Here Is How the federal government Shutdown May Affect Your Wellbeing


How a government shutdown could affect Americans

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Here`s how the government shutdown now on day 30 affects you

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Trash in public parks posing disease risk. The shutdown could also impact public health in indirect ways, Benjamin said. For instance, trash has been piling up in America’s national parks and monuments, which have been kept open even though the National Park Service has furloughed its employees. The shutdown hasn’t affected the U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Veterans Affairs, all of which directly influence health care in this country. But parts of the government affected by the shutdown do play a role in the public health of the nation, experts said. Here’s how the government shutdown could affect your health. Some agencies that keep us healthy have run out of money, or will run out soon.

There are ten pharmaceutical companies set to have the FDA make a decision about their drug in March, which would be after the agency’s funds run out if the shutdown. The shutdown itself is not about health policies. It’s the result of differences of opinion between the administration and congressional Democrats regarding Trump’s so-called border wall. But. As Washington sits on the brink of a partial government shutdown, what does that mean for public health?

The impact would be minimal, as much emergency work is expected to continue. Government Shutdown is Affecting Health Programs By Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News Jan. 3, 2019 There seems to be no end in sight for.

A government shutdown will have far-reaching effects for public health, including the nation’s response to the current, difficult flu season. It will. The local D.C. government can spend its own money to keep other parts of the city going during a shutdown, but the courts and other areas that rely on federal funding are limited.

Most Popular on TIME. A government shutdown will have far-reaching effects for public health, including the nation’s response to the current, difficult flu season. It will also disrupt some federally supported health.

List of related literature:

Through this use of constitutional power to allocate funds, the federal government could extensively regulate in the public health field, although it generally has not.

“Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards, for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards” by Tener Goodwin Veenema, PhD, MPH, MS, CPNP, FAAN
from Disaster Nursing and Emergency Preparedness for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards, for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Terrorism and Other Hazards
by Tener Goodwin Veenema, PhD, MPH, MS, CPNP, FAAN
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We do not know the impact of the Government shutdown on the health of the U.S. citizens.

“Marketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change” by Michael Siegel (M.D.), Lynne Doner
from Marketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change
by Michael Siegel (M.D.), Lynne Doner
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2004

For example, Congress has used its taxing power to increase the cost of cigarettes (in the hopes ofdriving down the number of smokers) and to generate funds for programs such as Medicare, and congressional spending powers are the legal cornerstone for federal health programs like Medicaid.

“Essentials of Health Policy and Law” by Joel Bern Teitelbaum, Sara E. Wilensky
from Essentials of Health Policy and Law
by Joel Bern Teitelbaum, Sara E. Wilensky
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If government seriously considers health issues during these reauthorization processes, there would be great potential to improve the public’s health, especially that of the nation’s children.

“Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity: Current Status, Consequences and Prevention” by Debasis Bagchi
from Global Perspectives on Childhood Obesity: Current Status, Consequences and Prevention
by Debasis Bagchi
Elsevier Science, 2010

The conclusion that the government will do little is always bad news, since it would be more valuable to citizens if government would clean up the dumps and treat those with cancer.

“Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government” by Mark Harrison Moore
from Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government
by Mark Harrison Moore
Harvard University Press, 1995

After a certain amount, if you get a catastrophic illness, the government could step back in to foot the rest.

“You Know I'm Right: More Prosperity, Less Government” by Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
from You Know I’m Right: More Prosperity, Less Government
by Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
Threshold Editions, 2010

But for reasons to be explained shortly, the federal government is active in health care due to its spending power.

“The Canadian Regime: An Introduction to Parliamentary Government in Canada, Sixth Edition” by Patrick Malcolmson, Richard Myers, Gerald Baier, Tom Bateman
from The Canadian Regime: An Introduction to Parliamentary Government in Canada, Sixth Edition
by Patrick Malcolmson, Richard Myers, et. al.
University of Toronto Press, 2016

The most obvious of these is that people affected by lack of access may go without needed services and suffer the consequences.”24 An editorial in the New York Times commented on two studies presenting “the most comprehensive evidence yet that the lack of health insurance is seriously harmful to a patient’s health.”

