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7 Signs You Have Toxic Parents Part 1

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Is being a good parent bad for your health? It sure looks that way! A team from Northwestern University looked at the hidden costs of parental empathy and found that while the children. While it was clear that the kids benefited emotionally and physically from having more empathetic parents, it turned out that the parents usually suppressed their own emotions and gave up healthy habits and good routines so they could take care of their children, which then led to systematic cellular inflammation and elevated stress hormones. Being a good parent is, of course, what every parent would like to be.

But defining what it means to be a good parent is undoubtedly very tricky, particularly since children respond differently to. Good parenting focuses on the overall health and wellbeing of kids. Good parenting focuses both on the here-and-now of a child’s life and on raising kids who are successful in their lives as they mature and become adults. To that end, good parenting. It also promotes intellectual curiosity, motivation, and encourages a desire to achieve.

Good parenting also helps protect children from developing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, antisocial behavior, and alcohol and drug abuse. Bad parenting and toxic parents are notorious for constantly berating themselves about superficial issues, like weight or appearance. “Children look toward their parents to see examples of just. Bad parenting might stem from not knowing enough to be a better parent or from a general lack of apathy to learning the right way.

Bad parenting can have many adverse effects on your child. With our lifestyles being as fast-paced as they are today, it. The sad truth is that while some parents may need to improve their parenting styles, those who are truly “bad parents” probably never stop to think about it at all.

So you’re already one step ahead of them. We may hear the term “bad parent” and immediately jump to the idea of a drug addict who ignores her kids so she can shoot up. Developing a plan can help you successfully co-parent. We share how-tos, tips, and things to avoid, plus advice for when to seek outside help for co-parenting.

At least you’ll never be this bad. Universal Studios. With all of the changes in society, parenting can seem to be more complicated than it used to be.

Whether you’re a parent of one or a parent of five, there never seems to be a rule book to “doing parenting right.”.

List of related literature:

I think most good parents have some worry about the health of their children, but the best are forward thinking enough to put preventative measures in place and that might give you more peace of mind.

“Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting the Response You Want” by Rintu Basu, Debbie Jenkins
from Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting the Response You Want
by Rintu Basu, Debbie Jenkins
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The healthier and stronger you are, the more you can help your child—and enjoy your life.

“The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life” by Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich
from The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life
by Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich
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Parents who maintain good health, eat well, exercise regularly, have sufficient sleep, and avoid abusing drugs or alcohol have more energy and resources to invest in parenting than parents with poor health or who neglect proper self-care.

“Handbook of Parenting and Child Development Across the Lifespan” by Matthew R. Sanders, Alina Morawska
from Handbook of Parenting and Child Development Across the Lifespan
by Matthew R. Sanders, Alina Morawska
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Specific parent behaviors are conducive to positive growth and good health.

“Psychosocial Aspects of Disability: Insider Perspectives and Strategies for Counselors” by Mark A. Stebnicki, PhD, LPC, DCMHS, CRC, CCM, CCMC, Irmo Marini, PhD, DSc, CRC, CLCP, Noreen M. Graf, RhD, CRC, Michael J. Millington, PhD, CRC
from Psychosocial Aspects of Disability: Insider Perspectives and Strategies for Counselors
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This includes diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, smoking as well as family relationships and the impact they can have on a child’s emotional health.

“Children and Young People's Nursing at a Glance” by Alan Glasper, Jane Coad, Jim Richardson
from Children and Young People’s Nursing at a Glance
by Alan Glasper, Jane Coad, Jim Richardson
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Most moms want to demonstrate a healthy and active lifestyle for kids; it sets them up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
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A healthier and better upbringing is if parents do not over-indulge their children or play with them too much.

“The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition” by Janice Manning, Marshall Masters
from The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition
by Janice Manning, Marshall Masters
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A healthy family that stays healthy for life is the best reward for any parent.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
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When parents learn and adopt behaviors that improve their own health, they are more likely to ensure that the health needs of their infant are met.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
from Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book
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In the third type, the child experiences too much of a good thing: The parents provide the child with too much of something that, in moderation, is healthy for a child.

“Schema Therapy: A Practitioner's Guide” by Jeffrey E. Young, Janet S. Klosko, Marjorie E. Weishaar
from Schema Therapy: A Practitioner’s Guide
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  • Parents: When are you gonna get a job?
    Me: I just got hired for a multi billion dollar company.
    Parents: Thank god, it will be so quiet now.
    Me: Bruh

  • Came to check if my dad was really toxic o if I’m just exaggerating and that’s how dad’s are.
    Confirmed he’s really toxic.
    How does someone deal with leaving with someone toxic?
    Does anyone else get chest pains each time a parent makes you feel bad?
    ¿How do you escape from a toxic parent?

  • @ 3:45!!! THE MILLENNIALS!!!! THIS IS INDEED THE BEST CHANNEL of this genre THERE IS!!!!!!!☺️☺️☺️��������������

    This is a MISTAKE I ADMITTEDLY had done with my daughter! And now I am paying the price!!!!! ������

    This is TRULY A GREAT CHNNEL������������⭐️����������������������������������������������������������

  • I had a terrible childhood. If you ever dared to feel sorry for yourself it was an invitation for more pain and vitriol
    It takes a life time to wake up from the disassociated state of mind formed from all that pain. Thank you for your insightful content for those of us still working to establish a proper, baseline perspective.

  • it’s like when i opened up about me liking anime and my mom was disappointing and my dad said that it was stupid after that i had no feeling for anime anymore and it hurts

  • When I get upset I get in trouble. My dad calls me useless and worthless. When I make a mistakes I’m called a failure. I wish I was actually loved

  • Ah yes, very normal to see me curled up In a hoodie crying because I’m never good enough for my “parents” all because I’m different from my brothers

    Very normal…

  • Lmao. I got scolded for downloading a game in my pc which i haven’t even got to play it yet. (I downloaded it just so i can play it when i got free time.) My mom beat me hard as if she knows too much.

  • When I tell my mother something
    ….. Mom I think that you don’t love me, you just love my lil bro… You give him whatever he asks and you always tell my mistake or embarrassing moments in front of everyone

    She says cuz your brotheris smaller he needs more attention and love than yours you get it when you were small

    Me: so you mean grown ups don’t need attention and love, or they don’t feel anything when you tell their embarrassing moments in front of everyone

    Mom: ok do what ever you want, ( starts crying ) she thinks I am evil

    Me: that s the reason everyone why I don’t like to share everything withy mom

  • There are some times that I’m just talking with my mom and when she do not care about it she just say: shut up.
    Thats very rude and mean.
    And then, when I just get mad bc of what she did, she is always saying that I have no reasons to be mad and sad, and that I have everything in my life., and all that stuff.
    She really don’t care.
    If it’s not important for her then it’s not important at all����
    It’s so bad when the respect turns into fear ��.it does not give you a reason to live

  • My dad:
    Says he loves me
    Belittles me
    Forces me to do stuff and doesn’t care how I feel about it
    Hurts me
    Shouts at me
    Makes threatening comments
    Doesn’t listen
    High expectations
    Little to no rewarding after I do my best
    Says he loves my mom more than he loves me

  • The “treating feelings as a joke” hit hard
    Every time I’m feeling down and anxious my dad always says “aww poor lacey” and “you have it so hard” in a mocking “boo hoo” voice because i feel like i can never truly “have feelings ” unless im literally crying and then he takes notice

  • My parents have all the signs
    The biggest problem is overdemanding I always gets more than 92% but still they scolds me and says to get more
    What can I do?
    Today it came my result in math I got 17/20 but still I got scolded is this right???? ����

  • My parents have all the signs
    The biggest problem is overdemanding I always gets more than 92% but still they scolds me and says to get more
    What can I do?
    Today it came my result in math I got 17/20 but still I got scolded is this right???? ����

  • My parents have all the signs
    The biggest problem is overdemanding I always gets more than 92% but still they scolds me and says to get more
    What can I do?
    Today it came my result in math I got 17/20 but still I got scolded is this right???? ����

  • My parents have all the signs
    The biggest problem is overdemanding I always gets more than 92% but still they scolds me and says to get more
    What can I do?
    Today it came my result in math I got 17/20 but still I got scolded is this right???? ����

  • Not all the time parents know the best but they know what you need when i needed space they never gave it to me because they say i can’t communicate and i am being rude to my grandparents when i didn’t say them hi

  • Great list, as a parent I totally agree. Listening is an amazing point, it’s something I actively try to do. One thing I’ve found is it’s easy for me to try and impose my desire or will on my son, but it will cause harm in his growth later down the line if I don’t see and hear where his interests lie and what his passions are.

  • If I do any single MISTAKE my parents tells me that they will send me hostel IS THIS CORRECT SENDING THEIR CHILDREN FOR ONE MISTAKE!!!???

  • I remember one time when i was about 3, i peed myself at my grandma’s house. She forced me to wear a diaper and act like a baby in front of my grandpa and i was scarred

  • This just further reinforces my belief that having kids is immoral. Life is not worth living. Sorry.

    I have so much hatred for parents. Breeding is not a praiseworthy accomplishment. It’s the most selfish act you can commit.

