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The science of Subjective Well Being, a.k.a Happiness.

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Why Finland And Denmark Are Happier Than The U.S.

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How to Measure Happiness Around the World | National Geographic

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Evaluating happiness in terms of consistently finding fulfillment in the sum of life’s events is harder to grasp. Someone can’t communicate it with a single grin or giggle. Consequently, researchers wishing to measure happiness have to go straight to the source. Quantifying happiness most commonly relies on self-reporting. Researchers have attempted to measure happiness with five approaches: 1. Biological.

If you come to my lab and I offer you a Popsicle, don’t take it. Our freezer is filled with frozen 2. Behavioral. Researchers have used behaviors to estimate happiness. Behaviors such as.

In a later post entitled “How not to measure happiness”, I will talk about some of the other ways that people have tried, or are still trying, to fill that same purpose. For instance, health. The strong point of both the Panas Scale and the OECD Subjective Well Being scale is that they measure both positive and negative affect, which, as one might expect, have a clear inverse correlation. Measuring Happiness and the Science of Happiness. At the Pursuit of Happiness project, we try to collect and analyze the most scientific studies on happiness and subjective well-being (SWB).

How do you measure happiness? This is a tough question because it is so subjective. Our happiness level depends on many internal and external factors. Stress, age, health, money, generosity, government, and our internal baseline all contribute to how we feel.

Personally, I’m a pretty happy go lucky guy. If all goes well in 2019, my happiness level should be 7 by the end of the year. Happiness is not determined by the size of one’s paycheck, but a new survey suggests that wealth—or lack of it—does influence how people measure their happiness. MONDAY, Dec.

18, 2017 (HealthDay News)—Happiness is not determined by the size of one’s paycheck, but a new survey suggests that wealth—or lack of it—does influence how people measure their happiness. A great number of measures for happiness are self-report assessments. This might make most us think that happiness cannot be measured scientifically. These self-assessments are often created in a scientific manner through research, testing, and norming.

I measure my happiness 2 ways Through a (random and irregular) process of self reflection “Catching” myself being happy and remembering the last time I caught myself being happy and trying to determine the time between them. Greenberg says that scientists have developed many approaches to measuring happiness by looking at diverse factors, such as meaning, resilience, engagement, emotions, and accomplishment. Drawing on.

When it seems like everything at home is going well, you will be lulled into believing that you can put your investments in these relationships on.

List of related literature:

Since this chapter presents a general overview of the findings in this area, I will use the term happiness very broadly, to refer to any of these measures or their combination.

“The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour” by Alan Lewis
from The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour
by Alan Lewis
Cambridge University Press, 2008

Surveys are the easiest and most widely used method to measure total happiness, but we would like to have a closer view of how happiness changes during the day.

“Engineering Happiness: A New Approach for Building a Joyful Life” by Manel Baucells, Rakesh Sarin
from Engineering Happiness: A New Approach for Building a Joyful Life
by Manel Baucells, Rakesh Sarin
University of California Press, 2012

Using tallies of the emotional content of the autobiographies as their measure of happiness, the Danner research team divided the study group into happiness quartiles, ranging from the happiest 25 percent to the least happy 25 percent, and examined how long the nuns in each of the four groups lived.

“Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth” by Ed Diener, Robert Biswas-Diener
from Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth
by Ed Diener, Robert Biswas-Diener
Wiley, 2011

Lyubomirsky [6] sums this up, “A great deal of research has shown that the majority of these measures have adequate to excellent psychometric properties and that the association between happiness and other variables usually cannot be accounted for by transient mood” (p. 239).

“HCI in Business, Government, and Organizations: eCommerce and Innovation: Third International Conference, HCIBGO 2016, Held as Part of HCI International 2016, Toronto, Canada, July 17-22, 2016, Proceedings, Part I” by Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Chuan-Hoo Tan
from HCI in Business, Government, and Organizations: eCommerce and Innovation: Third International Conference, HCIBGO 2016, Held as Part of HCI International 2016, Toronto, Canada, July 17-22, 2016, Proceedings, Part I
by Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Chuan-Hoo Tan
Springer International Publishing, 2016

The happiness score is then transformed into a 0–1 scale and multiplied with life expectancy score.

