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5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking

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Watch This Before You Quit Smoking Doctor Explains

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Health Hack: Quitting Smoking For Good

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7 ways to get past nicotine cravings

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This Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking Tobacco

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What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

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Is Smoking Dragging You Down? 1. Smelling like smoke There’s no mistaking the smell of cigarette smoke, and it’s not one many people describe 2. Sense of smell and taste. 50 Reasons to Stop Smoking TODAY 1. Lung Cancer. Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. Smokers are up to 30 times more likely to develop lung 2. Heart Disease.

One out of every five heart disease deaths is directly related to smoking. The risk of developing this 3. Diabetes. Smoking. Lupus: Smoking Raises Risk of Autoimmune Disease Smoking cigarettes raises the risk of developing lupus but quitting cuts that risk, an analysis of nine studies shows.

Systemic lupus. 9 reasons to quit smoking today 1. Improve your appearance. The effects of smoking can be seen both inside and out. Baggy eyelids, uneven skin colouring 2. Smile with confidence.

Smoking. One of the most profoundly affected organ due to smoking are the lungs. Due to the smoke that is inhaled during smoking, the respiratory tract becomes weak.

They may develop asthma because of regular coughing an inhaling of the smoke. 4 Reasons to Quit Smoking Today Feel better live longer. Studies have shown that smokers who have smoked less than 5 years can quit without permanent Save money.

During a time of economic hardships who wouldn’t love to save a few dollars. If you quit smoking you’ll not Look Better. Smoking. 1–9 months: cough less, breathe easier. 1 year: risk of coronary heart disease cut in half.

2–5 years: risk of cancer of mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder cut in half; stroke risk is reduced to that of a. Smoking releases thousands of chemicals into your body. The result isn’t only damage to your lungs, but also your heart and many other body structures. But even if you’ve smoked for many. The primary reason is that smoking damages the airways and air sacs — known as alveoli — in the lungs.

Three of the most common smoking-related lung conditions in the U.S. are: Chronic obstructive. filters smoking deterrents electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) tobacco strips and sticks nicotine drinks, lollipops, straws, and lip balms hypnosis acupuncture magnet therapy cold laser.

List of related literature:

There are many barriers to quitting: withdrawal symptoms, missing the companionship of cigarettes, less control of stress and moods, fear of weight gain, and lack of encouragement from family and friends.

“Conceptual Foundations E-Book: The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice” by Elizabeth E. Friberg
from Conceptual Foundations E-Book: The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice
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Smoking cessation decreases the risk of lung cancer, other cancers, heart attack, stroke, and chronic lung disease.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
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Listing reasons to continue smoking may seem contradictory, but can help patients identify likely barriers to quitting.

“Principles of Addiction Medicine” by Richard K. Ries, Shannon C. Miller, David A. Fiellin
from Principles of Addiction Medicine
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All the powerful reasons not to smoke come to mind: the bad health—cancer, emphysema, heart disease— the social disapproval, the ever-increasing inconvenience and expense, the loss of power over your own behavior.

“The Science of Self-Control” by Howard RACHLIN, Professor Department of Psychology Howard Rachlin
from The Science of Self-Control
by Howard RACHLIN, Professor Department of Psychology Howard Rachlin
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Prevention of relapse in women who quit smoking during pregnancy.

“Pharmacology for Women's Health” by King, Tekoa L. King, Mary C. Brucker
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For example, if you’re going to quit smoking, why not tell your family and friends that you’re quitting?

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life” by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus
from Psychology and the Challenges of Life
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More motivation for smokers to quit.

“Social Marketing: Changing Behaviors for Good” by Nancy R. Lee, Philip Kotler
from Social Marketing: Changing Behaviors for Good
by Nancy R. Lee, Philip Kotler
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Quitting smoking following a cancer diagnosis can improve clinical outcomes for patients, and cancer patients exhibit uniquely high levels of quit motivation,90 suggesting that this can be a teachable moment for smoking cessation.

