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The first step after you lose your job, whether it’s through a layoff, furlough, or even a decrease in hours is to apply for unemployment benefits. It’s important to be informed about your employee rights, so you are clear on where you stand when you lose your job. Then, it’s important to file for unemployment insurance and to make sure you have all the bases covered so that you can start a job search. You may, however, be able to turn a layoff into a new career.

How to Survive a Layoff. Week 1: Steps to Take After Losing Your Job. Days Immediately Following a Layoff: Tell Your Spouse, Partner and Family. File for Unemployment.

Investigate Health Insurance Options. How to survive a job layoff Getting Prepared for a Layoff. There is much to do.

And you can do all of this now. What you need to do “when there The Layoff Process. Layoffs are commonplace – but there are variations.

The deal is, all the pundits tell you to do Lucky You — You Stay. I can’t. Take Some Time to Gather Yourself.

Getting laid off from a job is a major event. It’s probably going to take you a little while before you get your head straight afterwards—especially if it was an unexpected layoff. It’s a good idea to take a bit of time to gather yourself following a layoff. How to survive a layoff from your tech job by Hope Reese in CXO on May 21, 2020, 6:43 AM PST As the global economy tries to stay afloat during the.

Begin your job search. As carefully and quietly as you can, start looking for another job. Other employers will understand why you are looking for a job if other rounds of layoffs have already happened. Don’t trash your employer in job interviews. Free time caused by a layoff is a good time to decide whether going back to work is the right option for you.

Some people see this as an opportunity to go back to school, spend more time with. Create a Schedule You want time to recuperate from the shock of being laid off, but often the best way to overcome this is by setting a daily agenda. Create a new routine similar to your work. If you think your job is at risk or have recently been laid off, “the first thing you need to do is breathe,” said Scott Bishop, director of financial planning at STA Wealth Management in Houston.

Then, you need to make a plan to prepare yourself emotionally and financially before a layoff happens, so you can survive once it does.

List of related literature:

Create stress, loss of morale and commitment, and a general sense of hopelessness by being indifferent and insensitive to employees’ needs for information.

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Use your personal network to try to find new jobs for them or at least to steer them in the right direction.

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Stay Aboard The Good Ship ‘Steady Job’ And Get Somewhere,” “Find A Job and Stick With It,” avoid your own “Story of Jumping Sickness’ — By a Victim.”

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• Learn from job setbacks and work together to find a new job.

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Take on another job, learn a new skill, improve those you have in some way, start a home business, get involved with a directmarketing opportunity, help solve the problems in the marketplace, or join a group of people with common interests.

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Bulletproof your job: 4 simple strategies to ride out the rough times and come out on top at work.

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You could try and move to another area in the company or move to a management position.

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Instead, put energy into leaving it: update your résumé, and start asking your close friends if they know of any openings for you at other companies.

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Follow this advice right now and you will find and land a good new job.

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By quitting, in essence, you will have to start over and find another company where you will have to prove yourself all over again.

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  • What do you speculate for remote workers being selected, when they are not seen, but only their work and emails, calls, and chat sessions are? (Of course, I understand the basics of performance, I was just curious, having just found you, what your thoughts might be.) I am a low-level pay great performer that worked remotely and was cut with a director and other managers…and the fellow that was hired with me into that new team we both moved to has been with the company twenty years, so you know he is costing more money (more paid time off, salary increases, etc.). Thank you in advance of your reply.

  • I worked in Amazon warehouse for a week, last year. It was tough, but doable, I would have continued if the commute wasn’t like 35 minutes. I also learned to make pizza at home. It was kind of fun.

  • This is such a rough time for so many people. 7,000 dead in Italy. And many other countries over here in Europe on a similar path. Here’s hoping everyone stays safe. I agree with Philip that this moment presents an unexpected opportunity for all of us to deeply reassess our lives and to pivot or transition in a major way, if necessary. For instance, if we take three months out to upskill or to get a new project off the ground, no one is going to question a gap in a resume or wonder why we aren’t on somebody’s corporate payroll somewhere. I’ve had half a dozen personal projects vaguely lined up for months and know that if I don’t pull some triggers now I never will.

  • Ive just been laid off today… work for a small company so the Corona situation has put them in a position to no longer be able to afford to pay all the staff….

  • I’ve been watching you videos for a year now. I started working freelance as a community manager on September last year and in December I had 5 clients. Unfortunately now I’m down to one. It’s alright, I’m working in my brand and I try to look at the bright side, even if I don’t get clients I want my brand to be known meanwhile and ready for when the market start to pick up.
    Greetings from Uruguay

  • I have already used this time to get a “Design Thinking” certificate and the UX/UI certificate is next! Thanks for the helpful information <3! We're all in this together!