“The Psychology of Quality of Life: Hedonic Well-Being, Life Satisfaction, and Eudaimonia” by M. Joseph Sirgy
from The Psychology of Quality of Life: Hedonic Well-Being, Life Satisfaction, and Eudaimonia
by M. Joseph Sirgy
Springer Netherlands, 2012

Happiness Circle your level of happiness on the following scale, with “1” being very unhappy and “10” completely happy.

“The Perfect Gene Diet: Use Your Body's Own APO E Gene to Treat High Cholesterol, Weight Problems, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's...and More!” by Pamela McDonald, N.P.
from The Perfect Gene Diet: Use Your Body’s Own APO E Gene to Treat High Cholesterol, Weight Problems, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s…and More!
by Pamela McDonald, N.P.
Hay House, 2010

In Figures 9.1 and 9.2 the measure of happiness is based on responses to a question explicitly about happiness.

“Managing without Growth, Second Edition: Slower by Design, not Disaster” by Peter A. Victor
from Managing without Growth, Second Edition: Slower by Design, not Disaster
by Peter A. Victor
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018

The global map of happiness is shown in Figure 7, which plots national income against the fraction of the population who report that they experienced happiness during a lot of the day yesterday.

“The Great Escape” by Angus Deaton
from The Great Escape
by Angus Deaton
Princeton University Press, 2015

You could make an index on a scale of 1 to 10 to indicate your happiness, or you could measure it in dollars.

“Microeconomics” by Douglas McTaggart, Christopher Findlay, Michael Parkin
from Microeconomics
by Douglas McTaggart, Christopher Findlay, Michael Parkin
Pearson Higher Education AU, 2012

Now I use the term Happiness Quotient (HQ) to mathematically summarize a host of personal factors identified by our research as strongly predicative of happiness, other emotional outcomes, and some life success measures.

“You Can Choose to be Happy:
from You Can Choose to be Happy: “Rise Above” Anxiety, Anger, and Depression (with Research Evidence)
by Tom G. Stevens PhD
Wheeler-Sutton Publishing Company, 2010

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  • I hate these kind of videos cause they always look at the other countries like they are the weird ones, they are doing something different. when in fact most first world countries in europe have free education and free healthcare. how these videos should be portrayed is “america you have to pay for education” or “americans pay more for healthcare and get less” this way americans can actually see themselves how we see them.

  • “Across cultures, we know that physical health and vitality are the most important metrics for well-being.” Can anybody explain this? Just posed as a statement in the video. I’m curious what this actually means. Thoughts?

  • that is the stupidest way to measure something… a terrorist going to explode will be really happy that he is going to die for god…a philosopher will never be happy… an ignorant person who never used Facebook will be way to happy that he had coffee with someone in the local shop and same time someone will be unhappy that his profile pic didn’t get enough likes. People let go of things altogether and become a Naga think he is sad… western ideas of material possessions nor the Communist idea of same thing (one have and one have not).. can’t solve this problem… or you have to change the thought process of entire world and destroy all cultures…which is impossible…somewhere someone will always be different.

  • I THOUGHT SCIENCE HAS AN EQUATION for this? Now I know science is NOT as perfect and reliable as it always claimed to be. Real Happiness is when you use the most of your abilities harmoniously around the world and earth. HAPPINESS INCREASES when you acknowledge there is a Creator ( God ), and you want to know more of your purposes by Knowing Him. Without knowing the Creator, you will always guess what makes you happy and never truly satisfied your life. Know the Creator and you will know what is True and Free Flow of Happiness.

  • Happiness is different from culture to culture, and everyone is different! One thing is most common is money, more person has better. To be honest I think that news, people around you and events make up most in how happy person is.

    Hey you can never be happy all the time! It’s ok to be sad and lonely sometimes.

