Here’s The Reason Why You ‘Space Out’ After Not Enough Sleep


Smoothed White Noise Space Sounds for Sleeping 10 Hours

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SPACE ODYSSEY | Deep White Noise For Focus, Power Naps or Sleep | Sounds Like Star Trek TNG Engine

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Space White Noise for Sleep or Studying | 10 Hours Ambient Relaxation Sound

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coffee shop radio // 24/7 lofi hip-hop beats

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Why Astronauts Have A Hard Time Sleeping In Space

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Jupiter Space Station White Noise | Study, Sleep or Relax to Powerful Sound | 10 Hours

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Calm Piano Music 24/7: study music, focus, think, meditation, relaxing music

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TUESDAY, Nov. 7, 2017 (HealthDay News) Ever notice that too little sleep at night can cause you to “space out” the next day? New research suggests that a lack of sleep hampers communication between brain cells, causing temporary mental errors that affect memory and visual perception. That can lead to problems ranging from minor ones such as forgetting your keys when you. TUESDAY, Nov.

7, 2017 (HealthDay News) Ever notice that too little sleep at night can cause you to “space out” the next day? New research suggests that a lack of sleep hampers communication between brain cells, causing temporary mental errors that affect memory and visual perception. Here’s Why You ‘Space Out’ After Too Little Sleep.

TUESDAY, Nov. 7, 2017 Ever notice that too little sleep at night can cause you to “space out” the next day? New research suggests that a lack of sleep hampers communication between brain cells, causing temporary mental errors that affect memory and visual perception. TUESDAY, Nov. 7, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Ever notice that too little sleep at night can cause you to “space out” the next day?

New research suggests that a lack of sleep hampers communication between brain cells, causing temporary mental errors that affect memory and visual perception. TUESDAY, Nov. 7, 2017 (HealthDay News)—Ever notice that too little sleep at night can cause you to “space out” the next day? New research suggests that a lack of sleep hampers communication between brain cells, causing temporary mental errors that affect memory and visual perception. That can lead to problems ranging from minor ones such as forgetting your keys.

Here’s Why You ‘Space Out’ After Too Little Sleep TUESDAY, Nov. 7, 2017 (HealthDay News) Ever notice that too little sleep at night can cause you to “space out” the next day? New research suggests that a lack of sleep hampers communication between brain cells, causing temporary mental errors that affect memory and visual perception. The following navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands.

Left and right arrows move through main tier links and expand / close menus in sub tiers. Up and Down arrows will open main tier menus and toggle through sub tier links. Enter and space open menus and escape closes them as well. How to feel refreshed even after too little sleep and why you MUST have an afternoon nap. Never wake up tired again.

Secret to waking up refreshed is to work out your sleep in 90 minute cycles. According to sleep specialist and author of “The Power of When,” Dr. Michael Breus, more sleep isn’t always better for you.

To understand why this is, we need to look at sleep cycles and how much sleep the average person needs. Breus says that most people need 7.5 hours of sleep — the revered eight hours is just a myth. In the study, the researchers found that sleep deprivation makes it difficult for brain cells to communicate effectively, which, in turn, can lead to temporary mental lapses that affect memory.

List of related literature:

However, the most important countermeasure for inappropriate sleep in space represents a work-rest schedule that takes into account the sleep needs of astronauts.

“Space Psychology and Psychiatry” by Nick Kanas, Dietrich Manzey
from Space Psychology and Psychiatry
by Nick Kanas, Dietrich Manzey
Springer Netherlands, 2008

In summary, the need for attention to sleep, fatigue, and circadian factors in long space flight has been established.

“Space Physiology and Medicine: From Evidence to Practice” by Arnauld E. Nicogossian, Richard S. Williams, Carolyn L. Huntoon, Charles R. Doarn, James D. Polk, Victor S. Schneider
from Space Physiology and Medicine: From Evidence to Practice
by Arnauld E. Nicogossian, Richard S. Williams, et. al.
Springer New York, 2016

Adopt this perspective, and we can pose a very different theory: sleep was the first state of life on this planet, and it was from sleep that wakefulness emerged.

“Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” by Matthew Walker
from Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams
by Matthew Walker
Scribner, 2017

In addition, the absence of normal light cues in space result in a disruption of normal circadian rhythms and sleep patterns.

“21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook” by Stephen F. Davis, William Buskist, Erin Brooke Rasmussen, Steven Randall Lawyer
from 21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook
by Stephen F. Davis, William Buskist, et. al.
SAGE Publications, 2008

Given the busyness of life, sometimes we can’t get the amount of sleep that our body truly needs.

“Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose” by Gabrielle Bernstein
from Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose
by Gabrielle Bernstein
Hay House, 2014

On similarly high-tempo Space Shuttle missions, it was reported that sleep remained very difficult to attain, particularly during earlier Shuttle missions before remediation steps such as the Circadian Adjustment Lighting Schedule were taken.

“Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight” by Michael R. Barratt, Ellen S. Baker, Sam L. Pool
from Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight
by Michael R. Barratt, Ellen S. Baker, Sam L. Pool
Springer New York, 2020

When we take naps, we create space for our dreams.

“Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within” by Latham Thomas
from Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within
by Latham Thomas
Hay House, 2017

This is because a nap after half a day’s work serves to replenish our energy, maintain our body, and reestablish the balance between the body and the mind, especially the balance of hormones associated with the function of heart.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
from Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach
by Henry B. Lin
Llewellyn Publications, 2000

The ancients proposed that sleep was a more or less inert state resulting from the passive withdrawal of wakefulness when sensory input diminished.

“Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture [2 volumes]” by Robert J. Hoss, Katja Valli Ph.D., Robert P. Gongloff
from Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture [2 volumes]
by Robert J. Hoss, Katja Valli Ph.D., Robert P. Gongloff
ABC-CLIO, 2019

This approach suggests that we sleep because we need to rest and rejuvenate.

“Principles of Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives” by Matt Jarvis, Paul Okami
from Principles of Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives
by Matt Jarvis, Paul Okami
Oxford University Press, 2019

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  • It’s weird how it feels like the photo was moving but it really wasn’t. Is this what it feels like if we really does travel the space with the current fastest speed we’re capable of using? It’ll be a long ride then.. a real long one…

  • Once we develop artificial gravity this is truly one of the best possibilities for living in space. Even better than Mars we could easily get water from Europa which is the key to life just leave a water mining colony automated unit on Europa. We would have an unlimited supply of hydrogen for fuel

  • Thanks for this video. However I am almost certain this is a form of brown noise (or even lower frequency distribution). White noise would have a flat power spectrum of sound frequencies, but this clearly is biased towards low frequency. Could you change the name please? Thanks.

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  • The grooming area the white hose vacuum needs a broader tip much like a car when we pour oil through because fingernails
    Ricochet on the one circular tip that is used now��‍♂️ most get trapped yes some don’t An when this happens
    During the rest or, sleep
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    Thank you God speed
    Sincerely (Buddy)
    Larry Whittington

  • Been having these on in my headphones while working on final papers for the semester. I’ve listened all the way through 2 of the 10hr videos within the last 3 days.

  • This has become one of my favorite sleeping sounds. I’d be up for buying it, but it seems like you are offering the previous version on your website. Is there a way to get this updated one?

    Also, have you looked into selling your sounds on BandCamp? That’s my favorite online music and sound service. Please let me know how I can acquire this version, it’s brilliant in its subtlety. Thanks!

  • This spaceship reminds me of ancient Indian Vimanas…..they were a very ancient prehistoric spaceship that we have strong evidence to support.

  • Un pequeño fallo de diseño produce que los habitantes de la estación, por efecto de la fuerza centrifuga de la inercia que produce la estación al girara, hace que se queden pegados a los cristales de la ventanas. Una pena 😉

  • I can’t sleep on earth. God idk what I’d do. I’ve had to try everything from all natural to finally resorting to seroquil. It does help most and it doesn’t kick my butt the following day. However, I dream extremely vividly. Thankfully, no sleep terror incidents which I had all the time. It does suck to need a medicine for rest but insomnia is even worse. However, I’m still trying to find any natural solution

  • This channel with all of its noise relating to space makes me want to live in a space station or a ship, and the channel never fails to soothe me!

