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Exercise is NOT the Key to Weight Loss

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THURSDAY, Feb. 1, 2018 (HealthDay News)—You may not want to sit down for this. New research finds the mere act of standing burns more calories over time compared to sitting, and anyone bent on weight loss may want to remain upright a few more hours each day.

When computed in a year, that is an amazing calorie burn of 30,000 or more and losing at least 8 pounds of fat. Losing unwanted fats by standing is a great motivation to start. Your slower metabolism will slow your weight loss, even if you eat the same number of calories that helped you lose weight.

When the calories you burn equal the calories you eat, you reach a plateau. To lose more weight, you need to either increase your physical activity or decrease the calories you eat. A new study will convince you to ditch your chair for a standing desk as soon as possible. Simply standing for 6 hours per day instead of sitting down can help you to lose.

A weight loss plateau can slow the motivation of even the most dedicated weight loss enthusiast. Reaching a point where your weight loss comes to a standstill is a common complaint for those. You’re doing everything to lose weight: loading up on healthy foods, making smarter choices while dining out, and exercising.

A diet that fits all of us, whether we want to lose a few pounds or a lot. That said, researchers cautioned that you shouldn’t rely on standing alone to shed pounds: “Whether such a small difference in [energy expenditure] will truly translate into long. As a stand-alone weight loss medication is just an “average” weight loss medication. Don’t get me wrong, it can still help with weight loss, but it’s probably only going to. Fad diets or quick weight-loss schemes may help you lose weight in the short term, but they often lead to a quick re-gain of all the weight you lost.

Focus on making broad sustainable changes in your diet and exercise habits so you can keep weight. Continued. Overall, the vibration plate group lost the highest percentage of weight with an average loss of 11% of their body weight in the first six months and maintained a 10.5% loss.

List of related literature:

For the few who will continue to be obese, when they have achieved their goal of weight reduction, the physician should encourage continued dietary supervision and advise them to return if they regain even as much as five pounds.

“Family Medicine: Principles and Practice” by J. L. Buckingham, E. P. Donatelle, W. E. Jacott, M. G. Rosen, Robert B. Taylor
from Family Medicine: Principles and Practice
by J. L. Buckingham, E. P. Donatelle, et. al.
Springer New York, 2013

The goal of obesity treatment should be to achieve weight management, not just weight loss.

“Foundations and Adult Health Nursing E-Book” by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
from Foundations and Adult Health Nursing E-Book
by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

n Encourage lifestyle changes that promote weight loss in patients who are obese, particularly patients with abdominal obesity.

“Evidence-Based Nursing Care Guidelines E-Book: Medical-Surgical Interventions” by Betty J. Ackley, Gail B. Ladwig, Beth Ann Swan, Sharon J. Tucker
from Evidence-Based Nursing Care Guidelines E-Book: Medical-Surgical Interventions
by Betty J. Ackley, Gail B. Ladwig, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2007

By doing this, we can help combat a significant area of weight bias and create a more positive environment for people with obesity, especially in the healthcare setting.

“Quality in Obesity Treatment” by John M. Morton, Stacy A. Brethauer, Eric J. DeMaria, Scott Kahan, Matthew M. Hutter
from Quality in Obesity Treatment
by John M. Morton, Stacy A. Brethauer, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Moreover, many obese persons expect that losing weight will help them to realize other personal goals such as improving their physical attractiveness and gaining greater approval and affection from others (35).

“Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
from Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications
by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
CRC Press, 2003

In addition, doctors should counsel their patients on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and help their overweight patients lose weight and maintain the loss.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment
by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
Guilford Publications, 2004

Indeed, motivating patients to change unhealthy dietary and lifestyle patterns can be an enormous hurdle, but, with a rational weight reduction plan and continued encouragement, many men and women can successfully achieve long-term weight loss.

“Principles of Gender-specific Medicine” by Marianne J. Legato, John P. Bilezikian
from Principles of Gender-specific Medicine
by Marianne J. Legato, John P. Bilezikian
Elsevier Academic Press, 2004

What is a reasonable weight loss?: Patients’ expectations and evaluations of obesity treatment outcomes.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition
by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
Guilford Publications, 2019

First, as I will show in the case of “failed” weight loss surgeries, this more biomedicalized discourse of body size and weight is often overshadowed by a reassertion of traditional diet discourse and moral understandings of diet failure.

