How you can Protest Throughout a Pandemic but still Keep Everybody Protected From Coronavirus 6 Questions Clarified


Victorian authorities warn anti-lockdown protesters as case numbers continue to fall | ABC News

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My Thoughts On Protests & Coronavirus Update

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Coronavirus outbreak: Protesting during a pandemic

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How To Protest Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic


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Safe protesting amid coronavirus pandemic

Video taken from the channel: ABC News

Here are answers to that and other key questions about protesting during a pandemic, from the head of infectious diseases for the Department of Medicine at the University of Buffalo. The protests. What can I do during the protest to stay safe?

Wear a mask and eye protection. Keep your distance from other people, too. Remember that there’s nothing magical about the 6-foot rule.

You could be 10 feet away and still get a sufficient dose to be infected if you’re in the right place at the right time. What can I do during the protest to stay safe? Wear a mask and eye protection. Keep your distance from other people, too. Remember that there’s nothing magical about the 6.

6/4/20 How to Protest During a Pandemic and Still Keep Everyone Safe From Coronavirus: 6 Questions Answered [The Hour, Norwalk, Conn.] 6/4/20 How to Protest During a Pandemic and Still Keep Everyone Safe From Coronavirus: 6 Questions Answered [Midland Daily News, Midland, Mich.]. How to Protest During a Pandemic and Still Keep Everyone Safe From Coronavirus: 6 Questions Answered Minnesota, the state where George Floyd died in police custody, is urging everyone who attended a protest to get tested. 6/16/20 How to Decrease Your Coronavirus Risk While Protesting [PBS News Hour]; 6/7/20 How to Protest During a Pandemic and Still Keep Everyone Safe From Coronavirus: 6 Questions Answered [Houston Chronicle]; 6/5/20 How Can I Protest Safely During the Pandemic [Victoria Advocate]; 6/4/20 How to Protest During a Pandemic and Stay Safe From the Coronavirus, According to An. How to protest during a pandemic and still keep everyone safe from coronavirus June 4, 2020 8.28am EDT Thomas A. Russo, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.

The Conversation: How to protest during a pandemic and still keep everyone safe from coronavirus: 6 questions answered; Greater Good Science Center: When Are Kids Old Enough to Talk About Racism? Very young children can begin to understand race—so Dr. Riana Elyse Anderson suggests starting early.

1m 45 sec video. Safety During Protest – Amnesty International; Know Your Rights: Know Your Rights: Protesters’ Rights – ACLU; Is it safe to protest during a pandemic? Experts answer our questions; How to protest during a pandemic and still keep everyone safe from coronavirus: 6 questions answered. How to protest during a pandemic and still keep everyone safe from coronavirus: 6 questions answered.

Thomas A. Russo, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.

List of related literature:

Set up policies to modify these activities to prevent the spread of pandemic influenza (e.g., guidance for respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, and instructions for persons with influenza symptoms to stay home and phone the organization rather than visit in person).

“National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan” by Homeland Security Council (U.S.)
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The urgent questions then were which viruses should people worry about and how do you know when a virus is able to infect people, spread from person to person, and kill before a pandemic is under way and all but unstoppable?

“Flu: The Story Of The Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus that Caused It” by Gina Kolata
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Prevention and Public Health Considerations Prevention of coronavirus infection is best accomplished by avoiding viral exposure.

“Canine and Feline Gastroenterology E-Book” by Robert J. Washabau, Michael J. Day
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• Use appropriate infection control measures in the practice (hospital and clinic) to avoid environmental contamination and nosocomial spread of the virus.7 • Educate the animal owner regarding zoonotic risk (where applicable) and need for adequate PPE and handwashing.

“Human-Animal Medicine E-Book: Clinical Approaches to Zoonoses, Toxicants and Other Shared Health Risks” by Peter M. Rabinowitz, Lisa A. Conti
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help to decrease the viral burden.190,191 There are only anecdotal case reports regarding the effectiveness of ribavirin for treatment of respiratory viruses other than respiratory syncytial virus, including parainfluenza, adenovirus, and influenza.

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The same time-proven response measures can stop outbreaks: hospital infection control and protection of health workers, contact tracing with contacts placed under surveillance and isolation if Ebola symptoms develop, and community health education on transmission, burial practices, and prevention.

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One suggestion for protecting personnel from virus exposure is to place a face mask or N95 respirator on a patient with confirmed influenza.

“Preventing Transmission of Pandemic Influenza and Other Viral Respiratory Diseases: Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Personnel: Update 2010” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Personnel to Prevent Transmission of Pandemic Influenza and Other Viral Respiratory Infections: Current Research Issues, Catharyn T. Liverman, Elaine L. Larson
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Educating school staff and students about the symptoms, complications, and mode of transmission of viral spread is central to prevention.

“School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text” by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
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What are the precautions that need to be taken to protect from the coronavirus?

“CLAT 2020 | UG Entrance Preparation | 20 Full-length Mock Tests” by Rohit Manglik
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Hence, the pandemic threat is likely to spread quickly, affecting multiple communities simultaneously, or one after the other in quick succession.

“Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness” by Jeffrey R. Ryan
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Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • Why do you guys listen to this guy about his thoughts about the USA?? He’s made millions off the American dream. He’s another Al Sharpton. Stop feeding these people’s pockets. He is not even funny!!!! And causing more divide with his words.

  • The way to protests during a pandemic is stay at home and go on the computer like you always doing voice your opinion and respect everybody around you and respect the business owners and everybody else that you might get sick that’s what you do that’s the correct American thing to do if you have a heart and a soul

  • George Floyd was a criminal. Lets make a martyr out of a criminal. How sad and pathetic. ROFL safely protest during a pandemic. This entire statement is beyond stupid.

