How Can We Safeguard Ourselves in your own home During Coronavirus, and just what If A Person Continues To Be Uncovered 4 Questions Clarified


How to care for someone with COVID -19 (Coronavirus) at home

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How to protect against the coronavirus

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Basic Precautions To Protect Ourselves During COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Some Important Questions Answered About COVID-19 Pandemic

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Four ways to protect yourself from coronavirus BBC News

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Coronavirus, Protect yourself and family

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COVID-19 questions answered by UChicago experts

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How do we protect ourselves at home during coronavirus, and what if someone has been exposed? 4 questions answered. Brian Labus, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Casey Barber, Research Assistant, School of Public Health, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Shawn Gerstenberger, Dean. How do we protect ourselves at home during coronavirus, and what if someone has been exposed? 4 questions answered March 23, 2020 8.03am EDT Brian Labus, Casey Barber.

How Do We Protect Ourselves at Home During Coronavirus, and What if Someone Has Been Exposed? Infected people may be able to spread the. As everyone is now staying at home, you might be forced to spend more time in close contact with someone who has been exposed to a known case of coronavirus. How do we protect ourselves at home during coronavirus, and what if someone has been exposed? 4 questions answered. time in close contact with someone who has been exposed to.

As everyone is now staying at home, you might be forced to spend more time in close contact with someone who has been exposed to a known case of coronavirus. Infected people may be able to spread the virus before the symptoms begin, but experts don’t yet know how likely they are to infect others and when they become infectious. As everyone is now staying at home, you might be forced to spend more time in close contact with someone who has been exposed to a known case of coronavirus.

Infected people may be able to spread the virus before the symptoms begin, but experts don’t yet know how likely they are to infect others and when they become infectious. 4. How do we protect ourselves from each What if someone in my house has been exposed? to spend more time in close contact with someone who has been exposed to a known case of coronavirus. If you’re a health care worker or taking care of someone at home who has coronavirus, it’s smart to wear eye protection, said Dr.

Thomas Steinemann, clinical. Know how coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads and take steps to protect yourself and others. Avoid close contact, clean your hands often, cover coughs and sneezes, stay home if you’re sick, and know how to clean and disinfect.

List of related literature:

What are the precautions that need to be taken to protect from the coronavirus?

“CLAT 2020 | UG Entrance Preparation | 20 Full-length Mock Tests” by Rohit Manglik
from CLAT 2020 | UG Entrance Preparation | 20 Full-length Mock Tests
by Rohit Manglik
EduGorilla, 2020

At a minimum, isolation precautions should be maintained for the duration of the illness (AII), with consideration given to continuing these measures for the duration of the hospitalization or the duration of viral shedding, since HSCT recipients may asymptomatically shed virus following symptom resolution (CIII).

“Transplant Infections: Fourth Edition” by Per Ljungman, David Snydman, Michael Boeckh
from Transplant Infections: Fourth Edition
by Per Ljungman, David Snydman, Michael Boeckh
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Prevention of coronavirus infections is best accomplished by avoiding exposure to the virus.

“Small Animal Internal Medicine E-Book” by Richard W. Nelson, C. Guillermo Couto
from Small Animal Internal Medicine E-Book
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Measures to prevent the spread of SARS-associated coronavirus include close attention to cough hygiene, hand hygiene, contact precautions, and respiratory droplet precautions.

“Current Clinical Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online” by Cleveland Clinic
from Current Clinical Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online
by Cleveland Clinic
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

For example, wear respiratory protection (if not immune) when in the client’s home.

“Mosby's Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker E-Book” by Sheila A Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert, MS RN, Mary J Wilk
from Mosby’s Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker E-Book
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Prevention and Public Health Considerations Prevention of coronavirus infection is best accomplished by avoiding viral exposure.

“Canine and Feline Gastroenterology E-Book” by Robert J. Washabau, Michael J. Day
from Canine and Feline Gastroenterology E-Book
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The recovery is likely to be hesitant, and could be interrupted by another coronavirus outbreak if targeted containment measures, notably test, track and trace (TTT) programmes, are not put in place or prove ineffective.

“OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2020 Issue 1” by OECD
from OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2020 Issue 1
OECD Publishing, 2020

I tell them we wont do the test (Coronavirus), because I believe it doesn’t makes any sense, you see that this test is very unreliable.

“Medicine The Lies, The Greed & The Death: Includes COVID-19 THE UN-TOLD STORY” by Rui Alexandre Gabirro
from Medicine The Lies, The Greed & The Death: Includes COVID-19 THE UN-TOLD STORY
by Rui Alexandre Gabirro
Order of the Good News, 2020

One suggestion for protecting personnel from virus exposure is to place a face mask or N95 respirator on a patient with confirmed influenza.

