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‘Hangry’ May Be More Than Just a State of Mind Privacy & Trust Info FRIDAY, Sept. 28, 2018 (HealthDay News) When you’re hungry, everything’s annoying and tempers can get short. Now, animal research might help explain why.

FRIDAY, Sept. 28, 2018 (HealthDay News) When you’re hungry, everything’s annoying and tempers can get short. Now, animal research might help explain why.

Researchers working with rats found that the sudden drops in blood sugar that occur with hunger make people “hangry.”. ‘Hangry’ May Be More Than Just a State of Mind FRIDAY, Sept. 28, 2018 When you’re hungry, everything’s annoying and tempers can get short. Now, animal research might help explain why.

Researchers working with rats found that the sudden drops in blood sugar that occur with hunger make people “hangry.”. ‘Hangry’ may be more than just a state of mind A sudden drop in blood sugar—and the ensuing mood changes—may be key to depression and anxiety. By: Steven Reinberg, HealthDay More articles by Steven Reinberg, HealthDay. FRIDAY, Sept. 28, 2018 (HealthDay News) — When you’re hungry, everything’s annoying and tempers can get short.

Now, animal research might help explain why. Researchers working with rats found that the sudden drops in blood sugar that occur with hunger make people “hangry.”. ‘Hangry’ May Be More Than Just a State of Mind When you’re hungry, everything’s annoying and tempers can get short.

Now, animal research might help explain why. ‘Hangry’ May Be More Than Just a State of Mind. Please note: This article was published more than one year ago.

The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And “More information” links may no longer work. Hangry May Be More Than Just a State of Mind FRIDAY, Sept. 28, 2018 (HealthDay News) When you’re hungry, everything’s annoying and tempers can get short. Now, animal research might help explain why.

Researchers working with rats found that the sudden drops in blood sugar that occur with hunger make people “hangry.”. “People who struggle with controlling their anger or who have impulse-control issues may be more susceptible to becoming hangry,” says Dr. Lee. “However, it is unclear if there is an association between having regular hanger and having a personality trait disorder.” Hunger comes with various negative consequences, not just anger, she says.

At least twice a year, my brother threatens to get a me a T-shirt or coffee mug with sayings like, “Hangry: A state of anger caused by lack.

List of related literature:

Everyone is a bit more impulsive when they are hangry (especially us)…

“Selfies, Sexts and Smartphones: A teenager’s online survival guide” by Emma Sadleir
from Selfies, Sexts and Smartphones: A teenager’s online survival guide
by Emma Sadleir
Penguin Random House South Africa, 2017

Some people refer to this as being “hangry.”)

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Perhaps the closest we come is to the notion of “heavy” or “light” meals affecting our alertness, or learning that certain foods “disagree” with our stomachs.

“Beyond the Body Proper: Reading the Anthropology of Material Life” by Margaret M. Lock, Judith Farquhar
from Beyond the Body Proper: Reading the Anthropology of Material Life
by Margaret M. Lock, Judith Farquhar
Duke University Press, 2007

Would you call that Hangry?

“It's Not My Fault I Know Everything: By Jamie Kelly” by Jim Benton
from It’s Not My Fault I Know Everything: By Jamie Kelly
by Jim Benton
Scholastic, 2009

In other words, eating can confound, distort, and/or unsettle your sense of identity and belonging.

“Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader” by Robert Ji-Song Ku, Martin F. Manalansan, Anita Mannur
from Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader
by Robert Ji-Song Ku, Martin F. Manalansan, Anita Mannur
NYU Press, 2013

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  • @phoratio It’s important for you to take note of anything that mentions hunger without addressing the problem of world hunger. You’re making the world a better place, one Youtube comment at a time. I’m entirely sure that your concern stems directly from a sincere interest in addressing poverty.

  • This video is hands down my favorite. Everything said in this video is absolutely true. Be in the mindset of who you want to be and it is inevitable you will become that. I know this is true because I’m living it right now.

