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THURSDAY, May 4, 2016 (HealthDay News) Some things never change, and your personal collection of skin bacteria may be one of them despite the use of sanitizers and antibacterial wipes. Human skin encounters countless germs every day, and researchers expected to find that the colonies of bacteria, viruses and fungi in skin fluctuated over time. THURSDAY, May 4, 2016 (HealthDay News) Some things never change, and your personal collection of skin bacteria may be one of them despite the use of sanitizers and antibacterial wipes.

Human skin encounters countless germs every day, and researchers expected to find that the colonies of bacteria, viruses and fungi in skin fluctuated over time. Instead, they found the germs stay. HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, May 4, 2016 (HealthDay News) Some things never change, and your personal collection of skin bacteria may be one of them despite the use of sanitizers and. Some things never change, and your personal collection of skin bacteria may be one of them—despite the use of sanitizers and antibacterial wipes.

Human skin encounters countless germs every day, and researchers expected to find that the colonies of bacteria, viruses and fungi in skin fluctuated over time. Instead, they found the germs stay fairly constant. However, skin hosts micro-environments, which can either attract or repel germs. Some things never change, and your personal collection of skin bacteria may be one of them despite the use of sanitizers and antibacterial wipes. Human skin encounters countless germs every day, and researchers expected to find that the colonies of bacteria, viruses and fungi in skin fluctuated over time.

Skin Health Healthy Skin Germs Stay Put, Despite Using Sanitizers and Antibacterial Wipes. Human skin encounters countless germs every day, and researchers expected to find that the colonies of bacteria, viruses and fungi in skin fluctuated over time. Instead, they found the germs stay fairly constant. share. This hand sanitizer kills 99.99 percent of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds!

It’s moisturizing for dry or sensitive skin, and has aloe and vitamin E, so you can. So avoid using it on your pets’ food bowls or children’s toys (especially baby toys, which you know the tots are going to put in their mouths!). “Antibacterial wipes. “The effectiveness of hand sanitizer varies on how oily or dirty your hands are, how much alcohol is in there, and which germs you’re actually talking about.” The bottom line: real-world results are often less than 99.99 percent.

Despite the safety oversight, the FDA noted in its April 27 announcement that calls related to hand sanitizer to the National Poison Data System in.

List of related literature:

We have disinfectant dishwashing soap and disinfectant body lotions and skin bars with disinfectants like triclosan–and even disinfectant produce washes when, in fact, we need the beneficial organisms in our food supply.

“Patient Heal Thyself” by Jordan Rubin
from Patient Heal Thyself
by Jordan Rubin
Freedom Press, 2011

This poses a concern because some of the antibacterial characteristics of skin are minimized.

“Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures” by Zoe Diana Draelos
from Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures
by Zoe Diana Draelos
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More recently, showering or bathing with two per cent triclosan has become a recommended regimen for the decolonization of patients whose skin is carrying methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

“Medicinal Chemistry” by D. Sriram
from Medicinal Chemistry
by D. Sriram
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These chemicals generally damage the immune system upon which we rely to help destroy the germs.

“Divine Prescription, The: and Science of Health and Healing” by Gunther B. Paulien
from Divine Prescription, The: and Science of Health and Healing
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Every year, a number of new products are released that incorporate antibacterial or germicidal “protection.”

“Foundations in Microbiology' 2007 Ed.(sixth Edition)2007 Edition” by Talaro, Kathleen Park
from Foundations in Microbiology’ 2007 Ed.(sixth Edition)2007 Edition
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Pittet et al. (1999) found that staff were more likely to decontaminate their hands after an activity associated with a low risk of acquiring micro-organisms than before an activity associated with a high risk of introducing infection.

“Infection Control in Clinical Practice Updated Edition E-Book” by Jennie Wilson
from Infection Control in Clinical Practice Updated Edition E-Book
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We jump in the shower daily, wash our hands with antibacterial soaps frequently, and slather on hand sanitizers throughout the day.

“The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life” by Travis Stork, M.D.
from The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
by Travis Stork, M.D.
Bird Street Books, 2016

However, the only way that these products can be effective is if you are sure that you are killing all of the germs on your hands and body.

“I've Made Up My Mind...Don't Confuse Me with the Facts!” by Chris Axon
from I’ve Made Up My Mind…Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts!
by Chris Axon
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Few pathogens can establish themselves on healthy skin.

“Ross & Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness E-Book” by Anne Waugh, Allison Grant
from Ross & Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness E-Book
by Anne Waugh, Allison Grant
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Second, they deplete your skin of good bacteria that contribute to its health, since the microbes living on healthy skin help to organize a strong protective

“The Allergy Solution” by Leo Galland, M.D., Jonathan Galland
from The Allergy Solution
by Leo Galland, M.D., Jonathan Galland
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  • dont forget there is good bacteria that our body needs to help fight viruses that you also kill with sanatizer. thats why you shouldnt over sanatize things. I noticed that was not mentioned.

  • One video says soap is better, one says sanitizer is better. I’m just gonna keep using hand sanitizer after washing my hands. Problem solved ��

  • Can you just use baby wipes to clean the Surface before using Lysol or Clorox to disinfect? Oh and the Lysol sprays not the liquid king the aerosol kind any opinion on those?

  • Using the same rag and putting it back in the cleaning solution is cross contamination.never put your cleaning rag back in the cleaning solution.use several cleaning not keep using the same cleaning clothe.