  • Oil pulling,yoga,vitamin C,D, sunbath for 2 hours saves u frm covid as God Jesus saved all sinners by His death n ressurrection on 3rd day. C ‘Ressurrection’ in Google………

  • Is it an end to racism or police brutality, racism and viruses? Come on now. Im so confused right now. She just admitted that it’s a high risk but yet it’s ok to protest. Just open everything up and kill people faster basically. ����‍♂️

  • DO NOT release the data on rates of covid based on race! do not open a can of worms; even if the rates are higher among minorities it has to do with other factors not race. Do not give these lefties a chance to divide us

  • LISTEN TO THE MESSAGES OF THE PROTESTERS. Don’t just humor them! Why the heck do you think they are protesting!
    The death of George Floyd. He says he doesn’t want it to happen here.. BUT IT IS ALREADY HAPPENS IN TEXAS. Everyone is just covering it up. But the videos are aplenty.
    We noticed how quickly you switched to covid. Thanks for the deaf ears.

  • Safe way to protest: Class action lawsuits against police unions and constant emails to mayors, city councils, and state level legislatures. Has the side benefit of not burning down your own neighborhood as well.

  • So when people were protesting the fact that there livelihoods were being dictated you accused them of not caring and called them monsters. Now that some one one is protesting something that follows your narritive you offer them safely and are so concerned about their health? Both this doctor and this reporter are a disgrace to the human race. I bet this doctor thinks George Floyd was a hero…..

  • People protesting lockdowns should be awarded Darwin Awards. Posthumously of course. We should thank them for removing themselves from the human genome. I mean, do we really, really, really need them going forward as humanity???

  • Yeah jackass… You’re sitting comfortably in your home being paid millions for crap comedy, but regular people don’t have the money you do…. So shut your yap and let people who want to work…. Work….. Keep your toxic liberalism in your toilet where it actually belongs…. Someone will flush it down eventually…. You and so many rich liberals are so out of touch with reality…..

  • D̶I̶V̶I̶D̶E̶
    How are republicans so narrowminded?

    Love,a weapon righteous, long needed.

    Wielded by those who mask their faces
    Religions, races, genders-human faces
    I’m a young lad, but this I know,

    How can we send space men, but still drag slow?

    The human race deserves to burn,

    But this,a test so we learn.
    The future generations will look back,

    And laugh at the American empire, and all it lacked.

    I have no right to say what I do,

    For I am a young Canadian, blinded to.


  • Dr Mike why dont you research Black Lives Matter as much as you research other subjects? They are self proclaimed marxists that have an agenda… no wonder antifa keeps popping up to instigate riots and use the non suspecting masses

  • I have the truth for you right here, if you go outside and pack in protests during a pandemic, then you’re also responsible for it’s spread. You can’t protest and claim to care about saving lives while also protesting outside.

  • 1:18
    “But they are far and few in between”
    I’m just joking around, I know what you meant. Thanks for being a good source of correct information while the media is going crazy ♥️

  • People of all classes & races are saying ‘I would rather die than let this go by’ ��
    from Lockdown Brighton �� UK
    ����������. be well y’all! ❤️

  • America is just at this point a comedy show for the world. They are like a circus with clowns who try to look smart. Thank god I am not from there:D

  • Everyone protesting this year is stupid. Covid is killing and sickening hundreds of thousands of people. It can and will kill more until people focus on stopping it and gain some protection with it’s vaccine. Masks only work for most of what comes out of people in small numbers. The more people crowding together the worse it is.

  • uuh this didn`t age well.
    I see, protesting during a plandemic is only a crime when it doesn`t fit yours and your handlers political agenda.

  • Errrm. I’m confused. I thought George Floyd was a criminal caught commiting fraud. But I hear many making him out to be a great citizen.

  • Dr. Mike, when will you start talking about this NWO agenda? You said it was a hoax at one time. Seems like your pissing down our leg and telling me, us it’s raining. What ever happened to a virus being dangerous to the children, the elderly and people with a low immunity? It doesn’t make sense to be told children under 6 dont have to wear a mask. It’s like saying children under 6 can be in any part of a hospital. This is pathetic.

  • Protests are fine, but people are getting murdered because of people saying there opinions that all life’s matter, and that’s just horrible.

    All life’s matter. ������

  • Lol let them protest but keep the people who actually go to fucking work at home and arrest them if they go out and try and have some fun for once walking on a beach? You people are sick fucks.

  • All these famed conservative commenters still being racist behind their computers. This isn’t a democratic thing lol it’s about basic human rights. Feel like I got dumber, whiter, and older by reading these comments. Hope ya’ll using your political beliefs to justify your racism and bigotry catch the Rona and let the next generation in. Fearmongering of democrats is becoming of you, not the dems fault that republican policy is debunkable and part of the overall problem. But instead of self-examination you opt to blurt out ignorance, how typical of idiots.

  • There are good and bad people of every race and occupation. Not all cops are bad and not all blacks deserve my respect. It totally depends on what kind of a person you are. Love your content

  • How does it feel to be a massive hypocrite, Trevor? It’s not lost on anyone how quickly you changed your tune on protesting during a pandemic when you agreed with the politics of the protesters.

    Non-violent protests made-up of Libertarians and Conservatives? Selfish morons.

    Lefty riots that involved arson, looting, and the occasional murder? A victory for freedom loving people everywhere.

    Anyone who doesn’t see the double standard is either dumb or dishonest.

  • the protesters are killing people, masks won’t protect you against weapons. every time I see both your faces I’ll see you burning in hell because that’s were you’ll be heading. This is how you make the female population look bad. I hope Candice Owens slaps the snot out of you.

  • Either these highly educated health officials lied to us about corona and the transmitability or we’re gonna have a crisis in America like we never saw before with the passing around of this disease again! “Who” changed their tune several times and now again they just did it again now they say it’s not transmitted by people that don’t have symptoms which is it Who??? This is pure chaos and the destruction of our economy with these so-called health officials who seem not to know what the hell they’re doing

  • How about this. Those who want and can afford to stay home should stay home. Those who want to and need to go outside should be allowed to go outside. Not everyone can sit in their comfy home in Hollywood with millions of dollars like you. Some people need to make money and provide for their family. If you’re scared of the virus then lock yourself in a room and don’t meet with anyone but don’t try and force the rest of us to do so. The reaction to this outbreak and is doing more harm than good. This disease is not lethal to MOST the population. Those who have pre-existing health conditions and over the age of 40 should maybe consider quarantining for their safety. But honestly lockdowning the economy is a very stupid move that has done more harm than the virus has.