  • The thought of living there makes me tear up… my biggest dream in life is to live there…. even for a little bit…
    I couldn’t just visit ����

  • This out of almost all the videos I’ve seen has just set the notion of intimate interaction with the ultimate transcendence of myself. The time has come #TheWaitIsOver #TheTimeHasCome #NeverGiveUp

  • Sou Brasileira, mas todas as vezes que escuto essa musica, sinto que New York chama meu nome, e é como se eu pertencesse a esse lugar…..

  • a few years after this song came out..I went to NYC with my parents and my nana (I was around 9) we were standing in Times Square at night..we were all singing this song..few years later my nana died and this song was played at her funeral as a remembrance of the fun we had..years after I’m still in tears hearing this song..rest in peace nana ❣️

  • If you can go. Go! New York needs us to go…. We can be safe…. It is up to all of Us Not Them….
    ah who dies she mean by “them”. I will be clear…
    “Them” is all of those pretending to give a Shit about the people who actually make our Great Country these United States of America. And Our Constitution still Stands.

  • Wow! Within the first minute of this interview, I’ve changed my mind on “stress”. This is so so true! So many arguments can be prevented by understanding this about stress. Lewis!!!! You & Jay released some FIRE interviews this week! Thank you! Definitely listening to this again.

  • I’ve got a few words of encouragement in the midst of what’s going on. It might sound wierd, it is for real and I thought it would be important to say it.

    Its long because I’ve tried to and any faqs!
    Hopefully this will answer some of those nagging questions
    Why can’t evil be forgiven and let off, how is the whole “Jesus dying” thing really relevant to anything? To you?  if you still have any questions let me know x

    Ever struggle? Ever doubt that God Loves You After what you’ve done? Ever wonder if He exists for that matter? Read this:

    All of us have lied, stolen (even tiny things count), spoken badly to our parents and had embarrassing and detestable thoughts in our thought life. The Bible calls this “sin”, the breaking of God’s laws. You might think, so what? Everyone lies and thinks bad things about others! Its human!

    You’re right. That’s exactly what the Bible says, we’re “born into sin” and that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23

    What is that “glory”, morally speaking?
    Well, the opposite of human nature and desires.
    Not lying, not stealing, and having a perfect thought life is God’s standard for us.

    But if its God’s standard and we were made in “God’s image”, Why don’t we meet it?
    Well, Remember Adam and Eve and when they sinned. Before sin they were perfect in thought word and DEED completely, but after the first sin occured due to Satan’s tempting in the Garden, it destroyed that part of us that was morally perfect and in perfect harmony with God’s morals, standard, and love. So while we kept certain things, the ability to be thinking individuals with unique personalities, the moral part (affecting how our thoughts, actions and personalities operate) was damaged. To the point where we are “opposed” to God, hence His nature and standards being the opposite of what we see as reasonable or possible. The Bible even makes it clear that “apart from God you can do nothing” John 15:5. Without Him, it will 100% feel “opposite”, unreasonable and alien to us. Only WITH Him can we gain victory in these things.

    Why doesn’t God just let sin off and leave it?
    The Bible describes God as a “righteous judge”, many wonder why God doesn’t just let sin off and leave it, but He can’t. Why? That’s like a if a judge let off a
    murderer who broke the state law. Everyone would attack that judge and call Him corrupt, saying that he had not done right and should be fired for failing to punish the murderer for his evil. AND to completely love and be good as God is, means you need to, in turn, hate all forms of evil. You can’t truly love good unless you hate the existence of evil.

    This means that God needed, as a righteous judge to punish sin with the ultimate penalty of death expressing His hatred of evil and separation from His presence forever. Hence Hell.

    “The soul that sins shall die (in Hell and suffer damnation)” Ezekiel 18:20

    But God, who is also love, did not want to see His creation tortured and cut off from Him. He cares so much for is that He couldn’t bear to see us fall into Satans hands and suffer death, even though we broke the law and deserve to bear the guilt, pain and be cut off from perfection forever through damnation.

