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Check scientific and credible sources like National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) or current articles on the latest research and treatment options. Support Treatment. Encourage your friend to seek professional treatment, and support their efforts to. If someone is suffering from a mental illness, it’s possible the person doesn’t feel comfortable, or able, to reach out to friends. Just letting them know you care and are willing to listen without judgment can make a tremendous difference in.

If you notice that your friend’s behaviour is concerning or out of character, or they tell you they are struggling with their mental health, here are some things you can do to help them: Encourage them to express their feelings There is nothing wrong with wanting to cry. As the friend of someone struggling with their mental health, you can make their life easier. The first time someone asked me if I was depressed, I became defensive and laughed it off. These are beginning steps for how to speak to a friend who is talking about their mental health; obviously, everyone will be different and have different needs.

To be supportive, start by. There are a few things you can do to help prevent stress, including physical exercise, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and asking for help from family/friends when you feel you need a break. Set standards with yourself and with the individual so you feel safe.

Best Friends Friends Inspirational Letters Mental Illness Motivational Writing & Expression You can’t change your past, but you can cleanse your memories Ari grieves the loss of her sister deeply, yet she resists visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed. There are many ways to help a friend who is struggling with depression, but it’s important that you don’t sacrifice your own mental health in the process. Be a caring, empathetic and supportive friend, but be good to yourself, too. Encourage your friend to find a therapist. It’s not always easy to know what to say when someone shares their darkest moments or struggles with mental illness, but here are a few examples: “That must be hard for you.” “I’m so sorry you’re going through this.” “It sounds like you’re really struggling.”.

If you are someone struggling with mental health problems then it can be difficult to ask for professional help. Even once you’ve asked, it might not be the standard you were expecting.

List of related literature:

Encourage her to own her illness and its treatment, and instill a belief that she’ll be able to manage her life better as she recovers.

“Bipolar Disorder For Dummies” by Candida Fink, Joe Kraynak
from Bipolar Disorder For Dummies
by Candida Fink, Joe Kraynak
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Help him or her identify coping strategies and support systems that can help with functioning in the community.

“Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume” by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume
by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
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If your friend needs saving, a professional therapist or a 12-step recovery program may be what’s needed.

“When Friendship Hurts: How to Deal with Friends Who Betray, Abandon, or Wound You” by Jan Yager
from When Friendship Hurts: How to Deal with Friends Who Betray, Abandon, or Wound You
by Jan Yager
Touchstone, 2010

Encourage her to talk about her feelings and reassure her that help is available.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
from Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing E-Book
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Help him or her acknowledge (preferably by name) those people who are or may be willing to help in practical ways: an understanding parent, a close friend, hotlines, organizations, pen pals, etc.

“Handbook on Counseling Youth” by John McDowell, Bob Hostetler
from Handbook on Counseling Youth
by John McDowell, Bob Hostetler
Thomas Nelson, 1996

You can offer a certain kind of help, as can your mate’s doctors, but at the end of the day it’s your loved one who needs to do what has to be done to take care of herself.

“When Someone You Love Is Bipolar: Help and Support for You and Your Partner” by Cynthia G. Last
from When Someone You Love Is Bipolar: Help and Support for You and Your Partner
by Cynthia G. Last
Guilford Publications, 2009

Provide support through listening, giving information and screening for mental disorders where indicated.

“Manson's Tropical Diseases E-Book” by Jeremy Farrar, Peter J Hotez, Thomas Junghanss, Gagandeep Kang, David Lalloo, Nicholas J. White
from Manson’s Tropical Diseases E-Book
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convince him thatthe inpatient unit at the hospital where his psychiatrist was trained would be a safe place to be treated.

“Massachusetts General Hospital Comprehensive Clinical Psychiatry” by Theodore A. Stern, Jerrold F. Rosenbaum, Maurizio Fava, Joseph Biederman, Scott L. Rauch
from Massachusetts General Hospital Comprehensive Clinical Psychiatry
by Theodore A. Stern, Jerrold F. Rosenbaum, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008

Your friend may need the support of a trained professional and your responsibility in such circumstances is to help them find the most appropriate type of assistance.

“Listening: Attitudes, Principles, and Skills (Subscription)” by Judi Brownell
from Listening: Attitudes, Principles, and Skills (Subscription)
by Judi Brownell
Taylor & Francis, 2015

Encourage the person to seek professional support and intervention.

“Mental Health Nursing: Applying Theory to Practice” by Gylo (Julie) Hercelinskyj, Louise Alexander
from Mental Health Nursing: Applying Theory to Practice
by Gylo (Julie) Hercelinskyj, Louise Alexander
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  • Hi. I also suffer with anxiety and depression. I am sleeping much better thanks to these videos: I put the videos to sleep at night and goodbye insomnia. Try it and tell me.


    I hope it helps you!

  • My best friend is suicidal. She has tried ending her life in the past and she has an awfully toxic home life. She smokes and drinks to temporarily relieve her pain and often comes to school smelling of smoke or with a hangover. I’m trying my best to listen and support her no matter what.
    Thankyou for reading xx

  • Practical help is also really good. When I have times where I am too depressed to get out of bed in the morning (I am a student so I can stay in bed too long), my mom calls me at an arranged time and drinks a coffee with me (in different cities, but still). It helps to not turn around once more and after the call, I’m awake. A good example of practical help without judgement:)

  • I try to tell my parents I am depressed and all they ever tell me is “you have to start working and do things to occupy your mind. You gotta get out of that.” I just wish they would listen to me…

  • I love this video.
    I think you already know who my support team is. Without them…you know where I would be.
    I really hope that everyone has at least one person in their corner for them.
    How Kati is describing this is super accurate, you want to try and stay positive and out of hospitaliazation if you can. ������

  • A negative reaction might even trigger a negative counter reaction towards them that puts the relationship in jeopardy. Yes, I think I relative to myself a bit too much. It is kind of the only I dare to do many times. Another thing that is not helpful is to offer solutions or try to make the other one come up with his/her own solutions without giving him/her the emotional backup. Also, the person you are trying to support may need to feel needed her-/himself as well.

  • My family doesn’t care about me. I am forever alone and I have accepted the fact that I will always be the one pushing myself to stay alive each day… even though I’m not really alive.. I’m just a breathing exterior shell waiting for today to end and tomorrow to come… so that tomorrow will end and the next day will come..

  • Why is suicide considered cowardice and why are the cowards the despicable ones even in hell in Dantes divine comedy? What is cowardice? Do I have to smoke crack to not be a coward?(viper song) I smoke cigarettes so I’m still a coward.

  • send funny happy gifs and affirmations or positive instagram posts from positive accounts about wellness and self care / mental health

  • im trying to help my bestfriend right now.. thank you! i want them to know that im here for them and im trying my best to keep her happy.����

  • You cannot “cure” mental illness. It is a natural non-conformity to a highly engineered and man-made system. You must simply pay the their way and allow them their space and misfortune. These are lawsuits that belong to both no one and everyone. In any engineered system there will be those who don’t humanly fit in. Why post this here? Does it matter?