“Biomedicalization: Technoscience, Health, and Illness in the U.S.” by Adele E. Clarke, Laura Mamo, Jennifer Ruth Fosket, Jennifer R. Fishman, Janet K. Shim, Elianne Riska
from Biomedicalization: Technoscience, Health, and Illness in the U.S.
by Adele E. Clarke, Laura Mamo, et. al.
Duke University Press, 2010

To lose weight and maintain the loss, overweight individuals need to decrease their caloric intake by eating less food and increase their caloric expenditures by increasing their levels of physical activity.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

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  • I would like to see in the future a diffentiation of aerobic and anaerobic exercise as they have drastically different effects on our bodies, especially with relation with our diet. Love your show keep it up.

  • Personally, I think whether diet or exercise works better at maintaining/obtaining one’s desired weight depends on the individual.

    I used to use exercise quite successfully to lose body fat, gain lean mass, or maintain my body composition, but after I had an accident that left me with chronic pain exercise has not been very accessible, and although now I am trying to use caloric intake I find it difficult limiting my consumption. I very much miss the days of long/hard bike rides, swims, and trail hikes/runs and validating that second teriyaki salmon burger for dinner or two pieces of guilt-free cheesecake for dessert!

    I think your video should’ve also pointed out that many people who look at how many calories they burn during exercise are NOT evaluating that number properly; they really should subtract out how many calories they would’ve burned if they didn’t do that exercise!

  • Hi there, have you considered this diet plan known as the Custokebon Secrets? My buddy says it helps people lost plenty of weight. Is that possible? I also heard many excellent review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • I’m a woman with a paunch.
    What’s embarrassing is that people look at me as though I’m pregnant. [For example, I live in a society and I prefer wearing a nightie outside (i.e. outside my apartment but within the society). I wear nighties because I’m comfortable in it. But nightie becomes a criterion for others to confirm that I’m pregnant.]
    But there’s one positive aspect to this. I always get to sit comfortably in the bus no matter how crowded it is.

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a google search) We’ve noticed numerous amazing things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • As I am eating McDonalds that also forgot to give me my buffalo sauce… hmmm… I guess I should go back to making eggs! Thanks for the info!

  • Nanu june 24(2020) na weight check cheskunna.65 kgs unnanu.june 28 nundi ee exersise cheyadam start chesanu.august 3 na weight check cheskunna.lam loose 5 kgs.nanu 2 kgs taggina chalu anukunna.but 5 kgs.iam so happy.tq reborta.

  • What is the best way to improve my soccer skills? I read a lot of superb reviews on the internet about how exactly Episoketren System can assist you increase your soccer skills. Has anyone tested out this popular training program?

  • This isn’t true. If someone is exercising to increase muscle mass, their metabolism will increase. It takes longer, because there’s a building phase. After, it’s obviously the only way to lose actual fat while increasing ability to burn those calories. This is the best way to lose and keep weight off if done properly.

  • Thanks Thomas… I have already gone to the stand-up desk, and using coconut oil (not tried it in my coffee)… I have been looking at fish oil (omega 3’s)… and you are right, way too much info out there… hard to know, who to listen to?

  • A thin person to my obese brother: You need to eat less. Exercise dosent matter.
    Ten minutes later my brother said he walked 13 miles moving furniture at work that day.
    Thin person: No you didn’t, I don’t believe you.
    It’s like, did you not just admit that you understand exercise dosent make you thin??? Why don’t you believe he gets a lot of exercise!

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see many people keep on talking about this popular lose weight methods.

  • Really informative information on exercise. I particularly love your use of data to support your position. One point, however, with respect to scientific validity concerning diet. You state at the end that people are more likely to succeed with gradual changes over time than with a drastic dietary change. The data doesn’t support that claim. If you look at the studies you see that rapid weight loss is the biggest predictor of overall initial weight loss and sustained weight loss over time. I was shocked by that as it went against everything I thought I knew. But that’s what the data shows. I think that we’ve seen so many fad diets without the appropriate macro and micro nutrient balance, that rapid fad diet results, which have led to immediate regain of the weight, has created a misconception of the positive long-term impact of rapid weight loss done with appropriate nutrition.

