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Many pill packs are arranged to start on this day. You take your first pill on the first Sunday after your menstruation starts. Use a second birth control method for 7 days if you have sex. Take 1 pill every day for 21 days (3 weeks) in a row. Then don’t take any pills for seven days (week 4).

You’ll get your period during the fourth week while you aren’t taking any pills. It’s important to take. You should have your period while taking these pills. When taking the 21-day form, you will simply not take pills during the last week of your cycle, during which you will have your period. You’ve probably heard that birth control pills can allow women to forgo their periods by taking the active pills continuously (without taking the placebo pills in a 28-day pack.

You have less than a 1% chance of getting pregnant if you use them exactly as directed. That means taking your pill every day. Their effects are easy to reverse, too. You’ll be protected from pregnancy after 48 hours (2 days).

So use another method of birth control (like condoms) if you have penis-in-vagina sex during the first 48 hours. Your nurse or doctor can help you. Cervical cap. The cervical cap is 92 to 96 percent effective with perfect use.

With typical use, it’s 71 to 88 percent effective. Like a diaphragm, a cervical cap covers the cervix to prevent. Combination birth control pills work mainly by suppressing ovulation. In other words, they prevent the release of an egg.

With no egg, fertilization and, subsequently, pregnancy cannot occur. If you take combined hormonal birth control pills that contain both an estrogen and progestin, and have no other options, higher doses of regular birth control pills can be used as an emergency contraceptive. Combination birth control pills prevent your ovaries from releasing an egg. They also slow an egg’s progress through the fallopian tubes, thicken cervical mucus and thin the lining of the uterus. Keep spermicidial foam and condoms in case you forget to take the pill.

Carry your pills with you always. Take your pill at the same time daily. Get your refills soon after you start the last prescription.


List of related literature:

Take it regularly; if you miss even one pill, or if you have diarrhoea or vomiting (which can interfere with absorption of the Pill by your body), use back­up protection (such as a condom and spermicide) until your next period.

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if you neglect to take only one estrogen/progestin pill, take it as soon as you remember, take the next pill at your regular time, and continue taking the rest of the medication cycle.

“PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs, 9th Edition” by Pocket Books
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• Start the pill anytime within first 5 days of monthly bleeding.

“Community Medicine: Practical Manual E-Book” by Rajkumar Patil
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If, however, she misses two or more days, she should stop taking the hormonal pills for seven days and then begin a new pill cycle; other contraceptive protection (foam, condom, diaphragm) should be used during this sevenday waiting period, as pregnancy certainly is possible.

“Human Reproductive Biology” by Richard E. Jones, Kristin H Lopez
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The woman demonstrates a need for further instruction if she: A. Stops asking her sexual partners to use condoms with spermicide B. States that her menstrual periods should be shorter with less blood loss C. Takes a pill every morning D. Uses a barrier method of birth control if she misses two or more pills

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Start off with one pill per day, and after three days, increase to one pill twice a day.

“The Candida Cure: The 90-Day Program to Beat Candida & Restore Vibrant Health” by Ann Boroch
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Ifyou choose this start method, you should use a backup method of contraception (condom and/or spermicide) until you have taken at least seven consecutive active pills.

“Pediatric Primary Care Case Studies” by Catherine Burns, Beth Richardson, Margaret Brady
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pill every day of the week for 21 days and then stop taking the pill for 7 days, when menstruation usually occurs.

“The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide” by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
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Levonorgestrel tablets, 0.75 mg (Plan B or Next Choice, 2-tablet packs); take the first tablet as soon as possible within 120 hours of unprotected sex, and take the second tablet 12 hours after taking the first tablet.

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Take the missed pill as soon as possible, then continue taking remaining pills at usual time; use back-up contraception; for example, a condom for rest of the cycle.

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  • I had my period Every 3rd 4th of every month and it only lasts for three days. I started taking my pack this month on the 10th which was a Sunday. I recently had a pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage and I have not had a cycle yet. does that mean that my periods will change I kind of like having three day periods I’ve had them every since I’ve had my first child back in 2014. I am kind of scared about how my periods will change will the pill make them longer? also I have been having troubles with my appetite like I just eat all the time and I’m always hungry will that go away? I crave anything from chocolate to foods that I would normally not eat

  • hi doc.. its my first time taking pills. how long does it takes for the pills to be effective?? do i still need to use barrier method for my first 7days of taking pills? pls answer me..