“Abeloff's Clinical Oncology E-Book” by Martin D. Abeloff, James O. Armitage, John E. Niederhuber, Michael B. Kastan, W. Gillies McKenna
from Abeloff’s Clinical Oncology E-Book
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Smoking cessation decreases the risk of lung cancer, other neoplastic diseases, heart attack, stroke, and COPDs; former smokers live longer than persistent smokers, and women who quit smoking prior to, or during, the first trimester

“Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine” by Andrew Baum, Stanton Newman, John Weinman, Robert West, Chris McManus
from Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine
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One motivator for women to quit smoking is pregnancy.

“Psychology of Gender: Fifth Edition” by Vicki S. Helgeson
from Psychology of Gender: Fifth Edition
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  • In Australia, Chop Chop ( illegal tobacco ) is plentiful and has no added addictive poisens unlike legal cigarettes. It mixes well with Mary Jane too ��

  • It’s been 4 days since I smoked my last cigarette
    I’m head feels heavy I get angry real quick I’m sleepy all the time my eyes open half
    Don’t know what the is happening to me
    Need help

  • I quit smoking 5 months ago, I promised my wife when she got pregnant that Ill quit. (I used to smoke half a pack a day since I was 18 years old now I am 39)
    How I did it?, I just threw the pack of cigarettes, and that was it. it wasn’t easy though. it requires will power, the 1st week was so hard, and till now, when I see someone smoking, with coffee, or after lunch, I feel tempted to grab one, but I never do, and I will never do.
    Healthwise I feel more energetic, my mornings are way better, no smell, no coughing, still a little bit of Mucus sometimes. I gained up to 6Kg after quitting, so I bought a bicycle, to help get my weight back to normal, and I am avoiding carbs and sugar.
    Now I can go biking, up to 30 km in one trip.
    Wish me luck!

  • After watching this video and several others,
    I successfully quit on 9th August 2019 @10pm
    Today is 10th Aug 2020.
    I have successfully completed 1 year.
    In this 1 year I only took 1 puff ��
    Journey was great.
    My life no longer revolves around smoking.
    It is no longer a part of my personality.
    If you can find my comment which was posted 12 months back, you’ll see my everyday struggle there.
    Before this one year, I had tried atleast 20 times to quit. I was one pack a day.
    It was very difficult in the beginning.
    Nicotine gums helped.
    My experience after one year is:
    I do not feel particularly happy,
    but I am not sad/miserable anymore.
    If you don’t find my 12 months back comment I’ll send you a screenshot.
    My advice to other smokers would be,
    Try to quit atleast 20 times before you give up.

    Life is waiting for you to quit cigarette, so it can shoot you up with real problems

  • i think a lot of young people get themselves addicted to nicotine to feel in charge of something in their lives. i know because i feel the same way

  • day 1 of quitting juul on 2020-08-02. I want to be healthier and save money. I have tried about 100 times this year but never went past 3 days. Hope it is different this time. Help me god ��

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  • Quit smoking for a month. I really got no advice to give, other than telling you that you are statistically likely to fail. Just wanted to flex on some people who didnt quit yet, because im the best.

  • Cheers for this, I have been researching “uk stop smoking campaign” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it.

  • I have been smoking for 17 years. Yesterday, I decided to quit for good and it has been 18 hours 22 minutes and 49 seconds without a cigarette. I hope I can make it, I’m starting to cough like what you have mentioned in the video. Thanks for your motivation!

  • My friend + husband smoked 2.5 packs a day total. Bought my friend a $15 vape kit. 4 mos later $500 a month smoke habit is $10 a month for a pod kit. 90% drop in vaping. My friend does neither. Hubby vapes occasionally.