  • ill be happy when our planet’s pollution from trash around our ocean is all gone and water pollution and the air from global warming. THAN ill be happy

  • Without even watching the video, I can say they’re happier because they don’t have a republican party that claims to care for its constituents but actively supports legislation that oppresses the people while lining their pockets. The US GOP are shameless. Good on you Fins and Danes for showing what good government can accomplish ��

  • Beyond a doubt, the greatest professor I ever sat at the feet of. His humility and kindness were easily discerned from the moment he began a lecture, which is a difficult accomplishment at the podium of Harvard Business School. Until with meet again Sir!

  • Him: quits NASA to make YouTube videos about pee in pools

    Me: this is entertaining how much peas in my pool

    Also me: I don’t have a pool

  • It kinda funny that Something I hear often Finnish people say is that:”we shouldnt take this free education and free healt care for granted” I DEFINETLY dont think of them like that. In Finland we work hard and pay taxes even harder, most people something between 20% 40% out from our wages. In return, even I who just turned 30, still have that chance to go to school and have another dgree. I also dont have to worry about my sons education. When I was a teenager I study to become a chef, in the end it wasnt the kind of work I truly enjoyed and when I had my son in 2014 I stopped the job I had in that restaurant. Now my son just started school and I started studying to become a nurse. Thats the kind of work where you can have direct contact with people and have that interaction that I missed SO much while I was working in the restaurant kitchen. To me thats the best part of being finnish and living in Finland, you can better youre self later on live, even being a single mom currently without any stady income, because the coverment supports us going to school. School being free and receiving these like “education benefits” that basically covers mine and my sons living expences while I’m studying and not working. These “benefits” depends on how much you have worked before, the more you have worked in youre life, more you will get paid, if or when you are not working. Hopefully I explained my self correctly!�� I think everyone should at least once in their lives to come and visit Finland, I have a friend whos gone back and forth from Texas to Finland and shes totally loving this. In the end she moved from USA in here for good. Ill always remember her reaction seeing for the first time that in here children starting from 1st grade will take the buss By them selves and go School and back. Thats totally normal in here and she was like: ” I would never ever have let my kids to go on their own in Texas with the citys bus to anywhere. We are always been told to stay away from those busses, it can be dangerous!” But now…. her kids are going to school, with a bus, just the two of them.. she truly has settled here ���� ���� ����

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  • I think your assumption that elite swimmers are at higher risk of getting asthma, cause of the chlorine in the pool, then I am sure the whole Norwegian cross country skiing team has spent a lot of time in the pool, and for that matter many other elite athletes, Paula Radcliffe, Team Sky and perhaps Lambs Armstrong had that too:)

  • Two of the most stupid people are on this video and they are both sjw’s. The guy who cares about friendliness and the guy who talks about diversity. Please leave the Nordic countries alone and stop trying to destroy the gene pool. It’s Scandinavia not America you creeps.

  • I just need my sunlight, good park with big trees, and a clean bottle of water for my happiness.
    I think having low population is required to maintain this Nordic life.

  • Great video! I hate to be such a Debby downer in a community of such bright minds. But we are not judged based on how we react to others, we are judged on one simple question. “Are your sins forgiven?” and that is it

  • Well boi, as a guy who used to live in boston n green card holder, i can’t bear thought of living in us til i kick the bucket. Two main things why us is less happier 1. lack of Social safety net (free health care, tuition etc) 2. Too much competativeness. So boi i crossed the border and acquired Canadian citizenship, sure life is tough here in toronto too, crazy home price, high cost of living, overcrowded big city, tough job market but at least i aint gonna have to work til 70s in case i get ill to be able to pay hospital bills n health insurance. no bankruptcy whatsoever for health reason here in the land of canucks. So boi, i think of canada as sits in between us and europe in terms of social system. Not too extreme as capitalist us nor too far left as socialist europeans. Canucks got the balance just right they are the europe in north america. If i wanna visit ma buddies in boston, or new york, i just cross border, no problemo boi

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  • The Hedonic Treadmill is something I’m always mindful of. In my opinion it’s a fairly good thing in many cases. It inspires us to never be complacent and to always try improving our situation.

