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Head Stand Yoga Pose How To Do a Headstand for Beginners

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How to Be More Professional at Work

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6 Tips That Make Standing All Day Easier for Workers

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3 Tips For How to Stand Out at Work

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How to Stand Up For Yourself and Not Back Down When People Try to Push You Around

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How to stand up for yourself at work (SELF ADVOCACY AT WORK!)

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At least try standing and moving around more often at work before seeing it as impossible. Try it for a week and see how If you work from home (or in a progressive office) ask about placing a treadmill in front of your desk. Set the walk.

While it’s hard to swallow your pride and admit to having made a mistake, taking responsibility and apologizing are one of the best ways to stand out. This shows maturity, integrity and commitment. Along with a standing desk, a supplement to moving more while you work is to find an active desk chair that supports constant movement and good posture. Even those who opt for standing at work find.

How To Stand Out At Work 1. Always Offer Ideas And Suggestions. Start with your own job and if you have an idea or two about how it can be done 2. Do Not Sit Quietly In Meetings. We have all been in meetings where there are people who talk and people who do not.

3. Do MORE Than What Your Job. An easy way to move more at work is to just fidget. If you are feeling stressed, play with a stress ball, poke around your desk area to take a mental break or just shake it out.

Ask for more feedback You might already be meeting expectations, but exceeding those expectations will help you stand out from the crowd. But first you have to make sure you understand what’s. 3 Times You’ll Have to Stand Up for Yourself at Work (Because No One Else Will) 1. The Credit-Stealing Colleague You’re in a meeting, and a colleague claims credit for your work. As you reel from the 2. The Bulldozer Boss You’ve just been “voluntold” you’re it for the worst job on the team.

To stand out (and get promoted, if that’s your goal), you need to do outstanding work that will get you seen by your boss and others in management roles. Look for ways you can go above and beyond. ANAHEIM, Calif. — From the Apple Watch to standing desks, a number of products today attempt to get users to stand more and sit less.But exactly how many more calories do you burn when you stand.

Maybe you could get/make a platform to put on top of your desk to work standing up. Put your stuff on and off the platform as you put it on and off. Hopefully you don’t have an old 50 lb CRT with your computer.

The computer itself could stay off the platform – just have keyboard, monitor, and mouse on it.

List of related literature:

You should spend the majority of your desk time sitting up straight with knees level (not crossed) and your feet on the floor or on a footrest.

“The Principal as School Manager” by William L. Sharp, James K. Walter
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Modify work environments to promote neutral wrist positioning.

“Orthopedic Interventions for the Physical Therapist Assistant” by Maureen Raffensperg
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Request an ergonomic evaluation at the workplace to adjust furniture and equipment.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, E-Book” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio, Sheri Felder, Eon K Shin
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Transition to better sitting positions at work is a good first step.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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Learn some simple relaxation exercises that you can do standing away from your desk, such as rotating your head, pulling your shoulders up and then dropping them, stretching your legs, doing lunges—stepping forward and bending both your front and then back leg.

“Surviving and Thriving in Postgraduate Research” by Ray Cooksey, Gael McDonald
from Surviving and Thriving in Postgraduate Research
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When you sit at your desk you can put your head down, you can fiddle with stuff inside of the desk, you can check out even when you’re sitting there.”

“The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children” by Gloria Ladson-Billings
from The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children
by Gloria Ladson-Billings
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Make sure that your chair fits your body and that your computer and monitor are positioned so that as you work, you use good posture.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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Talk to your employer; they might be willing to accommodate your needs (it is increasingly common these days, given the startling research on sitting’s dangers and the productivity boost gained from standing).

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

Perform an ergonomic consultation of a colleague’s work space and discuss recommendations to prevent injury.

“Occupational Therapy in Community and Population Health Practice” by Marjorie E Scaffa, S. Maggie Reitz
from Occupational Therapy in Community and Population Health Practice
by Marjorie E Scaffa, S. Maggie Reitz
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Push away from the desk, sit on the edge of your chair with your knees and feet about twelve inches apart.

“The Power of Patience: How This Old-Fashioned Virtue Can Improve Your Life” by M. J. Ryan
from The Power of Patience: How This Old-Fashioned Virtue Can Improve Your Life
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  • How do i handle a coworker that always makes joke to me.
    When i am working he tickles me or wants to play fight.
    I dont like that but i dont want to be mad and create tention.
    He also doesnt really respect me i know that in the way he talks.