  • I got a problem with the complementing, “if you are a man, you better not do that” WTH is that. But it’s ok for a woman? Wow a woman can be sexually harassed by another woman too, you know. I hate the double standards. Whites, don’t use the “n” word, but blacks, you guys are cool do what you want, it’s not racist. Never trust HR!

  • I appreciate this. I have actually been in and out of work for a while, even before the virus and it has been really hard. This was nice to hear from even an emotional level.

  • Those at higher risk need to isolate. The economy must keep running. A depression is unacceptable. Not only that herd immunity is the only thing that can stop this. Destroying the economy is stupid and would result in more deaths over the years due to alcoholism and suicide.

  • Being layed off is hard but God can make a way…God gave us His Son..Simply say and believe..Yeshua, Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me of my sins, wash me clean. I accept you as Lord and saviour, restore my life, help me. I believe you rose from the dead. And you will be saved, choose righteousness

  • Thanks for the support.
    I have been working with the restaurant business for a long time as a freelancer. It was always protected from loss of work by the number of different employers at one time. And for printing, design and website development.
    One restaurant is very easy to close the entire restaurant industry will never close people will always eat. Risk sharing several professions, several customers. But there was one moment, a black swan, who could do this and close all the restaurants in one moment.
    All I can do is do work on credit. You are right that there is time to tackle the portfolio, find new solutions.
    I do not want to stop because when all this is over, there may be a huge demand for my work at one moment, and I will be ready for it.

  • I cry lor listening to this…bcz of the fear…have stop us from pursuing what we love…the uncertainty of life make us worry every single day…

  • I helped my cousin some time ago, and I got her to agree to make drastic changes when I told her, “oh so you need to downsize?”and she liked that. So we downsized her life, she had a three bedroom house and she got a medical student to rent a bedroom, no cable tv, no expensive groceries, a lot of food preps and freeze, a lot of wholesale buying, make everything last longer, watered down in half shampoo and creams dishwashing liquid, hang out clothes, instead of using the dryer, hand wash instead of using the washer, measure everything for cooking, like two tablespoons ketchup for a recipe more poring what ever you want. Etc. ����

  • My daughter, and her husband are both working from home and have decided to use only her car, they filed it nonoperational and the insurance went down, and so did the amount they spend on gas. But he still have to pay the car note.

  • Hi Philip. Nice to see you here. Covid has disrupted our normal professional life. I am learning design softwares while at home…..

  • Congrats Chetan! I ended up in a similar situation. I couldn’t stand the Alarm clock. Got sick and tired of “the small box”. 8 years ago I found a simple way to make a living online while living in the “mountains” (in USA).

  • This is insanely stupid. How on earth can you lay someone off for the expression on their face one day or multiple days. It should be based upon how they perform. If you have someone who is habitually late and doesn’t put any effort into their jobs they are the first ones out.

  • So basically kiss ass? No thanks I Rather find a new job, then to brown nose a boss. 30 years old that’s just who I am and how always be

  • Thank you for putting this out. I hate nothing more than some dude telling me to update resume and immediately look for work. You give great output, thanks ��

  • As a habit, I cut my home cleaning, gym memberships, and online subscriptions. This is a great way to save just in case. This is where you need an emergency funds for at least a year.

  • It sucks, unemployment and disability! 20 times less than what your job paid! Your ideas you need to have multiple streams of income! Now they have coin machines in grocery stores!

    NetFlix, Hulu, Roku, Square, PayPal are hiring

    Toyota/NTT’s Smart City startup is hiring

    Amazon, BJ’s, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart give workers CASH bonuses

    Safeway, Vons, Albertsons, ShopRite, Stop & Shop

    Rite Aid, Smart & Final give raises

    US Bank gives raises

    Aldis, Trader Joes

    Amazon/Target raising pay, cash bonuses, better benefits

    Amazon/FedEx/UPS are hiring

    Costco/Kroger/Walmart are hiring

    Dominos, Pizza Hut/Jets/Pepsi are hiring

    Albertsons/Safeway/Fry’s Food/

    WinCo/Sprouts/Kroger/Aldi are hiring

    Aetna/Banner Health/CVS/Walgreens are hiring

    7-11/Circle K/Dollar Stores are hiring
    Commercial Real Estate Lawyers, Legal Assistants, Staff

    Bankruptcy Lawyers, Legal Assistants, Staff

    ReFi Mortgage Brokers, Assistants, Staff

    Divorce Lawyers, Legal Assistants, Staff

    SBA Lenders, Officers, Processors, Staff

    IT Managers, Leaders, Programmers, online

    Turnaround Consultants, Butchers, Interim Leaders

    Health Practioners, Wholesalers, Retailers, online

    Grocery investors, managers, HR, workers

    Warehouse managers, workers

    Entrepreneurs, investors

    Gold miners, operators, managers, accountants, etc.

