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7 Signs You Have Toxic Parents Part 1

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Is being a good parent bad for your health? It sure looks that way! A team from Northwestern University looked at the hidden costs of parental empathy and found that while the children. While it was clear that the kids benefited emotionally and physically from having more empathetic parents, it turned out that the parents usually suppressed their own emotions and gave up healthy habits and good routines so they could take care of their children, which then led to systematic cellular inflammation and elevated stress hormones. Being a good parent is, of course, what every parent would like to be.

But defining what it means to be a good parent is undoubtedly very tricky, particularly since children respond differently to. Good parenting focuses on the overall health and wellbeing of kids. Good parenting focuses both on the here-and-now of a child’s life and on raising kids who are successful in their lives as they mature and become adults. To that end, good parenting. It also promotes intellectual curiosity, motivation, and encourages a desire to achieve.

Good parenting also helps protect children from developing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, antisocial behavior, and alcohol and drug abuse. Bad parenting and toxic parents are notorious for constantly berating themselves about superficial issues, like weight or appearance. “Children look toward their parents to see examples of just. Bad parenting might stem from not knowing enough to be a better parent or from a general lack of apathy to learning the right way.

Bad parenting can have many adverse effects on your child. With our lifestyles being as fast-paced as they are today, it. The sad truth is that while some parents may need to improve their parenting styles, those who are truly “bad parents” probably never stop to think about it at all.

So you’re already one step ahead of them. We may hear the term “bad parent” and immediately jump to the idea of a drug addict who ignores her kids so she can shoot up. Developing a plan can help you successfully co-parent. We share how-tos, tips, and things to avoid, plus advice for when to seek outside help for co-parenting.

At least you’ll never be this bad. Universal Studios. With all of the changes in society, parenting can seem to be more complicated than it used to be.

Whether you’re a parent of one or a parent of five, there never seems to be a rule book to “doing parenting right.”.

List of related literature:

I think most good parents have some worry about the health of their children, but the best are forward thinking enough to put preventative measures in place and that might give you more peace of mind.

“Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting the Response You Want” by Rintu Basu, Debbie Jenkins
from Persuasion Skills Black Book: Practical NLP Language Patterns for Getting the Response You Want
by Rintu Basu, Debbie Jenkins
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The healthier and stronger you are, the more you can help your child—and enjoy your life.

“The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life” by Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich
from The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia: Helping Your Loved One Get the Most Out of Life
by Kim T. Mueser, Susan Gingerich
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Parents who maintain good health, eat well, exercise regularly, have sufficient sleep, and avoid abusing drugs or alcohol have more energy and resources to invest in parenting than parents with poor health or who neglect proper self-care.

“Handbook of Parenting and Child Development Across the Lifespan” by Matthew R. Sanders, Alina Morawska
from Handbook of Parenting and Child Development Across the Lifespan
by Matthew R. Sanders, Alina Morawska
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Specific parent behaviors are conducive to positive growth and good health.

“Psychosocial Aspects of Disability: Insider Perspectives and Strategies for Counselors” by Mark A. Stebnicki, PhD, LPC, DCMHS, CRC, CCM, CCMC, Irmo Marini, PhD, DSc, CRC, CLCP, Noreen M. Graf, RhD, CRC, Michael J. Millington, PhD, CRC
from Psychosocial Aspects of Disability: Insider Perspectives and Strategies for Counselors
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This includes diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, smoking as well as family relationships and the impact they can have on a child’s emotional health.

“Children and Young People's Nursing at a Glance” by Alan Glasper, Jane Coad, Jim Richardson
from Children and Young People’s Nursing at a Glance
by Alan Glasper, Jane Coad, Jim Richardson
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Most moms want to demonstrate a healthy and active lifestyle for kids; it sets them up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
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A healthier and better upbringing is if parents do not over-indulge their children or play with them too much.

“The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition” by Janice Manning, Marshall Masters
from The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition
by Janice Manning, Marshall Masters
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A healthy family that stays healthy for life is the best reward for any parent.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
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When parents learn and adopt behaviors that improve their own health, they are more likely to ensure that the health needs of their infant are met.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
from Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book
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In the third type, the child experiences too much of a good thing: The parents provide the child with too much of something that, in moderation, is healthy for a child.

