Have Contracted the Coronavirus although not Showing Signs and symptoms A Health Care Provider Solutions 5 Questions Regarding Asymptomatic COVID-19


Can Asymptomatic Coronavirus Cases Be Transmitted?

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What we know about the risk of asymptomatic spread of coronavirus

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“Can you spread COVID-19 if you are asymptomatic?” #MCWScienceSays

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Infectious Disease Specialist on Asymptomatic COVID Patients and the Spread of the Virus

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What Does an Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infection Look Like?

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Asymptomatic infection

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Clearing confusion on asymptomatic spread of COVID-19

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Even people who do eventually experience the common symptoms of COVID-19 don’t start coughing and spiking fevers the moment they Blood tests that check for exposure to the coronavirus are starting. Infected with the coronavirus but not showing symptoms? A physician answers 5 questions about asymptomatic he runs through what’s known and what isn’t about asymptomatic cases of COVID-19. Blood tests that check for exposure to the coronavirus are starting to come online, and preliminary findings suggest that many people have been infected without knowing it.

Even people who do. Infected With the Coronavirus but Not Showing Symptoms? A Physician Answers 5 Questions About Asymptomatic COVID-19 This doctor who specializes in infectious diseases runs through what’s known and what isn’t about asymptomatic cases of COVID-19. Infected with Coronavirus but not showing symptoms? A physician answers 5 questions The Conversation Wednesday, 27 May 2020, 07:14 Last update: about 4 months ago.

Screening for symptoms of COVID-19 and self-quarantine are good at preventing sick people from spreading the coronavirus. But more and more evidence is suggesting that people without symptoms are. 20% of COVID-19 infections are asymptomatic The description of symptoms is another aspect the study covers. Loss of smell and taste, as previously identified by Prof. Streeck, are the most striking.

Asymptomatic describes a person who is infected but does not have symptoms. With Covid-19, asymptomatic carriers can still easily infect others without knowing it. So if you’re infected but don.

A physician answers 5 questions. by William Petri Blood tests that check for exposure to the coronavirus are starting to come online, and preliminary findings suggest that many people have been. Infected with the coronavirus but not showing symptoms? A physician answers 5 questions about asymptomatic COVID-19.

How widespread is asymptomatic COVID-19 infection? 6 questions answered.

List of related literature:

There was viral co-detection in four patients, always including a coronavirus.

“Medicine The Lies, The Greed & The Death: Includes COVID-19 THE UN-TOLD STORY” by Rui Alexandre Gabirro
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tion with coronavirus: one possible cause of the syndrome of tropical sprue?

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Serum can be tested for coronavirus serologies.

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60 (A) The patient has severe acute respiratory syndrome, which is caused by a strain of coronavirus that is much more virulent than the coronaviruses known to be associated with the “common cold.”

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Indeed, many exacerbations of COPD are likely to be due to upper respiratory tract virus infections, such as Rhinovirus, Coronavirus and Parainfluenza virus.61 This means that the antibiotics are often used inappropriately, but it is difficult to tell clinically whether an infection is viral or bacterial in origin.

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Infection with a hepatotropic virus causes an acute episode ofliver inflammation, referred to as acute hepatitis, which can lead to either spontaneous clearance of the infectious agent or its persistence, which in turn leads to chronic infection for a subset of these viruses.

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21 days after the onset of illness.32 The use of HCV RNA testing has been described in a report of 76 French patients with acute HAV infection seen between January 1987 and April 200058; 19 had ALF, 10 of whom required LT and 1 of whom died while awaiting LT.

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r Morbidity of coronavirus is estimated to be 15–25%.

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Coronavirus infections are often mild.

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  • why are you not touching on the FACT that the tests are junk and have been junk since they started throwing all these numbers at us???

  • Surely, what this data tells us is that the “testing”reliability is completely wrong….not that between 5-80% who test “PCR pos”(for what). do not develop any illness. It means that they never had it! So many “woke” people on here, that are sleeping deeply! The data from these Oxford types seems like….mmmmm….guesswork!

  • I am just disappointed that the WORLD science wasn’t able to figure something out in the last 6 months.
    We need more medical research, instead weapons, wars, useless gadgets….

  • Hello Dr. Do we have any further update regarding asymptotic cases and their capabilities of spreading? I remember who advised about two months ago that asymptomatic May be rare. Are we still to believe this?