“Preventing Transmission of Pandemic Influenza and Other Viral Respiratory Diseases: Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Personnel: Update 2010” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Personnel to Prevent Transmission of Pandemic Influenza and Other Viral Respiratory Infections: Current Research Issues, Catharyn T. Liverman, Elaine L. Larson
from Preventing Transmission of Pandemic Influenza and Other Viral Respiratory Diseases: Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Personnel: Update 2010
by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2011

One example ofa complexinfectious risk from resident petsis associated with coronavirus andFIP.

“Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff” by Lila Miller, Stephen Zawistowski
from Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff
by Lila Miller, Stephen Zawistowski
Wiley, 2012

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  • I looked up that the coronavirus might make old men into dust which means disappearand we might even reset till 0-0-0 till the very beginning and thats scary we might even not exist and it can be the end of the world so be careful wash your hands with warm water and soup on your hands don’t touch your eyes nose mouth put handsantiser on ypur phone and hands put a mask on bye thank you for reading show this to your family to me safe too!

  • best way to protect your self while going outside is getting a mask on, alot of people recommended me and they damn right. f the virus!!

  • By the current information provided by any source essentially everyone has been infected and 14% of the world population had past 1 in 7 people. That said how many people do you know have been diagnosed and past away? Be careful and critical!

  • You shouldn’t cover your mouth with your hands when you sneeze or cough. Instead, cover your mouth with your shirt or something that covers your whole mouth. Therefore, you don’t fling bacteria at others. Heres another thing, do NOT sneeze or cough in your elbow. If you do, there is a VERY high chance it will spread. Also, wear a mask and goggles if your going out in public or if your family is infected. Stay safe everybody and I hope my tips help you! #STOPCORONAVIRUS #STOPCOVID-19

  • Serve your guests a Coronavirus Drink (vodka, orange juice, lime juice & honey). No salt on the rim, instead served in a martini glass with the glass stem covered in purell.

  • I’ve heard planes had cleaner air when smoking was allowed on them. Couldn’t airlines go back to treating the air as if smoking were still allowed?

  • Another Dr. Fauci Lie Debunked – “Mysterious Inflammatory Condition” in Children Is Typical Every Year in 13 of 100,000 Children in Study” 15 May 2020

  • Hi all, I did a lot of research on how to protect Bugra from coronavirus and I listened to the experts but I learned how to protect myself better with this video

    this is the video:

  • Doctor, I am an Indian documentary film maker Pradeep Indulkar. Now lock-downed in home. Last many days I am searching information about Corona and COVID19 and I find your videos very informative and useful, so it should reach to every person. In this situation I am thinking to dub your videos in the local language of our state, the language called Marathi. I hope you will not have objection. Please let me know your opinion.

  • My hair is obscenely long and as a result touches a lot of things around me(not the floor). I won’t cut it but should i braid it to keep it up or completely rap in in something like a scarf. Should I worry about my hair being contaminated?Please note my dad is 75 and has COPD so I must be very careful.

  • This was the first video I’ve ever watched of yours. I immediately had this feeling that this was the first of many more. I wish I could say that I would have never imagine that we would be where we’re at now but sadly that’s not the truth. And I still have this feeling that we’re just at the beggining of it all. Anyhow, thanks for your work Dr. I wish more people would have listened 2 months ago…

  • While combating COVID-19 and other pathogens you may introduce even more harmful elements to your home. Here is a list of what To DO and NOT DO while fighting COVID-19

  • Sadly, ironically, realized today that laughing also spreads the virus. A good belly laugh is as good as a sneeze. Comedians are on the front lines! Be sure you wear a mask, if you’re telling coronavirus jokes!!

  • Disposable masks are expensive in the long term and create so much garbage. Antibacterial and antiviral masks made of copper infused fabric, washable and reusable are available with real scientific test results.

  • There’s been a lot of discrimination towards Asian-Americans in the States due to COVID-19 and numerous hate crimes are now being reported. Today I found out that 2 Asian-American kids were stabbed in Midland, Texas a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old. Federal authorities are warning people that this trend may continue and I’m not okay with that. My prayers go out to all the Asian-Americans out there facing discrimination. I wrote this song as a reminder that we as humans are capable of being much better than the stuff that’s going on. Here’s STAY HOME featuring my talented mom

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  • To read more about Corona Virus and how it can be prevented, read here

  • Emily was that you that did a press conference with the governor of Illinois a few weeks ago?… if that was you…. you scared the crap out of everybody but I understand!