“Schema Therapy: A Practitioner's Guide” by Jeffrey E. Young, Janet S. Klosko, Marjorie E. Weishaar
from Schema Therapy: A Practitioner’s Guide
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  • Parents: When are you gonna get a job?
    Me: I just got hired for a multi billion dollar company.
    Parents: Thank god, it will be so quiet now.
    Me: Bruh

  • Came to check if my dad was really toxic o if I’m just exaggerating and that’s how dad’s are.
    Confirmed he’s really toxic.
    How does someone deal with leaving with someone toxic?
    Does anyone else get chest pains each time a parent makes you feel bad?
    ¿How do you escape from a toxic parent?

  • @ 3:45!!! THE MILLENNIALS!!!! THIS IS INDEED THE BEST CHANNEL of this genre THERE IS!!!!!!!☺️☺️☺️��������������

    This is a MISTAKE I ADMITTEDLY had done with my daughter! And now I am paying the price!!!!! ������

    This is TRULY A GREAT CHNNEL������������⭐️����������������������������������������������������������

  • I had a terrible childhood. If you ever dared to feel sorry for yourself it was an invitation for more pain and vitriol
    It takes a life time to wake up from the disassociated state of mind formed from all that pain. Thank you for your insightful content for those of us still working to establish a proper, baseline perspective.

  • it’s like when i opened up about me liking anime and my mom was disappointing and my dad said that it was stupid after that i had no feeling for anime anymore and it hurts

  • When I get upset I get in trouble. My dad calls me useless and worthless. When I make a mistakes I’m called a failure. I wish I was actually loved

  • Ah yes, very normal to see me curled up In a hoodie crying because I’m never good enough for my “parents” all because I’m different from my brothers

    Very normal…

  • Lmao. I got scolded for downloading a game in my pc which i haven’t even got to play it yet. (I downloaded it just so i can play it when i got free time.) My mom beat me hard as if she knows too much.

  • When I tell my mother something
    ….. Mom I think that you don’t love me, you just love my lil bro… You give him whatever he asks and you always tell my mistake or embarrassing moments in front of everyone

    She says cuz your brotheris smaller he needs more attention and love than yours you get it when you were small

    Me: so you mean grown ups don’t need attention and love, or they don’t feel anything when you tell their embarrassing moments in front of everyone

    Mom: ok do what ever you want, ( starts crying ) she thinks I am evil

    Me: that s the reason everyone why I don’t like to share everything withy mom

  • There are some times that I’m just talking with my mom and when she do not care about it she just say: shut up.
    Thats very rude and mean.
    And then, when I just get mad bc of what she did, she is always saying that I have no reasons to be mad and sad, and that I have everything in my life., and all that stuff.
    She really don’t care.
    If it’s not important for her then it’s not important at all����
    It’s so bad when the respect turns into fear ��.it does not give you a reason to live

  • My dad:
    Says he loves me
    Belittles me
    Forces me to do stuff and doesn’t care how I feel about it
    Hurts me
    Shouts at me
    Makes threatening comments
    Doesn’t listen
    High expectations
    Little to no rewarding after I do my best
    Says he loves my mom more than he loves me

  • The “treating feelings as a joke” hit hard
    Every time I’m feeling down and anxious my dad always says “aww poor lacey” and “you have it so hard” in a mocking “boo hoo” voice because i feel like i can never truly “have feelings ” unless im literally crying and then he takes notice

  • My parents have all the signs
    The biggest problem is overdemanding I always gets more than 92% but still they scolds me and says to get more
    What can I do?
    Today it came my result in math I got 17/20 but still I got scolded is this right???? ����

  • My parents have all the signs
    The biggest problem is overdemanding I always gets more than 92% but still they scolds me and says to get more
    What can I do?
    Today it came my result in math I got 17/20 but still I got scolded is this right???? ����

  • My parents have all the signs
    The biggest problem is overdemanding I always gets more than 92% but still they scolds me and says to get more
    What can I do?
    Today it came my result in math I got 17/20 but still I got scolded is this right???? ����

  • My parents have all the signs
    The biggest problem is overdemanding I always gets more than 92% but still they scolds me and says to get more
    What can I do?
    Today it came my result in math I got 17/20 but still I got scolded is this right???? ����

  • Not all the time parents know the best but they know what you need when i needed space they never gave it to me because they say i can’t communicate and i am being rude to my grandparents when i didn’t say them hi

  • Great list, as a parent I totally agree. Listening is an amazing point, it’s something I actively try to do. One thing I’ve found is it’s easy for me to try and impose my desire or will on my son, but it will cause harm in his growth later down the line if I don’t see and hear where his interests lie and what his passions are.

