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“Just because you’re 40 doesn’t mean you’re 40 years old biologically,” said Larry Tucker, a professor of exercise science at Brigham Young University in Utah. “We all know people that seem younger than their actual age. The more physically active we are, the less biological aging takes place in our bodies,” Tucker said in a university news. Dr Talib says 40-something women are worn out for other reasons, too. “I call them the ‘fatigued 40s’.

Women of this age are likely to be pretty successful in their careers, maybe running a. Starting at age 40, we lose about 1 percent of muscle mass per year. So people can benefit from incorporating weight-bearing exercises, along with cardiovascular exercise, into a. Your bone density stays pretty consistent until you turn 35 or so. Every year after that, you lose about one percent of bone density every year.

By the time you’re 40, you might start to notice. You start to realize that health is a finite resource. So is opportunity. So is energy.

So is time. Being 40 is a little voice always whispering in your ear, “Go faster. Push harder. Try to reach your limits and go further.

Time is short.” The good news is that you know a lot more about life at 40 than you do at 20. After all, age is just a number. According to my two young children, 40 is a really big number and means that I am grown-up now. From the perspective of the millennials, a 40-year-old woman brings to mind a desperate housewife trying to cling on to their youth.

Looking back through the lens of a retiree, a 40-year-old woman is a lady in her prime. Exactly. The age I am is not the age I feel. And I’m pretty sure that if you’re close to 60 or older, you understand the disconnect.

It’s not uncommon. In a 1995 study of Americans between 55 and 74, most of them felt 12 years younger than they actually were. Studies in. 45 Things That’ll Make You Feel Old If You’re Over 40. Just thinking about Friends in general makes us dizzy.

By Brie Dyas and Adam Schubak. Twenty-year-old. It requires commitment and discipline. But, if we are honest with ourselves, we all know that exercise, combined with a healthy diet, is the single best way to look and feel youthful. If you are looking for a way to anti-aging “trick,” here’s an easy way to get in shape in just one minute a day.

By 50 Shades, February 3, 2015 Kathy was a 50 something year old when she started up this blog 6 years ago, but has since turned over another decade and is now in her early 60s. She is married with two adult children and lives on the Tweed Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Kathy enjoys living life to the fullest and loves to keep fit and active by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising.

List of related literature:

Begin your appreciation of later life by challenging your preconceptions about aging.

“The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant Life” by Noelle C. Nelson, Jeannine Lemare Calaba
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Seriously, the idea that I am going to turn 70 soon just does not seem possible.

“Why Did I Come into This Room?: A Candid Conversation about Aging” by Joan Lunden
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Yet why should you feel old if you’re not infirm?

“Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads” by Paul Theroux
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I too am soon going to be 50, am feeling really old, and have also been

“Two Lives” by Vikram Seth
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Still other older people assume that what they’re feeling is a normal part of aging and don’t realize that treatment might help.

“Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed” by Lori Gottlieb
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be happy working for those I love, and don’t call yourself old—forty is the prime of life.

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Exercise: A Guide From the National Institute on Aging.

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It’s far worse to feel middle-aged than old, you know.

“Chronicles of Avonlea” by Lucy Maud Montgomery
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When I envision myself at 80, I see a person who doesn’t feel a whole lot different than he does at 50 (and if reprogramming works, won’t look a lot different, either).

“Lifespan: Why We Age—and Why We Don't Have To” by David A. Sinclair, Matthew D. LaPlante
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By your mid-40s, you start complaining about “feeling older.”

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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  • Way to go Gary. I turned 54 recently [scorpio too], and reinventing myself again. More stoked now then at 40. That age is where you let everything pass by, and you set yourself against your own/or others set of rules. Just keep at it, change is constant

  • You gotta be kiddingme. I was in my 20’s back in those “ancient” days and I can tell you 30yos looked young too, in fact maybe moreso than now since so many beauty blogger pack on the makeup and look so fake.

  • Team1989������, we’re killin it!❤️30 feels good I must say… I was dreading it, but nah, it’s a great place to be. The only place I will grow up is in my pocket �� Life’s too short. HAVE FUN.

  • Depression has ruined my life. Ruined my education, relationships, confidence and career. I’m so lost I dont really even know what I want anymore.

  • Lose your ego, go minimalist, if you have debt and you can pay it without be misery, pay it, but if it does, don’t bother. Try not to prove anything, don’t even bother to vote or car who is the fucking president.

  • I’m 34. I finished college a few months before my 31st birthday. I always feel that I am a decade behind in things. Like the achievements and struggles I have now are normal for a 24-year old for example. I find this unsettling, but the advice in this vid opened my eyes to something more positive. Thanks.

  • save money since a kid. got 10k at 18 stayed with parents till 31. by 27 got 100k went broke due to parents greed and their crazy emotional shit. avoid crazy women. stay away from manipulative men. dont live life chasing a skirt. live life for yourself.

  • You forgot…the vegan / vegetarian movement its huge…healthy eating effects the way you look…with the added bonus of good karma��

  • I’m 33, I’ve faltered a lot. I lost years and years to depression. I have very few friends, not a good career. I lost so much time to depression and anxiety. I often wonder if it’s too late to repair the time lost. I wish I could rewind my time 10 -15 years ago.

  • Mmm, don’t think Peterson’s target audience is middle-aged losers. He can still do something with young people. They have so much more potential.

  • Get a notebook. make columns (skills i have, skills i need, goals, missing parts et cetera) then look at it EVERY day, except one day for rest, and ADD to it. Adjust your plan, goals, study, daily moves towards you goal, and you WILL get there! (I did it with my finances, and it is a gem)

    Jordan. Thank you!

  • It’s probably because 30 is still young for a woman or man and most woman are more sexuslly attractive when thier in there 30s, I’m 34 and to be honest I still consider myself a young man and will be until I reach about early 40s, its narrow minded when people who have only just had just over a quarter of there life in there late 20s or early thirties call themselves old when in fact they have plenty of decades left in themselves, all the hottest models are in there 30s even 40s so I don’t see the big deal,

  • Great video as always Gary… I turned 50 last year and f&*king hated it… but you know, I only have 7 years on you, and your inspirational words have me saying; “Chew this, age is but a number, and there’s so much to do.” Respect from the other side of the pond.

  • 35 broke, college dropout, just had random jobs serving at restaurants, working retail. Never had a real career job. feelsbadman

  • I stopped thinking about the halftime mentality. Every play counts from now forward.
    No idea when the game will end so i may as well rack up as many points as possible.

  • make no mistake, its bc they wear LOADS of makeup. Ive seen too many older women who I compliment (in my head) as young looking and beautiful only to see the same women without makeup look like a completely different person! Makeup makes you look younger than you are people. It’s why women back then look “older” (because they actually look their age).

  • I’m 28 and screwed in my early 20’s undergraduate wise. For the past two years I’ve been taking medical classes and gaining experience. I’m not stopping till I’m a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.

  • @alpha m… i am in my 30s… i dont need to wear suits, or dress clothes for work. I have been wearing athletic gear coz i love walking daily and exercise.:( i dont really want to be tryhard? should i even bother to dress up once in awhile?