  • Greetings from India. Surgeon here. Have been telling people here since a month to watch your videos, but noone paid attention.
    Just out of interest looked at your first video today. you have been pretty consistent since Day 1 and the situation seems to be getting really grave now. Just praying we have a miracle in India. God bless all of us. Keep up your effort.
    p.s. learning ventilator basics. just in case.

  • You shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by day; Nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday. A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come nigh you. Only with your eyes shall you behold and see the reward of the wicked.


  • There is no place for macho nurses who are not afraid of bateria. This a wise nurse. Use the technique you wew taught in school. Everyone will be better for it..

  • Problem both Norway and UK the governments tell people “no need to wear facemasks”. So people dont, even in work they have meetings without.

  • The United States is not one large country… Each state has huge powers over it’s citizens. Washington DC dude(to be ignored, shunned, the guy has an 8th grade education) is simply an advisor or spokesman during this pandemic. Governors of each state are setting rules based on each states situation. Thus, one can think of USA as a organization of 50 states all with distinct laws..

  • PRO tips: corona & SARS virus have a same genetic data & corona virus dont have meds but only can control nature that wise sleep on beach show ur body in sunlight & drink pepper putted hot water stay cool its just a changes of global world

  • You need to get on Amazon and order Artemesia Annua drops and Artemesinin it is the herb that’s in Madascagar Covid Organics. In Africa it works,Watch Dr Thomas Lodi integrative oncology Covid 19. You tube. You might be able to reach him Dr. Thomas Lodi Oasis if Health Mesa AZ.480-834-5414 the Artemesua works also order Oscillococcinum for chills fever etc. He will need to drink lots of water. And to prevent or treat pneumonia order 100% pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine 1/4 to 1/2 tsp on a spoonful of coarse sugar. Hope this helps you. God Bless.

  • I feel like it’s hopeless for my family. We’re self-quarantined right now since my husband is a paramedic, mainly to prevent spreading it. I don’t see how we won’t get it due to his job. Otherwise I truly wouldn’t be worried, we’d just stay home. I feel like we’re ticking time bombs, just a matter of time.

  • THANKYOU for your rational informative and calm delivery of this vital information Dr John it’s much appreciated by my family as I have a low immunity due to a relapsed small lymphocytic lymphoma, take care of your family too x

  • This guy is a tool. Go watch video on broad cororna virus protection. I can elaborate on why I say this but am busy as hell been going for days dealing with crashed computers. Blocked from posting and frozen computers. I do so at no monetary gain and with very little success. Help make go viral please.

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  • how about washing your hands, before you go out, as well, because you.may already have the virus, and not even know it yet? and be spreading it about.

    what is the point of shutting some doors, and leaving others open, mind you I am no expert, so correct me if I am wrong. the more valid updated information we have the better for all.

  • There is a scientific study showing that high doses of vitamin C lessens the symptoms of viral pneumonia (which corona causes). Also inhaling nebulized coloidal silver. Also doing blood electrification (invented by Bob Beck. look it up). Basic masks wont help, and they should be telling you to not touch your eyes/nostrils/mouth instead of telling you to wash your hands (which you should do before touching those áreas if you dont have any tissue to use).

  • If you have gotten over being sick are you then immune to second wave should there be one?
    If immune would you still be contagious to others?
    How much concern should we have about money and can we get sick should they carry the virus?

  • My brother went hospital with breathing problem after 10 days with Covid19. He is now on oxygen, nausea and blood clot medication. What can we watch for now that he is in his 12 day with covid?

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  • Excellent video Patricia. I am on a non-medical Homecare agency and I’m trying to educate people on the importance of keeping people at home safely with proper care and out of the hospitals so they can care for this seriously ill. You are an awesome educator and I am passing this along to all my contacts. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talent!

  • మిత్రులారా..!
    కరోనా వైరస్ మీద ఉన్న అపోహలన్ని తీర్చేసే మంచి వీడియో..
    తప్పక చూడండి.
    నచ్చితే షేర్ చేయండి, కామెంట్ చేయండి.

  • 1. Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizers.
    2. Cover your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezes.(disposable are better than handkerchief )
    3. Stay away from people who are ill.
    4. Don’t touch surfaces unnecessarily.
    5. Don’t touch your face.
    6. Wear masks.
    7. Be uptodate.

  • Expert zoologists have found the root cause of the corona virus is being spread through cattle farms and consume red meats. Eating red meat is the main cause of the corona virus. They are recommending that people refrain from eating red meat and shift their diets in order to stop the disease.