    Admittedly it becomes destructive if your situation is already basically capped out. Being a billionaire and looking to become a trillionaire. But for the vast majority of people I imagine the changes are positive for them and those around them.

  • (So much for happiness equality if you’re black ��)

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  • Just a second: living a comfortable life doesn’t necessarily equals happiness. It definitely helps, but not the same.
    I’m chilean and worked many years in a danish company with danish colleagues and had the opportunity to go to Denmark 2 times, 1 of them for 3 months during winter. My impression is that they are not what you can say ” happy” people. They struggle with a lot of issues (loliness, depression, etc), they don’t have the family ties we have in Latin America, and if you are old and alone, it can be a very sad situation, even when the state takes care of you. In fact nordic countries are among the ones that use most antidepressants, and that’s a bad indicator (in fact, that’s a BIG red flag for me). Also their weather doesn’t help too much. Long, cold and very dark winters can depress anyone. My conclusion is that the grass always looks greener in the neighborn’s house, but at the end there is NO PERFECT country. Just try to live a simple but meaningful life wherever you are.
    Greetings from Chile ����

  • I wonder how much their media plays in the overall happiness… the media in the USA is so guilty of fueling hate which brings a negative populous

  • I was researching best vaping mods and somehow ended up here and no, I’m not worried about hierarchy, I help people all day long for meager earnings but I’m happy and realized years ago I’m not a ladder climber, I don’t care. Sure, money would be great, but I guess it’s not that important to me to actually work for it.

  • how do you get that peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Professor Christensen, you lived your life as you said you would, and I was touched by you as one of those individuals whose lives you made better. Thank you. RIP.

  • I’ve been reading the comments while watching the documentary and I think that it’s really heartbreaking to think that one should become happier by moving to such countries. There is no way this’s gonna happen unless you get a nationality from one of these countries. Even after getting it, you have to be completely like their people in order to feel like them which means you have to hqave the same color, the same religion, the same principles, the same clothes, etc. Put it simple, there is no way you can get happier by moving to a happy country. You can only make yourself happy by what you have without allowing this to prevent you from trying to achieve what you think will make you happier. Obviously, there is a minimum of prerequisites that must materialize before you can get happy with what you have. To be honest, the majority of happy people got their happiness by their ignorance. It is impossible to know what kind of standards other countries have achieved and still believe you can feel happy with way less than that. Brief: IGNORANCE is the easiest way towards happiness:)

  • They are rich that’s why they can buy whatever they want but if you take a look at Bhutan they don’t have so much purchasing power but they are happier than other richest countries.

  • This great man will be missed. RIP my brother. In this talk he talks about having his interview with God. I’m sure it will go well.

  • Interesting to think about. Comments seem largely from people suffering cognitive dissonance. Christianson boiled down very profound thought to get under 20 minutes. He expects you to think and know something about history and geography. You people who have given up questioning to merely boost your “team”, are intellectual-masturbators.

  • the conclusion you made that god doesnt count, aggregate = assess you how to perform in a certain circumstances.. this is the conclusion of islam as well,

  • I won’t be able to move to Europe. Perhaps if I try to live and behave like Dane I will be happy too. The stress of living in the US will always be at my door. But as they say “be the change you want to see”.

  • so far quite similiar to Germany, yet we complain… complain.. complain.No, waitwe pay literally NOTHING for giving birth and we are allowed to stay at home for 14 months and we’ll get 219 Euro / child from next year on per month (actually it’s204 Euros-just for having a child, doubles with 2 children and gets an additional bonus if you have more than 3 children) until the child finished the sure enough: free -education, up to the age of 28(?) years.. Well, then, Germany fellowers: go on complaining.

  • People are happy when they do not have to worry about the main issues. So independently of your income, no worries about having access to the good hospitals, good universities and a decent home. Knowing this your mind is free for other things.

  • By the time we’re in high school our certain ways of thinking must be getting majorly crystallized: ratio can be increased by adding to numerator or subtracting from denominator. Combining that understanding with long term versus short term thinking gives formula for successful business and life.

  • The blue t shirr guy: go first
    Introverts: left the chat

    Lol, I be avoiding eye contact n thanks to masks I can successfully avoid more people!!