  • If I do any single MISTAKE my parents tells me that they will send me hostel IS THIS CORRECT SENDING THEIR CHILDREN FOR ONE MISTAKE!!!???

  • I remember one time when i was about 3, i peed myself at my grandma’s house. She forced me to wear a diaper and act like a baby in front of my grandpa and i was scarred

  • This just further reinforces my belief that having kids is immoral. Life is not worth living. Sorry.

    I have so much hatred for parents. Breeding is not a praiseworthy accomplishment. It’s the most selfish act you can commit.

  • This is such great content ��
    Also, read my blog on Toxic Parenting: https://plethoraofmentalhealth.blogspot.com/2020/09/toxic-parenting-obscure-issue.html

  • Oooh god I just want to die cause since my childhood onwards they used to quarrel at each other and afterwards they shows that effect on me and I’m can’t able to study and prepare for my exam even, cause always there yells and shouts runs in my mind and even I’m reading also they won’t stop fighting,,their loud loud voices will disturbs me even when I’m studying and my parents didnt understands me at all I’m just a rank giver and fame giver person they consider me like that from childhood onwards even in school days and in intermediate I’m used to get first they just only told everyone see my kid got first but they don’t understand how much I struggled myself to get it when parents are fighting when they r yelling at me when they discourage me and even when disturbing me while studying and really I’m feared to give my neet exam cause I’m mentally not strong. ��������������
    Got messed up a Lott and mentally depressed a Lott
    Plsss my suggestion to all parents pls lead ur children up and don’t fight before ur child and pls don’t yell on him and dont compare with others and dont pressure them just encourage them for their studies cause every child has their own abilities

  • I have a C+ in science and my dad took my phone laptop tv and I am not allowed to close my door anymore. I really just wanted to yell back at him but I just kept it all inside because I’m to scared to talk back. I can’t wait till I get out of here��

  • Is a parent who changes w/each new marriage toxic too?..my mom does, with 1 stepdad loud sex in any room was apparently appropriate or using my ears as a handle!..the first time was in the 1st grade & I thought she broke my ear! The 2nd dad everything was a joke & the fact that I knew things from the first dad, & it involuntarily affected me, was my fault-results in Instant Out. One thing I cant stand, an extremely immature parent with no boundaries for one or all children because it feeds the parents selfish needs/wants…whatever makes their life better.

  • This goes for my father, You know like when you hate them but you can’t actually hate them because they provide things you need but they make you feel worst every single time. And also to my sibling who made my life a living hell but you still can’t hate them because you have an obligation to love them because of your parents.

  • I had to pick up my dad from a car accident and still haven’t gotten a “thank you” till this day, he just goes back to being an asshole but demands respect ��

  • My fiance… His parents are like that. They go extreme in also lying to the other family members so they can help make him feel bad for something that didn’t even happen. Isn’t there anything he can do?

  • Anger can really make someone snap, parents would say words they think we wont remember cause we all know after a few days, they’re just gonna forget what they said to you, but the thing is….words leave permanent scars. I hope all parents would understand how their own words can make a child lose their respect and love for them.

    And I hope my mom would realize that too. I love my mom…most of the times, but she snaps when I literally did nothing wrong (her day was bad I guess) every little things I do would reward me a spike tons of hurtful words

    @….but I did my best, I made it to the honors for you….
    @….i wished dad didnt meet you

    I grew up listening to that sentences everytime she snapped that I think my heart became immune. I remember crying my eyes out when I was still a toddler…she didn’t even bother checking up if I’m okay after she saw my swollen eyes.

    P.S my dad is dead because of stroke, I started hating my mom when I asked her

    @You will love dad forever right?
    #Of course I will

    But then she fucked and let dad’s bestfriend live in our house. They think I didn’t know that he was doing drugs (not my mom only him) cause I was just a damn kid. I still remember waking up every morning with that bastard fucking man touching my 4th grade body. I really started hating mom that time. Till this day, I still didn’t tell anyone what that bastard did to me (he molested me for 2 years) and I will never tell anyone. Im so fucking glad he is in prison cause of drug selling

  • Parents who behave like this must be simply ripped apart and thrown into some remote island inhabited by wild animals and snakes where they’ll eat the flesh of these “parents” inch by inch and dismember them royally����������

  • My parents r very very rude…. I clean house cook food fr them bt at the end of day… thy jst disrespect me…like hell.
    Im having xem n they r not letting me to study… always dominating…. controlling my life decisions n now thy r trying to get me married to a old age man

  • I cry everyday..I can’t eat, drink, or even sleep. I just want to be alone but I can’t sit still and I hate interacting with anyone..

