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Otitis Externa / Swimmer’s Ear infection of the outer ear (ear canal)

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Outer Ear Infection (Swimmer’s Ear)

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Treating and Preventing Swimmers Ear

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Sometimes the antibiotic ear drops don’t work because swimmer’s ear has caused a buildup of debris or fluid in the ear canal, and the drops can’t get through. For swimmer’s ear treatments to work well, your doctor will first need to gently clean out any gunk that’s blocking your ear canal, like fluid, dead skin, and extra wax. Swimmer’s ear is usually treated with antibiotics, either in the form of pills or ear drops.

A homemade cure can be mixed from a solution of half rubbing alcohol and half vinegar. The alcohol combines with water in the ear and then evaporates, removing the water, while the acidity of the vinegar keeps bacteria from growing. Natural and home care for swimmer’s ear includes measures such as: Remove water from the ears after swimming or water exposure. Keep the ears dry.

While showering or swimming use an earplug (one that is designed to keep water out), or use cotton with Vaseline on the outside to plug the ears. If you have a mild case of swimmer’s ear, your physician will likely prescribe an acidic drop intended to help stabilize the bacterial environment inside. Swimmer’s ear is different from the common ear infection that your young child often gets after a cold. Those are middle ear infections, or “otitis media” in doctor speak, and they happen deeper.

To get rid of swimmer’s ear you will likely need to see a doctor who will write you a prescription for antibiotics. If you are prone to frequent swimmer’s ear infections, you can speak with your doctor about whether a home remedy of combining rubbing alcohol and vinegar is a possible treatment option. To get rid of swimmer’s ear you will likely need to see a doctor who will write you a prescription for antibiotics.

If you are prone to frequent swimmer’s ear infections, you can speak with your doctor about whether a home remedy of combining rubbing alcohol and vinegar is a possible treatment option. Swimmers ear is one of the ear infections that was caused due to the moisture created by the water stuck in the ear after swimming. Another name for swimmer’s ear is otitis externa. Otitis externa is the infection of the outer canal of the ear or outer ear infection that has the passageway from the eardrum to the outer side of the head.

The prolonged exposure of the ear. A mixture of 1 part white vinegar to 1 part rubbing alcohol may help promote drying and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that can cause swimmer’s ear. Pour 1 teaspoon (about 5 milliliters) of the solution into each ear and let it drain back out.

Similar over-the-counter solutions may be available at your drugstore.

List of related literature:

Swimming and frequent cleansing of the ear canal using cotton-tipped applicators should be avoided until the infection has resolved.

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• Iffluid drains from the ear, place a small piece of cotton in the outer-ear canal to absorb it.

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Suction debris from the ear with the small metal suction tip, or remove debris gently with a cerumen spoon.

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Prevent by using rubbing alcohol or 2% acetic acid eardrops after every swim.

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I If it is necessary to remove impacted debris from the ear canal; irrigate the ear with warm tap water.

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• Flush the ear until the solution exiting the ear is clear or the foreign particle is removed.

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Once the ear has been cleaned, if the tympanic membrane is ruptured or torn, I will repeatedly flush sterile saline into the external ear canal to remove the ceruminolytic agent.

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Place a cotton ball inside the ear canal and then place your thumb just below the targi and fingers on the opposite side of the ear to massage the solution in the ear canal.

“Tasks for the Veterinary Assistant” by Teresa Sonsthagen
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Any wax remaining after treatment may be removed by gently flushing the ear with warm water, using a soft rubber bulb ear syringe.

“Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) TITLE 21 Food and Drugs (1 April 2017)” by Office of the Federal Register (U.S.)
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If this doesn’t work, you probably will have to go to a doctor and have the ear irrigated to remove the foreign object.

