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Start out by cutting your sugar in half. Instead of two handfuls of M&Ms, only take one. Instead of two teaspoons of sugar, add one to your coffee.

Do this for a week, then reduce it by half again for. Having sweets packed into your pantry will make it harder to cutting back your sugar intake. Remove all of the sweets from your pantry and allow yourself to have one sweet treat once per week. It is. Try some flavored seltzer water instead.

If it’s the sweet taste, try to eat more fruit. Although certain fruits do contain high amounts of sugar, especially dried fruits, they can be a good source of nutrients. Eliminate other white stuff. I find that white flour acts very similar to white sugar in the body, so it’s best to commit to eating whole grains whenever and wherever possible to kick a sugar addiction. This will keep your cravings down and help you stay true to your boundaries.

Get some support and accountability. Take 200 mcg once a day at the start of any meal to prevent the sugar surges that often leave you reaching for more sugar later. Add Fruit to Your Meals By adding naturally sweet stuff to your meals.

Pick 1 teaspoon’s worth of sugar to eliminate each day – and do it. At the end of three weeks, you will have completely kicked your sugar habit. By examining your eating habit. The slow-and-steady method, suggests Sheth. If you normally put two packets of sugar in your coffee, put one and a half in for a week and then just one the next.

Instead of sitting on the couch. When a sugar craving hits, walk away. “Take a walk around the block or [do] something to change the scenery,” to take your mind off the food you’re craving, Neville suggests. Choose quality over. Start out by cutting your sugar in half. Instead of two handfuls of M&Ms, only take one.

Instead of two teaspoons of sugar, add one to your coffee. Do this for a week, then reduce it by half again for. To pre-support your body’s liberation from sugar, boost fermented foods and add in gut-healing and nourishing items like collagen, bone broth, and plenty of vegetables.

Omega-3 fatty acids, like those.

List of related literature:

Simply limiting added sugar (“I’m going to have only one sweet treat per day”) leads to incessant battles of willpower, continued cravings, and small sugar hits, which keep your brain focused on sugar.

“It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways” by Dallas Hartwig, Melissa Hartwig
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Breaking the sugar habit is the most difficult.

“Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health” by Alberto Villoldo
from Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health
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On this plan, you reduce your sugar intake in stages, then cut it out completely for less than a week as you learn practical tools that temper sugar withdrawal and replace the reward of a sugar rush with healthier pleasures.

“The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love” by Anne Alexander, Julia VanTine
from The Sugar Smart Diet: Stop Cravings and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying the Sweets You Love
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To enhance your heart health, first remove all grains and sugars, especially fructose, from your diet until your blood pressure and weight are under control (and insulin signaling is thus restored).

“Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
from Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans
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After you’ve been off sugar for a few weeks, introduce small amounts of natural sweeteners back into your diet.

“Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry's Playbook and Reclaim Your Health” by Vani Hari
from Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry’s Playbook and Reclaim Your Health
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Break the sugar habit!

“Discovering Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
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Sugar during the fasting window is supposedly a no-no, so over time I trained myself to like unsweetened beverages by slowly weaning myself off of sugar in my drinks in 2015.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
from The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted
by Kayla Cox
Kayla Cox, 2018

This approach is especially helpful if you find that you are addicted to sugar.

“Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle” by Natasha Newton
from Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle
by Natasha Newton
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The best ways I’ve found to alleviate severe sugar cravings and most withdrawal symptoms as you wean yourself off of a high-sugar diet are to eat a well-balanced diet, with plenty of fresh seeded fruits (apples, pears, and grapes, for example), vegetables and whole grains.

“Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness” by Maureen Whitehouse
from Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness
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Another strategy for reducing sugar intake is to make use of artificial sweeteners.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
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  • My sugar cravings are also my biggest ‘sin’ when it comes to eating healthy. But over time I’ve learnt to replace them with healthier choices such as fruits. Fruits also have sugar, so on weight loss diets you will want to eat less sweet fruits, such as berries.

  • I lost 45lbs without a exercising routine. I gradually cut down my caloric intake. I cook 90% of my foods. I investigate and make a list of restaurants that display caloric intake and prepare meals in a more organic way. I try to stay within the range of 600 to 800 calories per day. I plateau. Next, I included exercises that I can included in my everyday lifestyle…Cleaning house, gardening, parking my car not so close to door entry. Taking my time to by taking steps and not elevators, etc. I also am careful with my body. Put in a comfortable back brace, knee pads, etc. I get lots of rest to relieve everyday stress.

  • I’ll be completely honest with you. I’ve tried to kick this habit so many times and for so long now. I just can’t do it! The weird thing is I don’t do drugs of any kind nor alcohol. But sugar…..

  • Great video, thanks so much:) I need to try this, but I need my coffee in the morning. Is splenda ok? I guess, not real sugar.. one a day with one cup of coffee.. I can do without the rest.