“Ethics in Nursing: Cases, Principles, and Reasoning” by Martin Benjamin, Joy Curtis
from Ethics in Nursing: Cases, Principles, and Reasoning
by Martin Benjamin, Joy Curtis
Oxford University Press, 2010

This was not specifically directed at health but, since healthcare is such a large component of government budgets, it was inevitable that it would be affected.

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
from Potter & Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book
by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
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The Ottawa Charter requires governments to consider the health implications of all their decisions.

“Public Health: Local and Global Perspectives” by Pranee Liamputtong
from Public Health: Local and Global Perspectives
by Pranee Liamputtong
Cambridge University Press, 2019

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  • Not paying your military leads to a loss of loyalty from the military to the central government. This happened to the Soviet Union. Always pay your military

  • Bottom Line…The People Are Being Played…We Don’t Count..They Don’t Care About,..Missing A Few Paycheck,..While The Rest Of Us…Are 2 Checks..From Being In..The Shit-House..Not In A Foreign Country..SMDH!!!

  • Mr. Trump? It’s President Trump. Show some respect. Imagine if the media ever said Mr Obama instead of President Obama. People would’ve went nuts

  • I like how this dumbass in the video tried to make it seem like it was Trump and the Republicans fault for the government shutdown…. I would also like to correct him that military members will not be getting paid unlike his video states.

    So a government shutdown is in place because of the Democrats…… Now people in the military and the millions of civilians working for the federal government won’t get paid but you can bet your ass that the Democrats who voted against passing the budget will still be getting their paychecks. I guess Democrats just love illegal immigrants more than their own Countryman. Democrats have 49 seats in the House and Republicans 51. The budget for the fiscal year only needs 60 votes to pass but the Democrats want to attach DACA protections as a rider, even though it has nothing to do with the budget and would be up for a vote in a few months anyways.
    They’re trying to use the budget as leverage for their agenda because the republicans don’t have enough votes to pass it on their own.

    The Democratic party will sell out their own country to line their pockets with money and they will shit all over their own Countryman for the Illegal immigrants vote. Remember the Democratic Party when you go to the polls these next election seasons.

  • Breaking news: Crybaby Donald Trump threatens to make the US economy suffer billions of dollars of loss because he doesn’t get his way.

  • Darn it…..I don’t know what the government is…but i though they were gonna shuts schools down…….


  • There all fired w a storm on top period. Go the hell home w out pay. Late budgets w out any real money gold or assets. War is not a asset these politicians are like diseases they wont go away from Americas government so time to shut them down bring the army home and go to war against home grown terrorist.

  • Get out of US of A people. The system is broken. Melting pot. Period. You still have a passport thats recognized internationally as gold. Go and live the life. Stay in the US or see the world bigger than your states? Your choice!!

  • The repeal failed because many Republicans are making a lot of money with it the way it is. They may give a show of in fighting but that is for public consumption.

  • Because it totally matters who gets blamed. Them guys spend more time on trying to find someone to blame than trying the fix the actual problem.

  • Who knew the Baby Boomer generation in government would ruin the USA? All I heard was how great the 60s were when I was a kid. I guess it was true because the USA has only gotten worse since that decade and now that generation is just putting the final nails in everything American.

  • As a person living north of you guys, this stuff kinda cracks me up. Nowhere else in the world is this a thing, or if it is, a bomb went off or something. I get the government was designed hundreds of years ago, an some stuff can slip through the cracks, but this is a pretty big one.

  • I don’t care dem,rep,cap,lib, this effects humans who done more for this country THEY MONEY NEED TO BE stopped YET WE TOO BUSY BEING AGAINST EACH OTHER TO GAF, GIVE A FUCK,SO DOWN WE GO ™

  • What makes me crack up about the government shutdown games is how the military people don’t get paid as a result of the phony and crass political infighting. How the hell do the politicians at fault not take a sun surface level of heat for that? What Morons!! It’s like they don’t think they’ll ever piss people off with their bullshit. HAHAHAHA

  • Damn, I didn’t know that Trump is actually that determined about the wall. Most presidentual candidates just promise empty things, and forget about them when they are elected. Trump actually does most of the things he said he would (whether it is a good thing or not). This is kind of surprising.

  • You can blame the natural desastres that just happends,that give away 1,000.00 dollars per family. There is no tree of money, that the goberment get the money from you know.

