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Start drinking plenty of water the day before. Air travel is very drying because the humidity in the aircraft is low—10 percent to 20 percent—rather than the 30 percent to 65 percent that most people find comfortable. In this dry environment, moisture evaporates rapidly. Roxburgh, who has a degree in Exercise Physiology, recommends standing regularly, stretching, and doing simple moves like seated twists, ankle rolls, and neck stretches every hour or two to keep circulation moving.

How to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Travel Season Beware of the Bathroom. We all know that public restrooms are dirty. The real culprit is the spray of droplets that Don’t Drink the Water. An EPA study found that one in every eight airplanes failed the agency’s standards for water.

The secret to staying healthy during the holidays is no secret at all: Wash your hands. It’s the most important thing you can do while traveling, and it’s good form year-round, but particularly. Eat For Vitamins There’s the temptation to just grab convenient packaged foods during holiday travel, but when you make a conscious choice to eat for vitamins (i.e quality, healthy meals that include lots of fruits and vegetables), you’re nourishing your immune system and helping it stay strong in the face of germs.

How to stay healthy during holiday travel. If motion sickness is a concern, try these tips: Stick to very light meals before traveling and avoid greasy and fatty foods. Try sitting in areas that move the least – the front of a train, wings of a plane, or center of a ship if you’re cruisin. For many, this means traveling during the next few weeks to destinations near and far—sometimes very far! With all the traveling I do in my global search for the latest alternative, non-toxic healing opportunities for cancer patients, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t work to stay healthy, whether I’m going.

Here are things to consider before you hit the road: Plan to make as few stops as possible, but stop driving if you become drowsy. Be sure to pack cloth face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in an easily accessible spot so that you can use Prepare food and water to take on the trip. In the Fresh Air Squeeze in exercise.. Strapped for time? Studies show that 10-, 15-, even five-minute spurts of exercise throughout the Stay vertical.. One way to fend them off: Walk like a penguin (seriously). Building up your core strength will Dress smart.. The right clothes will.

Be a smart cookie by following these simple steps to stay healthy during the holiday season: Eat mindfully. When you’re eating, sit back and allow yourself to truly enjoy your favorite holiday flavors. Pay Stay hydrated. “Water accounts for 60% of our body’s total weight and we need to stay.

List of related literature:

Airplane cabins have low humidity, so drink lots of juice or water instead of carbonated drinks and don’t overeat in-flight.

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Avoid jet lag The humidity nourishes the skin and the local by setting your watch to local time at your fruit is brimming with vitamins.

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Tips for staying healthy whilst away include advice on avoiding Deep Vein Thrombosis during flights.

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• Drink plenty of water to keep well hydrated throughout the flight.

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Drink water and get up every hour for at least 5 minutes during the flight.

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You can protect yourself by making sure you get plenty of vitamin C in the days before your flight.

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And don’t forget to drink plenty of bottled water (don’t drink airplane tap water or water that you suspect might have originated in the airplane tap), milk, and juice to counter the dehydration caused by air travel.

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(pillows, eyeshades, earplugs, and minimum use of electronic devices), eating in-flight meals on the destination schedule, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping according to the destination schedule.

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Avoid air travel as much as possible when training hard because the recirculated air is carrying germs from all over the world.

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Airplane cabins have low humidity, so drink ing something extra from your insurance comlots of juice or water instead of carbonated drinks, pany could be more trouble than it’s worth.

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  • How can you maintain such a fit body? I lost my fit body 5 years back. Don’t know the reason. But I got some swelling problem in my intestine. Cnt eat anything that has milk. It almost kills me.

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  • As a private pilot with about 400hrs, who also practices things like stall/spin recovery, simulated engine failures, and instrument flying

    I’m pretty sure I could land an airliner without cracking due to stress

  • I have been asked to travel and carry light and m headed to France..what is the option to this skincare then.. Loads of water and washing?

