeks how to provide for young children through this epidemic time in a waldorf way? I’m an earlychildhood educator who is returning to work soon as essential work and our province new regulations is for having limited children and the children must practice soical distancing and keep 6 feet apart. How would you soften an enviorment that require those expectations and help the children cope with the high level of stress that is happening around them? Thank you very much Sarah

  • Omg I was actually thinking about this because my 20 month old is so attached! But I agree with you, the cuddles are so precious. Love all your videos. You are so amazing ��

  • This is just what I needed to hear. Planning to wean slowly over the next 4-6 months but was worried about engorgement and clogged ducts. Thank you!!



  • The question is how do you get the baby to eat out of a bottle if all she knows is breast? She literally attacks my boobs when she needs her milk, she lunges for them and will scream bloody murder if i delay is whipping it out =) I’m even too scared to begin weaning.

  • My babe is 22 months & I’ve been doing the don’t offer, don’t refuse and we were doing so well! But then holidays came & she got a bug. So we’re back to square one. But I’m still grateful we can nurse during times like these. Just be patient & gentle on your babe mamas.

  • So so great to hear your tips. I’m breastfeeding my son 2.5 years old and also my 7 month old daughter and I’m planning to let my son self wean as I feel like it will be hard to wean him while I’m still breastfeeding her.
    Thanks for reminding me that there are other people out there who do extend their breastfeeding beyond a year! Xx
    Can I also just say I think that even if your child goes past the age of two/three/four… and you see people around you talking about weaning you should still just do what is best for you and your child! ❤️

  • Congratulations mam for reaching 5lac subscriber. my son is 2month old,but from few days he is crying a lot during bath time. plz give any suggestions how to calm him??

  • mera baby 13 month ka hay.main abhi vi unko breast feed karwati hu. to di plz mujhe batao mera beta k liye konsa formula milk accha rahiye ga…..plllzzzz reply kariye…

  • Glad that you have share this video.. I dont have words to thank you after knowing that I’m not wrong to breastfeed my 2 years old. I was deep in guilty if I have compromises my babys health due to breastfeeding till 2 years. Thank you so much for sharing this information and god bless you ��

  • How can i make my 5month old baby take a bottle? I am tried of pumping and my milk just go to waste coz he wont take a bottle? =,(

  • Thanks so much Sylvia for your question and thanks so much Sarah for this wonderful video response. I almost didn’t watch, because as a mom who is still breastfeeding her 3yo, I too was a bit turned off of Rudolf Steiner when I read he had recommended early weaning. I am so pleased to know there is no support for this claim. I love your advice Sarah “to trust your mothering instinct”.

  • Hello dear, my baby girl is 16 months old and she gets up several times during night and cries for breast milk and if I offer her bottle she totally refuses it and starts crying. I wonder what to do

  • My baby use to occasionally take water from her bottle. Now she doesn’t want it at all. Not even with breast milk in it. I’m going back to work in 2 weeks and Ive failed at weaning so far, been trying for over a month. Just this morning I tried desperately to give her the bottle but then I gave in and gave her the breast because she was just miserable and not taking the bottle at all. I like the suggestion if mixing the breastmilk and formula. I will try that. I’m so worried about how she’ll be with the child minder when I go to work. Currently she doesn’t like being with anyone else. I wish I didn’t have to go back to work yet and then she could stop when she’s a bit older. She’ll be 9 months in a few weeks.

  • As a German Waldorf mother I might know the answer about the question why some people believe mothers shouldn’t nurse their babies for a long time. It all started in the Hitler Youth. Germans had to create warriors and to wean earlier and also let the babies cry in their rooms. All of this has nothing to do with Waldorf. German Waldorf mothers nurse usually until 4 years or a little longer.

  • Unfortunately, around me most of the women I know give up breastfeeding before 4 months, or simply go straight to formula. I bf my son close to two years and felt like a lot of people tried to make me feel like it was “unusual”. By that I mean they continuously asked silly questions like “how long are you going to breastfeed” or “are you going to breastfeed until you are having conversations with your kid about it?”,l or “maybe you could go to your car to do that”… I have a little girl that is 14 months and I am proud to still be breastfeeding her, regardless of what the people around me think or what they are doing.

