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Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, so it’s important to discuss risk factors and high cholesterol with your health care provider. Health care providers know a lot about a lot of things, but they don’t always know everything about you or what is best for You. Your questions give your health care provider and health care team important information about you, such as your most important health care concerns.

When chatting with your health care professional, it’s also important to keep in mind these preventative health screenings you need in your 60. Your conversation should also consider the consequences of life’s choices and the impact they may have on your aging process. Next, ask whether you will be charged a co-payment, a small flat fee, perhaps $10, charged for health care services.

Some plans have a deductible instead, an. They have developed 5 questions to ask your doctor or other health care provider to make sure you end up with the right amount of care — not too much and not too little. The five questions are: Do I really need this test or procedure? What are the risks?

Are there simpler, safer options? What happens if I don’t do anything? What are the costs?Questions to ask your health-care professional I see my family and friends. What strategies can I use to make sure I can still enjoy time with family and These are some suggestions for questions that you could ask your health-care professional based on the concerns you have identified. n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n3 n3 n3.

decisions, get good care, and feel better about your health care. Slide 15 Speaker Notes: It is very important to understand the plan or next steps that your doctor recommends. During your appointment, make sure to ask the questions you prepared before your appointment. Start by asking the ones that are most important to you.

Health in Your 40s: Questions to Ask Your Health Care Professional. You’re likely to have new concerns and questions about your health now, particularly about the menopause transition. You should feel comfortable discussing your concerns with your health care professional—no question is too small or insignificant. When chatting with your health care professional, it’s also important to keep in mind these preventative health screenings you need in your 40s.

Your conversation should help you understand what perimenopause is all about and the impact it may have on your life. Prepare your own answers to these questions in advance. Write them out if that helps and rehearse them with a friend, family member or even to yourself in the mirror.

It may feel silly at the time, but it will feel less silly when you’re rocking it in your interview! Tell me about yourself.

List of related literature:

• What are your ideas as a health professional to resolve the health care issues of the future related to care of older adults?

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Quality of life assessment should ask about the effect of living with a chronic illness or condition on the older adult’s desire or ability to do what he or she wants to do.

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The core questions ask about current health-related perceptions, conditions, and behaviors (e.g., health status, health insurance, diabetes, tobacco use, selected cancer screening procedures, and HIV/AIDS risks) and questions on demographic characteristics.

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It may be helpful to respond with specific data on how rapidly health improvements can take place after the age of 65.

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Some important questions to consider when an older person is diagnosed with cancer include the following: ○ Will the treatment provide more benefits than harm?

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Ask about a family history of premature coronary disease (first-degree relatives under the age of 60), previous vascular disease (coronary, cerebral or peripheral), smoking and diabetes mellitus.

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  • I just discovered you, it’s wonderful to hear someone talking about things we feel every day but don’t know who to share with. I loved every stages of my life, no regrets; oh well may be few but most of my mistakes became my best lessons. That’s why I don’t worry so much about my kids, I don’t want them to get hurt but I don’t expect them not to make mistakes; this way I feel liberated as well.

  • This message really spoke to me today. Thank you for your pearls of wisdom. I’m going to rid myself of any baggage that is not in my best interest.

  • My favorite tea is Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea. It is an herbal and black tea blend that is naturally sweet with notes of cinnamon and orange. Yummy!

  • A couple weeks away from turning 60! Looking forward to a new life chapter! Thank you for creating this channel. I’m drinking Bengal Spice herbal tea. Love it!

  • I am trying to eat more healthy to hopefully lose a little bit of weight,and to listen more,and to try new get more exercise by walking,etc. I loved your video.Look forward to seeing more.I hope you,and everyone are having an amazing weekend….. Phyliss

  • Thank you Margaret, love your videos. The analogy of tea bags and women is brilliant. Haven’t heard that one before. My only concern is with the recommendation to take supplements. My feeling is that it’s better to get nutrients from food not pills. I think this is a debatable topic and of course it is a personal choice. I don’t take supplements. I think it’s a waste of money and there are possible adverse side effects. My main issue is with the producers of these supplements. They are making millions of dollars by persuading people that they need supplements often by scare tactics. Do your due diligence before you spend your hard earned money on these ‘drugs’.

