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THURSDAY, April 13, 2017 (HealthDay News)—Workaholism, it seems, is the new black. People who complain endlessly about being overworked and overwhelmed may be sending others a less-than-subtle message: “I’m more important than you.”. By Alan Mozes. HealthDay Reporter.

THURSDAY, April 13, 2017 (HealthDay News) Workaholism, it seems, is the new black. People who complain endlessly about being overworked and overwhelmed may be. ‘I’m just too busy’—is being overworked the new status symbol? by Alan Mozes, Healthday Reporter Workaholism, it seems, is the new black. People who complain endlessly about being overworked and.

Yes, apparently being a workaholic is yet another signifier of the social hierarchy that we’re hardwired to try to climb, and being busy makes you look important and high-status, in the eyes of. New research suggests that bragging about being overworked and overwhelmed has replaced vacations and weekday rounds of golf as tipoffs to social status. If your answer is “yes,” hold your head high. You may have more social capital than you think. According to a recent study, complaining about being overworked has become the new status symbol.

In. The truth is that this workload-as-status-symbol syndrome is usually not about working hard, chasing a dream, or being integral to an organization’s success. We’re overworked because of: an inability to delegate fear of resting or missing out.

‘I’m just too busy’—is being overworked the new status symbol? 13 April 2017, by Alan Mozes, Healthday Reporter Workaholism, it seems, is the new black. People. People who complain endlessly about being overworked and overwhelmed may be sending others a less-than-subtle message: “I’m more important than you.” So finds new research suggesting that some Americans are eschewing old tipoffs to status Forget the golf course and lounge chair, new research suggests being overworked is the new status symbol — and the despair of unemployment could be deadly.

Social Sharing.

List of related literature:

In other words, it seems that society is coming full circle from leisure as a status symbol (Veblen 1899/1973) to business and productive time as a status signal (Bellezza et al. 2017), and back to leisure, albeit in different forms.

“Research Handbook on Luxury Branding” by Felicitas Morhart, Keith Wilcox, Sandor Czellar
from Research Handbook on Luxury Branding
by Felicitas Morhart, Keith Wilcox, Sandor Czellar
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020

Talk of the ‘status fluidity of American life often refers merely to status cycles, even though socially these cycles of higher display and holiday gratification do not modify the long-run reality of more fixed positions.

“White Collar: The American Middle Classes” by C. Wright Mills, Russell Jacoby
from White Collar: The American Middle Classes
by C. Wright Mills, Russell Jacoby
Oxford University Press, 2002

It is, rather, a logical part of people’s attempts to manage a smooth transition from work to retirement.

“Aging: Concepts and Controversies” by Harry R. Moody
from Aging: Concepts and Controversies
by Harry R. Moody
SAGE Publications, 2006

Rise in status due to a change in occupation has in general again not paved the way for withdrawal from manual labour.

“Women and Social Reform in Modern India: A Reader” by Sumit Sarkar, Tanika Sarkar
from Women and Social Reform in Modern India: A Reader
by Sumit Sarkar, Tanika Sarkar
Indiana University Press, 2008

It is estimated that one-third of the blue-collar workforce is changing in this way.

“Encyclopedia of Career Development” by Jeffrey H. Greenhaus, Gerard A. Callanan
from Encyclopedia of Career Development
by Jeffrey H. Greenhaus, Gerard A. Callanan
SAGE Publications, 2006

In the presence of such craze for ‘higher-status positions’, obviously status is acting as a strong motivator.

“Management: Text and Cases” by V.S.P. Rao, V Hari Krishna
from Management: Text and Cases
by V.S.P. Rao, V Hari Krishna
Excel Books, 2009

Crucially, the mix of jobs is changing rapidly, with fewer positions for blue-collar workers and more for engineers, designers, and marketers.

“The New Geography of Jobs” by Enrico Moretti
from The New Geography of Jobs
by Enrico Moretti
HMH Books, 2012

Conversely, when the workweek trends downward, the implication is that new orders and overall economic activity are decelerating, and layoffs may also occur soon.

“CMT Level III 2019: The Integration of Technical Analysis” by Wiley
from CMT Level III 2019: The Integration of Technical Analysis
by Wiley
Wiley, 2018

Second, this mass of white-collar workers is enmeshed in a set of selfcontradictory status symbols.

“The Hidden Injuries of Class” by Richard Sennett, Jonathan Cobb
from The Hidden Injuries of Class
by Richard Sennett, Jonathan Cobb
Knopf, 1972

No, I think extreme is to continue on with life as usual when this kind of craziness is going on, when people are b-being exploited left, right, and center, and you can just go on and get into your suit and tie every day and go to work.

“American Pastoral” by Philip Roth
from American Pastoral
by Philip Roth
HMH Books, 1997

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  • i filmed this a long time ago but some mistakes i made have been brought to my attention so i wanna mention some stuff:

    1. i know zayn being muslim isn’t what makes him a person of color because it’s a religion — i apologize for wording my sentence incorrectly!!