  • Whoa, hold on, WHO says asymptomatic spread very rare and this dude says 50% of cases is from people with no symptoms. Oh ok yea. Trust the “science”. Ha ha ha

  • I think the government should invent a FULL BODY CONDOM. This will do several wonderful things:
    First, you will never catch any disease. You will never be able to have sex so it will help the overpopulation problem. If you’re ugly, no one will care. If you’re overweight, you will sweat off at least 20-pounds per day. You will never have to pay for expensive new masks every, single day, and since you haven’t worked for months, you can rob your local bank and no one can even give the police your description, but this will be unnecessary anyway, because all of the police will already be defunded. The government should also fine everyone who refuses to wear it $10,000. per day for non-compliance, with the death penalty if you haven’t worn it for one week. I think this would be the best solution to the Mexican Beer Virus. Bill Gates could also patent the device, and he could make BILLIONS, even without his vaccines. He could manufacture it cheaply in China, in multiple colors for Millennials and transgenders, making everyone happy. THIS COULD WORK.

  • I never got tested but I had a persistent annoying cough for 3-4 weeks, a half day of feeling feverish at the beginning, and many days of fatigue that made me dramatically cut back my exercise. Started 5 days after a grocery store employee coughed on me. (Seriously) I still wonder I got covid back in March.

  • Who cares how many are asymptomatic when we know it is rare for any one to catch it from an asymptomatic carrier? Stop with the assine need for testing. Wtf are you testing for? If you aren’t contagious and you feel fine….who cares?!

  • The village people are usually spending much more time out more vitamin D stronger innate immune system, people living in cities are much more fragile.

  • We do know that 80% of a population are never even exposed to a new pathogen in the initial outbreak. They will be eventually, but they will in very small percentages over long periods of time. This idea that everyone is exposed in the initial outbreaks is a myth and not based on known data. I did my final exam for my Masters in MicroBiology on “Disease Mitigation Protocols”.
    Antibody tests cannot detect SARS-CoV2 specifically; all it can only detect active and inactive SARS pathogen fragments. But those pathogen fragments can be from any past SARS outbreak SARS-Cov1, H1N1 etc.

  • I suspect one reason for the variation in asymptomatic numbers is that it’s very much subjective as to whether someone has mild symptoms or is asymptomatic. Consensus seems to be that around 80% of cases are mild or asymptomatic.

    On a related matter, I wouldn’t be surprised if many people are fighting of covid using innate immunity, T-cells or IGM antibodies…hence not necessarily showing in antibody tests which are looking for IGG antibodies

  • Dr Cambell, call you please do an upload on the latest information out there saying that a few weeks before the outbreak, China was experimenting with a virus and they had also advised the Chinese people that they needed to go and have a new vaccine but would not release the details of what the vaccine was for. This was just before the outbreak in Wuhan. I’d be interested to know more but as always with China, it smells fishy.

  • Fast forward 9 days later to June 9th and you have WHO claiming that these asymptomatic people rarely transmit the virus. But a lot of people confuse these people with presymptomatic people which makes their communication a lot more fuzzy, and likely to cause people to not use masks and social distancing as much. WHO should always focus on being laser sharp with their communications.

  • Any dr can tell you that correlation does not equate to causation. Might be smart to look at what other common denominators exist in the environments of these people.

  • This just goes to show how much we still don’t know about Covid-19. Until an effective vaccine is available we will be living with some degree of social modification.

  • If only CBS would pin this comment…( 1:30)
    The general population for some reason doesn’t reach the comprehending that is given by the chatter back and forth by the two.

  • Hi, doc. Wuhan just reported 10 of 11 million citizens have been tested with only 300! positive of which all without showing symptoms.

  • We can not trust the CDC the USA government runs it and can NOT be trusted. Our government in the USA ���� care more about money/financial concerns are what matters to them. They don’t care about our citizens.

  • Nobody ever mentions Lýsìnê and the ratio of Lýsìnê vs. Àrgínînê in foods.:-(
    Please everybody do research on Lýsìnê vs. Àrgínînê and the effect of coffee.
    If you caught the virus and are having symptoms, you want to have foods high on Lýsìnê and take Lýsìnê supplements. You want to avoid foods high on Àrgínînê. And you want to stop drinking coffee!
    I’m a chemist and this makes sense to me:
    Doctors in Germany and Austria were mentioning this already in March / April.