  • I’ve been using this video to learn how to do a headstand and I honestly did not expect this pose to help with my anxiety as much as it has! It helps me focus on being in my own body and being aware of what my body can do on that day. It’s a very meditative pose and I’m so glad I found this video! Love the YWA community ❤��

  • While riding the subway, the first thing I look for is a seat. I hate standing still, but I don’t mind moving around/exercising/dancing.

  • I loved this video sooo much❤
    You are amazing, I can already do a headstand and crow pose thanks to you and I would love to learn a handstand to!! ☺

  • Was goofin and totally ran into my dresser trying to show my sister what a headstand was. Smh. I’m new so I just wanted to show her the steps and ended going up but also back because I don’t have the strength. Don’t be stupid �� kinda salty she didn’t even try to save like leg tho smh ����

  • Wow! I have been wanting to learn how to do a headstand, I have followed along short 5 minute videos. However, this one was great because of how involved you were with how to build strength and take it step by step. Thank you! Very helpful!

  • Adriene I don’t know if you’ll see this comment but is it normal for my head to hurt when I’m doing this? or am i just weak and not used to doing a headstand

  • Increased standing time by occupation probably more a correlation factor. Need to limit variables. Could be that those who stand all day in occupations that are more dangerous, make less money, have less access to health care, etcetera.

  • I personally prefer sitting desks because if I’m sitting for 30-60 minutes, my body will get uncomfortable enough to tell me when to get up and move around. I agree with the video that just standing at a desk is not enough to get the necessary movement during the day. Also, on the topic of staying hydrated, I use a 20 oz Yeti tumbler because I find that 20 oz of water is a good amount but I keep getting up to refill it as well as use the restroom, giving me even more reason to move around during the day.

    Good video with some excellent info though!

  • I may doubt the claims on standing with mortality/overhealth health; BUT I think it’s kind of crazy to suggest it doesn’t help your back (as you seem to agree at 8:00). I think this is the key takeaway. Don’t skip out on a standing desk before finishing the video!

  • Final Analysis…”You SEE what you want to SEE, you HEAR what you want to HEAR”. If you’ve never been to Paris do you doubt that it’s there? I use a standing desk up and down throughout the day and I feel it helps me in many ways. Point being…Perception IS Reality. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Your witness.

  • You said in the video itself that a standing desk has concrete benefits for both posture and relieving back pain related to prolonged sitting. That seems like a clear advantage, no? Most of the disadvantages you brought up are related to prolonged static positioning *in general*, regardless of posture during that time. So they obvious solution seems to be “use a standing desk, but take some breaks to move during the day”.

  • I agree with and practice everything you suggest in this video. In fact, I have been publicly complimented by one of my managers as one of the most professional people with whom he’s ever worked.

    Unfortunately, I work in the tech industry where the people who usually get promoted practice the exact OPPOSITE of these things. And I’m not exaggerating. It’s pretty sad. ��

  • I don’t think many people are considering standing permanently at their desk. The idea behind desk raisers is to, every 20-40 minutes of sitting, do 2-15 minutes of standing. Also, no one stands perfectly still. This video makes it sound like you have to choose between 2 extremes.

  • Were kind of unsure about if whether I should do this one or not but I gave it a try and ended up going half way without using the wall for the first time ����
    Trust adriene trust the video ��

  • Hi I am vedha I am fat and slim now how to slim pls say ya I am not babolala I am babolala “s before boy what Menes I am the boy fighter whet men’s that is my father pls say

  • This video is very well done! I have used both standing desks and sitting desks for months at a time, and I have found that vigorous overall activity makes a much greater difference in my energy level, attitude, and well-being than what desk I use. So I make sure to do frequent and vigorous yard work, bike riding, and walking/hiking to offset my relatively sedentary desk time.

  • I focus the best while walking. Needles to say, not really doable while working on a computer. Maybe we’ll get that treadmill desk some day…

  • Get yourself a manual adjustable height desk, so you can alternate between sitting and standing. I prefer standing more but taking sitting breaks in between.

  • Sometimes i feel as the pushover at work. I am very helping and caring 4 others but as seem it can be a burden on me. So sometimes i do isolate myself how can get to be more likeable??