“The Traditional Healer's Handbook: A Classic Guide to the Medicine of Avicenna” by Ghulam Moinuddin Chishti, Hakim G. M. Chishti
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  • omfg, i want to know how to get rid of it without eye dropper how do i do this without something stupid that i have to spend 15 dollars on at every store i go to get it at

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  • I had mine in my left ear first, with the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I went to the doctor and they gave me ear drops. It went away in my left ear and now I have it in my right ear. I tried the drops, but they are making it worse. I tried this and nothing happened it just bubbled and started burning really bad. I can’t sleep, eat, or really talk because my ear and jaw hurt. Please someone what can I do I’ve been crying all night.

  • I try all b.s YouTuber dont work……luckily I found this Doctor YES it work alcohol and vinegar mix 5 drop it burn little then I try another 5 drop it work finally got the water out amaze

  • I wish my mom could do the thing we’re you put the stuff in my ear with the vinegar but it’s night time but it is bubbling every time I blink or yawn ��

  • I am reading these comments as I am currently on day 3 of horrible ear pain. My dad is a doctor and I’m very fortunate he got me to see an ENT who suctioned my ears and put a wick in the worst one. A day after the wick and my ear still hurts!! It’s now crusting outside my ear and I’m worried the wick isn’t absorbing the drops. I’m also on heavy antibiotics and the pain is simply unbearable. Hoping my dad can prescribe me a stronger pain medication cause I seriously rather die than go thru this

  • This is a really good video and gave the right treatment idea’s for swimmers ear’s. I also have an article who gave you 6 Natural Remedies for Swimmers Ear
    let’s checkout

  • Made a mistake not listening to my body. I felt the infection 2 days ago, but it was mild, so I didn’t take action right away. Went and got ear drops today, but now my ear canal is swollen shut. Probably going to take a lot longer to heal now. Should have jumped on this right away. Live and learn.

  • I have advice. If you are using ear drops and they are not working, that means that there is ear wax in your ear and you have to go to the doctor to get it out.

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  • My jaw hurts and all and for me it’s not that bad, I can bear it. Is it just because it’s the first day of me having it or am I just lucky?

  • I’m 13 and this is not fair on me �� I haven’t cried tho I don’t cry often, but I literally can’t hear a thing from my left ear is this normal, the pain is atrocious

  • I have this and had such a hard time sleeping and even chewing food because my jaw moved my ear. I went to the doctors and got these special ear drops. I put the drops in and after one day feel like I’ve regained control of my life. Please go to your doctor!!!

  • I’m so miserable right now!! Imagine being in the middle of a pandemic and you get this! Now I can’t possibly avoid the hospital anymore.

  • Shit! This hurts! Both ears swollen shut feels like my ears are going to explode! Day two of amoxicillin pills and cipro ear drops no change yet. Taking ibuprofen does take the edge off but not hearing and the pain! The pain! is driving me up the wall. Aaaaauggg!

  • A really good swimmers ear method is to get a hair dryer/Blow dryer and turn it on and swish it on your ear to get the heat inside your ear another really good method for swimmers ear is to get an old sock you don’t care about and put some rice. In the sock tie the sock and then put it in the microwave and make it warm and then put it on your ear The hair dryer/blow dryer is the Best method I hope this helped some one like if it helped u or someone u know

  • THE CURE FOR THIS IS EITHER MIX LEMON OR VINEGAR (because they have the same acidity levels) into a dropper with rubbing alcohol and apply drops to your affected ear. I’ve had an ear infection on both my left and right ears and after a few hours of re applying the remedy to my ear, my ear felt a whole lot better. The pain is completely gone by the next day. Pls read this and don’t bother to go to the doctor when you can simply solve it at home.