  • #corona #Coronavirus #IStayHome This is a very helpful and informative video at the right time. To protect ourselves from “Coronavirus” we have to Boost our Immune System. Tips to increase Immune System Here are the tips to boost your immune system against Coronavirus infection. Check out the link for healthy lifestyle tips to increase the immune system:

  • hi guys just want to say protect your self from corona virus do all the necessaries and most importantly stay indoors and just keep praying.

  • ☣️Fight Corona from Home☣️
    ☢️Make your own Hand Sanitizer☢️
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  • Steam inhalations are a very important natural remedy when you are cold and a true medicine for inflamed and congested mucous membranes. Steams moisten the airways, fluidize the secretions and stimulate their elimination, and by combining with medicinal slopes and essential oils destroy pathogens, disinfect the airways, and soothe the neck irritation.
    Inhalations are recommended in case of runny nose, sore throat, headache, dry neck, viruses etc. It is usually in the evening, before bedtime, after the room has been previously ventilated and heated. Water is put on the fire and when it starts to boil add dried herbs. The most suitable are the chamomile, thyme, sage and basil. Cover the bowl for a few minutes, then put on a towel and sit 10-15 minutes above the bowl that emits healing steam, with emollient, soothing, anti-inflammatory effect. You can also inhale by placing up to 10 drops of eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme, lavender, cloves, which have a decongestant, expectorant, anti-infectious, antiviral effect in water.

  • Dr John Campbell you screamed copy write when someone was using your corona virus video, to help others for no profit, to help save life. Not very nice of you demanding video removal but it did its job nearly 800 hits + word of mouth, we still got a copy FU

  • A properly informed person is a healthier person. Very helpful, yes disturbing, but very important information to deal with real illness.

  • Way back on 28 January, even Dr. Campbell was recommending the public to wear masks. Meanwhile the WHO was telling people they don’t need to unless they were symptomatic, to save them for the medical staff….because masks protect the m from the virus.

  • Always wear a mask when going out and always wash antiseptic hands continuously. with a medical mask that will prevent the virus best, you might not be able to find it, I was looking to buy it on amazon:

  • I need my wisdom teeth out cause they are causing extremely excruciatingly unbearable pain is it safe to go to my dentist that is located 2 hours away in Iowa City

  • This vidio is now telling me in my head that every time I touch SOMETHING WASH MY HANDS and that’s why I like this vidio I’m subscribing to it ������

  • The thing that seems contradictory to me is to limit your time in the sick person’s room, but also wipe down surfaces twice a day and clean their bathroom once a day. Why not just stay out of the room? Drop food at the door and retreat. I am so frustrated and confused. My husband, a first responder, has been exposed and we are awaiting results, but I also take care of my 80 year old mom with 14%;lung function and have 2 teens in the house. Finding safe information for at home care is so difficult.

  • Want some serious advice to protect against this virus? The virus is high profile and being used to raise the profile of:

    Remote coronavirus diagnosis dependent on using 5G

    Remote-controlled Patrol Robots dependent on using 5G

    Remote CT scans dependent on using 5G

    Two high-tech hospitals in Huoshenshan and Leishenshan in Wuhan City, specially designed to combat the coronavirus using specialist equipment dependent on using 5G

    Protect yourself by turning your Wi-Fi off at night and refusing the damage to your immune system caused by 5G.

    In October 2019, Wuhan where both the virus and 5G started hosted THE MILITARY WORLD GAMES where the opening ceremony used a TV and VR system powered for the first time ever by guess what? 5G

    On the same date New York hosted Event 21 ‘A Global Pandemic Exercise’ simulating the spread of a pandemic

    As part of that exercise, they simulated imposing a State of Emergency restricting travel. Meaning that people would be reduced to conducting relationships and business remotely, via phone, computer and internet.

    In other words, rehearsing a scenario where we are all:

    dependent on using 5G

    Protect yourself by turning your Wi-Fi off at night and refusing the damage to your immune system caused by 5G. Spread the word.

  • -Assume we all have Covid-19
    -Wear mask all times
    -Wash hands frequent, but specially after touching things
    -Wear new clean gloves everytime and remove them carefully.
    All around hygiene, bleached wipes, alcohol, sanitizer, lysol, clean, clean, clean.

    We should all strengthen our immune system now to be better prepared. Reduce anxiety and stress levels when and if you can due to their detrimental effect on our immune system.

    -Drink water, loads of it.
    -Cooked home meals with plenty veggies
    Ginger tea with honey and lime
    -Elderberry juice

    Feel free to add to the list.
    Stay safe guys and stay informed.

  • Yes, stay at home, wash your hands, no face touching and wear a mask. I only have some disposable masks, will order some N95 from friend just recommend to me).