  • Great advice. But, as a real estate broker, I need to tell you how Zillow gets its Zestimate. If there are 10 houses that sold ranging from a sold price of 1,000,000 to 50,000 (but they were all 3 bedroom homes with 2 full baths with 2500 sqft of living space), it adds all 10 houses up and divides by 10. Thus, getting the Zestimate. REGARDLESS of whether the 50,000 house was a distressed house or not. When a real estate agent does a comparative market analysis (CMA) we compare like objects, meaning, million to million, arm’s length (not distressed) to arm’s length, distressed to distressed, 3 bed to 3 bed, etc. We will factor in condition and do adjustments that we get off of appraisals that we become privy to. (Not all buyers forward their appraisal to us. They do not have to unless the appraisal comes in under the sale price.) So, no one is trying to “get a quick sale.” They are just trying to minimize the days on market, minimize the amount of advertising costs, and minimize the amount of time they have to spend doing open houses, etc. Since time is money! There are agents that will “buy the listing.” meaning, “Sure Mr. Seller! Your house is worth $201,000 and maybe even more!” Then, 2 weeks in to the listing they are hitting the seller up for a huge price reduction. The seller gets pissed and the relationship breaks down and the reputation of “all” real estate agents gets tarnished in statements like, “You people are all alike.” So, being honest from the get-go is trying to get a quick sale? I don’t think so. Again, TIME IS MONEY!

  • Great tips. Thank you so much for sharing. Made a lot of sense and really helped me to feel more confident in my ability to communicate without being harsh or unprofessional.

  • I work a 12 hour shift where I drive a standing forklift, which requires me to stand in one spot for long periods of time. Extremely painful.

  • Serious question, not meant as criticism: Youthful hair is great in my opinion, but when it comes time to be gray. Is it better to have a short gray beard or does it look better to be clean shaven?

  • You are awesome! I always get the point of your message. You don’t clutter it with too many points. I always come away learning something very valuable.

  • The video gives a lot of information about “what” studies say, but not “why” or how credible they are. The advice at the end is sound, but is irrelevant to which choice you should make because the “why” and credibility check are missing. Having those two elements would be more informative!

  • Yes you are back. You know I really enjoy your videos, you may are not one of the biggest on YT but you do a pretty damn god job and I truly smile when I see your videos. Please upload more, you give me the advises that my parents don’t (sometimes).

  • I’m wondering if this could help relieve tension in my neck.
    Obviously we have to build the strength to be able to support our weight with our shoulders.
    But I did physical therapy and they have this expensive machine to pull on my head, which at times was too much. This pose seems like it would be a lot better. Obviously there is more work involved and we can’t go around recommending it to people, but as someone who has already exhausted physical therapy and chiropractic resources, I personally think that building up to this could help me reset my neck.

  • 3:12
    I think the key takeaway from this part is the “Occupations” involving primarily standing. Not desk jobs! I bet there is a positive correlation with morbidity and these types of jobs. People that are low SES have over all worse health out comes and often have jobs that require standing. So you should probably stand more but don’t get a job where that’s a requirement.

  • riding a bike is a sitting activity too. With motions in short range wich will lead to shortened muscles. So riding a bike is moving but its moving while sitting. Same for the gym most machines let u sit while doing ur exercises. Its beneficial to restore the body and natural positions and movements wich where lost over the years of sitting. Where just not made for our lifestyle and the fix for this is to change our lifestyle. I would go for the standing desk and switch between sitting and standing every hour or so and do some exercices. And the most important walk and do it barefoot like god or the superior alien race wich created us created us for. We also degenerate with every new generation. The weak can replicate and our genes degenerate couse we dont have to use our body like it was ment to be.

  • That’s not always true. Sometimes dong the work attracts competition and the work is redistributed away from you onto someone else and you become responsible for training them to do what you are no longer wanted to do.

  • For me prolonged sitting desk creates a problem for my sciatica. There are desk that allow you to sit and stand throughout the day, smart desk. And, when sitting I prefer to sit on a ball.

  • Hi friends! Thanks so much for watching:) Make sure you get your free copy of the Improv Guide for Self Advocacy at Work via the link in the comments! How do you handle workplace confrontation, or advocating for yourself at work? Leave a comment, and I’ll get back to each one individually!

  • i get dizzy every time I put my head down on the floor. I’m only hovering over the floor not pushing my head hard against it so it kind of scares me because my mom has vertigo. Is that normal for a beginner? Should I keep trying or maybe this isn’t the right yoga for me?:(

  • I got a lot from this video, thank you very much for your advice!

    I just wanted you advice for a scene partner that won’t let me bring a brick to the table. I had one who just wouldn’t let that happen. How would you go about that?