  • It hurts like hell I’ve been doing what he said I couldn’t go to camp today which is a bummer and I hope I can go tommorow its a field trip

  • ugh I have swimmers ear right now and I can’t sleep at all. My good side to sleep is on my left side and i can’t feel the whole left side of my face, i can’t eat and my jaw hurts so bad. Usually it takes 7-10 days for the pain to go away that’s way to long for me

  • Just have this swimmer ear on BOTH ears. Omg the pulsing throbbing pain! Been 2 days now and both ears still blocked. Got prescription for ear drop, fever+pain,antibiotics, and a pill for swollen. This is a special type of continuous pain. Manage to sleep on 2nd day for 4 hours. Will update when both ears are cleared

  • I have it right now and I’m in so much pain I can hardly move. It gets worse when I try to move my jaw, so eating hurts a lot and laughing feels like a death sentence.

  • I have this right now, It’s not hurting at my jaw but it’s painfully making a promise to never ever get in a pool anymore.

  • my earring is on. and this weird irritation, this has been happening for 2 days now. and it actually hurts when i turn my earring. somebody please send me a link on how to fix this.

  • Going through Swimmers Ear’ Again! In the last few months.. This time it is worst’ I Have a pain from my ear down to my jaw and my throat.. I Can’t even open my mouth wide enough to drink water, or even bite into my taco.. Got it from after a shower I could feel like there was water in there but fell asleep and now look where It got me! I Totally regret it! ��.. in so much pain!

  • I’m right now going through swimmer’s ear and it hurts bad it’s a splitting headache, my ear canal is small, my left side of my jaw hurts, my left ear is swollen like Dumbo and hurts, and my hearing is not so good in both ears! My tip is wear ear plugs and avoid lakes rivers and streams and dirty pools!

  • Mines is healing ��but danm it was painful I wanted to dieee ugh my jaw was hurting and I couldn’t sleep I cried for days but ear drops work and antibiotics work it takes time if it doesn’t help go to your doctor

  • It hurts so much:( I thought I could let it heal on its own. But I will be going to the doctors today. Did everyone here go to their primary care doctor for this?

  • I always get swimmers ear and it’s very painful I have always gotten ear infections I actually have an ear infection now and it hurts

  • My son has this. We wish we could try the vinegar/alcohol drops but he breaks out in bumps when he comes in contact with isopropyl alcohol. Whenever he gets his shots, they have to use iodine to clean his skin

  • I just got swimmers ear and it hurts so bad the pain comes and goes and I can’t stop crying. I’m trying the vinegar and rubbing alcohol method I hope
    It works because I can’t stand it no more

  • I have it right now and I’ve had it for almost a week. It’s extremely painful and the pain meds I’m taking only last 3-4 hours. It’s getting very hard to handle and it’s very annoying.

  • Dang. My 4 yr old has this and reading all these comments makes me know he’s not exaggerating! Poor thing, trying the vinegar solution now

  • Oh my god yall I wouldn’t wish swimmers ear on my worst enemy this shxt Is so irritating && painful. I can’t eat.. Can’t sleep.. Can’t hear out of my right ear && can’t take a shower or do anything ���� I’ve had it for about 10 days.. I’m finally gonna go to the doctor today. I’m so nervous but wish me luck

  • My ear hurts to my jaw and when I try to eat my ea hurts with my jaw and I wake up 3-5 times at night it hurts so bad and I’m on vacation and can’t even swim anymore for the rest of my vacation

  • It doesn’t hurt it’s just agitating cause gravity makes it hurt, chewing makes it hurt, putting pressure on it makes it hurt, everything makes it hurt but it gets better after a week or two

  • Who else can’t sleep because of this I’m doing it rn July 28 3:40 hurts alot WAITING FOR the eardrops to go in and its in my left ear

  • Watching this video now in quarantine with this infection. It hurts SO bad! Stabbing pain! I thought I was being dramatic until I read all your comments. I’ve taken ear drops for 1 day and hoping to have some improvement soon. Stay strong everyone!!!

  • I’m sitting here not able to hear or sleep bc of swimmers ear and it’s sooo painful I’ve had it for way to long. Tylenol isn’t working anymore!!!