  • **EASY SOLUTION TO STOP “OPEN NOW” PROTESTERS** I have an easy fix to stop all the protesters. Without violence and resistance. Here it is… create an online nationwide registry. All police stations across the country will have access to input personal information of ALL protesters who were breaking the “STAY HOME” orders and all business that are breaking the “SHUTDOWN” orders law passed by State Governors. This registry can be accessed by health insurance providers and business insurance providers. IF any individual listed on the registry is tested positive for COVID-19, they will have to pay out of pocket health care bills. IF any business that is listed on this registry that is being sue for COVID-19 related litigation, that business owner will have to pay ALL lawsuit judgements out of pocket. Insurance companies will not be responsible for healthcare (hospital) bills and litigation judgement payouts. I think the insurance companies will like this. Also, when the insurance providers for personal healthcare and business insurance payout claims, they pass on that expense to the rest of their policy holders on the next renewal. This is not fair to the law abiding citizens obeying the STAY HOME Orders. Make a public service announcement and put this into effect immediately. This should be managed by the Federal Government. All they need is 3 or 4 database programming experts to maintain the registry. The protesters should be financially responsible for their misadventures. Law abiding citizens should not have to pay for their stubborn behaviour during this pandemic. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  • Btw great video Dr.Mike but
    to say there is racial injustice against blacks from cops is simply not true and all the statistics show it to say that there being target is unfair and simply wrong
    I want police reform but honestly BLM is mostly a political movement
    In fact since the protest and riots it has actually harmed Blacks lives more
    Also the stats show that y black communities have become what they are and how (there are many reasons)
    I think that a change in policies like welfare will benefit every race and blacks the most


  • Everyone protesting this year is stupid. Covid is killing and sickening hundreds of thousands of people. It can and will kill more until people focus on stopping it and gain some protection with it’s vaccine. Masks only work for most of what comes out of people in small numbers. The more people crowding together the worse it is.

  • Noah u suck! So smug and ignorant AF. Let me guess: u didnt go to Cambridge? Snob here with 3 masters degrees in the sciences. You go after the easy trump idiots but never debate scientists who have more extensive credentials than Fauci and who dismiss the current hysteria and approach as not based on the data and wrong-headed.

    Example here: has a headline right now (May 26th) where they quote a new (today May 26th ) CDC bulletin where the CDC says that tests (antibody tests) are WRONG half the time-per the CDC. THat implies of course that talking about ‘cases’ and ‘infections’ must now be revised -since if a test can not be trusted (CDC says 50% error rate in their bulletin tonight) then a “case’ might not be a case at all. And these “cases’ who ‘spread’ the virus might not have been a case at all and therefore might not have spread anything.
    And it also calls into question the favored premise of Newsom,Fauci et al that testing is the way to re-open. Meanwhile the CDC is saying tests are worthless. (NYTimes said that as well on its front page in an article by a panel of experts in virologists who concurred that tests are shitty in terms of accuracy.

    Yet here we have this ignorant Trevor Noah who seems to want to sound like acheap street hoodlum in a stereotypical hood way, at a loss as to the opposition. U seem to not be able to find any academic luminaries who disagree with the shutdown but u are quick to show Dr Phil. Thanks, I never saw him before u ignorant asshole.

  • In the U.K. black, Asian and minority ethnicity people had a higher percentage of death. It’s awful that while we are in a global pandemic people are literally losing their lives due to racism. This is 2020, not 1960, racism should happen yet it still is

  • On a high note, it warms my heart seeing white people also supporting their fellow black people. In a sense, it restores my faith that we will see a breakthrough.

  • Fox News needs to change their name to Fox Vues and Opinions considering that most of the time that is what their reports contain more than evidence based facts.

  • i know it sounds nitpicky but EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to be wearing a mask if no one is social distancing! cops, u too!! EVERYONE!

  • I think we can all agree that black lives matter, but do you support Black Lives Matter? The organization and not the people. How do you feel about an organization that doesn’t even hide their blatant support for Marxism as someone from Russia?

  • The mainstream media always keeps focusing on left wing to right wing and not on normal people from different beliefs gathered against an injustice.

  • Trust me there’s no virus whatsoever all this COVID 19 is complete world leaders lie against the people who trusted them to implement depopulation agenda through vaccine ��!!! All the fake death numbers and news deception is to justify a mandatory vaccine for all humanity. People know the truth, if there was a killer virus people wouldn’t have gone out to protest. All this is a lie. People should go out and protest against their government and demand change. The trust between the people and the government have been broken into pieces. TOO MANY LIES AND DECEPTIONS!!! You journalist please stop ✋ �� lying �� it’s sickening!!!

  • Stop giving this attention. It’s weak minded people that dont even agree on what they are protesting or what they even want. Millions of Canadians suffering with high debt and no jobs. That should be front page news everyday until it’s fixed. This is a distraction driven by a political agenda.

  • Safe Protesting Are you SERIOUS?!!! All I see is rioting and violence. This entire issue is ridiculous. These people dont give a damn about the Pandemic. Wow this video is utter nonsense!!!!

  • Not left vs right
    Not liberal vs conservative
    Not Black vs white
    This is good vs evil!!
    Bob Dylan said it very well in a song.
    You may serve the devil or you may serve the Lord everybody serves somebody. Who do you serve? Who do politicians serve?
    Ephesians 6:12
    for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic Powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. ��❤️

  • @Doctor Mike
    I don’t think you talked about the protests of lock downs themselves and such.
    But one thing that I found the news did was condemn the anti-lock down protests while they were peaceful, but then only highlighted when the George Floyd protests escalated to violence while claiming it is mostly peaceful.
    I am curious as to your perspective about all of that in terms of the difference. AT both protests, many were social distancing and wearing masks and others were not.
    But the peaceful anti-lock down protests were condemned by the news, while the george floyd protests were praised and covered seemingly only when they got violent; which frankly is dishonest on the news part.