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  • in my personal experience, i was pushed farther away from getting help because my friends would try to force me to speak to someone when really all i needed was a normal conversation with them to help me to feel normal again. I ended up resenting them for some time and not wanting to speak to them because all they ever wanted to talk about was me sorting myself out and getting better and i just wasn’t at that place yet! then because i was continuously defying what they were pushing me towards they began to get frustrated with me because they just didn’t understand what was so hard about it…

    so in full be patient with your loved one that’s struggling, even though you may get frustrated and angry, probably because you care about them, you want the best for them and you’re scared! try not to show it.
    instead of pushing them to talk about it, change the subject and 99% of the time, they will choose to talk about it, when they’re ready!
    and always reassure them, things like ‘you don’t have to speak to me about it if you don’t want to, but just know i am here and i care and if you ever want to, i’m here to listen:)’

  • My brother Michael is dealing with depression with his girlfriend and stuff, he’s dealing with a lot of things. He has suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and he’s always really paranoid about things, some of these things also is with our father how he drinks and he gets really mean and abusive he stopped drinking but, michael is worried he will switch back. And there’s a lot of my family stuff that’s making him depressed I think but I know the main thing is with his girlfriend they are thinking to end it, but I don’t think they should cause they are a good match they are both silly and crazy. The main reason is because he can’t see her at all, since quarantine.and in school he failed a grade just to be with her but they put him back in the grade he is supposed to be in. And I really don’t know what to do right now. -Wynter

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  • The problem is that when someone has major depression and anxiety and fearful about the things that one can’t control then it becomes paralyzing and hard to focus on the good things or fun things when one can’t work and is stressed more about money. I am terrified about losing my mom and husband and being left behind to get old and die. I am on medication plus just started bioidentical hormones last week since having a full hysterectomy 7 years ago which triggered this plus past trauma. Some people have mild to moderate depression that they feel better with medication but if someone has major depression with an underlying depression its not the same type of treatment. It might all sound good but it doesn’t last. I keep myself occupied somewhat and active every day but when I wake up the next day I feel down, anxious and the same fearful thoughts are there and so I keep praying for God to take them from me as I give them to him but they are still there. I see myself as a failure because others that I know with moderate depression never went through it before and took medication plus could still work and they felt better in 6 weeks. I have been off for 7 months and not sure what to do with my life and if I have the strength or will to do it and others are able to enjoy there life, work and save money to do fun things, they look forward to fun things and aging and dying doesn’t bother them. I feel like I have been in a midlife crisis for 7 years. Somedays I know what I can do to feel better like go for a longer walk etc but I get tired easy. I have been off work since Feb and no income coming in on my part and we are barely getting by with just my husband working and then I feel guilty that I am not working but still not strong enough yet. My therapist said that I am healing but I wish it would progress faster.

  • My ex girlfriend just left me cuz of depression during quarantine and now I’m very worried about her because i don’t care if she left me or if she loves me or not but I love her and I want her to be okay but i don’t know what to do to help.

  • I made an incredible and helpful friend and mentor in the midst of a huge breakdown. She was overwhelmed and knew I was really struggling but didn’t know what to say or how to help. But she was willing to give me a ride to therapya year and a half later… she still helps me get to therapy but it is so much more than that. I know I have someone in my corner, someone who can give advice and just be there! It changed my life all because she was willing to give me a ride!

  • I told my friend the other day I thought I had depression and anxiety, and I had thought that for a year. He’s a really good friend, and actually someone I like but he is trying to get me to tell my family and get help but it’s a hard situation that I am trying to lead up to. He has treated me like kind of like I’m helpless or weak or that I need help, but I did it because I think my friends deserve to know my situation, especially because I have known him for almost six years. I appreciate him wanting to help but it’s to much, and I don’t want him to put down or make him not want to talk about any stuff he is going through (if he is). I really want to tell him to stop but I don’t want it to be like my other friend who doesn’t help me at all. She just responds with “that sucks” while playing video games, and it doesn’t help. Any tips? Sorry for the long comment.

  • Many thanks, been searching for “best natural antidepressant” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • Some people just don’t know my sister I despise her she treats me and my mom like shit she swears at us now she’s pissed off over a damn hot dog

  • #1 don’t intrude on their space
    #2 treat them like normal people
    #3 don’t be a fake person
    #4 be yourself and only yourself
    #5 don’t treat them like they could snap any second

  • “Don’t talk to them as if they are stupid”
    ….and that’s exactly why I don’t go to my parents for any sort of advice anymore. But to be honest…I have been guilty of this too.

  • Im starting to get depress too because it almost impossible to help my depressing girlfriend. It been 2years now. Sometimes I felt like I want to put my head under the water and die.

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  • I stayed home for quarantine with the family and I was ridiculed bc of my depression multiple times, even when I was promised that they would stop doing that but they have broken that promise multiple times. Now I feel like a fool. I sunk deeper and deeper and I no longer consider them as my family. It was so bad that I lost myself and could no longer focus on anything. On top of that they would say, “no one likes you, get out, no one likes talking to you.” I developed an anxiety of talkin to anyone, even my friends. I give them what they want, I stop talking and that makes them angry. They make excuses that I’m too sensitive, or “that’s what families do” etc etc. they don’t understand that what they’re doing is slowly killing me bc they don’t care. But they would never treat a friend like this. I just want those out there who are experiencing similar things to know that it’s ok to cut out toxic people.

  • I don’t have a mental illness but I get sad because of a common problem which is Acne.Before acne I was happy all the time, I’m still happy I just have low confidence

  • Tip#6 and probably the most important tip that should’ve been on this list;

    Mental illness is in no way a valid excuse for cruel, mean and destructive behavior. If they refuse help, you have no more responsibility for anything that happens to them.

  • I have a friend that suffers from clinical depression, and has suicidal tendencies. I try to always comfort her and talk about stuff she likes, cute animals like cats and otters, we also talk about anime, and cooking videos in youtube, I really try to learn some new things and any other stuff she might like just so we can have something to talk about and something to help her with her depression. But it always somehow ends up with her being sad even if i try not to get it to that point. I cant even go to her given the current situation we’re in, we can’t go out being minors, because of the lockdown, and mandatory quarantine. She lives far away from me. All i can do now is just message or call her. I need help to help her somehow, no matter how small it is.
    Please I need some advice.
    She’s really important to me. I really want to help her.

  • Can you do a video on how to assist your significant other through depression and mental illness? And how to not to let it effect your relationship

  • I don’t want to be around my sister with severe depression, because she brings me back down to low vibrations. I am trying to heal from my physical and emotional problems.

    I just ask how she is doing? She just push me away.

    Mental illness all from stuffing one’s shadows in the closet. It’s to accept ( not embrace) the shadows to heal from traumatic experience.

    I give her methods I done, but she refuse to try.

    She wants to pop prescription drugs that causes things worse, and speak counselor whom is not working.

    What can a person do.

  • Oh you mean people want to help? These days a lot of people seem so concerned with ‘positivity’ that they turn away from ‘negative’ people immediately.

    Way to invalidate and create an already crappy condition in someone to be even more crappy by having the person identify themselves as ‘negative’ and unable to keep up with someone who defines themselves as ‘positive’.

    I don’t think honestly with all the factors I’ve considered that helping all people is even possible unfortunately. It’s just the way its all setup. We’re destined to fall. The cards are against all of us and we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t!