  • I have it now and my mother decided against buying anything or helping instead resorting to put water in it I’ve had it for almost 8 days and haven’t slept in 2 days and this is the worst pain of my life

  • i’ve had this for 2 weeks now it went away and i kept messing with it (itching) and it came back… my whole side is puffy and now i’m taking antibiotics and this is literally the worst pain i’ve ever experienced!! worse than period cramps!!

  • i have a question, i had ear infection and right after using antibiotic eardrops i got tinnitus. Did i damage something pernamently? It was 6 months age and still hear ringing

  • The doc at doctors care just jammed the thing in my ear no warning and happily chirped that I have bilateral swimmers ear. Seriously she spent less than 4 minutes in the room with me. I hate doctor’s right now

  • I hooe someone would notice my comment.:( Ive been suffering this for weeks already and it came back again now sooo painful, how did you treat it I dont think antibiotics and eardrops worked for me. ���� Help me ����

  • I think i got it today after shower and using a cotton swab, its 04:40 and i cant sleep:(
    Is my first time with this crap and after reading the comments i think that my painful journey will be long D:

  • omg i produce sooo much earwax and im highly prone to ear infections. i took a bath not too long ago and i somehow got a bunch of water in my ear help

  • dealing with this now �� day 5 of this and I go to the DR tomorrow. it’s excruciating pain. Ibuprofen helped the first 2 days and now… nothing. Scared to put vinegar and alcohol in my ear because it might burn and make it worse? I saw a comment someone said it did ����

  • Lol this is my second time dealing with this and it hurts like hell but I’m handling it a lot better than the first time even to the point where I just a played a full football game with this and about 2 practices so yea my pain tolerance is up their but it still ain’t fun��

  • I’m up at 4 in the morning and it hurts so bad! I’ve had swimmers ear before it was worse then this one but this one still hurts pretty bad

  • I have it right now and it’s one the most painful things ever. I got ear drops today but I don’t feel like they’re working at all. I feel like stuff is leaking out of my ear.

  • But why does it itch when you have water in it.? That’s one of the reasons I got the ear infection. It’s my second time that I have the ear infection in the same year. 3 years apart. Had I known about the vinegar and alcohol, I wouldn’t have had this infection. Ah Bummer. Learn my lesson.

  • I got this on vacation last year and i was in agony and up all nights for the whole 2 weeks in so much pain and i still feel stuff in my ear to this day but i cant feel the pain anymore

  • I can’t hear properly from my left ear, and can’t hear the noise when you swallow (can only hear bubble pops) Anyone know what if going on?
    I know that it is because of my throat infection but I don’t know what exactly is going on in my ear

  • Yeah I just got swimmers ear like a month ago and it went away then I got back in my pool and now swimmers ear is in my other ear right now and it hurts, but what helped me dude it is at night lay on the ear that has it and I’m the morning there should be some water or just l at down on the ear and relax your face which will relax your muscles and water will come out. It will be cured tiger or take 1-2 weeks.

  • I try to open up my ea by pulling it and my mom is like pull it but its hurts so bad when I pull it also if you drink any drink that has sugar in it, it can take your mind off of all the pain I recommend Mountain dew

  • I am having pain, heaviness in my right ear along with which fluid tends to flow out….I have met the doctor but the medicines are not helping much in this case. It’s been approximately 4 days since I am suffering from this issue any help will be great.

  • Is it just me or can you guys not hear a thing from the infected ear and hear ringing and you can’t eat because it hurts your jaw like a bitch

  • Bruh I have it right now and when she said if you have a feaver and red down your ear it means the infection is deep I literally said sh** cause I have letters everything she describes

  • I can’t even hear anymore and my ear is swollen on the inside and there is liquid or something in there and it can’t get out but I’m going to the doctors today

  • i missed work bec of this. i just wanted to be asleep the whole time it hurts. seek a dr. had some medication but no improvement. my left is still clogged.