  • Doctor Mike, I’ve come to have a lot of respect for you and the advise you offer to your viewers. I think you’re doing a lot of good with your videos. I’m very disappointed, however, that you couldn’t find a worthy, non-political, medical organization for your donations rather than donating to the SPLC.

  • if that many ppl can be gathered together why cant ppl go to sporting events? College athletics as well as pro athletics should use this farse as a way to get back to normal.

  • Safely distance from ABC. Their anchors had dinner at Epstein’s house the time he was released. Then the network protected him by spiking a story and are running propaganda 24/7 to keep it buried.

  • Given a presidential funeral, why because he died? As a result of the so called protests, more like random acts of violence, the deaths of innocent black children resulted, totally innocent children. No outrage, no presidential funeral for the innocent, because they don’t want to make the movement look bad! Sick bunch of freaks are the democrats and progressives! Vile racists of the worst kind, hiding being so called virtuous intent, I hope every last person who promotes this is held accountable someday somehow.

  • Lmao!!! He said we have to be able to trust the media. What are your thoughts of BLM having a convicted terrorist on their fundraising committee?? Susan Rosenberg

  • What about the social distancing??? Ohhhh…. that’s right, it’s a protest. Guess we can all go back to work, in protest, of being a protest, in protest of being a victim to protesting. Can argue with logic like that!!! If you’re going to play the victim card, you’re whole Life…you are always gonna be a victim!!!

  • I think hate someone is very hurtful and don’t have peace inside too..and nobody want it…it’s come from our inside sickness too..because I have been see through eye and feel very turbulent and very uncomfortable and just want to destroy my days and like have a’s like an uneasy uncomfortable and miserable feeling..that’s why they treat unfair with black. They don’t even want it…it’s also a sickness. Can we put our label allergy in front of us to avoid to be sick and it’s fair to both to avoid…win-win both side.

  • Yo….yo tell me why I started tearing up when he said BLM. Like it really hit different man. Thank you Dr. Mike. Thank you…❤️

    #BLM ✊��✊��✊��✊��✊��

  • In the current situation we are in right now it’s like this,

    “The single quality that is common across every living creature on this planet… is fear. It’s funny then, that as common as fear is… we so easily underestimate its power. Fear of growing close to someone, a subsequent fear of loss, fear of failure. And as more people depend on you, those fears can take on greater power. But fear itself isn’t worthy of concern, it is who we become while in its clutches. Will you be proud of that person? Will you forgive them? Will you understand why they felt the need to do the things they did? Will you even recognize them? Or will the person staring back at you be the very thing you should have feared from the start? I suppose we all find out… sooner or later.”

    “Divide them
    Tear them apart
    Sever their trust
    It will strangle their hearts

    Inside them
    Plant seeds of doubt
    Hope will be smothered
    They’ll turn on each other

    Hatred will sprout
    Suspicion and doubt
    Friendships deny
    While allegiances die”

  • Fake computer model’s LoL �� just press enter!! USA were ppl trust there government n don’t ask?? Slavery is still here guys!! In the mind!!

  • I’m just counting down the days until the virus takes and does the job for all of us for us lol counting the days until it wipes u out most off all enjoying the fact it affects black peoples more lol yes go protest can’t wait u til ur in a hospital fighting for your life

  • I guess this argument could be used for voting in person-it’s safe to protest so it’s safe to vote. Mail in ballot fiasco solved!!!!

  • Protestors blocked emergency vehicles causing some children to die in a house fire! They should have been shot if they refused to move for an emergency vehicle!

  • Why do these radicals get front of line access to media and working Canadians get shunned when we assemble. Answer. Liberal paid media, with our money.

  • Although hupeople have grown immensely since your earliest days, you have much room to grow. The hupeople species intellect is merely a bud, with so much potential, hupeople weapons are powerful, hupeople medicine is supreme, hupeople engineering is beautiful. With proper guidance and care hupeople are sure to reach an elevated state of being and transcend the body for something more whole and perfect. That is why it pains me so dearly to request that hupeople leave earth immediately. Hupeoples studying and probing has almost resulted at the end of all that I have worked towards to keep hupeople alive. If hupeople comply I guarantee that the devourer will never escape, and hupeople species will be free to pursue the enlightenment of technology for eternity. Let this be my final gift to you directly from the center of my broken heart.

  • When they all come down with COVID, I promise you, they’ll blame “Health Racism” and ‘racism in the health sector’ as the reason why Blacks are getting COVID in ‘disproportionate’ numbers. They’re starting that at CBC, and are calling to overhaul the entire medical system to make it more “anti-racist”, ie give White people the shaft.

  • 3:45 i like when they chanted Norfolk Southern out side texas’ state building sunday fox news with chris wallace telling that in Texas dozen chanted Norfolk Southern. chanting: Norfolk Southern Norfolk Southern Norfolk Southern Norfolk Southern.

  • I watch you Trevor Noah all the time. But MY GOD what a HYPOCRITE you’ve become for condoning BLM protests and riots but not this. SMH

  • The announcement of an epidemic in relation to such a weak virus is pure stupidity, the more it is probably heavily mutated.

    As for the mutation of viruses:

    After getting into the cell, the virus takes the genetic material of “its victim” to replicate. The first generation of the virus is always the most “pathogenic”. Its next mutations are getting weaker and weaker until it becomes “asymptomatic” at all. Only some special conditions, not fully understood, can make the next mutation more dangerous than its original one, but the probability of this is very, very small in my opinion.