  • He doesn’t rub the soap all over hands,and for only 2 seconds before imediately plunging into the running water,c’mon silly waste of people’s time


  • Okay, but I just watched this dude put soap on his hands…and then immediately put them under running water BEFORE scrubbing. Dude. Wet your hands, apply soap, scrub into a lather for half a minute, THEN rinse. Holy shit, I can’t believe the lack of common sense.

  • All of these chemicals are contaminants themselves & 1 capful of Bleach per gallon of water works better than all of them but
    even that must be wiped down w/ clean water afterwards else you might build that chemical in your body. Of course I’d take a
    little chlorine over this virus but w/ our belief that “more is better” we can make ourselves sick. After any chemical, always do
    a quick wask w/ regular soap/water…… it does wonders.

  • The methylated spirits won’t work for hand sanitizer either…well, it will, but it can be harmful on the hands. It should be undenatured ethanol without the addition of methynol. Just my thought!

  • yes yes.. if the date is close or past, within reasonable time… by all means.. throw them out! (eww..they’re icky)

    Dont do something conscious like putting a spray bleach solution with lemon fragrance you made on them to make them still usable. Put them in the trash. yes yes.. use/waste a clean paper towel. ����‍♂️
    Such a wise way of thinking. ���� These are a form of paper towel… right?. yoo-hoo

    I pity those that believe everything they see online. It will defintely be survival of the fittest and the most creatively adapative, going forward… no doubt.
    Be well kids. ✌️

  • I’m busy making a video showing how to make your own toilet rolls…..start saving those tabloids. We’ll put the true definition of “full of shit” to the papers

  • I think they should have used 2 different people because after the hand sanitiser test, the subject’s hands are briefly washed and residual hand sanitiser may affect the E. coli that was placed a second time.

  • Thank you for creating this video and the excel spreadsheet to help educate the un-trained community on how to stay safe. I hope this video continues to circulate. Sincerely, a fellow scientist ❤️ (P.S. Subscribed!)

  • Corona virus has a membrane of oily lipid molecules, which is studded with proteins which help the virus infect cells water with soap breaks the virus cells apart and rinsing washes them off the skin far better than sanitiser for the virus to keep your hands clean

  • People are becoming too obsessed with disinfecting everything all day. This should be done as needed and in acute scenarios I.e. hospitals. Living a super sanitized life will weaken your immune system over time. Wash your hands well and be smart. People really don’t need to be panic cleaning all day.

  • Okay, first, he got E.Coli on the purell pump, not to mention the outside of the petri dish. (And also he should have taken his ring off.) Then he put soap on his palm of his hand and immediately rinsed the soap glob down the sink. Don’t you know you’re supposed to wet your hands, then pump soap on your hands and then rub for 20 sec., get a good lather, and then you rinse the soap and germs off your hands? I’d also suggest you use the 20 sec. soap lather to also wash the sink knob so you don’t reapply E.Coli back onto your cleaned hands. Basic hygiene. Anyone who argues with that is an unsanitary person. I’ve witnessed plenty of bad hygiene habits in the public restrooms, that’s if they even wash their hands! Ppl are so lazy.

  • Hand sanitizer kills good gut bacteria like antibiotics and people bathing in sanitizer are going to have digestive/gut issues. I have not heard one dr say this, YOU NEED PROBIOTICS WHILE USING ALL THIS SANITIZER AND BLEACH!

  • And clean the floor with clorox expecialy bathroom and kitchen, I throw plastic bags of groceries, wipe with clorox wipes the milk galoon and plastic from outside u bought and wipe inside the refreg

  • very interesting. Thank you for not only the simpler calculator, but also using normal language and not talking over our heads. You are a peach.

  • A virus is not bacteria. Your advice is not accurate and could be dangerous. Using pure chlorine like Clorox, is extremely dangerous. You must dilute it with water a LOT. 99% alcohol is actually much less effective for covid 19 than 70% alcohol that is diluted with water. Your advice is much too vague. You should do your research to find out the best way to kill viruses, not just mention ingredients in a list. Peopke can get sick or poisoned if they use certain ingredients like Clorox incorrectly. Plus you can not mix any substances thinking that the more, the better. Some substances when mixed create cause a chemical reaction that could, for example give off a toxic gas. Please do your homework.

  • You can also use vodka and everclear. Drink the vodka and make sanitizer with everclear. Then drink the rest of the everclear and wash it down with more vodka and then you can just forget all about the impending doom of the human species.

  • here one to clear about what he did in this video: he didnt touch anywhere/water tap during using sanitiser but he touched the tap after hand wash. one mistake he did is he dilute the soap immediately after the soap applied to his hand.
    to precise examination, after u put the hand sanitizer stay out of home and test the bacterial growth. u will see the germs attracted to the hand due to all geletin stiffs. if u wash your hand properly and stay outside for an hour, u wont see the bacterial growth coz there is nothing on your hand. may be they r scared from the hand sanitizer company. ethanol is faster than soap but gelatin will attract the microbes. so the best solution is just make 70% ethanol solution and add to the spray cylinder and spray daily. thats more effective.

  • Keep in mind that the hand washing test we see used paper towels to dry. Use a regular bathroom towel and you are re-inoculating your handssmearing germs all over them again. I need to get some more paper towels at Costco.

  • 55 years ago I got the flu when I worked at a dry cleaners the boss there gave me a teaspoon heaped with sugar soaked in white spirits and said sit the spoon on your tongue for awhile.It worked for me -flu symptoms vanished.He said it was the fumes travelling to my lungs that killed the flu.