  • i live in Thailand teaching English and its hard to determine when im on holiday and when im not:L the hot weather triggers me to feel more casual:L

  • I am watching this on my period at 00:57 in the morning eating a chocolate bar, like why am I watching this eating chocolate on Boxing Day?

  • 4:50 is wrong………. The captain will put on the fasten seatbelt sign and will then be told by the attendants when all passengers are back in there seats thus been able to jump the que or go ASAP

  • FINALLY someone who promotes a joyful life and doesn’t give advice on “how to avoid extra calories” or “workout routine for when you’re on holiday” ������!! Eat the freaking cookie, hang out with your family, skip a workout and have fun for a week. Just live your life ❤��!!!

  • Loved this! Not going away for christmas.but going to our “summerhouse” = no gym nearby. So this applies as well! Love how genuine and down to earth you are:)

  • Why are I am for 2 hours asked a lot of questions, if I want to enter the US, at the 3rd time I flew alone? The first 2 times I`ve been with my boyfriend and we got through very fast.

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  • There are essentially 3 “911” calls when flying (on your transponder). Code 7500 is for hijacking. Code 7600 is for no radios. And 7700 for everything else (a fire, engine out, no fuel, etc.).

  • And remember… Aeroplanes can be dirty. The blanket, the pillow, the toilet and the tray tables are the dirtiest parts in a plane. Carry and Use disinfectant wipes atleast on your tray table…

  • Please can u ckeckout mixed makeup videos…she said we shouldn’t do such skincare inside the plane but to do it beforehand…im just curious. Btw love youuu������

  • This is so horrifying. I’m recovering from an eating disorder and telling your audience how to “get fit” is stupid. No one needs to diet or shrink there bodies.

  • Casually, “with this warm towel….” Must be nice flying first class where warm towels are provided cuz flying coach would leave that mask crusty af lol

  • just stumbled across your channel.. great video and very good tips:) just subbed as well as i like your attitude and you look amazing:)

  • If you can help it Don’t fly with any American carries they treat you like a cow, and stay away from the Max 737 Boeing and the FAA have blood in their hands. They knew about the problems years ago.

  • Such an important topic!! Last year I lost my gains and results from 4 months in the gym in about 3 weeks of holiday…. Thanks for the tips ��️‍♀️ ��

  • That’s amazing thank you sanne you look so beautiful and fresh my inspiration I will definitely try to do this amazing beauty regime ����

  • Hi sanne!you’ve really saved my skin thanks to your advices for hydration! If you want to watch a movie during your flights i would recommend you these: big stan, letters to juliet and if you like adventure movies the new lara croft!

  • Why apply a purifying mask in the airplane? Why don’t do it at home before the flight? Or even better at home or salon after the flight? I think during the flight just need to worry to hydrate the skin. I don’t understand that flight routine.

  • Sorry but I have confidence with all my years of flying realistic simulators and training that i would be comfortable enough to land a plane if it was in good condition and was not damaged…

  • Planes DO NOT leave the flaps up when they are being hijacked. I do not know where you got this information from, but it is a total lie. The main secret form of communication is the squawk code, which atc uses to identify an aircraft. If a plane is being hijacked, the pilots squawk 7500, indicating to atc that there is a hijacking.

  • Cool video! But I feel a bit conflicted because some dermatologists say that it’s not good to do all these things on the airplane because the air is super dry and there are a lot of germs:/ but my skin feels like it really needs some treatment on the plane.

  • Absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing your easy facial tips. Appreciate your time with and the product names. What snacks do you pack in your bag for “on the go”? *How did you get into modeling? Started by using agency?

  • Who’s watching this in 2017? And tea is a great substitute for coffee, since I do not like both as I think about tea I had some of them once in a while. And they are absolutely great since adding water, your chosen tea bag, and sometimes I like putting honey since they help me warm up.