  • Guys. lost a ton of weight does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’m going to give you some advice now. Get a popular diet plan program called Fenoboci Diet Plan (look on google search engine). Thanks to it I have lost a ton of weight. I should not even be speaking about it cause I don’t want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I’m just simply in a excellent mood today and so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  • It would be a waste for you not to get rid of body fat while other normal people are capable to slim down quickly using Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • Started this and another Roberta’s exercises from today wish me good luck guys��
    Day1: successfully completed ��

  • I can’t stress this enough as well. I told my boyfriend that exercise has nothing to do with weight loss. People need to understand that “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”. If you eat a lot and exercise a lot you will be a very very muscle-ly heavy person. Also muscles weigh more than fats.
    To all the people who are aiming to lose weight, change your diet. Once you approach your desired weight exercise to maintain that weight you’ve lost.

  • Unfortunately, a stand up desk isn’t an option for me neither are the push ups. But I’m sure I can find other solutions. The bathroom is rather far away from my desk and I use that opportunity to powerwalk there. It doesn’t hurt that I have to wear an extra 5 lbs on my feet because of steel toed shoes:) Love the coconut oil idea…not a fan of coffee but maybe I can wean myself off of soda with a cup of coffee in the am.

  • Hello! Is it true that in the first days of workout your body gets bigger? Its like you’re getting fat instead of lose fat. If so, than why does it happen?

  • I had gastric bypass 21 years ago and I’ve gained some weight back! Is there any advice for post gastric bypass and weight loss? And what type of diet do you recommend? Maybe supplements that should be taken for nutrition and absorption issues!

  • I couple gradual increase in activity with gradual improvement of diet with a lot of patience slathered over the top. It has taken me 10 years but I am in the best shape of my life and I am going to be 47 this year. My overall next goal: to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 65. If you are patient and make changes on both diet and activity gradually over time, it isn’t that hard (not easy though). Where I think most people screw up is they want the change and they want it now. That’s very hard and most of the time backfires.

  • Hey there!! I am just 16 years old and my weight is 85 kgs… I just want to know that we should do exercise in morning or in evening??

  • Exercice helps a better metabolism,it has mental effects too! if u eat balanced and healthy a variated exercise plan works for weight loss!!

  • “Research shows that the resting metabolic rate slows in all dieters, regardless of whether or not they exercise. This is why weight-loss that might seem easier when you start becomes more difficult over time”
    I want to look for this research. I’m interested to see if participants gained any significant muscle mass as a result of the type of exercise they were doing. I’d also like to see if their was a difference in the resting metabolic rate was different for those who gained muscle mass and those who did not. Any links guys?

  • 99% of weight loss programs and 99% of people who try to lose weight are both unsuccessful. Reducing calories reduces metabolism, therefore, less weight loss. Exercise doesn’t contribute to weight loss. So, what’s the answer to weight loss?
    Where is the proof and statistics of preparing your own meals reduces weight?
    Has anyone tried Fasting? Ronald McDonald and my doctors don’t recommend Fasting.

  • 30 knee raises
    30 lateral arm circles
    30 skater jumps
    30 leg kicks
    30 high knee jacks
    30 step back jacks
    30 side leg raises right
    30 side leg raises left
    30 punches
    30 arm circles
    30 prayer pushes
    40 side bends

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed all the exercises. Good Job!

  • The thing I can remember back when I was an athlete was that when I knew I was exercising the next day it would effect what I wanted to eat. I didn’t want to eat junk food or stuff that might make me feel heavy or maybe even make me sick after my race ( i was a rower). I started to gear towards healthier foods that you can have inside you and not feel like crap when moving your body quickly. Now that I dont exercise the bag of cheetos I might eat doesnt come with physical pain the next day. Its just cheetos and none of the other side effects of working out with crap food in your system.

  • So, what can I do about a weight loss plateau? I’ve been sticking to the diet really well for about a year and a half, but the weight loss has slowed to a crawl for the last 8 months. Not sure how to shake it up and keep pushing down, and I know I have plenty more to lose.

  • this video is not true. if you truly work out, you’re going to see the difference in weeksor even days. But it’s obvius that your diet is also really important. Both of them can’t be done by it’s own.

  • That the “% of people who were sufficiently active increased” at the same time that the % of obese increased does not imply they were largely the same people. I’m not pointing that to counter the notion that “exercise is not the key”, the logic just seems faulty to me. You could even have a considerable overlap in these groups, and they would be somewhat healthier than if they were just obese.

