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The progress you make toward your goals is a direct result of your mindset. Especially when trying to achieve fitness goals, it’s true that your body can only go as far as your mind will take you. These mindset shifts may not happen overnight, but with practice, they can help you reach your goals and enjoy the process of becoming your healthiest, best self. The progress you make toward your goals is a direct result of your mindset.

Especially when trying to achieve fitness goals, it’s true that your body can only go as far as your mind will take you. These mindset shifts may not happen overnight, but with practice, they can help you reach your goals and enjoy the process of becoming your healthiest, best self. 5 Simple Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals. Everyone knows that a positive attitude is one of the key steps to achieving success. It’s very easy to let negativity bring you down and oftentimes, people end up quitting at the first set back.

If, when you think about your goal, your mindset is that you’ll try things out and see what happens, your commitment is a little on the shaky side. If however, you’ve decided that you’re fully committed to accomplishing your goal no matter what, it’s a whole different story. Without a positive mindset, you’ll struggle to push through the ups and downs of chasing your goals. A positive mindset keeps you going. It.

The difference between getting what you want and falling short is separated by a small gap: your mindset. Follow these principles when chasing your goals. Research has found that people with growth mindsets are more persistent in the face of challenges, more open to feedback, and quicker to bounce back from setbacks. As a result, they keep going, and are more likely to accomplish their goals.

Lucky for you, even if you currently have a fixed mindset, you can develop a growth mindset with practice. EnergiseHER Wellness Individual & Groups. We work with young ladies who need that accountability to start and continue on their wellness journey. You aspire to be better and with our help you can achieve your wellness goals and live your healthiest life now!In today’s episode of the Christian Habits Podcast, Dr.

Melanie Wilson shares three mindset shifts that can help us accomplish goals. Here are the three mindset shifts we’ll be discussing on today’s podcast: You don’t have to feel like working on it. Let go of all or nothing thinking. Believe that you can do it with God’s help if He. Practice this mindset shift to achieve your goals.

To do this, write down positive statements of truth and what you desire to achieve. Statements can include: “I am awesome.” “I am a successful businesswoman.” “I run a successful business.” “I am happy.” Whatever your goals are, create daily manifestations around them.

List of related literature:

Clinicians must develop strategies that stress the intrinsically motivating benefits of physical activity and exercise and must build into their interventions those aspects of exercise that patients and clients value.

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Hence, persons with a wellness perspective will likely exert power and control over their daily routines

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At this stage, motivational work is very useful, so that the patient has reasons to change aspects of their diet to achieve specific results (e.g., improved concentration at specific times of the day, feeling more in control, improved skin, minimizing risk to bone health).

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3 It enhances motivation, preferably focusing on internal (intrinsic) rather than external (extrinsic) motivation.

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The goals are directed toward promoting wellness and minimizing complications.!

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It combines shared goal-setting with motivational interviewing, helping the patient to identify that which might best sustain healthy behaviours.

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For example, if individuals believe that major changes in fitness and body composition should occur after 6 wk of regular exercise and they do not perceive major improvement in their own bodies after 6 wk,

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Such salutogenic strategies are believed to empower patients and play a pivotal role in moving the individual toward positive health and vitality, even in the face of significant disease pathology [19].

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  • What im struggling with is ive been trying to lose weight for about 3 years now, and everytime i gain it back, im so tired of counting macros and weighing things and some days im too lazy to weigh my food and end up not eating and binging later in the day. Im sick of having food consume my mind even when im not “dieting”. Anyways thats my rant lol

    If anyone has any tips feel free to share:)

  • The 3 key mindset shifts you need to cultivate are:


    I hope the questions I asked sparked you to think about these areas deeper.

  • Thank you:) it’s been terrible for this new year. Last year around September I began and lost some weightbut then I got surgery in Novwhich put me off for about a month, December I restarted but on the 31st I tore a ligament in my knee which put me off for the new year. I gained my weight that I lost since September, slowly it’s crawling back and it’s one of those points where you just don’t want to do anything anymore. Dec was going so well I was on a roll and now I’m not allowed to walk or put pressure on the knee for at least a month….. ��
    But this was great to hear thank you:) Dedication is what I need to stick with

  • Needed to hear this today. I have been so hard on myself with my progress. I have lost 45lbs so far and I have hit a plateau. So this video helped! ��

  • Gillian, this is maybe the second video I’ve watched of yours, and there’s a quality of your videos that surprises my mind. I think it’s the fact that you don’t have 1+ minutes of just INTRO or messing around with your surroundings! Thank you for being efficient with time!

