How Can I Understand I am in Labor


How do I know if I am in labor?

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You’re probably in false labor. Having contractions that are getting close together and increasingly more painful? You’re probably in real labor. Contractions are less than 20 minutes but more than five minutes apart? You’re likely in early labor.

They’re three to four minutes apart? You’re in active labor. Two to three minutes?Things to consider Timing of the contractions. True labor: They come at regular intervals (every 20 minutes to every 5 minutes).

They get Strength of contractions. True labor: They steadily increase in strength over time. False labor: They are usually weak Pain of contractions. True labo. The most common sign of labor is going to be contractions.

But not all contractions mean labor. We’re typically looking for a pattern – a pattern of contractions that are occurring more often, they’re getting more intense, and they’re lasting over a period of time. So a good rule of thumb is 4-1-1.

To tell if it’s the “real” thing, time the contractions (which feel like strong menstrual cramps in the beginning) from the start of the one to the start of the next. If they come consistently, with about the same amount of time in between and become progressively closer and stronger, you’re in labor. Expect to Feel Uncomfortable. In addition to pain, women in labor often feel nausea, hot flashes, and gas pain. Chew On Ice Chips.

Because you’ll need extra water and you’ll have hot flashes, ice chips will keep you hydrated and help cool you down. Keep. Tell me about Losing Your Mucus Plug/Brownish Discharge. A lot of people feel like losing your mucus plug means you’re going into labor.

They’re wrong. Cliff notes: Your mucus plug is just sitting your cervix protecting the baby the first couple of trimesters and then it will fall out. If your contractions get stronger, more regular, and come closer together, you are most likely in labor. If your contractions aren’t regular and go away when you change positions, you might be.

If your cervix begins to efface or dilate significantly as you get close to labor, you may pass your mucus plug – the small amount of thickened mucus that has sealed off your cervical canal during your pregnancy. The mucus plug may come out in a lump all at once or as an increased amount of vaginal discharge over the course of several days. Drink a glass of water and lie down on your left side; if the contractions don’t stop, you’re probably in labor. Timing your contractions now is important—if you’re in a regular pattern, call your doctor or hospital. They’ll likely advise you to wait at home until the contractions are 40-60 seconds long 2-3 minutes apart.

How will I know when I’m in labor? The quick and dirty definition of labor is: contractions that cause cervical change. If your cervix isn’t changing, you aren’t in.

List of related literature:

You will call your friends and relatives and put them on red alert in preparation for the call that you are in labor.

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If your labor begins with contractions, they may initially feel like a backache or strong menstrual cramps.

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Pains and Contractions Start in the lower back and “wrap around” to the lower abdomen.

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Most often labor begins on or about the due date with the onset of uterine contractions, which will be felt in the lower abdomen or lower back as pressure, and ultimately as painful.

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Your first noticeable contractions may be long and painful.

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“Your contractions will usually be 5 minutes apart or closer for 1 hour if labor is really happening.”

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There are several different signs that suggest that labor may be beginning.

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The contractions usually begin as acutely aching sensations in the small of the back; in a short time, they turn into cramplike pains recurring regularly in the lower abdomen.

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It certainly could be, Mama, so keep an eye out for signs of impending labor: diarrhea or loose stools, loss of the mucus plug, the “bloody show,” and—of course—the onset of contractions.

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• Watch for signs related to the beginning of labor.

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  • I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I’m starting to feel so crappy and nauseous and I have period pains in my back. I also had one time diarrhea and that was random and bizarre but now I’m seeing that these are early labor symptoms and that makes me feel better that my body is just doing what it is supposed to. Glad I watched this video. Ready for baby boy to come end of June!

  • Hello, I am 37 weeks pregnant and in ultrasound I come to know that I have less amniotic fluid so, its possible to have normal delivery.

  • Hi..your videos are really inspiring and easy to understand..I’m going to be 32 weeks tommorow and already watching contraction and Labour videos..Lol ����

  • I have been feeling nauseous randomly and having weird bathroom issues along with feeling crampy. I am 35 weeks and I’m over analyzing everything!!

  • am always doing nesting..
    then latenight i have my discharge (1st out is pink discharge,then lately i have brownies discharge).. then its always hurt my tummy at lower back nd my abdomen

  • I’m 36 and 1 day pregnant. I have 27 days left. So rn just haven’t experienced nothing yet. My midwife told me I should be experiencing something along the line. I’m going into normal birthing. This is my first time carrying a baby. I’ve never carried a baby. Been noticing I get hangry without food and worried about the baby catching the coronavirus because we’re living in a place where the baby will not be protected from the coronavirus if I don’t distance myself from people. So far been keeping myself quarantine because I’m pregnant and due August 8th but she could be a week or two weeks early depending on how long my body can keep her. I’m pretty small for a first time mom and knowing that its my first pregnancy she could take one or two weeks or be here on time. Don’t know but can’t wait to meet her. I can’t really tell if she is a boy or girl because of the fact she kept hiding her area. I feel like she’s 99% girl and she could be 98% boy just don’t know yet lol

  • ​ @Bridget Teyler I am wondering about the difference between the cramping I have been experiencing and contractions. Today is my due date (first time Mom) and I have been having a lot of cramping and pressure, but no ‘tightening’ like I have heard contractions described as. Thank you for all your videos! I have found your channel very helpful and informative throughout my entire pregnancy!