  • I just practiced this one again and I really had fun this time cause I got some more strength in my upper body so this was amazing I am going to keep doing it daily and see how it unfold thank u Adriene much love Namaste and good night ����������❤������

  • How about the other end of spectrum in the case of the realtor you mentioned, where one could say to the realtor, “Well, I don’t give a shit about what you think the price should be listed at, I am the client here, so, if you can’t bring yourself to align with your client’s instrutions, then your client is happy to pull the plug on you”. It might sometimes be easier to be aggressive than assertive in such a particular scenario, again, context is crucial.

  • Dan, you are so cute!!! Your lessons are stunning. I practice your lessons at my job/personal life and it makes things so much easier for me to cope.

  • THANK YOU!! <3:)
    I tried this for a week and lost hope. After a month now, i tried it again and did it at one go! now im learning to balance my legs.

  • First use a treadmill and a standing desk. Then if you get a little bit wasted, stop the treadmill.
    And at the end you can sit down. Dont do one of those the whole time.

  • Having to finally lift both of my legs away from the earth made me burst into tears (happy tears) i am so proud of myself and amused by how my body can develop so much strength and integrity that i wasn’t aware of before starting yogo! Thank you Adriene, you really changed my life and i finally found a way to heal any anxiety or stress. I really love yoga-never thought i would! <3

  • Yes, I’ve used the broken record before, now I just need to fine tune it so that by the third time I haven’t broken the record player aswell, my voice seem to go up a notch or two by the third time.

  • This is great! Most people only care about promotions and raise in salaries forgetting that company would give value for value. My take away is “Instead of asking when can i get promoted, ask what do I need to do to start contributing at higher level?”:)

  • I turn 48 tomorrow and I never thought I’d be able to do a headstand. I only stayed in the stand for a few seconds but I was able to breathe while I was there. Thank you!!! I feel strong and confident.

  • Humans just standing immobile on two legs for hours is actually putting alot of stress on the spine. The best answer is to sit and work for 40 ish minutes plus sometimes walking around or lying on your back for 10 minutes or so.

  • Wow you are amazingly good and efficiently the way you express everything. At the same time soo funny I mean in a good way
    I Laugh in this video when you imitate voices. And move your eyes. Super effective.

  • Can you do one for family members negatively commenting how you are choosing to raise your kids that’s not how we did it and so forth..Please!!!!

  • awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the practical advice. I am going to try this with my teenager:) Thank you for always sharing your advise with us.

  • The first two tips are literally not available for me the sink is too low down for my tall ass and I wash dishes a lot and I don’t get to choose what shoes I wear

  • this was super helpful to watch considering i’m building my next setup around a convertible standing desk (video making and game streaming) i really dont want to fall into the trap of beginning to slouch in a gaming chair but also don’t want to constantly stand either.

  • Always enjoying your videos! Great suggestions with practical advice and in a down-to-earth way.

    Another suggestion on how to be professional is to limit the amount of empty gossiping. If you get a gossiper reputation, no one will trust you with anything important.
    Never complain to much about how the tasks are too confusing or too complicated or that you’re not in the mood to do it. This all spells huge personality problems, especially responsibility wise. Always try to think HOW you can start doing the task and as soon as you start, it’s going to get done.

  • I tried this practice last month (SHIFT playlist), but I couldn’t lift myself up. Today, I decided to try again and I DID IT! I’m so proud of myself to believe in me and in my body… Thank you!

  • i work at a high end kitchen that requires me to stand 14 hours with one 30 min break in between, for 4 months straight, my feet and legs feel like there being cut off it’s absolute torcher

  • Hi Dan. You were right. This is much better. You are a natural actor. I can see you in Two Gentleman of Verona. Not a bad psychologist too. Have you thought about turning these scenarios into short dialogues to act out?

  • There is no mention of postural benefits form alternating between sitting and standing. Going back and forth between the two definitely helps alleviating my upper-back neck pain. I doubt anyone is mistaking sit-to-stand desks for exercising replacement. Significant omission for a study claiming to unravel the TRUTH

  • Does anyone know of a schientific study that was not dichotomous? does any normal intelligence human think that any major question has a simple dichotomous either or answer?

    The Conclusion here is refreshing!

    my Doctors first rule was set a timer on your screen for 20-25 minutes and get up and walk for at least 30 seconds… its been huge!

  • The comments at 1:53 about not being reversed by activity other times I find highly questionable. Probably other studies exist or will exist contradicting that. Probably not sufficient data to support that. And, again, you have the correlation versus causation factor.

  • HEY!!! Mister DanO!!!

    ⌚⌚⌚ 4 entering my life!!!
    u R a ������n my life Dan!!!