    2. i should’ve talked more about niall’s brand in this video — i skimmed over it because his wasn’t as prominent as the other members but i still should’ve went over it for context. i talked a lot about it in my “bright side” video however

    3. i’m aware of what niall has recently said about his microphone but that was after i uploaded this so i didn’t comment on it in this

    4. i know zayns eating disorder was also a result of him feeling like it’s the only thing he could control, i mentioned it in the overworked section because that’s what i read about but yes there’s another huge aspect of it and i’m aware of that now

    thank you guys for all your feedback and support on this video i never expected it to reach the places it has <3

  • Anyone who believes anything she says is already a racist, probably hates whites, and wants to believe this garbage more than the actual truth.

  • I absolutely love your videos!
    I am so glad that I am German at this point �� because they didn’t really portrait 1D as that bad (like how they where branded). I mean they did too but not that much.
    For example I didn’t know that Louis was viewed an an aggressive person. But I also kinda stopped reading magazines at one point at I didn’t really believe the media at one point (my mum teached me not, I’m very glad she did).
    I am glad that now since I’m older I understand things better.
    I don’t have Twitter (never had).
    I feel so sorry for the boys. I love them with all my heart! They’ve saved me and made me to the person I am right now. I wouldn’t be like that without them! And the same time I’m so sorry that while they made me feel better they felt like they had now control at all. I just want to hug them! They went through a lot of sh**t.
    But I am also very very proud of them!! ❤️❤️��

  • the part about harry being sexualized at such a young age broke my heart. he has a pure heart and he’s so far from a “womanizer” and a flirt. i’m glad he could express himself now that he’s gone solo

  • And tbh….all of the boys literally protected Harry from that label….I’ve seen multiple times Zayn denying the fact that Harry’s a womanizer…it’s so sad to be perceived in a way you won’t want to be and also have no control over it.

  • Its really upsets me that the boys felt like they didn’t really know who the were (they’ve all said it in their own way), i so happy they all have the chance to be themselves now. I get really annoyed with interviewers, recently i watched Harry and his band on Howard Stern and was really annoyed when Howard started making comments about Harry and his therapist etc. There were so many times he made sexual comments about Harry, I really wished i could have told Howard to shut up or be respectful……Harry doesn’t deserve to be treated like that no one does.

  • Thanks for the great video! Point 7 is my point. I realy know that I want to do my projekt and that I love it but the last two week it was kind of naaw… Thanksfully I am on vacation soon! #BTA23

  • This video gives a whole other meaning to the ‘Simon Says’ game……

    I feel so bad for my boys…. I’m glad they are healthy and mentally stable and happy and everything now that they are doing the think that makes them happy….. They deserve the world ��❤️……
    I do miss One Direction more than ANYTHING!! But if Them coming back means them going back to this phase of their lives? Then Its a biiiggggggggggggg NNOO!!!!
    I hope they are doing well ❤️
    Simon and the management honestly ruined our boys’ lives….. I have never…. in my entire life hated someone I’ve never even talked to as much as I hate them ugh ��

    Btw You did an amazing job calling out everyone who did wrong to 1D….. We all are proud of you:)

  • I’ve just discovered your channel and I feel like I need you in my pocket everyday! I have de cluttered, been in a low buy mindset and learning to enjoy the smaller things in life. You rock.x

  • ZAYN’s NO is Legendary
    Leaving a diabolic management is an heroic and adult.action
    During the comments H, N,L are victimed…
    Truth? they didn’t have Zayn’s courage
    Money. Advantage were stronger….
    No offense..

  • I know that IT IS REAL BUT If I ever got to hear that larry was just a thing to attract people towards them, BRUH LET ME JUST DIE.

  • Love the video, I’m in a band and we have outlived all the other local bands because we know our limits and do not burn each other out over the past 11 almost 12 years. Also I love your accent If I had to guess Id say your from a more upper class area, not saying you are. I grew up in a wealthy family and always took offense to some one suggesting that so sorry if I am:) But I’m not anymore and love seeing life from my friends perspective now that I’m 39 and the silver spoon has been dislodged from my behind:)

  • Just watching this video for the first time. I wasn’t prepared for the tears. Our boys I didn’t realize this until this. I knew some but others things were new. I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t a death in the years 1d was together. With all the bullshit they had to deal with.

  • During the advent of the corona virus I was amazing to see how cavalier commentators in the business press were about human life, saying we should sacrifice ourselves for our children..
    We saw a slightly worried Trump saying “Get Back To Work!”
    Quoting George Carlin saying, “The don’t care about you!..They Don’t Care About You!!”

  • Did you know that Obama has deported more emigrants than Trump has at this point in his career? But it was ok when he did it because he was a Democrat.

