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How To Talk To People — 10 Tips For Better Conversation 1. Assume Rapport. Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk. If you 2. Listen More. We have two ears and one tongue that we might listen more and talk less.

Most people wait until the 3. Part1: The Conversation Formula Step 1: Asking Questions Questions are the best conversational tool you have to get the other person to share Step 2: Sharing Information A common mistake that individuals who don’t comprehend how to talk to people make is they Step 3: Changing Topics. How To Talk To People At Work (Conversation Example #1) Your co-worker tells you it takes her an hour on the train to get to work every morning. After you say the obvious stuff, like “Damn, it only takes me 20 minutes by car,” or “Where are you coming from?”, you run out of things to say.

How to talk to people system #3: Make a Question Toolbox If you want to keep the other person you’re talking to engaged, there’s no better way to do it than with a thought-provoking question. It helps you always have something to say and talk to. When you question the tone, they’ll come back with, ‘All I said was what did you do today,’ which is true, kind of, not really.

They’ll bring irrelevant detail into a conversation. When you’re trying to resolve something important to you, toxic people will. Okay, you have to talk at some point, right? (Please don’t talk about the weather.

Ugh.) So what’s the best thing to discuss? Travel, Compliments And Advice. Richard Wiseman studied which topics worked best on first dates. Discussing travel was number one. How do you make people feel good without being slimy?

Offer sincere compliments. By providing some baseline information that establishes context for the conversation and then asking open-ended questions that draw your audience out, you are partnering with others to shape the direction of the interaction. And this can have unexpectedly positive results. Well, rather than talking we must focus on having a meaningful conversation.This can only be possible when you pay attention to the content the person is talking about and are really interested in the conversation.

Only then you’ll be able to put your views and ideas. Even if you find talking about suicide very difficult, it’s best not to act shocked when a person tries to talk to you about it. What you need to remember is that the suicidal person is reaching out and that is the first step anyone can take to getting better. Remember these things when you talk to a suicidal person: Listen to the other person. If you wish to talk with a loved one who has passed away, seek out an item of clothing, a book, or some other personal object that the person used.

Take it to the place where the person lived or stayed. Hold the object and initiate a conversation. 4.

List of related literature:

Ask others questions and drag them into the conversation.

“The Ace Of Soft Skills: Attitude, Communication And Etiquette For Success” by Gopalaswamy Ramesh
from The Ace Of Soft Skills: Attitude, Communication And Etiquette For Success
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Imagine yourself talking to them.

“Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal” by Eric Schlosser
from Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
by Eric Schlosser
Houghton Mifflin, 2001

You talk with them, you drink a little, tell some jokes, and heart-to-heart, try to get close to them; and then, according to the mood, they’ll ask, “Can we hear something?’

“The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travels in Central Asia (and Queens, New York)” by Theodore Craig Levin, Theodore Levin, Arthur R Virgin Professor of Music Theodore Levin
from The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travels in Central Asia (and Queens, New York)
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In interactions with others, ask them questions about themselves and their interests.

“Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture: Based on the Competing Values Framework” by Kim S. Cameron, Robert E. Quinn
from Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture: Based on the Competing Values Framework
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You listen, and you talk to people.

“Miles on Miles: Interviews and Encounters with Miles Davis” by Paul Maher, Miles Davis, Michael K. Dorr
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I find it easier to start conversations by talking about myself.

“Foundations of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Health Care E-Book” by Margaret Slusser, Luis I. Garcia, Carole-Rae Reed, Patricia Quinn McGinnis
from Foundations of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Health Care E-Book
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Ask the other person open-ended questions about themselves that give them a chance to talk about themselves and keep the conversation going, giving you more commentary you can work with to ask more questions about.

“When's Happy Hour?: Work Hard So You Can Hardly Work” by Betches
from When’s Happy Hour?: Work Hard So You Can Hardly Work
by Betches
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One way is by creating conversational spaces, areas where conversation takes place.

“Conversational Learning: An Experiential Approach to Knowledge Creation” by Ann C. Baker, Patricia J. Jensen, David A. Kolb, Ann C. Baker, Patricia J. Jensen, David A. Kolb
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First, you identify them by listening to how you talk to yourself.

