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A new study found that patients with high blood pressure who got a flu shot had a nearly 18% lower risk of dying during flu season. Previous research has found that the stress flu puts on the body may trigger heart attacks and strokes. Patients with high blood pressure already are at increased risk for both. For the study, researchers analyzed data from Denmark on more. A new study found that patients with high blood pressure who got a flu shot had a nearly 18% lower risk of dying during flu season.

Previous research has found that the stress flu puts on the body. A new study found that patients with high blood pressure who got a flu shot had a nearly 18% lower risk of dying during flu season. Previous research has found that the stress flu puts on the body may trigger heart attacks and strokes. Patients with high blood pressure already are at increased risk for both. If you have high blood pressure, getting a flu shot could save your life, researchers say.

A new study found that patients with high blood pressure who got a. “Those with high blood pressure really do benefit from the flu shot. It’s important to get the flu shot early in the year and it’s really important to get it to prevent heart attacks and strokes,”. With the first day of fall just around the corner, medical professionals are issuing a serious warning as this year’s flu season arrives amid the coronavirus pandemic: Get your flu shot. Get a flu shot and closely monitor your blood pressure this winter.

Cold weather tends to raise blood pressure, so be especially careful with outdoor activities, and consider a pneumonia vaccine as well. [No authors listed] PMID: 21192377 [PubMed indexed for MEDLINE] MeSH Terms. Blood Pressure/physiology; Cold Temperature*. The data on the association between GBS and seasonal flu vaccination are variable and inconsistent across flu seasons.

If there is an increased risk of GBS following flu vaccination it is small, on the order of one to two additional GBS cases per million doses of flu vaccine. Pregnant women and people with certain chronic health conditions can get a flu shot. Most people with egg allergy can get a flu shot. People who SHOULD NOT get the flu shot: Children younger than 6 months of age are too young to get a flu shot. People with severe, life-threatening allergies to flu vaccine or any ingredient in the vaccine.

The flu can have serious health risks for people with high blood pressure, and patients with cardiovascular disease are more likely to die from influenza than patients with any other chronic condition, according to the American Heart Association. While controlling the symptoms is important, so is knowing the potential side effects.

List of related literature:

Many times you have to administer medications to help pregnant women lower their blood pressure.

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Every pregnant woman does not develop high blood pressure.

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No, that’s not your high blood pressure; that’s not your sickness.

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Labetalol does not decrease placental perfusion in the hypertensive term-pregnant rat.

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This study found that the flu vaccine was about 40 percent effective in preventing flu-related hospitalization during pregnancy.159 On balance, the evidence suggests that it is worth getting the flu vaccine while pregnant.

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  • Has anyone used the Hybetez Remedy to treat your high blood pressure issue inherently? Just simply do a google search. On there you’ll find a great guidelines about how you can cleanse your high blood pressure issue inherently. Why not give it a shot? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • beautiful video keep up the good work i just did a video on blood pressure programs please check it out!

  • This is also not informed consent have this Doctor name 5 vaccine ingredients. We have created autoimmune disease through vaccines the news is also owned by Pharma.

  • Plandemic the flu shot is 14% effective yet it spreads the flu. We do not have tests to differentiate the pcr test doesn’t isolate a virus we have never isolated a virus through a gold standard. All the flu will be considered Covid and this will be the second wave wake up people!

  • I have read statements by experts saying vaccines are not safe. 4 billion dollars paid for vaccine injuries. No. I will never take another vaccination again as long as I live.

  • i saw on current affairs au that a nurse nearly died of the flu this year and many others and scinetists are trying to find out why this epidemic and in the mean time evryone get the flu shot they say.what ignorance instead of looking at the flu shot itself as the culprit they encouraging us to die instead.
    they never like to blame the vax.that nurse said evry year she takes the flu shot because it is amantry but this year it was delayed and it did not happen and she got this deadly flu(with todays medicine hardly anyone dies of flu).a friennd of mine who also is an RN did not take her shot this year as she has a auto immune disease i believe fronm the flu shots and other vax thru the year so her Dr exempted her this year.All this year she was sick with differant types of flu and colds,,and then saying well better take the flu shot as getting sick all the time.
    When i watched “Truth about vacines”it told me very clearly that the immune system becomes compramised something happens to it…i forgot what they said but when one stops the shots the body strats picking up an small viruses and the body makes it deadlier then it is.
    i feel the scientists were barking around the wrong tree.
    I also recently saw a program on gardisel how a 12 year old lost part of her lungs and the Drs could not tell why then they diagnosed her with a rare disease one of them a fungel..and she had many problems and also nealy died then eventually they worked out it was the gardesel vax she had.her father was saying they were not antivaxers if they were then they would not be in that your eyes before more and more of our population gets hurt.