  • The issue is though, is once you have this issue, your ears never feel the same, Its constantly like feeling slight pain, maybe ringing, and aching, and it happens every now and then, but when you try to pop your ears, its almost as if somethings slightly stopping you, It can also make you quite sensitive to air pressure, when a door is slammed near me i can literally feel it, it hurts, and it isnt fun.

  • My doctor just put me on amoxicillin is this correct? cause it was crusting up I can’t take the annoying feeling it’s not painful just irritating

  • I think I’ve had it for Over a month because it keeps coming then going and it’s annoying I’m a competitive swimmer and practice sucks with this

  • I have this rn too it hurts soooooo much I can’t sleep at all (haven’t for three days) I feel like crap and can’t eat I’m Also I’m eating Advil liquid gels LIKE THEY RE CANDY.

  • The homemade ear drops just saved me. I’m glad i clicked on this video. I was about to give myself a concussion, trynna bang the water out my ear. ��

  • Wait tho I’m not making fun of her I love her name! But her name is Ariel…she has read hair… She swims…and she is wearing a green shirt… Coincidence?!?!! I THINK NOT

  • It made it where if I open my mouth, it hurts, I get headaches, and at the same time I have a chlorine rash, so yeah, I’m in loads of pain, it prevents me from sleep because if I lay my head on its side it hurts, even without putting it down it hurts.

  • I want to kms it’s 1:30 and my ear is killing me I’ve had this before but never this bad what do I do until tomorrow when I see a doctor I can’t sleep

  • I’ve now decided to just watch YouTube (it’s 3 AM, I went to bed at 10 and haven’t slept at all), because this is without a doubt the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced and I can’t sleep anyway lol.

  • I feel like I have this.
    I was swimming and then I got a bunch of water in my ear. One day later it hurts so much and I’m going to see what happens

  • I have it in both ears RN and Im using perscription ear drops that i hope are working because it is the worst feeling I’ve ever felt i’d rather have cuts all over my body and jump into a pool of pure lemon juice I have got like 2 hrs of sleep if someone found something better please help me

  • Cant even think it hurts so bad, alcahol vinnegar made 10x worse, feels water trapped in ear…I can’t even speak right or walk or talk right

  • yeah, I’ve had ear infections before. Don’t use q tips! I never learn. it sucks for a while if you have pain killers take some it helps a little. my neck and head are killing me and sleeping sucks right now but we’re gonna get through it.

  • I’ve had it for almost 10 days now and I must admit that pain excruciating. I woke up one morning with severe pain in my outer ear and had no idea what it was, I just thought that may be I fell asleep in wrong position putting too much pressure on my left ear. Couple of days it was getting worse and I was sure that it’s something else. All this while I kept going through the pain, then all of a sudden on the 6th day, I started to feel better so I was really happy that it’s going to away and by 7th day, I was healed almost 90% (in terms of pain). I could eat properly and everything

    Then I had a disastrous idea, I wanted to clean my ear thoroughly so for next 2 days, long shower and deep cleansing of my ear and now I have the worst pain of my life, keeping my awake in the nights, I can’t eat, sleep, hear or talk properly. I’m one of the weird ones who avoid going to GP but finally I couldn’t bear it anymore and had to visit one. I’m on antibiotics now for next 5 days. ☹️ I’ve already taken my first tablet few hours ago and finding it really hard to sleep so I’m typing this message at 2 o’clock in the morning. I’m in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Is it just me or can you guys not hear and hear ringing and can’t eat because it hurts your jaw and ear if you clench it and open it wide

  • I’ve had swimmers ear for about 3 days now and I’ve tried everything. Nothing is working and I my jaw hurts so bad too that I can’t even eat anything. I can’t sleep at all either, someone please help me I’m in so much pain!