    Options traders, commodities traders, Forex traders

    Military, police, security

    Online teachers, workers


  • Regarding the proposed stimulus payments, the draft Senate bill has income limits of $75000 for single filers, and **$150000 for joint filers**.

    Even if you yourself make over $75000, you would still get the stimulus payment if your joint income is under $150000.

    Of course the bill has not yet passed yet and things could certainly change.

  • 1) I have mixed feelings about these proposed “rent moratoriums” proposed by governments around the country. Many landlords rely on rental income to support themselves. That’s a tough call though.

    2) Now is a great time to negotiate pricing for any services that you choose not to discontinueinsurance(s), cable/internet bill, cell phone bill, RENT, etc.

    3) Bravo Mint Mobile! Already a great service, now even better giving people unlimited data during this craziness.

  • Maybe learn to hunt and fish, Idaho was giving people money for catching an invasive fish and even if your state doesn’t do that you may be able to sell pelts.

    Granted this will only work if you’re allowed outside, so start this after the beer bug lightens up to help get back on your feet. And please do so responsibly, bag limits exist for a reason.

  • Also, find out who the HR person is good friends with at the office and do not talk to them about anything personal, etc. because he or she will talk to the HR person because they are buddy’s and it’s fun to gossip.

  • Maybe the 3 that look like they’re not happy to be there is because the other 27 don’t do diddly squat but are masters of appearing like they do.

  • If you have a Tesla car SELL it and raise some cash. It’s useless and non essential in a lockdown.
    Elon Musk is building ventilators now.
    Car sales on boom in a boom. We are in a deep recession or depression now

  • This is the perfect time to get rid of bad tenants legally and easy. Actually that is what’s going on they are culling the less fortunate and the homeless rates will go up. The can make it a perfect time to make FEMA trailer park communities.I seen one of those communities they bult in Texas after those fires and they are ideal for many and better than being homeless.

  • I was just laid off from a job I have had for 16 years. I was given a severance package however part of the package is to continue working for another month and help those who still have jobs move to another location. Never been in this position before… I would love to turn the package down and quit but I’m not financially able to do so. I guess I should be grateful I got something. I truly knew it was coming and wanted a change in my life. Always a silver lining if you bother to look and offer the Universe your desire for change. A change for the better even if you can’t quite see the change at this very moment. You will…��

  • Don’t tell people that their landlords can’t get new tenants! They can move their family and extended family members in those units or homes legally if they want. Plus this does not mean everyone does not have money to move into a new home or apt.

  • I have been laid of (year ago) because my boss, was not satisfied with my work. To make it even worse they instead hired intern that is 20 years younger than me.
    I was unable to cope with it. Its now one year, and I am still unable to force myself to look for another job ( in design ).
    How to cope with this?

  • Instead of minimizing my expenses, it has exploded because i have a stock pile of food and paper goods.
    But i saved in commuting fees and dinning out since we have no choice but to eat at home.
    I can’t wait to eat out again!

  • A good time to start a garden if you have the land to do so. I remember reading that during the Great Depression many people had gardens and canned excess food, or traded it for other goods.

  • Hey Francis, when you do your taxes do you use a green visor/eyeshade? When you said your taxes are complicated I instantly pictured you with one of those old accountant visors ��

  • I come to btb for no bull shit take it straight reality check. He would b the most no nonsense straight forward guy to tell u how many months u have left to live.

    Yea I will order take out this mth to help out the restaurant industry.

  • We self-isolated March 7th. Haven’t stepped out of the house. Our groceries will easily last another 2 months. We are the lucky ones, both of us can work remotely and we are part of “essential services”. Moved 50% of our investments from “safe” to “aggressive” in stages March 2 and 23. Either we work till we croak or we retire 10 years earlier than planned.

  • Sir I love you for this…I am going through a very down time after getting fired last month,they gave me reason like i am not good at my work and not reliable despite of doing all hardwork…All my friends are earning and here I am no source of income,dependent on my parents…Trust me i got emotional while watching your video..Thanks for the HOPE Sir…Its was uplifting

  • Nice video.. I was “freelancing” and finished the interview process, waiting for a Job offer already confirmed the week we started quarantine, I don’t think this will happen now with all the shrinking of the agency world. Now my freelance job was put on hold and didn’t got any answer form the network agency:( about the offer. I think this will be a long year for me in Toronto. Maybe it is time to build my own small digital agency again… I’ll think about it…

  • I am happy to be a nurse and have a job and help. Not happy that 1/2 of my unit is sick and no ppe and they are refusing to test us. Crazy times. I would like to see society getting back to work soon but just practicing good hygiene.