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First, set a specific fitness goal for yourself with your gym’s offerings in mind. This will help you reach the big-picture goal of better health. This could be to develop a strength-training program that uses either machines or free weights, or to take your cardio workouts to a new level with advanced classes. First, set a specific fitness goal for yourself with your gym’s offerings in mind.

This will help you reach the big-picture goal of better health. This could be to develop a strength-training. First, set a specific fitness goal for yourself with your gym’s offerings in mind. This will help you reach the big-picture goal of better health. This could be to develop a strength-training program that uses either machines or free weights, or to take your cardio workouts to a.

Rotate Gym Equipment. No doubt, gym equipment does not come cheap and the likelihood that you’ll be able to afford all the pieces of equipment your gym has to offer at home is slim to none. That means a great way to maximize your gym membership is to take advantage of all the machines at your disposal.

As client churn and retention are constant factors, gym membership sales strategies are central to driving your business and gaining profit. Here are the best ways to increase your gym membership sales: Identify Your Club’s Niche to Reach Your Market. The worldwide fitness craze has completely changed the traditional definition of a “gym.”. 15 Gym Promotions & Advertising Ideas to Increase Gym Membership 1. Use FitnessTexter to Increase Leads & Sell Memberships. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

2. Quit Being a Boring Gym: Offer Cardio Fitness Classes & Bootcamps! How many classes is your business. Every club should have a good mix of membership strategies for retention and to increase growth. The start of a new year is a good time to evaluate your membership plan. 1. Exude a warm and welcoming attitude A warm and welcoming executive can translate into a warm and welcoming club.

Canceling gym membership an exercise in futility. Automated phone trees send members in circles. Emails go unanswered; and some gyms have changed the rules for how customers can cancel in the. The best way to ensure healthy growth for your fitness center or gym is to increase membership numbers because committed members pay every month for access to their favorite exercise facilities.

Focus on Your Niche. There’s plenty of competition for fitness dollars in most regions, so to capture your share, you need to show potential clients how your gym differs from all of the others. Invest in Customer Service to Boost Gym Membership Retention Look at the facts: 81% of consumers are more likely to give a company repeated business after good service.

List of related literature:

For example, customers could be offered discounted flatrate memberships if they pledge to visit the gym a certain number of times per month and agree to pay a fine if they do not attain this quota.

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membership, but make certain the gym will be around that long.

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As regards the gym membership, a fully financed scheme may not be an option, but you do remember reading a recent ad from a local gym offering group/corporate discounts on membership and classes.

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Club operators need to create an environment that keeps members happy and makes them feel confident that their gym memberships are worthwhile investments.

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Drop Your Unused Gym Membership.

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They may negotiate reduced cost gym membership for their employees, have company sports teams or even invest in an onsite fitness centre.

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In order to enlarge this limited network for recommendations, the owner encourages fitness instructors to use his gym for aerobic and other classes.

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Club facilities with a strong membership base and available space can support this model with existing management and trainers in a more cost-effective manner.

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If that’s not an option, many companies offer complimentary or subsidized memberships at nearby gyms.

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If your company offers a membership to a gym, take it.

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  • Wanna go on a cut and drink too? It’s simple. Eat almost nothing and get all of your calories from drinking �� Okay bad advice. I went through a brief period of alcoholism. Did cut down on my weight significantly though.

  • Jose, just out of curiosity, we’re you from? I’m from El Salvador����. And congratulations on 1M subs. You truly earned them. Also, love your videos!

  • When Bryce k did a video on this topic I took away cutting down rest times on warm ups and it made a big difference and my first working set feels less like death now

  • Your tattoos are so cool. That Egyptian style one is very intriguing. Any chance you could show it next video? Great content as always

  • i use my phone’s stopwatch to monitor the time i take between sets. this has been very helpful to me, but your mileage may vary. stay big.

  • I agree with a lot of this. I have a daughter and a wife along with a full time job. It is hard to find time to do anything throughout the day sometimes. That being said, the gym time is my ME time to focus on… me. I spend the rest of the day focused on other people so I just try to make it as enjoyable as possible and try not to worry too much about time. I have kicked around the idea about making a youtube channel about my weight loss but with the limited time, not sure how id work it in. great video man!

  • I would say if you train in a home gym, something that’s helpful but often overlooked is getting the gym set up for the day’s movements ahead of time— getting your J-cups and safeties, bench, etc, set up for where you’ll need them. That will save you time at the beginning of the workout. Then you can save time at the end by not putting away your plates or anything. Just do what you need to do for the next day that night right before bed, or some other point when you have a few spare minutes that won’t be considered time spent training.