  • At beginning of February. I had high temperature, coughing for 4 days. (no runny nose) Coughing for about a week and mild breathlessness for around two weeks.. I felt weak for 3 weeks. During this time i lost my sense of smell for a few days and a half day of severe vomiting. I would like to know if i have had COVID 19. Age 65. diabetic, Fibro and fed up.


  • I dont think there will be definitive answers on this subject. Tests are not 100% accurate. After the fact people will not be able to tell if the mild symptoms they had a month ago were corona or the ones they had 50 days ago with more severe symptoms.

  • hey doc, its in the name of national interests, some countries dont want to be seen as a haven of any form of diseases or virus, for even health experts can make errors of judgement….{may 2020, a 30yr man died of another disease, when it was thought he died of coronvid19, it send the whole town into shut down } it cause an angry response in the end when it made that error of judgement, even worse…the country is now in recession {Aust}

  • Stop talking about the China virus and start talking about Steel Dossier and it’s unraveling. The Treason that took place is way more important to the USA than this China virus!!! Who do you think will go to jail first?

  • At the moment, I wouldn’t put much stock in what the CDC has to say. Recent information suggests that before they publish, outside sources edit the CDC material more to their liking.

  • When you talk about the Washington state sample there’s an error in your figures: 13 asymptomatic out of 36 total positive is about 36%, not 56%.

  • What about the converse problem: How many people who are strongly symptomatic are testing negative for the time being?
    In China symptomatic diagnosis (from the both-sides glassy lungs) turned up in the few days when they seemed to be reporting honestly nearly 10 times as many cases as they were reporting based on testing.

  • Dr. Campbell is there any proof that some of the people with high multiple co-morbidities(male/68YO/Obese and lifetime smokers for example) develop mild or even asymptomatic cases of COVID??? Asking for a friend…

  • Because younger people can fight it well. Coronavirus is an opportunistic killer. That’s why older people are more likely to die from it. This virus is weak.

  • Dear John, thank you for your videos and your efforts in producing them. The fact of the matter, is all viruses begin, then peak, then die off, ours peaked way back in March, it seems our Virus, along with New York, Brussels, some other major EU Countries, all presumably the same virus, didn’t act like they usually/should do, and seem to have been politicised somewhat, the guy in the linked presentation below, explains the situation fully.

  • CNN reporting today on Wuhan government’s attempt to PCR test entire population of 11 million (approx). No new symptomatic infections found….but 300 asymptomatic infections found. Article quotes statement saying no cases of asymptomatic infection infecting anyone else.

  • If it’s true that as many as 80% are asymptomatic, and 80% of those they infect will also be asymptomatic, and so on, what is the actual chance of death for any one given person?

  • Hello, thanks for your very thoughtful talks and reviews. Very easy to understand. I’d like to add a comment. Regarding “shedding” I would think that asymptomatic people would need to cough or sneeze near to you if you are out of doors and as long as you are distancing you are unlikely to catch Covid 19 this way & when out of doors, it’s unlikely you will touch something that is infected either?
    Since most people within families or living in lockdown in a group ‘are’ likely to catch the disease from each other if one of them has the disease it is quite likely it would spread to most people in your household. The asymptomatic people would be much less likely infect passers by outside the home unless using public transport or perhaps being a member of Boris Johnson’s Government at the start of the pandemic!
    Asymptomatic people are referred to as “shedders” an unfortunate use of a word, it implies that they are somehow emanating virus from their pores or through normal breathing, or perhaps after touching their face then touching a surface. The man in the uk who was first diagnosed as an asymptomatic Covid 19 super-spreader was a very social type and went around kissing and hugging people. Whereas we are not hugging and kissing now. so could we be wary of this word “shedding”. As if the disease is falling off people in invisible clouds, I think it is much more likely we are catching it from people who are already ill and go on with their normal life as if they only had a common cold and are sneezing, coughing, and touching surfaces. These people I think are the spreaders that we can actually do something about and I think they should be told that even the most tiny symptom they have that is anything like the onset of a common cold that they should immediately isolate themselves from anyone they live with use different facilities and if they want to get tested drive out for a test go alone. + I’d say we need more nearby testing centres as for driving miles when you are not well is asking too much of people. Thanks again Barbara.

  • Sorry, you let thousands riot, and did nothing. You dont get to keep me inside anymore. If theres an uptick in the virus, its on the media and government.