  • Well that happens if you vote looking on someone’s face and not how they will play out voting for part of goverment on left and part or right wont make it closer to center it will rip it apart. More you spread them like that the more disfunctional it becomes. Luckly some countries implemented mesures to counter that behaviour after all most of people voting here in poland pays attention to name of party they belive not what they do but hey you can afford that and it worked for long time for USA here we would revert to stoneage if not even more.

  • Don’t worry folks, the Democrats have been building a list of reasons to vote for them in 2018, and they are all to due with being anti-Trump (not their political agenda, which nobody wants). This is just another talking point that liberals will have in 2018, kinda sad that the Democrat’s would rather try to score political points (while protecting illegal immigrants over American citizens) rather than do their jobs, not a single Democrat vote? That is obvious stone walling. What was the reason they abstained from voting? There isn’t a good one, DACA? There is no legislation to vote on for DACA, so what are they upset about? They aren’t upset, this is just creating a talking point for a party bereft of new ideas.

  • You are unbelievably objective. Seriously, thank you for this. If we wanted the opinion of journalists, we would ask them. You just report the facts. Good for you.

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  • Claire McCaskill sucks butts. I would vote for a decapitated horse before I would ever vote for her to be re-elected. She always votes opposite of what my friends and family and I contact her about.

  • tell the left to go home its closed and tell the right were open its time to get to work then lock them out and pass all the laws you want

  • Congress still gets paid are you fucking getting kidding me. They shouldnt being paid while the American people suffer. Its both parts that are at fault here

  • Remember when Schumer blasted republicans for causing a government shutdown over an ancillary issue, and that Democrats could easily cause a government shutdown over immigration, but would never do such a thing?
    The Internet remembers:

  • #Trumpshutdown #NoPartiesNeeded #NoPartiesTrusted The manipulation by the ‘political party system’ is DONE! There is NO justification nor rationalization 4 voters 2 support non-representative entities & their coercion of our government!

  • A government busy eating itself is not able to devour its people.

    Shut downs are fine. In fact we should do them more often and for longer durations.

    Maybe then many of those government workers would seek honest employment.

  • Brian Kolfage created this site so the average American can donate any amount they choose to build the border wall. Brian Kolfage is an Air Force Veteran from the Iraq war a triple amputee who believes that the WALL needs to be built…

  • The Elite is at work here!! Remember the phone and electrical power test? This is another test. Unite as a nation and help your neighbor in this time of need. STOP RELYING ON THE GOVERNMENT. I have started a GoFundMe site to do my part on this pissing match the government is having at which Americans will suffer.

  • Guy’s hand movement is awkward. Okay, so let’s slide and wave hand across the screen, then bring the hands together, and then do the wave bomb expression. Restart x 10.

  • immigration and the wall has not been fixed in decades now we are faced with huge amounts of people coming to this country all at once and the cost will be enormous if this does not get fixed. Negotiations means you work things out. Both side give and take.

  • i say we should say to them no work no pay. i mean that s what its like for all the people below them. and we should cut their salery to what an avereg middle class to poor would be making, then i beat things would change. mahahahahahahaahahahaahah donald working at mcdonalds

  • “Chain migration” if you can’t refrain from using Tea Party’s catch phrase, at least please try and explain what you understand that this is. A nation of immigrants talking about “chain migration”? Can’t you feel the irony? Can’t you place the racism?

  • Seriously though, what’s up with the Clintonbots you mentioned in the 5 WAYS SELF DRIVING CARS WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER video ( 4:30)???

  • Why do we have government shutdowns? It’s ridiculous! If two C-level executives disagree about a particular corporate initiative, they don’t shut down the ENTIRE company until they can agree on that ONE initiative!

  • With the total 68 trillion dollar debt USA has, it looks like things are escalating fast! Yes it’s 68, not 20, look it up! In 10-20 years, the total debt will be how much USA worth as a country! Just saying, so that you know why USA makes war everywhere, to make profit” oil, resources, selling weapons! If they can’t do something about the debt they will destroy Europe too, like an illegal immigration, sounds familiar?! From Europe they will steal now, at least from the idiots, who don’t know what is happening, or the politicians are their puppets! Europe doesn’t even have military power, only Turkey, so no worries, half of Europe will be destroyed in every way possible!

  • What we need is an overhaul of our spending scheme. As it is now we waste millions because our system is set up as a “if you don’t spend it, you lose it.” So September comes around (end of the fiscal year) and everyone starts spending all the money they’ve been hoarding all year long just so they can justify having that much money next year.