    Because of justice, God could not leave sin and evil unpunished, BUT because of LOVE, God provided someone else to take that punishment on our behalf, satisfying both justice (by punishing the evil committed), and love (by sparing OUR lives) despite our sin. 

    God sent His own SON think about that. His *Son*, the one whom He loved infinitely (the same way He loves us).

    God allowed Him to take the pain we deserved, He took ALL of Gods wrath for every single sin you and I have committed. He was punished brutally and completely as if He was the picture of mankind’s sin itself so that we do not have to be punished.

    Back in the courtroom scenario: He paid the “fine” at His own expense (His life had to be morally perfect on this Earth, then He had to be killed as a sinless sacrifice on our behalf).
    So when He returns to remove all evil from the face of the Earth, we can be spared and free because Christ has already BEEN punished on our behalf. He then rose again on the third day, conquering not only life and sin and temptation, but DEATH.

    “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live (immortally and eternally in Heaven when I return)” John 11:25-26

    ALL we have to do is accept it by faith. Faith alone in Christ alone.

    Religion = rules to be saved

    The gospel = Christ saved us already we just have to believe it by faith. If you lack faith (as I did before), pray. He will make it strong it time. Trust Him as you would trust those close to you. He knows you even better than that. He created you and knows you inside out.


    What does it actually mean for us?
    It means we can be completely free from the penalty of damnation.
    Not only that but we can be restored to Him and recreated into His moral image AGAIN as long as we accept Jesus having paid the price for us and accept Him as our Lord, the one who is in the front seat of our lives. He has a plan for your life, He’s created you for a purpose. Just remember that. A purpose that includes being recreated into His image, one you can only accomplish through Him and reliance on His power and by following HIS way of life.

    What is this new way entail?

    It entails love, true love and service and aid to others, to “love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength” and “love your neighbour as you love yourself” Matthew 22:37, 39.

    Sharing the message of Christ’s death, resurrection and soon return on this Earth to give justice OR mercy depending on what the person chose.

    Sound “opposite” again?
    God knows it sounds opposite, which is why, as The Bible states, this is NOT something we can do alone. It’s not in our nature.

    We need a new nature in the front seat,  and the first step is to repent (turn from and reject our sin, pursuing the opposite direction and drawing close to God)

    Christ will give us an actual DESIRE to do these things. Through the Holy Spirit, sent by Him to us after the ascension. He speaks to us through thoughts, verses, ideas and prayers and guides us so that we gain a desire to follow God and be able to do these “opposite” things through Him.

    What is the way FOR though?
    Firstly its to save you from sin the only way to gain victory over sin and not have it as your master is through having Christ as your master and following His aid to resist the devil’s temptations.

    Christ lived down here for 33 years suffering EVERY FORM of temptation that you have ever faced “who in every respect [has] been tempted as we are, yet without sin” Hebrews 4:15.

    Therefore He is able to help us through our struggles. When the devil knows people have left his camp, he always tries harder with more temptations and evil attacks. BUT His way is also there to guard and teach you daily in the midst of this (and despite this) sinful, selfish world.

    The path He wants you to walk is one of committment and love its not about rules and regulations to save us what Christ did GAVE us salvation. All we need is faith. The rest, the “fruits of good works (the will to obey and follow Him)”, are what come through true, maturing faith. It’s all about faith and the relationship God wants with you just like before sin arrived.

    God preferred His own Son to be tortured And killed to give a chance to us (who broke His law of perfection) so that we can live as His children again. He wants us to love and trust and worship Him.

    What if I still find myself sinning after I have accepted Christ?

    That’s why Christ died, For our sin. His death doesn’t fix us in a snap like that, but it does protect us from the damnation that our past, present and future sins would bring without Jesus.