  • I know that this probably sounds stupid but like why couldn’t they say no? Like why didnt they just flip off the management and go do whatever they wanted! ��

  • @hey angel plzz understand that every band or artrist has dark times.1d too had one by management, pressure from label.They always tries to address fans.Sometimes they overshadow a member over another one,and punishes other memeber by putting off his mic in performance.Those guys went strong, unlike beatles who had a worse breakup with hatred.

  • OH MY GOD it makes me SO UPSET that people think HARRY STYLES is a womanizer. Like we are talking about HARRY STYLES. Do people actually believe that Harry Styles is a womanizer? Harry can have friends that are GIRLS. He can be friends with anyone he wants. He has tried to explain it multiple times in different interviews. CAN NOBODY SEE THAT MAYBE HE MIGHT HAVE FELT UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT PEOPLE CALLING HIM A WOMENIZER OR SEX SYMBOL? People are delusional.

  • And I also what to highlight something about Simon Cowell as well, since a few weeks I’m just caught up with all the 1D videos and always been keeping updates about Zayn, recently I came across this one video about Simon dissing about Zayn which really triggered me (this video was from 2016) when Zayn released his autobiography and was planning to make a series about his one direction days and Simon was not aware of this news, so he was like I’m not being updated, and it feels like you’re not inviting me to the party “sorry for making you famous” (this part literally triggered me I mean the only good thing he did was introducing them to us and other than that nothing else). I was upset when Zayn left the band and 9months later the band went hiatus. But when they started speaking up about the management, I’m sorry guys, but it literally made me happy that they all separated and doing the things they always wanted to do and living their life how they feel. But I mean still deep down I want them back like all five, but if they don’t feel comfortable, then I will support them no matter what (cuz I don’t want them being pushed). I’m happy that there’s doing what they love by making their own music and expressing their point of view. Some might agree with me, and some don’t, but it’s ok, I just want them to be happy.

  • I don’t understand why everyone gets so mad over race like I love having heaps of people different races everywhere, can walk down the street and see all different cultures I love it! Heaps more fun then if everyone was the same tbh

  • Can’t participate in hustle culture, I’m disabled! lol! My girlfriend’s dad is a workaholic though and it’s devastated his relationships, especially with his children.
    It’s absolutely horrible and the reason a lot of people are dying young.

  • The boys are litrally the most amazing perfect human beings…but their management!!!..I litrally feel so bad it’s like the perfect boys in not-so-perfect situation….they all are so talented kind and their management is the complete opposite and money minded and only care about money!!!!!

  • We need more whites to breed with whites. There isn’t enough white women in this world for everyone. You guys need to match China and India.

  • Thanks for this video, because it relates to exactly what is going on in my life. I had recently been inspired to start reading, studying, making goals, and focusing my life on structure. I think I got burned out after a few weeks, because I lost the sense of goals completely, my daily reading plan isn’t working out too well, and I don’t study anymore. I know I need to reevaluate and figure out how much of everything I should to to balance out my energy… I wish it was simple. Anyway, Thank you.

  • I noticed that whenever something happens that management doesn’t like they find a way to get rid of it and now people are finding things that were never seen before

  • This is a byproduct of “the cult of work” that sprung out of the industrial revolution from the Protestant “work ethic” and is weaponized against working class people to keep them overworking. This drives down wages while driving up productivity, win-win for capitalists.

  • This is why I want to leave the US. I honestly have no hope for this country. I didnt ask for this kind of life. I dont mind working but Ive got to be able to live life and be financially comfortable, damnit!

  • I know America is not perfect and there is still racism out there and even though I love my country she does have terrible Bolt dark powers like slavery and other incidents that we shouldn’t be very proud of and wish it never happened but there were a lot of Americans who fought and died to end slavery and even fought racism… and I know our immigration laws are not perfect but there is no country on Earth that their limerent Grecian laws are perfect but there are other countries are worse but let me ask you is this….. do you think China and Central countries like Mexico.. had the same immigration laws like America and white people or coming in massive on a daily basis??? Now I think those countries will roll out the carpet and there will be no problems all all of them or do you think that a few of them will have a problem though and I and be racist towards them? And is it right to judge a whole entire race based on a handful of people if there were racism towards white people saying that to leave the country and get out of here?? Let’s say you have some Americans and raise the American flag at their house and there were people came out and burn them?? Should we blame and say that China and Mexico or other countries are purely racist towards Europeans and Americans??…. because I believed that all people are the same inside and there’s always people and there’s always people in every country that loves their country and they will always have a racist people there no matter what but it’s not fair to call white people or a whole entire country racist?? I assume that you voted for Hillary Clinton and she said that black men are sexual predators at Target innocent girls?? does she want to get rid of a block around people?? I hate racism just as much as the next person does and I want to get rid of them but it’s people like you Francesca that are racist and the reason why racism still exists


  • I would always read those fan magazines and articles back then and I remember reading one about Niall feeling left out by his own fans!!:( He was my favorite member of the band and I was so sad one night because he had said in an interview that there would be girls at meet and greets who would hug all of the boys except for him. Literally made me want to jump on a plane to go reassure him that he was somebody’s favorite haha!!