  • Doug, I had chronic swimmers ear for over 10 years, worse in my left ear than the right. Tried everything. Found THE CURE BRULIDINE CREAM. It is antiseptic antibiotic and states on the packet that it is for outer ear infections. I had a 10 year history of many px drops swabs taken to identify the microbial culprit and many over the counter ear drops. This is a dream cream. Tubes cost about 4 pounds from internet.

  • I think I am having swimmer’s ear..Yellow fluid is still coming out from my left ear. It was very painfull on its first day of discharge. I am having Telfast,Cefspan and Teph but no cure. Once doctor said to operate but I don’t think that this is so severe. If any doctor is reading my comment plz suggest me what to do?

  • I have one now ok guys it sucks but ok I had it then about 4 days lateer my ear felt better it did not hurt so I went swimming the next 6 hours I got swimmers ear agin ouch and this shit hurts

  • Hydrogen peroxide is a natural antibacterial agent. When carefully poured into the ear, the substance oxidizes and eliminates infection. The substance also helps to naturally dry out the fluid in the ear.

  • I have if in both ears and To sleep I have to put two really hot water bottle on my ears which kinda hurts it and it’s so painful and I have a pool party tomorrow and I’m going to the beach ��

  • If you don’t have an eye dropper you can use a straw.  Hold your thumb over the open end of a straw to pick up the liquid and drop in ear.  Good luck

  • I dont know if i have this because i can only feel pain sometime not always, sometimes it hurts but only like 3 seconds, then poof. There is a water like leaking in my ear and my outer is swelling but not red it’s just big than my other ear. Is that swimmer’s ear?

  • Oh my life this is like my second day having and it sooo fricken annoying and painful
    arrggh can’t even listen to music can’t even eat all i can do is just watch the ceiling above me. Plus it’s like nearly new years day, i mean what do you call new years with stupid as pain  

  • I have this pain in my ear I don’t know what it is but from seeing things on the internet it sounds like simmers ear. Its a little swollen and it has so much pain. I do swim a lot Im 13.Its a lot more stiff then the other ear I’m gonna try this.


  • I am 30 and suffering from this right now and I’m telling you, this is the most painful thing I’ve dealt with in a long time and I suffer from lower lumbar arthritis and endometriosis! I was prescribed drops but they aren’t helping whatsoever! I’m tired of not being able to hear or sleep because the pain is so intense!!!

  • Iv litterly had it for 3 days. And I can’t sleep at all cause all the pain and iv been crying.. Ugh I dident know somthing so commen can hurt so bad. And I’m supposed to put 3 drops of this stuff my doctor gave me.. But every time I put them in the NEVER go down. It’s like they just sit at the top. And I can’t chew anything cause it hurts my jaw. Can sombody plz reply. Plz. Thank u

  • its nice to scroll through the comments and have people that can actually relate to this pain. it literally hurts like a bitch and laying down is super painful. it actually does feel like someone is stabbing my ear.

  • I’m really scared because I found out I have a hole in my ear drum on my left ear but I’m scared if I do need to get surgery that I may lose my hearing for good. I already feel like I don’t have really good hearing on my left since it Ruptured after getting a bad flu and now every time I’m going to sleep at night I feel like a can hear a beep noise from my left ear and also I feel like I can hear my heart beat inside my left ear! Please can someone give me advice who’s also been through this any advice would be greatly Appreciated.

  • I think I burst my ear drum because I’m literally every few seconds on the ground because it hurts so much and the pain happened right away. I dived into my pool and just right away this intense pain in my ear to where I could barely swim and I had to be pulled into the shallow end by my brother. Someone help me my ear is about to explode

  • I have one right now because my family recently got a pool so I have been swimming underwater and I had a really bad on in January and had to go to the hospital and it lasted a long tome

  • I feel bad for everyone. My ear is very irritating but it doesn’t really hurt that bad. I am very lucky that it only really hurts when I touch my ear. Sorry to everyone that is hurting hope you get better

  • My ear been hurting for the last 3 days with treatment and it hurts to move my jaw and what’s weird is that I’m bleeding from my ear now with swimmers ear