  • They laughed when I told them I was planning to lose fat with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed these people great results right after I used it they’re begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the detail about this diet plan, haha

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several unbelivable things about it and my work buddy lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • I have experimented with lots of weightloss programs already but not one of them provided me the final results just like I acquired out of this method. I don’t feel jittery or maybe feel a crash, I am also not as starving as I used to. I have get rid of about 15 pounds ever since using this item. Find a right guide is not easy, you can discover on Google. Weight program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • This video almost paints the picture that exercise is bad or that it won’t help you lose weight. You most definitely should exercise, but don’t expect it be enough to lose weight. Eating less will do that.

  • I have been doing these asanas from past few days along with other standing asanas followed by suryanamaskars. These are great set of asanas and the effect in terms of toning and flexibility is amazing. Thank you threesome for sharing.

  • I tried this diet program myself having seen how my colleague benefited from that. Initially I of course wanted to make this happen and I have dropped a grand total of 10lbs from the “sowo hope site” (Google it). I believe much better after trying this life-altering diet.

  • So how do you actually burn off those Calories off your body? is it not through exercising I Understand that diet is important but if a person is overweight dont they have to physically burn the fat off them from the past. i just dont get it how do you get rid of your own stored fat from your past versus the calories now it seems to me that the body would just burn what your eating now and not the fat from years and years ago.

  • A lot of people nowadays are working to find out the best way to lose weight. Then again, being able to discover a diet plan that will work for you is tough to find. A very important factor you want to understand is that a diet is effective for one person may not work for another. And that means you have to know what your getting into before you start one of these diets. Therefore we have decided to offer you a good look at the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This can provide you enough info to find out if this is something that is suitable to your requirements. Read more here https://rb.gy/xxjiq2

  • Yes, but consider people who lost weight via dieting and decided to try to shed the last few pounds with exercise. Of course you don’t see a difference in weight. They physically change and lose fat, but the added muscle along with the fat loss evens things out, leaving them near their original weight, which makes it appear as if exercise made no difference in them. Because muscle weighs more than fat, and you can’t tell which pounds are a part of what. Exercise is beneficial to fat loss and getting a fit and healthy/attractive body, but maybe not any scale victories.

  • The problem is that the American diet has low satiety per calorie, so exercise causes increased hunger meaning more calories eaten. Also America measures standard of living in terms of gdp per capita so making people fat then selling them drugs to fix it is better than a good diet. Look at youtube for the blue zones (5 places where people live to 100, and copy their diet)

    Cooking is time consuming, so I suggest:
    * Microwave tubers (sweet potato, potato, etc…), but put potatoes in the fridge before eating them. Putting potatoes in the fridge makes it more difficult to digest the potato so its less likely to spike your sugar.
    * Eat more popcorn without butter
    * Eat beans from cans
    * Get an electric pressure cooker and cook lots and lots of beans and store them in the fridge and freezer for the long term
    * Get a hot water dispenser and go crazy with teas, hot cocoa, and black coffee (learn to drink without milk) these reduce hunger
    * Peppermint reduces hunger
    * Use half as much sweetener (it can increase hunger in the long term)
    * Drink diluted vinegar
    * Eat unsweetened yogurt as its bacteria eats sugar
    * Go crazy with spices especially tumeric, cinnamon, chili, black pepper, ginger, lemon
    * Eat a little bit of a bad tasting food like grapefruit every day, after 2 weeks it won’t taste as bad (in fact might taste good)!

  • I can relate to this. I lost three stone by doing no exercise but I hardly ate a thing as I was in shock following my husband leaving me. I was reeling and lost my appetite. It was initially very hard but when the shock and depression lifted, I felt wonderful! It changed my views on the exercise/diet weight loss lie.

  • When adding MCT oil to coffee, if you do that with a Styrofoam cup, like I did at work, You can expect the oil to become hotter then the coffee and melt the bottom of the cup. be carefull.

  • This is infuriating. Studies like these grossly over simplify the concept of fat loss. As a personal trainer for 10 years, I can attest that most people don’t understand their goals. When people want to lose weight, 100% of the time they want to look more compositionally appealing. The lack of understanding of muscle tone and fat percentage combined with skin quality and hair quality the proper macros, minerals, and micro nutrients, is profound. Nothing in the studies are new. It has always been easier to cut back on food then to work out. But the goal is never actually weight-loss, so this information is for no one. It is most definitely a better idea to gain 2/3 of your calorie deficit from exercise for any compositional or health goals. Sure, it looks a little bit like “mom said because”, when you put everything on exercise, but it’s hard enough to get people to exercise the way they should without giving them an arsenal of information that they’re only going to misinterpret.