  • you are a god send ma’am. thank you so much I got put on the pill because i have abnormal bleeding patterns and when i started bleeding in the middle of the pack I got really worried and you literally helped me so much thank you!!

  • I’ve been on birth control since I was ten and started getting periods. My first period happened two weeks after my b-day and everything was normal. Then it came back about a week later and never stopped, my doctor said I was the most severe case of Menorrhagia that she had seen yet. Im 23 and still on birth control.

  • I once. Been drug for years caused irregular menstrual, mentrusl cramp, weight gain, etc can I ask any side effect? If yes can I charge the person to court

  • How can she say it lowers your risk for different cancers… it’s a bunch of chemical hormones you’re putting inside your body. It might be useful for some women but definitely not something that can be marketed as “good” for our bodies. (But the practical information for starting the pill was useful.) Please do some research on the side effects before you start.

  • Hello doctor. Can I ask how to used Yasmin in first use. Example if your menstruation is Saturday you start in Saturday? Not in Monday? Then continue to Sunday until finish the pills. And can take also Yasmin pill if lost weight? Thank you

  • Hello Dr Sam I have a question I started 21 day birth control pill in my menstruation was June 1st and I start taking pill on June 11 continued to July 1 untill I finished all my question is can this delay my period and when I need to start again new pack to be safe or I have to wait for my period. I hope you will help me because I am so confused thank you

  • The instructions for my pills say to begin in the red area on the first day of my menstrual cycle. I’m getting so many mixed messages

  • Hello dra..can i start my althea pills anytime? Like even ur not in ur period time? For my hormonal imbalance due to pcos po..or should i start to take during my period? Slamat

  • Hi doc may i ask. Is it ok to take pills for contraceptive?? At age 18 i take pills until age 20 but right know i stop taking it. Can i be preganant if ever i want to?? Or not?? Plss. Answer my question

  • Hi doc..its been 2 months that dont i have a menstruation so i assume that maybe i experiencing PCOS. and ive been fighting acne for almost 3-4months..ive started taking diane 35, 21 days i notice that my acne started to slowly disappearing, still i haven’t got my period back after taking the pills for 21 days should i stop for about 7 days or should i still continue taking?

  • Hi doc.can i ask…it is possible to got pregnant after my bleeding period 1 day after we have a lovemaking of my husband..then after 1 week i took a pills…my period start feb 4…i just wonder my period its not back its 5 days laps already bcoz my period its is possible to got pregnant..i need an answer.Thanks.

  • ive taken the pills for 2 weeks only then i stopped. so my period started after a week, basically i had my period 2x on the same mnth.

  • I’m supposed to start my pill in the next week or so according to my doctor, I mainly take it for acne, but is this going to possibly make me gain weight

  • my girlfriend started taking the pills on the second day of menstruation. we had sex exactly 7 days later. wanted to know if there could be pregnancy

  • Noramin has been out of stock for months. I’m in perimenopause so it’s hard to choose when to start. Maybe I’ll just trust what clue is predicting. The femme-tab ED 20/100 looks way different from noramin. I’m very confused ��
    I need to be on something to help my hormones coz of the genetic condition I have.

  • okay so i just got my pills. today is friday and my period will start monday or somewhere during the week but my mom told me to take one of the hormone pills, now i don’t know what to do after watching your video, do i continue taking them? or wait till my period starts

  • When I first started birth control I took it at 10pm and woke up at 4am super nauseous to the point I was actually constantly sick every 5 minutes all morning. It was so horrible it’s scared me off of trying any new pill even 2 years later

  • omg I was stressed about not having my period, cause I took them 100% correctly and I didn’t know it was normal to not get a period or to get bleeding half way through which is exactly what happened to me! I feel so much better now, thank you!!!

  • I’m using birth control pills last 3yrs ago…and I stop it…just want to know if I want to get pregnant again…the pills I take it is no side effects of my pregnancy?