  • Thanks to you, I enjoyed this video and wanted to share this related topic that was interesting to me with your dear ones. It may be very appealing to you.

    link below

  • Loved the Bible verse!
    I went on you website to schedule a coaching session with you and ran into a glitch. Sept. 26 & 27 were the only two days remaining but the time didn’t come up and I was unable to go any further.
    I was trying to take advantage of the $149 price also.
    Thank you.

  • I literally love your videos and this video was so helpful. My husband survived a heart attack last year and I finally have him on board to a healthy lifestyle. We went out today and bought so many of the foods you recommended in your previous videos, thank you for your postive videos.

  • My goal is to lose weight and not be scared to use the clothes and make up i like
    I feel like anything in my chubby and full of acne face looks awful, I have such a bad relationship with myself and I really just want to change it a bit
    Let my hair grow, go down 2 sizes is enough and I’ll finally have the confidence to even paint my nails as i like…

  • I’m glad that I stumbled upon your page, the other day, because I find a lot of your information and ideas helpful. Normally I default to Gary Vee, but I have felt like I needed a change of energy in a few different fields of my life, so the motivational and inspirational side of course needed a shake up. Thank you for sharing the content you have been sharing! I’ll be binging and learning what I can over the next couple of weeks, and seeing how I can apply your practices to my life and work.

  • This is really helpful! Thank you for that awesome advice!:) The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. This is how we started our business, Cookie Munchers. Let me just share a quick story with you guys.:) We own a cookie shop business in our college town. When we first started it, we just graduated college and were living in our car with very little direction, just a huge passion to be successful. I started it out of a local bagel shop in their off hours at night with my boyfriend, Bran. It was a crazy experience but it worked! We became a success! And how we have our first storefront location in New Jersey and the second one in Florida! We started it to fund a year long backpacking trip around the world and to be successful while living the life of our dreams.

  • Very good point about the word “want”… Never thought of the difference between a desire and a lack of something. This is a great way to look at it and I’m sure has given you a much more positive mindset! I’ll have to try it, thanks for the tip. Cheers!

  • I wanna say thank you for posting the videos you do, I’ve struggled a lot with losing weight whenever I feel like all hope is lost I rewatch your weight loss story because how relatable it is. Thank you for what you do and for being my fitness inspiration as well as just an inspirational person overall!

  • Omgeeeee I have that Tony Robbins book, never read it and I IMMEDIATELY ran to the garage to grab it!!! What an amazing video as usual. Thank you so much Gillian. You are an inspiration and a blessing.

  • So motivating, I love working out I have no issues working out I find saying no to comfort foods difficult I can’t find the balance ��

  • I tried daily harvest last year and bought I don’t know how many smoothies and I think the only one that was tolerable was the cocoa mint… all the other ones were so hard to eat and were nasty ��

  • So gorgeous and neat background I hope to declutter, in my mind my background looks like that lol. I’ll get there ����❤️ edit I could tell you were a sister a Christ.

  • I love love love every tip you gave. You are so right! My goal right now is just to make it to the gym every day. After just a week I feel so much better and more energized. I was definitely setting unrealistic goals when I started my journey March of last year. Now I’m just tracking my progress with how good I feel and how much more active I’m becoming. That alone is what is getting me to the gym daily! Definitely feeling more like a lifestyle change now!

    Thank you for your videos! Honestly always so informative and inspiring. ✨

  • Just wanna say you motivate me! I’m so happy I found your channel.
    My goal right now is to move my body every day. Whether that’s a workout, going for a walk outside, yoga, dance party in my kitchen. Anything!


  • I am a 17 year old girl who is trying to make new fitness goals and lose about 35lbs this 2020. I’m looking for someone who wants to be my fitness buddy (give each other motivation, ideas, and just overall support). Comment below if you’re interested:))

  • My goal this year is to be confident enough to wear swimwear again after 7 years and trust me it’s harder than it sounds after being bullied like 20 years of my life �� fighting ����

  • I am a night shift STNA. I eat a meal before I go to work at 6pm & I get off at 6am. I take things in my lunch box I snack on Bc I can’t really take a lunch. I bored eat SOOOOO bad. Can you give tips??

  • By far this is my favorite video so far. I loved the concept of MINDSET. This is something that I have been needing to work on. By watching your videos and making some changes in my MINDSET I have been able to implement some changes just this week.

    Today was DAY 6 of waking up at 5am and working on things that I want to do before the children wake up and we start our day.

    Wow! What a difference. I have tackled more things on my “TO-LIST” in these past 6 days than I usually can get done in a month!

