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Depending on the cause, a liver that hurts may show up as pain in the front center of your belly, in your back, or even your shoulders. Your. Treating liver pain Remedies.

If you experience liver pain in the morning after a heavy meal or a night of drinking alcohol, drink plenty of Diet and lifestyle changes. The treatment for your liver pain will depend on what’s causing it. Treating your liver Medications. If you experience liver.

Generally, when the liver’s detoxifying properties are mentioned, it is alcohol that comes to mind, and for good reason, considering how much damage alcohol can do to the body when consumed in excess. However, alcohol is not the only substance that can cause harm to the body; not even close. Indirect Ways by Which You’re Hurting Your Liver. Your Liver is one of the most important organs present in the body.

It performs more than about 500 complicated tasks everyday just to make sure that your body is functioning the way it should. Your Liver is like a mini factory inside your body and is essential to make other parts in your. The first direct sign that the liver is full of toxins is a pain in that general area. The liver is located in the upper right part of your abdomen, under your stomach and below the diaphragm.

You see, it’s massive. The pain you will feel can be compared to the dull ache. However, depending on the amount of poison contained in it, the pain. Your liver is an essential organ that serves many purposes in your body. If you’re concerned about your liver health, there are steps you can take to help rest your liver and prevent damage.

So, any “liver pain” you feel is caused by either inflammation stretching the tissues around the liver or the liver presses on an organ in your upper abdomen. 3 For example, hepatitis causes inflammation in the liver which will make you feel pain under your right-hand ribs. 9. Belly pain. If the pain stems from only your right ribs, you should consider a consultation with your doctor. This pain could be coming from your liver.

10. Throwing up regularly. It becomes far more difficult for our bodies to process foods and liquids when our livers fail. This will create unbelievable stress for our digestive systems.

That’s why it’s crucial to maintain the health of this powerhouse organ. Here are some habits that you may not realize are harming your liver. You eat too much sugar.

Sugar isn’t just harmful to your teeth. It can hurt your liver, too. Too much refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup causes a fatty buildup, which can lead to liver disease. Some ingredients found in medicines, such as sodium valproate, can prove toxic to the liver.

To protect your health, talk to your doctor about finding healthier ways to control any chronic conditions so that you can reduce your dosage of potentially harmful medications.

List of related literature:

Your liver can’t fully handle it, so it processes it by an alternate pathway that produces inflammatory substances that damage your liver, arteries, and immune system, promoting heart disease and cancer.

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  • When I was 10 years old me an my five syblings and most of our #school had yellow jaundice, we were right yellow and had to isolate for a while. I’m now 61 years old my dr tells me my blood tests say I have had a fatty liver that hasn’t been address. I feel fine, can an illness from so ling ago still cause issues now.

  • My nutritionist gave me a similar regiment. I like this for the point it stresses you need to check with your doctor before starting any regiment, which is highly important. Especially for those of us that have underlining health issues. Stay Happy & Healthy!

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  • Me and my little brother sneak up on and punch eachother as hard as we could in eachothers liver hard enough to drop or stop whatever your doing to groan its how we greet eachother and I swear U get used to it overtime


  • I find it feels like hitting your funny bone,but multiple it 10 times and it zaps your whole body. Way rather take an uppercut.

  • I am from nepal. I am 51 years old. I am suffering from liver cirrhosis. My fibro scan report 74.8(kPa) CAP 312(dB/m) IQR 20 IQR2. 4 IQR/med 3percent. My latest hematology report Leucocyte count 3000 hemoglobin 12.32 platelets count 90000. INR 1.7 my LFT count bilirubin (total) 3.4 SGPT(ALT) 62. SGOT ( AST) 76.albumin 3.2 Alkaline phosphatase 341.My latest Altrasound report 1) MILD COARSE LIVER ECHO TEXTURE
    4) PROSTATOMGALY(23.5 Gm)
    ILBS Delhi Medicity Kathmandu diagnosed Liver cirrhosis but recent Altrasound report that there is no liver cirrhosis. Dr radiologist said there is no cirrhosis of liver. What can I do?? help me doctor ❤

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  • my dad was recently brought to the ER and we discovered that he has cirrhosis… I’ve been researching for good straight information on it. and this is the best video I’ve found. thank you for the direct straight answers

  • I might be going against the grain here… But I actually liked the Music! I though it was nice… (you DO know there is a volume button guys?) Anyway… I thought this was Very informative, I myself have experienced some of those very same symptoms… ALSO I didn’t know the part about the 31,000 people per year, dying of liver failure… �� Really gives me a LOT to think about. I do NOT want to be one of those statistics… I have an appointment with my Liver specialist on Aug. 17th. That is why I am starting to do this research. I know that mine is mainly due to the amount of Alcohol and Cigarettes that I put into myself EVERY SINGLE DAY… Great Video Bestie! ����

  • Got hit in the liver by a baseball (foul tip, not paying attention). I remember extreme pain, I blackout for a few seconds and come to army crawling away from the direction the ball came from. Basically it turned off the human parts of my brain and I turned into an animal instinctively crawling away from the danger. It was by far the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Thank God it only lasted a couple minutes but those minutes felt like hours.

  • I fainted while watching this video… Lmao. Like I really did, I am so queezy about pain and injuries and hearing that the liver is this vulnerable made me straight up pass out lmao

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  • Turmeric is great to help decrease inflammation. For a middle aged athlete who still wants to surf, snowboard and be active, it’s great to be able to rely on something non pharmaceutical to help ease the tension on my joints

  • One thing not mentioned. Pulls are the worst cause of liver damage. Doctors love to recommend a magic pill fir everything since they get kickback from the pharmaceutical companies everytme they recommend a pill to a sucker. Just check out all those pharmaceutical pens he has in his desk next time you go.