  • Hey NowThis News, the title should be “Why Coronavirus is better than sanitizer and soap”. You guys need to hire some editors ffs.

  • the problem with hand sanitizers is that they kill bacteria which can lead to resistance where as soap and water simply washes it off

  • Attentionmust be paid to the disinfection of such places,

    Highenergy pulse UV disinfection machine is your necessary choice, 3-5 minutes
    efficiently done!

  • The fact that he says “almost 30 seconds” like it’s a really long time concerns me. I’ve never heard of washing your hands for less than that.

  • Take shower, have better hygiene,washing your close,not smelling,keep your home clean,not surf cleaning,is not reason too dress nice and have poor hygiene.washing hand,keep others safe.

  • I would like to suggest that you change the title because many people are scared of the pandemic and aren’t thinking clearly. Many will see this title while scrolling and instantly believe they’ve just been updated with an important fact, and disregard soap. The video itself is excellent, thoroughly explained and entertaining, but you may not have considered your responsibility for the title as a media item, with its own kind of influence.

  • I was using hand sanitizer daily several times a day in my job as a nurse as well as in my downtime. I now have liver problems and don’t even drink alcohol. I believe the alcohol content in the hand sanitizers were a significant contributing factor to my liver disease. I am much better now since I no longer use hand sanitizer but am still recovering after several months.

  • Doctors should really wash between patients. They have sinks in their office and yet I’ve seen my doctor repeatedly use sanitizer then gloves but you can still cross contaminate.

  • My local hardware store has sanitizer Everytime I go there. I’ve been buying my 2 bottle limit and stocking up all my friends and family

  • Fear iz the mind killer in other wordz do not allow fear to consume you concerning this epidemic do not allow the newz media to use scare tatics over and over again to cripple you.

  • My dad was a chef. He did that bleach and water to use to clean counters for decades! Must be something to it! �� Thanks for posting!!!

  • So irresponsible…. tons of people just read the title and it is telling you completely the opposite of what people should do. Great to have incompetent people reaching to thousands of people in the beginning of a pandemic….

  • can improve the experiment by letting hand dry by its own after washing hands. Because the tissue is not sterile and might affect the experiment

  • His point about sanitizer not washing off the virus cells is not especially relevant since those cells have already been so degraded by the alcohol that they pose no risk. But the overall point is good. Sanitizer is useful when you can’t wash your hands, but handwashing is better.

  • Well this seems overkill. Considering most people rarely wash their hands for more than 10 seconds. I find hand sanitizer to be more effective than a brief wash.

  • The content is right but the title is wrong besides he forgot the thumbs and thumbnails as well as wrists.
    It is still best to follow the way surgeons do it.

  • So here is the question. Our hands are covered with normal healthy bacteria, called Staphlococus epidermidus. After sanitizer there is no growth. This is a blood agar plate and the normal Staph should have grown. Therefore the sanitizer has also killed your normal, healthy and helpful protective bacteria. Stick with soap and water and lose the sanitizer and let your normal bacterial flora live.

  • Well done indeed! Thank you for this info…I try to sanitize my groceries (e.g. cans of salmon, soup, etc.) would I use the 1 tsp bleach to 4 cups water or the 4 tsps bleach to 4 cups water?

  • Tbh I don’t mind the title because literally no one actually washes there hands for 20 seconds. My dad doesn’t even use soap sometimes just water and he also waters down the soap all the time to save money. So hand sanitizer is quicker for the lazier.

  • WOW you guys got on that headline FAST!! I sent you an FB msg, asked a couple others to do the same. Then headed over to twitter. By the time I got back-DONE! Don’t know if what I did had anything to do with it, but THX for keeping on top of things!!❤

  • Just wondering if y’all even watch your videos. Because whoever was in charge of the title, didn’t do their homework. You literally had one job.

  • Thank you for your video and getting the information out there that is right. As you mentioned the people who have put out their videos have good intentions. The key is to do lots of research or hope to find a rare jewel of a video like yours which does a fantastic job of explaining things (in laymans terms:) Did find one other video that did explain the concentrations, his was good, yours goes into more detail going into other recipes and why they do not work. Good day, keep well.

  • Finally, an intelligent video that thoroughly explains the vast amount of DIY hand sanitizer formula videos on-line! She cuts through the confusion and lets you know exactly what you need and why. Thank You!!

  • I do not know If she should be quoting the WHO with it’s horrible performance that is costing thousands of lives.
    I cannot finish watching the video after that.

  • what if the tin can is filled with germs, and you close it back up and you got more germs on your hands so doing all of that is pontless

  • People, when possible, use an old fashioned sponge and diluted bleach. These wipes are plastic, non biodegradable, and just add to landfill.

  • Yes, we know you need 91% alcohol and maybe you can find some but it’s getting hard to find 50% now and aloe gel, well you can find that too, maybe. Better grab it quick if you see some. Toilet paper is making a comeback, sometimes. Probably never see hand sanitizer. I keep thinking about asking the girl “Where do ya’ll keep your hand sanitizer?” and try to keep a straight face.

  • I haven’t been able to find wipes or Lysol spray for months now. Lysol and Clorox have definitely dropped the ball with regards to their response to the pandemic.

  • I’ve never used wipes and almost never get sick. It helps that no one else lives here. Now, I wash with soap and water when I come back from the store

  • I live in an apartment building and we share the washers and dryers, I spray them my own sanitizer. Top, front where I put my hands, where the coins go and I wear gloves.everything that is touched.