  • Hi Thomas… I have congestive heart failure. I’m on the national transplant list and waiting for a new heart. It’s hard for me to exercise much. I love your channel and the information you provide. I’m also on a low sodium diet due to the heart failure. Just wondering what you can suggest to help me lose a few pounds before my transplant. I can only walk about 15 feet before I’m huffing and puffing. I know it’s a strange case and not sure there is much you can suggest but there are a lot of heart and low sodium people out here. We could use your help…thanks.:)

  • I find this interesting because i have found the most success for weight loss with daily walking/cycling. Eating a healthy diet with a calorie deficit has only kept me stable at about 15-20lbs overweight. I understand that not everyone’s body works the same so I accept I am likely an odd case.

  • Honestly, this the perfect exercise channel.
    -It tells you how many of the exercises you’re doing
    it gives you time to get in the right position
    it tells you how its effective
    -it shows what excercises you’re doing next
    -it shows how many calories you burn
    it gives you rests
    -when it says it’s for beginners It actually is
    -it works really well!

  • And low weight is not the key to look good or to be healthy. The opposite is true: Muscles provide many health benefits and look great. And to gain muscle mass you need to gain weight, not loose weight. In fact a trained person may have a high BMI, but is strong, healthy and looks great.

  • I use coconut oil in my morning organic coffee and in my organic green tea all day. It tastes good. I break that one tablespoon of coconut oil up into those several hot drinks throughout my day.

  • Cooking your own healthful meals from scratch does wonders for weightloss. My lady is on the AIP (very strict version of Paleo) Diet for a medical condition, and lost a lot of weight in a shorter time than she ever has by exerciseing by itself. It works damn well, but there is a plateu in weightloss. We’re looking into diet-compliant ways to boost her metabolism again.

  • The root cause of weight gain or overweight is stress. Stress causes huge changes in ones metabolism and causes an higher demand for sugar.

  • As someone who exercises a lot and has been asked by many people to train them, this came up annoyingly often. Many friends/acquaintances ask me how to exercise to get “toned” or lean, or whatever buzz word for low fat. I could get them to exert tons of effort in the gym but couldn’t convince them that it was way more important to stop buying *fucking Cheez-Its*. No matter how studious they were in listening about proper form and what exercises were for, they just could not get this pernicious concept out of their minds and put some effort into changing their food purchasing decisions. I think it’s because so much money goes into selling people things. You can’t sell less consumption very easily(except in programs, which people never stick with), especially when everything else around us focuses on selling you an item. Way easier to sell gym gear, instead and just keep selling “cheese product”.

  • As someone who wants to lose 10 pounds purely just for vanity purposes but is also lazy and HATES exercising, I love the fact that exercise isn’t needed lol

  • In its most basic form (and it is more complex than this) simple math shows exercise doesn’t/can’t cause weight loss. Eat all the calories back that you exercised off and you will never lose a pound. Unfortunately, only the under consumption of calories from you TDEE does this. Exercise is good for health and can provide extra motivation to lose weight (nobody wants to give back those calories that you worked hard to take off) but as a direct method of weight loss it doesn’t work that way.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern day fad diets. Extreme diet plans are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritional intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to check out Custokebon Secrets on google as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • The Healthy Foodie is literally the BEST weight loss community anywhere, I read it everyday, and I’m also so grateful I found http://raboninco.com/1kY9l LossWeightFAST, it helped me not only lose weight but if off, hope it helps some others!

  • dear Roberta, I really enjoy your workout and I do it everyday �� and thank God yesterday I found out that I’m pregnant! would you please make some exercise for pregnancy? sending much love and thanks a bunch!! ����

  • A friend told me to look for for the diet plan “sowo hope site” on Google. It is the greatest weight loss program I’ve ever before seen and gives immediate results to users. I’ve already decreased 13 lbs in less than the first week.

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) I have heard several amazing things about this popular lose weight secrets.