  • Do you have to take the combined pill at the exact same time every day? Or is there a time period that you should have it in? Or does it not matter what time you take it, so long as you take one every day?

  • I was supposed to start taking my pills this Sunday and I completely forgot should I take it today (Monday) I’m not sure if I should take it today or wait till my next cycle helppp??? I’m on my 3rd day

  • Hello good day.
    I’m not certain if u can assist me but I’ve been taking a birth control for the first time on the 2nd of August and the 1st of August my mensural cycle ended I’ve been on the pill from the second until the 8th which is today, I have been intimate with my boyfriend and he actually “came” inside of me,, am I protected from pregnancy?

  • i’ve been on the pill only for like 3-4 days and i just feel so nauseous and sad and sick. i don’t think it’s gonna be a good month:(

  • So if my FIRST DAY of my period is Monday, I can start my pill Sunday??? I’m interested in not having periods on the weekends (Sunday Method)

  • i heard you could gain a lot of weight when taking the pill for the first time. Since i’m someone who is quite sensitive to weight gain i wouldn’t want this to be hard to get rid of. Can it be helped with a healthy diet, or can a healthy diet just reduce it? I’m simply going on the pill for hormonal acne, so since i’m in my teens i was thinking i might be even more prone to the weight gain. Don’t know if this is true though.

  • Great movie, with one mistake (or not made clear). The withdrawal bleeding that happens when you stop the pill (or take the placebo) is NOT an indication that there wasn’t any fertilisation. You still can be pregnant if you forgot enough pills and ovulation did occur.

  • Hi Doctor, I had unprotected sex before finishing my 1st pills cycle/pack; on the 20th day (1st time taking them) is it risky? Can I get pregnant?

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  • Hi dr. Sam,thank u for this vedio.but i have one question.i usually take a pill in the last day of my period,now my question is.what if my last period end this coming thursday,should i take the thursday hormone pill,which is the hormone pill starts saturday?

  • I just got my pack and overall I understand it pretty well MINUS the sugar pills. So once I’m almost finished with a pack and the only pills left are the pack of the sugar pills, do I take those sugar pills DAILY like regular birth control pills? Do they help control me NOT getting pregnant like regular pills? What happens if I don’t take the sugar pills for that last week.. I’m so confused

  • erm. so l’m confused as all hell. Do you start in the red week marked pills then…go active pills or start in the active? you couldn’t show an example? l’ve thrown the shit out

  • Hi Dr. Sam, I just got my prescription today and I want to start straight away. Do I have to start on the first hormone pill (the one that says Saturday) even though today is Thursday? Like can I skip the first five hormone pills so I can get to the one that says Thursday? Or should I just wait til it’s Saturday to start so it’s easier for me to follow through?

  • Maybe we should teach the importance of the fact that Sex should be reserved for marriage? And creating a family? Might stop a baby from coming but it doesn’t prevent spreading diseases.

    Don’t put a dick in it unless you’re ready to be a mom. This goes for men too. Buck up and raise your kids you heathens.

  • This is sooo facinating to me. I used to take these kinds of pills and I noticed I always felt…. more tired and weaker. I always wondered why.
    When I am in my luteal phase in my cycle I feel pretty bad…
    So these pill keep you in the luteal phase basically ���� that explains alot!

    I now take a non hormonal contraceptive that is just a copper IUD. I am just starting to track my cycle and learn how to listen to my body.

  • hi i hope you answer… i just try using Diane35 pills but i take a wrong tablet i take the last tablet today…i ask f what will i do f i continue from last to first tablet or i take one tablet tomorrow the really first tablet need to take?! even i first take the last one??? please answer:(

  • Hi what if i forget to take my pills in one day what should i do? Is this okay if i will drink 2pcs for 1 day. One in the morning and one for night?

  • Started taking the first pill the Sunday after the start of my period like instructions said… got my period again after 1 week of taking it when I was supposed to be clean for the next 2 weeks.. is this normal? This is my first time taking ever on the pill.
    Also do I just continue taking it on the blister pack schedule?