    It’s a process a lifelong process of God bringing you back to Him, away from the destructive pleasures of sin (greed, selfish temptations, trampling on people to gain). This takes a *lifetime*, as it does for all, but NEVER give up, when you fall, know Christ paid for that sin you committed already just acknowledge your sin and ask for forgiveness and you can get back up again because He already bore your guilt and shame.

    Regardless of the darkness you are in or the extent or frequency of the sins you have committed or will commit, regardless of how doubtful you may feel, know that Jesus UNDERSTANDS completely and He is faithful.

    “those who come to Me, I will by no means cast out” John 6:37


    Don’t know where to start?
    Note down the Gospel of “John”, or “Luke” (if you want a more detailed account of it all).

    Remember that He will “NEVER and that means never leave you, NOR forsake you” Deuteronomy 31:6

    Regardless of what goes on down here, God knows, Jesus has been down here and felt all the emotions you are feeling. You can go to Him with them and be assured that He loves you and is for you.
    Even in the storm, God is still there, walking on the water alongside you.

    Keep your heart open to Him and remember that if we pray for Christ to enter our lives, He will.

    “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, that whomever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life”. John 3:16

    Thanks for reading if you did. I just felt that I should tell you regardless. Let me know if you have any more or if you need clarification on anything xxxxx

  • And the trillions they owe me and not like you I should and still am the richest woman in the world today and today it would of looked like new York but by the swingers of Williams Grove speedway and bill ward and the clothes that will cost me my life I couldn’t I will be in Maryland not the place I don’t ever want to remember can never go back and Pennsylvania cost me the world’s trade center I seen it first like Geno Jennings said they are the �� and will burn in hell with trump your father the devil �� and for your no good army why crippling and sexually assulted woman and cheated on your wife for a cheap whore with aides the virus contain s this with the multiple sex partners it’s s transmitted dease and Dr demicheil has told them it’s over a 6 months for gyn most had seen a growing in their rectum and swelling of the stomach can man give birth

  • thank you so much for this song. im born and raised. life has taken me elsewhere but no one can ever understand unless they are from my city. its been far too long. I need to go home

  • I live in New York and I gotta tell you have to be here its like no other place in the world, if your going to go somewhere come here ill be waiting for you!

  • Tonglen Meditation is a useful tool to develop compassion for ourselves and others. We have posted a Tonglen meditation video at our blog selfhelpchampion under Meditation.

  • If one of your main fears is that people may not be inherently good, I think you have quite a way to go in your development as a psychologist. I get so frustrated with this way of thinking. My family & friends also pretty much universally agree human nature is at its core good & therefore cannot comprehend that there could be any real malevolent forces at play influencing the direction of society. It is probably where conspiracy deniers and conspiracy believers diverge. Surely as a psychologist you are aware of the existence of the ‘dark triad’ of personality traits of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. People with these traits may have started in life as essentially ‘good’ but unfortunately due to life circumstances or genetics certainly do not end up that way. And despite their smaller percentage compared to the neurotypical population (some say as great as 20%) they cause exponentially greater suffering on the rest of their population. It is likely that a high proportion of billionaires would fall in the dark triad or psychopathic range of personality traits and obviously that degree of wealth can leverage a fair amount of power.

  • I already have 20% brain capacity and have audible varying focus and invisible vision, making my reality 10,000,000,002,020 Forty percent greater than your 4 digit midget one. In 2012 my facebook page writes the movie LUCY.

  • 13:34 “Your body & brain aren’t stupid. If nobody cared about you, you wouldn’t actually experience a desire for community and contact.”

    I find it hard to believe that statement could be true…

  • What context you mean stress. Stress is life. Everything is stress, in association to life. What matters is your stress threshold, or resistance against stress determine your evolutionary fitness. You can’t avoid stress. I left after 3 min of listening her,although appreciate her education.

  • I was born in New York stayed there my entire life and moved to New Jersey in late 2019, this song gives me a hard nostalgic feeling of when I would go to the subway with my mom to go to 4th street. Time passes by way to fast. I remember when the I would go down to the subway with my parents it was just a live! And the rush hours were the best. You would see people on there flip phones calling there boss to say they were going to get to work late. This song really made me cry. I miss all the early 2000’s New York feelings.