    We need to incentivize our government organizations to save money and spend wisely. You know, like responsible citizens do.

    As for the shutdown stupidity, going off the previous year’s budget seems like a reasonable solution. Can’t fix a deadlock by the deadline? Well then you get last year’s budget. Fix it next year.

  • CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS ALERT: Bear with me, and i will explain my fear.

    First, 2 important things…

    1) Yesturday, Minority leader Schumer went to Trump and offered to say YES to the wall in exchange for DACA/Dreamers, and averting Shutdown. Trump talked to his hardliners, and said NO {}.

    2) With the shutdown now forced by Trump, Sen Duckworth tried to get a motion to keep our troops funded to the floor {}, and THE MAJORITY LEADER PREVENTED it from coming to a vote, despite bipartisan support. Make no mistake, this shutdown appears to be a DELIBERATE DECISION BY TRUMP and MAJORITY LEADER M.M.. The only question is WHY?!

    HERE IS WHY (personal theory): Trump and the GOP Leadership can sense the “Blue tidal wave” coming in the next midterms, they are worried, and THEY ARE ATTEMPTING TO USE A SHUTDOWN OF THEIR OWN CREATION AS AN ARTIFICIAL PRETEXT FOR A VOTE ON THE NUCLEAR OPTION, which in turn (here’s the crisis part) they’re hoping to use to essentially accomplish a “soft coup” to shutdown the Russia Inquiry, reassign control of the FBI and the DOJ, and essentially give themselves, and Trump, DICTATORIAL POWERS. And dictatorial they are, if you lower the passage threshold to 51%, because opposition is mathematically disallowed.


    This is THE most dangerous moment we have faced yet in this Presidency.

  • This is an eternal story. There is a great country in which the government works, and there is the great country in which the government has shut down temporarily…

  • Essentially, the government has been full of incompetent people who cannot do their job efficiently for at least the last 40 years.

  • False fact. You state when government workers are sent home they do not get paid. While in fact those workers are paid for their time retroactive while doing absolutely nothing to get it.

  • Uh your polls are about as accurate as CNN’s. No this is allll the Democrats doing. Another poll shows Dems voted 90%. President Trump is not to blame for this too. Stop the constant slandering of our Potus. You’re all Obama’s Operation Mockingbird shills anyways. How anyone pays for & watches cable tv or news is beyond me. The MSM are the real dividers here. Stop with the lying already.

  • Omg grow a pair if something really went wrong in this country y’all would lay down an die one pay check late on a household with multiple incomes an u know ur gonna get paid at some point no one will file foreclosure in a month for late mg punt lord this is exactly what kind of pressure the dems wanted.

  • Glad dems did not budge, because republicans obstructed for 8 years when Obama was in office. DOCA is important, not to mention the CHIP program for children. Republicans cannot govern and Dems need a backbone, GOP will not negotiate. GOP want bad policy that benefit the donors not Americans or least vulnerable. GOP doesn’t listen to what majority of people want.

  • A whole lot of nothing much. Won’t even slow down the growth of the national debt. Despite what the politicians say and Fed/Treasury bureaucrats won’t admit, the government is headed towards an eventual fiscal and economic train wreck.

  • How to prevent the government from shutting down, lets get a new law that states the following “For ever day that the goverment is shut down, the members of congress will be fined a days pay.” In other words since they fuck over the general populous and lower level workers out of their payroll, they should get the brunt of it.

  • The people of the Government has nothing to do with the wall,, why punish them, all Trump is doing is keeping americans hostage an he says he is going to make America great again,, shutting the government down isn’t making america great again,,, it’s hurting america… so so sad……………………

  • Every where I look really has no affect on the common joe. Fun fact average employees American makes about 50k in the private sector. Average federal employee about 128k. And they work for us we Kay their salary. Also they enjoy 12% more vacation time. This is like a paid vacation in fact. They WILL receive back pay. Just politics. In this case I think dems are more to blame 5 nil is nothing of what is needed for border security they just do not want trump to say he was successful at ANYTHING. Fact also trump is not republican. Gave large sums of money to Clinton fundraisers. He just is not a politician, when I say that I mean he doesn’t know how to lie and have people believe him lol.