  • In the Nordic countries one can still become quite rich. There’s plenty of economic freedom to be an entrepreneur. At the same time, none of the people in those countries will die alone in the gutter, without health care or education and forgotten by the nation they helped to enrich. A strong government-backed social safety net frees business and industry from being responsible for providing these services. They’re treated as government functions in Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland (among others).

  • I am confused now. Why does tap water smell like chlorine and why does the water company say chlorine can be smelt due to their treatment to the water? ������

  • Best explanation of how it is to live in Denmark and Finland and why we (Danes) love our little country in the north. Finland is nice too. Hygge Hygge Hygge = Happiness.

  • What a great speech! Thank you! In the infinite game of life it is important to some extant to be successful in the limited games, however it will only make meaning in relation with the infinite game of life. Thank you.

  • Dr Mike, this may be your best video yet. Thank you for the thoughtful and entertaining whistle stop tour through happiness and life:)

  • Watching this really put into perspective just how toxic the U.S. is. These are the things that are possible when you have a government that works for the people, and citizens who care about the greater society and not just themselves. But Americans are so self-absorbed and value money and success over everything else, and our government is corrupt. Sadly I don’t think we’ll ever be like this.

  • well….number of swimmers x 0.5 = gallons of pee… so number of swimmers = gallons/0.5…. total, 1.89 liters of pee by swimmer… a normal human make 1.5 liter by day…… what’s wrong?

  • Happiness is something all of us strive for, the main goal in our life. Everyone has their own idea of happiness including relationships, pleasure, or life satisfaction. Often times we look for happiness but end up with things that will only make us temporally happy. The three main things that affect happiness according to this video are: genes, life circumstances, and life choices and behaviors. People tend to argue that life circumstances mainly affect your happiness but it was stated that life circumstances make up only 10%, with genes being 50% and life choices and behaviors being 40%. We tend to say, “Oh if I just could get this new car or if I could just get married, a bigger house, etc., than I would be happy.” Although this does make us temporally happier, it fades back down to our happiness before when it becomes the norm. This is called hedonic adaption, when your happiness fades after a couple months or years. Happiness does not come from getting what we don’t have, but recognizing what we do have. It was said that is helpful if once a week you think about or write down what you are grateful for, but it doesn’t seem to help if you were to do it three times a week. I think if everyone would quit focusing on materialistic things and short-term happiness that it would benefit us in the end.

  • Nice speech, really is a challenge to measure such a subjective thing but some great points raised by Brandy which have ultimately proved salient with the foundation of a Ministry of Happiness in the UAE. Congratulations to the students on arranging such a great event.

  • Im danish and my friends and i often speak about how lucky we are to live here, just the healthcare and education alone just takes huge pressure of your shoulders, knowing you have the same options as everyone else and not having to stress over tuition fees or huge medical bills, America had a chance with Bernie but blew it. Hopefully someone alike will some day be in charge of America, and trust me once you go social democracy you never go back, it’s the best system to run under and the stats speak for themselves.

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  • Damn! I had a feeling it was genetic. I wasn’t too unhappy about being short but I was unhappy about being unhappy and now I know that to a great extent my parents are responsible for both. Thanks one hell of a lot, Mom and Dad!

  • When I first watched this video,I had some clicks but not thought too seriously, but when i read the transcript today, i almost bursted into tears. strange feeling but indeed, it’s a great ted talk with really profound message.

  • These lessons should’ve been taught from grade level 1 and upward so the world would have not have 80 people holding more wealth than the 4.5 billion people on �� the planet

    No concept of the richest or the poorest; the concept of educated fools or the wisdom.

    Rest In Peace with God and the infinite loving universal energy Sir Clayton Christensen ������

  • Even if the people there are happier than in the USA, what is the significance? Are the people in Denmark and Finland also happier than people in Switzerland, Japan, Peru or South Africa?

  • The question was, “How Will YOU Measure Your(own) Life?”. Regardless of how any other entity measures your life, Will you be able to look yourself in the mirror and honestly say, “I did the best I could with what I had. I have no regrets.”? When doing a self-exam, don’t blame the mirror.