  • My mom threats me and my 1 Yr old sis like a piece of shit nd my 7 Yr old brother like a king the oy thing I remember when I was 7 is always getting slapped and abuses by my mom

  • Thats why many children now just step-out and find another house becoz of this people even though they are your father! And thats why many children commits also suicide, hates them alot or maybe just stay in with their grandmas, friends or rent some places becoz of this people…
    #And I can tell you this, my father has all of this criteria of this such hateful people and I dispise him thats why I decided on my own that I willgo back to our provinces and stay there and start my new life becoz until I am with him in the same house, there will be no good for me but just neglection, putting down on you….

  • I had the worst day yesterday I saw my mom kiss a mam and I just ran to my room and start to cry she takes the keys to get in my room and to to be mean to

  • I wonder if the source of inflammation is not empathy, so much as worry. Neurotic parents cause themselves histological stress-and such people might do so even if they didn’t have children. Being single and alone is, itself, a source of stress.

  • You know that one thing ur parents does almost all the time…compare you to other people, like haven’t you hurt us enough, sometimes I just wanna run away I have an emergency bag just incase I do..if that isn’t wierd or anything, I honestly thought that I was the only one but I guess not..I can’t believe that the people in these comments are more supportive then my own parents tyx.

  • My stepdad is making everything hard for me, he’s says it’s just so you can learn your becoming a women and bla bla bla, but we baits kno that’s not true,I can’t wait till when I’m an adult and move out and Never talk to him again…

  • My father never lets me view my thoughts on things. All the girls in my family he never had an input he just let my mother do all the everything. He doesn’t get along with my half-brother because my brother won’t take any of his bullcrap. My father will ask me a question and when I try to explain he shuts me down by say ‘ I told you before if you don’t have anything to say just shut up or I’ll beat you. Four years ago my parents got into a huge argument that involved my mother’s family, one he wanted to make up with my mother and was trying to get her into the room physically but playfully but my mother and I didn’t realize that so my mother told me to call 911 and I did without a second thought when we realized he was trying to be playful the police had arrived and so for him not to go to jail he lied and he blamed it on me messing around with the phone with to see if they would truly show up. The police officer asked me how old I was ( I was 12 at the time) it was obvious that he police officer was angry with me. So I felt guilty so and went to go and apologise I went into the room my parents share. I said ‘Daddy I’m so sorry’ he asked me who my father was I ran out of the apartment crying. Till this day he acts like it did not happen. I still cry about EVERY time I think about. Every time I’m sick he refuses to acknowledge it and says I’m faking it whether I’m doubled over in pain or I’m feeling like about to throw up its like he just doesn’t care. This is just the tip of what my father is like. I don’t know if it’s me that is being unreasonable.

  • Even when I have disease because of their disturbed parenting,I don’t have my personal phone,they don’t love me,they don’t make me happy when I cry,they make it even worse,they don’t let me study I lost myself but choose my future than them I won’t feel bad if I leave them

  • I want to get out here and live my friend’s house and i dont disturb and avoid negativity here and i when i turn 18 and i have a work and i can easily live alone.. thats it

  • u know what sometimes I think that my mom was got paid to take care of me �� because of the way she treats me and she even makes more excuses than me. Idk if I’m sensitive or if she disciplines me poorly. She has never truly understood me. And she will just deny when I try to comfront her about how she treats me poorly.

  • I really love my parents. They actually don’t force me into anything but I still want them to see this.
    I don’t like when they compare me with someone.

  • My parents just don’t allow me to do anything on my own. When they restrict me to do something and I ask them why, they say that I have no compulsion to tell you but you’ll have to listen to me. This makes me more angry and depressed. They think that we are the elders and we are always right..

  • Hi
    I am the mother of 2 years old son n my parents were never supported me. I have achieved my dream career n a lot more things in my personal life. They always want me to buy things for them..they think m richer than them ��.
    After the delivery of my son My mother refused to stay with to help me to recover, neither interested to take me to their home….. ��.
    Lucky me ����God want me to b stronger than before…❤❤

  • Sorry to say this but things won’t get better, not even with time and effort, it all depends on whether or not you follow your own heart and beliefs. The world was made harsh for a reason you know.