  • So true it’s a much recycled cliché on YT at the moment, but decluttering and just keeping what really gives you joy really works. I have given away all sorts of itty bitty plants and cuttings, and replaced them all with ONE beautiful potted palm, and one really gorgeous orchid, and I’m floating around my flat in bliss. I swear it has a positive effect on my mental and physical health.

  • Thank you for this information. I just turned 65, and It’s affecting me more than I thought it would. My nutrition is very good, but I could get better at letting things go. Ever upward!

  • You are an inspiration! I see what you’ve done over the years with this site and admire your dedication and hard work, Margaret. Good for you. You keep relevant, serve others and enlarge your world. I am inspired to do the same. I’ve always gotten pretty regular exercise. I was a single mom, so when my kids were small, I’d walk around the block over and over and stop to check on them each round!! But when they were grown, I could get out more. I was able to change my schedule to swim regularly. Since I owned my own business, I started beginning at 8 rather than 7. That meant I could get up at 5:30, go for a 2/3 mile swim, and still get to the office. That swim made all the difference and actually allowed me to work longer than I probably could have. I’m a dentist, which is quite a physical job, but I’d stretch out in the swim and be able to withstand the physicality of my job…it also was a spiritual and mental relief! Now that I’m retired recently, I swim a mile more often. It sure takes me a lot longer than it used to….but I do it. I have to be disciplined…since I’m not compelled to be in the office early now, I have to be sure to push myself out the door to the pool….some days it’s harder than others. So,,,,thanks…..I’m off to swim!!!

  • Just watched the first 3 episodes of AARP’s new YouTube reality series called “Date My Grandma”. Interesting, charming, and encouraging. I think that some of your Sixty and Me subscribers might enjoy it.

  • Harney and Sons Teas are my favorite. You may have tried them before. I discovered this brand when I was served iced tea at a luncheon. Harney Teas sells packages of pouches which are larger and are designed for a pitcher of iced tea. Wonderful flavors and top of the line in my opinion. My favorite: Black Currant.

  • My favourite tea is Teapigs liquorice and mint �� Happy to post you some of you can’t get them there. So packed with flavour I use the bag twice!

  • If you do not floss you will most likely get decay that is not necessarily detectable with examination or x-ray. I have 4 teeth to be extracted, two on each side, the chewing back ones. I will be getting a partial, which is a metal piece layered over the roof of the mouth. These teeth might have lasted longer if I had flossed more regularly. I am age 70, and the dentist noted to me that I should have taken better care. I will not be eating salads with these partials, vegetables cooked to soft is what I will be able to chew.

  • Wonderful and thought provoking video Margaret. I certainly have had some changes to deal with in my 60’s and it does get me down sometimes,but I am so grateful at the same time. I need to take an inventory and make some needed changes. It’s never over until it’s over. Thanks again, xxoo Jackie

  • So glad to have found this, I was reaching out for my nightly meditation when I stumbled on your video
    I was moved by the fact that you created such a forum, I personally am back in school and loving riding on the subway, lots to share. Thank you

  • It truly is the little things that we do or don’t do that have an accumulative affect on our wellbeing. I am going to up the challenge for myself and invite others to try the exercise that you have proposed, Margaret. I am going to do an inventory each day with a twist. I am going to categorize the list into physical, emotional, mental, and social. When I have been out of sorts in the past, I have come to the realization that there is something missing or awry in one or more of these categories. A little shift can make a difference.

