How you can Survive Quarantine in Close Quarters


How to Survive Quarantine with Your Relationship Intact | The New Yorker

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How To Survive Quarantine

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How to Survive Quarantine in Close Quarters Whether you’re quarantining with a friend, partner or entire family, the reality is that there is going to be a shift in the dynamic. Experts share their coping strategies during the pandemic. “Setting up physical boundaries at home can help families survive to have to spend time working and studying in close quarters,” says Lear. Discussing concerns and expectations about the quarantine, and what role each person can play to make it better, can be helpful, she says. “Forewarned is forearmed.

What to do if you need to self-quarantine 03:35 A growing number of people who may have come in close contact with someone who has coronavirus are being told to self-quarantine. The trick is just to try and get yourself into a routine that is normal within the context of your home and to communicate your feelings to your family members that you are in close quarters with. I sautéed peppers, onions, and minced garlic, added a can of fire-roasted tomatoes then cracked in four fresh eggs. Topped with feta cheese and chopped parsley, this breakfast is one of my new favorites to make in quarantine—with that pita bread, of course.

Participate in virtual therapy or phone calls with a Christian counselor. Since you’re both at home, get a jump start on marriage counseling. In addition, a counselor may be able to help you and your spouse make good decisions about your time together during the coronavirus quarantine. Reach out for support. Resist the urge to feel sorry for yourself or doubt your abilities.

Keep reminding yourself that you’re up to the challenge and will survive. Keep yourself motivated by making plans for what you will do when you make it back home. Resilience is just as.

Living in close quarters with people over a long period of time, definitely even things that normally wouldn’t bother you much at all can. Although he was brand new, we paid him for the quarantine period to reward his honesty in coming forward with the information, letting him borrow against paid time off.

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“Secret Green Beret Commandos in Cambodia: A Memorial History of MACV-SOG's Command and Control Detachment South (CCS) and Its Air Partners, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-1972” by Fred S. Lindsey
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Understand Quarantine and Isolation: Facts Sheet.

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  • So i decided to watch this video while doing stretches.
    Dont do it. Everytime she screamed i almost fell over ヽ(・∀・)ノ.
    At the end of the video i didnt really know what you talked about.
    The only things i remember are sextoys.. Triple something?. Sponsored by Adam & Eve.
    .. I will rewatch it XD.

    Ah good video, i subscribed XD.
    Oh and the “punish the ground with my feet” is something i will use instead of walking. So informative.

  • Definitely keeping in touch with friends from places I’ve lived in the UK, was never the sort of person to have internet friends but starting to love it, especially because my wife is such a social butterfly and struggling without us hanging out with friends. zoom is great!

  • Saw this when it was new, revisited today, used my STEVIE discount because hey, money may be dwindling but I seriously need better toys. Thanks, Stevie!

  • Ester Perel is an amazing source of emotional intelligence and practicality. I don’t walk, I RUN, to any body of work she has done. Podcasts, interviews, books. She is amazing.

  • omg found your youtube as a result of ur tweet about blackpool (im originally from good old burnley and now in manchester) and it has BLESSED my day thank u for being that voice of reason i needed amidst my own personal pandemic panic x

  • You guys are fucking jokes, this made my day. Thanks nina for continuing to be your crazy self! Miss you like crazy but so thankful that I can feel your energy and follow your crazy experiences here!

  • Literally ur videos make me happy I hope u get back on a more normal posting time cos I love ur vids and wanna watch more of ur vids

  • I’ve spent the first few weeks of this pandemic in bed trying to recover from a nasty case of that %@#$! virus, and the past couple of weeks caring for a relative in her 70s who had an awful accident and can’t take care of herself atm.
    I look forward to having time for relaxation, self-care, re-watching this excellent video, and getting back to doing artwork, but for now those things will have to wait. ��
    Please stay safe and stay well.

  • Because of this pandemic…i found her…she’s amazing..and i’ve been curious about her… i’ve been watching your old videos..and i find it funny and learned something… shes my new girl crush.. i feel wierd.. well thanks anyway for making me happy..

  • I’m 30 and quarantine got me at my most creative since my undergrad!
    Also bird life has made me super happy? It’s weirdly super green at the moment in Australia & the native birds are LOVING it. I see about 30 galahs (pink and grey parrots for those playing at home) every day & that makes the the happiest!!

  • 1:51 = Ew. us 1/3 Cancers overstand you’re being gratuitously gross just now.

    As a native Angeleno, and a “Ride or die” “Fast….” film franchise fan, while I don’t have any beef with you leaving LA, I do have beef with ur “Chlarona”-NAH.

    This mandatory “Social Distancing” actually makes me happy; it forces most to develop healthier perpective-but biiiii*ch we are serving dramatic!

    Finally: Um. Yyyou play with your hair a lot.

  • my neighbors are what makes me happy this quarantine. my street is full of gay people and we will sit on our porches and talk even tho we are all very different ages

  • OK. Most messages ever. Want to do something for you. Don’t do technology, so this is how I will let you know this. There is a joyous video by Sabine Brunel. It is peopleyoung, old, from all around the round the worlddancing. IT IS A DELIGHT!! Cheers, Alison. Dance on!!