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  • Well being hit in the liver feels like your about to throw up or its like having a massive stomachache. You lose your mind and u will start to drool. My experience

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  • I was drunk last night and when I woke up my right eye hurts and feels swollen but it’s not it just feels hurting a little bit in right eye anyone knows what’s happening??

  • Advertisements and claims like this are absolute pure nonsense. I am a retired physician, having practiced for more than 42 years. “Toxins” of any type do not build up in your liver, your colon or anywhere else in your body. It is the biggest farce and claim being constantly made by people who pretend to practice medicine on the internet. Your kidneys naturally filter and remove waste product from your body on a daily basis. There is no chemicals, compounds or concoctions that build up in your liver and there’s certainly no product that cleanses, scrubs or otherwise “detoxifies” your liver or any other organ in your body.

    Every year, patients should undergo a simple physical examination and have lab tests performed that include a CBC with differential, a metabolic panel and if your cholesterol has ever been reported to be elevated, lipid panel. If those tests reveal normal results, then you are generally healthy and do not suffer from any type of toxicity that needs to be scrubbed from your organs by consuming any product whatsoever. Those are the clear and scientific facts and you can place yourself at risk by handing over your healthcare to herbalists, naturopaths and other non-allopathic licensed medical doctors.

  • Just came here after Muay Thai sparring with my coach,in 2nd round he punched me in the liver,and omg did it hurt,it wasn’t hard,he took it eazy on me,60-70% punch power ( i’m still a beginner though ),he laughed after i got up and asked me what was the feeling like,then he added ” was it like your soul left you’r body “?…..perfect description! Ty for the info!

  • Story time

    Worked in a jail police brought a man high on pcp. Combative and extremely violent he slipped his cuffs.

    My self and my shift lead made contact and of course a fight ensued. Attempt after attempt to grapple him to the ground failed. Finally at one point i was struck with a closed fist right above my right eye. Use of force levels now give me the choice to strike back to end the threat. I moved into my fighting stance and started working angles. He seemed to ignore me and went for my sergeant. His arms high above my sgts neck i was now behind him. My boxing background gave me knowledge of the liver so i moved in and gave 2 of the most beautiful right hooks i may have ever thrown directly into his liver. He fell like a sack of potatoes and began to uncontrollably squirm around the floor wishing for air. We moved in and cuffed him. He was then moved in to a restraint chair where he continued to gasp for air.

    I dont believe any other strike to any other part of his body could have ended the threat. Him being under the superman drug his body still crumbled to the liver strike. I learned that day it doesnt matter who you are your liver is your Achilles heal

  • Oh please this video was very dull ask your doctor if I should take superfoods to my diet doctors always say i dont know and then I always read the side effects and some look scary. So reading the side effects is more important than listening to some doctor who does not know or getting bonus by pushing some doggie so called medication.

  • Ok ha” I see why your stomach is so important and weak cause it has a heart in it lungs in it kidneys in it stomach in it liver in it bladder in it

  • Good afternoon doctor. I pray u please respond to me. I have a problem which freak me out anytime I think of. For years ago I started haven this sharp pain under my left breast I went to the hospital the doctor said I have blood clots in my live and also said the object was growing that no medication can be of help only surgery and the surgery and it’s really freak me out the pain comes and go and when it start it so painful sometime when I cough I see blood and even blood I see sometimes on my nose but not that much. Am writing to u if u could please be of help to me I really need help

  • Many years ago I was a medical dietitian in a big city hospital in Philadelphia, back when insurance allowed very extended stays for every ailment. I remember almost all of the liver and kidney patients charts described past histories of drug abuse in some shape or form.

  • Garlic is very bad for the body
    so are onions.

    Here: Take 2 teaspoons of ��& 1 tbsp of pure cold compressed of olive oil every morning.
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  • My doctor (gastroenterologist) said one of the earliest signs of liver problems…look under the tongue…if yellow….there is a problem brewing with the liver.

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  • Check with your doctor? Like that’s going to help. Every time I ask them if I should take this or that supplement, they say “Don’t know”.

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  • Doctors are no longer to be trusted
    Most of the time they don’t know anything!
    They prescribes drugs that leads the “organs to dysfunction”
    No time to know their clients.
    The most they give is five minutes and very intimidating that discourages the clients to ask question and to object!!!
    The infos are more helpful to me
    Every time you go to emergency they inject something to you without discussing it with you
    In other words “you turned into their guinea pig”!!!

  • Doctors have no idea about liver warning signs, I have experienced what doctors know…. They are drug merchants, that’s what created my damaged liver…… My doctor drove the best Mercedes money could buy!!

  • had yellow spots in my eyes and high levels of belaruben it now went away and my levels are back to normal does this mean I have hepatitis a doctor said my liver was inflamated does this mean hepatitis

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  • I was punched liver in sparring it didnt hurt that much but later when i got home and lay on my bed my hole stomach and liver star to tingling and hurting i was lucky we was sparring with 16oz gloves.

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  • I used to do Muay Thai, I was sparring and catched a spinning back kick to the liver, my legs gave out and couldnt breathe. This was at leats 3 years ago. Should I get it checked out?

  • You can literally tap someone in the liver and they’ll go down. I’m talking about as hard as you’d shake hands with someone you see their whole body jerk and know it’s over. It’s a thing of beauty! Despite years of fighting, the worst liver shot I’ve taken was actually from a girl while we were just messing about in the street. She punched me playfully and I dropped instantly to my knees, then forward with my forehead on the ground as everything went black. She was already walking off, thinking I was joking around, so of course I went along with it as i stood up a few seconds later. She never even knew what a perfect shot she’d just got!