  • I suggest a good indica, something that puts you on the couch and puts you asleep after a while… Weed isn’t illegal in space. I’d bring some with me if I was a astronaut

  • I’ve been on prescription sleep aids for 5yrs now, so I know their pain. I can’t sleep without them now (unless I’m up for several days straight) I’m never naturally able to fall asleep. Which sucks because I’m super tired but just can’t manage to pass out.

  • Been suffering from acute depression when I found this. The sound makes me feel safe and completely enveloped, like a cushion protecting me from horrific thoughts for a while and even helping me sleep. Thank you.

  • And these bad companies keep trying to say that’s zero gravity beds will help you sleep better well how come the astronauts aren’t sleeping good

  • First thing I would do is provide a dark quiet space for sleeping. Provide beds with belts or sleeping bags. Allow people to sleep in a position aligned with what is perceived as the floor. Designated lights out time for the station aside from barebones staff to keep it running safely. I think all of these reducing the alien feeling and making it feel as much like home as possible. I don’t know how reasonable my idea are, but that is where I would start.

  • The only way I see to side step the problems of prolonged weightlessness is using artificial gravity (via rotation). It seems unlikely that prolonged flights can be achieved by other means

  • What a crook of shit the sheeple are still sleeping after all this crap NASA is responsible for… deserves their dream sleep. Nighty night!

  • Used it last night… Worked very well. Thank you once again for a great youtube release! It will be my sleep track from now on…

  • I think a special revolving sleeping module will be useful here. The module could be attached to the ISS. Coriolis effect won’t be very pronounced if you are resting on the wall of the module and gravity will be comforting.

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  • I suggest that the astronauts stay up for as long as they can before feeling that ‘sleep fatigue’. Taking naps might be more beneficial here.

    I think the sound and light issues are easily remedied. I can’t say that sleeping in zero g would be fun, but i have never really felt weightlessness that much other than being in water. If your body is tired though, you will be tired enough to sleep. Nothing can really keep you up even excessive noises, light or whatever it is. It would take a bit for an astronaut to adjust to the surroundings, kinda like when you sleep over at someone’s house in a different bed or couch. I hardly ever sleep much unless i am in my own bed. If i was sleeping anywhere else i could wake up from a pin dropping but if i am at home i am used to my sleeping arrangements. If astronauts have trouble sleeping maybe they should try staying awake until their body starts shutting down due to lack of sleep. Eventually they will be so tired that they will have to fall asleep. You also have to consider that maybe their body doesn’t exert that much, using less energy to function could mean less sleeping requirements.

    If we didn’t have such a straight schedule, sleep at night and awake at day, it would probably be pretty easy to find out that we only need 6-7 hours of sleep, maybe less. Naps are also very good and you then don’t really have to sleep for 8 hours.

  • So for over the past 30-40 years of low Earth orbit stuff (Like: Space Lab, Mir, Soyuz, I.S.S., shuttle, Moon trips, ect..) that Humans have been doing, there has been no studies ever been done like this? There’s so much red tape and Q&A’s for experiments and payloads, but they just throw sleep drugs at the astronauts? I guess it’s not too crazy, seeing that many World Militaries have been known to give long range pilots Amphetamines, to help keep them awake and alert.

  • Hey Jason, I just wanted to thank you for the content on your channel. I have been using your ADD/ADHD Intense Relief tracks, which led me to doing a high school science fair project on Isochronic Tones and concentration. The grades are not in yet, but the data I collected supports Isochronic Tone use, because of the benefits. Because Isochronic Tones haven’t had extensive scientific research on them, I plan to do that in the future. If I place first among a group of students (I don’t know the specifics yet), then I advance towards the Arizona Science & Engineering Fair. I have already credited you in my class presentation, as well as the report. If I am able to make it to the Arizona Science & Technology Fair, then I will be able to do a lot more testing and research on Isochronic Tones. I don’t want to expect too much, and if I can’t get it this year, there’s always next year. I really love these type of videos you make because of the benefits people experience. If people at my school knew that they could listen to Isochronic Tones or any of your sound tracks, their life would be changed. I have already talked to school counselors about it, and now they are doing research on it, too. I also told my doctor all about it in my annual checkup today, and she’s now researching it. I’m not focused on prizes and stuff, I just think that this stuff has massive potential for the lives of many people. I mean, look at the comments down below, all positive! So if I somehow make it into the Arizona Science & Technology Fair, I’ll make sure to give you a big shout out. You’ve been a real help in my life, and the life of others. Thanks.