  • This is such great content ��
    Also, read my blog on Toxic Parenting: https://plethoraofmentalhealth.blogspot.com/2020/09/toxic-parenting-obscure-issue.html

  • Oooh god I just want to die cause since my childhood onwards they used to quarrel at each other and afterwards they shows that effect on me and I’m can’t able to study and prepare for my exam even, cause always there yells and shouts runs in my mind and even I’m reading also they won’t stop fighting,,their loud loud voices will disturbs me even when I’m studying and my parents didnt understands me at all I’m just a rank giver and fame giver person they consider me like that from childhood onwards even in school days and in intermediate I’m used to get first they just only told everyone see my kid got first but they don’t understand how much I struggled myself to get it when parents are fighting when they r yelling at me when they discourage me and even when disturbing me while studying and really I’m feared to give my neet exam cause I’m mentally not strong. ��������������
    Got messed up a Lott and mentally depressed a Lott
    Plsss my suggestion to all parents pls lead ur children up and don’t fight before ur child and pls don’t yell on him and dont compare with others and dont pressure them just encourage them for their studies cause every child has their own abilities

  • I have a C+ in science and my dad took my phone laptop tv and I am not allowed to close my door anymore. I really just wanted to yell back at him but I just kept it all inside because I’m to scared to talk back. I can’t wait till I get out of here��

  • Is a parent who changes w/each new marriage toxic too?..my mom does, with 1 stepdad loud sex in any room was apparently appropriate or using my ears as a handle!..the first time was in the 1st grade & I thought she broke my ear! The 2nd dad everything was a joke & the fact that I knew things from the first dad, & it involuntarily affected me, was my fault-results in Instant Out. One thing I cant stand, an extremely immature parent with no boundaries for one or all children because it feeds the parents selfish needs/wants…whatever makes their life better.

  • This goes for my father, You know like when you hate them but you can’t actually hate them because they provide things you need but they make you feel worst every single time. And also to my sibling who made my life a living hell but you still can’t hate them because you have an obligation to love them because of your parents.

  • I had to pick up my dad from a car accident and still haven’t gotten a “thank you” till this day, he just goes back to being an asshole but demands respect ��

  • My fiance… His parents are like that. They go extreme in also lying to the other family members so they can help make him feel bad for something that didn’t even happen. Isn’t there anything he can do?

  • Anger can really make someone snap, parents would say words they think we wont remember cause we all know after a few days, they’re just gonna forget what they said to you, but the thing is….words leave permanent scars. I hope all parents would understand how their own words can make a child lose their respect and love for them.

    And I hope my mom would realize that too. I love my mom…most of the times, but she snaps when I literally did nothing wrong (her day was bad I guess) every little things I do would reward me a spike tons of hurtful words

    @….but I did my best, I made it to the honors for you….
    @….i wished dad didnt meet you

    I grew up listening to that sentences everytime she snapped that I think my heart became immune. I remember crying my eyes out when I was still a toddler…she didn’t even bother checking up if I’m okay after she saw my swollen eyes.

    P.S my dad is dead because of stroke, I started hating my mom when I asked her

    @You will love dad forever right?
    #Of course I will

    But then she fucked and let dad’s bestfriend live in our house. They think I didn’t know that he was doing drugs (not my mom only him) cause I was just a damn kid. I still remember waking up every morning with that bastard fucking man touching my 4th grade body. I really started hating mom that time. Till this day, I still didn’t tell anyone what that bastard did to me (he molested me for 2 years) and I will never tell anyone. Im so fucking glad he is in prison cause of drug selling

  • Parents who behave like this must be simply ripped apart and thrown into some remote island inhabited by wild animals and snakes where they’ll eat the flesh of these “parents” inch by inch and dismember them royally����������

  • My parents r very very rude…. I clean house cook food fr them bt at the end of day… thy jst disrespect me…like hell.
    Im having xem n they r not letting me to study… always dominating…. controlling my life decisions n now thy r trying to get me married to a old age man

  • I cry everyday..I can’t eat, drink, or even sleep. I just want to be alone but I can’t sit still and I hate interacting with anyone..

  • My mom threats me and my 1 Yr old sis like a piece of shit nd my 7 Yr old brother like a king the oy thing I remember when I was 7 is always getting slapped and abuses by my mom

  • Thats why many children now just step-out and find another house becoz of this people even though they are your father! And thats why many children commits also suicide, hates them alot or maybe just stay in with their grandmas, friends or rent some places becoz of this people…
    #And I can tell you this, my father has all of this criteria of this such hateful people and I dispise him thats why I decided on my own that I willgo back to our provinces and stay there and start my new life becoz until I am with him in the same house, there will be no good for me but just neglection, putting down on you….

  • I had the worst day yesterday I saw my mom kiss a mam and I just ran to my room and start to cry she takes the keys to get in my room and to to be mean to

  • I wonder if the source of inflammation is not empathy, so much as worry. Neurotic parents cause themselves histological stress-and such people might do so even if they didn’t have children. Being single and alone is, itself, a source of stress.

  • You know that one thing ur parents does almost all the time…compare you to other people, like haven’t you hurt us enough, sometimes I just wanna run away I have an emergency bag just incase I do..if that isn’t wierd or anything, I honestly thought that I was the only one but I guess not..I can’t believe that the people in these comments are more supportive then my own parents tyx.

  • My stepdad is making everything hard for me, he’s says it’s just so you can learn your becoming a women and bla bla bla, but we baits kno that’s not true,I can’t wait till when I’m an adult and move out and Never talk to him again…

  • My father never lets me view my thoughts on things. All the girls in my family he never had an input he just let my mother do all the everything. He doesn’t get along with my half-brother because my brother won’t take any of his bullcrap. My father will ask me a question and when I try to explain he shuts me down by say ‘ I told you before if you don’t have anything to say just shut up or I’ll beat you. Four years ago my parents got into a huge argument that involved my mother’s family, one he wanted to make up with my mother and was trying to get her into the room physically but playfully but my mother and I didn’t realize that so my mother told me to call 911 and I did without a second thought when we realized he was trying to be playful the police had arrived and so for him not to go to jail he lied and he blamed it on me messing around with the phone with to see if they would truly show up. The police officer asked me how old I was ( I was 12 at the time) it was obvious that he police officer was angry with me. So I felt guilty so and went to go and apologise I went into the room my parents share. I said ‘Daddy I’m so sorry’ he asked me who my father was I ran out of the apartment crying. Till this day he acts like it did not happen. I still cry about EVERY time I think about. Every time I’m sick he refuses to acknowledge it and says I’m faking it whether I’m doubled over in pain or I’m feeling like about to throw up its like he just doesn’t care. This is just the tip of what my father is like. I don’t know if it’s me that is being unreasonable.

  • Even when I have disease because of their disturbed parenting,I don’t have my personal phone,they don’t love me,they don’t make me happy when I cry,they make it even worse,they don’t let me study I lost myself but choose my future than them I won’t feel bad if I leave them

  • I want to get out here and live my friend’s house and i dont disturb and avoid negativity here and i when i turn 18 and i have a work and i can easily live alone.. thats it

  • u know what sometimes I think that my mom was got paid to take care of me �� because of the way she treats me and she even makes more excuses than me. Idk if I’m sensitive or if she disciplines me poorly. She has never truly understood me. And she will just deny when I try to comfront her about how she treats me poorly.

  • I really love my parents. They actually don’t force me into anything but I still want them to see this.
    I don’t like when they compare me with someone.

  • My parents just don’t allow me to do anything on my own. When they restrict me to do something and I ask them why, they say that I have no compulsion to tell you but you’ll have to listen to me. This makes me more angry and depressed. They think that we are the elders and we are always right..

  • Hi
    I am the mother of 2 years old son n my parents were never supported me. I have achieved my dream career n a lot more things in my personal life. They always want me to buy things for them..they think m richer than them ��.
    After the delivery of my son My mother refused to stay with to help me to recover, neither interested to take me to their home….. ��.
    Lucky me ����God want me to b stronger than before…❤❤

  • Sorry to say this but things won’t get better, not even with time and effort, it all depends on whether or not you follow your own heart and beliefs. The world was made harsh for a reason you know.

  • Why is TYT bowing down to Feminism? This study is Feministic Propaganda!!
    Women already have equal rights in America!
    As a matter of fact, they are actually more priviliged then men! Look at the statistics/law. Check the facts!
    A father´s rights are worth nothing in America today and many other western countries! Women are supported and pushed forward to succeed, are promoted faster a lot of them earn more money then men/husband.
    Women achieve a higher education! They make up the majority of the workforce!
    SO why are they crying for equal rights!!! While the American man is being castrated by society, displayed as a buffoon in the media, and TYT doesnt seem to care about us guys! By the way, it´s almost impossible to find any programs in the US that support men/fathers! Wake up Guys!!!!

  • Never having kids…. I think it’s more selfish to have lots of kids at this point (you know with overpopulation and the depletion of our world resources and all).
    Society shouldn’t make us feel bad or selfish for not wanting kids.

  • Can you imagine what it must be like to spend your days waiting for a youtube channel to upload videos, just so you can press the dislike button as soon as a new one comes out? Without even watching itjust straight away, fully understanding that by contributing to the view count and feedback you are only helping that channel, and knowing that you will never make a differencelet alone to the world, it won’t even affect the channel. Isn’t that just so depressing? There are poor, illiterate people in Ethiopia who will never have wi-fi or laptops, but who see their friends every day, who play games in the sun, get fresh air and exercise, have girlfriends and boyfriends, and are infinitely happier than the fat, lonely brat in Kansas who enjoys disliking TYT videos on youtube with his spare time.
    I hope you know I pity you people more than anyone else on earth.

  • Lol my parents gave me an “advice” about what they thought, what really surprised me was that theyre thinking i’ll abandon them and forget them when i have my own family later just bcs i dont talk much with them and tbh i alrdy feel really uncomfortable with them then they said those to me just makes me feel like ugh.. why would i do something so immoral? Dont they trust me at all? Like they never even give me advices about life, their only advice is about my mistakes or my possibly upcoming mistakes, seriously

  • My mother is the least empathetic person I know. When I was 9, I broke my ankle and she didn’t believe me and made me walk home 1/4 mile. The next day I was in the hospital with a cast and she never apologized. I, on the other hand, have mirror-touch synestisia, which is basically empathy gone amok. It’s horrible to always feel other people’s pain, but I also feel their joy too. I’d rather be like me than my mother though. She’s really a bitch.

  • In Buddhism, there are four meditative states related to empathy loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. Equanimity is the highest state because the equanimous person is even and stable regardless of the conditions in which they find themselves.

    But it’s not indifference. Being equanimous is still about being focused on helping people, but it doesn’t lead to the multiplication of suffering by witnessing the suffering of others. Like a doctor who is wise and experienced, they know that it is more important to be calm and collected while helping a suffering patient, than it is to get wrapped up in mentally mirroring the ordeal of the patient. It isn’t suppression of empathy they still feel the moods of others, but they aren’t ensnared by them.