  • Why is TYT bowing down to Feminism? This study is Feministic Propaganda!!
    Women already have equal rights in America!
    As a matter of fact, they are actually more priviliged then men! Look at the statistics/law. Check the facts!
    A father´s rights are worth nothing in America today and many other western countries! Women are supported and pushed forward to succeed, are promoted faster a lot of them earn more money then men/husband.
    Women achieve a higher education! They make up the majority of the workforce!
    SO why are they crying for equal rights!!! While the American man is being castrated by society, displayed as a buffoon in the media, and TYT doesnt seem to care about us guys! By the way, it´s almost impossible to find any programs in the US that support men/fathers! Wake up Guys!!!!

  • Never having kids…. I think it’s more selfish to have lots of kids at this point (you know with overpopulation and the depletion of our world resources and all).
    Society shouldn’t make us feel bad or selfish for not wanting kids.

  • Can you imagine what it must be like to spend your days waiting for a youtube channel to upload videos, just so you can press the dislike button as soon as a new one comes out? Without even watching itjust straight away, fully understanding that by contributing to the view count and feedback you are only helping that channel, and knowing that you will never make a differencelet alone to the world, it won’t even affect the channel. Isn’t that just so depressing? There are poor, illiterate people in Ethiopia who will never have wi-fi or laptops, but who see their friends every day, who play games in the sun, get fresh air and exercise, have girlfriends and boyfriends, and are infinitely happier than the fat, lonely brat in Kansas who enjoys disliking TYT videos on youtube with his spare time.
    I hope you know I pity you people more than anyone else on earth.

  • Lol my parents gave me an “advice” about what they thought, what really surprised me was that theyre thinking i’ll abandon them and forget them when i have my own family later just bcs i dont talk much with them and tbh i alrdy feel really uncomfortable with them then they said those to me just makes me feel like ugh.. why would i do something so immoral? Dont they trust me at all? Like they never even give me advices about life, their only advice is about my mistakes or my possibly upcoming mistakes, seriously

  • My mother is the least empathetic person I know. When I was 9, I broke my ankle and she didn’t believe me and made me walk home 1/4 mile. The next day I was in the hospital with a cast and she never apologized. I, on the other hand, have mirror-touch synestisia, which is basically empathy gone amok. It’s horrible to always feel other people’s pain, but I also feel their joy too. I’d rather be like me than my mother though. She’s really a bitch.

  • In Buddhism, there are four meditative states related to empathy loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. Equanimity is the highest state because the equanimous person is even and stable regardless of the conditions in which they find themselves.

    But it’s not indifference. Being equanimous is still about being focused on helping people, but it doesn’t lead to the multiplication of suffering by witnessing the suffering of others. Like a doctor who is wise and experienced, they know that it is more important to be calm and collected while helping a suffering patient, than it is to get wrapped up in mentally mirroring the ordeal of the patient. It isn’t suppression of empathy they still feel the moods of others, but they aren’t ensnared by them.

    Parents who are getting stressed out by their kids should consider the distinctions between the types of empathetic attitudes.

  • I’m studying post graduate statistics, and alot of these studies coming through recently lack a lot of rigorous design in their structure.
    There are multiple external factors which they haven’t taken into account.

    It’s important to see if these studies are peer reviewed by acknowledged academic journals!!

    Correlation is not causation!!!!!

  • The stupid thing is that the food industry produces food that causes more inflammation in the body. Then you go to the doctor that gives you prescription meds that cause even more inflammation and toxicity. This study is dump because stress causes inflammation and anything that gives you stress like parenting can cause it. Focus rather on how to combat it.

  • Lmao I laughed when cenk said “you’re on your own kids” why did none of them appreciate that joke? Lmao u could see cenk waiting for them to laugh and then was disappointed lol

  • Having a kid is wonderful too me. You form a bond and an experience that you will never get from anyone. I feel more happy now than before I had a child. I think psychologically it’s healthy to care kid.

  • The way you come to think of yourself growing up really becomes part of you. According to psychologists I was emotionally abused and deprived as a child. I am now able to see that it was wrong how I was treated and not justified in any way.

    But despite this, every single day I still fight these feelings deep inside myself, that I’m not valid, I’m a bad person, I’ll never be good enough. The thing is, I know logically now that these things aren’t true. But no matter how much I try and reason with myself, they just never go away.