  • Hi, can anyone please tell me what should I do. I’m basically in the last 3 days of taking the active pills but instead of Thursday day pill I took the Saturday(last day in the pack) and now (Friday) I just that I took the wrong pill so I drink the Thursday and Friday pill. Is it okay? This is my first time using the contraceptive pills.

  • I forgot to ask my doctor what I should take because she recommends me to take a pill 3x a day for me to bleed and throw it after then I start my new box. What I forgot to if what I should take the sugar pill or the regular pill.. It’s my first time.. ��

  • If you are supposed to have your cycle during the duds then why don’t they tell you start( first time) the pack once your periods over. Wouldn’t that regulate everything and not mess your period all up?

  • For those looking into long term birth control, the pill is perhaps the most powerful tool they have. It, is, however important to understand its health effects, including interaction with other medication, impact upon female physiology and more. It is always advisable to consult with a physican before opting for a birth control program

  • I don’t have my menstruation for 3 months i just got my first menstruation 4 months ago then what if i will not have kids in the future how will i survive

  • I started the birth control a day before my period and I called my gyn doctor if it’s okay to keep taking pills during my period she said wait til it’s over so my period ended and started again do I need to wait for it to take effect?

  • one question, if I am having my period this Saturday, can I start on monday(day of today) with the hormone pills and take each pill according to date and continue taking the hormone pills even my period starts on the 6th day? Or do I start with monday with sugar pills?

  • I was so confused after watching so many videos because they never talked about this and I was most concerned about this. Thankyou this was soooo helpful

  • My doctor told me to start the Sunday after my period ends. I’m glad I saw this because I’m period came Wednesday and tomorrow is Saturday ��

  • I took the pills yasmin now going two month without period my breast pain,vomiting, tongue no taste and my tummy pain me

  • Hey doc first time taking pills,I take it after my period.. Is it ok doc?
    And now I’m having headache, stomach cramps and pain on my waist.sometimes i feel dizzy Is it normal doc?coz I was afraid I might pregnant.

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  • I have a weird question. If my birth control is preventing my body from ovulation. Are my eggs remaining stagnant in my ovaries? Am I “saving eggs”? Or do they end up dying regardless?

  • Hi doc,its my first time using dianne pills 35,after i finish with the 1st pack when im gonna start taking the 2nd pack?should i wait for my next period?

  • Hi Doc im working abroad.And Im going home on this coming December 19. My period will be on decemeber 21 can i take the pill before my period?How many days its will be safe and do we need to use condom?please help me.

  • Hello i been using trust pills for 18th days now,this is my first time taking pills,and also this is my first pack of pills,i would like to ask if it is safe to have unsafe sex,i mean if it is safe for me to have sex with my husband without condom?

  • Im 16 and my parents are desperately trying to make me do it. Im so scared its like I dont have a choice. Im scared of what’s going to happen and everything. Please someone give me advice, I dont know what to do!!

  • I started taking my pill on the first day of my period my period last for 2 weeks and the pill finish on 4 weeks,now am in the 6 weeks am not see my period. What should I do????? This my first time

  • I am very happy that I already knew all this because of sex education class in high school. It means that some teachers really try to educate us, and I feel so lucky. Loved the video ♥️

  • Do birth control patches work with dysmenorrhea? I’m wanting birth control for really bad cramps but swallowing pills gives me anxiety. If not, are there ones that dissolve or are chewable? I want to avoid an IUD as much as possible.

  • Hi, I started my pills today July 7, It’s my first time to start a pill, my last period was June 27, While on my first day of taking pills is it safe? Or do I have to wait 7 days to take it effect? And also do this 7 days of waiting to take effect still have to continue on the next pill pack?

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  • Hi Dr. Sam, if my first two days of taking pills started with just sugar pills, will it still be effective after seven days or should I wait until I consume 7 active pills?

  • hi doc i start taking diane 35 after 10 days of my period this is my first time to take birth control and im wondering why my menstruation is not coming after a month so i try to use pregnancy test to check but its show negative then after a week again i try to check still negative wat its means doc i need your advise thanks…

  • Hi friend start a dianne pill on the first spot of her period..augost 30,and 31..sept 1 her husband went home..her period didn’t continue on sept 2 even spotting..but still she continue taking the pill from now..she is going to finished the pill tonight..last she got pregnant why her period didn’t continue or because of the pill why her period stop…it’s her first time to used dianne pills..