  • I was thinking a while back,
    If NASA has rooms to change gravity to 0 g force to train astronauts before the
    Go to space then why don’t they develop with the same technology the opposite, design a room in which you can increase the G force, then implant that tech in space crafts, that will solve many probs, and can help astronauts stay longer in space without decreasing bone or muscle tissue,
    Better yet if they want it to be more simple, they can install electromagnetic plaques in the crafts floor, and I said plaques just in case the get damage they can be replace, this could increase the force of attraction at their
    Will since they are electromagnetic, of course astronauts would have to use either shoes or suits that have metal like the metal
    Guards to prevent u from cutting,
    And none of this would be a prob since they have and vast resource of light from the sun,

  • Surely at some point a module that is as clear of gadgets as possible and as soundproof as possible with the exception of a warning alarm a truly purpose made crew chill out zone and sleep area. I sleep with my iPad and mobile nearby but I wouldn’t want two laptops running inches away that would not be good….. a lot of the gadgets and monitors would be better pocketed flat to the walls tbh, I,d probably also have different modules different colours too that’s how I’d memorise my way around at first lol….

  • You should upload another version of this that is more visually realistic. There are no propulsion engines on a probe like that, and in the vacuum of space, there would be no need to have engines running since once you get to your assigned speed, the spacecraft will continue at that speed forever. With engines burning, that means it is speeding up, faster and faster and faster.

    Also, you show the vehicle travelling much faster than light speed as you show what appears to be stars flying past.

    I would suggest uploading a video of just a voyager style probe with stars around and just coasting through space. There should be no movement detected visually other than the panning of the camera.

    I know it’s a sound video, so no visuals are needed at all. But if visuals are added, make them look like the real thing, especially if the real thing is easy to portray. Of course, there should be no sound at all since there is nothing to make sound and no medium for sound to travel. So the whole idea is kinda silly.

    This is just airplane cabin sound. Though I give you credit for trying a new visual. It just needs some tweaking to make it better to look at.

  • just throw me in a fridge box full of packaging peanuts with some uni and I’ll be fine:) might sleep, might ftfo, but rest is rest fuck it lol.

  • Humans are a great machine but also has its weakness, id suggest artificial gravity that will make the sleep aids disappear and the astronauts in their beds.

  • They could simulate a 24 hr day/night cycle, can’t they? Automated lights that grow dimmer and brighter when they’re supposed to, shutting windows at the right time (if they have them) and when it’s turning “night” time, they could ingest melatonin and chamomile supplements. 

  • Naps are a good idea. More freedom for shorter sleep periods. Or they could try to use a twenty-four hour light cycle inside the craft. Personally, on kind of a side note, I grew up in rural US, so once lights were out, it was mostly dark outside. I moved to a metro for college and I found that if I left my overhead on, I could throw off my entire sleep cycle and end up sleeping all day. My solution was to ban the overhead in the evening. The sleepy light from my lamp was just the ticket.

  • I would sleep buy having a four way mattress, like it encloses around you so no matter where you choose to lie down, you would not float off and would be able to sleep.

  • There is a non-addictive sleep pill that actually makes a person sleep properly called rozerem. It also causes no tolerance so the dose stays the same unlike the other sleep pills.

  • My fix—a module that rotates fast enough to create a 1G gravity. Make it dark, make it quiet, and it be like on earth. And some time spent in 1G would be good for their bodies.

  • I think we should stop the pills that cant be good for the astronauts.  I think more on the ground sleep training would be better.

  • Why have assigned sleep time at all? Let the astronauts work work work until they become exhausted and report to Mission Control that no more work can safely be accomplished until the brain batteries are recharged. Then sleep until naturally awakened.