    The Lord is MY Shepherd and I shall not want. Thank You Jesus. Ephesians 3:20

  • Interesting video, very good info! A positive mindset is necessary to be motivated into taking action. I recently uploaded a video sharing how focusing on progress instead of perfection has helped me reach more of my goals.

  • I love ❤️ the way you edit your video on YouTube I love �� watching your video on YouTube you make awesome �� video on YouTube you make an amazing �� video on YouTube I’m your biggest fan

  • Watched this video for my first day back at the gym in a whiiiiiile & it lifted my spirits thank you for being so honest and real and pointing out that the way we speak to ourselves and look at ourselves is an extremely valid “resolution” to try to make healthier and kinder. So hard to remember this one and to remember that it, like physical/physique goals, take time, patience, and hard work. So much love to you and gratefulness for the light you exude!! <3 from Glendale CA

  • This is great I read a few of your points and made some changes, but your point 4 I appreciate because I haven’t come across it in the way you explained. Thank you

  • WOW! It’s obvious you fear God. (Don’t panic everyone, “fear” of the Lord is a good thing, not to be equated with fear of the dark, etc.) As you probably know, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. This video was oozing with it. It’s a beatiful thing. Thank you for sharing it.

  • YES Gillian!! I loved this video!! I think my biggest mindset of late that I’m truthfully, I’m still working on, is the scarcity mindset! I think I just was in it so long that it’s taking a little while to get out of it, but I’m starting to see through more abundant eyes!! It’s a game changer!!

  • Great video ��
    A new way of looking at “Want”! I love the practical application of the Bible in the day to day life ��
    Love from India ��������

  • Thank you for bringing a unique perspective to the topics you cover. I’m newly subscribed and find your videos inspiring! Thank you most of all for bringing God into the equation! His ways are best and most Youtubers don’t mention Him. Blessings!

  • Thank you for bringing up the Gospel! I am a Christian Life Coach and I am always so nervous on whether or not I should be a CHRISTIAN Life Coach for women who deal with anxiety + trauma. Thanks again!:)

  • Agreed, I try to not say I want but instead I should say I am working on getting big sales on affiliate marketing and help people make money online. Thanks for these tips Gillian!

  • I’m a Black man and you are truly the women of my dreams!!! I prey every night for a wife who looks like you, and is just as smart!

  • Wow! I had been watching some of your videos as I was doing some research. Your thoughts and ideas clicked with me, but only after I watched this I realised you were a Christian as well and that kind of validates your ideas more and why I should consider it to a greater extent! Thank you for your so valuable videos!
    God Bless

  • Your explanation of the concept of “want” was eyeopening for me. I used to want al small cheap quick gratification things which cost me actually a lot of money but now I learned to “forget” to want and I dont have those little quick gartification urges anymore and I feel much calmer without those urges and my savings are growing steadily. Thank you Gillian.

  • I am getting so much help from your videos. You are an inspiration. I love that you took the time to quote the bible! An absolute plus for me!

  • Hey Gillian! Great points! Thank you for sharing! Found your channel recently, subscribed, and appreciate the value you share! Just launching my very own YouTube channel too! Excited for great things to come:)

  • wow. This video is so much information to take in. If you really listen it has so much to think about I am going to have to come back and listen to this video again to get my head around all the information. So much food for thought!!! I am stuffed. Also thanks for the bible verse.

  • Yaass I find routine is number one..I’m done school at 3, so right after that I go straight to the gym cuz Laying down and looking at my phone right after school is just not enjoyable anymore

  • Amazing content, Great video.
    Hey, it would be awesome if you could please list all the books that have helped you to change your mindset. Thanks

  • Wow! This was a great video, I never look at the word want that way and I said Psalm 23 so many times and that just open my eyes to a brand new meaning

  • This is great Dean. I have followed you for years and have always enjoyed you. Now I am starting over, re-inventing myself and forging forward on a new journey.
    Today your video was perfect timimg for me. Thank you so much. I am logging my new adventure on my channel and will add daily as I go. I hope to give inspiration to those who are in the same boat as I am. Thanks again.

  • Just what I needed to hear! Intelligent advice delivered in a friendly tone at just the right time of year for me to be receptive. Guess I will be binge watching this channel for the new year!

  • Gillian, thanks for your videos and excellent content. Question: when are you having open enrollment in your Startup Society? I am very interested in becoming a member. TY

  • YESSSS!!!!!! One of the chief tenements to success is taking ownership of our opportunities to enhance personal quality in every facet of our lives. It takes courage and truth about who we are and hope to become.
    You hit the nail on the head “Want”. This denotes lack and this sends out a frequency to the universe and the universe returns more of the same. Abundance out Abundance in! Thank you for sharing your truth and inspiration.