  • #corona #Coronavirus #IStayHome This is a very helpful and informative video at the right time. To protect ourselves from “Coronavirus” we have to Boost our Immune System. Tips to increase Immune System Here are the tips to boost your immune system against Coronavirus infection. Check out the link for healthy lifestyle tips to increase the immune system:

  • Increase your immune system by using organic product that imported from US and having a approval of 160 countries. Call now 9650070667, limited stock. All India ���� Deiivery Available.
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  • Lessons from Asia: MASKS, MASKS, MASKS. It prevents the droplets from leaving, it prevents the droplets from ending on surfaces, it prevents the droplets from entering, it prevents you touching mouth and eyes. Common sense. Make your masks if you can not find them and wash them in boiling water with disinfectant after every use. Better on the masks than inside you. SOCIAL DISTANCING, avoid people and closed spaces, air conditioning… this add will get you infected for sure, no daily live in this situation. You do not go out when bombs are falling, shelter!!! Of course wash your hands, but remember the virus also can be in aerosol form in the air that you breath. “Airborne”

  • I have the regular flu or this coronavirus I’m not going to bother to ask for testing since those are scarce. My granddaughter was sick last week and her doc told her mom (over the phone) to just keep her at home for 48 hours or so. Her fever was 104. Why are we all self distancing if people are being told to just figure it out themselves and releasing kids back into preschools with that 24 hour rule still in force? I guess it’s due to lack of supplies. It is what it is.

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  • You are doing such a service.
    We need more info like this!!
    I’m drinking baking soda water and taking vitamin D supplement daily as a hopefully safeguard but your advice is excellent.

  • yes there is one way to save your selves but unfortunately if I tell you Greed would jump in and buy everything. but what I can tell you I can attack greed to as the virus adsorbs produce stock as it likes to contaminate food energy. the best way is in Tin products that are sealed. and you have to wash your hands on any item you touch. even if your on your own can pick it up on clothing skin always wash you hands at all times confiding can be awkward too. it’s like a time Bomb ready to strike. I just wished and shocked why No one had even asked me what was happening in 2014-15 now it is too late to do anything about it. myself wasn’t powerful enough to stand for our Country but we tried by place Theresa May to work for us but No one cared about her and now we will pay for those mistakes made by Politicians of ignorance was responsible for this outbreak to the world. there is no other way to even find a cure as it strikes very fast to all worlds. America has been working on this virus over the years on Cattle whether it has had an effect from that could effect The American states too so for global we are at war with this Coronavirus,

  • Bull shit garlic helps a lot and helps strengthen the kidneys were the protein comes from that feeds the virus it prevents the protein so it wont feed the virus DUG what evil people there are on this planet saying that they are going against God word THOUGH SHALT NOT KILL THERE IS NO VACCINE FOR ANY OF THIS AND NEVER WAS GROW UP AND SMELL THE ROSES HERBALISM IS THE ONLY TRUE WAY TO PREVENT AND CURE EVIL MEDICAL PROFESSION ARE FIGHTING FOR RESEARCH GRANTS THAT WONT YIELD ANYTHING GOOD FOR HUMANITY

  • COVID-19 Coronavirus disease Latest information: Advice for the general public: Must known facts

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  • So why the hell is the CDC telling us we don’t need to wear masks if we are not ill or showing symptoms of the virus? You just said we can have it and show no signs and infect others. So social distancing and washing hands should be enough? What if a person suddenly sneezed �� or coughed? Not always can we be 6 feet away from everyone we encounter

  • I am thankful for you rn i contracted covid19 on the 21st of june and my mother is 65 so im trying my best to not give it to her…so this video is very much appreciated. Thank you may you receive many blessings.

  • How to easily protect our self from corona virus

  • Such a shame nobody was listening to you back then John. I told so many people about you but they called me crazy. I guess people don’t make changes until they have personal pain.

  • Why would they encourage people to stop buying masks but at the same time the CDC and FDA is encouraging you to wear masks while traveling? So to say that the masks in no way helps is false.

  • i learn to self care as a 18 year old C.N.A. how come you think we want to stop living because of people diseases. NO THANKYOU! God made me to love family values not dwell on worldly unrighteousness. ��

  • My roommate with Asperger’s works at Burger King and my other roommate and I are staying home isolated,
    I recently had a heart attack and have shortness of breath already, He thinks he needs to go work,
    So he don’t lose his job and he only getting 13 hours a week now down from 35 -39!
    What could We do? S.O.S. Two of us with health problems, Not Him.