  • Harry styles is the nicest person I know. And people just dont know him even. And literally him saying in his merch that tpwk is actually referring to him. He is the best influence on me. He taught me soo much and people just labelled him. We dont deserve harry styles

  • Hello there,I work a supervisors position and I make pretty good money. It covers my main bills and I’m thankful for that. I just been getting too absorbed into the side hustle. I do door Dash and Instacart and make about an additional 400 a week. But I’m getting tired my mental health is not working out the best for me and I don’t think it’s worth it. so I’m deciding to go ahead and put some time between me and this.

  • Unfortunately, the majority of workers in the SF Bay Area are forced into the hustle culture if they want to keep a roof over their heads because rent alone takes up over half our pay.

  • I’m a late bloomer for the comment section… tee-hee.
    I really agree with this video.
    I was pulled into the hustle culture by trying to please my parents.
    It wasn’t until I told them I wanted to do my hobby to earn a living that they finally supported my decision to pursue it.
    I already went to college to do what they wanted me to do and did that for 4 years…now I’m going to do what I wanted to do in the first place:)

  • It’s scary that people still see them as how they were labeled. I was chating with the friend of mine and i mentioned harry and the first thing she said was “oh that dirty flirt that sleeps with 50 woman at the time”. It’s really sad, I am very proud of them and how they are still dealing with this and still are doing amazing. ❤

  • Honestly, I think Zayn saved all of them. If he didn’t leave One Direction, and One Direction was still together till know..who knows what happened. And if Zayn didn’t left, Harry would probably do it first. Zayn had the balls to do it though

  • “Louis thinking he wasn’t good enough”
    Looking at the followers on IG, Louis have so much less than the others and it breaks my heart. He is good enough, he’s the kindest soul I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Hope that they will recover from this trauma, because this can only be called 5 years of trauma.
    Still loving them with all my heart.

  • Yeah one of my friends love Simon Cowell and says that he is like her spirit animal and how they are so alike. I’ve also told her a lot of this information but she like doesn’t care so…

  • liam has a tattoo saying we’re the quiet ones & explained in an interview how it’s abt his time in the band bc they weren’t allowed to speak abt anything & ppl still say they weren’t controlled

  • i read that once when they had to do an interview harry begged for 20 minutes for management to let him have nail polish on & then still had to take it off and that makes my blood fucking boil

  • The boys got mad at zayn in 2015 when they were on tour nd zayn said all these things bcoz the boys hadn’t experienced freedom of creativity nd freedom of choosing the life which zayn experienced nd later in 2017 all the boys now after experiencing the freedom knows how correct zayn was (more in the reply)

  • you do benefit from that work. Phones are cheaper than ever, cars are cheaper, food is cheaper, all the products you buy have gone up in value and become cheaper. just because your wage doesn’t go up doesn’t mean your economy is becoming stronger and you aren’t able to afford more things. don’t listen to this guy, he is extremely negative and only giving you one side of the story. he is going to make you think its not worth trying, but it really is, go after your dreams and don’t listen to this false narrative

  • I agree with this, but everything in the public eye, especially pop culture has some negative aspects, and overall, one direction was an amazing band and the members loved being in it and they still talk about how great of an experience it was for them today.

  • It just breaks my heart that harry was only 16 at that time and they branded him as a “flirt” he was really innocent at that time and young, and for Zayn he was never a “mysterious” he was always a happy person and maybe that is one of the reasons he never wanted to be in the band, about Louis they say that he doesn’t like to with his fan seriouusly? He literally calls his fans “love”, and Niall his mic used to get cut of and he and Louis won’t get enough like in wmyb louis and niall dont have solos this just hurts so much that what they went through.
    it is just really sad….

  • I really don’t care about letting in more people after coronovirus. After the missippi raids other southerners got those same jobs at higher pay.

  • dude i’ve been a OT5 stan since 2011 and seeing all of this now makes me feel so guilty, I feel like the entire fanbase was also brainwashed because looking at it now this shit was NOT normal. ALSO protect kind sensitive soul harry at all costs, he’s so much more than his looks

  • When the next Great Recession/Depression comes…

    …and mass layoffs/automation replacements/etc. comes….

    ..people will wish they never complained about their work!

    …Get Prepared!…

    …Economic Downturn is coming!