  • The democrats held usa hostage (government shutdown) to GIVE citizenship to “dreamers” tto vote Trump out in 2020. Evil……..make this viral please..

    Trump bombs poppy fields in Afghanistannot people like last presidents, great for America. Thank god hillary could not steal presidential election.Trup will release the memo, fix that. President working for us for once.

  • Steve Kornacki, you were the same person that was saying that Trump didn’t stand a chance of winning the election. Nice try in trying to rig the polls but unfortunately the American people saw right through you’re fake polls, we all know that NBC News is a pundit for the Democrat Party. Just come out and say it and admit it we will respect you more.

  • Well the government shutdown was pretty unnoticeable here. Someone tried to scam us using an excuse that the government shutdown was the reason they gave us the wrong wood when we were buying oak from them when that made absolutely no sense.

  • But Dave What about 3 NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS, STILL BURNING…Japan, So Why Its. A Nuclear END. One Way, Or The Other. 1957 The Price Anderson Act. Legalized Nuclear Murder.. In 1970 The Book ” Population Control Though Nuclear Pollution ” By Dr.Tamplin & Dr Gofman Found That Cancer & 1800 Other Health Problems From Nuclear, Lie’s Killing The Earth & The Next Earth Quake. Do You Think They Fixed The Reactors? JAPAN 3 Nuclear Reactor Melt Downs, & All Contents Of Spent Fuel Pools, In The Pacific Ocean In Our Environment. Man-Made Nuclear Isotopes Are Now In The Hydrological Cycle. & In The Food Chain & Next Nuclear Disaster. Is A Mathematical Certainty..Due To The Algorithm Of Greed..The Nuclear Lies Have Cost Us Everything…Bad Money = Nuclear WAR

  • Fuck this wall he is the President on top of him are bigger persons and house of democrats and republicans and Congress and etc many MORE he don’t run anything I hope the people that vote him realize it on her own what a mistake they had done ��������

  • government shut down means everything goes???? you can do illegal things and you will not be arrested??? cops won’t be on the streets? and of course white house will be golfing???am i right???”

  • The US national debt grows at a rate of 3.8 BILLIONS PER DAY.
    That’s 3.8 BILLIONS IN ONE SINGLE DAY two days closed and he gets the 5 billions for the wall promised to the people who elected him
    Democrats and fake news want to make now a disaster out of 5 billions spends almost that daily

  • why do democrats hate Americans so much? the dems now want to connect the 3.6 million illegals amnesty to the budget? why hold us hostage for people who snuck in illegally.

  • Still sounds better then the CCP being in-charge. Its always nice when you aren’t selected to be part of a random organ donation program.

  • the Democrats shut down the government over illegal immigrants (dreamers ).that makes no sense, makes me want the dreamers out so the Democrats lose a pawn. my grandparents came here legally and assimilated, If aliens want to come here they should mold to our ways and language, but no we have to bend over backwards to their ways

  • Why can’t you try publishing it as unlisted to avoid the algorithm? Most other channels seem to be having some measure of success that way.

  • NOTHING IS HAPPENING PEOPLE! It’s media making something out of nothing. We have government shutdowns all the time. The worst that happens is some government paperwork gets delayed, THAT’S IT.

    When are you guys going to get that News is entertainment with intent to make money… IT’S NOT for actual and full information distribution for public knowledge.

  • Democrats are full of hypocrisy! It is sickening! Dems rely on the its base is lack of knowledge. We the people know exactly what’s going on and they will pay at the voting booth.

  • Oh no! What’s going to happen if you don’t have government to violate your rights anymore?��
    I pray for the day the government finally shuts down. FUCK Caesar!

  • the government is just like big capital corporation. they don’t take the blame for themselves and expect some of us average people to take the hit for it. how irresponsible. ��

  • everyone can wait 1 week, life still going on!! it the same as getting a week off with pay! Obama fault this is still his left over problem!

  • Just put the name of any country in Europe with the word riot or mass protest. Without the money for the wall from bank puppet Schumer, A national emergency has to be declared to use military funds for security. Better blame schumer and Pelose. They are working for their sponsors to be able to make money on wire transfers.