  • will that water / bleach solution discolor fabric etc? I keep hearing about Citric Acid. Can I use lemon juice if I run out of alcohol hand santizer?

  • Sorry. But with what you said over the air concerning CoVid19 few weeks ago. My minds was then forged. You are an incompetent political puppet.

  • This is wonderful thankyou, I have a gallon of 80% or 160 proof alcohol. I was gonna mix it 2 parts alcohol to 1 part of aloe vera but i see that 80% requires i mix 3 parts alcohol to one part aloe. You might have just saved my life. Thanks Lab Muffin.:-)

  • I have yet to see any Government approved test that gives any indication what is the number of corona virus infections are due to surface contact. It could be zero, it could be many thousands. I don’t think anybody knows.

  • I work graveyard and I always inform the oncoming shift that I cleaned the tables and I left 1/10 of germs and viruses alive for them to find. Lol after all it says right on the label. Kills 99.9%.


  • It sad how the teacher was giving the students disinfecting wipes and she got backlash for it. Meanwhile today. Majority of school are now making kids TAKE lysol spray AND wipes with them to school.

  • Don’t all these products ultimately cause resistance. They kill more beneficial microbes opening door for resistant ones to bloom. Wash hands and use white vinegar or alcohol with essential oils. Promote your own resistance and nurture your microbiom. Be well.

  • Clean all produce (find sites with instructions) and throw away grocery bags and cardboard ( like boxes.) wash your hands after touching them, of course. Find instructions on how to make kitchen and bathroom wipes and hand sanitizers.

  • Well damn I was feeling hella confident about my lil DIY hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol that I thought would work lol! I had no idea alcohol percentage dilutes, sounds dumb, I know but I really didn’t think about. That sucks! �� Anyway thanks for educating us girl! Great video!

  • Really!!?? some idiot parents actually complained about the schoold giving kids disinfecting wipes?? What is wrong with people in today’s society I mean what has happened to common sense? THIS ISN’T going o kill any damn kids! How utterly stupid

  • question: If diluted bleach only is good for 24 hours then how do the regular clorox bleach wipes work? don’t they use diluted bleach in the original container with the wipes?

  • It is not the summer heat, that kills the virus, it is the Vitamin D we are in hunger for, that kills the virus. By the way, there is a theory that if it is spread or infected on bacteria, then it spreads and rises to the 2nd, even stronger wave.

  • in our health care facility we teach to wet the hands first before applying soap….otherwise the germs get trapped in the little cracks and crevices in your fingers, palms and back of your hand. Our environmental studies here have proved that soap and water is the most effective way to clean your hands…this method is what the CDC recommends as well

  • This is a flawed experiment. It was widely known that soap and water is the best. He didn’t even scrub with the soap and washed off the soap immediately. So amateurish

  • 2 cup 95% organic alcohol E-O-X non denatured, 1/4 cup maybe a little more organic pure aloe vera and few drops of organic lime essential oil just for making a nice green citrus scent.

  • I use these wipes in small strips in plastic baggies to wipe down carts and handles. For household cleaning, we are using spray household cleaners.

  • Majority of every human on this earth are lazy pigs and can’t clean well only basic daily same routine is not consider clean.

    No house is cleaner than mine.
    As I keep my kitchen clean everyday 24/7, bathroom weekly, the rest I clean it once a month baseboard, door knobs & trims, walls, vacuum, edge of the walls.

    You do not need chemicals to clean plain simple as they are very bad for the lungs and heart.

    This is what I use at home….
    Cleaning Vinegar extra strength mixed with FRESH LEMON in spray bottle. Vinegar might not smell nice but it takes about 30 to 45 mins for the smell to dye out. Eyes can burn also so use with caution & keep windows open and keep away from face while spraying in windy conditions.

    Floors/Lemon dish soap & Vinegar
    Baking soda & dish soap
    Tub & Tile & scrubbing sponge.
    Faucet pour vinegar on calcium stains & a scrubbing ponge.

    Never use vinegar on granite counter tops as it can caused breakage and holes on the counter tops in the long runs.
    All you need is dish soap that removes grease sunlight dish soap is the best for kitchen counter tops, cabinets, utensils, floors, stove and fridge.

    Dish soap or Hand soap for dusting and so on… I do perfered hand soap as is more delicate for the furniture.

    I LIKE LYSOL THE only DISADVANTAGE is they leave streaks and strands when dry and I dislike that so use a wet paper towel to wipe over and dry paper towel. 3X make sure is shiny like a mirror.

    LYSOL WIPES FOR TOILET and bathroom baseboards only.

    NEVER mix chemicals together esp bleach / windex / Mr clean / vim cleaner / Lysol cleaner it can be very deadly in an instant. Make sure to cover nose and mouth with a cloth when dealing with any of these products. Keep eyes away as sometimes they can splatter when opening plastic caps / new product or previous use as heat & cold weather can change the temperatures of the bottles.

  • Good old fashioned peppermint oil contains 50% to 60% of a chemical called MENTHOL. Menthol is a human friendly and also kills Corona virus on contact!!! People never talk about it much. I think Menthol is a forgotten secret that needs rediscovery.

  • Hi! Thank you for this incredible video and useful information! Does using alcohol in this mean we don’t need to add any preservative? If yes, how do i know what percentage of water in a recipe w/ alcohol, necessitates a preservative? Thank you!

  • Sanitize means surface clean still has germs left. Disinfected means MOST germs are killed. Only sterilization means to kill everything.