  • +cloudmom I am 18 years old and I’m 2 months pregnant with my 1st kid. When I was growing up I didn’t learn much about breastfeeding. I’d just like to ask you, when you said drop the, for example, 11am feeding, do you mean give formula instead of the breastmilk? Or just drop that whole feeding?:)

  • Thank YOU for going straight to the point! I look up tips and all I seam to get are moms who love to hear themselves speak and endlessly talk about their lives just to insert a barely useful tip or two. I’ll be looking at yours from now on, good job! ��

  • My daughter is 12 months old. Still EBF. I’ve cut the mid morning feed. I am now offering breakfast meal before a milk feed. I wish I could pump and offer milk WITH breakfast in a sippy cup, but for whatever reason, no milk comes out when I pump. Love breastfeeding so so sooo much! She absolutely hates whole milk… she won’t drink it.

  • Whats your opinion the different waldorf and Waldorf inspired homeschool curriculums out there now? I know you did a video on homeschool before but would love to see an updated one cause ive seen so many options lately and im still weighing which one i want for my almost 6yr old when she ia finally ready for 1st.grade

  • Your video helped a lot! Thank you loads! And yes. People always talk negative. My first baby was formula fed and people were talking negative. Second baby is breastfed and people r still negative about why I’m not weaning off!

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  • I had that when I made the choise to breastfeed my daughter and I’m so so so glad I stuck with it and didn’t allow myself to give up with all the negativity I got x

  • When you talked about being in the isle looking at formula feeling guilty, it literally made me cry. I’m going through that exact same thing right now.

  • Thank you for this video! Been feeling emosh thinking about stopping soon at 17 months.. originally i planned on stopping at a year but i have found that i am a lot more attached to breastfeeding as much as my baby.. so my new goal is stopping in the next month or two.. this video helps because not a lot of people talk about the mom’s positive feelings towards breastfeeding, thanks!

  • My husband is sceptical about extended breastfeeding. My son is 10 months and he shows no signs of stopping and I’m thinking about letting him self-wean. We will see how it goes. Really hope my husband comes around to the idea because it really is the best option for our family.

  • Dear Sarah, thank You for this video. It is very important. I am breastfeeding my 23 months old daughter and I think, I will continue for so long, as she stops herself… I read Dr. Steiner´s texts regarding mother milk etc. and I am convinced, that he would be fine with breastfeeding for even the first seven years of the child… He didn´t say it, but I think, it follows from what he said. I´m from Czech Republic and also here, in our “anthro” community, I heard this nonsense like “Rudolf Steiner said”. So I decided to write an article about “R. Steiner and breastfeeding” for our athroposophic and also non-anthroposophic parents. Because I hate untrue. And I found an article in english, where is written, that Rudolf Steiner himself was breastfed for 4 years. I would like to use in my article, but I can´t find the source. You are speaking about it, too, so I want to ask You, if You know, where it is (if it is)? It would help me a lot, because I´m not so good in english and in german sources I found nothing… Thank You and have a good time! Katerina

  • Thank you Emily for the tips, I’m still breastfeeding my 9 month old son and I am in the process of weaning him, only because I have to go back to work in a few months. It is very hard because neither me or him are ready �� I think it is such a lovely bonding time and I wish I could continue… love you videos and your positivity! ��

  • I’m breastfeeding my fourth daughter. I come from a very large family of people who encourage breastfeeding. To all of you out there that feel like you are being judged just remember that there is no law that sets a limit to how long you breastfeed a baby/toddler. Actions taken on your part just because of comments of judgement form others should be considered detriment to you and your child. I think you should use your God given motherly instinct. Say this to those who pass negative judgement on you: “opinions are like anuses. Everyone has one.”

  • Evolutionarily, humans should wean between the age of 4 and 7+ at the change of teeth (hence why they are called milk teeth). Historically this was weaning age, and in traditional cultures around the world today they still breastfeed well past toddlerhood (Mongolia is a great example)

  • Most of women choose not to breastfeed because they don’t know the benefits of breastfeeding I’m Muslim so in the Quran it says we have to breastfeed for two years

  • Thank you.. my daughter turns two this month and I’m just tired of nursing.. I feel awful for feeling that way but it’s exhausting and a lot on me physically. I appreciate this video��

  • Thank you Sarah for clearing this up! I have been a Waldorf teacher for 25 years and a La Leche League counselor for many years. I breastfed both my children: my son (now 31) until he weaned himself at 5 years, and my daughter (now 18) until she weaned herself at 3 years. Today they are both extremely healthy adults with very strong immunity and healthy teeth with no cavities! They are confident and independent people!