“9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life: A Psychologist Learns from His Patients What Really Works and What Doesn't” by Henry Cloud
from 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life: A Psychologist Learns from His Patients What Really Works and What Doesn’t
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Practice incorporating them into conversation.

“Charles Stanley's Handbook for Christian Living: Biblical Answers to Life's Tough Questions” by Charles F. Stanley
from Charles Stanley’s Handbook for Christian Living: Biblical Answers to Life’s Tough Questions
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  • But we cant go around with rose coloured glasses all the time,certain situation in peoples lives can make a person feel “negative ” Kind of sick of people using the “be positive” when the babys been thrown out with the bath water.Ok this comment has nothing to do with the vid,but i just felt i needed to say that lol Now have a nice day lol

  • How do you explain aspbergers or people born on the spectrum? Yes overtime they improve but overall it seems they struggle much more than most people.

  • Neenga sollura ellamey nan follow pannitu dhaan iruken bro natural ah…But ipdi irundha naaala enoda classmates enaya boring character nu solluranga bro….Avangala poruthavarai short ah pesi…silent ah irundha dhaan pudikudhu…wt to do???

  • 7 sins of speaking:
    excuses, not taking responsibility
    exaggeration, that can become lying
    dogmatism, confusion of facts with opinions

    H honesty, be clear and straight
    A authenticity, be yourself
    I integrity, be your word, trustworthy
    L love, wish people well

    Humans prefer voices, that are low(coming from chest), rich, warm, smooth. YOU can train to get there (coach, posture, breathing, exercises).
    Change tones, to communicate meanings. Dont use wrong tonality and make it reflect what you are trying to communicate.
    Pitch how high
    Volume from loud to quiet

    2X arms up, deep breath in breath out as arms go down
    warm up lips “ba, ba, ba…” 8:14
    lips coming alive “brrrr” like kids
    tongue exaggerated “la, la, la, la”
    “rrrrrrrrr” like champagne for the tongue
    siren high to low 2x “oooweeeeaaaw”

  • He has said a good and motiv to our self…. Pls hit the like button s…. ✌️ Atleast don’t hit the like button s but don’t spoil a good heart you Tuber… All the best for this ❤️ video love it ��

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  • I always overthink the situation and get all messed up…whenever I talk to someone I feel that they will misjudge me and dislike me, but the fact that kills me was that I used to be a social person

  • Andha book a neenga money pay panni vanga thewalla. Library genesis ndu oru website irukku adhukku peitu ungalukku thewayana books name a type panni download panni read pannalam. Nanum appidi than read panninen

  • I usually end up saying something mildly funny about myself like I’m terrible at badminton thinking it will help people feel closer to me, but then I think back and I’m like WHY did I say that, they probably thought I was really weird… Oop

  • A problem for me it’s that where I live people aren’t that used to talk to strangers. I assume the creator is from the US, and when I’ve been there I found out that a lot of people where A LOT more friendly and welcoming than some of my friends. I’ve tried training with some people I have little connections with, but I find that many are repulsed to talking in public with a semi-stranger

  • People always think I’m super interested in their arguments just because I keep eye contact and smile, but in reality I’m cringing inside and have no idea how to reply

  • Alright but with #3 what if I have nothing cool to say.
    I know that most of the time when I talk to someone they LOVE talking about themselves but when it’s passed to me they pull out their phones, interrupt, look at everything but me, literally show every sign that they don’t give any crap about what I’m saying so I’m pretty sure I’m just really boring but the “dance” just doesn’t work.
    I narrow down what I say so much to only leave in the good parts but still it’s no good.
    How do I improve this?