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘scientists’ behind the fake pandemic, listed here:


    Epstein and ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) are the same network: https://thebridgelifeinthemix.info/education/deep-epstein-relationship-absolute-return-kids-ark

  • There are differences in ethnicity, diet, environment etc between populations. Data shows Afro Americans have different levels of infection. Data will only be known when the third wave is concluded. Everything else is conjecture because population data is insignificant statistically.

  • Dr perhaps look at the Antartica Adventure ship outbreak. It might be interesting.
    An Australian respiratory scientist on board did a study for NSW Macquarie University.

  • The WHO is now saying it’s unlikely for those who are asymptotic to spread the infection. Dr. John can you please do a video about what the WHO said. Thats one of the reasons we went on quarantine. Thanks

  • Your a Doctor focusing obsessively on the UNHEALTHY… rather the 99.9% whom dont have health problems from this MADE IN CHINA VIRUS… Noting the healthy 99.9% of us whom are NOT elderly OR have DONT existing health issues OR a genetic predisposition to lung diseases… so why are you so fixed on a tiny 00.01%????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and by doing so your supporting the Governments fear and controlling agendas!!! Lets see how you answer that FACT in your next video update Mr Doctor!!!???

  • Dr. Jha: “Yes, absolutely. There really isn’t much debate about that.” Yes absolutely you’re an actor? Or, Yes absolutely you’re lying to the masses? Oh wait, I forgot that an actor is technically not lying when he is acting!

  • As an African American who has been watching you since the beginning, I beg of you to please refrain from commenting on how we are handling the centuries of atrocities that has been put upon us. Please keep the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr out of this unless you also discuss how he was tortured, assaulted, harassed, imprisoned, and ultimately assassinated by the very same people he was and we are protesting. It is exhausting to be told that civil protesting is the best way to go when it has not been working for the past few years. Please have as much to say about those who are murdering us as opposed to how you critique how we express our extreme frustration and anger. Please continue to outstandingly do your due diligence in educating us about COVID-19 and COVID-19 only.

  • I watched the news last Friday, and a Dr William Bird stated that 80% of Covid cases were asymptomatic. So why are we in lockdown for a very benign virus.?

  • All my friends and some family members are lowering there covid contagion guard….!…. it’s hard to deal with this ignorance.

  • No worse than flu, suffering is suffering. More deaths will occur through the abhorrent measures enforced. I feel so sorry for patients who will have a delayed diagnosis because of this hoax. Shocking totalitarian Orwellian bullying. When will we learn

  • A question would be the specificity of the antibody tests used in the study, and the positive predictive value. The data can have a high degree of false positives if the prevalence is relatively low, and the specificity of the test is not close to 100%.

  • WHY doesn’t Trump have Covid-19 YET? Is it because He, Russia and China are the POS who caused this PANDEMIC and WERE Innoculated Against the VIRUS?? Not Wearing the MASK, Trump is around People Who Have the Virus and His Mentally Deranged Body is Showing No Sign of the Virus. It iS Certainly NOT because he IS HEALTHY, when he has All of the Ailments of An OLD Man! WHY, oh Why doesn’t he have COVID-19 YET! HOW is HE WALKING AROUND WITHOUT the VIRUS??? NO MASK OR GLOVES!, WHY.???

  • The problem seems to be most studies are snapshots where “asymptomatic” is likely actually “presymptomatic”, and then there’s also of course the question if these asymptomatic persons are in a contagious phase, which I’m frankly still missing data on. Is the asymptomatic contagious cycle the same as someone with symptoms, and if so, what is their rate of transmission since they have no symptoms? Again, without symptoms (i.e. coughing) that would greatly contribute to spread compared to non-symptomatic (talking or touching) spread, especially now that there seems to be evidence that transmission via surfaces is not as bad as once thought.

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  • The only thing I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, about this virus is…
    The CDC and WHO, know absolutely nothing about this vrus.



    Il piano di contagio sarà lo stesso adottato a Bergamo l’anno scorso, ma con 2 mesi di anticipo, devono fare tutto entro il 21 dicembre 2020.
    A settembre 2020 saranno previste diverse campagne vaccinali antifluenzali in cui i medici saranno particolarmente insistenti, sono previsti premi in denaro per i medici di famiglia e vaccinatori seriali, in modo da ottenere la massima copertura vaccinale possibile.
    Le persone vaccinate contro l’influenza stagionale hanno il 40% in più di probabilità di contrarre il Covid. Il comitato tecnico scientifico lo sa molto bene e lo sa bene anche il dottor Crisanti.
    I sintomi da Covid saranno molto, ma molto più devastanti per i vaccinati che avranno il 40% di probabilità in più di contrarre l’infezione e sviluppare problemi respiratori seri.