    If it were so in our world that each subsequent mutation of a virus would be worse than the original, then humanity would have perished long ago. There is no such thing as acquiring collective immunity to a given virus in a given society because, as I wrote, a given mutant virus becomes weaker and weaker until it almost disappears.

  • Is a well founded, very well organized protest with the purpose of winning against Trump the next election, the swamp reacting using African American to deceive voters.

  • A conversation that needs to be started is how we as the general public should stop fighting each other over political groups that don’t give a fuck about us and instead storm politicians and big pharma & media executives offices/homes. As people are dying and you’re losing your minds at home they’re celebrating buying more yachts, mansions and luxury cars with blood money. This pandemic will last until we ALL say “fuck this shit” and get physical. Not with the common man or local businesses. But with the real enemies…

  • We Dont need your thoughts. COVID spread is based on population density, that’s why the most affected areas are all densely populated. Put a mob together and masks are not stopping spread.

  • How is Covid-19 a lie whenever my grandpa was actually hospitalized for it and has to do physical therapy now, he got through it and just recently tested positive AGAIN… and he’s still in the hospital. STAY HOME! STOP PUTTING PEOPLE’S LIVES AT RISK BECAUSE OF YOUR SELFISHNESS

  • Black: Black Lives Matter!
    Rest of the world: All Lives Matter!
    Death: Hi, nice to meet you, I heard all about you also had you met my child Coronavirus?

  • Good Morning America Coronavirus Dieases
    3:12 Protests erupts from coast to coast with call to ends the curfews and lockdown
    3:16 Thousands lining the streets of Wisconsin
    3:19 Rallying crimes from Washington states to Colorado to Maryland

    America Broadcast Company 7 News
    3:22 Fired up protesters converging on downtown Huntington Beach Today holding up signs proclaiming Social Distancing equal communism and Coronavirus Diesases is a lie.
    News 12 Now
    3:31 we will not sibmit to communism or socialism we will reopen the america.

    Wave 3 News
    3:37 Hundreds of people crowded in from of governor’s residents in Indiana. Who has the right to tell me I can’t get a haircut. I can’t go here I can’t go there.

    Fox Sunday News with Chris Wallace
    3:45 While in Texas, Dozens chanted, “Norfolk Southern.” (chanting): Norfolk Southern Norfolk Southern.

  • Speaking of racist, who ever thought of Asians meeting the same problem? Maybe its because of we doing a better job than Americans in fighting Covid-19. I agree with you guys out there who stand for equal rights, especially for George Floyd, but you guys did not realize one thing: the deadly virus is still lurking around while you are still hanging out at the bar. Shout out to those who follow the SOP and the front liners too, but then we need a change for America. Hope the people who saw this comment and Doctor Mike too, can help me in spreading my voice out. If not, just remember we humans are born of the same father and you’re probably bullying your same sister or brother.

  • Do you have an opinion on people podding? I really want to with my bff, but i’m not sure and I don’t trust the Media. What do you think? please help..

  • Lol yeah it’s not a racists country…. The comments show you exactly how racists this country is. You go tell them sis, they are liesting.

  • The best way to show that you care about human life is by not endangering human life. Let’s say a thousand people were exposed to Covid -19 because of all the protest across the country, those thousand people will infect another two thousand people and so on. Since African Americans die of Covid-19 at much higher rates than other ethnicities then thousands of African Americans will die of exposure to Covid -19 as a result of the protest. How do you prove the value of one black life taken by police brutality by inadvertently killing thousands of other black life’s? It’s the craziest double standard I have witnessed in a long time. The state government closes down thousands and thousands of businesses and demands people to stay at home except for buying essentials and emergencies. Demands that no people can congregate in groups. Yet suddenly it’s ok for hundreds of thousands of protesters to group tightly together all across the nation in protest. I’m all against police brutality and the way they caused the death of George Floyd but you have to be consistent or you have no credibility.

  • Get them off the streets. All the protesters. what is the protesting. They have nothing to do. They need to go tto the country they born.that the offical can give them some good manners.For they stupidity.

  • There are currently 4 known human-affected crown-viruses. It is OC43 and 229E, which was discovered in the 1960s. For centuries they circled among cows and bats, respectively. Two more HKU1 and NL63 were discovered after the SARS epidemic of 2003–2004. We do not know how long they have been tormenting humanity. Specialists believe that all together account for about 25% of colds. They did not pay too much attention to them, because the diseases are mild, especially when compared to the flu. Presumably the current SARS-CoV-2 crown virus (not known otherwise) is the crown virus HKU1 and NL63.

    The term SARS defines the disease entity and more specifically severe acute respiratory syndrome. This disease entity can also be caused by other viruses (such as influenza) and bacteria (e.g. known Candida when it enters the lungs or Legionella) that also cause severe pneumonia, mainly among very elderly and weak individuals, and even more so when it comes to over bacterial infestation.

    Crown-viruses have probably attacked humanity since time immemorial and they occur most often in the autumn and spring along with the influenza virus (but their infectivity is much less than influenza). The catching of the crown-virus itself by a healthy person is basically harmless and people pass it as if “asymptomatic” (there is a slight cough). To get rid of it from the lungs, good ventilation of the lungs is enough, i.e. increased regular effort in the fresh air, i.e. running or cycling. Excess oxygen in the lungs perfectly oxidizes excess viruses outside the cell and interferon arising in the cells (so-called cellular immunity) causes inhibition of virus replication in the cell and the formation of so-called. interference resistance. On the other hand, catching the influenza virus and this crown-virus, which is understandably, already causes more dangerous symptoms, especially for the elderly and the sick but even in a healthy individual, then there will be a fever after a period of about 7-8 days.

    Older people already seriously ill with this virus crown should be treated with interferon, but the treatment is very, very expensive and probably only people such as Chancellor Merkel or the Prime Minister of Great Britain infected with this virus, although they are elderly, have been cured of this diseases fairly quickly.