  • This is a powerful video, it’s amazing what happens when you step out of your comfort zone! I’d appreciate it if you checked out my video about how to step out of your comfort and start a conversation ❤️

  • Language is actually more representation of external patterns for the function of social interaction manipulation (manipulation here being a neutral word as it could be used to reveal or conceal things to others)

  • I’m watching this video to talk to someone who’ve i known for like 10 months lol we’re going to lunch but it’s the first time going without anyone with us

  • By your own analogy, babies learn languages by observing a lot and taking input before they try to speak, creating a system of theory -> test theory, kind of being mindful and playing around… And people who have never seen somebody ride a bike might find it really hard and otherworldly… Thus, I think everyone needs some basic theory and strategy/mindset before going into actually doing things (at least if they want to be more efficient and effective) and your channel gives us a great theoretical basis to learn from and hypothesize so that we can actually go there with goals and strategies in mind to attain an objective or just gain general knowledge on how things/people work! So, thank you, I love your content, analogies and ethical values! Warm greetings from South America!:D

  • My problem is when i start talking to people, i dont want to make an impression that i am being nosy regarding their lives. Conversation starts with questions and i dont want to make them feel uncomfortable with questions they are too shy to answer

  • Bruh ok I thought it was me I come from the ghetto and if you lived in the ghetto there is always chisme. But I guess moving to a middle class Neighborhood and middle class school people are way different they are always on their phones and just fucking boring. The only people I can relate to are the gangstas.

  • Is this what my life has come to?

    I watch videos advising on how to make a conversation with a species I am a part of. I guess everyone who can initiate and maintain went through this journey. Ironically, language was developed to privide a communicative medium for humans but little did I know that in this world the language that I hoped would bring me closer to communication is dragging me backwards. Nonetheless, should conversations be one-sided as this video implies or should both parties exchange ideas to maintain the conversation?

  • Does somebody know if it is necessary to mirror all microexpressions in the faces of other people so they become enough emotionally stimulated? Or do we just have to mirror the true Highlights of the interactions, like a simple laughter? Its really necessary to know because this is what other people use to decide how much they allow us to go with them.

  • Also would you say striking up conversations while taking substances like edibles help progress or would that hinder your improvement

  • Me, finally walks up to my crush:

    Me: “Hey, how are you?”
    Him: “Great! I just asked my crush out and she said ‘yes’.”
    Me: “that’s great…��

  • People have lost the skills needed to carry on a conversation. They are too used to chatting online but when it comes down to actually talking they don’t know how. The internet is a major problem of our time in this aspect because people don’t write letters anymore they just SMS or send an e-mail, instead of engaging in conversation

  • Outside of school I’m shy but I can at least talk to people well but at school it feels mentally draining to talk to others so I stay mute most of the time, I’m not sure why I do this:(

  • “Hellow, How Are You??..”More People in This World �� Should SAY This.” View My Video’s. ChanneL is Zachary Champagne, phoenix Tours. YOU TUBE.

  • The problem I have is that I am not actually shy, I am just afraid of people, sometimes I refuse to talk not cause I am shy but in fair that I might make a mistake or say something annoying and people would laugh at me.
    I had a bad experience that made me have this issue

  • Soo… How I got here? So today I had to call a support just to verify some stuff for some product. And I had to leave a voice mail. When I started talking, my voice sounded like someone was about to kill me. I mean, I’m good at talking to people I’m pretty good at talking to people I know and chating but when it comes to talking to a stranger or even an AI, my brain goes whoos

  • The sad truth is that most pickup is a lie and attractive women are only gettable if we men create a way so that they can INSERT THEMSELVES into our lifes. If we do it to actively, she will immediately assume we don’t have enough choices. We need to make the garden green and blossom so that the bees come voluntarily…

    And how we do this? Well, by becoming the most socially savvy person in the group. But my question to all of us here is how much we can learn this? I mean, I get dizzy considering how many facial expressions per time unit we need for this to happen and how well calibrated towards the other person they need to be and simultaneously conveying that the other person needs us more than we need them…

  • I am not good at starting conversations, I will always wait for someone to talk to me. My heart races when I am around people and when I do talk I talk fast or talk quietly and end up having to repeat what I said which makes me more anxious.

  • Damn, something as basic as human interaction is now grounds for research.. If you have to read research articles on how to be a decent human being, we’re screwed..