  • I am 40 years old. I had a rough childhood. My parents divorced when I was 3 and my dad took me to live with him with my step mother. My step mother abused me, didn’t feed me very often. They ended up having 3 kids and my step mom would have everyone ignore me and I grew up like that until I was 15. Then at 15 I went to live with my mom and we didn’t get along we where two strangers. At 18 my dad brought me to the USA and basically kicked me out a year later for no reason and since them I have tried my best to succeed but I can’t. I had good jobs, I worked for the state of California for almost 18 years and now I am trying to become a real estate agent but I always feel like I’m never gonna be anything. All my friends have houses and their kids are young adults and I have a 3 year old daughter. I have nothing to my name I am so poor and I grind but I always feel like I’m not gonna be anything in life. Emotionally I’m tired. My family is not close to me. My mom has never cared about me neither does my dad neither do my two sisters. I haven’t seen them in 20 years. My oldest one lives in the same state as me but like my dad she just doesn’t care. I am a total loser and sometimes I just want to jump from a high building. I am 40 and a total loser at life.

  • I need to talk to someone I am 29 running on 30 soon.I lost my best years to laziness, depression, overthinking, day dreaming and living in my head not taking actions.I want to start fresh but I get stuck when I compare with others or younger people

  • I hit 20 in July and it felt like my entire life passed by me and I remember feeling like I accomplished nothing. Gary, your videos give a lot of perspective and it’s something that’s needed in our culture.

  • I can’t wait to be 30… I’m 22 and broke af!! I think women in 30s look more gorgeous and earn a lot����‍♀️ Well! Just my opinion ��

  • When my husband turned 40, I convinced him to leave the only house he has ever lived in (yes, he lived in the same house for 40 years) and move 1500 miles away and start over. I think it was the best thing for him and myself. He is now 43 and I am 45.

  • I’m 34 years and just got free from mental imprisonment, headed towards living my best life inside and out! You are only as old as you feel!

  • 40 married, 2 kids and have a job I don’t like. Worst think is, I don’t know what I’d like to do professionally to be happy. Any advice anyone please?

  • The good/bad decisions we’ve made through life do not come to a head until about age 40, which is why JP said don’t compare yourself to others at that age.

    You either reap an abundant harvest, or a bitter harvest. All depends on how you plowed through life.

  • We should make some sort of support group… maybe it would help… I’m quitting my job ASAP, if I keep doing what I’m doing I’ll die in a bad way, without having given much…

  • I’m currently 22 turning 23 on the 17th of December not that anyone ever gave a fuck. You see at 13 I had this deep heart felt desire to study religion. At the time it felt like it was my calling I know I’ve just become a teenager so “calling” is probably an exaggeration although my heart felt like it was the proper thing to do so I did. I dropped out of school tried it for a couple of days and wanted to quit but I said to myself I have to at least try and I did. I gave it my all, I studied all day and night and was one of the best students at this school. The problem arrises however once I realized I had to go back to mainstream school and finish my diploma this is where reality kicked the fucking daylight out of me. I was so passionate and excited about leaving school and following my heart that I didn’t even take heed of the fact that I was being left behind and when it finally settled in I crumbled. At 16 I experienced what was hands down the most painful moments of my life I felt as if my world was crashing and down as if blinded by the consequences of not attending school for 3 years so you can imagine the effect of me having to go back to grade 10 with no grade 8-9 in a room full of kids 2 to 3 years younger than me might have had on me. I became increasingly depressed and nihilistic this is when I first denounced God as a non entity all I did was lay on my bed and cry.

    I eventually went back to school not without having experienced severe depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and ocd however. Believe it or not I actually did really well in school well I always have up until me leaving school but this was fucking huge and I ended up top of my class. I had it going for me until the depression started creeping up on me again this coupled with losing interest in anything related to academics did not mix well. I ended up failing grade 12 and forced to work in grocery store. That single decision I made at when I was but a teenager had a slow cascading domonio effect that eventually ruined my life. I was about 20 at this point working in a grocery store and still the brevity of the situation didn’t quite settle in. I stumbled across a guy on Instagram who was an alleged bitcoin trader and me being the naive guy I am nearly lost everything I saved uso months for. Fortunately I didn’t have quite enough to “invest” with him and I ended up teaching myself how to trade on only after wasting nearly everything I had on a course that didn’t teach me anything. So I traded and like my religious studies and school I gave it everything I day and night hoping for a fucking breakthrough. I waited for nearly 2 years before I had any money to trade after going from job to job and spending a large part of my time self loathing and regretting the decision I made years ago. I was now about 22 and I made a it of money. Do you know what it feels like to have the carpet dragged firm under you? That’s how I felt after I lost everything.

    Here I am at 22 lost my job, no friends, never had a girlfriend nor have I even kissed. I don’t have a university nor for I have a driver’s license. I have absolutely nothing going for me. I come from a lower class background, my mother is the only one that works. I’ve been put down my entire life and I’m pretty sure I have aspergers since I struggled with poor muscle tone, social awareness, obsession and a few other things pertaining to autism. I’m nearly 23 and I have no idea what I’m fucking doing. I tried taking my life a few times with my dad’s gun but that didn’t go as planned. All my peers have graduated and have the world at the disposal and poor old me is contemplating suicide by the before I turn 30.

    I am the physical embodiment of the duality of man. I am an invisible man. My existence does not bear any weight.

  • Thats changing though…in 2019 teenagers look like they are in the late 20s and 30s…
    20 years olds look like mid 40s now..with these fillers and plastic a video on that!

  • I’m 33 and feel behind. It’s annoying because I feel like I’m destined for something that would feel great, Shame i don’t know what the fuck it is right now

  • I’m 26, married with two children. Met my then girlfriend at 17. We got engaged at 18, got a flat at 19, dealt with nothing but job hopping, money problems and moving place to place in our relationship. Difficult part of my life. Finally found a suitable job and area to live at 23. Had my first child at 24, Finally got married in 2019 after our 8 year engagement. Got our first house and had our second baby the same year.

    Before meeting my girlfriend now my wife and the mother of my babies I never got to enjoy my youth. I was always very busy and pressured into doing things I never really wanted to do but I had an ambition and pictured a life I wanted in the future.
    So I spent the rest of my teens and half of my twenties in a serious relationship and becoming a mature adult a lot sooner than some people and building a family and a future. It’s a big step choosing to become a mature adult before your time and forsakening an extravagant lifestyle, it’s not for everyone choosing to settle down. I’m still so young but sometimes feel so old with the responsibility of marriage and parenting now. But I know I’m not even 30 yet so I am happy that I have my life ahead of me still that I have built and can honestly enjoy living my life with my wife and kids.

    From my experience 20’s went fast because everyday I’ve been trying so hard to make the life that I want. As I’m nearing my 30’s I know that I can just relax as I’ve completed everything important to me and I’m looking to forward to the last few years in my twenties and then my thirties.

    This is just my life and what I’ve always wanted to achieve and so proud that I have the age that I am.
    If there’s anything you really want to do in your life. Do your best to get it done now so you can enjoy the rest of your years not having to worry about it later on.