    Yes, this will mess with mission schedules, but as long as all the work that needs to get done gets done, who cares about whether or not the work is done during specific stretches of time? 

  • In the iss, they have small rooms with a sleeping bag. In there, you can completely relax all your muscles. So I thought they had way better sleep than we do.

  • Holy shit what is this sound….i cant open eyes for a while like it put me in a state of heavy drug as soon as i started playing. I m commenting while the video is pause. I can not move whie it is playing. Great sound. soooo Out of the world man.

  • this, and i also open another tab and go to ; “10 hours on Mars” (w/ delta waves ad white noise) and listen to BOTH at the same time.

  • Great vid I usually can’t focus on homework and I stay up late just to finish and my parents yell at me but this calms me down and I finish very quickly!!!

  • I wonder how the space themed ambiences are made… Obviously they aren’t recorded in space:P

    I need to figure out though because they sound great! Good work!

  • Maybe we need to train them better. Make a machine dedicated to sleeping in 0g with the sleeping bags they use (this would happen a month before their scheduled flight to space) Slowly decrease the amount of gravity they experience every night. When you finally get 0g you will be more adept to sleeping that way. They could also make herbal sleep remedies more readily available for Astronauts instead of prescription sleep aids.

  • Please make these louder. It’s so quiet I can still here every breath out of that man I sleep next to. He farts a bunch too. Please this would be awesome. Ps. Man is husband. Lol

  • I have a weird question and a weird anecdote
    I am the only one who has heard something like this coming from the empty street?
    happens a few times a year, usually late at night, it does not come from the sky, it is heard from the street, it sounds as if it came from a certain sector of the area, as if there was a giant square or a specific area, where excessive pressure was being applied (this is just how I describe it), and from there comes the sound. Usually sounds for a minute or seconds, then doesn’t return.
    I have moved, and I have heard it anyway

    I need to know if someone has a similar experience

  • this saved my life quite literally when i couldnt sleep for weeks because my acute hypertension made me wake up to every noise. can’t be grateful enough.

  • Look, Maurice! Jupiter space station! It’s in rough shape, but this experimental vessel is holding up. Ish. The important thing is we didn’t need to…retest…the any of the escape pods, and we can finally get some rest. Maurice, run the usual diagnostics, then you can power down for the night.

  • One of the most impressive, ‘quiet’ things about this video is that the Great Red Spot is indeed swirling, as it would on Jupiter.

  • The pitch of this one did it for me. It took awhile to find one that worked. For some reason this makes me close my eyes and feel the world is going along as it should.

  • Sounds like what I imagine to be a dispassionate supermassive black hole devouring its surroundings. Nothing left to worry about, just drift into the event horizon. Sleepytime.

  • I feel like I’m in the heavily damaged fighter jet that broke out of the enemy fire by going above the clouds, running on fumes, engine’s shut off and only thing you hear is this as pneumatic instruments start to shut down leaving you blind with only hope that old plane will keep itself together
    Air starting to get thin

  • Do some people actually find this relaxing? I feel so alone and isolated while listening to this, I feel like im alone in space and no one is there to help me

  • The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.2Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.3There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. [1]4Their voice [2] goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun,

  • When we reach a velocity of 3’6654.3334 i will set the trajectory course for the Orion nebula. Statistics show we are good and engines are optimal for cruise.

    Decompression chambers will automatically resume once autopilot is engaged. Furthermore i require a flight log from last week, serial no #4b-110 i think.

    Estimated time till course for Orion nebula in T 46:34:23

  • The International space station is a movie set on a zero G airplane, with troll doll hairdo female astro nots throwing food into each others mouths.They have a hard time sleeping because they have a guilty conscience. They are filled with anger and shame because they know that millions of people know that they have never been to outer space. NASA is ridiculous and fake.

  • No comfy matress? Oh dear. Isn’t it really relaxing when you don’t have gravity? I love the feeling to not having to move a muscle when scuba diving.

  • Thanks I’ve been looking for content to help my 2yr old grandson to sleep. He fights sleep during the day and night is afraid to close his eyes because of the dark

  • Really nice but would be even better if screen showed bedroom in spaceship with above the bed or large wall window showing (as above) moving through space.