  • You can’t use bleach in the house if you have a ��.why bleach when you can use baking soda and vinegar. Man tells women how to clean house ��Maybe you people can focus to finding the ��vaccine instead blah blah blah with bleach in the house.Bleach can destroy your pets breading lungs and bleach your furniture destroy it. People don’t listen to this, if they don’t know how to save lives in hospital people are dying, what’s making them exports to using bleach in the house. What if you have wood polished floors?

  • Very informative
    Eye opener for so many over reactive people.
    Antibiotic resistance gradually increase by using repeatedly, unnecessarily these disinfectants.
    Simple solution
    Detergent liquid+few drops of antiseptic solution+ water
    More than sufficient.

  • I just subscribed to your channel because of this video. I was searching for homemade sanitizer recipes & I’m so glad I came across your video… if I didn’t see your video I would’ve made a non-effective hand sanitizer lol… I feel so relieved, thank you! ♥️

  • There was a coin website that sold masks and disinfectant wipes. lowpopcoins sells them. They restock their website as the wipes come in.

  • Nobody is going to wait till incubation period, Washing hands immediately flushes ecolie bacteria but hand sanitizer keep this on your hand and kill slowly

    Hence: soap is better than sanitizer

  • Full of incorrect information, i.e. 3% hydrogen peroxide dwell time is only 30 seconds 1 min, not what you said in the video of 10-15 minutes.

  • #1 Killer of Coronavirus is TRUTH. Wake up, wicked people using fear to fight a political battle and control you. The numbers are manipulated and any real Phd. Medical Doctor that speaks out end exposes it is silenced while YouTubers who may or may not even have a high school diploma are promoted to feed you the lies.

  • This guy does not know what he is talking about. He has partial information and no reference to any of his “recommendations” and good deal of that is just bogus. For example UV light. It is a lot more complicated than what he blabs about. UV-C, Far-UV, and UV-B will deactivate virus, depending on dosage but if a virus is behind a particle of dust UV light will do nothing to the virus. But it can certainly blind the user.

  • Clean your phone y’all it helps also. Also remember it’s not only about what you put on your body but also about what you put IN your body. Eat beet tops in your salad they are full of vitamin c. Eat more red wild caught salmon Aldi on a normal day has bagged it’s a little pink but still good for you and gargle with worm salt water even if your not sick it strips some of the flaking tissue off. Please stop hording if this is the end of the world will it help to have all the toilet paper in the world? I’m a veteran’s wife we know to not get a lot instead we ration what we have and get ready for the worst and hope for the best. Assess understand and rationalize use logic.

  • Wipes are for the car, when you don’t have running water. I don’t disinfect in my home. I disinfect before I enter my home.. Any time I leave my home, I wear gloves, and remove them, shoes, jacket, in the garage before I touch my car or car keys. If you are ever in a position that you have to clean everything you touched in your homes with contaminated hands.

    Who care’s if you spread “fold mold’ with wipes not likely because the bleach or alcohol in wipes will kill it. But who cares about “fold mold” when we’re trying to stop Covid-19?

  • I have a question. I bought a can of Pledge Anti-bacterial spray. The active ingredients are dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides, and dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides, which seem to be the same active ingredients as in Lysol. But Pledge is not an approved disinfectant against Covid-19 on the EPA list. The EPA registration number is 4822-576. Do you know why this product is not approved on EPA’s approved list?

  • I have heard that soap and water is better if you wash longer….. the soap itself supposed destroys the virus outer shell or memebrane more than alcohol does…. shrug… as I said it was what I have heard….

  • this info was so vague its useless. “Hot temperatures kill corona virus” but at what temp and for how long? UVC kills viruses….but no mention that it will bling you and give you cancer after prolonged exposure…..”h2o2 kills viruses above 3%” but no info about mix ratios that will render it useless or harmful if not diluted enough….

    This is dangerous.

  • I always carry a container of wipes in truck you never know when your not near a toilet and u gotta go,but let me say it does burn a bit, fyi

  • Active ingredient in soap is not NaOH. It is soap. NaOH is processed with fat… to make the amphiphilic soap molecule…. Otherwise the rest is correct/I agree with. If you wash your hands in NaOH or shower with it… you won’t have skin left.

  • I have tinea versicolor (a skin condition) and antibacterial soap and unscented lotions are my saving grace. This anti anti-bacterial soap rhetoric needs to stop because it can help a lot of people. Talk to your dermatologist.

  • The way he heavy wash with soap is just the worse way to do it……… The soap should be on his hand and rub thru every part of hand…….

  • The wipes don’t keep surface wet long enough to do what they were intended for. The wipes say on it that the surface has to stay wet from 10-2 minutes depending on brand to work yet the surface dried in less than 1.5 min every time I tested them. SCAM

  • … great, and in the middle of all that fuss, your phone, that’s still in you shoulder bag, rings with that all-important call for a new job, coz you lost your last to corona and boom!… dirtier than your loo was for the whole of last week.

  • The hand sanitizer states that it will kill GERMS. It does not claim to kill viruses. Viruses and germs are very different things. Study about the nature of viruses before you spend your time/money on hand sanitizers. Here is a factual video about Viruses: vs. Bacteria: Since the sanitizer will not destroy or incapacitate the virus, hand washing will send them down the drain. Wash your hands, stay healthy, simple.

  • Can we use 10 to 20 ml. of 10% povidone-iodine solution in 10 litres of hand sanitizer recipe of WHO instead of hydrogen peroxide as povidone-iodine is capable of killing residual bacterias, viruses and bacterial spores?