  • i’d just wanna mention that being branded / having a brand isn’t inherently bad. everybody’s got a brand, it’s just about how you want people to perceive and to associate with you / your music / whatever it is you do. clearly the way they did it was bad of course

  • unfortunately they are not the only boy band this has happened to. its heartbreaking and you’re 100% right, these kids are not looked at as people, they’re looked at as something to be bought. they are purposely branded to whatever will sell more, and controlled and manipulated to keep them “in their place.” the part that breaks my heart the most is that this has happened and continues to happen even now. look at nsync, backstreet boys, 98 degrees, NLT, LFO, even the spice girls. i strongly believe that all actors and actresses, solo artists, models, etc. all have to “pay the price” for fame to some degree. and its disgusting what these individuals have to endure worst of all is when some figure out its not worth, it’s already too late. the fame industry is corrupt

  • so in the part where you talk about them being overworked and being young and unknowing of the music industry, i was thinking about an interview harry did. with zane lowe and apple music h talked about how in the beginning they were mostly happy because they weren’t at school. they we living their dream and they were famous and they got to do all these cool things rather than school. so they ignored the work load and the problems in the band. and as they got older and they realized that this was their life now the excitement wore off, and they saw all the dark stuff. they got tired, and overworked and their “images/personas” that they were given affected them. i think this happened around 2013 and when zayn left i think they didn’t want to leave, completely, because i do think they truly loved the band so they stayed another year. but when they decided to go on a break it was well deserved, and i believe that if zayn hadn’t left they probably would have stayed longer than 5 albums. they maybe would have done 7 or 8. i think zayn leaving showed them that they could, and inspire d ot4 in a way. despite all the drama that came from zayn leaving i really think it was the right thing for everyone at the time

  • Ok mea culpa, i didn’t watch the video, i was looking for business insights so what could be better than the harvard business review, then i gave a look at the videos and i thought…right… i see… colleges in 2020 are the territory of leftist progressive activists. Maybe you could call it woke business review.
    Rember this my friends when everything is politics (or is related to political ideology as this is) nothing is politics anymore, it’s about forcing our agenda into others, even when this is done by a convenient recourse to abstract concepts as kindness, care etc.
    I will leave, never to return. Bye

  • Holy books! I’d be scared I would light my house on fire with all that paper haha. More power to you, I should read more. Nice video, I subbed

  • Unfortunately Harry wasn’t underage in Britain the legal age is 16 here:( It’s so wrong though, there’s a difference between giving teenagers the ability to explore themselves sexually, and getting sexualised by the whole world. A lot of times on the X factor they won’t sign people under 16, or even let them through auditions supposedly because they have exams still, but?? so do 16-18 year olds! I think it’s more to do about this, and the media’s love for sexualising stars.

  • Wall St and big corporate disdains liberal arts education as frivolous. And yet art, music and literature has made them billions.. Law firms end up owning the copy rights of dead artist and musicians..

  • most people hustle because they are poor or underpaid with one job. i have never heard of hustle culture until today. hustling in MY CULTURE is completely different from the YouTube life. im also jamaican..we work multiple jobs. thats what we do. im confused by this video..on one hand i get it. on the other i look at myself who is currently working overtime and then will work on my side business. i think depending on the person depends on how YOUR life should work.

  • I’m a software developer working in northern Virginia and I have a generous paternity leave package. But I recognize that my experience and profession is a highly privileged one

  • Let’s be honest, as Americans we believe we are free but, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are merely assets to corporate America, they use our votes to boost themselves up, they design a system that forces us to pay our hard earned money right back to them just so we can survive, their propaganda gives our country a superiority complex, they force us to fight their wars, lose our lives,etc. We think we are free but, we are simply expendable pawns to these people.

  • It is true that in most cases we do not really need 24/7 availability, it is also true that some employees exhaust themselves at work doing double extra tasks to impress their employers which i find really funny sometimes:D, i would also like to ad, if women cannot have enough time for their families that will have a negative effect on the entire society on the long term, so yes it does effect everyone, yet i do believe that a woman’s greatest responsibility in life is to take good care of her children, but i have to admit that it’s an awkward situation due to the financial circumstances a lot of people go through, yes there are women who seek personal growth on the professional level but i don’t think they are too many, on the other hand there are jobs more suitable for women, jobs more suitable for men and jobs suitable for both, besides men also should be able to spend time with their families too, so if we look at it from all deferent angles we’ll be able to recognise that men and women are suppose to complete each other not undermine each other, it’s all about self awareness when it comes to responsibilities and commitments, and that is what i truly believe is right

  • There are too many Black, and Brown people in the US for White people to agree to that. Racism has held us back at every turn. Racism is like a gangrenous wound. They just keep chopping away at the social safety net, that would bring equity for Blacks and Browns, and poor Whites, and tell those poor Whites to vote for wealthy Whites to stay in power, because one day you too will be a wealthy White. They blindly believe the lie. This is America, we aren’t free until we’re all free!