    Promesse di aiuti economici di facciata dal 2021 da parte del governo Conte ( fondi e aiuti UE non pervenuti per tutto il 2020 e 2021 ).
    Campagna di vaccinazione su larga scala antifluenzale anticipata a settembre 2020,(già predisposta in Veneto e nel Lazio).
    Ripromozione dell’app immuni come strumento indispensabile per la sicurezza sanitaria.
    Diffusione con aerosol (geoingegneria clandestina = ecco perché la maggioranza delle persone ha contattato il virus negli ospedali ) e tramite vaccini ( già acquistati dal ministro Speranza senza che siano stati mai sperimentati ), di un nuovo ceppo più virulento di Covid 19 mutato, con l’intento di bypassare gli inutili vaccini propinati alla popolazione solamente per fini economici.
    Attesa di decessi da complicazione e interferenza vaccinale e aumento importante dei contagi Covid già ad ottobre, massimo a novembre.
    Verrano nuovamente ” sacrificate ” le case di riposo e di cura dove sostanzialmente nel disinteresse delle autorità sanitarie molte persone anziane andranno incontro a un destino incerto. Negli ospedali verrà di nuovo utilizzato lo ” stratagemma”, già adottato nella prima fase, di mettere pazienti non positivi in cura per patologie completamente diverse assieme ai positivi al Covid per favorire i contagi ed aumentare le rilevazioni di positivi nelle strutture ospedaliere.
    Terrorismo mediatico aggressivo e diffuso, coinvolgendo anche personaggi pubblici, del mondo della TV e dello spettacolo ( sarà fatto largo uso di “spot” del ministero particolarmente cupi ).
    Probabile sospensione parziale di Internet e censura pesante sui social network, qualsiasi pensiero non allineato o “negazionista” verrà perseguito per vie ufficiali o con l’uso di ricoveri forzati e allontanamento dalle famiglie.
    Imposizione di un nuovo stato di emergenza basato su meri dati ufficiali non verificabili, con conseguente nuovo lockdown possibilmente fino ad aprile 2021. Il comitato tecnico scientifico ( o come verrà chiamato in futuro ) diverrà a tutti gli effetti un organo politico decisionale che sovrasterà il parlamento nelle decisioni, pressoché in qualsiasi ambito, dell’amministrazione del paese rendendo di fatto inutile andare al voto. Al suo interno sono stati messi personaggi ad hoc comandati dai poteri forti per plasmare l’Italia a loro comodo, rendendola asservita totalmente agli interessi finanziari.
    Elezioni politiche in via telematica per favorire brogli elettorali, per sfuggire a controlli seri sui conteggi e per favorire l’astensionismo da parte della popolazione più anziana.
    Legge speciale in materia di sicurezza sanitaria per rendere i vaccini obbligatori e per imporre legalmente il TSO a chi si rifiutasse di farli.
    Vaccino Covid obbligatorio con TSO e supporto militare da parte delle forze militari USA a quelle italiane, al fine di sedare efficacemente disordini, proteste e contestazioni su larga scala da parte della popolazione italiana. Valutazione di un intervento più o meno ufficiale anche della Eurogendfor sul territorio italiano, sempre col fine di mettere a tacere contestazioni popolari, ricordo che la stessa è autorizzata dal trattato di Vienna a svolgere compiti di polizia giudiziaria nei paesi firmatari, ma senza dover sottostare all’ordinamento giuridico del paese ospitante.
    Si moltiplicheranno in codesto periodo malfunzionamenti diffusi alle principali infrastrutture del paese ( come reti ferroviarie, reti telefoniche, reti elettriche ecc…) facendole apparire come guasti casuali, ma si tratteranno invece di sabotaggi di comodo con lo scopo di intimorire la popolazione aggiungendo fattori di stress e paura ulteriori.
    Completamento in tempi record dell’ambigua infrastruttura del 5g sfruttando il momento di caos informativo ( a questo proposito il quotidiani di regime verranno istruiti a dovere per non menzionare la questione e spostare l’attenzione su altri argomenti ).
    Grave crisi economica del Paese con crollo dell’occupazione conseguente ad essa. Lo sblocco dei licenziamenti in autunno creerà una mattanza occupazionale con conseguente rabbia e dissenso, ma è già tutto previsto e ai piani alti lo sanno molto bene e si sono preparati di conseguenza ( vedi schieramento in sordina di esercito e mezzi militari, in particolare stranamente nel sud Italia, già in atto da marzo ).
    Accelerazione improvvisa di sblocchi di risorse per il comparto polizia e forze armate ( concorsi e arruolamenti più rapidi e meno burocratici ), tutto questo in un ottica di preparazione al contrasto del dissenso popolare. È lecito attendersi che i prossimi decreti emergenziali possano in qualche maniera introdurre norme che diano di fatto maggior potere ed elasticità alle forze dell’ordine nello svolgimento delle loro mansioni.
    Tutto questo potrebbe avvenire sia su un piano normativo che morale ( vedi la ” solidarietà preventiva ” di cui hanno goduto le forze dell’ordine nel contesto del G8 Genova nel 2001 ).
    Grave flessione pilotata di tutto il sistema produttivo-finanziario italiano. Investimenti a picco sul territorio italiano e conseguente ulteriore rafforzamento della nostra dipendenza economica dalla UE.
    Disordine, fame, razzie. Molte persone perderanno la vita durante moti di piazza. Persone anziane e malati saranno in grave difficoltà a causa della situazione.
    Eliminazione totale del contante nell’area Euro ( processo già in atto mirato a disincentivare l’uso della moneta fisica a favore di carte e bancomat con la scusa che possono essere trasmettitori di presunti “virus” ).
    Controllo esteso della popolazione tramite app, reti 5G, tracciamento ombra sui social network. Obbligatorietà di documenti di riconoscimento dotati di impronte digitali.
    Probabile ufficializzazione da parte del governo di una patrimoniale che permetta allo stato il prelievo diretto dai conti correnti dei cittadini proporzionalmente ai risparmi accumulati, probabili nuove tasse su certi tipi di alimenti e su alcuni prodotti di uso comune facendo sembrare la cosa come politiche di green economy.
    Verrà fatto il possibile per evitare il voto delle regionali in autunno adducendo a possibili pericoli derivanti dagli assembramenti causa “trasmissibilità” del virus ( c’è da chiarire che anche in caso di vittoria a tappeto del centro destra alle regionali non ci sarà nessuna caduta o scioglimento delle camere in quanto il governo Conte e i poteri occulti ad esso associati hanno il pieno controllo della magistratura e della presidenza della Repubblica ).
    Le scuole a settembre verranno riaperte per poi essere richiuse per decreto poco dopo, facendo riferimento ad un pericoloso aumento dei contagi ( proprio per questo motivo nell’ultima fase si farà sempre più leva sulla pericolosità della trasmissione fra i più giovani ).
    Anche musei, cinema, teatri e in generale luoghi di aggregazione saranno sottoposti a chiusure forzate già dall’autunno per “preservare” la salute pubblica.