  • Hi I’m interested in your teaching. First of all thank you for your service I am a hospital worker myself and I have a couple questions not too many people knows The answer yet. Number one is the central air ventilation in that room goes back to the central furnace spreading to other rooms? Maybe we should stop the vent elation to that particular room and to introduce different system of Heating And Cooling in that room A number two how to walk out of the room since 95% of the droplets is on the floor how do I stop the spread when we walk out of that room? Thank you again for the very important public service you’re doing

  • While combating COVID-19 and other pathogens you may introduce even more harmful elements to your home. Here is a list of what To DO and NOT DO while fighting COVID-19

  • it is a very important video for us.

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  • If you have first signs of a cold have strong spices in food and drinks containing caffeine. It is likely to stop a virus or a cold getting worse.

  • I cant believe that people is just passing by these things, take care of yourself and your family, buy masks, wash hands, clean doors, think about it. You have if you want to buy a mask, I bought 5 for me and my family.

  • “Stop buying masks. They don’t close your eyes, so the coronavirus can still enter your body.”
    Me who wears glasses since 6: Pathetic.

  • Hi, I’m caring for an elderly woman
    She’s 95 years old.
    My daughter and her kids lives with me. 2 years old and 9years old.
    How should i protect my family.
    I’m 55 years old. I have to go work.

  • If a covid positive person takes a shower and now because of the shower all the virus on the surface of his skin is washed off, Can u touch that person?

  • So they’re saying for us not to buy mask because they won’t help against the virus but then they say that if medical pros can’t get them it puts them at risk. Wtf? I thought they said the mask were useless now they’re saying that without them it puts people at risk. I don’t get it.

  • For maximum protect of corona virus this method who working and extremely conditions survival pandemian

  • The coronavirus is just like the internet. It pops up once, and a couple of weeks, days, or mouths later there, a new pops up. Then, we all forget about the coronavirus. When people say ”Oh do not touch me, you no that the coronavirus is going around. Or some people panic like it is the end of the world. And do not have the right to buy all the cleaning supplies.

  • Don’t use your face mask, again and again, the bacteria, and virus
    stay there for a while. Buy this 3-ply disposable face mask at Amazon
    and get a better price. Stay healthy and wash your hand all the time.

  • Right. And what about pets, do they need to carry and regularity apply antibacterial paw gel? Pets jumping up on people, touching sniffing on everything. Where the logic here?!?

  • It’s in jamaica. I’m really afraid because my poor little country dont have the equipment to help this virus.
    Let’s pray and hope that this virus don’t beat us����

  • Get Magnesium in any form you can and continue to enjoy your life. Here is link to the best source. The best defense is your bodies own immune system.

  • Simple…Like Us…Our home is in Total Lockdown & isolation from everyone…No one is entering our home not matter who they are?.People are the problem we don’t want their �� & germs..who needs um??������

  • Surgeon general says“seriously people stop buying mask they do not help the general public from catching corona virus but If the healthcare providers don’t have them they will be at risk?????? Doesn’t that mean they help not catching the virus? Shouldn’t everybody where one to stop the infection from spreading? Guess they think y’all are too stupid to figure that out! Which most of Americans are!

  • This is such a great video and I want everyone to see it since it really can help with any sickness, not just covid-19. It also tells us some important infomation we all should know to keep ourselves safe. Sure, we are told how inportant masks are, but not how to use them, and for how long. About gloves we are told that they are saved for the hospitals and sometimes there might be enough left over for home care. That isn’t right. You have told us now how important everything is and just how to use them. I am greatful, and I know there are so many others like me who feal as greatful to you for caring enough to tell us the proper information. We do need to hear the truth, thank you so much for that. God bless you. Thankyou, Thankyou, and Thankyou again.

  • Excellent, thank you for all your necessary information. I’m sure most people are unaware of, “clean techniques n isolation protocol.” God willing your information will save some lives. Thank you, n much respect from another R.N.

  • Very helpful. Thank you. Is there any particular disinfectant wipe you would suggest? I have a small cleaning business and its mostly me and one other employee cleaning. I want to keep everyone safe, especially my 88 yr old mother, with whom I reside. Please help. Again, thank you for this imperative information.

  • sir. s. hudson is grateful to have C.N.A. wisdom from Saint Mary’s Medical Hospital Administration since 1978 during Enid, Oklahoma trainings and guidelines in our JESUS name. Amen.

  • Looking forward to seeing more videos. Good luck with growing your channel! Do you know about followsm. c o m?! You could use it to promote your channel!

  • what would be good advice if my job doesn’t allow me to work from home, i work at Metro by T-mobile and I can’t afford quitting. they not providing anything to clean im taking my own stuff from my house to keep myself clean.