  • Can you talk about how to manage relationship with someone suffering from mental illness? How to make it work or how to breakup when things aren’t right.. the Do’s and Don’t with them because it feel like you are walking over egg shells please guide:)

  • Here’s a worldwide fundraiser for mental health support and help. Would love a share if you feel this is something you believe in. Thank you. ❤ Fundraiser video:

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  • any tips on what to say when somebody vents to you? someone I know is struggling right now and talks to me about it, but I don’t really know what to say back other than “I’m sorry”. any advice can help.

  • iv strugeled with suicidel thoughts self harm depresstion and anxiaty for as long as i can remeber and im still dealling with it but what really helped me was my dad being a person i could run to and someone who just let me be myself he gave me a safe space

  • “I understand you! Sometimes I have trouble focusing.”

    This is something I get a lot when I bring up my behaviors because of my ADHD. People often tell me they understand because they sometimes can’t focus like they know what it’s like. It’s not like that. And I don’t like that. It makes me feel like they just think my disorder is something everyone experiences and isn’t that bad. These tips are great. Keep up the work!!!

  • Suggesting to just breath to cure anxiety. Repeatedly. Ahhh thanks. Totally cured……this might sound a bit crazy….but I’d rather see these tips picked up by professionals first. The amount of people I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with that do not belong in their field… actually pisses me off. There are people that are worse than others, too afraid to seek help,no voice, etc… and sadly not everybody wins their fight(s).

  • Thank you so much for this video, and all your others but I love how you made this one for the loved one of a depressed person helping give ideas on how to get better, or at least make it better. ☮️����

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  • My experience with myself and other people has been to also empower those people and let them know it’s possible to lead a happy healthy life and that there are many tools available for them to get better or at least manage their condition.

  • I am so bad at helping my friend. She has the worst life ik. We dont have this friendship were its normal to hug e.t.c IDK WHAT TO DOOO

  • I made a statement out loud that I don’t have mental illness and a devil responded back with these words, ” yes you do bitch shut the fuck up”! Well no matter what type of illness this hateful, slanderous, toxic bully has to say about his opinion about any illness he may think I have atleast I don’t stop in the midst of their storm and become a evil, toxic manliputive person with no soul. To be truthful people who talk down to other people like he did has a illness and a spiritual problem should never be welcomed in anyone life no matter what they are going through!

  • I know this video is two years old but right now ( 2020 ) during quarantine my friend has been feeling very depressed and i feel like i can’t support her as much as i need because i can’t physically be there for her and it makes me feel helpless and all i want to do is help her

  • Appreciate Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered Peyadison Initial Principality (probably on Google)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for discovering how to get rid of depression minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my good mate called Gray got great success with it.

  • My friend keep telling me she is cutting herself and i tell her what i can do to help her she said sehe needs her gf that broke up with her and i cant to almost anything bc we dont live in the same country i call her everyday she told me today she hope she died in sleep i don’t know what to do if i say something she domt wamt me to say she will block me and she think no love her her parents dont want her bc she is lesbian im looking for everything that can help

  • A lot of people think that if they say “everyone has problems, you need to change as i did, i had worse problems or if i were you i would do this and that etc” they help and when you say “you are doing more harm to me than good by saying that” they say you are blessed that they give you advice but you don’t appreciate. Some people just don’t want to deal with someone else’s emotions and they don’t want to learn how to help you. They think they are good enough and know everything but you don’t.

  • I really enjoy this channel, I have seen a lot of videoes. This is with out the one I love the most ���� I find it so hard because people don’t understand and they get so mad at me. I more often than not feel so worthless. I have been hiding my true feelings for 11 years because I have to develop a social face. Because it’s too hard for people to hear my story. I have been trying for so many years to find others who understood me, I can’t find them so I have to turn to the professionals now and isolate myself from social contact meanwhile. So thank you for being a little light in my really really hard times.

  • Here’s a worldwide fundraiser for mental health support and help. Would love a share if you feel this is something you believe in. Thank you. ❤ Fundraiser video:

  • What if someone with anxiety, is telling me I am the one causing it? They tell me that I should be less vivacious in group settings because it could effect them negatively and that if I do not want to then I am a bad person without empathy. I am immature and malicious. I am not. I feel that I am being blamed for their already existing anxiety issues and for not behaving as they would to relive their anxiety in group settings. I don’t know how to not take personal that they want me to change myself for them.

  • Ah…I love how everyone tells me that I don’t have depression, they say everything this video said that you shouldn’t…and they don’t even entertain the fact that I should at least get help to make sure before they tell me otherwise.

  • This depends on the person, really. For instance, I don’t like being helped in any aspect of my life including mental health. I don’t like talking to people (I’m socially awkward so I don’t talk to others anyway). I have little to no empathy for other people. What helps me is people leaving me absolutely alone and live life normally.

  • I’m so glad tip #3 was included. people have constantly told me to control my emotions and “get over it” whenever I’m upset, because “there’s always someone out there who’s experiencing worse.” such an incredibly toxic way of thinking. I just want all of you to know that anyone who has told you that in the past don’t know what they’re talking about. your feelings matter; just because someone may be going through a rough time does not make you at all selfish or a brat for complaining. you and your feelings are valid. never forget that.

  • it would be amazing if you could cover intrusive thoughts as I don’t think many (especially )young people understand it. There is huge difference between intrusive thoughs and being suicidal! this is subject people don’t talk about and they can be helped and feel better!

  • I really needed this.
    An online friend of mine had a really bad life and, I just want them to feel safe and happy. Even if I can’t do much, I’ll still do it.

  • I guess she doesn’t actually read these comments, so I doubt I’ll get answer but what am I supposed to do when a close friend seems to be bipolar with everything I’ve witnessed and experienced with her. You can’t exactly ask them that.

    Also, another friend of mine has ADHD, and she thinks she has it. That’s one of the first things she told me. Again, it affects the friendship. How do you exactly “suggest” to these people to do something about? With the ADHD friend, I guess if she ever mentions it again, I could casually slip in, “hey have you ever thought about maybe going for a diagnosis? I heard treatment can work wonders.” But what am I supposed to say to my other friend that I truly believe is bipolar, or whatever the word may be technically for someone who is ice cold and distant for periods at a time, then will be happy go lucky texting out of the blue about something totally random “omg, the weather is so nice! I’m taking my dogs for a walk.” Yet yesterday you barely responded to my text with a couple of words. And this cycle repeats over and over again.