    Parents who are getting stressed out by their kids should consider the distinctions between the types of empathetic attitudes.

  • I’m studying post graduate statistics, and alot of these studies coming through recently lack a lot of rigorous design in their structure.
    There are multiple external factors which they haven’t taken into account.

    It’s important to see if these studies are peer reviewed by acknowledged academic journals!!

    Correlation is not causation!!!!!

  • The stupid thing is that the food industry produces food that causes more inflammation in the body. Then you go to the doctor that gives you prescription meds that cause even more inflammation and toxicity. This study is dump because stress causes inflammation and anything that gives you stress like parenting can cause it. Focus rather on how to combat it.

  • Lmao I laughed when cenk said “you’re on your own kids” why did none of them appreciate that joke? Lmao u could see cenk waiting for them to laugh and then was disappointed lol

  • Having a kid is wonderful too me. You form a bond and an experience that you will never get from anyone. I feel more happy now than before I had a child. I think psychologically it’s healthy to care kid.

  • The way you come to think of yourself growing up really becomes part of you. According to psychologists I was emotionally abused and deprived as a child. I am now able to see that it was wrong how I was treated and not justified in any way.

    But despite this, every single day I still fight these feelings deep inside myself, that I’m not valid, I’m a bad person, I’ll never be good enough. The thing is, I know logically now that these things aren’t true. But no matter how much I try and reason with myself, they just never go away.

    Sometimes I’m exhausted after fighting so hard, some days these thoughts overwhelm me so much I am not able to function in my life. Luckily these days get fewer as time goes on.

    I am still a work in progress. I continue to see those first 20 years of my life in new ways and understand their impact. I see more and more now how it all really wasn’t my fault. I have learned to forigve. Hopefully one day I will be able to find peace and not be so hard on myself.

  • No one knows what type of parent you will be until it happens to you. When I became a parent I was like the Grinch and my heart grew three sizes. Not that I was grumpy or unloving, but the new found love and caring I felt was that big of a contrast. Everything changes and your priority’s change. It’s a wonderful experience. A person needs to be in the right place when it happens though. The person I am now is not the person I was when I was 17.

    Anna should just have a kid, she is ready, but scared.


  • The lack of scientific education among those jumping on this study as “anti-family” is stunning. No one either in the video or article is advocating against parenthood, nor “for bad parenting.” If anything they advocate empathetic parenting, due to the proven benefits to children, and healthy habits for parents.
    The study measures low-grade inflammation. This isn’t ebola, it’s the bodies response to stress. They’re literally saying parents who actively care for their kids show increased stress markers, while their kids are lower. This isn’t controversial or surprising, but in order to have a clearer understanding of things you must question even what seems to be understood. Nothing should be taken for granted in science. It is often that this method of testing what is believed to be known that reveals a previously hidden mechanism which allows some further discovery.

    Not everything can or should be viewed through your chosen political lens. If all you see is red or blue you do yourself a disservice by not recognizing the full spectrum of reality.

  • The correct word is “empathic” (despite the fact that having sympathy means that you are “sympathetic”.
    Just an FYI, I only just learned this a couple years ago.

  • bad parents sucks. I was at the park today and there were kids there and I had no idea where his parents were so I asked him and he didn’t know. I eventually found out they were sitting in their car at least 100 yards away from the playground. also this playground is located next to a creek that at least one person drowns in every year. I was very pissed.

  • When your kid scrapes their knee, slather it with neosporin, slap a bandaid on it and tell the kid to walk it off.
    Don’t whine about participation trophies, unique butterflies and millenial privilege when you as parents created these “monsters”.

  • It’s just over emotional people have the tendency kill themselves lol. Parenting is hard, so i think you need to be a very well informed person with a larger lvl of maturity to properly tackle situations. A proper way to transfer our wisdom to the next generation as easy as possible if you will.

    I don’t think empathy helps as much as a real answer with substance.

  • Acadamics getting paid for useless research like this annoys me to no end. I bet you they feel real important as well. As if their job (or career as they would say) is useful to anyone.

  • Does mental illness explain to you why a parent may not care/love a child as much as others?

    How about when a parent comes from an abusive/loveless/neglectful childhood and the cycle happens all over again?

  • cool topic, we are a very social species. One could regard us as a sort of a social syncytium, and that’s getting repeatedly shown by social and psychosocial studies, in many fascinating and varying manners.

    What Jimmy said toward the end of the video, man he nailed it, that’s absolutely true as far as I can understand life and emotions.

  • Tbh I’m always scared of watching these videos bc I love my parents and I just feel bad if I nitpick something they do despite them having a reason on why they do it

  • Here come the butthurt parents denying the evidence…you realize you can just say “Yeah okay, but its worth ir bcuz i love mah kidz”

  • this study is just a scientific experiment, it simply lets us better understand our selves. knowing exactly the kind of stress caused on parents allows us to eventually reduce it’s effects. some of the negativity and mockery in the comments is very telling toward your own lack of understanding of the topic. pretty sad most people don’t appreciate modern science unless it gives them immediate gratification……..

  • The new generations will be great parents but to expect the previous ones being that way is a bit of a joke lol. Times have changed for the better in terms of parenting.

  • wow while people in America are doing “studies” on how its stressful actually do something with your life there are people in other countries struggling to live

  • Back in the day, parents communicated to the kid how it’s gonna be, instead of asking the kid, ‘what is it gonna be’, example; ‘we’re having xyz for dinner’. Instead of ‘what do you want/and then go round and round about this and that. Seems like ppl nowadays try to bargain with kids, small kids even, it’s like the tail wags the dog

  • This is a positive thing really, I would gladly impact my physical health if my children’s psychological and physical health was better as a result.

  • um guys, the reporting is an explanation of the stress of parenting. nothing more or less. its not an “attack on family”, so chillax.

  • I think that study is using the wrong word. The correct word is “sympathetic.” Empathy is caring but with perspective and some emotional distance. Sympathy is caring to the point where one is personally affected in a negative way.

  • I think the empathy in parenthood thing is two-fold. I also think it opens up qualities of a lack of empathy as well. I’ve seen it in new parents. Considerate people before who now see their kids as a free pass to be inconsiderate to others.

  • I was raised a bit different from most girls. Monday through Friday I was mothers little lady. (You know, manners, fashion, cooking, the girly stuff) Friday afternoons and Saturday I was fathers little tomboy. He did not believe in girls growing up to be helpless, or unable to handle themselves in a situation or emergency. By age 7 I was tracking, knew what animal made what poop (or scat) in the woods, had my own tackle box complete with waterproof matches, and water purification pills etc. could handle a horse well and care for it. And yes I was taught how to shoot. Knew what plants, berries etc. to eat and how to survive in different areas and states.. (Wyoming, Montana, Texas and Arizona especially) Was driving stick shift (Never know in a situation,,,,might not be an automatic). and how to fight and defend myself if no weapons handy, splints etc. I loved it all. Best of both worlds. Todays kids, most of them are soft….they would not survive a week out there if stranded in the mountains, swamp, or desert areas. The way the world is now, kids need to learn some skills just in case. Which did I like best? BOTH The frilly things as well as the dirty jeans.

  • First of all I agree with everything you said except one point that you said” children who likely become socially active, have social skill likely to become more successful in life “

    I do not agree on that. I think adult who even they are not so social can achieve far more greater success than people who have social skill. Look by trading stocks, becoming a great trader anyone can make a lot of money specially by trading penny stock. Even the salary they will be getting they can even make way more and sometimes when the best play comes they can make their money double within a matter of 1 or 2 days. 100% rise in price movement, 200% price movement almost in every 1 week out of 5 trading days it keeps happening all the time. Sometimes making 500% is also possible as by doing short sale as this speculative stock began to crash people can make money on the way down too. A true trader take advantage of both ways going long and shorting.

    So all the people who are while having social skills, i know a lot of trader who are not so social but they ignore everything and are so dedicated in learning new pattern, learning the from the past in the stock market and reading bookson trading that lead them reach to a point that they make way lot of money than what can they get after graduating from college.

    My friends already made 250,000 usd already even he still did not graduate turning 10,000 to now 250,000 already. And guess what he lacks social skill but he is super dedicated in studying and developing his trading skill that he ignores his friend so that he can study and research on various stocks. So this point of that social skills people likely to be more successful I don’t agree. I have seen so many people in wall street and know a lot of people around me who are making more money, paying more taxes, living a better life even they are not so social and lack social skill.

  • Both of my parents are depressed, my mom accepts it but my father doesnt accept it and thinks its stupid. Now, i have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

  • My parents had very unrealistic expectations of us and it just made us rebel. I encourage and support my kids in what paths they want to take in life. So far with amazing results. They are intelligent, have won awards at school and have never been in trouble at school where the school has had to contact me. I couldn’t leave school soon enough because of the insane pressure my parents put on me. My oldest says he wants to graduate and go to university. I think that is a direct result of me not forcing him to stay in school or else, like my parents did with us.

  • You know that moment your trying to help/tell them something you know DAMN WELL they don’t know and they smack you, very few will understand

  • My parents counsel me about my character. When I am angry I react a horrible form, I shout, I tremble and I cry.
    My parents wait a good student. They are slopes and worred of my studies, they ask me about the university, If I have any dificulty with subject o sonething similar. ��

  • Hi, i have a great parents because they prefer not to eat to see their children feeding, they always support their children as long as what they want is beneficial.

  • Most people live what other people thinking of them. Sometimes kids get caught in middle of this game, and they get punished for it.

  • This video should be seen to every wannabe parent and their parents. Future and current grandparents should watch this, too, for good, consistent backup.☺️

  • The message is go to the therapist so u dont ruin ur and other peoples life lol Although the problem is that not everyone can afford it and going to therapy is not easy at all to some people

  • My parents were none of all those. I wish I had great parents maybe I would be different today. Because of the family I grew up, I fight mental illnesses today.