  • So relatable with the weather, what is this weather?��❄️☔️! I can’t wait for the 4 weeks off University, just want to cosy up in bed��

  • Love Grace you know! Literally giving us healthy tips with her bottle of vokat in the background. I’m relating so badly. Love you! xxxx

  • you shouldn’t eat before working out because while u exercise ur body needs energy so if u eat ur body will use the food u ate for energy but if u exercise on an empty stomach there wont be food to burn so instead ur body would use ur excess body fat for energy.

  • I was in thailand eating pad thai and pancake roti when you uploaded this. I had to come back and watch after I ate so I didn’t feel bad ��

  • Is number four true because the pilot can put in squawk 7500 to inform the atc without speaking to it and also 7500 stands for 75 a man with a knife and also leaving the flaps up when you are landing the plane is probaly gonna crash because the flaps allow the plane to land at a slower speed

  • why would you wash your face on the airplane wouldn’t you wash your face before you left for the airport?? at least for the begging of the flight routine

  • I love your lip color. What one do you use? I’m blonde and fair like you and it’s hard to find lip color that’s not too over powering. Hydration is key when flying. We fly all over and you are so right to keep hydrated. Hugs! I love your channel!!

  • Can you still do your guide workouts okay at the gym without being able to access the aflete app? I have a brick phone ���� tia for any advice xx

  • Never ever use the hot towels we pass out! Plus the cabin air is not the cleanest so you should cleanse and moisture before and only repeat if necessary! Stewardess hint we got to do everything not get Stewardess Acne…

  • Hi grace didn’t you have a cyst in your mouth or something in summer? I’m having a similar thing now and was wondering what advice you could give me? Xx

  • I am very fond of your Chanel you are a very nice person but, please don’t use a plastic bottle! Save the environment, a bunch of ppl watch your videos so them might get the wrong msg:) ❤️

  • I’m sorry but I really wanna know the brand of your necklace in your past video,too bad I can’t post a picture of it. The video posted in 04.04,2018,this day is also my birthday,the title is “everyday makeup tutorial”�� just like the necklace soooooo much

  • I have noticed in some comments from a year ago that Meredith is not eating as much, because she is balancing and using substitutes by keeping the meals portioned, cut out, and always healthy no matter what. For instance, instead of high carbs like pizza because it is made from dough, tomato sauce, and flour as substitute switch out methods, and re-create an alternate that does not have many carbohydrates. Specifically Meredith means to avoid cut out, avoid, or balance high carbohydrates and stick with low carb meals like, beans since it is a cruelty free protein, having vegetables and that does become part of your meals, so if you still like chicken, ham, or your favorites then balance and portion with veggies.

  • On holiday i just make sure to do my cardio sessions and make good choices when I eat out, but if I want to have desserts or indulge I willits about BALANCE people!

  • Hi Grace, I love all your videos, u are awesome. Can you please do a video on how to start working out with weights for absolute beginners. I want to start doing your workouts but I am not sure where to start!!!!!

  • Do you know that fruit smoothies are not healthy for you because your blending loads of sugar toghether natural suger it’s got more suger in than a coke!!!!

  • planes do fly in a straight line, the map is a mercator projection so everything is a little disoriented that’s why the plane line is curved

  • To be honest this type of eating isn’t healthy at all. Athletes and bodybuilders always eat normal like meats eggs rice milk ( They need all type of proteins and carbohydrates so the body can actually function ) even if it is just going to the gym once a week. I’m tennis player and it is necessarily to eat 2 times a day of full meal. Just giving an advice but you do you:)

  • I love how you’ve gendered the pilots and flight attendants bc only men can be pilots and flight attendants must be women in short skirts.

  • Have you ever thought of doing skincare before the flight?? There’s so much pollution in the plane that’s lingering in the air. It’s not necessary to do this if you do it before you aboard the plane

  • I just clicked on the thumbnail to point out how completely ridiculous this is. Most people who fly don’t even have space for their own feet!
    This is completely unattainable for most people and is a lot of what’s wrong with social media!

    PS: if I ever saw someone doing these things in a plane I’d laugh my ass off!