  • There’s something so sad about these kinds of videos. As an introvert, I don’t normally talk to people but as moments progress, we really meet some amazing people we want to have a conversation with and it really sucks when we don’t know how to maintain them. I’m afraid I’ll lose them someday because of how inexperienced I am of this. It’s never easy but still, we’ll get through these introverts:)

  • I disagree. I didn’t get my first phone until my first year of college.
    From elementary, middle, and highschool I couldn’t speak to people.
    I couldn’t speak very well and had trouble making friends. Until I got a phone, it made it alot easier.

  • I often go at different places with My dad and not often He encounters women who forgets they’re belonging, My father always talk to them to give back what they’ve lost, In reply they stubbornly takes it.

    And thats how I got my Social Anxiety

  • In a world where people always have their headphones on and don’t mingle with anyone except their existing friends, the above rules don’t really apply……… unfortunately.

  • It would be SUUUPER easy if I wouldn’t be talking to Finnish ppl. Because Finnish ppl don’t like to talk that much so my conversations are like this “hi” “hi” “i’m Henri” “ok”

  • It’s the patterns and rules that confuse me. Not only that.. the observing happens at a young age. Say you don’t have parents or you have emotionally distant parents isn’t even in this

  • I really love these types of videos, psychology is so interresting and Vanessa makes it more interresting she’s so positive and charismatic! ��
    Now I feel like we just have all the tips to do whatever relationship problem we have in life. Like for example, finding a good crush and doing the approach has never been so easy thanks to the Internet ������. Just have to practice and voilà ����

  • Brother I’m 12th std Student in corana season I’m very sad
    Ennala ennoda 7 subjects ah padikka mudiyala yeatha padikanum nu theriyala konjam idea kudugalae please mently focus ah padika mudiyala konjam habits solluga please

  • Love the channel and the tips! I’ve always just meander and see where the energy and natural conversations take me. But a more intentional and thoughtful approach sounds even better! Storing up knowledge for post covid/back to normal world:)

  • I’m watching this just to practice my English skills:v
    Anyway, If you’re looking for someone to practice these suggestions, just let me know. I improve my English, you improve your communication skills, great deal, isn’t it?:D

  • I mean I feel like everything i say to people is weird and that they will think I’m an awkward dumbass, that’s why nowadays i dont even try to talk to people cause i know i can’t and i’ll be labeled as a weirdo cringy stupid person.. i’m having trouble even when i’m talking to my friends

  • When I meet new people or whatever im so uncomfortable cause I cant talk with them, I usually dont have any emotions at all when I say hello but when I meet them but after like a 15 second of nice to meet you there are 0 things left to say and I am silent the rest of the conversation… any tips?
    I am not shy or awkward I just dont knoe how to talk and how to manage to establish a good friendship with them if I dont know them.

  • barack obama without reding teleprompter could be boring to listen to because he talks slow but still.. i listen to him because he does not spek foolishly, he is honest and he has a very pleasing personality. but i dont feel like listening to you even if you speak well for no reason at all.

  • I heard Americans talk to unknown person frankly on the street or so, hence I thought Americans don’t struggle to converse with others.

  • You give really great advice. One tip is to try to refrain from saying “blah blah blah”, as it doesn’t add any value to what’s being said. Other than that, this was very helpful.

  • I do this sport outside of school and I’ve been acquainted with my teammates for about a year but I haven’t really talked to them. I get along with anybody else though, even if I’m talking to a random person. But, I find it hard to talk to people in my group because I haven’t really got anything in common with them. I have to get along with them because of reasons. Any advise on how? I feel very exhausted just saying a sentence
    (idk if this makes sense)

  • This was GREAT, simple and easy for follow. I can enjoy starting a conversation instead of worrying about all the psychology stuff

  • Someone: “Oh so you love that band? Me too!”
    Me: “Yes, I’ve been a fan for years.”
    Someone: “That’s great!”
    Me: “Yeah.”
    Someone:*Turns away his/her attention and goes back to friends.

    Me: “…okay, nice talk..”

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  • Hats off so great attitude and give to demo publik speaking best tips and warm up how to conversation with others, super master class iam excited for ur class,so nice and come daily okay.