  • I have it right now it hurts, Sharp pain out my jaw, any time I yawn or burp or swallow it causes pain in my ear, my ear is clogged, and the only way I can hear normally is if I pull my ear lobe which hurts

  • It fills like something sharp is just scrapping away everything in your ear, worst pain ever.. hope anybody who has this gets gets better soon

  • My ear doesn’t hurt at all but the water is stuck in my ear! I already tried all the methods i know to remove it, some of it was gone but i can still feel a little water inside my ear. I’m also dizzy as well, is that normal? Please help:(

  • currently have it right now. my pain has gotten so bad i had to have pain killers too. i hope everyone going through this is staying strong!❣️

  • Thank you! Finally someone willing to give a direct answer! Most other videos say; “See you’re primary care physician if you have swimmers ear”…. Bioch this is so common im not going to my doctor for this! What a waste of time. If I’m not dying or bleeding profusely then I’m not wasting my time lol

  • I got it yesterday, today its really hurts, i dont have any eardrop i only using painkillers and Antibiotic, i applied also vicks on the back of my ear.

  • I have it right now and unfortunately I’m going to Central America for the summer


    Edit: just got better recently. So if anybody has it. Just know it gets better.

  • I have been through a lot of pain but this shit is insane man, I cant sleep on my fav side, and naturally as I dose off I rotate to that side then jump up since my ear literally cant be touched by anything. After I went to the hospital I had a small fungus in my left ear after a day on the drops I was good but 2 days later my RIGHT ear had the same problem, I am only happy they both were not at the same time and I will update on you on the right when it gets better.��

  • I have an ear ace and I’ve had water in my ear the past two days. I’m going to try his vinegar and rubbing alcohol solution. I hope it works

  • Oh my god i went to bed at 2am and didn’t get to sleep for a while until 10am. Im in so much pain i cant stop crying. My ear and whole side of my jaw is in agony.

  • I have swimmers ear right now and by far, this is THE MOST painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I’m crying and it hurts. I don’t have ibuprofen or tylenol and i don’t know what to do! ��������

  • I got this at the beginning of summer in my left ear and omg I was ready to chop my ear off, it hurt so bad I was crying 24/7. When it finally went away that was the best feeling of my life. A few days ago I started getting the same symptoms in my right ear as I did at the beginning of summer, which made me scared and now my right ear is trying to kill me. I used the same eardrops my doctor gave me the first time and I think because I started taking them pretty early on the pain isn’t as bad as it was last time but I still want to cut my ear off, the only thing I’ve been eating is pretsalz and granola bars cuz my has hurts from just talking

  • Is there anything I can use besides Alcohol

    And Viniger is it the normal Viniger or apple cider Vinegar

    And what is the amount of mixture

    And how many drops how many times

  • Hello! I am just wondering why ENTs won’t treat Otis Externa caused by staphylococcus aureus bacteria? According to their opinions, they told me that it is a common bacteria found in our body and hence do not need any treatment….

  • This is the wofst experience i have ever had and i have lost my will to live i went swimming for two hours and i swim like 1 or 2 times a month this is the second time i have this month and before i hadnt swam for a year i am never swimming ever again ever in my life ever ever again i had eardtops that did nothing but were expired so maybe thats why i got 2 hours of sleep and am horrifeid at what these people are going through of days and days of suffering and i cant go to the doctor and just AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Day (3?) of this. First day I took it on and went swimming again, TERRIBLE IDEA.

    The second day I was in terrible pain, I took medicine and it stopped it for a bit. My dad got drops and put them in and eased some of the pain.

    Day three was getting lighter, we actually got prescription ear drops and it feels MUCH better than it did before, still hurts though.

    My only suggestion to people that know it’s coming on is to NOT KEEP SWIMMING. Use drops from Walgreens or whatever immediately.