  • All forms of contraception are demonic in origin and nature. God meant for the earth to be filled and not depopulated.If you rely on God faithfully and live a holy life He will provide for all your needs.No one should lie to you that you must have family planning due to economic hardship.That is a lie from the pit.The devil does the opposite of what God has set in motion.God creates,the devil destroys.That said, a married couple need to have children based on agreement. If they do not want any more babies it is simple.Ask God to shut your womb.Do not use natural or artificial means of contraception. Spilling seed outside your wife is a sin in the Word.The mighty I AM, He is the giver of life.You have no right to decide who dies,especially your own child who is forming in you.It is pure cold blooded murder and that blood will be asked of you in judgement.Contraceptives have increased promiscuity before marriage,exactly the opposite of what is laid down for us in the Word of God.The minute you have sex before marriage with your fiancee, you have already ended your own marriage even before it starts.You open legal doorways for the enemy to attack your marriage due to fornication.Demons will be assigned to ensure that marriage fails no matter how long it will take.That is why divorce rates are astronomical.That is why marriages never take long for fights to start,petty unexplained fights that turn into full battles involving the children. The devil hates marriage and family dearly and will do anything to destroy them,ultimately destroying the lives of the children thus creating a dysfunctional society.Pills are meant to kill a foetus after conception.They may tell you it acts before the fusion of seed but it does act after e.g morning after pill that is just a more concentrated version of the pill hence ‘more effective’.It is basically abortion. Abortion is a sin before God.Pill usage is evil no matter how you will receive this message.Wake up from spiritual blindness and repent of murder for the time is at hand for the return of the Son of Man.The number of innocent souls killed without cause is too high.God must and will ask for that blood and will exact vengeance on the unrepentant souls. Repent of ignorance and share the message if you value human life.Shalom.

  • hi I just started taking birth control last month. My period last month was a couple days longer than usual and this month I had a tiny bit of spotting and my period is no where in sight and I have not been sexually active for a while. Is this a normal side effect within the first few months?

  • I started taking my pills at the same time we make love and now Im spotting dont know if its menstruation or what. My question is do I still need to continue taking those pills or stop? I just only took 13 pcs.

  • I just want to ask something we had unprotected sex last week then I had my monthly period now.. is it OK if I take the pills after my monthly period and it is safe if we have unprotected sex after taking the pills?

  • hi doc. i ask something. umiinom ako ng pills na pang birth control. okey lang ba kung sabayan ko sya ng ibang gamot effective pa din ba un?

  • I’m so confused
    I started in march and had no period
    Now it may and my period just wont
    It’s been here since the end of april and now it march 5.
    My pills dont have the sugar pills so what I’m I doing

  • hi
    i want to start taking combination pills for the first time. it says on the pack that i should start taking them after my periods but my doctor says i can start at any time on the month and not necessarily after i see my periods
    which is which?
    and if i start before my periods like lets say a week or two before my periods how do i handle taking the ones with the different colour?

  • I had unprotected yesterday, and he might have came inside me, i havent started going on the pill. It says in the instructions that you have to take it on the first day of menstrual bleeding, but my period still will be by the following week. Is it effective to use it right away? Please reply. I’m on marvelon 28 by the way

  • Hi Dr.sam I had my period last week on the 20th of August, I just got my birth control today because I couldn’t get them on the start of my cycle. I was wonder if I had to wait for my period to start taking them or can I take them any day?

  • Hello there..I just want to ask some questions coz i’m REALLY STRESSING myself�� so here it goes… I HAD A 40 day vacation ( coz i’m a OVERSEAS WORKER ) i took a contraceptive pill when i got there on my hometown..doing some sexual activities.. Had my first pill on August 12 2019 and stopped on September 04 2019…my period shows up 3 days after i stopped the pills (september 07 2019) and it ended on (september 13 2019 )… after my period i did’nt took any pills coz i need to go back to work.. and my next period showed up on the 29TH day of OCTOBER and ended up NoVember 05 2019…after thatmy next menstruations also showed up on the 26th day of DECEMBER and ended up on JANUARY 02 2020.. but i had a sexual intercourse on JANUARY 08 2020…but used a condom and pulled out method.. BUT ( he did it again on the 2nd time maybe 3 or 4mins after the first sex but he didnt ejaculate at all on that second try..coz i stopped him and got scared if he got ejaculate that time..) and my period still not showing up until now…i’m a LITTLE bit SCARED right now…but doesn’t have any symptoms of being pregnant..just a cramps and back pain..having some pimples..headache…and breast tenderness (sometimes) what should i do..���� i hope you can enlighten me����

  • Hi, i am on my second pack.. i did follow everything.. i do work at night, and i was supposed to take every pill at 12noon. But since it was such a hassle to wake up in the middle of my sleep, i started taking the second pack at 8pm before i go to work instead of having to wake up. Is that okay?

    Also, i am on my 4th pill on my second pack right now after the 7 day hormone free days, will it be safe to have sex without a backup contraceptive?

  • When is the best time to take birth control pills when i gave birth last month ago March 5. Shall i wait for my regular menstruation to come, or can i start now.

  • My doctor told me to start mine on my fourth day of my period, however im confused, do i start with the very first birth control pill, or do i start on the bottom, the fourth sugar pill? 

  • So I got my birth control from a monthly subscription thing… didn’t read the directions fully and didn’t realize I needed to take it on a certain day… just took the one a little bit ago… am I good to just wait till I start and take it the sunday after? Even if I’m missing one?

  • Hello dr. I would like to ask if i am allowed to take the pills even my menstruation ends 2days ago? This is my first time taking it. Thank you for thr answer.

  • Hi doc thankyou for your tips. Its my first time to take ariane pills for my acne, my oby says its same like dianne pills but more cheaper. Ihope u reply.

  • hello, so i honestly have no idea where to start with all this, if i want to start taking a birth control pill, do i have to go to the hospital or the pharmacy and buy them or where do i start…

  • I have a question, I just got my first pack today but when should I get my second pack? Do I just go to my pharmacy the day before
    My pills finish or the day off?

  • The pill causes cancer. So do all hormonal contraceptives. In addition, they cause abortion when they fail as contraceptives. Now, if you’re for abortion, that won’t matter to you, but calling it “contraception” is misleading, and I thought some of you would like to know they are also abortion pills.

  • Hi Doc, please help me. Im using diane 35 for 2mos and my menstruation is regular. In my 7days of rest periods, on the 5th day of my rest days my period is about to start. But now on my 3rd month of taking the pills, i was delayed today. �� I dont know why. I so afraid. My baby is only 1 and 1/2yr old.
    Im not skipping my pills.
    I remembered that, on my 3rd month of taking pills, i took my pills every morning then i changed it to take in the evening.

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  • Hi, what about your recommendation for the type of birth control for patients that suffer from anxiety and migraines (but that patient does not need to take psychiatric medication)?

  • mam plz
    soon after the unprotective sex. she had taken the( I pill ) within 8 hours.actuallY I think it should b taken within 72 hours of unprotective sex contraceptive and to avoid pregnency.. so it will work na it necessary to take another pill.??? or onlY one pill is enough… and after how days it gives the result….and give me some tips mam.plz replY me mam

  • Hi doc I want to ask I have a baby 11months and she is breastfeed, I never take any kind of pills because I don’t know how to use properly, until now I dont have period or menstruation. So my question is I want to take pills so I buy right know a daphne 28 tablets so how I start?

  • So I got my birth control on July 19th which was on a Sunday because that what it told me to take them and I was exposed to start my period yesterday but I already missed two day is that bad?

  • Can i ask? I take exluton pills, im already done taking the one stab of the pills but my menstration didnt came back:( but i still continue taking again the other stub of the exluton pills.

  • Is it ok that i will change my pills, im taking exluton today but i didnt get my mentration even if im done taking the whole stab, is it ok that i will change exluton pills to daphne pills?

  • hi…just like to ask,my wife take her pill on the fifth(5) day of her it fine or is it okay that she taken on the fifth day?hope can hear from you soon thanks..

  • Hello my last period was on August 1. And on the 2 of August I started taking birth control for the first time, am I protected from pregnancy?