    Se nessuno andrà a vaccinarsi contro l’influenza non otterranno il numero di morti sufficienti al proseguimento dell’emergenza e conseguente lockdown.
    Informate tutti di rifiutare la vaccinazione antifluenzale perchè è di vitale importanza. Queste vaccinazioni infette produranno agli over 60 a settembre una morte certa, che spacceranno naturalmente per morti in conseguenza dell’infezioni da Covid.
    Fai la tua parte diffondi questo messaggio.
    La gente è lobotomizzata dalle TV e dai giornali di regime, ogni persona informata è una vita salvata.
    State lontani dai vaccini, sono la nuova arma di distruzione di massa del neo instaurato regime terapeutico. La vostra sicurezza è SOLAMENTE una vostra responsabilità.
    TUTTI daccordo con i colossi del Big Pharma, del military industry e le illuminati-corporation.

  • Apparently ALL of the effort is going toward those issues that carry huge $price tags with them e.g. Remdiesivir vs. hydroxychloraquine, all the focus of lockdowns and bailouts, ventilators and PPE.

  • This whole “asymptomatic thing” is the LAST card they can play concerning this plandemic. Convincing you “you could have it” yet you’re totally fine as are most others around you in everyday living. If they can get you to 2nd guess yourself & distrust you’re own body, then that’s the last bit of power, control, & influence they can have over you concerning this. It’s OVER afterwards.