    I wouldn’t be so mad about it but I’m supposed to go to universal Thursday so I’m hoping it’s gone for the most part by then ��..

  • I have it for 4 days so far I can barely hear anything in it even though I have been on prescription ear drops for 1.5 days. Nothing seems to help. The pain is getting to my jaw, one of the worst experiences of my life ever.

  • sixesfullofnines I’m not sure if I have it what do I do? Right now the only symptoms I have are a moderate level of pain that hurts when i pull on my ear lobe, if I rest on the ear or if I shake my ear. I have been swimming everyday in a pool that is dirty and has dead flies and other insects in it. If you can I would appreciate the help, feel free to ask any additional questions.

  • Who else wants to pull their ear off right now? I’d rather break my wrist again then put up with this unbearable pain I’m feeling right now…
    Edit: I haven’t slept in 4 days…and I’m starting Zoom classes tomorrow-
    Q _ Q

  • I had it once, I was so terrified at first. After getting medicine the doctor said “think of it as swimming trophy for doing your laps”. A trophy that itches to much.

  • Oh good lord this has mildly developed for a second time, I’ve barely touched my ear so I don’t get why. It’s like there’s still that memory from the first time. Now I don’t want it to get worse. For me last time antibacterial ear drops really helped, I’m going to get them again before it worsens.

  • Try getting the clEARdropper. better than an eye dropper and it helps get homeopathic drops ( olive oil, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or prescribed antibiotic drops) drops get deep into the ear. The clear dropper is great for any prescribe ear drops and perfect for kids with ear tubes.

  • If you are a cheerleader you know what a flyer is but well my flyer, Jenna told me she had swimmers ear and I was just wondering what it was so I looked it up but I’ve never had an swimmers ear are athletes ear or any other infection

  • My swimmers ear is getting better because like I have these ear drops that I do 4 times a day. One time I forgot to take motrin/tylenol and I went to bed so late…because it hurt like HECK!

  • I went to the pool a few days ago and I started to know “My ear really hurts” we went to the doctor and he said my ear drum is swollen and its blocked by something.

    I’m so scared right now I cant hear anything and I’m in pain, I hope it gets better cause I’m in pain all night and all day.. and im always waking up in pain..and taking my medication..God Please Help Me.

    And can you guys all pray for me?
    It means alot, my family and friends are too, and I hope you can too.

  • Bruh I woke up had had some neck nerve pain and had swimmers ear at the same time couldn’t even walk but know I’m always fixing my posture and my ear hurt s third can’t sleep but the PAIN doesn’t even phase me anymore… a little bit ����

  • I’ve had it two maybe 3 times because I had swim class in high school ear drops made it worst for me. The last time I had it I would put vix vapor on a cotton ball heat it up with a blow dryer and put it in my ear I would leave it in when I slept and actually my ear ruptured and let the fluid out and I didn’t feel it this time slept the whole night and never had any real pain like the other times I had it

  • Ive fractured my ankle twice, sprained it once (the same one) and I can still say that Otisis Externa is the WORST thing Ive ever experienced. On top of it its happing during Eid and my birthday, so yeah it sucks yall

  • got hit really hard and then tried to swim a couple days later and got something like what your all describing but it went away after I tired draining my ears, I’m pretty sure my ear drum might me be a little irritated but im sure it’ll go away, sorry for all of you going through it right now, it’s the most painful thing I can recall and I’ve been stabbed by a nail before

  • I have swimmers ear AND an ear infection, it hurts so much I can barely talk or eat or even move the left half of my face because it hurts so much-

  • I can’t sleep I have we need I lightly touch it it hurts I had have it for 5 days now I can’t sleep I’m at my dads house and it’s 3am I don’t know what to do

  • To all who suffer! Lie Down and put hydrogen peroxide in your ear until it stops fizzing. Your pain will be gone significantly in an hour. Repeat as you feel until gone. Do this when you feel cold or flu coming on in both ears to stop it in its tracks.