  • I had what I believe was one real contraction yesterday. I had a menstrual like cramp all around my back and uterus/belly area and my belly tightened like in Braxton Hicks. I also had the nausea and loose stools and had no idea that it could mean labor is nearing. Good to know!

  • Baby is due tomorrow, but no signs of labor so far. I’m really hoping that I won’t need to be induced, but my doctor scheduled an induction for 6 days from today.
    Please hurry up, baby! ������

  • With both my babies, I got lots of practice contractions, but I knew it was real is when I had bleeding and went #2 while having contractions

  • I’m 33 weeks and 5 days and I’ve just been feeling really off. Crampy, nauseous, definitely have diarrhea, horrible back pain. And then I woke up to this in my recommended �� thanks for the video!

  • 21 weeks pregnant and just trying to absorb as much info as possible because let’s face it, Hollywood typically depicts it as having a great day with no symptoms until the water breaks in a gush and contractions start immediately after. At that point, length of labor is decided on for comedic or dramatic effect or is otherwise unimportant/rather immediate.

  • I’ve been having cramps since 35weeks and now I’m 38+2 and still having intense cramps and tightning. Lost my mucus plug three days ago and been expecting my baby girl to finally make her grand entrance. �� Been feeling more depressed as days go by with just constant disappointment with these false labors.

  • I’m 29 weeks and I’ve been losing my mucus plug, been extremely nauseous and have had diarrhea. I also been feeling a pinch by my bladder but my doctors say everything is still good yet.

  • I’m 41 weeks today and showing all of the signs except leaking amniotic fluid.
    I’m constantly analyzing every feeling and just want to get this labour started. Thank you for this video. I need to try to chill and enjoy my last part of pregnancy.

  • I lost at least part of my mucus plug at 29 weeks. I panicked at the time, but there was no blood and now it’s almost 10 weeks later and baby is still in there lol

  • Hey Bridget! I am 40wks today and still have no signs of labor. My doctor is talking about doing a membrane sweep at my next appointment Wednesday. I was wondering if you had any thoughts or knowledge about this procedure. I’ve heard from some people that it hurts, some say it isn’t that bad, my doctor also told me there is a possibility of my water breaking when he does the sweep. I really want to have my baby naturally with minimal intervention but I’m also so ready to meet him. I love your chanel �� and really value your advice! Thank you!

  • I have lost my mucus plug today nd due on 15th of June for c-section… Having time to time contractions nd mences like pain since past 3 days.. also 4 cm dilated.. can i have natural birth.. i have 2 years gap

  • I’m 40 weeks 2 days and I absolutely feel nothing except for some lightening pain here and there.. ��
    Might be genetic, mom never felt anything until actual labor contractions

  • Ugh. I had a failed induction. After 3 doses of cervidil, they sent me home for a break since my GDM is controlled and baby’s NST’s have been great. I lost my plug today and really hoping things progress before they call tomorrow. Only reason I’m obsessed! I want to go into labour before they try something else to get baby out tomorrow.

  • I’m 39 weeks, I have been 1cm dilated for 3 weeks, i lost the mucus plug like 10 days ago, I have contractions everyday, so much back pain, I am exercising everyday, drinking raspberry leafs tea, eating dattes….. And still no progress my baby still doesn’t want to show up this is so frustrating ��

  • I’m 38 weeks my Braxton Hicks started last week… I had contractions for an hour yesterday and it was pretty intense s I have a high pain tolerance so Braxton Hicks can hurt… today my back hurts and legs more so annoying and uncomfortable then anything….sometimes I get a tightness and abdominal cramps too… I’m so ready for her to be born already! Lol

  • Baby boy due in 5 days.. But I’m feeling so fine.. The belly definitely dropped, having loose stools.. That’s all.. The only pain I’m getting is severe lower vlback pain cause of my big tummy, feels like I’m walking around while carrying a mountain �� can’t wait to meet my little one though, i can feel him move around a lot but i so want to be able to hold him in my arms

  • I’ve had all the symptoms except water breaking since last Wednesday… no baby yet. Cramps contractions lost MP nauseous, upset stomach. None of these symptoms mean anything for me because I still am not in active labor

  • I am 38 weeks pregnant and I have menstrual cramp like pain which is so uncomfortable �� can’t wait to get real labor started! ������������

  • Nesting is true. I’m lazy af and barely even do chores while I was pregnant. 5 days before delivery I had this sudden urge to clean the whole house and even do the laundry which was really weird and unusual. Days after, I had bloody discharge then strong contractions.