  • This one wasn’t that hard to figure out Young Turds. You need 60 votes to pass a budget. Republicans only have 51. You need at least 9 Dems to vote for the budget. Chucky Schumer wanted to shut the government down over illegals. People got pissed off that Chucky and the Democrats are fighting harder for illegals than American citizens and he caved…

  • Trump gets paid all Congress get paid o well Trump you don’t care if people go without.
    B.T.W Who are you clapping for everytime the camera’s are rolling
    That and waving your arms looks ridiculous

  • Wait Republican is to blame? Nah! Democrats are the ones actually because they’re holding the government hostage. How? Well if they don’t get their way, they won’t compromise with republicans. Dems want a solid DACA bill passed on over military funding. They had enough time to figure out for DACA but instead held government hostage because they didn’t get what they want. So just because republicans are in charge of shutting down, does not mean they did it to purposely hurt us. They did it because Dems want DACA bill passed NOW without republicans negotiation.

  • Brass tacks. Democrats pitching a tantrum when their bluff was called is not the fault of Republicans. If Democrats will scuttle an entire budget plan over some illegals, how is that helping them hold American voters? Democrats prove time and again that they care little for law and due process. That is why the majority is denied them more and more. You can’t go through life laying your failure at the feet of others and amount to anything. Thus, Trump happened.
    A reality TV celeb winning an election and healing the economy is like a dog being mayor of a town. Both work because when constituents make their own informed decisions, things actually get done. But work and accountability are swear words to Liberals. So the Orwellian slide continues, losers are elevated, and winners despised.

  • k a few things, 1st the Dems really had no desire to go long term they really just wanted to help push talking points this weekend for the womans march and the 1 year date of Trump, Plus. polls are showing that this is also giving HUGE gains to the Republicans who jumped by 10 Points for the Mid Terms

  • Please stop calling it “tax reform”, that’s their Orwellian doubespeak word. Call it what it is: tax cuts for the rich paid for by tax hikes on the poor.

  • 11:30 It’s rare that her majesty actually uses that power, but by god, when she does, things MOVE. Just in case anyone forgets, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK itself and a bunch of little islands like the Bahamas, are all technically monarchies with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. They are not the NATION’S government; they are HER MAJESTY’S government and she could at any moment dismiss them and choose to govern by royal prerogative. In practice, she would probably never do that, for many reasons, but it’s worth remembering that she has a limited tolerance for bullshit.

  • ABC fake News the sky is falling.They are talking out they end. By the way, President Trump has donated all his money to charity But Obuma kept every penny and then some.They gave him under the table money after he left for speaking engagements Another kickback he considered legal. Shut down means NON-essential federal employees.Why do we need them?

  • These news reporters make it seem that without the government we won’t survive well I know how to fix it it’s simple if the government wants to shut down take them out of office and get a new government that’s all why because we the people chose in the left at the government so we also have the power to kick them out and the Constitution it says never let your government take over you Andis news reporters are making a scene that way

  • “Senate voted to re open the government”
    So does that mean they have voted now (start up) fund the government for a few more weeks.(mid February iirc)
    So your potentially back in the same boat again in a few weeks???

  • This shutdown is caused by both sides of the aisle. However, Republicans share most of the blame. Using CHIP as a bargaining chip and DACA as a measure to fund the government, that cries foul. Plus trying to get funding for the “wall”. Are you kidding? The American people are not supposed to pay for the wall, Mexico is. So since Mexico is not, the American people should not fund any part of that stupid wall. Trump’s promises are as good as his wedding vows. Tired of winning yet?

  • Hmm Young Kennedy Who Died in Plane Crash During Bush 2 first POTUS Run for office Gave Speech Outlining GOP/1% Plan to Bankrupt American GOV To render it Dysfunctional So Corporations can Control everyone. Find His Speech Watch it Play it For Your Audience.

  • Why is the nerdy guy leaning so hard AWAY from Emma?
    Emma is leaning to the audience right and so is he, dramatically. It looks really odd.
    If you tilted the room to the left 30˚ they would look normal but the set would look like a funhouse.

  • lets just tear down the wall and let as many illegals spill over into the US then lets give them all free housing medical and money then let them all vote then they can vote in the liberals then they can do away with the constitution then we can start to move to a more socialist government then we can move on to a communist government then we can have some civil uprising then all out civil war then we might have a really good dictator to rule the country oh but I forgot the Fed wouldn’t like that they are the ones who rule the US now Right?