  • Thanks Brainy Dose.
    Teach your children to say sometimes “NO”, many parents do everything that their children ask them even it is illegal and that is bad attitude, even they are young teach them the rejection, otherwise they feel that their request is compulsory to obey, you can do everything, you’ve enough money for everything etc.

  • I have 2 kids and 1 on the way my mom is disconnected from me she barely shows emotion. When I’d get hurt as a kid and cry shed literally yell WHAT THE FUUCKKKKKKKKKKK and it made me afraid to ever cry when I was hurt again and she’d always lock herself in her room and get mad at my siblings and I if we ever knocked on the door when we were hungry..���� I’m 21 and battle heavy emotions and I’m a single mom I’ve never been able to keep a relationship in my young days…my father always got physical with me and is a drug addict. I’m very very VERY loving towards my babies and spend every second with them and tell my baby girl who is 4 how beautiful she is and how much mommy loves her my babies are the only ones I can give my love to without rejection. My mom always got mad at me for wanting a kiss or a hug shed never show affection and I was in foster care since the age of 3 till I was 8 and when I came back home sometimes shed get so angry with my younger siblings and scream at us and leave the house…and id get scared she was never going to come back..in this present day my mom is still emotionally unavailable and snaps at me if I ever dare to vent to her about anything…everyone in my family makes it seem like my feelings are stupid and dumb and I have issues. When I first got taken away I was sexually and physically and mentally and emotinally abused in the home I was in at 3 till 4 in a half years old. I don’t trust no man around my children and I don’t trust daycares or schools or friends I over think and get scared of my babies ever getting hurt or bullied or assaulted in schools or anywhere im not around id say I’m a helicopter parent and very warm and welcoming and loving to my babies..��

  • This video provides the tools that saved my life: reflect about own situation and be a bit sorry for yourself (just a bit is about being kind to yourself and excuse you for having a past that was not your choice and therefore it is not your fault). Just these two things gave me so much maturity, helped me knowing and love myself better, and free me from the past a little more.

  • My parents did most of these, although in terms of understanding me and my brother they couldn’t really due to the generation gap and them being the conservative type, especially with us being “millennials”…

  • My mom is nicer to other kids than her own and she feels like we own her something and she hates seeing me do the things I love so she waits until I wanna play video games or chill on my phone just to tell me that I gotta clean the whole house up and my siblings just do what they wanna do it sucks

  • It helps if you actually HAVE parents. I lost my mother at 5 and my father at 13, so I basically raised myself. No wonder I am so screwed up. ��

  • #19 They teach their children healthy communication skills from very early on. #20 They teach their children the importance of wise money management and how to do it. #21 They instill in their child an understanding and appreciation of empathy and serving others. #22 They model accountability by showing they themselves not making excuses for mistakes and even apologizing for making bad choices.

  • Vital information to be putting out there. Far overdue, but I suppose better late than never. Please stay vigilant in your efforts as new ignorance ( and I’m using the word in the strictest sense of the word) is born every minute. Thanks

  • Thank you brainy dose for this video, I live with some parents who I fail to understand how they treat their kid, it has been all my fault in everything as they cover the mistake of their kid, when I try to follow their words and apply to the kid to do so the kid himself see parent doing something different����
    Now I understand the reason as to why,,,,,☝️☝️That is they don’t strive to be role model instead they confuse discipline of the child and punishment. Let’s learn from here dear parents our children better growth and success is in your hands. * BE A ROLE MODEL TO YOUR KID, BE A GREAT PARENT*

  • and for gods sake if you had a bad childhood DONT HAVE KIDS YOURSELF
    you simply didnt grow up seeing what a good, functional family looks like and how it operates. so you will never know or understand how to do it youerself. dont pass the burden by having children, as doing so is inevitable.

  • The sad thing is that even if I show this to my mom she would either brush it off or call me “disrespectful”, “ungrateful” or both.

  • Me(before vid): My parents don’t make mistakes! Let’s see what other parents do.
    Me(After vid): My parents are doing almost everything wrong.

  • Ok my parents dont do a whole lot of these things it just seems like they don’t love me
    Though I still love my brother so I want to run away but I still love my brother to much to do that

  • My parents have all the signs
    The biggest problem is overdemanding I always gets more than 92% but still they scolds me and says to get more
    What can I do?
    Today it came my result in math I got 17/20 but still I got scolded is this right???? ����

  • I cried watching this because this hit the spot. Asian parents will never understand. Edit: It is their ignorance and refusal to understand.

  • Tip: Move in with a bunch of friends when you finish high school, you can get away from parents and the more friends you have the less you need to pay for rent

  • Hey, I realized a long time ago my parents weren’t raised perfectly back through the generations. So, stop blaming your parents and change what you need to change to become an independent happy successful adult. Get help if need be.

  • My mum says she’s always correct,even to other family members,and I think this isn’t right,but if I tell her,she’s gonna beat me and shout,so I stay out…what should I do?

  • I have above average classes in every subject and every time I tell someone that I need to go to normal because it’s getting to hard and difficult for me to keep up and im sacraficing way too much just to keep up a B and A. My mom says “Your doing fine your just being a crybaby and not trying enough” but that’s the thing I’m trying way to hard then I should if I was really on the level to keep up and understand it that fast I wouldn’t have to skip lunch,I wouldn’t have to get 2-4 hours of sleep on my desk.

    Quarintine has given me a bit of time but online classes are due so close and on the same due dates

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  • I never let my daughter win when we played games. If she wanted to win, she would have to earn it. Meanest games of Go Fish in Florida. Flip side is that I never gloated when I won and always congratulated her when she won. The girl took three years to beat me in Chess, but when she did she was rightfully proud of herself and was a gracious winner. She earned it.

  • So we were talking about what i want to take in the future i said “Computer science” Cuz that is my interest but my parents said that it was “boring” and said “Why not be a pilot or a doctor its more interesting”
    Like just support me you said you are gonna support me to my interest

  • Yep this happens when my little brother comes to the same room of where my parents and i were and they keep telling him that i am the “Bad child” like its getting annoying

  • Well when I was a kid, my parents were a nightmare. Smoking, bad habits and behaviour made me uncomfortable I thought in my head I will hit them in the face. My parents died while I was 4 and now in 2020 I’m 29 so I was free when they died, but I had to hang out with a nanny until I was 18. Computers existed when I was 18, but that nanny wouldn’t let me and I had to attend a school that was pen-and-paper only, even a college that required pen and paper. I’m so happy I’m on my own now and my parents are long gone.

    And that proves I am a fake Project Zorgo account.

  • parents think that we’re machines that do whatever they command us to do, but that simply ain’t true. we are humans with a brain, and we control ourselves and control our life. we can choose to do any hobby, and if they tell you to do something else, dont follow them. if you wanna become an astronaut, do it. mcdonalds worker, sure. dont let them control you. if anyone else out there is going through the same thing as i am, follow this advice

  • I’m scared that I will be a bad person because of my very bad childhood but I like to imagine being the most understanding person in the future. Someone to whom everyone will confide their sorrows to. Something like, I went through all this pain for a purpose. To be a comfort to others. But maybe the reality isn’t that kind.

  • some people are saying, “Cant wait to grow up and move” But for me, I can’t move until married, I cant do anything when i turn 30, (means drinking etc) my sister got caught drinking, but shes 23, she has alot of money because she works alot, and just wants a life, but she cant move because she hasnt found the “one” its not just my parents being toxic, its my church. My church doesnt like earrings, dying hair, drinking, cant wear pants when u turn 14, does not accept lgbtq, my church, made my parents like this, i dont want to disrespect my church, because what if it is god..im scared, i want to be free when i grow up, i cant do anything..

    basically its number 6,7 im not very expressive sorry

  • This has made me regret and feel bad about the mistakes I encountered in my parenting styles. Thanks for this amazing information ��.Been so touched

  • My mom always gets angry on me because I’m always angry at my brother. What they don’t know is I’m slowly adopting their attitude towards me

  • I think mental therapy needs to be pushed on humanity.

    Shadow work has helped me. Go to Chakraboosters.com or the YouTube channel.

    Also Lisa A Ramono Life Break Through Couch Inc channel on YouTube.

    Both helped me.

  • There must be some skeptics out there who could dismiss some toxic parenting effects as something else, but pay no attention to them.

  • Just for extra information ALL the parents are strict I wish they would admit that they are doing mistakes and I really hope that my parents would stop being so tough at me or others because from inside that humiliates every kid who has strict parents I just want people to know that it’s abusive for parents abuse their kids

  • I just hope more people who plans to have kids learn from this video so they can raise them with a lot of love while also teaching them some important life lessons in a safe place.

  • So many people don’t really know why they have children in the first place. Most people are not fit to be parents at all. Having none is a great option.

  • A lack of attention? Dude i dont even wanna be noticed, yet they just wont let me just rest without them telling me this and that ;-;

  • my dads girlfriends kicked me out of their home and im forced to stay at my moms and my dads refusing to give my stuff back… his girlfriend went through all of my text messages too-

  • My mom: get off your phone
    Me: reads
    My mom: get out of your room
    Me: reads in the living room
    My mom: talk to me
    Me: stops reading and talks to her
    My mom: you don’t sound interested
    Me: tries to sound interested
    Mom: yells at me
    Me: waits to hide in my room
    the cycle just keeps happening

  • I always loved to be alone.
    My parents hated that because they thought I would get anxiety (I DIDN’T)

    I am lazy
    My parents hated that.
    I’m always tried, I just want rest

    I am gay and transgender
    My parents hated that

    I want to be a singer, musician, artist,writer, or a Computer person

    My parents hate that because they think that’s gay for a guy and not enough money in that
    One of them wants me to be an NBA player.

    I hate Exercising

    They make me do it 24/7
    And it does not remove my stress or anxiety, it worsens it

    Yeah, screw this

  • The only tools my single mother gave me was Dread and Apathy. Failure to communicate, failure to express, love and trust. I’m 32, I’m still stalked by the shroud of my past. I am glade my mom is dead, but the damage is done.