  • Lather with soap, preferably carbolic bar soap very well for

    30 seconds, much more effective than 100% alcohol-based hand sanitizer

  • Aside from the DIY sanitizers topic, I’d like to address all the negative regarding essential oils. I encourage you to learn about Doterra before putting all of them in the same group. Yes, there are tons of bad EOs out there. However Doterra is in a league of their own. Having lost my Mother to kidney disease from OTC medications and some prescriptions, I sought out natural choices for my family. Except for a 2 week battle with pneumonia which I took antibiotics for, I have not had any medication in almost 4 years. I went from daily migraine/headache meds to oils. I cleaned out my medicine cabinet of all medications we used to use for heartburn, digestive, and sinus issues. All of those have been replaced with Doterra. I was in a car accident which resulted in cut a cut the back of my head, I blacked out, ended up with concussion, whiplash, dizziness, numbness, sciatica, and pain. Again, not a single drug to treat myself. All natural healing with Doterra, physical therapy, and a GOOD chiropractor. If you’ve ever seen someone after a day of dialysis, you may want to rethink what you put in you body. Your kidneys will thank you! Research Doterra and you may be surprised at what you can learn.

  • If anyone knows scientifically speaking please answer this question: is hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or isopropyl alcohol most effective against COVID 19

  • Don’t flush them down the toilet……they are made with a synthetic cloth that doesn’t break down and can block sewer pipes and sewage treatment plants.

  • Please change the title. I was about to give up on Now This for, disappointingly and dangerously, spreading misinformation then thought I’d check the content. I hope this was not a sick trick to make us look. This is no time for clickbait!

  • “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
    George Orwell.

  • Love the video and the information factor was well worth watching. My sister use was a herbalist and use to measure everything. Adjusted recipes, noted what worked and what was rubbish. Yes def enjoyed watching. So thanks.

  • Washing your hand is the best method to combat the coronavirus b/c the outer cell wall of the virus is made up of lipids which is a fat. How soap works: it has 2 components, one that binds to water and one that binds to grease/oil on a molecular level. What soap does, essentially, is it will break up the virus’ cell wall b/c the soap will bind to the fats causing the virus’ inside to break apart. And b/c it has nothing to hold it together, soap will “de-activated” the virus b/c it needs the center information to reproduce in the infected body. So wash your hands ppl! Just practice good hygiene.

  • I have a question, what’s your opinion on girls making lipglosses and skincare from their homes? Especially skincare? Cause I’ve seen some people on tiktok make skincare from facial cleansers to even serums and sell them to people, but they r like teens….

    It kinda shocked me cause I understand lipglosses and lipsticks, they r easy to make but when it comes to skincare, now that’s a completely different story.

    And some of these small companies made like body scrubs, facial cleansers, serums.

    Which shocks me cause don’t u need to study some cosmetic course or dermatologist to even make/be allowed to make skincare?

    And what also shocked me is that they r even bold enough to call some products “serums”

    But the owners haven’t even finished highschool yet…
    and some of them use crafts glitter for lipglosses….

    Isn’t that bad? Y don’t they use cosmetic glitter?

  • What if you can’t use bleach, I can’t as it triggers my asthma, I thought only with over 75% alcohol killed covid19, that is what we are told in the UK.

  • Thank you and Yay! for the new easier calculator! I couldn’t figure out the first one. It looks like 3 cups of 99% rubbing alcohol and 1 cup of aloe vera and a tsp of coconut oil will give me 73% alcohol content in hand sanitizer. Thank you for the science! I will use the commercial product when I can as you suggest!

  • Me: I’m not washing my hands again
    My parents: soap and water is better and hand sanitizer is useless
    Also me: shows them this video

  • Household items,door knobs, High touch objects like remotes, cell phones, tables, counter tops can be sanitized easily without the use of water & chemicals.. Try searching for Nevon UVlizers on google their PU50, PU50C, C72, PU50C-R, PU50C-SV10 models are designed for various purposes including groceries sanitization.

  • You can’t fool me. It’s corona time (2020) and I know for sure, soap and water when lathered up for more than 20 seconds, cleans all bacteria and viruses effectively.

  • HOCl Info For my American Brothers and Sisters

    HOCl an oxidant the human body produces to protect and heal, learn why it’s now considered nature’s germ killer.

    Evaluation of sprayed hypochlorous acid solutions for their virucidal activity against avian influenza virus through in vitro experiments Published online 2014 Nov 24. doi: 10.1292/jvms.14-0413

    The Effects of Hypochlorous Acid on Mammalian Cells

    Do You want hundreds of Studies more?

    Prussia/ Federal Republic of Germany

  • If this guy wants adults to listen, then why does he speak like he’s talking to a 4-year-old? Or if he’s trying to communicate with kids, then why does he use big words like ‘amphiphiles’ and ‘hydrophillic’? This clip is self-sabotaging, and just bad all around. Plus the title is wrong… cmon.

  • Why does no one talk about the new probiotic disinfectants that are environmentally friendly and bad bacteria cannot build resistance against it? Also, it’s effects last much longer than chemical disinfectants since they can live on surfaces just as long as bacteria because.. probiotics are bacteria.

  • Oh dear… you have helped me clear my questions since the pandemic started… I didn’t know why I couldn’t trust those homemade recipes, I know now. Thanks so much! How a out natural pine oil (something like that) that they claim used in the hospis? Are they truly a good disinfectant agent?