  • I need help plz.
    I live with 2 siblings aged 38 and 41 and and both diagnosed with schizophrenia F-20 whatever that means…
    2017 my oldest sibling jumped off a 30ft bridge with fast moving traffic below due to hearing voices and seeing imaginary things.
    The sibling survived with serious injuries and was sectioned for 7months under mental health act 3 then sent to rehab for a further 7months.
    Year 2018 my Father sadly passed away.
    January 2019 @2:am I woke up due to hearing banging sounds outside so I got out of bed, opened the window to look what is going on and my youngest sibling is kicking my next door neighbours door and shouting for her to come out, what sickens me is my neighbour is a single elderly lady with daughter whohas ongoing issues and daughter has 2 young lads probably about 5yrs old and my youngest sibling is a man BULLY so I tackled him and got the police, obviously am the one to blame why he ended up sectioned for 28days on meds.
    He as threatened to kill me when am asleep because the neighbour told him so.
    Both siblings threaten my Mom
    on a weekly basis
    They don’t keep there rooms tidy.
    I sleep in the living room with 2 cats and 2 dogs on a Big dog bed and I put things behind the door so that if am asleep I will be alarmed if one of siblings come into living room.
    My youngest sibling as own bedroom and my oldest sibling as own bedroom and Mom as own bedroom but I live in living room.
    I did share bedroom with youngest sibling for 37yrs but the sibling talks and smokes cigarettes instead of going to sleep.
    4days ago my youngest sibling had headphones on and singing his head off @3:am and the next day he was in living room @2:am threatening me and threatening to harm the neighbour so I called the crisis team and when they asked the sibling if wants to kill anyone the siblings reply was no so it is a sick game the sibling is playing with my head.
    Next day @4:am I could hear both my oldest sibling and youngest sibling talking to eachother and was disturbed from sleep so had to remind them both that they have all day to talk and 4am is the wrong time to be talking loud, if want to talk go on a walk and talk.
    They really piss me off coz my mom is not well and been through loads recently and can do without stupid people but she don’t want to put em in care coz she is scared of losing em both.
    I have gone to mental service for depression, anxiety in the past but the help was not there.
    I found it better for me to knock on a random persons door and say I need help so here I am

  • I have a friend who is suddenly acting nothing like themselves. We have been friends for a decade and now suddenly she is harming herself and it’s not just standard. She’s never been sexually active and doesn’t know how to even protect herself but she’s just finding strangers online and letting them do stuff to her and then coming to me in tears trying to figure out how to handle the repercussions.

    She doesn’t have a solid opinion on what she thinks or how she feels, really extremely. Jumping between “that was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” to “I want to see him again”

    I’m trying to get some information on psychologists in the area, but I’m just so heartbroken over this. And she’s successfully living a double life. I’m one of two people that knows what’s going on.

    I’m so scarred she’s going to turn up in a ditch and it will be my fault for not helping her somehow.

  • When we was growing up in the depression my mommer always said the same thing. Now we didn’t have much during the depression but you know it was more than a lot of people had and we was thankful to the good lord for it. Now my daddy couldn’t find a lot of work but he did the best he could and mommer would take in washing sometimes to make ends meet and her and daddy growed a garden and so we always had fresh vegetables, sometimes there werent’ enough but we was always thankful, even when it was sad and depressing. That’s what I remember about the depression, it was always sad and depressing. but we would invited family and friends over when we had enough and setting there at that table with all our friends around us we knowed everthang was gone be alright. We didn’t want there to be no war because we loved everbody but then thangs got so bad that Franklin D. Roosevelt decided he was gone fight the depression for his people even though he was rich and the depression didn’t hurt him he loved his people and everbody else enough he wanted everbody to overcome the depression and so he fought the depression and then he got together with Winston churchill and Joseph Stalin, two other great men and Winston Churchill had said that it weren’t right for the Germans to be doing so well and not be in a depression because Hitler had put his people to work building and planting and so Winston Churchill decided he was gone kill the Notsies and Franklin D. Roosevelt decided he would kill the Notzies so they joined Joseph Stalin and started the war. Now that was bad but you know what. They was able to build a bomb plant and my daddy got him a job there making bombs for Winston Churchill to drop and burn up Notsy childern. And we was happy cause we was fightin evil people but not Joseph Stalin all them people he had killed deserved it. And all them Indians and Irish poeple Churchill had killed was evil. They was probably racists or something. And then Franklin D. Roosevelt finally defeated the Notsies and made the world safe for Jews and thats why America is such a happy place today. Thank you. I appreciate you letting me tell my stories on youtube/.

  • She cracked me up at 0:55 “Hey how is recovery going?!?” ��. Such great advice however, something I constantly need to remind myself, to just be there for my wife and kids, and not always try to ‘solve’ problems.

  • What happens if you see someone struggle with depression for so long and it’s almost like, a ‘waste’ to watch them struggle and suffer when they could get help and relief. It’s hard not to get frustrated that people don’t want or wouldn’t like to get help.
    I would feel very bad if for years, or a whole of a persons like, was just spent depressed and suffering.

  • What about if you live with someone and you try to talk to them, be there for them, do things for them, etc. But they don’t seem to want the help, even though its clear they need it? But all they do is mope around very negative, putting themselves down, & struggle to see the positive no matter what anyone says or does? Then apologizes via text & says “thank you, I just dont feel great nowadays. What you do doesnt go unnoticed, it’s just hard to appreciate it in the moment.” My friend is doing this and its somehow gotten me into a pit because I feel that my best efforts dont matter, putting me back into a spiral that I had gotten myself out of a while back. It’s so draining & idk what to do.

  • My sister was sectioned at Easter and she really struggled to feel like she could ask the medical team questions about her own care. I tried to encourage her to do it as the family wasn’t always allowed to be there and when I spoke to her on the phone and she said she’d been able to ask the questions she wanted to I told her I was really proud of her and that seemed to help her keep doing it.

  • In Pennsylvania it’s a 302. Family members can file with a judge to have someone committed. Personally to me being kept against my will is more traumatizing.

  • I suffer from depression people act like they care but they really don’t give two craps about anyone they just want to act kind and tell you it’s ok everything will be better what a load of crap.

  • Dear Kati, I have a friend who is severely suicidal. I don’t know how to help her anymore. I contact her regularly and do the things you mentioned in this video, but I don’t know what to do with her suicidal thoughts. I’m getting worried she’ll do something and she will not contact me in crisis. She has professional help and medication and I’ve given her the suicide hotline number and I try to talk to her about it. Do you have any advice?

  • I’ve written a blog on it, do comment and follow if you life the content

  • I can say,…
    Depressed one can motivate thousands of others.
    But the depressed one will end with a smile like a fuming volcano heart.
    These person can trigger faster than anything else, when they met discomfort.
    Expectations kills.
    Expectations from human / GOD.
    (Doing best,…but still failed.)
    Unknowingly,…teachers are the reasons of million students into death.
    Life is a mess. I’m gonna die…
    Sounds may be crazy,…. but the reality often a disappointing.

  • My Mum treats my mental illnesses as a joke or a disease. When I tried to open up to her about having social anxiety,, she said: “So are you admitting to that?”,, like it was something I did wrong.. She thought she could just fix me by forcing me to be social. She would force to go out to more places, meet more ppl & even go shopping,, alone.. it was really painful because she didn’t listen or care about how all of this was making me feel. Later,, I started getting really depressed/suicidal. Again,, she didn’t care. Tho I never tried to bring it up,, she did notice my scars & that I wasn’t okay. But she didnt do anything but tell me that I better not be cutting myself.. It was terrifying but I’d rather have her actually talk to me about it instead of threating then ignoring me. Just the other day,, my brother (10) was upset cause my Mum kicked him off his PS4. Then she started calling him depressed. (..He doesn’t even know what it means) I said: “Why do you think he’s depressed?”. She said “cause he’s breathing heavily & he’s always being lazy”. 1st of all,, he’s just angry cause you took away his game. 2nd,, he’s always tired cause you like to abuse him psychologically by calling him fat & lazy. 3rd just because someone is sad does not mean they’re depressed. She then says that she knows cause she gets depressed. I meanyeah maybe (My Dad cheated on her..),, I won’t tell you how you feel but hOLY SHIT! The way she was talking depression was like she thought it was just this emotion,, like happiness or anger. It really pissed me off cause I was over here,, struggling to live for you,, but now you’re gonna ignore me & start self diagnosing cause you’re sad?? Wtf.
    (Sorry for the rant.. Idk if this made sense but yeah.. thx if you read this ��)

  • I tried to open up to someone and showed them what I had done and they told me if I ever did it again they would like tell my parents and school admin and stuff so I dont talk to her abt that stuff anymore but I mean she can’t c what I did now she just pushed me further into a corner that I can’t get out of I feel trapped now like I can never get out I wish someone would just listen……It felt good to get that off my chest.