  • 2Cor 10:5 Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the word of God. Bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.
    We cannot create

  • What i learned is 3 things 1) Exercise 2) Gratitude 3) Truama & Stress is life telling you…to learn, neuroplasticity….Hard lessons…most difficult… but empowering if used correctly.

  • Yea… stress is stress, the way you handle is what is important. If you compare the stress with the ocean, it has waves, it can be choppy, or just wavy. You are the boat, if you learn how to handle you, your boat, and learn about the ups and down of the energies of stress and emotions, you can navigate like a pro during stormy times.

  • Simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety.��
    Exercise. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress.
    Consider supplements
    Light a candle
    Reduce your caffeine intake
    Write it down.
    Chew gum.
    Spend time with friends and family

  • They respond to the evidences only with theories. Theories are not proof. they only lies, OF COURSE THERE IS A SUPREME CREATOR. GLORY BEE TO GOD MOST HIGH, ALL POWERFUL

  • These ‘secrets’ to success have been well publishised by people like Wallace D Wattles and Napoleon Hill, but the most powerful publication I ever read was one that sounds too silly to even try.
    It’s called ‘double your way to a million in 28 steps by Stuart Goldsmith’ and the diffeence with this one and the others is that it’s all about the practical steps, i.e. the doing.
    The simplest summary is that you find a penny then find a way to double it, then double that etc. After 28 doubles you have well over a million, but our ‘thinking’ brain will talk us out of even starting such a plan because we analyse it and think it gets harder and harder.
    But the power in this method is in doing it because as you start and progress even slightly, your brain tends to go into over-drive and starts plotting methods of attaining your next double. You find it trigggers your imagination, your focus, your creativity and your ability, and attaining each step becomes a reward in itself regardless of how many steps you have completed.
    Read the booklet and follow the rules, they’re so important. It’s to be treated as a game, a sideline that must not take over from your current lifestyle (until of course it can). Just a short way up the line of doubles you would have discovered the true secret that videos such as this try to tell you, but from a practical viewpoint and your own personal power and ability would have sky rocketted.
    For anyone interested I have sourced a download of it, but be aware that this link will start a pdf download, be sure to run it through your anti-virus if you are unsure of it.

  • I truly believe this because I was in this positive frame of mind hense why I was successfully doing my dreams however I allowed myself to fall due to others however it’s based on feelings and we have a choice how we respond and how we feel about it. Yes it’s back to a positive attitude again we have a choice to either maintain that or lose it. Thanks for this I will go back to being positive and believe in myself again. Persecution lead to my fear and someone made me feel a certain way however now I realised people don’t have power over your life if I don’t allow them too. I have learnt it’s moving beyond that and all that happened that was to destroy me can turn out for my good it’s what we think and believe that ultimately shows us and takes us to our destiny and I will make it.

  • It simply doesn’t work this way. In reality the formula is: preparation + knowledge + hard work + risk taking = success.

    It’s the risk taking that is most challenging.

    Having said that, the wisest man that ever lived (Solomon) summarized life like this:
    “A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil. This too, I see, is from the hand of God, for without him, who can eat or find enjoyment? To the person who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to hand it over to the one who pleases God.”

  • This is TRUE. You envision and put yourself in the vision and pretend you are in that moment you want….and when you feel it you will keep doing it every night. Until recently I have thought I had a mental illness and I have tried so hard to be like others. So not in my head.
    I am still in my head but now I talk nonsense/ unimportant/ expose too much of myself / talk too much truth. I believe I am transitioning to new self and KNOW what I’m here for. Life has put cracks in my self confidence and I am tired

  • :Fun fact: Emanuel Swedenborg was actually Swedish. Checkout swedenborg.com to download a free copy of “Heaven and Hell”. You know it makes NO cents.