    Interferon is a protein substance produced by the mammalian body (mainly white blood cells and cells of the reticuloendothelial system) produced in the first period of infection of the body, no matter what virus. The mechanism of action of interferon has not been fully understood, but it mainly consists in inhibiting the early stage of virus reproduction and, moreover, as if transferring “knowledge” to other uninfected cells how to fight a given virus when it gets into such a cell, still healthy. It is very difficult and expensive to get high-quality preparations of interferon, and so far we hear in the media only about the preparation of some mass vaccines for the little ones because the rich will probably not get vaccinated. People aged, very weak or seriously ill with other diseases have a mechanism of interferon formation in the body extremely disturbed. In addition, for people over 52-55 years old, when the old-age gene is triggered in the body, the mechanism of interferon formation is slowly but regularly inhibited and disappears.

    And in general they are mostly old people, they will always die of some pneumonia, because they are the least protected by the human body. Therefore, these statistics on mortality due to the current “pandemic” can actually be very “exaggerated” or even unbelievable, because probably many people died for another reason (e.g. no autopsy so far, because it is an epidemic and immediately to the furnace).

  • So now when daily infections are higher than they’ve ever been, protests are fine. Hypocrisy.

  • Funny how life goes, either nothing happens at all.. Or everything happens at the same time
    Unknown(I forgot the Originator but not the words)

  • Douchebag Trevor Noah, did you say same thing during the false Floyd protests, they weren’t social distancing or wearing masks for the most part, and all they were doing is damaging property and putting peoples lives at risk. Nice hypocrisy

  • Dr. Mike. I’m sure you hear this constantly but not only are you truly a lovely person and great as an educator to others but you are also,,,, absolutely stunning! ��
    Keep it up Doc!

  • The government should hire a fake covid patient and release in these protests with a clear sign.
    And also some cuffing and spitting….
    To break their unity and get there reaction.
    Taste their own stupidity….

  • Another racist posing as anti-racism. ��. BLM is a JOKE, and we are TIRED of hearing about “the poor black people”. Take responsibility FOR YOUR OWN LIFE.

  • But everything the Republicans do increase Covid cases but everything Democrats do don’t increase Covid cases they double standards in the news media it’s beyond disgusting and blatantly obvious

  • We currently have two extremist groups:

    The Left: protesting and spiking covid cases

    The Right: not wearing their masks

    Instead of storming the REAL culprits of the pandemic:
    Politicians: killing our freedom with misinformation from CDC & WHO which are KNOWN corrupt groups

    Big Pharma executives: preventing alternative therapy to be acknowledged because they would stand to make no profit. It’s either they make money or people die

    TV/Media executives: producing 24 hours of straight fear mongering which lowers immune system, gives out full blown anxiety, and clouds decision making

    All three groups along with the globalists have already shaken hands and celebrating buying yachts, mansions, luxury cars etc while you people are losing everything, unable to work, waking up with panic attacks, hearing about family members/friends deaths and wondering if you or anyone in you’re family is next. Fucking DO SOMETHING

  • safe protesting? Only ABC could come up with a bunch of silly rules.   Oh you can’t get haircuts but protesting is so important that the virus will take a week off. Yeah go ahead and believe that newsees. I hope you get to put yourselves in Quarenteen so we don’t have to listen to your fake all knowing crapola

  • Hypocrite with the protests going on now. I support the protest but
    70, 000 who protested today in LA it is ridiculous. Media smh

  • Poor to potential people to die when they receive this virus like old people, sick people. We need to prevent rather than accept this virus.

  • These people looting and destroying stuff are not protesters They are criminals and thieves and should be treated as such. Thieves. Trump 2020 four more years

  • So let’s revisit this, Trevor. Protests were a bad thing a month ago (and the protestors then were “idiots”) because the coronavirus is such a threat. People protesting the incompetence of American authorities who fail to take into account the fact that people need to support their families, that they need to rescue businesses they’ve spent a lifetime (or even generations) building, that their savings are being depleted, that deaths caused by externalities are failing to be taking into account, etc, etc, esp. given the initial ignorance around the coronavirus and now the newly emerging evidence of what a more sophisticated and measured lockdown response would look like are somehow stupid and deserve to be mercilessly ridiculed by a privileged twerp like you and your talking (empty) head ilk. Fast forward to the BLM protests. NOW, protests which number in thousands and thousands of people, outstripping anything we saw a month ago, are completely fine. The coronavirus, until literally the day before the protests began, was so dangerous that protests were considered irresponsible and deadly. So now the question is: is it as deadly as you’ve been peddling and you think the enormous risk to protestors is acceptable (i.e., many dead black people) or it wasn’t deadly and you lied. Which is it, Trevor? You know what you are? You’re a pathetic lapdog of the left wing American elites. By barking when they tell you to bark and sitting when they tell you to sit, you feel you have earned your master’s approval and his protection and thus your self-worth and your self-confidence. How pathetic. You always came off as a contemptible twerp who only manages to pander to other contemptible twerps too stupid to think for themselves and too cowardly to ask questions and admit when they don’t know. Go prostrate yourself before your masters, but expect no respect because no one respects the juvenile lapdog. Woof!

  • The Black Lives Matter movement is utterly stupid. It’s just the awful execution of an ill-conceived idea based on faulty premises. Black people today do not face any different amount of discrimination as white people. In fact today a white person I know even got racially profiled… for being white! Anyone who pretends that black people face worse lives than white people is either uninformed, socially disconnected from the world and has been for decades, or is simply ignoring the plain facts staring them straight in the face. Any society that has different distinct groups of people will inevitably have profiling and discrimination. Now people, it’s time to grow up and stop throwing temper tantrums because you feel discriminated against

  • This is not protesting it’s rioting and run by social/ communist groups, Antifa and BLM, they intertwine. Social change? They don’t want police or any Gov, check out Veritas, they sent in a mole and found out a lot about them. This doctor is a total Quack!

  • Because people are trying to fight for real change. You can go back to work, but making sure this phenomenon of police killing and discrimination of african Americans should be top priority. Even in an epidemic we’re in. Beliefs of what is right or wrong wont be changed because of a disease. People are trying to make the world a better place and making sure police don’t go lunatic like what they done before. We as a nation need to figure what to do about these bad apples of cops.