  • My mom doesn’t care I’m depressed and the only thing that kinda helps is gaming/ content creation but she limits me so I can feel but but it makes it worse

  • Yeah. Just recently I lost a friend of several years because he was “impatient” that I was taking so long to “get over” my mental health issues.
    Too Bad. They make my life much crappier than his just because I can’t go out with him as often as I used to.
    I really can’t stand people who think they can keep demanding of me answers that I’m struggling to find on my own.

  • What happen if both lover have the similar mental illness? So it’s basically hard for the guy to take such perfect action like you mention on the video. To not show negative emotions or feedback, but when he try to help he keep receiving the bad respond and made him feel useless and disrespect regardless the good intention he had. So in the end he cannot force himself to not showing the negative responds..

  • I have bipolar II, and my fiancé isn’t supportive, he just says that he accept this and it doesn’t help at all. On the other hand his brother, who suffers from depression is the most supportive person that I ever met, sometimes he just comes to our house just to play games with me, or we play World of Warcraft together and talk for hours about random things, or even send me memes without context, and he is always there to listen to me, when I have panic attacks he is the one person who can calm me down, just by texting with me, distracting me from panic. I also am always there for him, even when he calls me at middle of the night because he cannot sleep, just lays and cry. I think that having a person who just understands what you going through is the most important thing and having someone who you endlessly trust helps a lot.

  • Thank you Kati! This is very timely for me. I have been praying and seeking how i can help others who struggle with Depression Autism, ADD/HD, etc. Not as a medium to push my faith, but to just help others who struggle.

  • Tip #3 happens to me all the time. I open up then the person who I am speaking to usually doesn’t directly say it, but they’ll start complaining about how their life is “so much worse”. Anyone else get this??

  • Appreciate Video clip! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard about Peyadison Initial Principality (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one off product for discovering how to get rid of depression without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my good mate called Gray at last got cool results with it.

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  • It could be really cool with a video about how you take care of yourself while helping others. A couple of people close to me have had and still has mental illnesses, some have been so bad that they were at the hospital for months. I spent so much energy trying to help them that I kind of forgot my self and got very sad and lonely and felt so much shame about my sadness. I felt like I wasn’t aloud to be sad when my friend(s) had it so much worse than I so I wouldn’t really talk about it to anyone. That obviously didn’t help and I ended up needing therapy my self (which took years for me to realize because of the shame). I wasn’t much help for my friends either because I was so tired and irritated all the time.
    My point is you’re the best help if you look after yourself as well and remember you’re also aloud to feel sad

  • How’s you’re life sad, miserable boring or happy, name one time that you were happy without possessions, name one time you felt like you belonged,

  • How would you be a good friend to someone who is choosing to enable their mental illness? My friend confessed to me that she is struggling with substance abuse because of her depression, but whenever I try to make plans to check in with her she cancelsusually by not texting back or showing up. I will hear from friends of friends she blacked out a bar, or left gatherings to get blacked out. I don’t know what to help with first the drinking or the depression?

  • Hi my daughter is a loving beautiful girl she is 38, has 4 kids, but she dont take any medicine & she is getting twisted everyday, i dont live with her, but her kids do, & they are stress out, she doesnt recognised me as her mother, & she is twisting everything about her life, she is really stressing me out! Please help me to know what to do or say! Thank you brenda.

  • My best friends has both anxiety and deppression and i do everything i can to help but she refuses. even tho i try to understand i dont really so im trying to find some help to know what to do or what to say.

  • Me: watching this…… Also me: I am going to help myself because nobody else is going to do that 😉

  • I’m currently in the middle of my journey to understand and come to terms with living with depression and anxiety, I realized I wasn’t doing so great so I took a break from university because it had been severely affecting my grades and my general well-being. It wasn’t until several months after that that my parents realized how miserable I had been but now, I’m regularly going to therapy, taking some medication and setting up a routine for myself. Keeping myself clean and taking care of myself is a LOT harder than I ever admit. How can I tell and talk to my parents about this? They’re frustrated because they can’t gauge how well I’m actually doing, even though I’ve told them that I’m improving, they still assume that I’m being “lazy” or I’m not trying hard enough when I’m trying SO FREAKING HARD to get better. It’s even harder because they have so much influence over my mental/emotional state and I have tried so…SO many times to help them understand the chaos in my mind. Not only do I have to deal with my anxiety and having random panic attacks because I’m still having some rough days where I feel overwhelmed by just existing, I also have to have the patience to hear what my parents’ opinions are and try to not let them affect me. I’m so tired, can you help me?

  • I always wanted to help everyone, specially people with mental illness, cz I can feel their hardships. They’re not able to express their problems, because deep inside they’re thinking that no one can understand their issues. mental health awareness is not growing everywhere. That’s why we need more awareness more support. When we will support and help each other then the world will be a better place to live in ����
    dear Kati, thank you for this informative video. I’ve learnt a lot through your videos. ��

  • my fiancé is having anxiety attacks due to her ex-boyfriend cheating on her twice.. now, I’m dealing with the sh*t he has done.. she is such a sweet and innocent woman.. and I Love her so much.. I really want her to feel loved and I would never do anything to hurt her..

  • Hi Kati! Would you be able to do a video on trust issues? I’ve watched your videos on BPD, but can you have trust issues without being borderline? Sorry if that’s a dumb question ��

  • Wish my husband understood depression. He just says I am lazy and that I dont care about him. I don’t know what to do. I just dont have a drive or interest in anything. I love my family, but I guess I see why they think I might not. I live in my bed. For about 5 yrs, I have lived in my bed. I am just 35 and have wasted years of my life because of this numb feeling. I am diagnosed with severe depression, panic disorder and PTSD. I just want to WANT again. To want to have a sex drive, to care about keeping my house clean and organized, to want to spend time with my family more… will I ever get better? My husband could leave me if things don’t change. His only approach has been to put me down, because he thinks I just dont care about anything anymore. I use to be the perfect wife. Had supper on the table every night. Did laundry so consistently, my husbands sock drawer was 75% brand new socks. I cleaned the entire house every single day. And I mean clean! I ironed his suit at night before church and shined his shoes. Now he just throws them in the dryer to get wrinkles out. I use to initiate sex (now I couldn’t care less if I ever had sex again). I use to want to go bowling, play pool or go to the movies. I use to hand make items and sell on Etsy. Basically, I use to be an actual human being.

  • I feel so guilty. My girlfriend has depression and I usually get angry when she talks about it. I’m already hurting her. That’s why I’m here, I wanna know what’s going on to a person with depression. I wanna help my girlfriend ��

  • i used to see a psychiatrist but eventually stopped going after lying my way out of it. i regret doing that and i want to go back and possibly try therapy instead of medication but i dont know how to tell my mom this.