  • i am restarting my fitness journey and i have so much more weight to lose this time around. it is extremely frustrating and i beat myself up for it all the time. i hope that i can keep going even when i feel like nothing is changing. thanks for making this video!!

  • I did not know that halo tops are selling gulten and dairy free ice cream btw I love u. “Don’t give up and try your best plus successful as you can be anything that you can do it and live your best life as on YouTube ��”

  • Gillian, love your videos! I’m a new entrepreneur, and I relate so much to your content. I have a dozen ideas swirling in my head; it’s so hard to focus. Thanks for the reminders. Love Tony Robbins. Love your content! I’m a single mom with 3 kids, and you inspire me. <3

  • I am at 143 and I am trying to get to 130 that’s my goal and I working toward it doing my work outs I will get there I know I can do it it will happen definitely happen.

  • my biggest struggle is caringb too much in the day and eating very healthy but then at night i just say f*ck it and binge eat junk food����

  • I just subscribed to your Channel today and I am trying to find out ways to make a little extra money at home cuz I’m a stay-at-home mom

  • Staying focused on one major task at a time is my goal right now! I’m the say way, I have so many ideas, I get bored easily, I love to start things and then move on, I always take on too many things at once and then get frustrated at all of them and quit! Thank you for the reminder! I’m focusing on growing my youtube channel that’s it!

  • This is SO amazing! I really need to work on my use of the word want. I also need to prioritize reading more. I check out books then forget to read for a few days��

  • I absolutely loved this video!!!the best wisdom is from the Lord, we shall not want! You are very inspiring, the k you for using your gifts to serve and give so much value ♥️

  • I love how realistic and understanding you are. This is what I needed to hear. I’ve been feeling very frustrated lately because I am not seeing the results I want to see and I get to a point where I just want to quit. I feel so guilty if I skip a workout or I do not follow my diet all the time. Thanks for sharing this with us Maryana!

  • Great message, especially the Bible verse. I know some people will think this a no brainer list but what most people fail to see is being mindful and taking action by using a list like this or a list that will apply to their goals. Honesty with yourself is a must if you want to be honest with others.

  • The reference to the Bible �� THANK YOU!
    Positivity brings on more positive thoughts.
    I try to avoid those “Negative” people in my life…they just bring me down.
    Excellent video btw, in my opinion ��

  • One thing that works in my favor is that I don’t have a sweet tooth. Unfortunately I love red meat. I could eat a steak Burrito every day.

  • I wish more people would have more awareness & specify that they ship here in CA, not all places. Unless your specific audience is meant to be for Cali ppl…��

  • Great video once again! Thanks a lot! I particularly liked the little “sermon” about Psalm 23! For “I shall not want” in the German bible it says “Mir wird nichts mangeln”, which means “I will lack nothing”. But really what you are saying corresponds a lot with what Graham Cochran ( is talking about in his videos. Both thumbs up and a big thank you from Berlin, Germany.

  • I absolutely loved this video! You spoke with such kindness and understanding for the journey, and I hope you’re able to speak the same way to yourself more this year! One of my New Years resolutions was to try couch to 5K, and it’s been a great way to track my progress. Two weeks in and I can already run way more than I could before!

  • Could you do a video sometime on how you achieve life/work balance? As a work at home mom, that’s one of the things I struggle with. I am GREAT at concentrated focus and getting my goals accomplished, whether it’s working on my business OR working on household stuff, but I have the worst time switching gears between the two. I get so engrossed in what I’m doing, that when I’m really focusing on my business and accomplishing goals, the laundry never gets folded and I just do bare minimum cooking and cleaning. Or, if I’m super into organizing and household stuff, all that gets done really well, but I can’t seem to spend any time growing my business. Thanks so much!!! Love your channel!!! �� �� �� ��

  • Thank you for the motivational advice, especially completing 1 task at a time instead of juggling all at once.
    Greetings from South Africa ����

  • Gillian, you always have such a unique perspective on the content you share… you always provide so much value����absolutely loved this today.������

  • I feel like Maryana is one of the first gym influencers I’ve heard say that motivation is fleeting, and to not rely on it… I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear that from someone until today, thank you ��

  • I’m a subscriber who loves your content. You are lovely and you come across as credible. I look forward to your videos. But something bothers me. And I’m sure it’s not just me. Why are the bookshelves behind you empty? That’s not normal. What is there no photo in the photo frame on your bookshelf? That’s not normal. Little things like that make people think that something is not right.