  • Unique channel sahil bhai, apke jaisa looks, communication skill aap se accha koi nahi bata sakta
    Video ko like kar do. Please!!!!��������

  • The 7 Sins if Speaking:

    How to Speak So People Will Listen:

  • I had saved this to ‘Watch Later’ for quite sometime now, but this morning, while still in bed, I had the sudden urge to watch it, and I am so glad I did. I now know why I have problem with getting people’s attention when I speak to them. Most of this applies to me, I put my hands up. I am grateful for this video. It has done me an immeasurable amount of good.

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  • You don’t know how much I love and appreciate this video because I definitely wish the world was more lively so that way depression will decrease

  • Awareness failed, ted talks about thorium, market forces shoot the world to die otherwise and holds civil infrastructure at ransom by contractors

  • When I talk about something everyone go quiet and immediately listen for example in a presentation or speech in class everyone almost silent and it give me confidence like “oh they are quiet it means that they want to listen” but almost no one laugh at my jokes��

  • I hate it when presenter says, “the research shows”… or “science tells us”… HOW ABOUT YOU SHOW US THOSE STUDIES YOU ARE REFERRING TO. He says we vote for politicians with lower registers. Really? WHere is the science on that? I’d like to read it rather than you just state its veracity.

  • 1) Good smile
    2) Eye contact
    3) Do ask or reply in single words( give big answers mostly)
    4) React acc. to situation
    5) Parroting 7:12 (Repeat last words)

  • it’s just sad when i used to observe people when i’m 7, and they called me “meddling”. now, i speak too spontaneous and make myself even more dumb.

  • I’m in college and am ready to forget about highschool. There are more people that aren’t in their “group” of friends so it easier to talk to them, but Im still a bit timid to be the first to talk to strangers. But I’m committed to getting good at it, it’s tough in the beginning, that’s the scariest part, but after that, it’s easier and smooth sailing from that point. When you wanna talk to someone, don’t think cause it’s gonna make you worry and doubt worryself. Count 1,2,3 and just go, take action before your mind and take over and create fear. Once you face that fear, it’s really not as bad as you thought it was, it’s literally all in the head man. YOU GOT THIS����

  • If you really want to learn how to talk to people or starting a conversation you can watch (angrypicnic) he really helped me in collage to know me people just from watching him donig it

  • She talks too fast n tries to be on top of conversation..kind of pushy..had to try focus on her a bit hard…but her tips were good.

  • U r so very correcly stating a truth only some ppl know or not dont take any crap fm ppl who r too blinded in whatever is their oen personal information that marks them believe the

  • These vocal exercises coupled with standing so close are perfect for spreading COVID. Gosh it was nice back when we didn’t have to think about such things!

  • Need some more topics to add to the BeeFriend course.
    What other questions do you guys have regarding social skills?
    Also I’ve been doing the course out of order hope you don’t mind

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  • Good to know there’s a whole community of socially awkward people, I was beginning to feel that it’s just me, and even better to know is that there are remedies available ��

  • Ap bhai content badiya late ho
    Bahut badiya….��
    Or apk samjhane ka tarika bhi badiya lagta h.

    Keep it up bro…really impressive…��

  • How do I find topics I am so awkward that I had to search it. I talk for a few seconds and then blank silence. And I am thinking like ” fast think fast what to talk about” and then the person goes away

  • I feel like I’ve gotten over most of the anxiety I have when I speak to people, but now I draw a blank anytime someone tries to talk to me. I really don’t know what to say or how to continue the conversation.

  • Great video. May I suggest my superb 15 minute voice warm-up session before speaking to get your vocal impact up to the highest level:

  • Thanks for the tip

    But it’s quite impossible for me to start a conversation with anyone when my friends each time say that I’m flirting with them

  • I can see myself introducing to a male stranger but just having to think about approaching a random girl i already start to stutter in my mind and have
    hyperventilating, anxiety attacks.