  • For me the best support a friend could give me is just coming over and sitting with me. Sometimes just not being alone is all I need.

  • My school/parents forced me to get therapy, and I just wasn’t ready. The result was me not even doing one thing my therapist said. Take note.

  • My brother was 5150 in Alabama after he went be bezerk and destroyed my mom’s house. Later he ended telling a therapist the medication he was on was making him suicidal and they traspoted him to hospital.. A few months later he hanged himself. The system failed big time in his case,, however after his death it came out his wife at the time was a heroine addict who got him on it.. Big mess!! Something has to change.

  • I know something that really helped me when I was going through my treatment was my therapist encouraging and praising my passions. I would bring drawings or talk about art stuff, and even though I know now it wasn’t very good, she praised those passions and encouraged me to continue with them. I really think this helps with anything. If you notice your friend is wanting to do something, maybe ask them to sign up for a class with them. Have an art day, or go to a concert with music they like. And really this goes for anyone, but especially with people who are struggling to find motivation to do anything. Passions are what keep us going. and sometimes we need that extra push to really get into those passions.

  • Hey this is kinda unrelated to the video, but (TW) could you do a video about the romantification of mental health and how in the current “teen world” mental health is joked upon. Because people in my school will joke about killing themselves saying things like they are going to jump off a cliff all the time when they are not suicidal. I feel like this just makes people who actually need help, want to retreate from getting help because they think they won’t be taken seriously. At this point we don’t know who is joking and who is not and I see this as a big problem that no one is really addressing. As a personal dealing with mental health issues, I find it very hard to listen to all the time because it’s not a joke (while I do understand some people joke as a coping mechanism). It makes me feel like my problems aren’t real and don’t really matter. Anyway sorry that was kinda a mini rant. Thankyou for everything that you do here on YouTube. It has people so many people, including myself ❤️

  • Can we talk about how to get over trust issues? Future relationships shouldn’t have to pay for your past. But idk how to get there.

  • It would have been more helpful if you made this video years ago. I made the mistake of trying to broach the subject of eating disorders with someone I realized had one after reading an article on an eating disorder website that recommended bringing up the issue because the person would be ‘thankful’. That was a load of bunk. She dropped hints for over a year and I didn’t put the clues together until after a year into the friendship. Even after I realized what was going on I didn’t bring it up but I researched on what to avoid saying to reduce triggering her in anyway. After I followed the article’s advice she stopped talking to me almost completely. Things went sideways from there pretty quickly. I learned to never bring up sensitive subjects no what you read or hear if the person doesn’t broach the issue directly no matter how many symptoms they may tell you about. Even if it seems like they are trying to tell you they have an issue. All you can do I guess is as you suggest, just try to be supportive and that’s it. Oh well.

    On a less depressing note I just learned today why Van Halen titled one of their albums 5150. I had no clue they were probably referring to the 5150 process you spoke of. Also, I like the jazz music you have at the end of the clip.

  • Hey, if you need someone to talk to, I made a group chat for people to help others and themselves get through this, it’s on Instagram, my insta is: Ryleigh_burke45 and all you got to do is message me on there and tell me you found me from YouTube and I will add you! (You don’t have to if you don’t want too!)

  • It’s very difficult for someone to understand exactly how you feel if they’ve never been through the same thing but it means so much when someone is actually willing to listen. Getting something of your chest normalises it, you begin to realise that you’re feelings are validated. People can spend so much time inside they’re own minds that they forget to speak about how they’re feeling. Just listening to someone will mean a lot. x

  • kati, can you PLEASE do a video on symptoms of ADHD in teens/if you think you might have it?? my sister is convinced i have it and i agree w her. when you do videos like those, they are always really helpful and you only have ADHD videos for adults.

  • What do I do if my girlfriend wants to abandone all her friends because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Her therapist said it would help to just isolate herself but I don’t think that’s right.

  • Cheers for the Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Peyadison Initial Principality (Have a quick look on google can’t remember the place now)? It is a good one of a kind guide for discovering how to get rid of depression minus the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 after many years got amazing success with it.

  • 3cheers for President ����Trump
    Americans Have Failed People With Mental Illness. Trump’s New Budget Will Change That.

    “President Trump is exceptionally focused on fighting for Americans who can’t fight for themselves and confronting problems other administrations, both Democratic and Republican, have ignored. This is particularly true for Americans who suffer from addiction and serious mental disorders,” White House Domestic Policy Council Director Joe Grogan writes.

    Nearly 50 million Americans experienced some form of mental illness in 2018. The President’s new budget, out today, proposes the boldest reforms in decades to help them. President Trump gets my conservative democrat vote again in 2020 ��

  • Amazing job on building such a helpful and positive community!! I think it’s about really checking in with the person like you saidhow are YOU? Not how are your circumstances…

  • Hey Kati!

    Within my life I have helped many people cope with bumpy childhoods where they were spanked as a child, either with hands or objects. I myself was spanked over the bum as a child and then smacked across the face as I matured. Being as spanking is a popular method used to punish a child, what is your professional opinion when it comes to spanking your child? Do you believe it is okay as long as no mark is left and it is a light swat? Does it depend if an object if used? Does the action have long term effects on the child? Considering spanking typically is replaced with smacks as the child matures, should parents utilize a different form of punishment? Should it remain legal?I would love to hear your opinion on this controversial topic. Thanks!!!

  • Hey if you read this comment.. what’s the best way to explain to your Asian mother who believes depression is for people who have it horrible that you really want a diagnosis and help?

  • I’m like hoping my friends will see this because none of them even make the effort to text me “hi” or “how are you doing” and they all know I’m struggling with moderate to severe depressive disorder and non suicidal self injury disorder. But I guess they don’t care. I always make an effort to see how they are doing, but they never return that love and care.

  • sometimes I feel like I’m meant to be sad, like being depressed and feeling low is just a part of life. i sometimes just accept the fact that one day im gonna kill myself but rn i just wanna disappear. ppl say it gets better but I feel like it doesn’t, maybe this is how my life is meant to be… idek anymore. why was I even born??? i don’t know what to do anymore. i feel broken, I’ve lost myself, everything seems dark and life seems… like it’s fading away ��

  • Today I started having like sensory overload and rrly bad anxiety out of nowhere while I was doing the dishes and had to run to my room and just hide under my blankets. Apparently my parents think a good way of helping is to invade my personal space, put me on the spot, lecture me about my responsibilities, and take away my phone…

  • What do we do when the person continuously refuses help (but doesn’t seem harmful other then verbally abusive)?
    I have a family member that I think would greatly benefit from seeing a therapist. I’ve mentioned it a few times over the last few years but she has yet to seek help.

    Despite everyone around her putting into practice all of your advice in this video (checking in as a friend, educating ourselves etc) Her depression & paranoia are getting worse and she is started to slowly lose all her friends and family because of how bad she is treating all of us.
    Any advice for gently getting someone treatment who is scared to seek it out themselves?