  • Why are all these people crying about working for no pay? Throughout history there has been people who have worked and never got a dime for it. If this was a real issue, every single one of them would walk out of those jobs, and watch how fast they would open up the government. So just keep working and stop the crying about it already, your country thanks you.

  • I believe they caved too. But I want to give Ryan Grim the benefit of the doubt, (one could meekly argue) Dems actually got the GOPsters to pass CHiP. Since we all believe GOPster promises are shit anyway, that was passed in exchange for 3 weeks. NOW, if the DEMbots cave again on Feb. 8, then Schumer needs to be primaried and/or step down.

  • Blame game???didn’t trump say he’d take the floor and cause the shutdown with full responsibility? Smdh. He even said dont blame the Democrats blame him

  • Congress gets paid. Mass consciousness must continue to actively awaken… as these challenges will continue in a myriad of ways. I cite the French Revolution as a case study for ‘present-day America’.

  • This will not affect the internet right? Like internet shuts down as well. Coz if does, id better start jerkin off as much as I possibly can while internet is still up. Download them good “movies” too. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

  • Look at our president Mr. Trump at his administration. Does he really care about all Americans? Those of us born and raised here legally who are not white and rich?

  • Not sure why people are hating on my comment. I mean this is all a game, if some of you have not figured that out yet. 2008 should have made that completely clear to people. Look you or i miss a $200 car payment or something and the banks come down on us. However the banking system, and investment firms defraud the American people out of billions, and the government lets the Federal Reserve just print up more money and pass it out to their buddy’s, and all that does is erode the value of the American peoples money. However the people on the top could care less because they will just print up more money if needed and you and i are left standing there with all the problems. This shut down is nothing new every year it comes most the time the shutdown is avoid, but sometimes it happens, and in a week or so it will be fine again, because this is just a game to make it appear that America is fiscally responsible. The government says “America always pays its bills “ and i say no America never pays it bills that is why we keep borrowing more and more. We have a National debt of more the 20 trillion dollars, and the government will be running 7 hundred thousand deficits a year. The U.S. is in a death spiral as happen when all empires get to large. America as we know it today will collapse from within, i say in the next 5 to 10 years, but a government shutdown is business as usual here in the U.S.

  • ha who cares state and government workers are shady enough and they need to crack down and get rid of a lot of them or have an IA on them, but nothing new government workers are always shut down like sheep

  • Who ever disagrees with our elected president,go out and join illegal immigrants on other side or obey the law of our best president eveeeeer!!!You can’t even elected anyone in 2020,Trump is best and will win again,face it and stop wasting your life living in evil spirit,he was chosen from God to save us!Dear President Trump, thank you for everything you did so far for me and my family,may God bless you to be my president for rest of my life,wish You and your beautiful family Marry Christmas and happy New year!!!!

  • Until Trump went into office you had nothing to lose. Obama is gone and is not ever coming back media gone and never coming back we the people now listen to the tweeting of a president that is getting the job done. lol lol idiots, no lying idiots

  • I wish Trump would hire volunteers cause I would do it for free. Seriously. Someone should start a volunteer group. There is already crowdfunding for it.

  • NBC News King of Fake News and buddy-buddy with illegal aliens and in cahoots with the leftist radical liberals. Only a complete numbskull and nincompoop would vote Democrat.

  • I see that the HOUSE GOP even with 240 Majority can never pass bipartisan legislation that could ever pass a 51/48 GOP Senate. REQUIRES 60 votes!!! HOUSE GOP have two Oligarch GOP parties that can’t decide anything.. Mitch /Ryan need to look for ANYTHING ELSE REQUIRING 60 VOTES. DEMOCRATS would make the CONGRESS remove the ceiling on Social Security. TOTALLY ENFORCE E-Verify Fine Employers, Business, and Corporations who have hired illegals and I mean 100,000 per person

  • Chris, I take exception to you statement, “wall that Trump wants,” when in fact the wall is what Trump and nearly all of his supporters want. To many this distinction will seem to be minor but it is not.

  • You satirize the Chinese, who own Google. That is why your being demonitized. The Chinese are probably pushing to have you de-platformed as well.
    Do you really think it would stop with Alex Jones?

  • Hows the shutdown cost anything? Wouldn’t it save because some people in government dont get paid? Im not trying to be a smart ass, hows the country lose money from the shutdown?