  • Amazing dear… well done����������������10.000steps… high 5 and waiting the time to hug you❤️… i shared this video to my frineds who are also in quarantine… i am sure it will help them a lot

  • The one thing that makes me happy is my girlfriend and we don’t live together yet so I haven’t seen her in almost a month. This is killing me. ��

  • Smells actually do legit make me happy… lol, essential oils are everything. Cedar, fir balsam, vetiver, rose geranium, lavender, bergamot, tunisian amber, rose amber, grapefruit, sandalwood, patchouli… I’m obsessed with amazing smells… ������‍♂️

  • i’ve been walking my dog once a day and stealing flowers:) I have a little bundle of jasmine that I’m keeping in my room to make the vibes calmer

  • Hey!!! I know your platform is comedy/sex education and I love you for it, but I was wondering if there’s any way you can mix that with advocacy for COVID relief funds? Places like Prisons/jails, Foster homes, Homeless shelters, Mental health residential facilities, & Child care providers do not have the resources we are mandated to use therefore all the workers are at risk too. Please bring awareness to these companies at risk if you’re able to ������

  • (Dont hate me after this yall)

    Step 1. Go to google and type in sassibob ph and click the first link

    Step 2. Leave a like for a thank you


  • I’m really greatful that I’m in quarantine with my two best friends, and also these soda biscuits and orange (the fruit) butter I made today.

  • It took me a few days (and one or two little breakdowns) to accept the current situation but now I’m alright. I’m a student, I do online school, my parents work from home, life is chill. The general situation still scares me though. I try to focus on my schoolwork so I don’t start overthinking everything.

  • Things I am grateful for:
    • falling in love with playing music again, when I’m in the middle of playing a song the world just melts away
    • having a large enough backyard that I can rest and be outside
    • having my bedroom to hide away from my family when they annoy me
    • I’m re-watching Brooklyn Nine Nine and it’s so funny and comforting

  • Very helpful for all of us being alone around quarantine!
    Thank you so much:)
    I find this kind of articles helpful too

  • Quarantine gives us all time to discover new things. For me, watching Stevie getting made look silly by Jesse Lee Peterson on The Fallen State was one of them. Check it out when you get a chance to do so. It might help separate the Youtube persona from the real person. Stevie has a lot of soul searching to do after the interview. She could not defend her beliefs.

  • Im going to be honest me and my wife cant keep our hands of each other being together 24 hours a day, we feel like were 18 again, 19 years and 2 kids later and I guess were still much in love.

  • [Realising there isn’t a puppy]. Dear Stevie, have you tried yoga? Me: running away quickly on my I don’t get turned into a pretzel.

  • I know that I’ve left a couple of messages already, but I LOVE that you mentioned disability, chronic fatigue and PTSDthen said ‘I know what you are thinking. Stevie, stop bragging.’ I believe I get what you are saying. That you are not a victim of any of these and I think that is very powerful and wise. Trust you and your loved ones are well. Cheers, Alison.

  • Mr. Morgan was very wrong about isolation in ISS. ISS itself is very isolated from other places, but I’m certain that within ISS isolation is practically impossible to achieve.

  • The supposed flat-Earthers and fake moon landing people are absolutely paid actors who for the last 50 years have been spouting their lies to create a huge diversion so people won’t notice what’s really going on which is something else all together. You won’t find proper birth certificates for any of the main figureheads of these fake conspiracy conspiracies. Just remember, anything you think is what they want you to think. I think.

  • Maybe you should questioning why the authorities are doing this too us instead of accepting this craziness so easely
    it keeps suprising me how easely people are being minipulated and our freedoms are beeing taken away and you still makes jokes about it.

  • And Guess what people my body and Immune system and after it’s been through is The reasons it’s impossible for the Corona virus to taken effect.��

  • I’m so glad my wife and daughter are my best friends. We are having a blast during this time of crisis. My heart goes out to any who aren’t as fortunate as us. I have been in a bad relationship before and I know it can be miserable. My tip, Animal Crossing, haha. Somehow I got my wife and daughter to play video games and they don’t play at all.

  • Best way to survive is playing silly little star wars games right Adam Entous, Adam best to stay out of the [ ] is to not get your name in the [ ]

  • I guess in a way I understand that things might get tense, but how could it get so bad that relationships suffer? Surely it is common sense to just talk to one another and if there is something you feel, just talk. Don’t get angry, don’t guilt your partner. Just talk about stuff. Making a fuss and picking a fight will not help anything. My girlfriend and I do not fight, we do not get angry. If there is something wrong, we talk and figure it out. We see so many people, even before quarantine, fight about small nitty-gritty things. Just talking and understanding can save so much time and heartache.

  • If you have to question whether your relationship is good anymore because quarantine and all the time spent together then I’m sorry but y’all might as well just break up lol cause that’s a bad sign. ������

  • my routine is pretty much working and sleeping, but I have discovered meditation-journaling so that’s nice and somehow I am more happy with my body than ever before, I guess because all the toxic people in my surroundings are distant now?:D and I m spending more time with myself? Love your hair and that nail polish btw! Thank you for this video!!! ♡♡♡

  • The ‘Us’ should always be treated with reverence and defence. When two participants in a relationship draw a circle around themselves and say, “in here, is a sacred space”, good things spring from that. Defending that space and each other reverses negative emotions.