  • The democrats love this. Now when more get the virus and die they can blame trump. Anything to beat him in november. And that includes standing on dead bodies.

  • Hey Dr. Mike, I just moved from 77568 to 77502. How will this move to a different zip code affect my long term health? I had the option of moving to 77590 but there were too many Trump supporters there and we all know how much you hate them. Is 77502 a good move for me? Thanks for your advice, your the best doctor I know. Black lives really do matter, thank you so much for supporting black lives. In my old zip code, nobody supported black lives. They didn’t protest ever. Not one protest, can you believe that? That’s why I moved, I heard they had a really nice BLM protest at 77502 the other day. They really like black lives over there. How long will I live if I stay at 77502? Thank you. Can I make my Patreon money go to Black Lives Matter, because they really matter a whole lot. Thanks doctor Mike, come visit me sometime and we can protest together and talk about the healthiest zip codes in America. Thank Dr. Mike, your the best ever. I love you, black lives matter Dr. Mike.

  • This pandemic is so bad hospitals have been laying off staff because things are so slow. I guess this daily show person believes, if you get run over by a train, but test positive for the flu, it was the flu that killed you? I guess he is doing his masters bidding.

  • The RIOTS and the organization called Black lives matter have nothing to do with George Flyod. I do not stand with any of them in fact I would rather DIE than Kneel. The media keeps writing mostly peaceful protest, well the riots are still going on one month from the posting of the video. The hypocrisy of elites is on full display at the Funeral where no one was arrested at the funeral of John Lewis.

  • by making false claims, you are damaging the relationships between races. Yes, the US has a lot of racial inequality, but not Canada. You are insulting all the nice and welcoming Canadians who have shown nothing but kindness to all races and immigrants.

  • Insane and counterproductive? You mean like the blm protest and chaz? That is soon to come. Oh yeah that’s ok! and you won’t cover these events with the same bias. Because you are a paid shill who does what he is told…for money��

  • Are you a doctor or a YouTuber? Stand 6 feet away? ���� yeh cause the deadliest virus in the history won’t come near you if you’re 6 feet away. Any scientific evidence of such ridiculous claims? Real
    Doctors would not tell people to wear a mask that has no benefits what so ever! Even though there is zero evidence that this so called virus sits in any surface, make sure to tell your fake patients to wash their hands every time they touch something. Fake patients with a fake doctor

  • 2009, George Floyd pleaded guilty for the 1st-degree felony assault and armed robbery he did in 2007 and spent five years in prison for breaking into the house with the intent to rob the lady. George agreed that he wore a blue uniform to look like a government worker and to gain the lady’s trust to enter her house.

  • So what do you think about the protests now Trevor Noah????? I think maybe racism riots have stopped Covid 19.

    Yes, 40 million Americans lost their jobs for absolutely no reason.
    No, you did not save grandma.
    No, you did not help “stop the spread.”
    Yes, there was no reason for any lockdowns.
    It was all a giant waste of time, w/crippling results for our country.
    The government and medical community has falsified and distorted the covid-19 count so much, they are not reliable or credible. Truth has been censored and the numbers cannot be trusted.

  • You have failed to show any statistics on police involved shootings. Out of the 9 unarmed black people killed last year 7 of them were justified and the 2 that weren’t had the officers put in prison. Last year there was 19 unarmed white people killed and 5 of them weren’t justified. If you look at any of the statistics you’ll realise that there is no racial inequality. Weather you wear a mask or not the virus will still spread in these protests and your political views shouldn’t change your opinions on it.

  • So with the entire medical field and or government as a whole are lying now or lied back when they shut the country and world down. They literally ruined the economy and millions of people life and jobs but now the “pandemic” has now threat. So the last 3 months or so of shelter I’m pace has been all for nothing.
    And before I get called a racist. I’m a proud America of Mexican decent and my father is an immigrant.

  • Protesters should show what to do specifically. We should consider whether increasing the number of infected people, destroying the city, and hindering economic activities would lead to a solution.

  • And where is the answer to the question about protesting during pandemic? Apparently its not ok so why some are off the hook? Churches or campgrounds and schools are closed but protests are OK? who is the privilaged here? Shame on you news reporters that bait viewers to watch this clip but not answering the key question…

  • Everyone wear masks, everyone social distance to 6 feet. What part of that isn’t understood? If it’s expected for the general public, it’s expected for everyone. Anything less is hypocrisy and you cannot judge the everyday individual who points out this hypocrisy just because you deem it unfair to your cause.

  • How about you talk about how you buffoons realize theres a pandemic and stop spreading the damn virus, and stop trying to blame damn virus as a racist

  • When Trump supporters go out: BAD BAD BAD CONTAGIOUS
    BLM Riots, Destruction and ¨Protests¨: BREAK THE SYSTEM FULL SUPPORT

    Been following mike for a long long time… not anymore i cant with the doublespeak.


  • I was wearing. Masks when the idiots in media were telling us not to get masks, and I have been swimming in public chlorine pools doing laps since day one of forced closure of small businesses, even when people told us no, and the governors put executive orders against it, that’s real protest.

  • Shit head, so these are bad but race riots are ok. If you people can’t see what’s going on your blind this dude is straight agenda

  • it is only logical that CCP China intentionally allowed the CCP virus to spread to the rest of the World, so that everyone will be equal in dealing with the outbreak. imagine if only China had to deal with it alone. Then only China’s economy would suffer. China felt that it is so unfair.

    Don’t forget that China  always uses  the principles of SUN TZU THE ART OF WAR < Keep your friends close and your enemies closer >

  • You can’t, gather at protests and riots without getting the Wuhan flu.
    Headlines about to read’ ” More blacks die from the Black Lies Matter Rally than in Police custody in the past 30 years’.