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  • i feel they should make it mandatory for men but optional for women, men need it far more than women do, because men always have to be the ones to begin an interaction

  • I work with someone who is very good at conversation, but it never comes across authentic… and I have caught them having an amazing conversation to then sigh heavily and insult the person once they leave the room. This experience causes anxiety to learn improvement tips… will I one day be like her?


    A man and his wife
    never fought for 25 years
    of their marriage.

    A friend asked him how he had managed to make it possible.
    He narrated:

    “We went for our honeymoon in Australia 25 years ago
    and while riding on a horse,
    My wife’s horse jumped and my wife fell down.
    She got up,patted the horse’s back and said:

    “This is your first time”

    After a while it happened again.
    She patted the horse again and said:

    “This is your second time”

    The horse did it again the 3rd time,
    She brought out a gun and shot the horse dead

    I Was so shocked and I shouted at her……..”Are you crazy! What’s wrong with you?
    Why did you kill the horse?

    She smiled at me and said
    “This is your first time”

    Since then…………….
    My Mouth

    My channel can make your day!

  • I think this is all true, and all of these tips can help you look engaged.

    However if you solely focus on the engagement, and you don’t listen, you won’t be comfortable. You can look interested and act charasmatic and interested all at the same time, but if you’re not genuinely interested in the person or the topic of conversation, or you’re so focused on yourself “standing” or “looking” a certain way, it might be hard not to be anxious, and really take something away from the conversation.

    I think instead really try to listen and be genuinely interested, people who have these “skills” naturally never needed to think about it, because it comes naturally with genuine, mindful and good conversation.

    Still a good place to start if you’re not sure where to go.

  • I cant seem to find anything that can help me. My problem is I’m just so quiet. Like I cant find stuff to say to people. It’s like theres something in my brain not letting me think in order to talk to people. Sometimes I can carry a conversation for some time but even then I dont feel like I say much to contribute to the conversation. I feel like everyone notices how quiet I am and lose interest in me because of it. It sucks to be this way.

  • Save yourself 7 minutes:

    Intention (What are u you bringing to the event)
    Approach (Open hands / Relaxed shoulders / Smile / Ask “hello how are you” )
    Convo sparks (Create an engaging conversation / Find mutual interests)
    Exits (Ask what theyre doing then wish them well)

    Avoid using your cellphone… makes you less approachable

  • Hey Vanessa, thanks for your sharing, it’s really great!!! I would like to be your “partner” in my home country, Vietnam where we have a lot of young people. What do you think of this? Thanks again & all the best!

  • So…. i finished this course, and i learned the mistakes i make during conversations, i found out how to fix them, how to have an open conversation, what i do that can make others feel bad around me, and that i need to practise to get better,
    but….. i watched this series in 2020, and i don’t think i need to say anymore

  • She talked about having a strategy and guiding the conversation, but did not really say how to do it, or what exactly comprises strategy and what techniques do you use to guide the conversation. It is important that your strategy should include targeting audience.

    What Vanessa did not tell you.

    Based on the video Vanessa looks to have Recognition of self (self-aware) and Recognition of others (empathy), so she has a foundation on which to build conversation skills. The majority of adults, men and women, are not as emotionally mature, and thus will experience roadblocks when building these skills. It is very difficult to project genuine confidence if you are not self-aware. You must understand yourself, before you can understand others.

    Vanessa has good tools in her communication tool box. The bright eyes, the pleasant smile, the nice tone of voice. However, if you are skilled at conversation, you will notice her hand gestures are very exaggerated. This usually means some insecurity about the subject or herself. If you are very confident about a subject you will keep your hand gestures to a minimum. Why, because people will listen nonverbally to the gestures first, before understanding your words. Exaggerated gestures are conversation noise. So for the most part she can effectively communicate.

    Bottom Line: Vanessa must realize her biggest challenge in teaching interpersonal communication is mental health and not technique.

  • Yo, she’s gorgeous and dress likes Link from Legend of Zelda.
    I bet she doesn’t even have to engage in conversation it just comes to her. She’s never lived the intrrovert life.