  • My two takeaways: 1) be careful to not fall in to the trap of measuring success solely through short-term, measurable gains (i.e. quarterly earnings). Perhaps not unlike building an organization to last, achieving a close, joyful family, requires investments that may not contribute to positive short-term measurements, but they do contribute to the survival of the family or organization. This may look like consciously spending more time with one’s family, or at the workplace-supporting a day of service in the community. 2) God’s measurement for success is how one helps and loves one another. It is not measured by position, money, or fame, which, with our finite human minds, it easier to aggregate and measure. Only God, with his infinite, omniscient mind, can fairly aggregate the contributions one makes in the lives of others.

    If #2 is true, which I think it is, I suspect each of us on that day of accounting, will feel compelled to give a transparent accounting ourselves, good deeds, warts and all, and we will indeed know the measurement of our lives.

    Thank you for this message and your positive influence Clayton Christensen. What I know of you, you seem to walk the talk and your life was a shining example of this very message.

  • they don’t face the same problems that the United States has. Plus USA has a bigger population. Is not something very to create a social system without having a group feeling offensive or not part of the social structure. Tho most Americans do not understand what a balance life style.

  • Undoubtedly, the most important TED talk I ever watched. If only the idea that the Divine metric is very different to the measure of success this world applies then our interview in the next world would be much less of an ordeal.

  • I don’t think you guys should have said that they park their babies unattended outside while people go get their coffee… but that’s just me.

  • According to John Stuart Mill, happiness is in a sense unattainable, happiness is just lowering the frequency of pain. In which ourselves cause the most pain for ourselves, and are the ones who can stop the pain. To relate what Mill has to say to this video is with the point of hedonic adaptation. In which we become accustomed to what made us once so happy and in time no longer feel that happiness anymore. With what this video has to say in a way does contradict the ethics of happiness according to Mill. To also say that your happiness is determined mostly on your genes and life choices/behaviours seems more accurate. Sometimes we may buy or do things that will allow us to feel happiness for only a short amount of time, but those things can also but the things that are just the stepping stones to a greater amount of happiness. In a way Mill is right by saying that happiness is just reducing the pain that we feel, and this video proves that to be true in a roundabout way. Like stated before, we wish for some things that we intend that will bring us more happiness but as time goes on those things are not what bring us ultimate joy. As a human we continually want to better ourselves to feel happiness, and that we have to be the very best and have the very best to feel happy. But I disagree with that, we have to in a way create happiness to get happiness in return.

  • I am the same person as the woman in 13:18 who was immersed in his speech.
    What a wise explanation of the way of life! Love this <3

  • Happiness is measured by how tall and attractive you are.
    Everything else is a coping mechanism, a delusion you create to keep yourself from committing suicide. Why do people want to stay alive? Probably to keep seeing more tall and attractive people with their eyes before they fail.

  • OMG, I came to YouTube to expose my being mentally unwell for the benefit n to play this UN Game. Looks like I can’t get away from the UN, they are everywhere n all about my ” well being”��

  • Very wonderful words by Sir. Very touching words and guidance for life!
    May Almighty give him long n healthy n happy life n guide him on a true path. And may he be successful in this world n hereafter! Aameen!

  • How to be happy.
    1. Keep your heart from your hate.
    2. Keep your mind free from worry.
    3. Live simply
    4. Expect little
    5. Pray always

  • Truly, a mighty redwood tree has fallen! Thanks to his writings and online talks, count me as one he greatly influenced for good. He was the most excellent mentor and role model so many of us lacked in our lives. As tears roll down my cheeks, I am happy for him that he is now free from illness and disability, as he has left our world for the next. I extend my condolences to his loved ones, as they transition to the new normal his absence leaves.

  • I got to meet this guy in person 5 years ago.  He wasn’t just an amazing intellect, he really was a supremely humble gentleman of outstanding personal qualities.

  • For context, Professor Christensen had suffered a stroke in the summer of 2010 that deeply affected his ability to speak. Amazing to see him give a strong lecture not that long after.