  • Hi Dr Gundry:
    I have been, no refined carbs, no gluten, no dairy, no smoking, 2 years this January 1 2019.
    I also have done 2 water fast, a 4 day, and 6 day. I’m currently on my 3rd water fast 7 days complete, and going for 10 days. My reasons for this is my arteries in legs are blocked, is it possible to undo the damage through diet? I love your work, and have incorporated your thinking into my lifestyle.
    Thanks in advance, John ✌☯️������������������������������������������������������

  • I stopped this video to pour out my coffee. It had SweetLeaf, cinnamon, and coconut oil and I find that the SweetLeaf is very sweet and feeds that craving. Mentally I like the feeling that I am feeding my good gut ‘bugs’ with it. I don’t like that it’s not helping me stay with unsweetened things. Craving sweet is craving sweets good or bad. Therefore, I finished the video with a cup of coffee with cinnamon and coconut oil and that’s it.:-)

  • I cut sugar out of my diet a year ago….I always made my own food and ate healthy but just by cutting out dark chocolate and bread pasta and etc I lost 20 pounds and no longer get blood sugar spikes….my skin improved so……much I was shocked…..I’m 56 and I look and feel 10 years younger ��

  • It is getting so I call the one stop stores, the carb stores because that is what I see the most in them. I have noticed a trend where they have more complex carbs though. I will start visiting those shelves.

  • Are there any health topics you’d like to know more about? Let me know in the comments below!

    Gundry MD’s YouTube Channel:

  • Hello Dr. Gundry, Thank you for the tip on (Carb)-(Fiber)=(Sugar)… this is new information to me. Fruit constitutes 20%-30% of my daily consumption, and I am an emotional eater, so eating a banana or apple gives me satisfaction. You mentioned to cut down, rather than cut out drastically, but are you really telling us to eliminate fruit? I take Vital Reds…. will this entirely replace nutrition if I stop eating fruit?

  • Meghan do you have any advice about eczema? I’ve heard that it’s directly linked to things one eats. Would love to hear your take.

  • Your fruit comment was surprising, but I understand it too. Sugar is sugar, even if it’s natural. And fruit extract, like what’s in your Vital Reds, doesn’t have the sugar of natural fruit.

  • Quit processed sugar back in November. I do eat a little fruit almost daily. Lost 45lbs since November 2019. Also, I do have 2 cans of Vernors ginger ale a month.
    After having saying this it’s almost impossible to avoid SOME processed sugar because it comes in nearly everything we buy at the store.

  • Your informational videos are among the few that I will listen to. You are direct and to the point. Your product is excellent and I’m in the process of convincing others to try it also. Thank you for being genuine and knowledgable.

  • I appreciate your effort to teach people live a healthy life style but I’m not a sugar addiction. I’m a some sort of vegetarian. Your advice is very good for us

  • Many thanks for your informative advice! As a label-reader for several years I’ve become appalled at how much additional sugar/carbs are in almost all processed ‘convenience’ foods now. Thank you for shining the light on the FDA/food industry ‘agreement’ for listing the sugar content of these items!

  • Does honey count? Because I had like 4 cups of green tea at the casino (lol) one day and I was slim in the waist later that day. However I do want to seriously try this detox.

  • Hi Dr. Gundry
    I have not used sugar for years. I have used sugar in baking but haven’t baked anything for months mainly because of the sugar problem but also because of my weight problem. I have been using Stevia or Truvia to sweeten my coffee or tea. My question is this; am I fooling myself by using Stevia instead of sugar and thinking I’m doing the right thing?? Would really appreciate knowing the answer to this.

  • Hi Dr. Gundry, thanks for the information, I have cut out most of my sugar intake. I have notice that is I have something with sugar in it I feel terrible soon after. I’m very tired and just don’t feel right. I am sorry to hear about the fruit, fruit has so many good nutrients in it. Thanks for all you do!

  • Want to quit sugar? Workout. U will quit it automatically bcz u dnt want to waste ur hardwork n time u used while workout.
    I was a chocolate addict. I quit it altogether along with maggie,white bread, milk n yes sugar.

  • Brilliant video, but I cannot understand why fruit is not good for us in season. I get why it isn’t out of season, very wise. But do you think NO fruit ever? Thanks Dr. Gundry.

  • Hi Dr. Gundry. Thanks for your take on sugar and avoiding it. What are your thoughts about sugar substitutes like Sukrin? Also, any red wine brand recommendations?

  • Thanks for your input on sugar, the hardest thing to do, but I am trying, I don’t drink sodas or fruit juice
    But still there is lots more, I need to pay more attention.
    Are you saying avoid all fruits???

  • thanks for sending this valuable information. I am on my 4th Vital Reds. Ordered 3 times and I have enough now to last awhile. While Im seeing the benefits of your product,living in Canada though is making your product extremely
    expensive. Of course not only because of our dollar but everytime I order anything from
    the US there’s a custom tax. Any plans in the future for making it more attainable for us across the border?

    customs tax.

  • I love seeing how much you have grown Joy. Your business has grown (like BIG time lol), the quality of your videos has improved (so professional now), and you have an adorable baby girl!

  • How and why does sugar lower stress.?
    I keep hooked on sugar i realise each time im stressed to calm down and rewire my foggy brain

  • i am so glad i came across your video because i was like dam im not eating sugar but everything says sugar i was like dam i cant even eat a cracker without feeling guilty and i kept going back and fourth but now that you explained to me if it over i think you said 6 its a sugar because the only thing i was eating that said sugar was crackers and corn chips and i was like dam they dont taste sweet and the crackers have 1g sugar in it and the corn chips regular has i think its 3 g i had to look it up on the internet because it has no sugar on the bag well its says it is not a significant source of sugar so now i will be able to eat that and i dont even eat a lot of that thank you so much because i was stressing

  • Thanks for the video,��I had a sugar addiction but I didn’t know because I had no fat and worked out everyday but 2 weeks of detox and I lost 6 pds

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