  • 38 weeks pregnant. First time pregnant. I dont feel anypain now and I still feel normal. But I’m excited to see my baby soon. I hope my baby will come out soon.

  • When I walked in to labour room telling the nurse that I have been having contractions since past 19 hrs, they refused to believe me initially.
    They were expecting me to be wrong because I am first time mom and was too comfortable to be having contractions.One senior nurse even said I am primid so highly likely wrong.
    I had nausea and one episode of diarrhea in the beginning.
    CTG revealed that my contractions were every 5 mins and os was 3 cm.The nurses were wrong ��.I delivered within 2 hrs of admission.

  • 37 weeks, lost mucus plug, loose stools, but sooooo many non-progressive contractions. It’s been about 4 days now �� I had 2 previous pregnancies that ended so quickly, so I’m a bit anxious even bored with the wait.

  • I’m 33 weeks, and this is my first baby. I love your videos they help me keep calm ��
    I’ve started a channel around my pregnancy, YouTube is amazing for information.

  • My due date is in 2 days and so far nothing. I really want an all natural unmedicated birth but I feel like I’ll be pregnant forever and never go into labor!

  • 34 nearly 35 weeks pregnant here. I’m concerned about my severe lower back pain, period like cramps, and diarrhea over the past 4 days. Luckily I have an appointment with my doctor in less than 48 hours.

  • 36+5 and I have 3/5 of these symptoms. I honestly don’t know if I’ve lost my mucus plug yet or not, but I’m not leaking amniotic fluid yet.

  • In the uk I haven’t been checked if I’m dilated at appointments, I’ve noticed some ladies saying there 37 weeks and 1 cm, how do you know do they examine you? Can I ask for that or is it just in different countries that do it? X

  • Hey Bridget I lost my mucus plug this morning at 4:40am I’m so happy I was told my EDD was 10 July now I’m waiting for the water to break n have contractions thanx for the tips

  • Is anyone due anytime during May 2020 ����
    I would love to keep up with our baby’s on IG! I have a private acct just for my future baby pics that I was gonna leave for myself, but I’d love to follow you guys to see your baby’s and maybe connect should we be up late nights soon ������ let me know! ������IG Babynagel

  • It’s very annoying that you call people “Momma”. I think u should rethink that. I rarely comment on anything, but felt the need to tell you that you sound real strange saying that. Do you even have any kids????

  • This is great info.. I woke up from a nap and I started to feel nauseous and cramping at the same time. I’m 37 weeks and 2 days. ��

  • I’m almost 32 weeks. I constantly have upper back pain. How do you know uur having contractions? Differ from braxton? My tummy gets tight after I walk and eat.

  • Oh wow, your lips are beautiful! Love the gloss. Thanks for this video, its always good to know what will occur someday when I have kids. It won’t be for a looooong time, but I like to do my research. 

  • Nesting since 32 weeks still am I’ll be 37weeks this Thursday.! Lightening has just started, I’ve been leaking fluids & discharge & having Braxton Hicks.! Hopefully my son shine is coming soon ����

  • I’ve been in pain for almost 48 hours and I’m only 28 weeks. I don’t know what to do. Trying to hang in there until my doc appointment tomorrow but it’s too uncomfortable

  • With my first I knew it was time because the contractions were like clockwork and slowly got worse and closer together over the course of the day. Like bad period cramps then got so bad I felt like I got hit by a bus and still got worse. I had no other symptoms and my water never broke. My labor stalled at 10cm and baby up too high. Needed/wanted a cesarian. I didn’t wanna go through that misery again so I opted for a planned cesarian with my 2nd. It was so much nicer and easier this time not having to deal with labor. The worst part of the whole experience was them trying to get the big needle in my hand cuz the veins weren’t cooperating. Even though they gave me a numb shot in my hand it still hurt pretty bad and took a while. After delivery every time they had to flush the IV that hurt too. If it wasn’t for my pre eclampsia they wouldn’t have needed to put an IV in at all.

  • Bridget you might not be my personal doula, but every single video you do is such a blessing and it makes me and many others feel so at ease. Thankyou!!!!

  • 38weeks & 3days I’m not sure if I’m having contractions or Braxton Hicks I just know while I’m trying to cook or clean staying for a while I start feeling pain in my back & my stomach tightening to where I have to sit down or lay down

  • Feeling the Braxton Hicks More Often,Longer,Stronger. Also the nesting cleaned all the pet hairs off the couch ��, & the brownish and red mucous

  • Also early signs of labor are regular Braxton hicks, regular urination and regular need to defecate as in every 15 or 10 minutes less or more.
    And knowing that can be lifesaving in case of a precipitous labor and delivery.