  • Political theater. The largest and most expensive Donkey and Elephant Show. Just to keep the 99% in check. You always know when they fear revolt. They just dial up the drama.

  • 40 days, You quarantine for 40 days to stop any mass infection. They learned that with the bubonic plague.
    The problem with COVID is by the time it was discovered? It was spread the planet wide.
    I had no idea the number of people who plane jumped for a living…

  • Hell yeah it can! take care people
    Be mindful think about the surfaces you touch and the people you surround yourself with and stay socially distanced

  • I can’t believe these news channels are still trying to scare people.. Can’t imagine anyone with common sense are actually still listening to this garbage

  • This disease was created in a laboratory and.the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funded its research and development going back into 2018

  • That’s funny the World Health Organization says it very rare that an asymptomatic person can spread the virus but this guy says half of non symptomatic people can. Is he more credible that the WHO? Where’s he getting his information.

  • Asymptomatic do not carry enough viral load to infect others. Not until symptoms appear is someone infectious. This is an old myth based on confused methodology. If asymptomatic spread was just as virulent symptomatic the majority of the population would be sick all the time. Asymptomatic means healthy. It means that person’s immune system has made the obligate parasite inactive. Inactive pathogen fragments do not carry a viral load that will cause infection in others. This is known science.
    Studies show that 98.9% of all infected people show symptoms within 5 days. This idea that it incubates for 14 days is impossible. That’s never been the case with any coronavirus. Your immune system will not allow an obligate parasite to sit in your body for 2 weeks binge watching Netflix. Our blood cells actively seek invading pathogens constantly.
    Asymptomatic spread has never been any worry in pandemics ever. In fact its very rare.

  • There’s been at least one confirmed case of Coronavirus re-infection:


  • 3 relevant truths:
    >the Covid virus is highly contagious
    >CO2 is a greenhouse gas
    >every human has a soul/spirit.
    Note: Denial is not a viable option.

    Comment regarding Covid:
    ‘Asymptomatic’ doesn’t mean you don’t have it & can’t transmit it.
    If dosed with a minimal viral load, a healthy person will likely be asymptomatic. If, during the window of infectiousness, they then provide a good dose to someone who’s obese, elderly, etcetera, then this will cause unnecessary suffering. Being an unwitting spreader doesn’t make one innocent.

    Comment on “greenhouse effect”:
    Our planet would be a solid ball of ice if it weren’t for the greenhouse effect.

    Comment about spirituality:
    The importance of accepting one’s own divine origin speaks for itself.

  • There will always be viruses and people spreading disease because they don’t respect other’s private space. Epidemiologist: “Do other pandemics provide insight? CDC estimates that 12,000 Americans died of 2009 H1N1 influenza (range 8,520 to 17,620). However, it is estimated that 112,000 Americans died during the 1968 H3N2 pandemic, 115,000 during the 1957 pandemic, and 675,000 during the 1918 pandemic. In other words, 100,000 deaths during a pandemic is not unusual. Those of us who lived through previous influenza pandemics remember them well.”

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  • I would suspect that the percentage of asymptotic cases depends on particular demographic/co-morbidity factors, which is further modified by changes in behavior by groups having such factors. Put another way, I’d be surprised if the asymptotic case rate in nursing homes is the same as in schools, but at the same time restrictions on children’s activities would distort the total asymptotic case rate.

  • The Global Elite
    Intend To Reduce
    The World’s Population
    By 90 Percent
    To Below 500 Million.

    By engineering pathogens
    in the laboratory

    And unleashing them
    upon the world
    To depopulate the planet.

    Expect more global pandemics.
    This one is just the first one
    and the test run…

    This is basicly a hoax that only seeks to serve the purposes of the New World Order.

    The restrictions on society are precisely
    What the United Nations intended

    As with every new crisis they engineer
    It brings the world more and more
    into their enclosing grip of global control

    “Never Let a crisis go to waste”
    “Order out of chaos”

    This virus was engineered in a laboratory
    and intentionally released
    and the Bill and Melinda Gates
    Foundation funded the research
    and development going back into 2018

    Im sure there are plenty more
    where that came from

    As well as coming forced vaccinations
    Imposed on literally everyone.

    As the globalists prepare
    To cull the human herd of useless eaters

    But why is it that most people
    are blissfully unaware of this?

    Because the news media
    and entertainment industry

    Are owned and controlled by the same people
    Who want to depopulate the planet!



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