  • im autistic and have such a hard time with like keeping the conversation going and building a friendship with someone. the tip about the open ended question is definitely something im going to try out, since yes/no question are kinda my thing

  • Correct thaan bro, but reply pannum pothu perusa explain panitu iruntha athuwe matawaruku bore aaki avoid panna thodankiruwaanka bro. It’s my personal opinion bro, don’t mistake me

  • Trying to get into the tech field. Talking to people is a skill that I need to work on for my career.

    Talking to people is one of those soft skills that I didn’t think about that much but, then one day you realize “Hey idiot, you’re going into a service field your entire job is talking to people.”

  • I just moved schools and I literally know no one at my new school. I always try to start conversations with people but it’s always me asking the questions. They never really engage with the convo and everything just feels one sided and it’s just hella awkward after some time. Since I’m new most people have already found their own friendship group so it’s mainly just me trying to get to know them instead them trying to know me.:(

  • At 29 I’ve lost all sort of confidence to interact. Name calling from others are attached to this untrained skill…

    How do I channel my thought pattern to be confident and approachable without being arrogent?

  • the third one is what i struggled with most because i dont feel like my thoughts n experiences are anything that anyone wants to hear

  • Okay I’ve never had friends or relationships. I just turned 20 and I really want to change things. Im an anxiety induced awkward person, so I hope this vid helps.

  • I sit next to this boy in class. I don’t know him and when the teacher says ‘Talk to your partner and discuss bla bla bla’ I’m like ‘oh hell no’ in my head. And then we never discuss anything bc of how shy I am and he doesn’t speak to me either. LIKE IM SO FRICKING AKWARD. And I honestly don’t know how to start speaking to him…

  • I’m just that friend that everyone talks to when they don’t have their actual friends around so that they don’t look lonely in front of other people. That’s brought me to think that everyone is like that and because of that I don’t talk to’s not just that honestly I just find it exhausting to talk to people

  • I always say “ hello “ to people, and they just ignore me or stare. Esp people my age. It’s driven my confidence away so much I’ve just began to stop saying hi first, and stopped making new friends. I just don’t know why people stop and stare at me, instead of replying. Some may say they “ have a crush on me or something “ but I just see it as plain rude. ��

  • I actually can talk to ppl rlly easily but my friend made so many friends from online and idk how she does it like it’s kinda weird to just go into someone’s dms and say hi wanna be friends like jus ew I think I’m just to lazy to talk to people but Ik how to talk idk she has like 12 people to hangout with after quarantine and I have no one

  • I had to watch this because I haven’t been with friend or really talked to any of my friends since quarantine started and I’m starting to see myself as a boring mom type or girl��

  • Thx bro for providing such awesome content
    Congratulations for 60k���� and soon this will turn into 600k and soon it will turn to 60 lakhs������
    May I please get to know the size of your arms����

  • I honestly feel like we are all better at communicating than we think, it’s just our mindset. Like, if you tell yourself that a certain situation is awkward than your brain is going to believe it. But if instead you ask yourself, what makes silence “awkward”? And just not treat it like a big deal, you will start to relax more in supposedly “awkward” situations, and eventually realize that it’s not the end of the world.

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  • It sucks because i have speech problems, i have trouble thinking of what to say.. when i was little i was basically mute and wouldn’t talk to anyone except my family, I never had family problems or anything like that

  • I’ve been homeschooled my entire life never had friends and I was a oops baby so my brother is 40 and I’m 16 and him and his wife invited me to the beach and idk how to socialize lmao

  • The fact that I have to search this up because I have this dentist appointment in like a few days and I have to go without my mom and I have to go with my little sister and my dad who doesn’t know English very well and I have to be talking to the front desk person and receive all the information and set dates and I’m stressed over it because I’m socially awkward and shy and I think it’s too much responsibility put on me and I need helpppp!!! ������������

  • “i wanna feel the hEEat with somebi’m sorry i’m a little ADHD” HAHSHHAHA I LOVED THAT it’s so cool to see someone coping with the same problems as i do!!!! the video is awesome btw:) thanks a lot!