  • Hello i started taking diane 35 pills for birth control. Yesterday. And nurse instructed me to take 3pills 2pcd for afternoon and the other one at night.kasi daw it should be at the first menstruation dn i got my 3days menstration already that why they instructed me. Ok lang ba yun? I vomit after 4hrs and got hypertension.

  • Great video. I totally understood what you were explaining. I’m about to start Isibloom and I think I would prefer the Sunday method. Thank you!!

  • Hi Doc. I was wondering. Im taking diane 35 for 21 days, and we have free 7days of not taking pills right after you took the 21, my question is, if my period came in the 3rd day is it okay to start again in the first day of your menstruations or we should finish the last free 7days to take the another pack?

  • Birth Control Pills, Pregnancy and Acne A Complete How-To Guide

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  • Hi Dr Sam. Are there any special problems with a girl who is still growing up taking either the combined pill or the other one? My gf is 14 and pondering on it. I would like her to, but I’m not going to push for it because it’s her body and her decision. thanks.

  • I dont have a partner but I want to use pill for my cramps, can I do that? And do I need doctor’s prescription for buying it in the pharmacy?

  • I take marveling 28 on my third day of mentruation and I take the tablet on the day of Friday the fifth tablet on the first week then I finish the 17 tablet and the 3 sugar tablet my question is could I take the 7sugar tablet first before I take the 4 tablet in the first row or week,is it ok or I need to finish first the remaining 4 tablet before I take the sugar tablet,thank you and please answer me as soon as possible

  • I ask doc. If 1st time you take pills, but having head paining..what do u mean that one? Its because of menstration or effect of pills? Thanks…

  • i have a girl friend and she want to take pills and i stop her because she havent experience giving birth at all.she’s only 18 yrs. old. it is okey to take pill that age even though you havent get pregnant before. pls reply��

  • I take mine first thing in the morning, the first 3 months I would get nausea but it went away. I’ve been on it for 8 months now & i love it!!!

  • I have pcos and my doc prescribed me ginette 35 but I’m a bit confused. Do I have to start the next pack of it after my periods stop or during the cycles? Please help

  • Why is the withdrawal bleeding less than normal eventhough the levels of Estrogen and Progesterone are high through the whole cycle?

  • I started mine today (Friday) when my period ended last Friday. I wasn’t able to pick up my prescription any sooner because of COVID. This is my first time using these, I wanted to be protected because I’m starting to become active? Did I start at the wrong time? Should I just discontinue again until my period starts? feel like I messed up ��

  • Hello a trust pills user i ask if there is a possibility of being pregnant?

    I was exhausted from a pile of my pills. sept.23 my 1st menstruation, but I still drink brown pills until it’s done.sept 27 my mentsruation has stop.then sept.28 i make love with my husband without taking a pills.and then now sept.30 ill start taking a pills again…

  • Thank you. So clearly explained. It’s so hard to find an article that’s as straightforward and simple to understand as this video.

  • I’m 13 and I have about month long periods and it stops for like 2 weeks so I w3nt to the doctor today and they put me on birth control my

    My mom,grandma, and auntie were like�� but at the same time


  • Hi dr I have a question I’ve been taking birth control for my adult cystic acne but I’ve been reading that women that take birth control pill are more at risk at getting breast cancer than a person that’s hasn’t taken birth control, I’m just concerned since my moms sister my aunt passed away of breast cancer. I just started taking this birth control 5 months ago

  • STOP ABORTION! A country which permits the murder of babies has no
    future, if you committed abortion as a mother or ‘doctor’ or if you are a
    pharmacist who gave the ‘MORNING AFTER PILL’ and other contraceptives
    like the ‘INTRAUTERINE DEVICE’ which prevent implantation of the baby in
    the womb, please confess your sin in a Catholic Church, as soon as
    possible. DO NOT KILL is one of the ten commandments.MURDER IS A MORTAL

  • Ok so I’m 13 and take birth control because I have ovarian cysts and my last period was in may and it’s July so I was just a little scared because I thought something was wrong with me, I hope I’m fine tho after talking to some friends and watching this I feel like I’m ok I hope I get it soon tho