  • Nice video for hand sanititzer. One more video by one can make their own soap at home with ingredients and herbs which are easily available in our kitchen.

  • Do you know which ‘bacterial spores’ you are referring to? (which species of bacteria produces spores like fungi?) Why would this WHO formula not be intended to kill spores or bacteria on your hands? Sounds like ‘clever’ talk, saying it because it sounds smart, but still random and unfounded.

  • There are various ways in which hand sanitizer can be prepared. Following link throws light on some myths and facts regarding hand sanitizer and authentic procedure how to prepare it.

  • I am a biochemical engineer, easier way to figure is per cup for Americans (Imperial) measurements. 99% alcohol x 3/4 cup = 74.25% I break it down this way 99 x.75 = 74.25% by volume, i.e. 3/4’s of 1 cup. Now add the 1/4 cup of glycerin, I buy on Amazon Glycerin 99.5% I add 5 drops of clove essential oil because I like the smell and it helps to heal & keep my hands from cracking. I buy my 1 cup pump spray bottles on Etsy. Don’t over think this and the Lab Muffin Lady is correct on the Alcohol content, also essential oils to a point, won’t kill the virus sure, only because it’s not pursued because that is expensive, but, she means well. Like all of us we don’t know everything, myself included, I also have a PhD so what, she can make more money…

  • Out of curiosity, what is your opinion (and others, feel free to comment if you have knowledge regarding this topic!) of this paper: “Virucidal Efficacy of Physico-chemical Treatments Against Coronaviruses and Parvoviruses of Laboratory Animals”, which concludes in its study that benzalkonium chloride is effective against coronavirus. This paper was used to justify the distribution of alcohol-free sanitizers in Singapore.

  • Also, please include washing or sanitizing the faucet handles(kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc.). If possible, make it a habit everytime washing hands may as well rub the handle with soap, too & rinse it while rinsing your hands wherever you’re at(public or private places). Of course with automatic faucets(touch free ones I mean), no need to do so. Just a suggestion. Stay safe & well everyone. God bless us all…

  • Thanks for your info. Just loved it. I came to know about these sort of receips seriously works or not cuz I am a medics but I also wants something which dnt dry out my hands��. Can u please help me out that in our country there is more recipes like this. Camphor Powder+ Neem oil/concussion+ Ethyl alcohol+aleo vera Gel. Does this works or not?
    And please do let us know the normal phenyl and branded phenyl or disinfectant cleaner.

  • 2 parts alcohol (whatever kind you can find, 91% good luck finding that) 1 part gel (if you can find that) any less gel and it just feels too soupy. Might as well just use pure alcohol. Vodka and Everclear are just to expensive. You are better off drinking it so you can just forget about everything. Stay plastered until the end of the human race which we know is imminent.

  • So after 4 minutes should the surface be dried with a paper towel. And a little more info on the MRSA bug as a result of “reusing” the wipe would be appreciated.

  • this lab done this test without indicate how much ml hand soap used and and also the volume of hand sanitizer. The hand soap show in the video already diluted. I remember my degree thesis, if I done this lab work like this, i think I can’t even graduted…..haha

  • I just recieved my 100% alcohol was planning to use my own alovera plant. I found a video on YouTube but was curious if you seen good recipes? Plz

  • Thanks! Great info.
    Note that Everclear makes “grain alcohols” that contain 60%, 75.5%, 94.5% or 95% alcohol by volume. Note that not all concentrations are available everywhere.

  • shes wrong, UK Government recommend allow you to make sell home made hand sanitiser if you follow HSE guidelines, they insist on you using WHO recipe, which if i may say so is not perfect but hey its along her lines, the alcohol has to 70% and you have to use Ethanol as its drinkable. the other alchohol is propane 2 ol and that would have to have an eu certificate. they dont use aloe vera it would mealt with that much alcohol

  • Finally… someone who actually knows what she’s talking about! Thank you for this. I’ve watched a million videos and this is the only one I’ve “liked” and commented on. So much sketchy info out there.

  • I make and sell my own sanitizers which is made with 190 proof alcohol. If you don’t know how to formulate or dont know percentages required you SHOULDN’T be formulating products at all. I own my own business and I formulate all my products.

  • tbh hand sanitizer and soap and water are both great options to kill germs but hand washing is better but sanitizer is a great alternative.

  • I finally look normal when I pump gas with a glove. People used to stare or look at me weird. I just cannot touch a gas pump handle or the cart �� handle at the grocery store.

  • I keep hearing the best cleaning method is “soap and water” but nobody goes into any detail. Are we talking hand soap and water? What about antibacterial dishwashing liquid and water? Does soap/water have to be left on the surface for up to ten minutes to disinfect?

  • Thank you for this worthy information

    Personally, I prefer washing my hands using soap. Though, it seems to take longer time while washing hands, I like the final result in which my hands are clean and dry. Because in my opinion, dripping much of hand sanitizers would feel like my hands are wet and slippery, whereas I believe they’re clean.

    Anyway, many thanks!

  • Fear and stress are the big weakeners of the immune system, hence why Satans world is having you stressed out, It is the second biggest reason they are having you wear that mask. (first reason is the are initiating you into the new world order mind set, Just like a sorcerer, or just like a new initiate into free mason’s you need to wear that mask)! Read the masks label it TELLS YOU IT CANT PROTECT YOU FROM VIRUSES! Listen to Fauci he makes sure he has covered himself legally by telling you a mask will not protect you! Even after they caught up on mask supplies. They want you to be in fear to that you will take the vaccine that is coming RIGHT UP! Don’t listen to TV, go to your REAL doctor.