  • What my dad does all the time is making things up and judging only from what he sees which means I’m getting bullied when he’s not around and says what happens just by that when he doesnt even know how emotionally painful it was to go through. He always gets too bottom of things and (this didnt actually happen just an example) I couldn’t do something because it was raining but than goes too far asking why was it raining. He doesnt even care to know about diversity. When I dont like some food, he yells and asks if everyone else likes it, why dont you? Like what the heck.Even goes far to ask me if I’m even human. And all those emotional issues I have, he always tells me it’s my fault I’m not fixing it.Why is he complaining to me it was god who made me like this. I even went to the therapist and tried to fix it telling it’s my parents fault. Now how am I even gonna fix myself if he doesnt even allow me to go to psychiatrist the second time, his behavior, all bullies at school and cyberbullies, siblings who won’t leave me alone and will irritate me to death and other people like this. When I mention this to him, he yells to me that there is something wrong with this whole world and I’m the only healthy one? He always yells this why I dont have friends because of one emotional issue I have that doesnt even have any sort of impact on between my friends and me. I beared it all barely for 10 years until I’ve had enough!!! He always does all those habits which he tells me to not do. Like if I’m his son, I’m supposed to be like him since children are an example of their parents, wouldnt it make sense? He would listen to nobody’s advice on my psychological effects because of him and wouldnt listen to the truth and all these suppressed emotions have not only mentally,emotionally but are also affecting my physical lifestyle. When I try to control them, my legs start to hurt, my heart starts beating harder and faster that even my brain starts to beat like the heart. My insides all vibrate and there are chances of fainting as my entire body starts to sleep.

  • My parents are the worst ever they never ask for my feelings and always have their own way.J love playing soccer and I am really good at it but instead of telling me to to be better they always oh no soccer will do you no good the best thing is good grades at school look at me I got good god grades I and I am respected or Oh came late we’ll no food for you there so mean I always wish I will have different parents but no matter what they do I will be the greatest soccer player ever. Like If your parents are the same

  • The only bad thing my mother does. Is comparing me to other kids
    She keeps saying. Im not comparing, I just want to tell you how you can improve yourself. When it’s very obvious she is.

  • Parents are always thinking they are right and it just bugs me…everytime I try talking to my mom, she’s either watching TV or saying she is busy when she isn’t even doing anything…I’m the youngest in my family and I feel like that’s what affects mine and my moms relationship.Everytime my older siblings wanna talk or do something she listens.I just feel it’s unfair.When I pass my test my mom says, “good, but I expected full marks”.That’s when I get upset.I have been wanting something for 3 years and later on my sister wanted the same.A day later my mom got it for my sister even though I have been wanting it for 3 years!My mum says I never admit I’m wrong but actually it’s her…

  • me: mom i passed on the test! smiling
    mom: out of?
    me: 50
    mom: what did you get?
    me: 33! smile
    mom: from what do you pass?
    me: 25
    mom: you’re so ignorant i wish you’d get 45
    me: what…
    mom: i want you out of my ROOM NOW WHY CANT YOU DO BETTER?!
    me: cries
    me: but i tried my hardest
    mom: YOU DIDNT
    we never talked again

  • Hmmm… My mom (Asian tiger mom) forced me to play the violin when I was a kid, I hated it.

    However, I realized learning music and music theory has a lot of benefits. It allowed me to recognize patterns and gave me a high cognitive ability to excel in my studies.

    I currently run my own 8 figure business, and I dont think i could have done it without my mom’s nagging.

    Theres a reason why there are a lot of Asian kids excelling in US. I dont agree with every single point made in this video.

  • I don’t feel comfortable asking for something because I feel like I would get shouted at and they make me feel guilty because we don’t have ally of money (we do have enough we aren’t poor but it’s strict) and my friends ask why I don’t bring money or simple things to school and I don’t feel comfortable telling them that I’m scared to ask my parents

  • In the future, we need a license become a parent. we need to check their psycho, financial, education and emotion. we dont want they produce the damaged Generation like we have today.

  • My parents tells me i’m not mature enough for not knowing what is my weigh size, foot size, and i’m rude. But guess what i’m an only child and live at my bossy grandmother and both of my parents are comparing me to my friends and decided not to go outside of house not unless i have class to attend to. I don’t even care anymore on what would happen to me if i continue to live solo pretending i’m literally alone.

  • I showed this to my parents and told them witch one I had and they got really mad of this video and said it was a lie and I was just being crazy

  • Parenting is not for the weak hearted,a. Lot of parents just want respect.for having you, but they disrespect.and do psychological harm and damage.you behind measure…

  • I noticed a lot of rich kids get sick often and are sensitive to a many things and allergenics. I guess its a double edge sword. They at least have the money while I have a very high tolerance to many things, no medical allergenics but yet I am still broke lol. As a kid to this day, I have gotten deep cuts and w/no treatment but just something to wrap it w/to dry the blood and yet I barely get any infections. Oh I was not born in a traditional setting, I was born in a shed in asia lol (imagine all the germs). SO that tells you something.

  • I don’t know if I should love my mom because she keeps me under her roof and makes sure I have food, clothes, etc.. or if I should hate her because my opinions, emotions, and thoughts don’t seem to matter to her.

    I’m not trying to act like a victim here ( I’m only saying this because my mom will say I act like a victim ) I’ll admit I can be arrogant and irresponsible and I do have an attitude. Sometimes it feels like this back and forth love-hate thing. It always seems that her emotions, thoughts, and opinions matter and not anybody else’s. I’m not aloud to tell her how how I feel because she’ll say she doesn’t care then she’ll yell at me saying “When have I ever turned you away?” But that one time I went up to my mom I nervously told her I was acting weird because I was feeling mad and she said “I don’t care if you’re mad, talk about you’re mad..” I’m supposed to trust my mom enough to tell her how I feel and my mom wants me to trust her.. our councilors even talk about this with us. I’m not even aloud to talk about how I feel and my opinions with our councilors or anyone really because then my mom will think I’m trying to make her look bad and then she’ll tell them about the bad stuff I do and only the bad things I do. I have an attitude of course and I know I shouldn’t be giving attitude, I can be arrogant and irresponsible. But sometimes when I’m not even giving attitude my mom will think that I’m giving attitude, for example, one time me and mom were getting ready to drop my siblings off at daycare, mom told me put my shoes on and she didn’t say which shoes I was supposed to where, so I said ” I’m going to put these shoes on because no one will see them.” And then mom said “Don’t be giving me attitude because I’m not in the mood today.” I told mom about this later and she said “well maybe you give attitude so much that it’s hard to tell when your not.” I don’t give attitude all the time and any person with average human intelligence could tell that was giving no attitude.. this isn’t the only time mom does this. If I’m right and mom is wrong my mom will think that I’m giving her attitude, I’m just not aloud to be right. My mom also likes to talk about my quirks to her friends whenever she’s mad. My mom just doesn’t have regrets at all and she’s more impatient than I’ll ever be. I don’t have the best relationship with my siblings but I do feel regrets when I get angry and I try to make it up and apologize. My mom will not do that. She had no regrets at all even when she knows when she is wrong. I understand it if mom is yelling at me when I’m being irrational and annoying, well I guess I’m irrational all the time then because she’ll yell at me for tinier reasons than me yelling at my siblings for being annoying. My mom isn’t always like this, sometimes we do have good moments and we go out and hang out, but honestly this just feels like a back and forth love hate thing and it’s driving me crazy. If I show that I’m mad mom will say “fix your face before I fix it for you.” I’m just here thinking: “What? Do expect me to smile after you shame me, yell at me for being right, and sometimes even mock me for my struggles?”

    There is more to this but I’d basically be typing out 3 essays about this.


  • My mom favors my older brother too much, that when my brother physically abuses me she just brushes it off and act like she doesn’t hear me. She never talks to my brother to stop. She just lets him do as he pleases. I’m always the one being pushed around.:) there times when I want to kill myself because i think its just so unfair

  • that’s why I don’t tell my mom anything. My car got broken into and I didn’t tell her for days. So I can protect her. I’d rather go through it alone than harm her.

  • Here’s what I hate about parents: Calls you a piece of sh*t, whacks you with books and verbally abuses you then says they’re “sorry” and that sometimes they say things they “don’t mean”. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE OR BE FAIR TO ME? How come I can’t use that excuse to say things i want to? What just cause you shat me out your vagana means you have the right to treat me like sh*t? And then when I try to say something related to things like this they’re all “*crying and sobbing I pay for you! I cook for you! You hurt my feelings!” Well what about the kid’s aka mine?

  • I could sit here explaining my childhood too, i guess but i’ll bullet point it..Bullied by everyone at school since nursery..Dad a drug addict and alcoholic..Uncle is a convicted child molester.. Been suicidal since i was 6 year old ( im 14, only recently gotten better). In a scandal with the law, cos someone hacked my IG saying im a pedo and a thief, could get kicked out of school or arrested..Sexually abusive first relationship. Dad in Malta with new bird (Who attacked him and cut herself to get my dad arrested ) was just about to come home and then the pandemic happens. Mum and dad arguing and fighting constantly. Just to put into perspective of how bad his alcoholism was, he was told by a nurse that his liver has been on the verge of failure for 5 years and that the booze would kill him long before the baccy would. This is when i was victim to peer pressure, (I was 11) and smoked and drunk (I dont drink anymore, but i still have a smoking problem) and this is where i at now, addict, money trouble etc

  • why mee…?…I am already suffering from panic attacks,anxiety and depression with emotional parental abuuse and this tooo…I actually don’t think that anyone cares about me I wanna just go to heaven now

  • My step dad who is my father figure and he told me I should start working out with him because I should lose my belly fat and I will look like a whale

  • #9 hit hard. My parents,(especially my mother, is a strict authoritarian. Almost lost my individuality, had an attempted suicide attempt in highschool, and been fighting against depression. Thanks for providing these info. ��

  • I would really like to have kids one day, but I question whether I should or not. I’m irritable, prehypertension, and my blood pressure is not exactly top notch. it bothers me, because while I can just manage that it, there’s no guarantee; that is not fair to the child if I’m irritable regularly, which will definitely add to take my blood pressure (runs in the family). So I question whether to have any at all. I think that’s just being responsible in my opinion.