  • what do you recommend people like me have hypothyroidism? what food to avoid and what food to eat… so many things i read have different food you can eat and cant and vise versea!!! no one thing on same page

  • I know that people lose the weight but my thing is that how does your body get to burn those calories from years ago when your constantly eating food into your body on top of the fat you need to lose.im just wondering how it actually works because everybody says that the only way to lose that actual body fat on you is to exercise and burn off all those calories even exercising in a fasted state and that exercise targets body fat and burn it

  • Roberta i don’t know why you put all those adds in their, it’s not like we stop working out to watch them. So you’re not getting paid. You may as well put your subscribers before your pockets and put the adds at the beginning, one in the middle and however many you want at the end. It’s so damn annoying, having to stop after every exercise to press skip.

  • @Roberta’s Gym, pls tell me if i should follow a diet plan or just eat less amount of food that i eat all day, since ive been doing these exercises for 3 days somewhere i see great results. But somewhere im confused if i dont follow a diet plan i will not lose weight. Pls help me. Somebody!!!!!

  • I lost 105 pounds over 20 years ago, and have kept it off with a good diet. Exercise is for cardio health and strength but I’ve never relied on it for weight control

  • 54 is tooo low..eating tomato could give u the energy lost during standing
    And that duration of standing is too risky to develop many problems in the leg like varices and calceneal spur

  • He’s actually nailed the weight loss industry on the head. There’s a whole economic system built around fast food and the weight loss industry, and everything they promote is designed to make your weight cycle. What he’s saying is exactly what disability researchers and activists have been saying all along. It’s all a symbiotic money grab.

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear most people lost lots of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • I hear lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • As Adam Sandler so succinctly put…..AHHHHH…..HORSESIHT!!! Weight loss is just the most easily seen of the effects of a healthy diet/exercise program. Who cares if you are 100 lbs and out of shape. It’s getting down to looking good and your body being in a healthy state. Which means exercise, diet, and control.

  • Can I invite to challenge one of your fundamental bases on which diets are based?
    The assumption is that the key to weight loss is calorific reduction. Yes, I have noted the multitude of studies you have mentioned showing the weight loss effects of various diets over time. But there may be other factors at work here eg maybe the psychological effect of participating in a diet study causes weight loss? Or some other overlooked factor?
    I think it would be interesting if you could present some data comparing the average calorific consumption of residents of various countries and compare that to the rates of obesity in those countries. One would expect a clear consistent correlation. But is there and if some countries have results that contradict that can we explain why and learn something?

  • People who came here to check if it works or not, simple and short answer to it “yes it does!” It has to work after all Every workout does help uh loose weight if you’re in a calorie deficit. So don’t even think you’ll get through the excercise and then binge on a mega pack of doritos. Cause then you have absolutely done no good to your body. Sweet and simple tips for you guys cause I lost 15 kgs and ik y’all can too.
    1) follow this workout or others once which makes you worn out.
    2) eat in a calorie deficit(1500 or according to how you want)
    3) get 8 hours of sleep and drink water is a thing ik but I normally didn’t think of those two but its up to you.
    And by the end of the month you’re fucking gonna see results!

  • We all know that calorie reduction is not the only key to weight loss…activity raises metabolism and in effect helps burn calories more effectively. Also, there is a definite difference between activity and exercise.

  • You need both. It’s just the way it is. People just need to know that you need to stop stuffing your fat face and get off your fat ass. The problem with this video is that lazy people will use it as an excuse to not work out.

  • My second day completed successfully I am doing this exercise morning and evening and I am adding other some exercises I thought this gives me better results due to covid 19 I gain more wheight I am trying to lose weight thanks u��

  • Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals lost lots of weight with Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • As expert, I believe Custokebon Secrets is actually good way to lost a ton of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • I agree with most things in this video but I do have to admit, when I didn’t have a car and was forced to walk 3-5 miles a day, I didn’t gain weight, even if I splurged. Once I got a car, I put on the pounds quickly and didn’t make any changes in my diet before. Also when I worked in a mail room and delivered across a University campus, my app that showed me all the steps I took showed me I walked 5 miles a day on average. Never worried about my weight than either. Walking sure does works wonders.