  • The first and last time I got a flu shot it sent me into a relapse with my C diff 60 days mandatory Hospital quarantine which would make the covid19 14 day quarantine look like Child’s Play. Being hooked up to ivy having pain med shot through the IV the vomiting and crapping out blood no thank you get your shots.

  • It’s sad that 8000 people in us die from the flu,I wish I got my flu shot but I’m too young to make those decisions,it’s so scary knowing there’s a possibility I can die from the flu which was preventable with a flu vaccine

  • shame on you promoting this garbage. flu shots are poison. do not vaccinate kids. I cant believe people honestly feel like big pharma is there friend making them healthy. hope you made enough money to take with you. you only know what they tell you spouting out what they say is in their drug

  • For the first time, i’m not sure if i should get one at this particular time as the coronavirus is at surge, any bad reaction might lead to me going hospital:(

  • Alright, but if I don’t qualify for the free one, should I get the vaccine anyway and pay for it, or should I just crossed my fingers and hope everything will work out OK? This video doesn’t say and so far this question seems to be willfully skipped.

    As you say the vaccine prevents the spread of the virus too, I conclude that everyone should get the vaccine. Correct me if I’m wrong, please. I’m not a doctor.

  • I feel rough after my injection, headache, hot n cold, pain in all my joints, muscles paining can’t sleep never felt like this before, tired

  • Flu has no cure so what’s the point of injecting toxins into the body that will make you feel worse. They may be even injecting other stuff without your knowledge.

  • I shouldn’t have to say this but vaccinate your kids and yourself it does not cause autism and even if they (which they don’t) would you rather die or live and be autistic I am autistic I can do most things absolutely fine, if you ran into me you most likely would not realise I am granted I’m not severely autistic but come on go to a doctor if you think vaccines are bad because maybe you’re autistic if you think that

  • Hello thank you for the informative video I just wanted to ask what is the difference when administering the vaccine between the trivalent and quadrivalent? How long does the immunity last?
    Also I’m curious if there are any antigenic components in the flu shot.

  • Im wondering when we are taking health supplement (e.g. Amway) is it going to damage our kidney because I’ve heard that taking unnecessary supplement can damage the kidney

  • Incredible work Abraham! Your understanding of the dynamics of the things humans take for granted is astounding. Life! You totally understand. and I can see that’s what you have so nicely done is this video. You just summed up the “drive” we humans have and want to exude. Thank you and keep letting humans know what “existence” means and what drives you because it drives all of us too! Incredible filmography and incredible exhibitionism. You amaze and speak what I have grown up knowing. Thank you sir. You are a gift of sanity amongst the chaos of the present.

  • There’s too much unnecessary distractions in this video with all this sounds, sceneries etc. Hard to pay attention to what’s being said

  • Both my parents got the ‘special’ flu vaccine this year and both of them got the flu in a bad way, with my mother having to get some antibiotics from the doctor.
    They both visited me over Christmas and I saw them the other week and I haven’t caught anything from them, despite not having a vaccine.
    Their ‘special’ vaccine ( as they called it ) contained three strains of flu, no doubt including the swine flu, and it hasn’t helped either of them and nearly hospitalised my mother.
    What a complete waste, in fact it makes me think something was actually put in the vaccines to make them ill.
    Culling the retired population, now that they no longer contribute taxes.

  • Enjoying your videos soo much
    RESPECT ✊ to all healthcare workers GPS, Drs, nurses and so on…
    but sadly, I was diagnosed with minor GBS a month after the shot back in 2010. I’m still recovering ��
    Would I recommend it?������

  • Out of the 8000 people who died in UK from flu might be already suffering from HIV, Cancer, LRI, Tuberculosis. Dude you forgot to mention what flu vaccines contain which helps prevent a flu. And is our body’s immune system not enough to prevent us? If we all take these shots, do you know how much money the pharmaceutical company’s will make? Rather than talking neutrally about this topic, you were looking more like a salesman of the pharmaceutical companies. Sorry to say this. I liked some of your other videos

  • I haven’t had a flu shot in 30 years. I have not once had the flu!!!! But I did get Lyme disease 30 years ago. It went into my bone my muscles tendons. Then I was harmed by a medication that reacted to the infection. I am sick with nerve damage compromised immune system. I have never had the flu and I’m never going to get a flu shot!

  • Hi Abraham, could you please make a video updated for 2020 on vaccines including the flu and COVID-19 research. So many anti-vaxxers and non-wearing mask activists. Thank you…

  • I love the conspiracy theory about flu vaccines being dangerous.
    The people that died of the Spanish flu and other major flu outbreaks before we had the vaccine would have loved the flu shot.
    Science is science

  • I am a healthy young adult, I don’t get the vaccine for free but I’m still getting it even though I have to pay £9I think everyone who is able to should get it.