  • Hi sister, its little bit difficult for me to stop breast feeding for my 11 months old baby.
    Am forced to stop breast feeding for my baby, because I have conceived 2nd baby which is 5 months right now.
    So please suggest some ideas for me to stop breast feeding.
    I saw your video, it was very much useful for me, I’ll start stopping breast feeding and it will try it right from today.

  • Thanks for this Sarah! I am still nursing my 2.5 year old and recently stopped nursing my 3.5 year old. I feel like my world has revolved around nursing for 3.5 years now…so happy to hear your thought and affirmation. It’s been a hard road socially (midwest US)
    , especially since I choose to continue nursing my oldest after the younger was born. Appreciate you addressing this topic!

  • I just found this video and it was so helpfulmy 14 month old son decided this week that he is done nursing and I wasn’t prepared. It has been emotional, but I’m thankful that it was on his terms and it wasn’t a fight. Thank you for your great videos!!!

  • Thank you very much. I am from Germany. My Anthro-doctor was insulting me when I was still breastfeeding my 1year old. When my 3 year old daughter went to Waldorfkindergarden the teachers were very upset and implied it was abuse. I thaught Rudolf Steiner told so. I think I found more quotes against it. Like that the position while nursing would have a bad impact on the walking? Very interesting.

  • All my kids self weaned. The oldest went the longest to 22 months. I think the older kids influenced the younger to move to solids. I was willing to go longer ����‍♀️ I wonder if the stats in third world countries has to do with lack of other food options.

  • I stop breastfeeding for 1week but still i have milk and I want to continue breastfeeding again but some said its not good
    I need your opinions thank you

  • I have tried all your suggestions already but none worked well..I am working mother..he is not taking in day time but when he see me that moment asks for bf.if I won’t give he cries loudly..I am not able to console him….pls suggest any other ways to wean him especially at night time.. without nursing he is not sleeping

  • The thought of a mother forced to wean her child because of community pressure is painful �� for me i follow quran guides (And the mothers should suckle their children for two whole years for him who desires to make complete the time of suckling; and their maintenance and their clothing must beborne by the father according to usage; no soul shall have imposed upon it a duty but to the extent of its capacity; neither shall a mother be made to suffer harm on account of her child, nor a father on account of his child, and a similar duty (devolves) on the (father’s) heir, but if both desire weaning by mutual consent and counsel, there is no blame on them, and if you wish to engage a wet-nurse for your children, there is no blame on you so long as you pay what you promised for according to usage; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah and know that Allah sees what you do.) 2vs233.

  • My son is so backwards �� night weaning seems to be easy for us and he is so tired after bath time he just wants to sleep, and mornings all he wants to do is play, i find myself bf a lot during the afternoon trying to wean him off

  • Hi Stasia yikes, I will look into that right away! Thanks for pointing that out… thank you for your kind words, it gives me to strength to go on doing this even though it’s hard to do w/ so many young kids! xo M

  • this is very helpful my baby is 4 months and im starting to cut down the pumping from every 2-3 hours to every 7 hours and nurse only at night and in the morning. Yesterday was my first day doing it and i was hurting so bad i pumped 9 oz after my morning feed.

  • Very common problem! My sister in law had to leave her baby at day care and he refused for an entire day to drink from bottle, next day he drank it’s very tough! Someone other than you needs to give the bottle sorry I didn’t respond earlier, how is he doing now?

  • same approach if he still sleeps in a crib next to the bed? he doesn’t have his own room yet. so idk what to do when we are still up and trying to get him to bed.

  • This is very informative video for Parents!! By the way guys I’m starting a channel for my Son. Come CHECK US OUT: Kin’s Adventure! Thanks!! ��

  • I’m trying to ween off mine as well came across this my child Is 35 months almost 3 next month actually I feel it’s about time for her to be off now and enjoy more variety goods more n milk to
    glad to see I’m not alone here with breast feeding

  • Thank you so much I will use you tricks I hope it does work beacuse my boy just turned 2 I am ready but he is not�� I am very emotional about it, but like you said you want to feel like you have your body back, and I do��..thank you for doing this video������

  • My baby 12 months old and in normal day he enjoys solids. hardly demand for breastfeeding but he needs it when sleeping…. I think if I could manage different ways to led him sleep, it will be easy… I tried swings and in it 95% he slept on it. Sometimes he even sleeps playing……. Actually honestly speaking I am not finding any discomfirt with all… So when should I start this process…??

  • Thank you so much for this video! We cosleep and my 21 month old still nurses quite a few times back to sleep in the night. Any tips how to transition into his room? I know Jackson has always been in his room, but maybe the other boys coslept a bit?