  • I told my mom to stop smoking but she doesn’t understand the consequences of what may happen. She plays it off as if nothing is going to happen to her, it was a real stupid Answer when she said that “Smoking is like my medicine” I’m like no it is not. There are other ways to make yourself feel better if your having a bad day or you just got into an argument like you don’t have to resort to smoking. I swear I’f something does happen to her and if it’s because of smoking a cigarette and weed than I’m sure I’m not gonna help even though she is my mother but I told her so many times and she didn’t want to listen to me because she thinks I don’t understand. Like Come on! I was taught about it in school so many times

  • I told to my fiancee to quit smoke in October 2019… Quit on March 2020… Alhmadulaillah till now he not smoked… He quitted for my sake❤️❤️❤️thank u,,

  • Just quit a week or two back cold turkey after smoking for 12 years. I wish this vid went over the negative sides of quitting though. (There are a few!) such as constipation/diarrhea. Use it as motivation too never go back! Imagine having too quit twice when you get REAL withdraw symptoms. Look up smokers flu then remember why you quit.

  • Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about “boots quit smoking scheme” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got great results with it.

  • I am trying to quit it from 4 years but couldn’t as it becomes very hard to quit because it’s strongly addictive…. but nothing is impossible I quit yesterday and I will not touch it again… I swear yesterday was 8 /9/2020…. I will see this date again… to see when I stoppped

  • Guys, fix your dopamine levels, clean out your lungs, do the Pranayama breathing exercises, that is mimicking the smoking! Try also mr Carr stop smoking book, good luck������������

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  • my friend was really struggling with cigarettes and nicotine then she went to @t they helped her quit she was so much more happy with her life thought this might help you

  • Best advice for quitting smoking is follow your mindset that you can
    .. I was smoker from age of 14 and now I’m 20 stopped like 3 months ago and I’m proud of myself

  • I made a video on my channel about how to quit! I hope everyone here can prove to themselves that they can do whatever they put their minds to! ❤️����

  • What are this tightness in chest and pains in front and back chest???
    Like… there’s something i want to throw out in my chest… but i can’t

  • Smoked for 28 years out out of my 42 years’ life. Last decade marked intense smoking with around 2 packs a day. It’s been 2 days now since i did not smoke. I wish i would never smoke again. Need prayers.

  • I quit,Smoking,after,40 yrs.This last time was the most difficult,since,I couldn,t use the nicorette Quickmist.Now been 7weeks.A pkg in Canada costs,16.48.

  • My grandfather was a chain smoker and had started smoking when he was 16 and in the army. In his 50s he developed a brain haemorrhage. My father asked him to quit and he never touched cigarettes from that day on. He was very active and was able to reverse his asthma. Although he lived till 93, he required oxygen support and was lucky to not get any sort of cancer or diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Please if you are a smoker it’s never to late too quit. If you don’t smoke but are looking to stay away. Everyone has to die but the amount of pain is in your hands.

  • Nicotine Free are capsules that will free you from craving for nicotine and remove any troublesome problems related to stopping smoking: increased appetite, irritability and headaches. With Nicotine Free, you won’t even notice when smoking becomes a distant memory. You will be surprised yourself that so much time accompanied you the stench of cigarettes, freezing in the winter on the balcony and constant attention of loved ones, so that you would not smoke with them!!!

  • Champix is a branded medication made by Pfizer, buy online: it contains the active ingredient Vareniciline and works as a stop smoking aid for in adults who express a desire to quit. Stop Smoking

  • Cheers for this, I have been researching “smoking cessation houston tx” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got great success with it.

  • I am 26 and i start smoking when i was 15 its been 2 days i have quit smoking i can’t sleep this whole couple night i hope i will be fine wish me a luck.

  • If you’re trying to quit and u do but then be like “well a lil puff won’t hurt me” NO don’t do it trust me it’s bad �� Im speaking from experience it’s not gonna be a lil puff you’re brain will still think about it.