  • What if there a case of covid19 in a bedroom but the person left a month it safe to clean and sanitize the room???


  • Thank you for being so informative and helpful! I’ve had to start making my own sanitizer because of shortages in my area and always worried about the proportions and strengths of the products I could get my hands on. I’m 70 years old and live pretty much terrified of contracting this virus so I stay home as much as possible but I have to go to the grocery store because I have no family to depend on and the recipe I’ve been using was woefully inadequate. It’s a miracle I haven’t contracted CoVid 19! I so appreciate the calculations you’ve shared and will be changing my formula.

  • Why do we have to disinfect our homes if we’re not even going out around anything? Don’t we have to go out to bring the virus back home?

  • You can also use UV Light. Its very useful, l already bought a stick from this store l really recommend it

  • Just switch alcohol out for Vinegar. The acidity of vinegar helps kill all the germs and virus. ACTuaLLY WOrKS!! I tried it. Your welcome!!☺️

  • I would love to hear some professionals talking about health care workers properly screening patients over the phone that are calling with symptoms. My mother had been in contact with her PCP office/nurse over the phone and she had a symptom of a fever and she was never sent for a test. A couple of days later she called again with a fever and just not feeling well and then pressed her emergency alert necklace and was taken to the hospital. My mom PASSED AWAY THE NEXT DAY. WE NEED PROPER EDUCATION ON THE ELDERLY AND SCREENING. THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

  • So, what recipe CAN I use? Maybe I missed it, but I don;t recall her recommending a hand’s down, good recipe. She just debunked all the ones shown…

  • not trying to minimize the importance of this information but i literally learned nothing new.. i’m still going to subscribe tho LOL

  • Great, it’s going to be a boom in germaphobe people. You guys give no credit to your bodies natural defence system. Did you know millions and millions of bacteria are crawling all over you and inside your intestines? Creepy? Sure but they are also a part of your bodies natural defence system. Wash hands sure, but not so crazy like this. You’ll never leave to sink if so.

  • you are amazing, great video and most possibly saving lives!! I use 70% alcohol (15ml) with 2-3 drops of tea tree/ geranium essential oil (so it’s less drying) is this ok..?

  • being too clean/germaphobe is actually bad, you will become too prone to diseases.. you should also consider let yourself exposed to most of germs. our body is so amazing! it learns how to make antibodies to fight it. so the next time you’re exposed, your body can fight it off without getting an infection.. i.e a child exposed to colds and viruses earlier in life will develop a stronger immune system and is less likely to become sick in his later years… i knew someone who is germaphobe where theres alcohol wherever she goes.. even all of room in her house has alcohol.. and yet she always catch a flu for like 6-8times a year lol

  • ….. All the paper products….. households use today????? are creating major major sanitation??? landfill problems????….. That’s a whole other discussion?????

  • Hand sanitizer or soap/hand wash, which one is better?

    Here is all the details you need to know before you start using it

  • This is an incredibly well done video, and the information is not only desperately needed, but extremely valuable! Thank you for doing this!

  • I’m having a heck of a time finding any ingredient or product related to your video. A friend in the restaurant business gave me a couple quaternary tablets. Can you recommend any kind of formula using these? I’m assuming since these are used in a food preparation environment that in the right concentration they should be safe. Thanks in advance. And by the way to all you hoarders, by depleting the availability of sanitizer product you’re not helping the pandemic by not allowing other people to not get infected thereby potentially adding to the spread. Stop it!

  • So your title is completely wrong. Don’t you have editors? Come on guys. I watch your videos, and the titles are often replete with typos. Why?

    Getting the title completely backwards here does nothing for the credibility of your content.

    Do better.

  • Soap strips away the lipid coating of a virus. It would in theory kill a lot of single celled organisms by exposing their dna to the elements.

  • I did my own hand sanitizer following the recipe given in the link with your alcohol calculator. Feeling much more confident as there are so many products in the market that doesn’t mention percentage of alcohol at their bottle nowadays. Some are just taking advantage over the situations.

    A 10 yr old girl set up a device to trap and deactivate COVID-19! (during the lockdown period).

  • Bleach Clorox can have serious health and respiratory problems. People who use these products regularly can kill the good bacteria in ur body. Causing inflammation that’s kids become more susceptible to influenza. Research this Use all natural products like baking soda or vinegar

  • Oh, and I have spayed my keys, the mail box, inside and out. All the door knobs in our apt. and elevator buttons. And the bottom of my shoes and my purse! Better safe than sorry!

  • I wish she would’ve just made a batch according to the CDC ingredients she initially displayed or given us a recipe for the CORRECT way to make an effective hand sanitizer

  • This is the best information, by far, of a sensible sanitizer recipe….thank you and also for your “alcohol content calculator”!

  • PureGreen24 is an EPA registered, CDC listed, broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant with unique 24-hour residual protection.

  • I also wipe my keys and pocketbook and my groceries minus fresh fruits n veggies I just wash with plain water. I also use bleach water on my shoes and floor after bringing in groceries.

  • Everyone is talking about disinfecting door knob etc etc. However no one is talking about the fruits and vegetables. Do u know how many people touch those apples or lettuce or mushrooms. If we are sanitizing the shopping carts that we put our food in but no one is talking how to clean those properly. Do u know how many people touch that apple.