    Good luck to my fellow twenty something year olds. Never give up on your hopes and dreams and always make your own decisions. Don’t let people make them for you and never live in regret even if you don’t get things done when or the way you want them. Just never stop trying. Give yourself an important goal in life and you will have enough time. Hope all of your wishes come much sooner than later.

  • I got ny life together at 37. I got my highschool diploma and now i work in a clinic… trust me when I say I can feel and see how the drugs have affected my life please don’t let that be you if you are 20 years old and seeing this if you are 30 don’t let drugs affect your life I promise you you will feel them at my age

  • life is hard, I was 26 in a relationship homeowner, starting a degree.
    by the time I was 34 5 friends dead, lost home, degree was canceled, partner left me, became homeless looking after my mother who is termamaly I’ll on welfare.
    it can happen fast and I have no idea what to do.
    I applyed for 150000 jobs, I didn’t get 1. and I can’t even afford food.
    there is nothing that can be done, I don’t eaven know how it all happened, no clue.
    you cannot escape life.

    I don’t eaven know what its suppost to look like.
    is it a car and house?
    what does it look like?
    I have no clue, simply no idea.
    no concept to go on.
    in my 20s I thought it was house Car wedding travel, kids.
    all I found was pain pain pain.
    can somone tell me what its supposed to look like?

  • 0-30 you’re a kid, you’re growing. 30-60 you’re an adult you’re building your life. 60+ you’re enjoying what you built and doing maintenance etc

  • What I understand his message to be is if you don’t obeid to the Norms of society to sell out to be a puppet in your cult-ure, your other option is to leave the country and live off a foreign land somewhere your life is in your own hands and no one elses. Otherwise the system already has a plan in place to high jack or “recruit” you somehow after your parents die off and siblings split up. The problem is most people don’t realize this until their 30 and only a handful figure it out by the time their 40 because the system is about enslavement, oppression and denial of the logos, not about actually granting you freedom and happiness in anyway if its not about for hyper materialistic crap or any other lesser desires and interests. Even a psychologist wont tell you this cause you just might disappear and he’ll have lost another clueless paying client

  • My life is rubbish. Beyond the material, it’s just rubbish. So little accomplished. So much love I haven’t shared. 33. Most of my life wasted. Remorse and regret, struggling to see the silver lining.

  • Turning 30 in March. Pretty set on career and all. My goal for early 30s is to travel, pay off debt from 20s, and build. I am a lot more mellow and taking life one day at a time.

  • Can I just say thank you for this video I turned 30 this year and I’ve been struggling for a couple months since my birthday I just feel such a relief from the commentary amongst these beautiful people

  • Ive recently turned 32, never had so much questions, guilt and anxiety about past experiences like now, its that dreadful feeling thinking everything is too late

  • I came to this video because suddenly i woke up…and decided this is where my life starts.. I am married with beautiful children why waste it on menial things. Majority of my life was wasted to depression, failure and whining about bad past, bad people. Today i decided that’s it!

  • Bro, I’m only 22 and this past year has been absolute crap for me. A lot of pressure, anxiety, fear all this shit man. But, legit, this video puts me at ease. I feel better and I feel as if somethings been lifted away from my spirit. Thank you Gary. Love you my man.

  • I feel the same way as most. I feel like just yesterday I was 21…and I’ll be 39 in 2 months. I do have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Economics but it seems as if no business respects it. Or maybe it feels that way because I have no idea what to do with it to be honest. I was great at school, just not so great with jobs. I realize my job history hurts me, but I’ve been having a difficult time having a fresh start. I’m glad I found this video and I can relate to many in the comments.

  • Oh please. Women in the media today look younger than ever before, due to plastic surgery, Botox, Juvederm, and other treatments to keep them looking young.

  • shit my pops is in his early 60s he dont dive a fuck let pops rock george from Walmart hes content! jeans tees and button ups dad look.

  • Changing your perspective for your good will definitely change your life. Your outlook on life is everything.��������@garyvee optimism!!

  • Faltered? Wow. Such a small term. So harmless.
    I’ve absolutely LOST everything I EVERwas in my youth..minus the negative things. They seem to have only grown and magnified. Worst part? I dont have the time, hope, emotional awareness or energy to grab my bootstraps and pull myself out of this pit.

  • Man these comments are depressing. I used to hate people over 30, now I became 30 and I’m so scared of getting like people on these comments. I need a way out quick.

  • How are piercings and coloring your hair a shade you werent born with natural??? I have mothing against it, but the narrator categorized it as natural beauty, which it isnf

  • 30 year old in the 80s (except some celebrities and ultra cool outliers): Total Karens
    30 year old in 2020: just more worldly and experienced 19 year olds, like Taylor Swift

  • Holy shit! A lot of down people out there!!! You have reason to be and I am not judging you. I would like to give you my tuppence-worth! Get your shit together! Whoever told you, you are not good enough: let me deal with them!!! Get a strategy together and learn what you can from JP and anyone else you can. Incidentally their advice may not suit you. If so, go elsewhere. Take small steps everyday and just f**king do it. Who the f**k are they to say you can’t do it? You can do it. Tomorrow is a new day and even though it’s not Monday, make the change. Above all, write it down (paper or electronic) so you can reflect. Days won’t all be good. If they were all good, you wouldn’t learn anything. Just f**king do it. By the way tomorrow is a new day and I’m going to practice what I preach.

  • If you are a happy person, you are going to be happy at ANY Age. Specially if you don’t focus so much on age but rather the life you have been lucky to live.

  • I’m 31. I meandered through my 20’s with no goals or ambitions. I took youth for granted. After realizing my body is a perishable commodity and not suited to work hard labor jobs until I retireat least not if I want to enjoy retirementI decided to go back and finish the last 2 years of my college education. It truly is difficult to piece your life together as an older adult, and makes you far less attractive if your goal is to pursue a long term relationship. So if you’re not put together by 30, your chances at a fulfilling career and romantic life rapidly begin to diminish. This is at least what my perspective has been. It’s eaten at my self esteem and I don’t view myself as a suitable mate for someone. It’s quite embarrassing and a terrible view to have of oneself, but only something I can change for myself. To you younger viewers, life is no joke, get it together and enjoy it.

  • Drugs �� I’m just getting clean I pissed away my 20,s and 30,s but I’m putting that behind me and ready to live life. It’s a family curse my dad got sober at 40 but at 14 years clean he is very successful so it gives me hope that I can still get back on track. It’s still sad because I think about how my life would have been if I never used.

  • I hate it when you say ‘You’ve got forty years left.’ I dread living that long. I’m 33 and I don’t want to live another year. I’ve been contemplating suicide since my early twenties.

  • I did my BA at 32. Graduated at 35 and got into the University of Cambridge. Hey. go do what you want to do! Surround yourself with good/smart people.

  • Thank you for that. “You have 40 years left, your not done yet man” I wanted to cry and hug him. I went through a lot after mother died. I made the worst decisions: it all started when I didn’t get a job to support myself, and didn’t go to school. I see know where I went wrong. Didn’t save, gain lucrative skill and didn’t experience life(I read reddit all the time for advice: for hours). Thank you.