  • Important to elevate and encourage kids. It helps with self-esteem, self confidence and the child probably won’t give in to peer pressure.

  • Well… I feel useless,ugly,a failure and I can’t do anything right. Sometimes I get an idea of cutting myself but it’s hard. To be called useless by your parents,sworn at, being ignored. It’s just… Painful they compare me to them when they were young saying. “why couldn’t I be like them etc….

  • My mom just gets mad at me all the time and she says hurtful things and she acts nice around other people but with me she’s really mean:-/

  • My depressed and stressed dad and my angry and stressed mom fit the reasons mentioned in this video and while it may be their fault for having kids when they weren’t ready, I still feel horrible, and all I wanna do is help them, that’s why I try so hard, but apparently they’ve always got something to complain about. I don’t know how much longer I can do this honestly, I don’t wanna future, I just wanna go join my dog and little twin siblings in heaven.

  • Mom I think I have fever
    Me gives her medicine and say her to do rest

    Memom I am having headache
    Mom you always have headache or any problem
    Scolds me and say go to room

  • Well, I was a spoiled kid and I’m a spoiled teenager now, but for me it’s always been more like this: Daddy spoils me and I spoil the rest of the world

  • I want to be an artist and draw a little cute girl, I’ll give her a name, I’ll talk to her a lot, I’ll play with her and I’ll call her “my beautiful princess”……… because becoming a parent will bring with it the terrors I had to endure in my childhood thanks to my parents…… I can feel my daughter already thanking me for not bringing her to this life ������������

  • My mom #1 #2 #: low self esteem I have #4 #5 #6 is happening to me #9 happened pretty much #10 I dealt with this happens to me constantly with my mom never can have a social life

  • Just don’t even think about having a child if you have/had subpar parents. It’s nearly 99% chance that you’ll be that parent before u know it. Be responsible����

  • My mom had depression, PTSD from sexual abuse, a tendency to stay with athiratarian/abusive men… She was still a wonderful mom despite the hardships. And she was always trying to fix her own issues before they affected us. She tried so hard to break that chain and in some ways she did… She passed away before she could meet that goal and do better for herself. I’m not having kids because I know I won’t be able to do the same.

  • You make everything like math have formula and pot every thing in the right formula it works! I had one and I And m husband pot all energy money and love to her and she was a dream child the best of best and success high education Ivy good job,and than she got married two babies, I do not know her any moor,she was a come tolerant, now she is mad all time unhappy Ido not know her,She even tell me she had worth childhood ever.even she make up thing like my husband And I did not get alone and we were fighting. Witch is not through. I am trying to find out where my daughter gone,what happen to her?

  • My anxiety/lack of assertiveness is seen as “she came out that way” in my family. I used to think it meant they accepted me the way I am. It took me a long time to recognize the rampant emotional abuse in the family. Now I have something better than innate issues that I was born with and accept for: I know I don’t have those issues in the first place. My upbringing just put me on a poor frame of mind. Recognizing that helps me to revert that.

  • Even though I had a bad childhood I want to be there for the brother or sister I will have and hope they can have a better childhood

  • Capáz y nadie entienda este comentario porque está en español, pero…mi madre fue abandonada y abusada tanto sexual como verbalmente y mi padre sufrió mucho en su infancia debido al maltrato y el favoritismo, él era un genio pero por el favoritismo no pudo educarse, actualmente mis padres están separados, mi padre abusaba de mí verbal y físicamente solo cuando él estaba presente porque la mayoría del tiempo él no estaba en casa, me críe sola prácticamente ya que él se olvidaba de mi existencia, y no me había ido donde mi mamá porque ella estaba con un problema de drogas y estaba asustada de eso, tenía miedo, luego fui donde mi mamá y ella intentaba no fumar tanto, ella abusa de mí verbalmente más que de mis otras 2 hermanas, la mayor siempre me humilla, mi mamá también se olvida de mía excepción de cuando tiene una recaída depresiva y me empieza a decir que ella se va a suicidar por mi culpa, en la escuela siempre reprimo mis verdaderas emociones, realmente siempre reprimo mis verdaderas emociones por miedo, siempre intento actuar despreocupada y extrovertida para que la gente no piense de mí como alguien débil, quiero hacerlos reír para que ellos no se den cuenta de nada, pero aún así…estoy muy asustada.

  • krystaloftheshores
    The repetitive noise in the background gives me serious anxiety and it’s hard to pay attention to the video. Please change this.

  • I’ve been through being bullied, cyber bullied, fat-shamed (by my mom) and being abused (by my dad) and I was still able to be in three sports in high school along with being in choir. Several times I’ve wanted to give up, mainly because I was ready to give up on me. I continued to my goal to be three-sport athlete and received the award for it from my school. I still did it even though I was unhappy. If I wasn’t in sports in High school I would’ve been very antisocial in school, isolating myself by everyone wanting to be happy. My mom thought I was antisocial when I would need time to be alone. I like to be alone when I’m in distress and anxious like hell that I can’t control it. My mom has OCD issues and puts everything out on everyone me & my stepdad. My stepdad has turned into my mom at times that now I feel like I’m unable to escape myself and that I have no voice. Whenever I’d try to say how I feel, I can’t bc then I’ll be told, “stop with the tone”, “stop with the attitude”. Which hurts like hell. I was also supposed to be In show choir originally along with three sports and choir (and I’ve also was in a guitar class) (and also had a job) (and also trying to participate in a club to meet new ppl) so that would’ve been a living hell for me as well to having to deal with mental issues. I don’t even know what was worse for me, being fat-shamed, being abused or everyone else being against me. I surprised I’m still the same me

  • You want to talk bad fathers, mine is the worst James Gross, 65. Born in Summit, lives on Dryden Rd in Basking Ridge, NJ. Works for Bank of America. Complete narcissist of a husband and father.

  • This explains a lot. Man my mom has some serious issues and the planets biggest victim. She can’t see the pain she inflicts but boy oh boy she holds on to pain inflicted on her like some sick badge of honor!!

  • Hey, I love your channel and contend. Seeing this video it really made sense why my father does what he does, but if i may ask, to no one in particular, what are signs of an absent or rarely seen parent? How to cope/help/live with someone who has bipolar disorder? And what to do if someone needs therapeutic help, but id reluctant to see a therapist or psychiatrist? I realise it might not be so related to video itself, but lately I’ve been worried about my father mental health and the mental health of my siblings.

  • I hate the phrase “Stop feeling sorry for yourself”. I grew feeling so weird and ashamed because of how differently the family treated me and my sister all due to the fact that my grandfather remarried the woman he was fucking while his first wife was dieing of cancer. Him and my Aunt chose the step family over my mother and on top of it she turned out to be a pentecostal wicked step mother from some fucking horror story. My poor mother wasn’t even given a chance to heal from her mothers death and was never giving the proper love from her father. All he cared about was keeping his dick wet. I despise the man and my aunt who is currently one of the biggest cunts and parasites I’ve ever seen.

  • You folks realize this is just kids making vids for $? Real issues need to be delt w by PROFESSIONAL Staff. Yes we can look for lots of reasons of why we are broken…that is the easy and lazy way…

  • They really aren’t say anything, it is all “could, what if, might be.” This is like astrology for emotions… it can or could apply to most at the right point.

  • Idk if it was just me, but that tick tick tick in the music was highly distracting and made it hard to concentrate on what was being said. I know it was said in another video irritability towards background noises can be a sign of intelligence, but usually it doesn’t bother me like that, so I can’t say for sure what it was… I just know it happened in this case. Just figured I should elaborate on my vote about the music.

  • To everyone that are worried about having kids due to past trauma.

    Please do not let that trauma define who you are! If you’re strong and willing enough, you can go through this and become the best parent you can be, because at least you know what bad parenting really is. My mom for example, she’s been through sooooo much shit I can’t even count, and yet has become the best mother for me and my siblings. Does she has flaws? Yes. Not all parents are perfect. But she tried to learn from those mistakes in order to help me and my siblings in the future.

  • I hate when people want children for their own selfishness just because its “natural”. And then they can’t deal with their children.

  • My two brothers are off at college and i swear half my conversations are about “I miss jimmy and stephen so much” or “You look/act/what you just did was just like jimmy/stephen!” so when i was 8 i was behind in school and stephen got in college at 16 so i thought i had to too then i got very depressed and started having suicidal thoughts
    I also get so nervous whenever i have to ask for anything from her that i plan it out for days and for my dad it took me a year just to get the courage to ask for a puppy

  • would love to be a part of u guys and creating a specific channel for switzerland!! i love ur work and admire it so much!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I dont know why…but every point in this sounds familiar, even before my parents divorse…I can only remember of all the times I haven’t been good enough for my parents, especially because am their “defective, useless and hopeless daughter”…I am not healthy in any way, my body is weak, I don’t like the same things they want me to like, and they blame me for everything…even for my sickness, even if it actually is an autoinmune disease that many members in my family have…yet, I don’t think suicide or hurting myself is the answer, but I have accepted that I will die soon probably. Maybe after my 19th-birthday. I fear more being alone than dying actually…

  • YES. Making people accountable for not being poor parents is a gaping hole in the justice system. People have zero tolerance with paedophiles but poor parenting leaves a lifetime of pain and feelin of pointlessness. You pro -lifers you better be addressing this.

  • To all the person (mainly children’s)who get affected by toxic parents just do this 2 things
    1.stay strong if your toxic parents making you depressed always stay strong. No one is going to decide your life. That is your life. You only decide your life. No one have any rights to decide your life remember this
    2.if your toxic parents harming you physically or mentally stay away from them and if you becamed a adult just do this one and only thing��join your toxic parents in old age home. One day they will realise this we harmed our children’s we did a big mistake. They think that’s why our children’s joined me (toxic parents) being of toxic. But without parents we cant be happy and feel alone. I just want to share this to all who affected by toxic parents if I speaked any harsh words sorry for that ����.