  • Hi, I started practising headstand day by day and by the time I lifted up my both legs from ground I started getting upper back pain! And after that I can’t lift up my legs. Any solution for this? Now I’m trying ur upper back body yoga

  • Thanks for the affirmations I’m jumping into senior position with a baby face so I’m upping my visual aesthetic too! Lol your b-roll is hilarious and contests with your seriousness lol

  • This is great but I wish he didn’t just focus on men. Women want to be professional too and a lot of this advise I’m not able to use.

  • What other videos should I cover next on our Research Explained series? Let me know! Here’s the rest of the Research Explained videos:

  • Love your tip to build meaningful relationships with your coworkers. It’s important to stay connected and positive which will make for a great professional reputation. Having been in business for 20+ years, I’ve definitely seen both the good and bad examples of this. Cheers!

  • A contradicto in adjecto.

    To be more professional would be to assume more responsibility which would mean more to challenge and try to overthrow your superior in the organisation. Work through and gain dominion over more and more superiors and you rise to the top 😉

  • Many of these doesnt work in night shift outsourced jobs; ppl gossip and it’s a big crowd at work in those big huge floors…we are not illiterates, but acceptance is usually a very slow process when it comes to CHANGE and NEW. I m frm India and the exposure is very diverse….

  • This had nothing to do with workplace bullies. And I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t have a conversation with your nephew or your realtor. There may be reasons why the realtor thinks it should be priced lower. This comes across as being completely inflexible and again what does this have to do with workplace bullying?

  • This was my first ever attempt at doing a headstand and, even against the wall, I could only get one knee up. My arms really need to practice this posture and build strength before I’ll be able to go further and that’s ok! I know that it’s best to keep practicing, and then resting, and then trying again etc. instead of just throwing myself into it. Thank you Adriene for explaining everything you teach us so clearly!

  • This is an interesting video, but the “commercial” spoken by the video’s host for some briefcase bag was distracting and a bit unprofessional. Watch the Bar Rescue show to see how to recognize your sponsor’s products without distracting from your core message.

  • You mentioned a Treadmill deskthat sounded good but you dropped the subject. Also, could you do a video on tDCS devices? Since they are so expensive, I would love to see someone call them a scam!!!

  • I’ve found that standing whilst smoking is about the same as sitting. The important thing, is to move around whilst you’re smoking. Take regular smoke breaks.
    Examples of moving whilst smoking, is getting the car and getting some drive-through fast food. If you use the highway, you move much faster.
    You can also go to the refrigerator and get a cold beer. This exercises the arms as well as the legs. The more beer you drink, the more you need to move both your legs to get the beer and your arms to drink the beer. It’s a win win.

    In other news, it has been conclusively proven by scientists that living is dangerous and by far the default state, for most people, is to be dead. These facts are conclusively ratified by the simple fact that there’s more dead people, over the course of human history, than there are living people.

  • Thaaaank you thaaank you thaaank youuu soooo much i did it in 2 weeks ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Now i need to learn the handstand using my hands only

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  • When you’re young, you’re always worrying what other people are thinking about you. When you reach middle age, you no longer care what other people think of you. And when you’re old, you realise, everyone was just thinking about themselves all along.

  • Love her variation of headstand practice for beginners wherein she conscientiously guide us to do it. Really perfect for those who’ve never done headstand. I was able to do it in 5 days, for 5seconds after more practice, I can now do it for more than a minute. Consistency is the key!:))))

  • Plz once visit my channel, you will find the handstands on Tractor, on Chairs, on Bank of Rivers on stone, On stairs, On Stools, etc… with variations And you will find the perfection in Headstand, power of Headstand.
    I’m in the age of 32 and I started Headstand before 1 years without any guide or trainer.
    You will find wonderful

    Please once visit…

  • I have (imperfectly) designedand build an upsliding desktop so I can stands or sit and change it as soon I feel the need and BONUS: my poor design make the change a bit chore and force me to exercise more 😉

  • Lovely Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you researched Biyiam Biyameron Solution (google it)? It is a great exclusive product for learning how to easily get the success of your life of your dreams minus the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my old buddy Taylor after many years got amazing results with it.

  • That was fantastic, i finally did head stand after watching this video several times and taking it slow �� you are the best Adriene ��

  • The advice for sending e-mails goes for talking and telling stories. Say what you need to say, maybe use a bit of humor and leave it there. People will ask you questions if they want to hear more, that way you don’t monopolize the coffee break conversation.
    You have been inspiring me to change the content on my channel. Thanks for the video.I have been listening to your Podcasts as well. Roger

  • I never thought I could be able to do a handstand on a first try… I did it and I am so proud of myself and thankful to her for this amazing video!