  • :Fun fact: Emanuel Swedenborg was actually Swedish. Checkout swedenborg.com to download a free copy of “Heaven and Hell”. You know it makes NO cents.

  • I don’t even know what the actual problem is with the 3000 people that disliked this video ������ must be negatives of the negatives ah

  • 1:09:45
    Sometime last fall I started “faking it til I made” self-confidence in order to hopefully stop or at least diminish apprehension and stress in my work which was constantly giving me problems which often seemed insurmountable and in the process either discouraged me, enraged me or both. I’ve been the type that generally couldn’t be confident in the face of a new challenge or problem, and had encountered a few people in my life who were seemingly self-confident in such situations, which didn’t make sense to me. I thought they were bluffing and that they were perhaps a little stupid to undertake something that would overwhelm them, etc. only to find out later that they were doing well.

    So, last fall I decided to give it a try and visualize(pretended) that I had had multiple prior successful experiences and hence was fully self-confident, and it sorta magically worked. It was a game changer, a turning point in my life. I’ll be fifty four in a month…was about time, lol

  • The history’s central figure,the world’s largest following God Jesus has claimed as the only way to get to heaven,the truth, the life giver,healer,lover of sinners,died 4 them n arose on the 3rd day. C ‘following Christ!’..in google.

  • Wow. excellent. exactly what we today must share during this “world reset”by the World Economic Forum, and before they ID/vaccine us all.

  • God Jesus proved in history as all powerful in His miracles,all knowing ruler of universe,creator,merciful in healings,omnipotent,absolute,forgiving,loving by His death on cross n ressurrection. C ‘Jesus forgives u’ in google.!.

  • Intersted in Personal delepment??

    Interested about Wealth?

    what is SUB-CONSUS Mind? check IN PROFILE FOR MORE INFO… We are not here just for no REASON. LUCK&SUCCES&FOR YOU

  • The secret to fight stress is when working be confident that your smart doing good you love your job not just making good money and always.think everytime will be okay doing your very best ��������

  • Hello Mr. Freeman. Forgive me if I don’t take the advise of a man who had a sexual affair with his own granddaughter. Fare the well, and go away.

  • Discover and Understand the DIFFERENCE, between “LIFE The Real Self” and the human PRIMATE.
    The Creator is NOT the human Primate, but instead it is LIFE. Period.

  • Nice and true. I wonder if Nash equilibrium could make theory of this clip any better. As WE are many, and this is game of life including everyone on earth. So many “I” in this video. Would be more beautiful and wise to use “WE”. By my opinion this could be achieved by helping each other, and spreading love.

  • please create something out of nothing, let say, at list a fly or something like it. I mean really create life from nothing not just build a machine from materials you already have. After you’ll do that, come back to me, then there will be a point to continue the discussion

  • so i think and believe im a god and itll happen load of crap why put this shite on report the queen in hiding or fake corona or dems going to jail for treason you know real news something true

  • I feel sorry for the people who thumb down motivational videos. Yes, some are like wow that’s the dumbest stuff I have ever heard but when you get a good one like this where you agree with everything they are saying it makes me wonder what these people must be going through that makes them dislike uploads like this one.

  • I’ve loved New York my whole life. Watching spiderman as a little kid, having an interest for the mafia in NYC as a pre-teen, listening my to my dad’s stories from when he lived there during the 80s, and so on. I’ve been there twice during my 17 years in life and I hope i’ll see that damn city many more times.

  • out of all the motivational speeches that are here on this platform, this one has had thee most profound effect on me. thank you for uploading.

  • Bull shit, when society want you as there slave, or corporations control you as there slave. not accepting anyone who stands up against corporations, i been thru it,

  • (Al Kahf) 18: 103-104

    103: You ask: “Shall we inform you of the greatest losers in deeds?”