  • This is a ridiculously long video of statistics I have already listen to five minutes of your video and still have yet to get any advice on how to take care of someone at home with Covid

  • My cousin has it how can you help out but not catch it. She does not have anywhere to go cause everyone is scared of her. But me and my mom god once said do not be afraid of evil and pit on someone who dont help another out so we doing our best to find soluations to how to treat sum like this

  • Brilliant but the bog standard Vit D from Asda et al is useless. It needs to be D3 and has to be taken with K2. The D3 should preferably be in an oil carrier and taken with main meal as it’s fat soluble. 5000iu a day is fine for most through the winter. Great advice though and definitely food for thought and helpful.

  • I need a specific details on how to disinfect my house if a family member with covid is roaming around the house? Pls help me to be safe. The person feels that he is already recovered but he still has a little bit of cough and roaming around already. Pls help me.

  • I was in the supermarket the other day, and someone was coughing all over the food on the shelves, with a horrible chesty phlegmy hoarse cough, without any attempt to contain it, while trying to see the labels, or the prices close up, nasty inconsiderate, or ignorant, made me think that we need to put our shopping in some sort of quarantined? for a couple of days? before touching it, again. how long the a virus can live on these surfaces, I do not know?

  • Decided to scroll back and watch some of your first Corona virus videos, it’s interesting to watch with the perspective we have on this virus now

  • In Iceland, fjallagrös was mostly used for lung-related problems such as bronchitis, asthma, and tuberculosis. My friend Vilborg grew up in the East Fjords in the 1930s, a time when tuberculosis was rampant. She remembers drinking a cup or more of fjallagrös tea daily to ward off TB.

  • Don’t believe in WHO take extra precautions..sleep well for good immuno system..that’s it.. remember what US & FRANCE did in 1984 regarding AIDS…even now also they are earning money by making Africans as victims..

  • no we have to eat green vegetables,fruits and if we eat meat and eggs, if the animals has covid 19 in his body so,,, the virus will enter in our body so we have to eat vegies and fruits….

  • Is there any value in using a furnace filter rated for virus filtration over a furnace return of its located in the room where an infected person is isolated?

    Also, the room I would likely be isolated doesn’t have a door, should I purchase the vapour barrier doors used by construction and painting contractors in to reduce air exchange with other living areas nearby? It has a zipper door which could be operated with gloves to on.

  • My advice to everyone is this:
    If you start feeling sick and have itchy throat start gargling with warm water and salt every day bc the virus will stay there for 3 to 4 days.. by doing this it will kill the virus before it gets to the lungs.. another thing to do is to boost your immune system by taking vitamin C and eat a lot of oranges.. also you can do is boil a cup of water.. squeeze one lemon and cut a small piece of ginger.. put them in that hot water and let it sit for a couple min.. then drink it while is warm.. do this every morning..
    at night you can eat one tea spoon of honey or chop one glove of garlic and swallow it with water.. all the thing I mentioned it will boost your immune system and kill all the germs in your body….good luck to everyone and may God and Jesus keep the world save..!!!!

  • Coronavirus is a deadly disease i request everyone to stay home with all the precautionary measures like washing your hands use sanitizers, even you go out to market for some emergencies use mask and gloves. With these precautions we also need to boost our immunity in ayurveda there are many herbs like Amla,Giloy,Tulsi Etc. I used to drink amla juice every morning to get stronger immune system and if you didn’t get giloy at ur home or work then use giloy capsules from #planetayurveda that have so many health benefits with no side effects
    #coronavirusnews #boostimmunity

  • I feel concerned that I will be in full blown panic if my family member gets it. It will be hard to care for them physically if I’m not well mentally. I definitely fear getting it myself. I know Jesus has me and knows all that I need. Thank you for the information. This was helpful. Why should you go in and clean the room and bathroom while they are sick? Would it be better to clean it after the 14 days to stay away from it as much as possible? I guess it’s to keep it contained?

  • I’m 48 with asthma and copd and I contracted covid 19. I’m currently in quarantine, so far I only have a dry cough. Thank you for providing information

  • Thank you for this video
    Can you answer one question please
    How do you recommend dealing with utensils used by covid patients it’s not possible to use disposable all the time?