  • anyone and everyone can do it. if you know it’s best for you, and you know what it will only lead to, why allow it? quitting is extremely hard and most fail. the ones who fail never stuck with the thoughts and just felt too lazy to push though the cravings and pain. i quit a month ago and came back to the video to remind you all you can do it. be strong. be brave. steer your life in the right direction. only you can change yourself. remember that ❤️

  • I got 2 patches on. One on each arm and I duct taped them there. Only smoked half a pack today so I know they are working cause usually I smoke 4-5 packs of Virginia slim superslims. Now when I smoke I get really dizzy and I fell down twice today.

  • Y’all if y’all smoke try this out use my code tip yall will love it its natural help you with depression and anxiety and stress and more you really will love this CannaLeaf 100% Legal Cannabis

  • I’ve been smoking for 5 years and I’m 23 recently I fell in love with a perfect guy and he cares about me and that feels great so I thought I have to care about myself so I can be happy and energetic to have my first baby with him

  • After 2012, this is my second day without passing cigarette, please give some real life motivation which will help me to get over it

  • Best way I found success after 10 years of smoking is full surrender to God. Fully trust God’s plan for your life. Pray and have faith when things get hard. Pray for deliverance. it’s important to do good deeds to others and be selfless during a hard time for you cause it shows strength and courage. Pray for others hurting and going through things. I journal every day and make sure I spend time with the Lord every single day and as soon as I wake up, I say “I am more than a conqueror, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, no weapon formed against me shall prospe. I can’t do it on my own, but if He is for me, who/ what can be against me. I feel God really delivered me from nicotine because I was courageous and knew I had to fully trust God to face this giant called nicotine. There is nothing He can’t do and I promise if you just try this method, He will show you your purpose. Once you find purpose for this life, there’s nothing that can get in the way. God bless and good luck to all of you. Praying for you all and for your deliverance!

  • It’s been 2 months since I quit smoking & now I realised it’s my friend circle I need to change 1st, bcoz they r making me to smoke cigarettes with them,

  • Been trying to quit for 10+ years. Watched a video of the human mind 8 days ago and decided to make an imaginary switch in my mind. The switch was for smoking. I closed my eyes turned that switch off and it just clicked. Haven’t had the urge yet. Mind over matter! You got this people. Best of luck to anyone trying to quit! Stay Weird!

  • Ive quit smoking cigarettes this 1 July 2020, it’s pretty hard for me the first 3 days,

    Had this wake up call when I realized that if I will not quit smoking then when? Tomorrow, Next week,,month, year?
    Hell nah, ive been smoking cigarettes for 8 years, 3 of those years are a pack or morethan a pack a day.

    Funny thing is I challenged myself that day on how strong my will is,
    I bought a pack of cigs and a lighter that day when I was about to quit.

    Everyday I carried that pack with me or within arms reach,
    Sometimes I put one in my mouth hitting it like it was lit up.
    But before I have the urge to light it up, I began to think about the hours that I have to endure just to quit,
    ill tell to myself that I have to endure another hour and it goes on and on untill I reached that 3 hell days, but my target was 7 days of hell but the withdrawal peaked for only 3 days for me.

    Its like I traded my cigs with foods? Sugary foods?
    I dont know what you call it, dopamine from sugar or something that triggers your brain to be happy or in content, anyways I devoured candies, lolipops, gums, foods and.
    But now after a month my intake on sweets have been controlled,

    oh and I started working out the same day I quitted smoking.

    I was dumb when I was young, and still I am, but lesser maybe.

  • I’m 29 years old. I’ve been smoking since 14. Wish me luck. I’ll keep this updated each day.

    Day 2: I caved in but I won’t give up. Slowly but surely.

  • Thanks for the Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered Qiyictoria Teyrooklyn Eradicator (do a search on google)? It is a great exclusive guide for kissing goodbye to your smoking habit without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my good mate called Gray after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical results with it.

  • After smoking for 50+ years at least 30 a day I was sitting in the garden having a cig when all of a sudden i decided to quit that was 16 weeks ago fill very proud of myself