  • My story is a bit different but i can still hugely relate. I knew what i wanted to become and i was becoming that day by day in my twenties up until i was 24 and a huge crash happened cuz i didn’t realize that instead of following my sense of destiny and going in the direction my heart was divinely guided towards i betrayed my destiny and wasted time studying what i dont like and want at college and was always chasing women which as you know with all due respect are the hugest honeypots to a man. Wasted my 20’s and now im in regret like no other.. At 30 now i wanna leave the world behind and start over but due to today’s frictionless society i find it hard to find the proper stimulus. Boy am I confused haha!

  • Well, aging does effect beauty. Several factors increase aging.

    1. Stress
    2. Poor diet
    3. Poor exercise habits
    4. Poor nutrition
    5. Having kids
    6. Not hydrating and being in the sun too much.
    7. Poor sleeping habits.

    You will age. Your looks will deminish.

  • Marino, you always make me laugh. Finding your style is about pleasing yourself and being confident in your own skin. It isn’t about p[easing others to gratify your own self-worth, only you can do that. I appreciate the age tiips!

  • I’m 33. At 12 I lost my father to suicide. I never recovered from that feeling of rejection and defectiveness. I lost my teens and 20’s to anorexia and severe OCD and depression. I’ve had good jobs and I lost them. I’ve entered abusive relationships. My last was so violent I ended up in hospital. I made a serious attempt on my life. I’m at home with my mom no job. I feel like a loser. So worthless. The world moves on around me and I stand still, most days I can’t get out of bed. I want to sleep as I don’t want to feel. I know its within me to correct it but I don’t know where to start. I always wanted kids and a husband and just a family life. I don’t want to be extraordinary just ordinary. I’m the queen of fuck ups.

  • What are you talking about? I have a pictures of my grandmother and her friends at 35 they look just as youthful as 30somethings do now.

  • Thank you, Gary! I needed to hear this. Age has a way to play with our heads. Too much life to live. Not even at the half way mark yet. Let’s go!

  • My problem is i have it all. I am in my early thirties, with a great job, good income, great career, few close friends, surrounded by a loving family…etc. but i just feel so much emptiness. I do know i have done good to myself compared to others, but i feel my life has become stagnant, mundane and boring. I do have vacations, parties, and great weekends, but i feel its all like a morphine shot and then am back to depression. No idea why i am feeling this. I ask myself is marriage and making a family the answer? but i feel i am not ready at all for this.

  • I’m 36 years old, a veterinarian, no children, and my dear old dog is my only responsibility of which to speak. Despite having a career, I have wasted so much time doing things that I never wanted to do, and that time does not come back.

    I wish I could have heard, and accepted this advice 20 years ago.

  • I’m 19 but thinking about turning 20s got me feel intimidating. And sometimes thingking about turning 30s got me so frustrated. I guess when I was young, I used to think when I become an adult, I will have everything. But now just for the shake that I’ve realized, I still got nothing.

  • I am 37 and the only thing I rock from American eagle and Hollister’s are their pants! I usually try to avoid the cut up jeans but other than that…their jeans fits me like a glove. I am not going for Gap, J Crew or Banana Republic since their clothes do not fit me well. As far as shirts are concern…I stick with good threats from Target. They fit me well and I don’t have any issues plus they are cheap as heck. I stick to the try and true jean and plain shirt style. Never lets me down.

  • Just be the vibe you want to be in! 40 is the new 20…screw that… Being 20 sucks! Just be the best you that you can be. Always!

  • I just turned 27 and I needed this!!! I have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful children and a new baby and I am so happy!!! I can’t wait to see where the years take us as a family. I am still a BABY myself at 27! And I love this.

  • My advice: End it. I’m going to the train tracks next week. Happy birthday to me. This pencil neck, needle dick academic will never get it. He hasn’t a clue how much it sucks filling in the application and waiting weeks only to get a rejection letter.

  • Thank you Gary!! I turn 47 in March although most people think I’m a lot younger. Watched your one video for the over 40s a year ago and started to build a business online. Took all my Big 4 consulting experience to teach people on youtube how to start businesses. Fast forward even though I am just shy of 13,000 people on youtube and just shy of like 60,000 on Facebook not only did I make ten grand in 30 minutes this year I am making six figures overall. Got hired recently by a company as a marketing director because they are on TV and my social is larger then theirs. Its anazing when you deploy what you know online and people can see it the doors that open up. Im about to publish my 4th book on success. Spending Thanksgiving writing. Its almost done! Finished 2 chapters today. I was so unhappy when I first saw your video, butned out on the Big 4 life. Now I get to build not just my business but get paid to find the problems in other business and solve them. Its a dream come true. Never married and no kids so what I build is my life

  • At 30 hopefully i woul find a souldmate (hah good one) corona vaairus changed the world forever
    Its like living in chernobyl
    Dating right now is non existance
    Not to mention the “illusion” of a soulmate
    Truth is there are more than one
    But finding one doesnt necessearly means you”ll find it in yur current life
    So…. its pretty much finding a needle on grass

  • I’m turning 40 next year, so it’s always nice that Gary reminds me that I’m just a baby �� Thanks for your inspiration Gary, great content everyday!

  • What we need to understand is that before the 20th century, women were only seen as ”baby making machines”. Women were only seen as valuable when they were in their fertile years, which is their 20s, specially their early 20s. Once a woman was no longer in her fertile years, she was no longer seen as valuable. The age of 30 was seen as the ”expiration date” for women because it’s was thought that that was the age women start to lose her fertility. Of course now at days women have become more liberated and have shown that they’s more to them than just having babies. But even to this day, the ages of 30 or 40 are still seem as expiration dates for women.

  • Thanks Gary. I am 42 and have to say I am literally only beginning to understand myself. I agree 100% that It is absurd to think a person needs to know at 22 what they have to do for the rest of their lives. My “career” has been at a few different corporates, then freelance, and back to corporate. Bottom line each experience is a new building block.

    For me, what I am really excited about is all the opportunities out there. I mean 20 years ago it would have been impossible, and the best part is I now have some solid life experience to back up these new opportunities – not sure if that makes sense at all!

    Anyway, Thank you for this video. It just reaffirmed what I have been experiencing.

  • Got in with the wrong people at my highest point of success and being only 20 with 10s of thousands (not over 50k at once but for a 20yr old with my first apartment that’s kinda rich)
    At the same time getting back with a stupid ass chick I shouldve avoided and starting doing drugs with the ppl I was around. At first seemed like a party and I had plenty of cash. Mind you I saved my cash so much that’s one of my regrets that I didn’t just buy more shit i wanted. I saved the hell outta of it having 10k bricks wrapped up and stashed and matched that in the bank. Between doing drugs and that chick i slowly then quickly blew through that money over a very fast 5 yrs and now it’s like I’m back to the start. I had so many goals and hopes thinking I could make that kinda cash used properly build onto more and more to where I just breezed through life, not like a millionaire but comfortable with a decent place, some things I enjoy like nice gaming setups and dirtbikes. After blowing it basically, getting clean and being clean for over a year it, yet not moving financially and just getting by now has left me deeper in depression than ever with so many regrets I play through my head daily and it seems to only get worse, to the point I can barely get outta bed. Granted I’m only 25 but considering the situation atleast to me it feels I’ve ruined my life because i had it so good. I take responsibility for it being my fault and know where i messed up and really just want another chance to be successful, which my ideal goals weren’t insane, just like $5-10k a month I’d be happy and anything over even better. I feel my happiness wasnt so much tied to money but the comfort that having money provided because I didn’t splurge on anything and everything. I’d take a weekend a month and hit the mall to blow 5-600 but would turn ppl down from doing things and going places all the time I could easily afford just trying to be smart yet still being young and dumb and without guidance on how to use that money to never need for it again and let it slip away. I search for hope of finding my way outta this daily. More so mentally than money wise but it’s hard to be happy when you’re constantly behind knowing you couldve been set. Beat myself up bad but I’m truly lost, stuck in a bubble in one small town in 1 area code without any means or knowledge of how to find new opportunities let alone where to start.