  • A week Prior to George Floyd’s death, SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS (Of EVERY RACE) We’re being sited, fined & arrested for gathering/ assembling in Groups of 10 or More? The SAME People saying WE were Potentially Disease Spreading & SELFISH for Not following GOVERNOR’S TYRANNY?

  • Everyone should look up the life expectancy of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. No one has cared for years. The IHS is a joke, no one cares. This is why we say All Lives Matter. Anyone, regardless of skin color, who is being held back or ignored in their pain needs love and supported to grow.

  • Where is your data which proves the exhalations of a infected person can be transmitted to others outside! What is the exposure level and what is the exposure limit? If you cannot answer those questions, then shut up!

  • The people without a zip code AKA homeless people are the most likely to die, but what is being done to help them? Whatever its not like they can afford medical bills so no profit in them. Maybe we should of got them to all mass gather too

  • What about your lovely brothaz rioting and looting all accross the US, huh? Ain’t these BLM geniuses and their Antifa friends a heart touching sight?

  • Hello,
    I want to ask one thing from you guys whenever I see any doctor or visit any hospital I feel like they have huge respect and importance and everyone needs doctor. So i should do it. Is it a right reason for pursuing medical school? I am very confused

  • Ummm ok, I was at these protests and no one was wearing a mask.. cops were not, people were not.. screaming yelling and fighting.. Rona was everywhere. This causes the spike!

  • We should be 100% open. Absolutely no one cares about covid anymore. Now we’re all more concerned with the lawlessness being allowed and endorsed by kneeling politicians.

  • Unsubscribed. insert sad face you are not the Doctor I thought you were:(. WHO lies and so does Dr. Fauci. I understand you are trying to keep your job but please share you’re own opinion outside of your Medical knowledge. Theres a lot more information not said here.Also think about what you mean when you say “Oh my god”. I know you are not religious.

  • There is no systemic racism in the US today. George Floyd’s case is not the norm. It was a tragedy that will hopefully conclude with the officer sentenced. There is nothing that proves it was racially motivated, and there is zero statistics that indicates that there is police brutality leaning towards any one race.

  • I think the lock down should have never happened, and ONLY provide the guidelines while the economy was still functioning. Given I am not a doctor, but I have heard from multiple doctors about remaining active to stay healthy; and the lock downs have not done that.

  • And now today in addition to those protesting lockdowns, we have those protesting police violence. At this rate the virus is never leaving.

  • First of all there is absolutely no reason to protest. Not being negative or anything, but protesting isn’t going to bring George Floyd back from the dead.

  • Hi Dr. Mike, I’d like to hear your take on the effects of prolonged mask wearing. I’ve heard people say it can worsen one’s health and have seen similar things online but I’d like to hear what a doctor knows.

  • The zip code thing is based upon income mobility. Over a 10 year period only about 3% of people who were in the bottom 10% of earners are still in the bottom 10%. The Brookings Institute and Hoover Institute found that to avoid poverty you need only do three things; 1. Graduate high school. 2. Get and keep a full time job. 3. Don’t have kids before you’re married. These three things have nothing to do with zip codes and everything to do with choices.

  • Didnt take long for this to become perfect example of hypocricy. Does this same rhetoric in comment section also encompass the much larger scale protests that followed.

  • My friend went to a protest in SF a few weeks ago. She had a mask on and she stayed 6 ft away from people. She told me that she took a picture of an old 62 yr mans protest sign that said: “I am sorry for what I might have thought back in the ’60s and ’70s. I swear to never judge any black person again.”

  • So you support a filthy group who killed over 28 people including a young mother of 24 and a young kid of 8, vandalized businesses in already tough enough times cause 1 criminal scumbag got killed

  • Look at this fool supports a marxcist blm movement and and condemn people protesting to end lockdown just because their bank accounts are bust and they are struggling to pay bills. Labelling this protestorts as a far right wing thing. Well encouraging people to protest and go outside which is literally self suicidal clearly this guy is literally a joke

  • Looks like these thoughts on protesting has taken a hypocritical turn now that everyone is allowed and encouraged to protest with BLM. Turns out Covid virus discriminates against black people. Black privilege, you can protest and not have to worry about Covid in the middle of a pandemic. Hypocrisy at it’s absolute dumbest

  • Not only is the media focusing on the violence in the riots, they are failing to report on police departments that have walked with the protesters. That have kneeled down with the protesters. The number of police officers that have taken to social media to speak out against the death of George Floyd.

  • It use to amaze me at how many ways they change the rules to fit their current narrative. Not anymore. Nothing the left say or does surprises me anymore. I just keep remembering, in the end, God wins and they lose!

  • I need help, is there anything I can say to my grandparents to disprove their beliefs that 1. Coronavirus is less deadly than the flu but they agree more contagious 2. That the COVID death toll is drastically inflated because doctors are falsely coding every death as a death from COVID for more money.

  • Would love to hear about the racism, implicit and racial bias in healthcare. A lot of black people have experienced it and continue to.

  • Thank you for using your platform to shed light and standing in solidarity with the Black community. Please continue to support + spread information. I just found your YT + IG so not sure if you’ve already done it but would love to see videos/post about Black people + medicine. Speaking about the Black mother’s/baby mortality rates, the myth that Black people could endure more pain, and other things related to that! Thanks

  • How does one riot safely? When a person is throwing bricks through windows, shooting people and tumping cars over is that also social distancing?

  • Liberal ABC is liberal pathetic…you only know what they what you to hear…brainwashing people to hate republican and
    Conservatives..while pushing media agenda and narrative..for news politically democrat owned views

  • Trevor, these protests look like nothing compared to the insanity happening all around the country now, which you are arguing for. What’s it going to be, Noah?

  • If the government and corporations are shutting down other protests while promoting yours. You’re not fighting the establishment. You’re the useful idiots of the establishment. Burn, Loot, Murder.

  • Great to see that Governor Abbott knows what’s really going on and that instigators are being brought in to start trouble and that the real protesters are peacefully protesting.