    Sometimes I’m exhausted after fighting so hard, some days these thoughts overwhelm me so much I am not able to function in my life. Luckily these days get fewer as time goes on.

    I am still a work in progress. I continue to see those first 20 years of my life in new ways and understand their impact. I see more and more now how it all really wasn’t my fault. I have learned to forigve. Hopefully one day I will be able to find peace and not be so hard on myself.

  • No one knows what type of parent you will be until it happens to you. When I became a parent I was like the Grinch and my heart grew three sizes. Not that I was grumpy or unloving, but the new found love and caring I felt was that big of a contrast. Everything changes and your priority’s change. It’s a wonderful experience. A person needs to be in the right place when it happens though. The person I am now is not the person I was when I was 17.

    Anna should just have a kid, she is ready, but scared.


  • The lack of scientific education among those jumping on this study as “anti-family” is stunning. No one either in the video or article is advocating against parenthood, nor “for bad parenting.” If anything they advocate empathetic parenting, due to the proven benefits to children, and healthy habits for parents.
    The study measures low-grade inflammation. This isn’t ebola, it’s the bodies response to stress. They’re literally saying parents who actively care for their kids show increased stress markers, while their kids are lower. This isn’t controversial or surprising, but in order to have a clearer understanding of things you must question even what seems to be understood. Nothing should be taken for granted in science. It is often that this method of testing what is believed to be known that reveals a previously hidden mechanism which allows some further discovery.

    Not everything can or should be viewed through your chosen political lens. If all you see is red or blue you do yourself a disservice by not recognizing the full spectrum of reality.

  • The correct word is “empathic” (despite the fact that having sympathy means that you are “sympathetic”.
    Just an FYI, I only just learned this a couple years ago.

  • bad parents sucks. I was at the park today and there were kids there and I had no idea where his parents were so I asked him and he didn’t know. I eventually found out they were sitting in their car at least 100 yards away from the playground. also this playground is located next to a creek that at least one person drowns in every year. I was very pissed.

  • When your kid scrapes their knee, slather it with neosporin, slap a bandaid on it and tell the kid to walk it off.
    Don’t whine about participation trophies, unique butterflies and millenial privilege when you as parents created these “monsters”.

  • It’s just over emotional people have the tendency kill themselves lol. Parenting is hard, so i think you need to be a very well informed person with a larger lvl of maturity to properly tackle situations. A proper way to transfer our wisdom to the next generation as easy as possible if you will.

    I don’t think empathy helps as much as a real answer with substance.

  • Acadamics getting paid for useless research like this annoys me to no end. I bet you they feel real important as well. As if their job (or career as they would say) is useful to anyone.

  • Does mental illness explain to you why a parent may not care/love a child as much as others?

    How about when a parent comes from an abusive/loveless/neglectful childhood and the cycle happens all over again?

  • cool topic, we are a very social species. One could regard us as a sort of a social syncytium, and that’s getting repeatedly shown by social and psychosocial studies, in many fascinating and varying manners.

    What Jimmy said toward the end of the video, man he nailed it, that’s absolutely true as far as I can understand life and emotions.

  • Tbh I’m always scared of watching these videos bc I love my parents and I just feel bad if I nitpick something they do despite them having a reason on why they do it

  • Here come the butthurt parents denying the evidence…you realize you can just say “Yeah okay, but its worth ir bcuz i love mah kidz”

  • this study is just a scientific experiment, it simply lets us better understand our selves. knowing exactly the kind of stress caused on parents allows us to eventually reduce it’s effects. some of the negativity and mockery in the comments is very telling toward your own lack of understanding of the topic. pretty sad most people don’t appreciate modern science unless it gives them immediate gratification……..

  • The new generations will be great parents but to expect the previous ones being that way is a bit of a joke lol. Times have changed for the better in terms of parenting.

  • wow while people in America are doing “studies” on how its stressful actually do something with your life there are people in other countries struggling to live

  • Back in the day, parents communicated to the kid how it’s gonna be, instead of asking the kid, ‘what is it gonna be’, example; ‘we’re having xyz for dinner’. Instead of ‘what do you want/and then go round and round about this and that. Seems like ppl nowadays try to bargain with kids, small kids even, it’s like the tail wags the dog

  • This is a positive thing really, I would gladly impact my physical health if my children’s psychological and physical health was better as a result.