  • Uuuurgrhhh. Thought this one might be different, but it’s left me as cold and uninspired as any other Gary Fucking Vee rant. What a load of pish.

  • Im there @46 already figuring out the move for the next chapter!
    I have the time spent being the upside to navigate more clearly, aim to the horizon flat line and just keep going… We are never really there!
    Congrats Man, U are still young as FRAK!!!

  • Women in their 30s that look relatively young

    1. Camila Belle
    2. Megan Fox
    3. Anna Kendrick
    4.Avril Lavigne
    5.Amanda Seyfried
    6.Emilia Clarke
    7.Natalie Dormer
    8.Clemence Poesy
    9.Astrid Ferges Frisbey
    10.Bianca Lawson

  • I love hearing this! I’m about to turn 45 next month and hell yes… I’m only just warming up!! So much great stuff still to do… all very exciting! Thanks Gary

  • 39 and loving the transition in life and the discovery of the next chapter of my life…becoming a vegan foodie and YouTuber has changed my life 360…

  • I’m so grateful I’m 18. Lol if I die anytime soon I’ll be pissed. I truly wonder what I’ll be doing at 40. Now I’ll think of 40 as my twentys.

  • Jordan Peterson is a corporate shill, who talks in polysyllabic jargon merely to sound like an intellectual with novel ideas when all he does is speak in complicated terms about things that really come down to simple common sense… Here’s my 2 cents for all those people who have “faltered” in life: Quit obsessing about your age, it’s only relative. In the grand scheme of things, age matters nought. Quit comparing yourself to others; the only person you need to compare yourself to is the person you once were. Quit letting society define you, quit trying to meet its unnecessary expectations. Rather choose to live your life authentically, according to what YOU consider worth living for. There’s no such thing as being “behind” in life when so many of us come from different backgrounds and have different ideas of what makes a life truly worth living. Bottom line: make each moment count, do not take a single day for granted. No matter where you are in life right now, you’re going to be fine, so long as you remember to love yourself enough to never chase a dream that isn’t yours.

  • I’m a woman, turning 33 tomorrow… I feel terrible. Last night I dreamt I was halfway to my death. That’s only if I’m lucky. I could die sooner. And what good have a done? What have I accomplished? Nothing, it would seem. Dropped out of college. Never had a long lasting formal job. Debts and lots of lost opportunities.

  • I’m 40, I’ve dedicated the last 10 years to RE Sales and have nothing to show for it I’m not a party animal, I don’t have expensive habits, I’ve had so many failures,it is tiring, I can’t convince myself anymore that I will be successful, so many deals I’ve poured my energy and effort into and have not closed, I know it’s not true but other people ( my peers) are succeeding exponentially while I’m spinning my wheels, I dont have desire to do it anymore, to keep trying, but then I say if you quit then you really fail, so I am always stuck between failure and quitting

  • Alpha M is the man! Love his content. I’ve even just created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. I have a few videos up. I would love some support/feedback so hit subscribe and check it out. ��

  • I understand this but I’m 27 and i’m in the senior year of college while trying to invest. Still not making a lot o money tho. So my point is, there’s a lot of pressure when you get to a certain age, to have achieved “something” and I feel like i’m behind. I know I’m wrong but up here in Mozambique the pressure is high.

    Anyway, thanks, Gary.
    I’ll keep fighting.

  • I almost died 4 times until now and I’m 20, but i got perspective that i can even die this second, I don’t know
    if I agree or even disagree with this!!

  • I’m a 20 year old college student who wanted to be a police officer because it appealed to my parents and everybody I knew… deep down inside I knew I didn’t want to do that and want to be a business owner. Since watching your videos Gary I’ve developed a new mindset & I’m open to trying new things. I’ve always had an interest in playing the guitar and now I can’t put it down!! ����

  • I hit my 43rd birthday 2 months ago (Sept 2018) and in May 2017 I left my job (that I hated) to return home to take care of my mom. Dad passed (Jan 2017) and left her debt free in a large house. I came home with absolutely no debt, no kids, and a passion to work the rest of my life at what I loved. I haven’t made a billion dillion dollars… but having the TIME to be here for my mom and reconnecting with all my past friends has been amazing. Last month I jumped back into doing VOICE OVERS for business, explainers, promos, podcasts, and doing pop music reviews on my Youtube Channel. Thanks to the advice from my friends, voice over artists, and you Gary… I’ve been investing in the talents and skills I enjoy using and have been enjoying the process. I hope someone else in their 40s can read this and know that, You can start over from scratch… so long as you focus… and put in the work. Former Radio Personality now Voice Over Actor, and Music Video critic.

  • If you look carefully, in every piece of content Gary has ever produced, there is always a nicely labeled bottle of secret sauce.
    And you might also notice, he pairs it for us to go with any generation or audience.
    In this new recipe, Gary leaves 40yr olds a larger bottle of
    Perspective with a long-lasting flavor right on the table.
    The difference with Gary is, he’s not trying to get us to buy his Cookbook. His recipes are his playbook, and they’re not all-sweet.
    One thing’s for sure, they will never congeal to any Entree of Self-awareness,
    or a cold serving of work.

  • This is the best Gary! So sick of baby boomers losing hope in their 23 year old kids because they don’t know what they want to do yet!

  • I still have sometime I’m currently 28 until December. I think it’ll be a great decade getting to do the things I want to do. Travel more, meet more people, etc. I have no plans of ever having a family or getting married so I’ll just be enjoying life like I am now probably.

  • In the end. Age is just a number. I guess but I feel like a lot of people in their 30’s feel lost. I do. Even though I have a careersl. But thinking about changing it. Too much stress. No house or kids. You really start wonder about life. I’ve worked really hard in my life. But now I wanted something else and something more. In the other day I met this lovely man who told me he was finishing his PhD. He was 81! Amazing. Stop complaining more and start do something about it. Life is amazing! Let’s appreciate it more

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I had a complete mental breakdown on my 40th birthday this year. I still feel like I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I just feel like I’ve wasted so much time already.

  • God be with me please i just turned 30 after butchering my 20’s.. Im alone and lonely and feel like my life will end miserably ���� I don’t want this!

  • Gary is the best!!!! I follow you and watch all ur vids its even made me want to make a youtube channel!! My next vid is in 1 hour support would be greatly appreciated!!!



  • Hell, yeah, man. I turned 40 in April and have been shooting a video a day. I’m on day 203 of 365. Life rules. Let’s do this, mutha fuckas! Great vid.