  • How about kids sexually abused by priests and the parents don’t believe the victimized kids? Parents think that priests are good people

  • Well
    I mean
    I can relate to a lot of these but it’s not AS severe as shown in my case personally. But I do understand and relate to a lot of these not because my parent sucks, but because my parent couldn’t do any better. My mom tries her best and that’s enough for me, even if my stepdads a bit of a hardass!:) life ain’t the best, but it’s been a lot worse in the past so things are looking up! And if you’re going through trouble, keep going, try your best, and don’t look back! Keep looking forward and chase the sunset so that it will always be day in your eyes so you never have to say goodnight until you close your eyes for the last time so that today stays that way, and when tomorrow comes, you have prepared for it with your diligence. Love yourselves, y’all!

  • The part talking about Depression is a real ouch. �� I really hope it’s not that someone who has suffered from clinical Depression before will be a bad parent, but I really do think it’s important to seek help of some sort and take proper precautions before having kids

  • Why do I always feel like the oddball in my family? They love me and they’re good people, but they don’t understand me and I feel distant from them to an extent. Maybe it’s just me but that’s how I feel.

  • I can’t call my childhood absolutely horrible but I had and still have some struggles(I’m 14). My parents hate each other, they insult each other and it hurts me. One of the vivid memories is my father beating and yelling at my mom. I like the days when dad isn’t at home so they don’t talk to each other. Also I’ve been bullied at 5-6 grades. Thanks for reading this, I just can’t keep that inside
    P.S. sorry if I’ve made a mistakes, English is my third language

  • They need to acknowledge that they are wrong sometimes. My parents believe I and my brother don’t get to bed in time because “you guys don’t put enough effort”. When I’m literally doing the best I could. They don’t understand our standards are different and they can easily put more effort than we can. Another problem is they give us too little time. They simply give us 15 minutes to finish HW and shower and get ready and throw away the trash and etc. and we can’t finish it. The biggest thing is they don’t care what so ever. Even if we give reasons, which they always say it as “excuses”, they don’t care. And in fact, they will use “evidence” to back up their false claim. Like my brother took a long time to get to bed because of any reason then he got kicked out of his room. She later claims “you’re not trying” when it’s obvious. That’s the most frustrating thing of all, they assume. They think their standards are the reality.

  • 4 years ago trying to end myself at 19, Glad I found this video, I keep rewatching over and over in those hard years, managing my depression.. Thank You School of Life..

  • I teared up at the end. Love the idea of feeling a bit sorry for yourself I’m always busy improving my issues nonstop, nice reminder that these issues aren’t my fault for having.

  • Am I the only one who thinks I had a good childhood. I mean sure my parent had me as teenagers and my dad’s in and out of jail and I’m poor but I’m pretty happy. Most people around try to convince me I had a terrible childhood but I think their just being a little too sensitive.��

  • I have a great childhood thanks to my dad but school ruined my self esteem so ye, nobody life is perfect even if they have a good childhood

  • this isn’t always down to the parents doing, just being in an environment with any person doing any of these to you will make you a certain way

  • I wasted my whole childhood
    All of it because of people.
    They seriously broke me and made me avoid about everything.
    Just where do I start… And from who… I’ve always been broken, even before the age of 6.
    My parents had a bad relationship, they cheated on each other and as innocent as I was, I thought being honest was right,so I did what every chatterbox did. The result was a parent confronting the other, me being yelled at. I got beaten as a child and I don’t even remember why.
    I’d crawl under my bed, and they’d drague me by my feet. I’d cry and cry, all dusty because of the floor…
    Besides the beating, I never had a good relationship with my parents nor my siblings. For some reason, the three of us are all introverts and don’t really socialize. We’ve always been shy, which resulted in us getting bullied…
    The reason behind the bullying was different from a school to another.
    In a Richie Richie school, almost everyone was rich, sons and daughters of ceos, owners of hotels, doctors and such. My father is a civil engineer and my mother an art teacher. Father had a good income, almost what’s considered rich, but he never spent all of it on us. Instead, he’s always sending money to his brothers and parents.
    He’d always negotiate with vendors when we go out to buy clothes, it was so damn embarassing for me. Listening how he asks the employee to reduce the price even though he can afford it, and the poor employees keep saying that it can’t be helped since the shops aren’t theirs.
    He was so economic,to the point where he’d hardly buy unnecessary things. We didn’t even get to go to amusement parks, ice rinks and such.
    The kids from our classes were always hanging out, their parents would give them any amount of money they asked for,unlike us,so we never really went out with them(really never). They’d call us names and mock us for ‘being poor'(and we really weren’t, my parents were just not money wise.)
    I never cried about the bullying, I’ve been bullied for as long as I remember.
    The first time was for being mixed raced, and I know many kids were jealous of our appearance that’s why girls never liked me and bullied because I didn’t care about makeup, dressing up and the useless shit they cared about.
    The second time I was bullied (after transferring) for ‘being poor’, as I mentioned.
    The third time was also for my appearance, I was fluent in my mother language so they’d mock me and say that my other race is just a lie. The girls would ask me about the number of the hair colour I ‘used”, whether I shaved my eyebrows to be ‘perfect’, this and that,you know,about what jealous people do.
    The other kids didn’t really care about me since I was a stranger, and I didn’t laugh at their jokes (they found me weird).
    The third time (highschool) because as before, I was weird. At this point, I had severe social anxiety, didn’t talk much,replied with the quickest answers and avoided about everyone.
    I’m still in my third year or highschool, the last year, and I feel like I’ve waisted my life.
    I never had actual friends, was bullied throughout my life, I have trust issues (being betrayed by a ‘friend’ who didn’t want to be bullied with me, my parents who swore to keep secrets and revealed them,my relatives who hated me for being the daughter of a foreign women whom they disapproved as a wife of dad’s)I still have social anxiety, was depressed for a long period of my life,only went out with my classmates for 5 times (maximum I think), never tried all the sports that I like (judo, taekwondo,ice skating, horse riding and so on)(I only did kickboxing and karate for a year), hardly went out to places I like, didn’t really study until the two last years (I hated studying because my dad would mock me when I get bad grades Infront of my whole family (big family)),never liked someone romantically…

    I feel like I hardly did anything as a teen,I really I’m envious when I see people enjoying their lifes and being carefree as teens because I never was carefree. I’m always overthinking and I always imagine the worst case scenario. I guess I just feel empty.
    I didn’t even reveal half of the shit that happened in my life because I know some people had it worse.
    Maybe I’m being emotional because of puberty, but I really do feel empty inside.

  • I had a medium childhood, my parents died when I was young but I lived with my aunt who cared for me so on one hand it’s awful, and on the other hand it’s pretty good

  • Me:*once went on a swimming competition*
    Me:*Gets a new best time but placed 4 but still being proud of myself and told my mom I got 4 place and a new best time*
    Mom: You could’ve got 3rd place y’know?
    Me in my mind:Oh yeah why did I even bother telling you?

  • My parents are toxic and neglectful. They told me an eating disorder isn’t much too worry about. Isolation is just a normal thing that will go away. I lost my trust. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t want to live here when I’m 18 years.

  • I know now my problems came from bad parenting, but why should I suffer because of other mistakes, it’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to get out of it.

  • I’m 16 and I’m stuck with caregivers who are cruel punitive and mean I wish I was dead they say everything is my fault I’ve had a bad childhood and never had an adolescence I’m envious of those who’ve had an emotionally healthy childhood and adolescence while stuck with caregivers that are the opposite of emotionally healthy I’m fucked up cause of the cruelty and foolishness of my caregivers

  • This is a short and very well-done video. It felt good just to hear and reinforce the things I’ve been doing in my self-care. Thank you.

  • Try to offer a logical proof that stealing, or anything regarded as “bad” in general, is wrong. Or, show that no proof can be made.

  • CHRISTIAN ADVICE FOR NEW PARENTS The most effective way to quell a rebellious mind in children is to put the fear of God into them when they first start to trust the word of adults, couple this with a generous serving of guilt and you are on your way to a mostly harmonious journey through their childhood. As soon as they can comprehend you should tell them that there is a man in the sky continually watching them and writing down everything they say and do, they should be grateful that this invisible Skydaddy created them and allowed them to live, but don`t step out of line kids because there is a place he will send you which is full of horror. Have other adults reinforce your beliefs and keep pumping it into them so that they will spend a good deal of their young lives feeling guilty, paranoid and unworthy. When they reach puberty explain the sins of the flesh, Jesus expects them to remain pure and you are letting him down if you experiment or think about sex, really pour it on about their responsibility to the invisible man, keep a close eye on everything they say and do, remind them that there are bad demons out there trying to get them to stray so that they can throw them into the burning pit. At about age 17 your teenagers will start to question your beliefs and will begin to explore other attitudes and beliefs in this big wide world, STAMP OUT THIS BEHAVIOR IMMEDIATELY, through punishment, nagging and more guilt trips, really lay it on, you can`t have children thinking for themselves. By now the guilt and paranoia will be deeply ingrained into their personality and you can manage their minds if you see any danger signals, encourage them to only mix with people of their own color and faith. Age twenty they will have started to form relationships with people you approve of and the responsibility for keeping them in line now rests with their new partners, you can begin to relax. Early 20s they will leave home and marry, they will employ all the strategies you used in their upbringing on their own children, you can help them with this. CONGRATULATIONS you have succeeded in raising religious, guilt ridden, paranoid robots who have caused you minimum fuss and dramas, you can relax now, light up a joint, bring out the bourbon and go about the remainder of your life with the feeling of self satisfaction and condemnation for all the other failures who didn`t follow the instructions of the invisible Skydaddy, Praise the Lord.