  • Certain people i can talk to easily its different personalities its hard to be able to talk to every type of person but it can be learned

  • I randomly asked a girl if she wanted to be friends a few days ago because I have none, and we’re planning on hanging out next week and I came to watch this so I don’t fuck it up..

  • im not diagnosed but i think have social anxiety so that already makes it hard to talk to people, and i just dont know how to talk to people, i dont know how to start a conversation or continue one, and i just dont know what to say, i literally have no social skills:(

  • bro frist tell me how to remember that” what you said ” which mean i seeing all your video so i forgetting what you said in last video so for that you put video which help us to remember what you said (:

  • But what if I am unable to bring myself to be interested in the person? It’s not that I find these people in my life boring or anything, ita just that I am so introverted that a 5min convo makes me so tired and I just have to get away from interpersonal interaction for a while to regain that energy.

  • I really struggle a lot on how to talk with people and keeping it going and ending the conversation nicely..
    Always unsatisfied with messy ending…. I really needed help.. This video helped but I need more. And also I need to practice more…I guess

  • maybe I just don’t talk that much, but I have this thing where I can say anything confidently in my head, but when it comes to reality, I hate the sound of my voice and I always forget how awful it sounds until I talk and I can’t stand listening to myself talk.:(

  • Why i can’t be happy? it’s tiring that i have to make effort everyday so i can look normal and yet i fail and i end up looking fake and weird, should i just stop it and accept who i am?

  • ya it sucks when you’re a 6’2 native guy with tattoos and everyone judges you..I try to meet people and look at me like I’m going to rob them

  • Sahil bhai. A detailed video on mens facial would be really helpful. Is it worth it? How often should we do? And any other useful inform regarding it

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  • This is such a great topic you considered to display in this week’s video.
    Shoutout to this topic, because we all need to improve communication skills, each and every day! This is so much helpful to improve our confidence and command on our words, which eventually leads to success.. ☺️
    Sahil great content broo ❤️
    I hope to meet such a fantastic influencer like you someday ✨

  • The foundation of the person who you are and the conversations that you have with other people is determined by the behavioural patterns that you saw when you were young, what other people made you felt and especially from your parents growing up. Break the pattern and love yourself, you are great and what ever you have to say and think is unique and every one will appreciate what you say.

    It starts with loving yourself, accepting and knowing that you are overall great just as you are. Then eventually you’ll love yourself more to improve everything about how you communicate.

    What this video is missing is that you need to trully love and respect yourself in order to have great conversations with other people. The negative conversations you have yourself and the thoughts you have in your head is what’s stopping you from having awesome and freeflowing conversations with people.

  • I am watching this just to see this from different perspective because I always start conversations with strangers and never run out of things to say. Aaand people usually like me. Social skills, nothing else. It’s all about practise and knowledge:)

  • Doing great job, in this running world everyone wanted to know the common things even I also slightly trained by this video, continue ur good work ����

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  • Everyone is here saying they want to talk to people but don’t know how, but i’m like i don’t want to talk to people but i need to to get far in life but i dont i don’t know how

  • I don’t agree… I’ll stop complaining and being negative when there is CHANGE. Just be honest to people. Talk from human to human. Also not every opinion is bad or untrue… Have some personality, respect and don’t be a number… And also don’t say what people want to hear because you like them. I don’t care what people think of me. You can’t please everyone.

  • My best comment for this conversation: You just naild her & taught everything about this book. Specially how “human lie detection & body language 101” can help in self improvement.

  • i’m usually pretty good at talking to people i think. My main problem is meeting new people. it’s always awkward because idk what information to share with out throwing people off. Also striking conversation with strangers without feeling weird or being awkward is really difficult

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  • This kid(dunno why I’m saying kid we’re the same age) started texting me on Instagram and I’m trying to come up with things to talk about. Cuz I legit want to be their friend ;u; let’s hope this helps

  • வாழ்க்கையில உற்சாகமா இருங்க,,,,,,,, சந்தோசமா இருங்க,,,,,,,,, எல்லோருக்கும் எல்லாமே தன்னால அமையும். Almost everything will be fine. This is the truth I discovered.