    In this verse ‘we’ is used instead of “I”. That means the Messenger and believers are talking for the sake of the Lord. As one of 10 Crucial Signs of Doomsday, a Beast from the earth will come forth and will say mankind: “You all are uncertain of Our verses” as told in verse 27: 82. Here the Beast is talking “our verses” instead of “Lord’s verses” as it is taking for the sake of Lord.

    104: Those whose effort is lost in the worldly life reckon that they are producing well in deeds.”

    The Arabic Quran reading Fujjar who hide and reject Adhikr prefer a bodily and worldly life than the soul and Hereafter. All their deeds will be futile, and they will get Hell as a fine for their aimless and heedless life here as told in verses 2: 186 and 9: 5. See explanation 2: 12-14; 13: 20-25 and 17: 19.

    From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord’s Book



  • I got my 100,000 subscribers. ���� My bank account is over flowing. Everything I need comes to me and I have it now. Everything I need the universe will send open a path to wealth without end. I’m healthy. I’m smart, I’m wealthy, I’m Rich.. I’m kind, I’m beautiful, I’m Happy,I Love me and I love you to ����

  • Joel Osteen is a reptilian but I think he is one of the good Reptilians but he did tell me to lap his ass on Twitter so I guess he doesn’t like being found out.

  • Thanks for this wonderful motivation, and words of wisdom. One small clarification i wish you understand is that as a parent or a teacher you need to sometime use negative words and examples to make the kid understand that it is to be avoided or less practiced. Simply we can’t absolutely avoid negative energy or forces but master the art of turning it into a positive and less harming manifestation. If you don’t want to call the poison how else would you look into it and explain to a kid. Simple if we are positively charged all the time negative words or deeds will become a passing cloud remember the whole universe is made of positive and negative energies. Thanks for the video.

  • A man’s stomach will be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; He will be satisfied with the consequence of his words. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words.

    Proverbs 18:20‭-‬21 AMP


    This is the BIBLE! ❤

    But first of all you have to submit and to honour God! Then your life will be worthy! ❤

  • That is excatly what the INDIAN word KARMA means, most western society doesn’t get it..KARMA means ACTION!! it literally means your life, your actions, your results..Be it work, life, mind or spirituality..It simply is not related to that bad people will get bad results..Think in deep about what I want to say..

  • Some of the lessons in this video are true but not everything! A good heart will not get you anywhere in this world! The extend to which something feels natural to you is the degree to which you maintain your persistence! A lot of quotations in this video by some of these people are from Neville Goddard. Thanks for the video!

  • I Have Lived In New York All My Life And Everytime I Visit Times Square Its So Bright And Beautiful And Inspiring I Truly Recommend Visiting

  • You are not qualified… Is there a God…Can an angel stand before you and say ” I will choose you”?..Can you put a finger in the hole in his hand??? Can a voice in the night tell you the name of God? You are not qualified. HE said, ” I have ten thousand angles ready”. A book my first journal, ” The Telling”… ” These things I have seen”. Amazon Kindle Paperback…Larry E. Sherrill.
    this is not true…Time and circumstances happen to all men…Tens of thousands of college graduates who do not work in their chosen field. The rich that do not find satisfaction.
    The fact is that because of precognition any image you conjure up in your will to be will factor in your actual future. The parent whose children die before them.The orphan who can never have original parents. My treasures are in heaven…The prosperity gospel is about having your reward here…God is my portion…
    Find God…

  • Negative, positive, you are what you think, you are the creator, knowledge is everything, and all the gibberish, ad nauseum
    being foisted on you in this video, is all prideful thinking at it’s worst. It will get you nowhere.
    then remember.
    Wisdom trumps all this new age religion, which BTW is not new, it started in the garden.
    Pride is the original sin…..” I will be as God ” Proverbs: 9 10. google it, read it, meditate on it.
    Then cry out to God from your heart for understanding….That is the one and only way your life will change for better.

  • I want to be a millionaire but my credit won’t let me act like it? Should I pyramid scheme or flip drugs? I need to act like a millionaire ASAP