  • I believe that when you feel good looking and comfortable with your clothing, you’ll look confident. And that’s irresistible right?

  • I specifically searched Youtube for positive advice for the over 40’s from JP, and I got it. Beautifully simple and very programatic. The man rarely disappoints. Thanks JP!

  • I think the most important thing is to balance it out. I’m 41 and look very youthful for my age. I shop everywhere but i keep simple and balance.

  • 30s are that funny place where you are too old to be young and too young to be old, I’m 30 and I’m curious like a baby, I’m still learning that makes me feel younger, but I have the experience of a grown adult, 30s are scary but I think they can be the best years of a human if approached with the right mindset

  • Well I’m glad to say that women like Bernadette Peters or Diahann Carroll didn’t fall into those old categories of what an aging woman should look like.

  • The main reason is that people found the fountain of youth… and they haven’t got out of it since. Why can’t we educate our children that growing old is something they shoudn’t be afraid of? Because this trend of looking young is generated by the fear of getting old. Women in their 30s back in the early 90s were surely more mature than what we can see today.

  • I got over the “past my prime” phase at 25. I of the things expected of me before that age. I’m turning 30 later this year. I have just started living and I’m not changing my clothes to look and feel like an old woman.

  • Yea, I believe on it. Some other people ask me how old I am then I reply I’m 30 yrs old they don’t believe at my age.. I think make up makes u look old..

  • It does not change the fact and the truth about a woman’s biological clock. How much time do you have to procreate? Clock is ticking… tic toc, tic toc…

  • You chose the most unflattering photo of the great Russian actress Irina Muravyova for your thumbnail. She looks stunning even now, even though she’s 70. Also it’s super funny you picked her cause literally one of her most famous film quotes is “at 40 your life is only just beginning”:)

  • I have seen a lot of 26 year old women and up look old. 30 is old for a woman. Without make up they look 40. Too many alcoholic females now. Truth hurts.

  • I thank I’m doing ok. I’m 31 and I still go to younger stores just make shure I’m not going overboard with the young look. I don’t wear much of the rocker bracelets instead I replaced it with badass watches lol. Ect

  • 27 here and 30 doesn’t scare me so much anymore. I now am beginning to see how short life really is and I realize how stupid most people are and how little time I have for most of them and their opinions.

  • Haven’t heard anything close to the Truth. Are Modern Day food Industry is the REAL reason. We all look younger these days. For 50 Years since 1970. Everybody’s has been eating PROCESSED food.which is just full of PRESERVATIVES. Which has Preserved Us. It’s the same reason teenage girls look way older and more developed than 50 years ago. “LIVING BETTER THROUGH CHEMICALS” GMO’S

  • It’s more about how they dress… Look back then at how their hair styles and clothing styles were at 18 they dressed 35… And at 35 they dressed 50. This is why all about style.

  • I have been in depression since I was 13 and I am 29 running on 30 and I feel lost, Empty, suicidal thoughts, mood swings and past mistakes haunt me

  • I’m 32, suffered from depression and didn’t accomplish anything in life. I’m back in school trying to get my life together, but sometimes i wonder if its too late

  • How about if someone is 57 years old male? Working 2 & 3 jobs all my life, raised my kids on my own. Can anyone recommend anything?

  • women in the past: 20 were their golden ages off beauty
    woman nowadays: 20s and 30s are their beauty days
    women in 2030-50: women will look beautiful always

  • Age is a three-letter word and a variable. My parents kept telling me that I am too old for certain things I still like to do, despite them looking too childish to society (like playing video games); the point is that no one has the right to criticize your hobbies, especially if you are working hard to earn the money needed to pay for them, and as long as you keep a healthy lifestyle without worrying about sticking yourself to negative stereotypes related to acting “your age”. Ageism must be eradicated from society, and people of all ages must be equally respected.

  • I’m 31 and they ask me if I’m 22-23 on a daily basis. I don’t tan, I try to eat as healthy as possible, I invest in good skincare, I wear little makeup and of quality, I sleep a lot and drink water. It’s not that hard.

  • I’m only 19 and I felt old, and just looking at some of these people made me a bit more comfortable of where I am. I still have so much time to figure stuff out and do things.:)

  • He talks way too difficult. Why no one new ever beats tony Robbins. He takes the most complex subject and turns into something that 3 year old can understand.

  • I wanted to make a YouTube video about how I stopped drinking and started going to school I’m not going to lie I was drunk a couple times at school but I want to talk about what helped me stop drinking and how get my life together and now well actually I’m drunk right now but that’s a different story and it’s also 2:36 in the afternoon but how I really got my life together started working in the clinic and went to Medical Assistant school and now I have a job career and the possibilities are endless but I don’t make the video because I’m very self-conscious.. did I mention that I’m also on methadone nobody in clinic knows about it. I work with doctors, nurses snd mostly 20 something year olds.

    Edit:one day ill make the video. Subscribe to im processing Chanel incase i ever make it lol

  • You do not actually need to drink 8 glasses of water every day. That would be assuming you got no fluids any other way and drank nothing else either. There are plenty of things we eat and drink that count towards that fluid requirement. All the same.. being dehydrated isn’t good for your skin, but it’s even harder on your organs. The trick is balance, not over or under consuming. That is a trend we might have gotten less used to nowadays…

  • I love this dude! Am sure anyone who had such a mentor at 20 will certainly wouldn’t have as many regrets at 40! Not too late though, true you could have 40/50 or even 60 years ahead. Game isn’t over yet��

  • MVMT watches are garbage. Don’t waste your cash. There are better alternatives. Every real watch Enthusiast knows this. Don’t fall for the advertisement hype.

  • 28 and socially inept. I have no skills what so ever. I’ve been in and out of colleges only to fail due to lack of interest. I’m the biggest piece of shit ever. I’m just a blob wasting space.

  • 35 is middle age? Yeah, right. More like 55 or 60…even then I won’t call myself middle aged. At 55, I will still call myself young. Many scientists are wacked freaks anyway.

  • I’m in my 30’s, achieved a high level of success early in my adult life but found out the hard way that no amount of success is immune from going away quickly and now I’m stuck in this life crisis lacking motivation out of fear of failing with limited do overs due to getting older. All I know is that, having been clinically dead twice, I only fear not dying right, or dying without having lived a good happy life. Never heard of self authoring, may be a good idea.

  • Wrong choice of career, spouse, and religious organizations have taken up most of my adult life so far. Having to start over now with better sense of self.

  • Sunburn and dry skin will
    Make you look old verry in japan woman
    They look verry young too.
    This vedio is correct.make
    A effort for your looks.

  • My life sucks and there is no way to turn it around. I’m not going to give you more money for your Future Authoring program. If things were going to get better for me it would have happened by now. No one cares, least of all some multimillionaire pop psychologist.

  • I’m not 30 yet but I found this page. In old yearbooks, teenagers looked older then I did at 25.. True, I do not spend a lot of time in the sun. Blah, blah but I am almost 29 and people at work seem to think I’m 19. To make matters worse, I have a huge thing for younger guys (especially early 20’s), and yet they seem way older.