  • Great points, Margaret! I started finding the keys to better health at 55yo. It was life changing. In a couple weeks I’ll be turning 65. You are exactly right, it always has to start with good nutrition. It doesn’t cost much to prepare yourself a protein blender breakfast with some fresh greens and some fruit. I add lots of other healthy things, too. Then I added a mat to increase my blood flow, and now I’ve added a homeopathic HGH gel to my daily routine to balance out my hormones, along with walking and toning at the gym. We are never too old to start a healthy lifestyle, because it does have to be a lifestyle. After watching my family years ago have many, many health challenges, I made up my mind I was not going to walk in their footsteps. I want to live life healthy, so I could do what I want, when I want, wherever I want for as long as I live. Life is too short to die before you actually die. It is NEVER too late to change your health! You just have to want it.

  • Margaret, your face has a healthy glow. I’ve lost many family and friends in recent years. It’s sad but it is the circle of life: (

    I still do daily walks. Great time for meditating.

  • Thank you for this video. I agree, everything counts, and I’ve been avoiding perspective (where I am in my life). I didn’t have a role model for aging or community (I feel that. I do want that to change.). But now I have a plan from your video today, that will help (thank you).

  • Great message Margaret, good reminder that we need to pay attention to our thoughts.. I have huge weight issues it an ongoing battle a healthy daily routine is so important for me.

  • It is shocking with so many of our family and friends leaving. I lost several friends and my husband. I followed and use Cindy’s products too. I made my list as you suggested. My diet, daily gentle yoga, and meditation are all good…but need to walk more. I just pulled out my husbands new Fitbit that he didn’t get to use and I am going to get a new band and start using it. Thank you for all you do to make this journey inspiring each day.

  • Good Morning Margaret, a few years ago I gave up on New Years resolutions, but decided to just add one good habit and attached it to something I was already doing so that I be successful at sticking with it. 1rst year I started doing green smoothies everyday, 2nd added an herbal tea for health benefits (stinging nettle, dandelion, hibiscus and others), 3rd year I ate very little meat, 4th I knew not eating meat I had to add more protein. 4th I added protein powder to my smoothie. I try to exercise everyday because it helps me sleep better. I supplement everyday because I know food isn’t what it once was. Thank you Margaret! 😉

  • Margaret, what a powerful 9 minutes and 43 seconds.

    I lead an opening candlelight meditation for a group called “Friends indeed” here in Charlotte North Carolina. We are a support group that meets twice a month for those who are in depression and grief. You have inspired me this morning.
    I will transform this episode into a quiet spoken meditation at our next meeting.
    Thank you so much.


  • Great suggestions! I’m on track with health maintenance with regular intense exercise and whole food eating plus supplements. I don’t need to take any medications at 63 so I guess those habits are working, Yay! But stress eating habits need more work. I decided to start therapy session to deal with childhood issues with my family. It’s so difficult, painful and upsetting, but just like getting to the gym and enduring the good workout muscle pain I know eventually I’ll come out on the other side a happier, healthier person. As with everything, to reap the rewards one must put in the work. I don’t believe instant gratification is worth much. It doesn’t last and can leave you feeling even worse when the instant happiness is gone. I also have gotten accustomed to regular decluttering and organizing so little by little our space is freer and so is our mind. I hope to pass these habits on to our sons just by example and that will add to my happiness and health, too.

  • Margaret, thank you so much for this message today. I believe I’m in just the right frame of mind to hear it! Spring is right around the corner here in Canada (finally!) and it’s International Women’s Day! I’m going downtown to take in some of the celebrations. Thanks again for this wonderful message.

  • Great topic!!! Happy International Woman’s Day ⚘⚘⚘ I am trying to declutter, but nobody wants the stuff..books! Can’t get rid of them, and I can’t throw them away!!! Being in a tiny community, not a lot of options.

  • I absolutely love this episode. I will turn 60 this coming October and am excited, yet quite pensive about this process and rite of passage. Your channel helps me in so many ways. Thank you.