  • Why did youtube demonitize your videos? They shouldn’t decide if you get money your veiwer’s should. Whatever, you just got a new sub.

  • North America is tiny compares to the rest of the world. There’s not going to be a safe homeland for whites. The UN is also flooding Europe with war refugees and jihadists.

  • My current job makes me work upwards of 10 hours per day and only pays me 6 because the main supervisor doesn’t approve those hours. Yet, we have to get done all the things asked of us. When we complain, we get statements like “right now you’re lucky to even have a job.”
    This is such a gross mentality.

  • “This video smells like socialism, therefore… it MUST be wrong, because American capitalism is the best”! Cognitive dissonance (aka ideology) at its purest!

  • lol, reminds me of that venn diagram comedian. The avg American man’s retirement age is rising and it’ll be like 79 years old by 2022, but the avg American man’s life expectancy is 75 XD

    so you can die and they would still expect you to work 3 more years

  • “Hustle culture” is just one particular genus of the neoliberal ideology that’s been developing since the 70s. The implied message is “don’t change your environment to meet your needs, change your needs to meet your environment”. We’re not just encouraged to start businesses, we’re encouraged to become businesses. The carrot dangled in front of our face is “purpose”, but nobody quite knows what that is or why we want it…which may be why we want it so bad.

    It’s like when you close your fist to trick a dog into thinking you have a treat in your hand.

  • I think some of the statistics and opinions are exaggerated to look bad or are false. America does not have a huge problem like karoshi which Japan has. Wages have not gone up significantly, but they haven’t declined either. US still attracts a lot of immigrants for better life. Life expectancy has not declined.

  • Describes the United Corporations of America perfectly. After 30 years of believing there was an American “dream” I finally wised up. I think of myself as first most important…everything else second. Living the rest of my life very happily and satisfied.

  • no mandated paid maternity leave…
    also right wing people protesting white people getting replaced because they don’t reproduce enough

  • I really just want to live a simple life. And more and more I realize that this desire I have isn’t going to be possible in the US. One day I’ll get out of here.

  • The hardest thing thing that family has been unable to understand is the idea of the end goal. The idea that their is a pre-undetstood place that some one wants to be, and once they get their they are done.

  • It seems that everyone forgets that hustling originally was about illegal work in order to just make enough, which includes prostitution. Or it was and still is about working to the bone just to provide enough to keep yourself and your family fed. Not exactly what many people dream about needing to do.

    This bullshit about it being about the “entrepreneurial spirit” is very privileged and erases people who don’t live in the tiny meritocratic illusion the modern “hustlers” believe in.

  • Many Americans see no problem with requiring workers to work 60 hours a week. I’m fine with that if the workers choose to work that long, but I think requiring it(for most jobs) should be illegal. There should be a 40 hour max, and anything after that should be voluntary.

    My family is obsessed with work. My father and stepfather both work 60-70 hours a week. My mom once worked 3 jobs. They all grew up in extreme poverty, so they had to work very hard to get out of it, and I guess they got used to it and now they’re very pessimistic.

  • Thankfully, RepubliKKKans only have a decade or two left. What they’re trying to accomplish is not realistic, they want a Archie Bunker America and they’ll need a time machine for that.

  • Everything is off the table now with idealism, just saying..We may be more like Bangladesh in a few years, if we keep going like this with Covid and the NonJob market.

  • I want honest opinions from people in the comment section: How long do you believe this system can keep going on? And what do you believe will happen if it does crumble?

  • I work in construction and there are a lot of guys that live for overtime. A couple weeks of 60 hours and I start to fall apart—I stop eating healthy, exercising, etc.

  • Sadly, a large portion of Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that increases in the minimum wage, paid sick leave, paid family leave, etc. are socialism due to several decades worth of right wing propaganda.

  • Why is this considered anti capitalism? Well this is Capitalism for you. America is not the most perfect country in the world. America does have an over work hard agenda. Us employees are sucker’s we barely have down time. We all have 9 to 5 jobs that we work for 5 days a week for 365 days a year. I get summer and holidays off and the weekends off. So I got it good. I love my Job. Life is going great. My Networth is 4.8 million dollars.

  • You are lucky USA that you are not Japan. Overworked death is a health problem over there in Japan. You can take a break Japan can’t.

  • This is soooooo true. Lived in Europe for a few years moved back to America became a VP with a company and I’m heading back to Europe to take a step down because I see the game we are in America.