  • Beautifull wisdom, I’ve discovered the last one about how “God” will measure us in the end myself troughout this year. I’m gratefull for that. I don’t believe in God, but I believe in Society helping eachother out and improving the lives of the ones closeby and further away. Together with Nature, the Universe and the relation between all those I’ve found meaning to endure all the pain and darkness in this world. But if I can be just a small ray of sun on a few people’s lives, than I’d be honored to accept the gift of life and I’ll live it fully.
    Together with seeing my education as a child, an investment in the long term, not a day to day struggle to survive this talk made me a better person. Thank you Ted, thank you Clay!

  • Summary: I’ve concluded that the metric by which God will assess my life isn’t dollars but the individual people whose lives I’ve touched.

  • I’m both shameful and sad for not knowing this great man until his death. What a huge loss to know alot of shallow celebrities and ignoring people like him.

  • Salaries are shared. They don’t want to become a Horrible Plutocracy like the USA. The people are informed. They don’t have many low information voters that vote AGAINST their own best interests like you have in the USA.
    But of course the Food is better in the USA!

  • What a joke…. Being a Dane I can’t relay to much of this.. We pay way to much Tax and the service we get from it, is horrible. bad schools, horrible hospitals and then DK is a very racist country.

  • God bless you Clay Christensen. Wherever you are right now, I hope God knows that you have lightened up minds by sharing your beautiful and meaningful thoughts. Thank you and R.I.P.

  • All these videos miss always a key point that US has too use much money to fund the military
    And let’s be real here if not for US the whole Europe would be under Soviet mercy

  • How do you measure happiness?
    How much I am free from troubles caused by people around me.

    What makes you happy?
    Less (reasons to have) stress & anxiety.

  • This is powerful beyond measure! God does not hire accountants but rather at the end of life interview, he will probe into how much impact we made on the people he placed into our lives. Well, I have since decided to use my talent to inspire others to live intentionally by creating short and insightful youtube videos. Would love for you guys to join me!

  • An interesting man. I’ve read some of his books ie the Innovator’s Dilemma and found the case studies and analogies mostly insightful. But I also feel like some of these theories are dramatizations of concepts that are actually quite obvious. Take “jobs to be done” theory: it more or less implies that consumers buy products to fulfill a need. Hmm, sounds quite logical! I mean, how many people buy products NOT to fulfill needs? Sometimes academics have a way of expressing the obvious in the fanciest possible ways…curious what others thoughts on this are.

  • Living life worrying about what “God’s” judgment is going to be when or if St. Peter allows you to walk through those pearly gates and be judged on how you served mankind sounds like a pathetic existence here on earth. How about illiminating the fear of “God” in our lives and carpe diem in pursuing what brings joy and happiness into your life. My experience with using religious dogma to guide how you live your life fosters misery.

  • I’m a tall basketball player From Saudi Arabia and our government aggregate, they considered Saudi Arabia as a whole more than once because of me

  • The U.S like many countries is still using slavery of the poor and the mindset you’re poor to create it’s momentum. “Got to get that stuff to prove how valuable iam”. Norway makes everyone and accepts mostly people who are the same so you don’t need the stuff( 100% tax on vehicle cost buy one and buy the government one).” No one else has it, what’s the point, besides it’s way too expensive.”It’s two systems and there are very happy and very unhappy people in both. Being settled and middle-class tends to yield happiness, trying to better yourself tends to create anxiety until you make which it which rarely happens, that’s why they make movies about the people that do.

  • This video really puts into perspective the importance of your own mindset in everyday life. Although, like Doctor Mike said, materialistic things do not necessarily hurt your short term happiness levels, you are more likely to gain happiness in things that are going to benefit you for a while. I believe that that is why there are so many people that struggle with happiness. The society we live in today has very high and almost unrealistic goals on how to achieve happiness. If we focused more on our inner happiness rather than on our outer happiness the overall happiness of our society would increase dramatically. Also by helping one another gain happiness we will not only be helping them but ourselves as well.