  • This guy is the stupidest coke head ive seen in a long time. I know a guy who is 62 who physically looks like he’s 68 but he dressed in form fitting clothing that are in style despite his lousy physique, and people always tell him he looks great and he does becuz it shows confidence. This guy is an idiot.

  • age is nuthin but a number. age and experience has nothin to do with maturity. maturity is the decision to commit to selflessness. ive seen 16 yrolds who are super mature than 50yr olds. and babyboomers who act like children. age dont mean jack sht.

  • The “secret” is to stop focusing on your age as a barrier, a barometer, or as any relevance! What a waste of mental energywhich affects you physically too. Just take self-development info that resonates with you the most and apply it consistently. And keep your mind off the past and how many years you have left and your age; it is counterproductive and pointless. Time is an illusion. Some people live their most successful and best lives in their 80s because they just did what they wanted to do that made them happiest without listening to age-obsessed folks.

  • Jordan Peterson gives his everything to help people in these q&i sessions. All those idiots critiquing him, watch this and feel like they have no ammunition and start personal attacks to justify their strife. How desperate are they and close minded (ironical)

  • No 40 is the same 40. Its just that 40 year olds now days try to look like young people. But life expectancy is still about 75, so yeah 40 is 20 years closer to death.

    That said you still have 35 years to work with, so go be 40 and do new things. Try to start a business, learn to oil paint, become a skydiver, learn a skill and obsess in it, but don’t be naive, the time is now. This moment is all that is guaranteed, live it.

  • I’m starting over, completely and utterly, don’t know how yet, but I know these are my new words to live by. Thank you Gary, you rock.

  • I like the idea of this video (was recommended to me), but I would prefer a more quiet attempt. It was kinda hard to watch this while getting screamed at.

  • An Invicta, in my opinion, is an amazing substitute for a MVMT watch. Some of the simpler “homage” styles have a very timeless gentlemen feel. MVMT watches remind me of “skate shop” watch brands like Nixon which would be great for the younger demographic.

  • I just turned 30 it really doesn’t feel any different from 25 I wouldn’t freak out to much about it. I was stupidly expecting instant wrinkles, chronic tiredness, and back pain �� ����

  • So when you’re in your 20’s you can wear everything (if you can afford it) but when you’re in you’re 30’s to 50’s and can pretty much afford all of that stuff even if you like it you can’t. Fuck that…If I like it I’m going to wear it and if some ass thinks I’m dressing younger than my age he/she can suck it.

  • Changing stores with age??? Just going back to cargo pants and baseball caps at 53, trying to dress “grown up” felt like a costume.

  • I’m a 14 year old boy and I’m trying to go for an 80s style, mostly an 80s country boy style. Anyone got any tips? I’d appreciate if you could maybe get back to me Alpha, thank you:)

  • I am 40, ruined my life completely.Wife left me, divorce case is going on, last year diagnosed with severe ulceritive colitis and due to high doses of steroids facing very high blood sugar levels, lost my job, can’t sleep in night since past 6-8 months. No hope left for me.Now i gave up, because i know i can’t fix anything.But after giving up i became so relaxed and very calm, waiting for death.

  • Its my 18th birthday today….working in a businesses thats about to change my life in 3-4years….thank you gary for the motivation and telling me im nothing special cause that shit gets me motivated

  • I’m 26 and yet i still wear the same style clothing i wear in 9th grade and still wear my 6th grade shoes but since i have a body and facial of a teenager I guess this video doesn’t count for me.

  • Losers who suck at life should have the option to have Medicaid pay for physician assisted suicide. A safe (for other people), quick, painless, and accurate way to end our torment.

  • In this day and age, I’d say
    0-34 Young
    35-64 Middle Aged
    65+ Old
    But it varies on each person. Middle aged can start much earlier or later depending on your health and genetics. I’ve met a 27 year old who looked 40+ and a 31 year old who looked 21.
    “You’re as old as you feel?” I’m sorry, but it’s really “you’re only as old as you look.”

  • Taking advice from a dude that looks early 50’s with dyed hair and beard, rocking a Canadian tuxedo and a big watch when everyone has a phone in their pocket smh

  • 1:38 ha ha. How about how to slow it…down? Yes I got 40 years left. “Tomorrow” it is 20 years left. Then the next day I am probably dead. Did nothing really and then I died. I personally was pathetic with women although me too had my chances.

  • My mother comes from the generation and social circle that was indoctrinated with the mantra that a woman over thirty MUST cut her hair short. And that´s what she did once she had reached that milestone birthday, and boom… she visibly aged ten years within one afternoon. Weight gain then did the rest.
    I´m forty-five now and I´ve been hearing her complaints why I don´t finally cut off my waist long hair for the past fifteen years, and how “unfeminine” it is for women to go to the gym. Well, since most people still estimate me to be around 32 tops, I have every reason to ignore her outdated opinion…

  • I’m 30 and I wear what tf I want, if you don’t like it kiss my ass. Lmao. Grown ass adults living in fear of what strangers think about what they are wearing.

  • Spier & Mackay, Mango, ASOS(really for younger, but they some good variety) and H&M is for every age group. I’m 50 and I’ve bought Chinos, a turtleneck and jeans.

  • I just turned 41. I have no direction. No career. My excuse is that I can’t fit myself into any 40+ hour a week job that doesn’t quickly chip away at my quality of life. It makes me feel trapped, unhappy and eventually it destroys my mental health to the point where I don’t even feel human anymore. I’ve done it and it makes life feel meaningless. I am happiest working casual part time where I have enough free time to create music and art. Working full time, at any job leaves me tired and soulless. But this is the world society has built. We are built to be in a rat race, the cheese is the paycheck and without it you are not fit to exist. I absolutely despise this system. Sure, say I’m lazy, immature, have no work ethic or self-discipline. Maybe it’s true, it’s probably true. But at the end the of the day it doesn’t change the fact that I feel how I feel when I am in certain situations and I suppose I could power through it and be another miserable drone but honestly I think I would rather die than to know that that is what my life will be for the rest of it.

  • nonsense!
    I’m in my late 50s. Been in the fashion world since 1981. Always been conscious of how I look to ME, not to others. And always taken trends as a way to see what is out there and matched them according to how my body and mood is. 86 kilos, not tall and not short. Of mixed race with no hair through choice but streetwise and with lots of years of wisdom which has taught me a lot.

    Thanks to the internet today, and too much competitiveness in society, there are more than enough sources out there to rely on.
    A picture does paint a thousand words…
    It is the one language which translates more than any amount of written or verbal hearsay.
    Be yourself I say. If you have to, want to, need to copy others, it is your choice.

    Your watch collection was to most interesting part of this video. I have six. With the Tissot Heritage from the 60s being my prized possession.
    Without dissing, Peace and love in these times.

  • I am 34. I feel young but it is better now then when I was in my 20s because I am totally confident in who I am… also helps that I look great! And I only ever wear mascara! Contouring seems like too much effort for me. Lol

  • 30-years old women look young because 30 is a young age (physically). And now they are not married for 10 years by that age and has not give birth to several children. So they look just how they should. Like 30 y men look if they didnt do drugs and alcohol since 20

  • Jordan is on point. yea u gotta know what the hell u wanna do with ur life. but u gotta know WHO YOU ARE not based by social validation. but knowing what ur values r and what u stand for and want to see change. b the change u want to c.