  • My husband tested positive. The only symptom is a dry cough. Never had a fever. On June 26th when the Saharan dust cloud came through Houston, we both suffered from sinus from June 26th through July 3rd. I treated our sinus issues as usual: Claritin, hot tea with honey, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Mine cleared up somewhere around July 4th or 5th. Hubby had & has a lingering dry cough. He called doctor for cough med. (June 30th) cause it was manageable during the day but at night kept him awake and caused him to be tired during the day. On July 6th, we had not received the cough med through the mail so we decided to go through VA ER. Long story short, they told him that was a symptom of Coronavirus and sent him to the other side to be tested. We were notified of positive results the night of July 9th. We both were officially quarantined from July 6 12. I have no symptom. I called CDC to get information and basically, they told me they didn’t know. The lady kept saying, I am sorry, I don’t have an answer for your questions. So I have been doing the best I can to help care for him. Unfortunately for us, our house is in the middle of being renovated so there is no room for him to be closed off in and no windows to open. I guess I can open the back door but then bugs fly in. He sleeps in the den recliner and I sleep upstairs in our bed room. I spray the area with Lysol when I enter and wipe everything down with disinfectant wipes that I think he might have touched before I cook or take his temp. We both are masked up when I enter just in case he coughs, it will go back into the mask. You have given me a lot of information, I wish I had 9 days ago. This is the 3rd week, or more, of the cough. Do you think it will go away soon? If he still have the cough July 20th, do you think he will still be contagious? From all the videos and articles I have read, people can have no symptoms and test positive or have symptoms and test neg. so I am thinking, we don’t know who has it and who don’t. Thank you in advance. An information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

  • Schools, public venues and work are closed, border and some domestic flights and international flights. Canceled. Only things opened are essential things, grocery, ten at a time, gas, hospitals, you get the idea. We are all at home self isolation and practice social distancing, and yes all four of those things. ��������❤️��This too shall pass but we are all being affected together, be kind to one another and be patient, love and peace. ��❤️������

  • Thank you so much for this!! I am glad you did this. It will help so many of us! I did not know how to take off gloves and was actually doing it wrong. This really helped!! God bless!

  • I know what the media has been saying about young people is changing but I am not sure where people got the idea that young people couldn’t get COVID. At first they were saying we should social distance so that we didn’t give it to older people but that means that still meant young people could get the disease.

  • Should test everyone. I’ve seen where people are being tested for antibodies. Comes back positive so they had covid and didn’t know it. How many people did they spread it to.

  • please we ask all those witchy nurses to stay safe and keep your comments private before you get injections your own self. i thank my God for stable mental health ����

  • I’ve been watching and learning from January autoimmune disease i would love to speak with you directly. Ive been home safe however January 20 2020 surgury required lupus and the DEPARTMENT of VETAERANS AFFAIRS IN UNITED STATES A VETERAN 60 YEARS OLD FEMALE NO CHANCE OF ANY HEALTHCARE FOR VETERANS WE NEED TO SPEAK AS I’M FROM A FAMILY OF THREE DOCTORS AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES DOCTOR’S ARE MY HERO’S HOWEVER I’M MY BEST ADVOCATE FOR MY HEALTH VITAMINS HAVE HELPED MY IMMUNE SYSTEM LET’S CHAT [email protected]

  • how about washing your hands, before you go out, as well, because you.may already have the virus, and not even know it yet? and be spreading it about.

    what is the point of shutting some doors, and leaving others open, mind you I am no expert, so correct me if I am wrong. the more valid updated information we have the better for all.

  • I have no gloves and had symptoms of covid19 dry cough difficulty breathing what I did was put water mixed with bleach and I dip a paper towel and use it to touch everything light switch microwave, faucet, ref, door knobs etc

  • I take care of myself so much! Because I have asthma. ON MARCH 28th, I WENT to the market. ON April 1 I started have chilli and sweats for 2 days. Than STOP. I CRY. I WAS so scared. ON DAY MY heart was pounding like crazy. I rush MY self. I feel stronger, today. They still didn’t test me. They put me in observation for 9 days.I put my nephew on a hotel. I have a little pain in my back, I didn’t have the cough or loose of smell. So…I’m doing everything that I could save my life. What is your recommendation ��������. I never went out… I didn’t visit anything more than market and the bank atm..,. Why? Me? I USED EVERY ORECAUTION…. THE GOV. IS NOT TELLING US COVIT IS IN IN THE COMMMUNITY AND THE AIR…. THIS IS SO SCARY AND DANGEROUS

  • Good to talk about those people in the house living by them selves and we have to go and support them but on one cares about us carers

  • Dear my british friends, ive stayed and studied at Univ. in UK for 6 years. So the UK is one of my best country. Now, it is a significant to wash your hands for 30 seconds and wear masks when you go outside. Do not meet peoples over 3 and dont stay at confined space. We have to be careful a social activity at the moment. Fighting, wish that it will be fine in UK. From Ms. Korean

  • Excellent! Excellent! Advice like you said something they’re not talking about and something most of us will have to deal with even taking care of myself I live alone.