  • Everyone is nuts! Pelosi is stubborn and out of line. She works for Israel interest, not U.S. citizens. Israel also invited G5 thats going to kill everything that inhaled chemtrails. Ugh! They rule Saturn.

  • Democrats be like Fuck American citizens…dem illegals gonna be owned by us. (Please spay, neuter or euthanize your leftists TODAY!)

  • So, if the big orange will not sign any budget that doesn’t include a provision for his boarder wall, I guess the government will be shutdown until a new president is elected, or the current one is impeached.

  • OMG, you’d think the world was coming to an end.  Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves how it is that a nation founded on the principle that government is a “necessary evil” has become so government-dependent?  The men and women who founded this nation had grave misgivings about even creating a federal government.  And this reaction is why. They wanted it to be small enough and weak enough that it could be drowned in the bathtub if need be. Now look at us. Millions of people quivering in fear of it shutting down for a few days. It’s truly pathetic how intertwined in our daily lives Washington has become.

  • Dems don’t care about DACA, they have been using this issue for nearly 25 years. Its about votes, for Gods sake there are DACA recipients who are approaching 40 and its always the same thing, want to do something about DACA, lets do something about the border, oops can’t do that, thats a problem. And the circle jerk continues. Hispanics need to realize they are just a wedge issue Dems use.

  • First off, if the Federal Government never opened for business again it would mean a WIN for freedom and liberty. 2nd This crap about the divide between Republicans and Democrats that cant agree is causing the Federal Government shut down is a COMPLETE LIE!!! IN SPDADE! The reps sib live don’t ned even ONE DEMOCRAT to vote along with them. NOT ONE! the Republicans control the congress and the White House! THEY DO NOT NEED EVEN ONE DEMOCRAT to go along with theme NOT ONE! FOX NEWS KNOWS that as well as wall the other MAJORS!

  • Well I’m thinking most of us regular people who didn’t do their job would have no job. Not a vacation with pay. Why should this be any different? I’m totally down with the firing these losers who aren’t doing their jobs & just seem to be treating the whole process like some kind of infantile playground.

  • Soldiers don’t get paid now but these mother fuckers going to be making money not right not right at all I would give my pay check up

  • Love the Internet. Now we have actual people’s comments posted to see. Someone says hard to blame dems as Repubs control house and senate and 60 votes needed and 6 Repubs voted against. Hilarious! So every Republican is supposed to vote the same, like sheep. But 200 dems vote against and cause 6 Repubs voted against its hard to blame dems? Hilarious! What logic! Someone says a shutdown falls on the president and lack of leadership! Hilarious! Bet you posted something like this when Obama was president and dems had a shutdown?

  • I’m a proud demarcate and I say it’s the president being a child and pointing the finger to a single party cause he doesn’t even know what the fuck he’s doing.

  • Blame game my ass….it’s easy to see they are ALL to blame. America first, Fuck both parties. This same shit happened when Obama was in office, coming from the other side of the isle. How many government shutdowns are we going to have to endure before the rest of you decide to hold them ALL accountable for doing their fucking jobs and pull the rug out from underneath this childish horse shit of “I didn’t break the vase, he did.”. There is a reason the only dems willing to compromise so far are ones up for reelection in states that Trump won in the election. Quite easy to see that their jobs come before their convictions. SAME SHIT WITH REP DURING OBAMA. Well when shit starts to unravel, good luck feeding, clothing, and sheltering yourself with political affiliations. The fuckers that did won’t be going hungry or getting looted.

  • We have a government shutdown because democrats because Donald Trump won’t give the legals citizenship good for him for not signing that garbage and standing his ground now let’s build that wall and kick their asses out of here thank you Mr. Pres. For keeping your promises and not letting Washington Control you you are the man of the people

  • I don’t think anyone in the Senate or Congress should get paid if the government shuts down. As a matter of fact, for every day the government is shut down, they should have to take a 1% cut in pay, Permanently.

  • the democrats have done nothing since Trump became president except to become obstructionist. They wouldn’t even use their votes to make the middle income tax break permanent! 2018 midterm election vote republican or independent, not democrat!

  • Darmaaaaaaaatic. Chill. There is a such thing as back pay. So, remember. Where there is a will there is a way. Just be chill the bill is on its way.