  • Thank you! I’m 12 and I’ve always been insecure about my weight i buy clothes I love but they don’t look like they fit on me right…I’ve used this for 2 days and I’m already feeling better ��

  • I don’t think the advice to simply make your diet gradually healthier can affect weight more than excercise. I wasn’t drinking any sodas, ate mostly home made food, yet my weight was increasing. For the past half a year I’ve managed to reduce my weight by time restricting my eating. But keeping this regime is not easy at times I feel like I’m starving. I think video did not stress enough that losing weight by dieting requires your calorie intake to be on discomfortabily low level.

  • When you exercise you gain muscle which ways 3x more then fat overall health is far more important then your weight and a healthy life style will lead to fat loss for most people

  • Thomas what do you think about Bulletproof Coffee have you ever heard of it is grass-fed butter coconut oil and black coffee usually use a bullet to blend it let me know what you think please? PJS

  • Idk why but I bulk FAST when I work out a lot. I’ve been working 45hrs/wk as a general laborer on a construction site, and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’ve never had a 6pack. I also don’t own a car so I walk 2mi each way to and from work. I eat far fewer calories than I burn, and I noticed a plateau.

  • exercise isn’t going to cut all of your weight that pretty fair to say. but it is helpful to do it. I mean nowadays you have people spends 2-5 or more hows on their phones and games. it really about a balance between your social life and your will to live healthier. also, why didn’t you touch on the obesity epidemic? 30% of the world is obese that number was far smaller 100 years ago, and i wonder why. people are lazy stop complaining about exercise get off twitter, facebook, instagram, and go live a better life.

  • I totally agree with what you’re saying doc. The numbers with weight doesn’t go down with exercise, because, I think that the fat is replaced with muscle, which weighs more, or the same as fat, making the net outcome equal, or a bit off, on the weight gain side. Maybe exercise doesn’t cause weight loss, but, like you mention, it is healthier for the individual.

  • thanks for this Information today i was Standing while working in the Office, the first 30 min were uncomfortable but from then on it was ok, i definetly feeel better  thanks again

  • I’ll keep this simple.
    So I’ve been doing this since 3 days.
    I’ll let y’all know the results.
    Day 1done
    Day 2done
    Day 3done
    Day 4done
    Day 5done
    Day 6done
    Day 7done
    Day 8done
    Day 9done
    Day 10done
    Day 11done
    Day 12not done
    Day 13not done
    Day 14done
    Day 15done
    I notice a slight change in my body, definitely lost some fat from the abdominal sides.
    Day 15shifted to Roberta’s other video.

  • How about the extreme viscosity of coffee oil? And isn’t that greasy stuff very acidic also? How can that be good for our stomach biomes? I think you are saying “no more than two cups a day” because you know that most people think they could never stop drinking coffee. You are probably right on all this because probably two (smallish or not too strongish) cups a day wouldn’t cause a lot of grease build-up in the biome. Probably no scientific studies out there on this topic.

  • Thank u for this exercise because I can’t jump bcos of my knee, this is excellent for me, N it suits my age, I m y62 hope u give more exercise of my age especially for my back n armpits fat tq

  • Well… more food and more gym means more money for massive companies. Less food and no gym mean the everyday person is better off but the big businesses lose out

  • I thought Punjabi means now I will hear lot of mc and bc, but to my pleasant surprise he was funny without using any cuss words till the end and that’s impressive and appreciative.

  • Yes, obviously 30 min of cardio doesnt burn that many calories. People not being able to run or swim for 30+min is the problem! If you cant keep your heart rate up for that long then you need to workout. if you eat healthy and dont do anything youl still be fat

  • You often say you want your viewers to say what videos we want you to make. Your videos about celiac disease and gluten have been very helpful to me. I would be interested to see more info about coffee and a fib. Dr. Berg and others have made videos about a fib, and with your scientific approach I would be fascinated to see what you would come up with!

  • The calorie count comes under which weight range? Like a 132 lbs women would loose same about of calories shown or is it for more heavy people?

  • hi! don’t know if you’ve made a vid on this topic but could you do one talking about how to lose belly weight? for example, foods that help you lose weight specifically around the mid section and what exercises help too. thank you!

  • EIC mein reh k Sirf ek baar gaali di… Naye standards bana rahe ho Bhai..
    Anyways, now YouTube is fucking with me showing all the bullshit full body check up; lose weight with Ayurveda; exercises to get a flat tummy and what not..
    A small price to pay for searching your video..����

  • question on the Coffee: Obviously, I don’t want to sweeten it with granulated white sugar. So do I need to have it unsweetend? Is Cream okay with the coconut oil? Can I sweeten it with something else?