  • THIS video was seriously so dang helpful. Im gonna be traveling this entire month and next month and I’ve been working out for 2 years and feel and look good and was really worried about what I was gonna do during this holiday

  • Read all the comments and not a single reply from channel owner for the many positive messages. Won’t be popping by again, I can see how much these followers mean to you.

  • Hi Sanne!! Greeting from Tokyo, Japan!
    It’s my very first time to write a comment!
    I always enjoy your videos and big fun of yours!
    I have a favor to ask:)
    Can you make another video with roosmarijn?(for example what’s in your bag in this season?)
    Because I really loved the video you both did together!!:)
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    Love, Yuriko:)

  • Great tips! <3 Having different ethnic cuisine (which I think you meant LOL) is awesome and yes so many health benefits! People just have to be open minded to workout methods and food!:)

  • Fitbit Charge 2 + 24 DVD’s + 14 Box sets + £80 accessories Total value = £280 –

  • How long do I have to live in the gym to look half as hot and fit as you do? haha ����
    Have a nice day with this cool summer song on youtube which I love to listen to while exercising: Flo Tusch Love ain’t cheap
    I love the relaxing vibe of it and I hope it will make your day better too ��

  • Hey Grace! I’m a new subscriber from the states and I love your videos! I’m also in college so seeing someone around my age being so successful with their fitness has really been a motivation for me, so thank you so much. The one area that I really struggle with is my stomach. Being a woman, I carry a lot of weight in my belly, especially my lower belly. What are some exercises you would recommend to tone my lower stomach and lose that lower belly pooch?

  • I’m sorry Sanne. Dermatologists told that it wasn’t good to do skincare routines inside the flight bcuz the air is dirty (touching ur face inside the flight is worse) & it will make ur skin become drier. People should prep their skin with enough moisture before boarding the flight like in the airport or at home.

  • Hehe you just uploaded 5 tips about health and tomorrow I’m uploading 5 tips about time management ����������
    BTW anyone wanna support each other? ���� I have a new channel with study / college videos ����

  • My favorite national holiday is forth of July because we all go swimming and I see all my family. Plus I love all the fireworks at night!❤️❤️��������

  • Please don’t use strong perfumes/fragrances on the plane. There are a lot of people who are sensitive to scents and can get a migraine for example.

  • So needed this! About to go on my first holiday after having a baby and am so paranoid and obsessed with my fitness journey (which isn’t a bad thing). But totally more motivated to take my exercise outside instead of in the generic gym like you say! <3

  • Very good video. I like it very much and you look so pretty and I get insperd when I look at your video. I’m from Sweden so sorry about me English if its not correct❤️

  • Some airplane food is actually not that bad. From my experience, Emirates is the best. The food is amazing, the flights are always smooth and the flight attendants are always very friendly.

  • Making oatmeal with milk instead of water makes it taste so much better. If you don’t like rich and creamy oatmeal than water is your best option.

  • Another tip: don’t get mad at yourself when you step on the scale back home and gained weight. I went to portugal this year but I booked the wrong flight and ended up somewhere without my friends. I threw myself a pity party and ate ALL THE FOOD. When I got back home I had gained 5 kg. But I learned this was mostly water weight and I lost it quite rapidly. Also, I have no regrets. Not a single pastel de nata ��

  • FACTS✈altimeter squawk 7500 informs ATC of hijacking; ✈flight deck crew never eat same meals; ✈passengers are no longer allowed to stand in FC aisles awaiting lavatory use; ✈cabin curtains no longer obscure view; ✈in some layover cities, several buses will be used, with only one carrying crew; ✈cockpit anti-intrusion doors cost $35,000-45,000/each; ✈don’t wear pantyhose going down evac slide & be sure to cross your arms, or else; and contrary to , FAs wait in cockpit when a pilot is using the bathroom so the flight deck pilot doesn’t sabotage the flight.

  • Great video! And thank you so much for your recommendations for the Gymshark leggings, I got some on black friday and they came in the mail today and they are AMAZING! <3