  • I needed this video. Turned 40 a month ago and have been in panic mode. I need to change my mindset. There’s still plenty of time to do some great things. Need to stop dwelling on the past. Thanks, Gary!

  • I got married at 21.. just turned 23:p but I want to continue with my studies:p so like there’s pressure that I want to achieve something before hitting 30��

  • Your so right alpha m and I got a 4kg dumbbell Waight and its so good I’m starting to see results in my arms thanks for your workout video I learn a lot from watching your workout video so thank you alpha m

  • i’ll tell you people sure are evil and judgmental though regardless…..your too young, old, etc etc…just sick of it all to be honest

  • Never too late as long as you believe that you are capable of anything. Did too much weed from 2001-2008/ 15-22yo. Managed to get national diploma 2005-2008. Did mandatory army service, and that changed my mind then moved abroad to learn English in the UK and stayed over there for 9 years. I’m back “home” 33yo ready to go to the next 1 year diploma, starting next month, and thinking of going on to a degree or even to learn German and then, degree in German. It’s never late unless you think that it is.

    Close friend got a degree in the UK at 47yo; 11 years ago he couldn’t speak more than travel’s English like: good morning how much is a beer? lol

  • GARY!! I am turning 50 in May the exact same day our amazingly talented daughter graduates with honors from college! I have always instilled patience and gratitude into her and showing her that life is what you make it…no matter how old you are…I have a plan of attack that by her grad and my 5oth I will have finally come full circle with my education and be living proof that its never too late to start and its sometimes too early to give in… Through a few years of late nights of online courses and YouTube videos and research, research, research i am exploring and building a business that is current with todays technology and future capabilities… it’s s a lot of sacrifice now but worth every penny and every minute to be able to then spend my next 50 years executing a life that I am building from scratch. Meanwhile She is being head hunted by some awesome companies but I told her that if she chooses to build her brand and live in our house for another 10 years GO FOR IT!! I have her back if she decides to go her own way… but working for someone is great reallife education… and I have 35 years of that! So THANKS AGAIN for always keeping it real and for not trying to get kids to front and fake it… its hard work but trust me…at 50 the reward is sweeter then ever!! Much Love and Respect my friend!

  • This dude has checked in a rehab for anti anxauity withdrawl, here is an advice try ibogain therapy you will be free of withdrawals instetntly

  • Only thing I disagree with is you’re making the ’80s sound like the 50s lol. They had malls and people were into beauty and fitness back then too I think. But yes, the average Boomer (both men and women) looked and acted middle-aged at 30 (lots of wine mom vibes), also people smoked way more.

  • I am 27… All I think about is how I am about to turn 30 in the nearby future!!
    I spent 10 years at uni and I fully regret it and I got married at 24. Trying for a baby now.. I better be in my dream career once I hit 30, travel the world with with my husband and my child! And in my 40s, I just want to relax and get ready for my death that will happen in my 50’s!! There is no way I can live durring my 50’s!! I need to be dead, I can not handle it!! ����

  • I’m 30, I certainly feel old. Those that say otherwise, are lying to themselves, they’re no longer young. I cringe when I see older people try so hard to be young.

  • Gary,You preach perspective all the time. I have a new perspective for you. I am 47 and a grandmother. At 35 I was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer. I am in remission 12 years now. I have to admit that when going through that. There is an urgency now that lights a fire under ones ass. Suddenly it becomes more evident than ever that there is no time to waste. There is only right now and to be present in the moment. But when you are a single mother as I was at that time. Who did not get child support and I worked a non traditional job as a boiler maker,an osha 500 instructor, and CPR/First aid instructor the entire time I was sick and for a decade after. Before having to give up the career I loved due to chronic health issues as a result of the type of cancer I had. When having those enormous medical expenses to pay. It is extremely challenging to not end up bankrupt. Every individuals circumstances are different from the next person. Some of us have the fire within us to hustle and to literally survive. After all, Still I rise. But we don’t have the means financially for reasons I mentioned above. And know that not a soul would wish for cancer or is it deliberate to get. Anyhow, I would have to say that I look better than most healthy 47 yr olds.That have not had the health issues that I have had. And I know without a doubt, that no one who knows me personally would ever tell you that I am a slug.I’m fucking Wonder Woman. Don’t forget it.

  • I just turned 30 2 days ago, and I feel terrible. I’ve been having mental breakdowns lately. My husband tries to make me feel better, but it doesn’t help much.

  • My aunt who is at least 70 asked me how old I am now and I told her 38 and she told me I was just a teenager. What perspective! And I’m thinking life is passing me by……..

  • I’m 26 and finally have everything I need. A wife, two children and a house. So I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of my twenties, thirties and years beyond with my life built.

  • Life seems like such a weird concept. I’m going to be 16 soon (in 4 months), and honestly I can’t imagine what it’s like living to 30 years old. Like, I can’t comprehend the feeling. I know I’ve already lived halway through 30, but I can’t imagine living the same amount as it took me to grow from a baby, go through kindergarten, first grade school, middle school, high school, you know, every moment in 15 years… again… just to be 30. Idk man, Idk if y’all understood me lol.

  • Currently 28 with greys but I am liking the idea of myself now getting older and doing things to better my life rather than cause it to look like I wasted it, but I didn’t I was just getting through a rough patch with all that.. Craziness. And I am getting over my last hurdle of my life lessons but now I am excited for them again rather than being scared of them.

    Not even 29 and I am already going, “Hold up I need to think of myself at 30 not backwards.” Because I was like 20, 8 years ago and still in High School 10 years ago. But that all feels like Yesterday because I haven’t decluttered my life. Now I am making space for the 30 year old me. I will have to do the same before I am 40.

  • Being 30 itself doesn’t make you feel old. Thinking back to songs/music/movies you saw as a kid…in 1993 makes you feel old. Sitting on the bus NOT being glued / addicted to your cellphone makes you feel old. Not saying “Like” and “literally” like literally (lol) every 2 minutes makes you feel old. The headaches you get from today’s pop music makes you feel old.

  • The woman at 73 years of age looks sooooo young for her age! Cool video, anyone else feeling like the years just fly by without really thinking about it? Dang it, I’m 22 and still feel like nothing really changed since 19. Even though I’ve done two years in college and soon to be finish(bachelors).

  • 30 and above: Women start to panic, trying to find a man to marry and reproduce with. Men on the other hand flourish, due to having more resources and maturity

  • honestly at 31, this video makes me feel good about my age. I think we dreak out about aging and let life pass us by, and waste our youth. Instead we should just embrace the youth we still have, and look forward to the wisdom we are gaining.

  • I married a beautiful smart woman, beautiful in laws, had an 80k year job. Now in 1.5 years, I’m living with my mom and getting a divorce.

    I hate my life, it’s over, I give up. 35 rs old and working for a 1/3 of what I was making. I’m fucked

  • Turning 30 and being in the Airborne Infantry is a huge wake up call. Even though I look like Im in my early twenties (thanks cardio and hylauranic acid), inside Im all jacked up. Best advice besides taking care of your skin and body: Don’t drink, smoke, and eat healthy.