  • america have to work overtime to pay for all the expensive costs they make. they also have the least amount of vacation days of any developed country

  • This same thing happened to little mix hence why they split from them because they didn’t believe in their new sound on LM5. The girls were constantly told to go flirt with radio producers just to get there songs play on the radio because Simon didn’t believe in them. After their second album salute they made a third album that they where really proud of and Simon and management made them totally scrap it and make a new one. Jesy was targeted by trolls and suffered a lot with their mental and management didn’t help her and during the get weird era she tried to kill herself. Perrie was constantly known as “Zayns girlfriends” and was always seen as the lead singing which she hated. Jade suffered from an eating disorder and was constantly shipped with different people. Leigh-Anne was told from the start which she has recently opened up about that because she is black that she would always have to work harder. I hate Simon and karma really came back to him

  • so no payed sick days? how do they want to pay their bills and what not? in the netherlands it mandatory to have payed sick days or payed vacation days. the first 3 months is 75% of your wage what you get. after those 3 months its 70%. that is the same for if you are sick or when you are on vacation. why? well we have to pay our bills somehow. if we dont get payed lots of people would end up on the streets. so thats why we have a democratic socialist system like most countries have. thats what we call a government that takes care of their people. they know if they dont have a system like this it would cost more money to fix those problems. and they dont want to do that. even if we take a day off from work for what ever reason we still get payed. its just how the law works over here.

  • Absolutely amazing video, you’ve articulated what I’ve felt on a gut level my entire adult life. Any attempt at bettering the lot of American workers is virulently dismissed as “socialism” by those who have drunk the Kool-Aid, as though a system that took care of its people were a bad thing. There are some who will see this video and still try to defend the slave system in which we live, but keep telling the truth.

  • This is something that I grew up with to a horrendous degree. Even when I was like 7 I grew up in a household that literally told me “Can’t make the money, then don’t buy it.” even if it was a pack of gum. Because I grew up in that, I’ve gotten to the point where as Second Thought brought up, I’ve felt guilty for taking a break & I can’t even enjoy gaming because of it. My mind won’t let it happen, if I’m in the middle of playing a game my mind literally feels like it starts to scream “STOP BEING LAZY!!! YOU COULD BE WORKING ON A CURE FOR CANCER DURING THIS TIME!!!”

    Meanwhile I have friends that are across Europe that tell be that they would take a break from work & I’m always left in envy. I want what they have….How can “The greatest nation on the planet” not do that? We sure as shit can spend millions & billions on our military & politicians but if it’s anything for the people…..”New phone, who dis?”

  • 10:22 “If we don’t dismantle the opressive structures that enabled this culture of overwork.”
    8:40 “If you feel superior to other. You will never organize against your opressors.”
    Are those thinly veiled calls for revolution and socialism or better to say anti capitalism structures?

  • 1:38 i like how all these listed problems are literally the same in all other countries(like Ukraine), except they are poor and their medicine is low quality.

  • I’ll be honest. This really is one of the best videos I have come across in Youtube. I can’t thank u enough. Also, I really admire the person you are, not just because u made this video but also because of the things you shared about yourself in this video:)…. I am at the start of my Entrepreneurial journey as a motivational speaker and I have been investing too much time into work work work and I was at the verge of a mental exhaustion and a lot of the points here matched me. Thank You for these beautiful insights. I owe you one

  • The Gucci / Tesla comment cracked me up:) I totally agree on the whole I’m busy thing.. I mean it is fun to talk about things you get accomplished ( like de-cluttering ) but this whole I get up at 5 a.m. and xyz so I can hustle is so annoying.

  • I see this in all the entertainment I engage in to unwind. WoW Classic was released 4-5 months ago, and people get to max lvl in less than a month playing 12 hr days saying it is enjoyable and the most fun they’ve ever had. Too bad they also neglect everything else and expect their overlords to come out with the next big thing for Twitch.

  • Americans arent even white to begin with. Anglo saxons are a minority. Unless you want to move the goal post and count anyone with light skin from jews to arabs as white.

  • The problem is that costs went up on dang near everything, which means we have to work constantly to get what we need. While the rich laugh at us for CONTINUING to buy products they increased prices on, while they make more money doing so.

  • Come to indonesia, you dont have to work hard to enjoy your life here…..cheap tropical life….i invite all the westener white or chinese or japanese

  • Can you please do a follow up to this video, and talk about different approaches management should take if they comeback? Thank you so much for making this video

  • Remember in an award winning Liam thanked the modest and Louis’s face clearly went like ‘ r u fookin serious? ‘ and other boys looked a little bit confused too

    Every directioner should see this video!

    Amazing work sweetie
    This video broke my heart again ��
    Edit: I read more than 500 comments and my thumb hurts by liking them ����

  • Yes!!! Showing people you’re working hard is not the same thing as actually working hard. I just want to make enough to cover my costs and retire on. I’m not looking to impress millions. Even when I wear my nice stuff it’s more to impress myself and revel in my tastes but because I live in a bougie area nobody is impressed if I wear Burberry and Gucci but still ride the bus LMAO. And the most successful people around me are clearly making money off of capital or good ideas, not working tirelessly hard.

  • I was wondering how was it gonna be if one direction was the indie boy band and not signing with label, lol.
    And also without the management having fully control over them.