  • Pushing and forcing flu “jabs” violates UNESCO human rights. The vaccine does not “protect” anyone. It gives them a virus which induces all the symptoms mentioned AS flu. Then the people “jabbed” shed the virus and are contagious. This is a cutesy, hip video that does nothing but advertise a billion-dollar product.

  • They are using these POISON VACCINES to MAKE YOU SICKER PEOPLE…….. Big Pharma loves SICKNESS and DISEASES…… So what do they do…. first Brainwash Students in Medical College…Then have them spread their lies about about how safe POISON VACCINES are and get paid good money for it…….. Then once the VENOM is INJECTED into the human body the SICKNESS MONEY COMES ROLLING IN $$$$$$$$………….. This is COMPLETELY EVIL!!!

  • Hello! I am working on my master’s thesis and it involves a survey to determine what the population believes/how they feel about vaccines! If you could please take 5 minutes to answer it would be greatly appreciated!

  • The flu vaccine prevents heterotypic immunity in subsequent years. large quantity Vitamin D supplementation (vitamin D hammer, check it out) can blunt most symptoms and even extinguish the most dangerous symptoms, that of associated respiratory distress like pneumonia.

  • Hey you left out some ingredients pharma bro! Remember you also get a healthy dose of aluminum, Mercury, and formaldehyde! Be sure to take your formaldehyde to help prevent the flu. Hahahaha!

  • This was an AMAZING video! I had the flu 3 times last year yes 3!!!! I had the flu jab and I had it in December for a week, in February for 3 and a half weeks which was THE worst I felt awful and again in March for a week! God knows how i kept picking it up but I hope I don’t get it again this year

  • The hospital said if My little girl hadn’t of gotten the vaccine it would have been way worse and she would’ve been hospitalized. So I’m grateful she got it.
    The ER doctor told me to find another pediatrician because I took her to his office 3 times this week with 103,104 temp and he never swabbed her for the flu.. Gave her antibiotics for a ear infection the hospital said she didn’t have… What she did have is Influenza A subtype H1N1 Swine flu..
    I won’t be taking her back to her pediatrician.
    The hospital doctor was so mad at her pediatrician and said it was wreckless not to test a child during the flu season for the flu when they present with a high fever.
    After so many died last yr from the H1N1 and H2N3 types.
    It’s really hard watching your baby having febrile seizures and then being doused with ice water rags because her fever is 104.9.. and the meds weren’t working.
    I’m searching for another pediatrician.
    I’m so angry cuz my gut was telling me something was really wrong.

  • Really!! I’ve never had flu and never had the vaccine! My work colleagues who had the vaccine and have all been ill. Ridiculous amount of pushing the flu jab on everyone!

  • My daughter is supposed to be getting the flu nasel spray, I just wanted to know if it is safe for her to have it when a family member is on methotrexate?

  • What you say completely goes against what some other professionals say? Please listen to this and then tell me who is correct.

  • How can an un vaccinated person represent a threat to an vaccinated person?? If they did follow up they would know 100 % if your protected..

  • Without follow-up and evaluation the flu shot is absolutely useless. There are a whole bunch of people that the first shot won’t even take with. They will not let me have a sample to send to a lab of testing of my own. There has been no buddy I known ever brought in for a follow-up to see if the vaccine actually took. Without follow-up and evaluation the whole system is pathetic

  • I wish you would have explained in more detail what the “preservatives” are in the vaccine and the safety. I find that the lack of transparency of what is going into someone’s body and why it is safe in small quantities would go a long way in convincing people to get the vaccine.

  • I strongly recommend to anyone not I repeat NOT to have the flu jab.

    2 years running now, I have had the jab and been made unwell because of it.

    I had the flu jab nearly 3 weeks ago and I have been the most unwell I have been in years. Now I am a fit and healthy guy, but I am telling you now, they poison you with this flu jab, it is UNSAFE and I strongly recommend anyone who is considering having this flu jab to avoid it, permanently.

    Pretty much everyone that has had this specific flu jab in the area to where I live is unwell. Is that saying something? What it is saying, is that they are poisoning us and that luckily I have seen the truth and they can shove their flu jab next year up their Pommie little lillie white arses.

  • Why don’t anyone supporting vaccines ever list all the ingredients and what they do to the body. They will just say things like natural salts and other ingredients what are theses other ingredients, and what affects can they have on a baby ��

  • I had trivalent flu vaccine on Thursday. Saturday to Sunday fever strep sweats achey body and on the sofa today. Our HSE opted not to get quadrivalent vaccine. As a person with Asthma I am pretty annoyed to find myself feeling like I have the flu with complication of strep!

  • This link from the CDC shows flu shot effectiveness over the last 14 years. If you average it out, you get an average flu shot effectiveness of 40.6%.

    This new 2018 study shows that the flu shot looses 16% effectiveness every 28 days. So if flu shot is 41% effective and you get the shot on Oct 1st, then by Nov 26, would the flu shot be only 9% effective??