  • Comedy. I’m trying to get some supplies but they will not fit. The women will not even discuss spanking their boyfriend. There are a lot of criminals. The ladies are intimidated, and do not have the right stick or sex lock. How can we get a Pepsi? (them)

  • My parents have been so supportive through the past 2 year with my struggles with really bad anxiety/agoraphobia/emtephobia. They have done what they can when I have asked for help and they have not been angry when I haven’t been able to do something. They have been frustrated but haven’t made me feel like it is my fault that I am like this. They have stood by my side and given me so much love, support, and encouragement and I honestly cannot thank them enough. Even when it all started and I was so angry and upset because I didn’t know why I was feeling the way I was, they never blamed me or forced me to do stuff. They talked to me and took me to the doctors and have paid for the many rounds of therapy. When I have wanted to do something, they have done it with me and if I have found something difficult, they will either try to make the situation more manageable or taken me away from the situation. I know there is nothing that I can say or do that will express my sincerest gratitude to them but I say thank you every day and tell them how much I love and appreciate them. I don’t know how I would be today without their love and support through this rough time. I know that I am extremely lucky to have such amazing parents as I know that not everyone is a lucky as I am so I am trying not to take them for granted. So yeah…just having someone there to talk/vent to and for them to be able to support me in any way they can would help me.:) x

  • This video actually made me quite sad… even after a serious suicide attempt, I had to walk back home on my own. No one ever offers me help; not even to cook for me or just come with me to the doctor’s office. Everyone around me knows I am sick, chronically physically and mentally sick, yet I am all alone. For me illness means utter loneliness and the feeling of being on your own.

  • Another point: If a mentally ill person relapses, don’t make them feel guilty (chances are, they already feel immense guilt even without you telling them off), instead try to help and support them!

  • its good to lend out a hand every now and then but set boundaries the person cannot cross. even if its family. we are not professionals

  • Be a good friend, educate yourself, assist in anyway you can. How I wish that some supernatural would whisper these to my friends.

    I have dysthymia, asking help from your friends is a gamble because if they didn’t help you, your depression will get worse, so I stopped asking for help.

    I don’t have time for psychotherapy, and I don’t want medication because my depression is not major, and I believe doing self CBT will help myself.

    Hi Kati, I can’t help but notice how high your left eye is compared to the left, and that makes me notice how beautiful your eyes are. ����

  • what do you reccomend for being forced to help someone? my mom is bipolar and has never taken her mental health seriously, she has often treated me more like a friend or therapist than her daughter. she is always saying that people are labeling her as crazy instead of getting help from her therapist, and I feel like she has never really told her therapist what’s going on. I really do want to help her, but I think I need to help myself first. it feels like situations have been escalating lately and I want to get help for my own mental health and I want her to get help too.

  • Hello please help,..
    So my mentally ill friend is my infinite best friend and… I acted like a stranger in a site because I wanted to see how she would react too new people, she’s a big introvert and I wanted to see how she would react to curtain scenarios ( cat-calling, nice people, mean people ) I was on my last one which at told her after. She had trust issues which I didn’t really think would affect anything… she got mad and said how much of a bad friend she was. AI don’t feel any guilt just sadness no usual panic attacks. What’s happening and will I see her again?!?!?! I’m scared she will starve herself in order to meet my expectations and commit suicide or something like that. I do care for her yet I feel no guilt. I’m confused and scared ( PLEASE HELP ME )
    Info I’m: 11
    My relationship with my mom isn’t too good but getting better

  • The closing comment really hits home for me. I never stopped trying but was at a point of breakdown. This began at separation from my EX NBPD out of control spouse. But my neighbour became my mental health support and much more for as long as I needed that level of support.

    I deal with severe medical or physical disability but my limit was exceeded with a plurality of difficult mental health symptoms starting with the C-PTSD AND ﹰ
    what that brings on in the acute spectrom. I was falling apart big time but she stood beside me during the worse of it.

    That is untill we agreed time to wean off onto my own feet. Still there to talk but I told her I know she saved my sanity, even my life, I will always owe her for what she was willing to freely give of herself….

  • I just want to point out that sending a text or email is NOT the same as making a phone call (and persisting until you get through). And that’s not nearly as good as actually seeing someone in person. When nobody ever calls, eventually the little things stop counting, and it gets harder and harder to believe anyone cares at all. “I’m busy,” is a terrible excuse.:(

  • I just cant cheer my self up and cant cheer other people up
    I’m just a failure
    and ruin everything
    and not good at anything
    I cant do this anymore..

  • People tell me to pay attention more when it’s hard to pay attention I have ADD and Anxiety people who say this to me makes me nervous and stressed making me not want to trust them leading to me not trusting anyone people treat me like a preschooler that does not know how to count they think I’m dumb I ask questions in class that apparently are dumb to others

  • I’m depressed and have social anxiety, it’s so hard but I try and cope with it but I just can’t, I literally cry myself to sleep thinking about these things and all I’m doing is overthinking and I know it, but I won’t stop because I can’t.

  • also kati, this is a great video! I see a ton of great suggestions in the comments, maybe make another video on the tips you find useful?!

  • I thought you would explain a little bit more on each one, or have an example for each one to clarify or sum up what they each do to person

  • Any kid that went through child abuse can cause that child to develop a mental illness. I develeped GAD from verbal abuse. My grandma developed OCD from her evil step-mother. My sister developed Complex PTSD from childhood trauma. I have a cousin who has disabling Social Anxiety where he cannot go out in public, probably from being bullied.

  • Hey, I’d like to send you a private message, but it doesn’t look like it’s an option on YouTube for your channel. Do you not accept private messages anymore?

  • Can you do a video about lack of motivation? Or when you’re in denial about having something wrong?
    I deep down know I need help but I’m struggling so hard right now. I don’t even have the energy or motivation to get out of bed.

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  • If you know someone or you are someone that is harming themselves or going through this please go to a trusted adult don’t be scared!

  • I’ve experienced depression and I just want to help people more I don’t know how to help them even if I’ve experienced it but Im learning how to properly help them

  • Kati you’re so right. I like it when others are around, but not actively trying to help me. If I can have the options & feel in control of my decisions, this gives me strength & having people offer the options is like a guiding light.

  • my lover is depressed, he is very sad and i am really so worried about and i am unable to help him because i am an person with both depression and anxiety. I really do not know, what to do? i am so blank.

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  • Is there any conclusive evidence to prove “we are better at treating this than we were 10 years ago” as the man claims? That sounds like a massive exaggeration.

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  • So when my boyfriend first got out of the hospital we sat down and made lists. Lists of what we would like to do (play boardgames, cook food, that kind of stuff). We made lists of what he would like to do if he was in a dark place (exercise, go for walks etc.). We also made a schedule for when to shower, when to clean, all that stuff. It really helped us in the beginning. We still do schedules, but not as detailed, just if we have some appointments or there’s something we really want to do

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  • My ex girlfriend just left me cuz of depression during quarantine and now I’m very worried about her because i don’t care if she left me or if she loves me or not but I love her and I want her to be okay but i don’t know what to do.

  • Hey guys! If you are going through something you can go to this link. It’s the second best alternative for therapy.

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    Find something for yourself or a loved one battling depression or anxiety. Reduce symptoms of depression and feel better!