  • I was sitting here a little worried if I was going to burnout and when should I take just one day to break. This really helped me find the answer! Thanks Evan

  • Love this video. I can’t stand hustle culture. I think there is a time to put all your effort into work but there is also time to step back and breath.

  • Trump and others anti-immigration stanches will lengthen somewhat, whites becoming a minority majority. But this is only by a few years or so. That’s because as the GOP has to increase minority voters to survive. The more the Hispanic population increases, the more urgent it will become.

    People on the left just naturally assume the Democratic Party, and by proxy liberals, will become stronger. However data suggests that a 50/50 split in party identification among Hispanics. That split trends more toward the GOP as immigration becomes less and less of a wedge issue. It is very conceivable (and I think likely) that fifty years from now the Democratic Party is comprised of mostly very liberal whites practically all of the black vote. While the GOP garners something like 75 percent of Hispanics and 80 percent of whites.

  • Ugh finally, I found my kind of channel. I never hustle, I have money, I don’t need “more” because I know what I have and what I don’t need to have. I know the difference between the “essentials” and “optional”
    Thanks for this awesome video by the way. You have a new subscriber:)

  • the one about being stressed hits home with me.I have been there where I had to take medication for stress,not fun at all.

  • The utter shamelessness from the left using that girl for their political agenda. If they weren’t here illegally in the first place, they wouldn’t be subject to arrest. Nevermind that illegal border crossing is the largest source of drug and human trafficking flowing into this country.

  • Never heard this term (hussle culture) before, but, here in Norway, work is very important — it has a moral value unlike any other. I have tried arguing for a widening of the concept of “work” to also include mental processes, but this seems to dig too deep into ingrained structures of the culture (I imagine it stems from the greek seperation of theoria and praxis). Still, I think it is a very important step we need to take very soon. The information society is heavily dependant on fighting for our attention and the individual should have healthy mental habits and awareness of their mental resources in personal development.

  • America is a country that was built on slave labor. America for over 300 years has tried to maintain a system as close to slavery as possible. The workers are brainwashed to support their own oppressors. Race was used to create a wedge between black and white workers making white people side with the rich white people who are oppressing them too.

  • I live in my suv just to avoid the need for too much hustle and still work and low wage kicks my ass. I just try to be grateful for my choice to not kill myself for money or culture. Gotta live well if I’m gna live at all.

  • i missed 10 days of work with no pay to help my disabled wife take care of our newborn daughter about 3 months ago. I fell behind on bills. Murica!

  • Totally loved this video. I never realized it was a name for our society runs like an ant colony. I think it would be great if you did more videos like this or a more in-depth video��

  • How ironic. Taking money from an organisation that is backed by a government who’s immigration policy revolves around slavery and lecturing hard working westerners

  • I currently work in construction, but I also write code and read in my free time.
    Something that I’ve noticed is that I hate doing construction so much that I work nonstop for 7 hours.
    Everyday, I feel severely depressed after about 4.5 hours of work and I’ve just started to accept that I’m depressed.
    After a while of doing this, I realized that I never take breaks and am probably overworking myself.

    tl;dr:Take a break!

  • I didn’t drink that hustle culture koolaid. I enjoy my free time. I work to live, not the other way around. I’m content with where I’m at in life. If that makes me a failure, guess I’m a failure ����‍♂️

  • Japan is an example of it. I know animators are working like hell. Manga authors too. I heard that an animator killed himself by working to death. No care of himself.

  • After seeing this kind of Video I don’t want One Direction Reunion I hate so much how their Management they see only Money not their Boys Health that’s why My Sweet Boys left their fucking Business Band

  • I’d also like to note that Liam says our BOSS Simon Cowell, as opposed to friend. He left it completely impersonal, showing that they view Simon in a way that is strictly professional. Simon tries to act like they have such a close relationship when it is evident they do not.

  • I don’t live in the US but this work obsession is something I feel like my family has tried to instill in me and it’s something I feel I’ve been exposed to for years, and which I’ve only realised has left me a bit of an empty shell of a person in recent years. I used to receive birthday cards from my grandparents with messages like “notes were made flate to stack” in them. And for the past 2 years my life has revolved around going to university full time (STEM course) and working 2 days a week during semesters; and working full time during holidays. The reason I was willing to do this was to save up enough money to support myself for a year long study exchange that was supposed to occur this year but didn’t due to COVID. Initially it was just being delayed to 2021 but I received an email not too long ago that basically says that there’s a very good chance it won’t occur at all and, if it does my time there will be heavily reduced so that 3 cohorts will not overlap (other two cohorts will still get the full experience). When I told my parents what had happened; their response pretty much boiled down to “you’ll just have to suck it up. Besides, look at how much money you’ve made.” But for me; that exchange had become the only real thing I had to look forward to in the entirety of this six year university degree.