    Important! Google “Serial flu shot Problem”. The risk/benefit ratio of flu shot is not in your favour. Much more here.

  • Abraham! This is cool. So much information,pic quality great ��. You are combining social media and public health awareness really well❤️

  • Support upper cervical specific only chiropractors. Upcspine, Nucca, Upper Cervical Health Centers, Thespecific. wait 45 days after an Accident.

  • DO NOT GET ANY INJECTIONS The flu jab is not safe at all. I was a healthy 23 year old girl, with no illnesses whatsoever. From when I was in my teens I’ve been pushed to get the flu jab every single year by my GP. In Nov 2018 I was told I have SUB clinical hypothyroidism, so it was “nearly there” but not quite yet, and told to get a repeat blood test in Jan 2019 to see if my levels “go back up”. In Dec 2018 my flu jab was due & I got it without knowing what damage it could cause. I’ve been eating healthy & very little meat my whole life, so I was wondering where this came on suddenly. After my Jan 2019 blood tests came through they said that my levels have gone down really low suddenly & will now start me on thyroxine. I was all for vaccines until I’ve researched & found SO many side effects of these disgusting, illness causing & population controlling injections. Including crazy menstruation problems & lactose intolerance from my teens, which came on straight after my year 8 vaccines “to protect me & my peers from cervical cancer”. It has done WAY more damage than good & they have a hidden agenda behind them. Doctors know this & thrive off the pharmaceutical companies providing these to them. There is a HUGE hidden agenda behind them. I’ve seen documentaries of doctors having their medical licenses taken away from them because they decided to speak up against this unjust sickening system. From flu jabs to MMR vaccines, the lot of them cause all sorts of illnesses.. including autism. They contain dead human foetus, metals, mercuries & animal products in them! DO YOUR RESEARCH PLEASE!

  • i’ve watched a lot of youtube videos but this is the GREATEST video I’ve ever seen! the details are INCREDIBLE. every single shot, transition, colour, audio man you nailed it!!! my god, what an inspiration and amazing way to give information!

  • I love love love this video! By far my favourite one of yours!! So creative but yet still informative! You must have had a great team behind you to help you film this video! Fantastic video Abraham

  • Ooooofffff absolutely smashed it with this one ATP! BBC/ITV/C4/IRIB should get you to make a whole documentary on this topic #bbc #wow #keepsmashingit

  • 420 ilnesses and diseases can be caused by getting vaccinations. Vax producers are required to list them. When they changed the vax schedule for children, significantly increasing the “required” number of vaccinations there was a massive increase in ALL 420 illnesses and diseases listed by these vax companies. They have to publish the injuries these vaccines “may” cause to avoid lawsuits. Not to mention the fact that Ronald Reagan signed a bill preventing vax producers from being found liable for injuries. Why did he sign the bill? Because the vax producers said it was impossible to produce the vaccines safely and wouldn’t produce anymore until this bill was signed. The vaccine schedule went from 3 to 72…when it was 3 there was a 1 in 10,000 occurrence of autism. It is now 1 in 34 females and 1 in 22 males…..coincidence….NOT AT ALL!!!!!!

  • Many studies suggest increased risk of viral respiratory infections, including coronavirus, following vaccination for influenza.
    # A January 2020 US Pentagon study (Wolff 2020) found that the flu shot INCREASES the risks from coronavirus by 36%. “Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as “virus interference…’vaccine derived’ virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus…”
    # A 2018 CDC study (Rikin et al 2018) found that flu shots increase the risk of non-flu acute respiratory illnesses (ARIs), including coronavirus, in children.
    # A 2011 Australian study (Kelly et al 2011) found that flu shots doubled the risk for non-flu viral lung infections.
    # A 2012 Hong Kong study (Cowling et al 2012) found that flu shots increase the risk for non-flu respiratory infections by 4.4 times.
    # A 2017 study (Mawson et al 2017) found vaccinated children were 5.9 times more likely to suffer pneumonia than their unvaccinated peers.

  • I got the flu shot. NOT! My son had to get a flu shot at work. He got indoctrinated in college btw. Not only did he get salmonella and pneumonia, but 3 other healthy young men did too. Coincidence? I’ll say no. Here’s why. They got the shot the day before being off for Christmas holidays. All 25 men and one woman that didn’t have to vax because she was pregnant. Company policy. 10 days later and one day after Christmas they got sick. We were 5 hours away with family. So no shared food. My son spent 11 days in the hospital and just put his crutches down last week, because it infected his piriformos muscle in his butt cheek. Turned out he made it to work before the others did.

    Hell I had a kidney transplant and only spent 4 days in the hospital. Yes my immune system is compromised but I’ll not get a flu shot. Only time I had the flu was after my first flu shot!