    Thank you for the video

  • Guilt 3 just made me cry cause I’ve struggled with mental illness my whole life. Never opened up and still wont. Just feel stuck…

  • 2:51 I try to open up to my friend about my struggles and how I had a panic attack and how I felt depressed or that I had depression but she just laughed and said oh me too and then she said just kidding and she changed the subject and kept getting distracted when I tried to open up and how I felt and she didn’t comfort me in the way I wanted her to and she will always just change the subject and not listen and she’ll just laugh and make a joke. After that I got off the FaceTime and I started to get really upset because I felt no one was there for me or understood me and then I had another panic attack I just wish she said something different or maybe I’m just being over dramatic idk ima probably delete this comment well bye everyone

  • Yes locking a person in a room or ward is not helpful to a persons mental health they require understanding and assistance not processing though a system. I brought a person to a mental health facility and as soon as they opened the doors I regretted it. It was archaic I was horrified. It was clear the staff were under trained and understaffed and shockingly the building was designed for that exact reason. The next day I went to see her and luckily for her she has high intelligence and her fear of that environment motivated her. I watched her handle the psychologists and she told them everything they needed to hear and she was out within the hour. Kati your videos are great you have the right amount of compassion, hopefully if you can, move into politics or lobby so you can be a voice for people with mental health conditions. We, humanity need a change in the political arena to move forward in human understanding. No pressure:) If you choose to you may have to gain higher education to be taken seriously.

  • I once upened up to my dumbass ex-friend and he said ‘there’s people without a home, food or family so look at what you have and you’re ungrateful for feeling that way’ and that was like the worst thing anyone could say

  • My dad had severe bipolar disorder which was not diagnosed correctly and treated with lithium until he was 72 in 1982. Had he not been institutionalized during his angry manic episodes I am absolutely positive he would have killed his family. He did kill my aunt’s 11 dogs one night and dumped their bodies in a river. Now my brother has severe bipolar. Lithium does not work and depakote just scratches the surface. He is more of a danger to himself than to others. At 76 he takes risks, driving carelessly, climbing tall ladders with chainsaw in hand, and trying to help out with meth addicts who physically attack and steal from him. In mania he squanders thousands of dollars. In depression he is totally lifeless and bedridden, lying in bed simply wanting to die. This time he has lost about 60 pounds and hasn’t the will to even comb his hair before doctor appointments, much less shave or bathe. My brother’s are angry at him because he felt like he had been miraculously healed last time he snapped suddenly out of depression and quit taking meds as an act of “faith.” They have shunned him for two years now. His only surviving child has also shunned him. In mania he nearly destroyed her marriage and endangered them by welcoming dangerous addicts to wander freely through the home. Many things were lost, given away and destroyed.
    I take care of my brother when he is depressed. Right now he lives with me. Listening to you, I guess I am doing all the right things for him and that is a comfort to me to have the support of knowing that. I am afraid he would die without this help and I am afraid, at this point, he might anyway, because he is 76 and his health is failing.

  • Just because you are depressed and maybe even feel suicidal, just before you think about anything, think about how people would react, how would they feel to know that you weren’t there anymore? Even if you weren’t that close to them, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t care. So next time you think about that, think about this comment, and think how other people would feel. And if you really need it here’s a free hug ��

  • Say Something they say… well the times I do, everything gets worse. Also she’s 100% in denial. And I’m no doctor, it’s not like I know I’m right.

  • I am on here trying to help my best friend. He hates therapist so I am going to try and be his therapist and help boost his confidence. How about you? Why are you on here?

  • Don’t discount their feelings, like “People have it worse”, “You’re fine”, “Just go for a walk”, “It’s hormones”, “You’re faking it”

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  • its a shame im in a resident program this one lady has diabetes adn she gets ssd the government victimized her so severely financially she cant afford to go to several specialist she needs to go to she was born with type 1 diabetes what the sick low life politicians done to her and many like her to keep them for payign for her health care they gave her a 50 dollar co pay for ever specialist she needs to see and a 25 dollar co pay for her doctor that they know these people cant afford so the sick low life politicians dont have to pay for their health care the female with the diabetes also has to pay 50 dollars every times she sees her psychiatrist she has to pay for a majority of her meds she has to pay 160 dollars a month just for the medicare insurance and she needs to have a minor operation on her eyes every years to keep her from going blind which she cant afford even her middle class relativees dont give a shit about her they make good money and they rather her go blind then give her 50 dollars for the doctors i thank god i am on ssi and i get medicaid which pays 100 percent of every thing for me meds doctors etc i thank god i never worked on the books the governemnet fuced over people with mentall illness who worked in teh past 500 percent many of them with bad health problems can not afford to live since obama was in office and he took away their medicaid forcing them on way too expensive medicare its a damn shame how our government victmized the mentallly ill people on ssd so severly in many many ways i dont feel liek typing all the ways they vicmtize these people rigth now i have to go shopping if u r on ssi u r very very lucky just like me even charity care refuses to help these people on ssd any many of tehm get very little more money compared to people on ssi

  • I low-key feel like depression is somesort of vision, ( I don’t believe I suffer from depression, but I do know what being sad for a few days is like) like phycologically/brain wise they understand that the life we live in isn’t suppose to be like this. I feel like from what I’ve seen, depressed people really do fight to live comfortably and peaceful. It’s like they know we’re not supposed to have a 9-5 and pay the people at the top to keep doing wrongful things.

  • How about helping someone who’s struggling mentally, when you also are too?

    This is someone we are really close to and they always help you, but you feel helpless when it’s the other way around:/
    I may be slightly more of a “special case”, because I struggle to read situations/emotions and how to act in the moment.

  • Omg do i have all the signs ×10,i have no hope.I truly belive sometimes that nobody is friendless,happiness other than drugs,seing family go downfall and not be able to fix it.I really want a girlfriend and havent had one,too ugly,too unhealthy,addicted to methadone and crack,have to envision myself elsewhere.

  • I have helped a lot with one of my kinda friends get through suicidal thoughts, depression all of it over a break up but that was linked to childhood trauma so it was incredibly rough. But she’s doing better now and now I’m helping her “ex” gf (it’s complicated) who has serious issues too. She does not open up easily but I’ve found that when I open up and talk about my feelings and then I let her just rant, we were able to get somewhere. It’s an incredibly difficult and crazy situation involving every factor you can think of (literally) but it will get better. I know that. I will make sure of that.

  • Hi Kati! What should we do when you are trying to help someone and they start liking you like a mad person, expects you to talk to him all the time whether you have time or not?
    PS.. I am a student of Psychology and looking forward to pursue M. Phil in Clinical Psychology.

  • I have a question about helping someone who I experienced countertransference with. I am not a therapist, but I have taken several psychology classes and am going to be in a social work program next month! I’m not going to tell you much for personal reasons, but I had to limit my communication with this person because it was not good for me emotionally. We only talk about things related to the handcycle team we are both on. Every time I learned more about him, I felt myself becoming more attracted to him. The worst part is that he realized I had feelings for him before I admitted it. I still feel bad about not helping and listening to him anymore. Is this “normal” to feel this way? Thanks in advance!

  • I have a friend who I been trying to help for more then 2 years it feels impossible at this point I tried helping as much as I could but they keep denying and taking their anger on me and it feels like they get worse and worse every day… That at this point I can’t do anything to snap him out of it it’s so bad that he doesn’t consider himself human and calls people werid or just stupid he starts to believe he has no purpose, in devilish stuff, and now it even turns into fights, I think it’s not even depression at this point please help this is insane and it’s killing me…please help I can’t deal with it anymore