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (search on google) help me lost a ton of weight? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • What are some ways to lost a ton of weight? I read plenty of good opinions on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost crazy amounts of fat. Has any one tried this popular weight loss methods?

  • How about jumping jacks every hour? Would that work the same as push-ups? How about mix it up with push-ups and jumping jacks? If you bake with coconut oil would that have the same effect as eating it raw?

  • great tips. well, I am not sure I want oil in my coffee…but…I will at least start to cook with coconut oil (like you did with the burger in another vid); i just subbed and am now following you on facebook…i am 54 years old (55 in a few weeks) and have loss 11 pounds since August 1….now i know that isn’t much but i am definitely giving it all i have. i currently weigh 255.6 pounds. so…i have quite a way to go. but i am glad i found your channel; you seem to have some good information about weight loss and gym tips…plus you are a cutie…so that makes it even more fun to follow you!! thanks for the info..will share this on the “Book”…

  • I ran out of pop (I was drinking one Hansens Root Beer a day) and candy (stopped eating all sugar) and by eating minimally and doing stretching excercises the weight dropped off.

  • Thank you for these tips. Where I work I’m up all the time I work at a school cafeteria we don’t have time to set we are always running or walking fast all day. Coconut oil I love to cook with I always use it for my hair once a month. I love the push up one I’m going to try that. I also do squats when I finish using the restroom or bathroom like ten and that’s help me on my butt. Thanks once again

  • Great tips thank you. I used to eat 1 or 2 teaspoons of organic unrefined coconut oil every morning by itself. I need to get back to that. Question: Is it the caffeine in the coffee or the coffee that provides the antioxidants? I drink decaf occasionally but I am more of a green tea drinker or Pom juice for the antioxidants. I never knew coffee had antioxidants. Thanks again:).

  • i will substitute push ups with squats cause its easier to keep myself in the cubicle and at the en of the day i supose to complete 80 squats wich is great

  • Its not even about your caloric intake either, its about WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY. Namely, Wheat and sugar, the two substances that literally CAUSE you to gain weight. They raise your insulin, which is a fat storing hormone. This is all backed by studies with several cases yet people ignore its impact completely. Read the book “Wheat Belly” and you will understand just how bad wheat actually is for you. Sugar is bad but wheat is literal cancer for your body and is nothing like the wheat of the past.

  • Hi thomas! I will try your tips for sure! I wanted to ask you something… I’ve been trying to lose some weight (10-15 pounds) for my wedding next year. I went to a nutricionist and she adviced my of course to eat the right portions, but also to eat a bit more (between 1400 and 2000). I am afraid that I will gain weight if I eat more… What do you think?

  • What about the benefits of standing on the frame on the bones on the circulatory system on the general well-being of the body you completely missed that

  • i was 56 kgs at begining of 10th grade and now i am at 70 in 11th grade lol. no plans to lose weight however. being a bit chubby is good.

  • This video is great. I’ve unknowingly been following this guide (eat healthy, move more), and have found great results. Built muscle mass, shed a good amount of unnecessary weight (mostly fat). I also do have to credit the wake up call from my pediatrician, who found that I had brain cancer, as well as my team of PT, OT, and other therapists who pushed me while I was inpatient back in 2011-2013 in a good way to exercise, and eat right after I was discharged. What’s more is that, it really doesn’t take much to do this. I’m not one of those “gym rats” who virtually lives at the gym. I do body weight exercises, and just take a look at what I’m eating. Rocket science not necessary.

  • What you said about Michelle Obama isn’t true. The majority of her campaign on children’s health deals with children’s consumption of healthier foods, you see her in gardens planting vegetables telling them to eat better, not join a gym. Do I have to mention the drastic changes made on what the schools have been allowed to serve kids for lunch and breakfast?

  • I agree that exercise doesnt really help you lose weight
    But when I exercise I notice that I’m more likely to eat healthy then when I dont exercise
    So I think it helps a bit in that sense (like helps u stay mentally focussed on wanting to be healthy)

  • I was bored and was sitting in train…I was searching some stand up comedies and found this one, I just thought it was as ordinary as others, but this turned about to be the best one I have ever seen in my whole life, I died laughing listening to this… I have shared it to over 50 of my relatives…this is truly outstanding, keep up the good work man…a huge fan ��