  • Great video. I’m a resident physician and due to my work hours, I’ve also had to find multiple ways to be more efficient at the gym. I also use a lot of the strategies that you have mentioned and I am very strict about how long I spend at the gym on a daily basis. I even started a website specifically for this purpose. Sharing my fitness knowledge and how to integrate exercise into a busy schedule. Keep up the good work

  • Ha i got that same phone problem. Same workout without and i am done 30 mins faster. Also will spend too much time resting between early warmup sets. Gotta do like u said and just do 1 set load next lb then go again.

    A big helper is actually writing down sets/reps/ exercises b4 going to the gym.them 5 Ps

  • Phone-wise, I like to turn this on it’s head. I actively dedicate time to using it. Then it’s done with.

    So 15 min each morning to watch fitness videos; 15 min after work to socialise.

  • Same here, with a wife and my 3week old little girl it is hard to prioritize the gym good thing that I prchased my home gym for that purpose 2 yrs ago. I find that planing is everything and finding time to train also is challenging. 6am training session might be the solution between the 5am and 8am feedings since I’m already up.

  • Great list, man
    Especially the first pick. Only time I’ve ever on my phone is to change the music to something more somber so I can cry while training calves since they’ll never grow

  • Muscle gain messes up the body fat percentage calculation so if are doing all this training you might be gaining more muscle than the scale says…

  • ..i hear you on the mobility stuff.., i got into a mode of “too much”, and I have trimmed it down a bit..

    great video, necessary subject matter. keep up the good work

  • All excellent suggestions. Especially the phone one, I have been guilty of that way too many times!
    As I use a commercial gym, one thing I found to be helpful is going during less busy times. This is especially true if I’m planning on doing flat benches, as even though it’s a large gym there are only two flat bench stations and at busy times such as Monday and Tuesday evenings they’re often constantly in use. Same thing goes for cable pulldowns. Even if there’s no issue of waiting for a particular piece of equipment to become available I find that somehow I get more done in less time when the gym isn’t crowded.

  • Thank you my point exactly eat more! Once again the “right foods”. Verbatim what I wrote last week, And so I did take into account your matbalizim. You are getting this, congrats. But really your in grate shape as it stands now and yes 10/15 lbs of more “muscle wieght”would be impressive gains. Keep in mine this takes, longer then viewers may know. Most smart U tube Fitness vloger’s will agree. This can take up to years. Were not all payed athletes/models.

  • I leave my cell phone in the car or home and use a small, magnetic, digital cooking timer to keep track of time in between sets. Helps me get in & get out without any wasted time. It also comes in handy to get me out of those “hey bro” conversations at the gym. Saved by the bell…

  • Hey Brandon, forgot how good your channel is! I really appreciate your videos. One thing I’ve done that has helped me maximize time efficiency is more compound lifts. I’ll do accessories whenever I can but if I’m in a hurry I’ll do two compounds and call it a day. Heavy deadlifts and then lighter squats for reps gets a ton of work done in a short period of time. That might be a bad training strategy if you asked a coach but it works great for me.

  • I really want to see Jose in street wear/street fashion and I want to see him wear more of the fits similar to the “swagger” in the from swagger to dapper video a couple months ago

  • 1 million subs bro! Keep it up, to be honest, I think you deserve way more than 1 million. I wouldn’t be too surprised if you had 5 million. But anyways, congratulations!

  • Jose just don’t forget that you can’t force your body to gain so much of the right weight (muscle) just within 12 weeks. Your body has A Max of what it Can build in terms of muscle. IF you just increase your cals because you want to see gain in weight ur just Gonna see gain in fat.

  • This morning, i used redbull instead of water
    to make my coffee. After 15 minutes driving
    on a highway, i realized i left my car at home

  • Jose im from Iran and I want to say thank you for being an inspiration to me. I look up to you for my everyday life. Much love bro and congrats on 1mil:)

  • Jose you hit 1 million subs!!! I’ve been watching this channel for a LONG time and I am so proud that you got this milestone!!! One of the best YouTube channels ever!!!

  • Just cause your not gaining weight dosnt mean you have to add calories, building muscle takes time and is not gunna happen over night, losing weight on the other hand is easier and faster to do

  • great tips brandon have to say I do all of them. I have everything down i my notepad so no need for my phone and when it comes to the gym one of my biggest aims is just getting it done. on the days when I dont have the wee man for whatever reason I relax a bit but when I am trying to fit in a workout in around one of his naps or when the wife gives me the green light to head out for an hour time is everything.

  • I love going to my gym. Three times a week fits well with my lifestyle, I look and feel great but the real proof that I’m doing it right is my blood glucose has been within the healthy numbers since I’ve started doing regular exercise. As a diabetic this matters.
    Lovely channel, well presented, new subscriber here, thanks.

  • The realistic is you gain 2 pound of muscle in a month. Or if you are advanced lifter, 1 pound of muscle in a month should be realistic