  • You’ve mentioned that doing Altruistic activities makes us happier, I fully agree with this statement but for years I haven’t managed to explain myself why… and the more I do good things for other people, the more I’m enjoying it. I’ve heard that from evolutionary standpoint, we created ourself to be kind and altruistic by nature so that we’ll be happy to help one another, it’s a good reason but it’s not enough for me to settle the matter in my mind… why do we like other species then? and why the majority of people like to help themselves more?

  • When we read the Bible, we realize that success isn’t in there. What is success in God’s eyes? I don’t think it really matters to Him, what matters is what we make of our life, how we deal and forgive others and the way we help shape our community, country, and the world. You are absolutely correct Clay, God bless you always.

  • Finland and Denmark are they best two best countries in Europe,cost of living is cheap and great jobs opportunities,happy environment

  • It was interesting to hear a philosophy with which I generally agree, expressed through the worldview of a religious business professor, especially since I think a much better World would have neither religion nor business professors.

  • God bless you Prof. Clayton. You will be missed. Thank you for the lovely ideas you’ve shared and for the lives you’ve touched by the work you’ve done.

  • When comparing Scandinavian countries to the United States, please remember that both Finland and Denmark have populations of 5 million people (the same as the metro populations of Boston or San Francisco). The population of the U.S. is 330 million: 66 times greater. Finland and Denmark have a mostly homogeneous population: the vast majority of people are white, speak the same language and come from the same religious tradition. In the United States 13% of the people are black, 17% are Hispanic, and 47 million people were born in another country. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus all have memberships in the thousands or even millions.

  • One time, my friend and I were wading in the water at a pool and then I stepped in something. At first we didn’t know what it was and my friend looked at it under water and it was: DIAHAREA!!!!!!!!!! XDD! YOU WON’T BELIEVE HOW FAST EVERYBODY GOT OUT OF THE POOL IT WAS LIKE A STAMPEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD

  • Me: still crying after watching a tribute video
    YouTube: here watch this
    Mark: here watch us figure out how much pee is in this pool
    My tears: hehehehe byeeeeeeeee

  • to be fair, if you smell it, it’s not always urine. It can be any of the nitrogen derived compunds such a urea (pee), sweat, dandruff and dead skin. Now, you can and should choose not to pee in a pool, but I’m not that sure about the others though lol

  • The artificial sweetener idea is good, but has two major flaws in this context:
    1) If it’s a private pool, with so few users of the pool, it’s very possible the residents consume very little or no artificial sweetener.
    2) The amount of artificial sweetener consumed very likely varies by income level, which would affect measurements of community pools.

  • I’m never going swimming in a pool ever again…. that’s too nasty…. I just thought you did that on pee what about Poo in the pool

  • “Proven science…” a contradiction in terms. This video is a cautionary tale of why. Presumptions and guesses multiplied by presumptions and guesses, all leading to “conclusions” that actually don’t provide a reliable answer to the title question. These videos are best when referencing entertaining applications of engineering, worst when perpetrating the myth of “scientific proofs” and/or smuggling in political propaganda.

  • We are the happiest here because societal norms ensure that we stay away from any topic of conversation that might ruin the good vibe.
    If we were honestly happy, the use of antidepressants in Denmark wouldn’t be among the highest per capita in the world.

  • So what you’re saying is I should get married every two years and get a new car every few months, and I will be happy. Thanks Mike!

  • but water evaporates from the pool too, so there would be more “pee” in the pool than the source water even if no one ever peed in the pool…

  • Be prepare to move to Denmark and don’t make one single Danish friend. You will be hanging out with other internationals. The weather is terrible. They eat leverpaste which is horrible. The danish language is a nightmare. Otherwise is a nice place to live.

  • Nordic countries are ethnically conservative, nothing wrong in it. There are barely any immigrants there. US has a different mindset than others because of multiple thinking.
    You go to US for capitalism and individual living. A capitalist or a workaholic can never exist in Finland unless the mindset changes.

  • Just wait until you people realize that the drinking water you drink unless its from a well, is most likely recycled cleaned sewage water.