  • I have the Sunday start pack, I started my Pd on a Friday so I took the sticker put it over the Sunday and started taking the pill Friday and so on. What happens if I missed the white pills? I’ve been taking all the red pills and not the whites even after my period finished am I taking it wrong? I’m confused

  • Hi Dr. Sam. I’ve been using a combination pill for over a year now and I switched to a new pill this month they’re of the same brand and a combination pill as well. I finished taking the 28 pill of the old pack including the placebo before starting the new pill pack the next day. My question is am I protected right away? or do I still need to use a back up method for 7 days? We had unprotected sex just after 3 days of taking the new pill I switched to. Thank you!

  • Doc I would like to ask if it is okay or effective if I start taking pills after last day of my menstruation or the 4th day. I am taking Diane 35 for the first time after I gave birth last June. And I decided to go on pills just this month after I got my period. I hope I can have an advice from you doc. Thank u

  • I have an emergency question!! It’s my first time taking birth control. I lost my pack on a Wednesday and my pack began Saturday. I was at the last week of the pack which are the brown pills so Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I took the brown pills but when I lost the pack Wednesday and picked up the new pack on Thursday I started with the hormone pills instead of finishing the brown pills for 2 more days Thursday and Friday. I realized on Saturday that I was suppose to be taking the brown pills so I took the 2 I had missed. Should I have done that? Also when I got the new pack it was Thursday so I placed the sticker beginning with Thursday on the pack. I’ve been taking the hormone pills regularly but I’m afraid I’ll be out of place by the time I have to take the brown pills. I’ll be missing brown pills since I took the 2 to replace the ones I didn’t take from the pack I lost. If I don’t take the brown pills for this pack is that fine? Please someone help!! It’s my first time taking the pills. If it’s confusing I’d be glad to show someone what I mean over FaceTime or video.

  • Now that helped me a lot. I never took birth control before and couldn’t seem to understand how they work (for the starts) this is very clear�� ������

  • Does this mean that if i have my period while taking the placebo pills, then i will be starting the 2nd pack after my menses and not on the 1st day of menses like the 1st pack?

  • A Citizens Petition has been filed with the FDA seeking to include packaging warnings on birth control products. If you have experienced side effects while using birth control, please consider providing a comment of support to this Petition. You may do so by clicking on the link below. The link will also allow you to access the Petition itself and read the comments that have been submitted by others. This is an opportunity to let your voice be heard in support of the betterment of women’s health. Anonymous comments are allowed for those who wish to maintain their privacy.

  • hai. what if i am currently using other brand of contraceptive the 28tbs oral and i want to try the 21tbs. which is the diane 35. any advice how to use it?

  • If you use the pill, you are indicating to your guy that sex is for physical pleasure, rather than for the unity that comes from being father and mother of the same child. So if it’s about pleasure, he WILL leave you for the first woman he thinks will give him more pleasure. If I were a woman, I would not consider that very “liberating”.

  • Ok so I’m 16 and I just started the Tri-Legest Fe birth control pills.. After a week of starting and taking them exactly at 3pm I messed up and took them everyday at around 8a-2pm. I’ve never missed a day I’m honestly scared do I have to take them at the same time to work??? I’m on the second sugar pill and I don’t see my cycle

  • I’m worried..I take 21 pills Dianne 35 then there’s a free pills for 7 days it’s safe if u have intercourse that days (7)days free pills and al also don’t have period

  • My well being was formerly destroyed because of acne disorder consistently. It was actually so nasty that I aimed to hide away. I made use of all the things I could obtain, but it didn’t work. Subsequently I came across the Acne Executioner site (Google it) and I’d eventually encountered something that did wonders. It’s strange but I quite like looking in the mirror for the very first time ever. It’s about time.

  • But what if you’re irregular and don’t have periods for up to 4 months how the hell am I supposed to start? Wait until my period ever gets here?

  • omg i’m so dumb i started my pill on a tuesday and i started taking it on the tuesday on the packet������ someone please tell me what u should do

  • can i ask a question please is there have a posibility to get pregnant if I stop using pills after two months even if I had have a Once intersexual course on first month? please kindly answer me thank you��