  • I think what I experience the most throughout my childhood is the inability of creating my own identity. It sucks having siblings, but having siblings who literally shape you into them and you knowing you’re not original is one of my biggest shame.
    “You’re just like your brother!”
    “Your brother used to do that.”
    “That’s what your brother says.”
    I don’t know when I’ll be ready to take a route to find myself but I don’t ever think that’ll happen. My parents don’t really know what I’m going through and they don’t have time for it. I love them and know they’ll support me but they don’t even know me. I don’t even vent anymore since it’s not “what your brother would do.” I’m writing this wondering if any of you are going through the same identity crisis, a very very critical identity crisis. If you are feel free to share you stories.

  • bad childhood left a deep scar and mental burden which i still bring until now. it is so exhausting.
    i know i cant change my past, but how i accept my past and doing a radical forgiveness for everything and everyone., give me a little spark of light and serenity. its surely hard. but doesnt mean impossible to heal from bad childhood.

    wHy YoU sO fucKiNg beautiful

  • Me: What the fuck! He did it too!
    Teacher tryna be a *smartass*: So if someone jumped off a bridge you would too?
    Me: Precisely.
    Teacher: sends me to the office
    Principal: sends me to the counselor
    Counselor: I understand and I will help you.
    Also the counselor: yA mEnTaLLy iLL PiEcE oF sHiT. YoU aNd Yo ReTaRdEd AsS BeLoNg iN a MeNtAl hOsPiTaL.
    Me: gets sent to mental hospital
    The mental hospital peoplez: give me 10x more stress, bring back bad memories/worsen my PTSD, and make me even more suicidal
    Also the mental hospital: says no phone while I stay there which worsens my mental health even more
    My mom: oh wait shes dead ahaha
    My dad: oh wait hes an abusive MURDERER*… *ahahaha
    My sister: oh wait I dont have a sister lmaooo
    My life: oh wait I dont have one XD
    Me: gets released from hospital feeling 20x worse than when i came in
    Also me: cuts some veggies for dinner and “accidentally misses”
    Also also me: doesnt cry cus…im empty hahahaha no tears left to cry
    Also also also me: gets put into a foster home with a foster bro who sexually assults me ahahahahah SO hilarious
    People cough Mallory Burton cough*: joke about how I prolly *liked the assult
    Also also also also me: tells mah story on fucking youtube while listening to music like the* pathetic ass bitch* I am
    No actually everyone lmao*: bruh stop *FaKiNg iT fOr aTtEnTiOn. Your OnLy 11 yOu cAnT bE dEpPrEsSeD HAHAHAHAHA
    Me: stares into their* ugly ass soul* as they back away slowly
    Also me: casually goes back to the funny 11 year old everyone “knows and loves”
    have a nice life ✌
    Comment yo story if yall made it this far ❤❤

  • The worst part of bad parents is when they finally admit they were ruff on you they just tell you
    “Gett over it” and “Its in the past”

  • I have bad childhood and still in childhood
    If i do wrong my mother would do physics to me without dad knowing
    While dad is on a good side but hes never noticing anything bc of his work
    Im just shortening what i have experienced so its easy to understand

  • I wish i could do back in time and talk to my younger self. reassure her, Give her a big long hug, hold her in my arms for hours and tell her how much i lover her and how much lover actually deserves.

  • I wish i had a better childhood. Having to deal with with my bad childhood in my Adult life Daily, is exhaustingly hard work. But once there is acceptance and self recognition, its easier to work on it.

  • Why me God… Pls…? Why me? Why I deserve this… Why did I do wrong… Why did I do before? Pls forgive me… I just a child… Why everyone hate me… Why family didn’t understand me? Why you letme destroyed? I am deserve this? Just take me God if you hate me… If I don’t deserve life just vaporize me… Let me be rocks or dust.. I don’t care….

  • I was watching a recommendation for a how to train your dragon scene and I realized my entire childhood was me being tortured I never got to enjoy things like other kids who grew up with friends and enjoying life I never ever got to enjoy a single fucking thing I’m going to try to watch movies I missed out as a kid even though I’m 18 about to turn 19 and have almost no friends despite the fact that I’m probably never gonna meet other friends I can try to enjoy something I missed I want to try to enjoy it but I feel too old these characters in these films all seem like children I wish I got to enjoy my childhood and was allowed to use my imagination and cherish the wonder of the world instead of having my face bashed in by my mother’s fists

  • I had a terrible childhood. My father ignored me and my mother bullied me but treated my sisters so well. I sought love elsewhere and ended up in toxic friendships seeking that “female” acceptance. By miracle I’m married and a mother and yes I’m a shit parent. I get depressed and have flashbacks of my past. Each day is a struggle. I love my children and they have given me a purpose in life. But I will never recover and have faced up to the fact I will live this forever. I never received an apology, a reason and therefore there is no closure. No family is as toxic as mine. God help us all.

  • I may not hate myself, but i feel like i should since my parents…. They dont really support me on any choices, my dad calls me an idiot simply because”im not interested in anything” that is not true, i am not interested in anything because ive never been thrown a rope to climb out of the pit as in ive never got help only asked financial questions like “oh if u want to have your dream, DO U HAVE MONEU FOR IT?” and its the same over and over every day and because of that i dont really feel confident to talk to people in real life, the only way of conversation for me in the outside world especially with people who talk like they came out of prison simply because they talk trash to eachother simply because they did some sick move in sports and starts to show off… Personally id like to take a gun up the persons forehead and pull the trigger because im disgusted by the language and the attention of talking to a person who dosent do sports and tries to make a life without improving his body muscles. My mom is eh how should i say, shes a carring person, feeds me, gets me clothes etc,but whenever i ask for something she also tells me if i got money for the dream/idea i have and like that i loose my interest in living i am not depressed and i do not hate myself i just hate the fact i got a “good” family but a bad outcome thru the years ive been living.

  • Of course, you’ll be more healthy overall without kids than with them. They cause stress and spread sickness as all people do only at higher rates, and your stuck with them.

  • im shook wen i heard this im the last child and its exactly how she treats me and they do things they know you dont like example manage your money even though you have important expenses and tell you to do thing you dont like to and

  • 99% of comments: i will show this to my parents/i wish my mom saw this (or something similar)
    Me: cue epic montage of parents calling BS

  • I strongly agree, single parents give unconditional nor undivided love to their kids. They pay full attention on a child’s well-being

  • I’m still a young one. I may not sound like one though. My brother and sister and I were in stuck in our rooms because my dad saw his bike on the ground when he came home. My dad got really angry and thought I did it because I’m the only one capable to do so because my brother is too weak and timid, and does everything my dad says and let’s my dad control him, while my sister is doing her best to make dad accept her and trying to be a little obedient pet. He made us stand s for 5 hours outside his office then suddenly got angry and dismissed my brother and sister to eat dinner then yelled at me. He made me stand for another hour and after that I wasn’t allowed to speak and I couldn’t eat, so I had to go straight to my room and he locked it. It stayed like that for a month, of course I got meals after a while. I opened the door once with a screwdriver and my dad came kicked the door yelled and slapped me then punch me across the room and left me there knocked out, and took the little doggieI mean my brother and sister to a movie. My dad keeps telling me how i need to be like my sister and tells me I’m a disgrace to his line of wealthy CEOs in his family. I have big expectations. People at school hear me talking about myself at sports and tell me, ” Why are you being so self critical, you’re better then everyone, stop it you are very pessimistic and never see the light!” From which I always reply, ” Close is never close enough, I need to be better, and how can I see the light when all is dark and I have been living in the shadows, my future is blurry, but I don’t worry about it anymore, I’ll probably end up in a ditch somewhere.” All my friends think I have depression. I don’t because my feelings are simply too numb. I don’t care for others if they fall or cry because of something stupid because they have no idea so I lack feeling bad for others. People say I’m arrogant and brash and hurt people without knowing it, but I don’t care anymore, these weaklings deserve it because it’s not my fault they can’t handle me. I’ve had panic attacks before, but it’s nothing new. I don’t socialize often. I’m very independent. I know I’m not like my weak brother and sister because I’m not one to submit. I started talking back to my father and chaps happens. Hes always told me I’m not your friend I’m your father and how parenting with fear is the best way to parent. My brother and sister are definitely afraid. I’m never afraid. My dad tells me ihe can take everything away from me, but I stared him in the eyes and said” Go ahead, I have nothing to loose.” Hell broke loose, but that’s all I’m going to share because I’m not going to get to the bad stuff. I hate all those weak timid kids in my school, they need to learn to be strong. My dad believes hes the boss of everyone and he looks down on everyone. O well that’s life.

  • They think their advice Is better for letting me getting a good chance to a school and work but it’s an insult
    Always remember education is posion

  • I looked up “How to enjoy childhood”
    Im dying to get out of my parents house and Im only 12, I want to get a job, and a car, and meet my online friend so we can live together in a nice apartment in Oklahoma City, and maybe eventually a house.

    I feel like I have everything planned out, but I still dont know what ill do for money, if ill go to college. Im horrible at saving money so that is something I need to work on. And im sure that when I actually do get out there, im gonna fall flat on my face.

    But for now, I just really wanna get out of here

  • I Love this one! I had a bad childhood! I did therapy, read books and spent time to think. It’s not going to change what happened however Now I can pick up and carry on.

  • My parents were emotionally and physically abusive as well as strict and constantly struggling financially. Ontop of having little to nothing,we were still called spoiled and underserving. Their was regular daily abuse and some nights were worse then others like being dragged by my hair through rooms like serial killers drag their victims in horror movies and being slammed against walls,having objects thrown at me,getting slapped and hit a lot. I’d shower some nights and clumps of hair would be coming out from it being pulled so much. When I got to highschool I was never even allowed to get a license or job and was never allowed to party or even do any sports bc we couldn’t afford it. I finally saved up enough by the time I turned 21 and moved over 1200 miles away from them and I’m living my dream life in Las Vegas ;where everyone is a free spirit and life is as laid back as it gets. I’ll never recover,fully heal, and I won’t ever forgive them either bc they don’t deserve it but I know that I’ll never have to be put through that again and when I have full faith and my own child,I WILL break the cycle.