  • I’ve been using a standing desk for the past 2 years. Now the only time I use it in standing mode is to battle my post lunch crash. It works like magic. For the most part of the day I’m sitting as it increases my productivity way more than standing.

  • My tip for my introverts guys pls don’t be upset about ur fear of speaking. God loves you anyways, you are just beautiful as you are )

  • i injured myself doing headstand bafore. but with proper and constant practice, I can finally do it now. Sirsasana is my fave yoga inversion. the king of asanas as they say. sharing you this vid of mine taking headstand to another level, if you’ll allow me. challenge ourselves and make it happen. thank you. stay safe����

  • How to be more compassionate at work: Don’t put your stuff in a bag made from the skin of an animal… consider a stylish and ethical work bag! Other than that, great advice, thanks for the help.

  • I’m gonna practice doing this everyday and wanna do it without the wall.
    Will keep updating every single day.

    Send moral support hehe

  • Spinning desk will save us all. According to the first half of an unscientific study the centrifugal force enhances blood flow and oxygen saturation.

  • 1 minute of information and 8 minutes of pure fluff to extend the run time… the quality of YouTube videos is just worse and worse these days.

  • wow, that is a though one for me but I will try again and again, 2020 goal! ( it was my first try today, thank you Adriene for including patience and mindfulness in this practice, makes all the difference) just a quick question, I see a lot of ads on something that can help with the headstand: what are your thoughts on the inversion bench?

  • I don’t really agree with how arguments here were presented, and it really seems to suggest a lot more negatives associated with sitting at your desk vs standing at your desk.

    The only good argument I got from this video against standing desks is the prolonged standing increasing lower limb arterial stiffness. However, this seems like something a standing desk mat could counteract against.

    The Smith et al., 2017 study is a really bad example to use in trying to demonstrate potential weaknesses associated with using a standing desk. That study examined cooks, retail salespersons / clerks, and machine operators as examples of “standing” jobs. That is obviously quite different from a less physically straining operation where you are standing in front of a desk the whole day.

    As someone who experienced horrible lower back pain in the past and switched to a standing desk (+ standing desk mat) after consulting numerous physiotherapists and health experts, I can say 100% that it has changed my life for the better.

    Get a standing desk, and let your own experience speak for itself (it’ll end well).

  • Perhaps standing desks are a good solution for people with ADHD? I find myself focusing far better when I pace the room back and forth on phone calls and thinking that standing will help.

  • Hey, how should I work with the headstand if I have a very long neck? It feels like the neck gets cramped even though I focus on pressing away the shoulders from the ears and try to build as much length as possible. Will def return to this video, hopefully my anatomy and muscle strength will allow for one day being able to do this! Thanks for the video!

  • Yeah, on one of these videos…….a programmer who sat for 10-12 hours per day……developed pulmonary embolism……he also knew others who had developed problems.

  • I knew I didn’t have enough upper body strength to do this right now and almost skipped it but I gave it a go anyway and I’m glad I did. The first half gave me some excellent positions to improve my strength. I won’t be able to head stand anytime soon but I will continue practicing bending and straightening my legs on my forearms. I am not putting my head down yet though because I found myself wanting to put weight on it for support. When I no longer want to put weight on my head I’ll know it’s time for the next step.

  • Hi Kyle,
    The video was amazing and it really helped learn a lot. I just want a piece of advise. I always get nervous when my boss asks me a question and I end up beating around the bush in my answer, I just want to over come this and give straight answers to him. Can you suggest me way? I will be really happy ove come this.

  • Omg I did it, my knees bending in the air, it was amazing. Could it hold it for like ten seconds. I’ll be working on this, thank you so much Adriene. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sorry, but “lunch on friday” and “tell me about your pet” are not leadership characteristics at all. It will easily get you into office politics/gossip and it shows you do not value your time. Be professional. Private and professional lives are apart.

  • Negative effects of sitting aren’t reversed by being active?

    So it doesnt make sense to become more active and switch to a healthier lifestyle?

    Whats the point then?

  • I watch Dan because of his honesty in throwing up truth. Lets face it. Most people just produce smily fake garbage from aome book they read

  • This was the first video I ever watched of you, of course I didn’t do the position back then but It hooked me. Now 3 years later I still can’t do the position but I’m glad I found you Adriene. Day 9 of SHIFT in!
    Edit: last try I did!! Against the wall but hey, it still counts!!!