Giving Rewards the Giver With Happiness


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Happiness is helping others

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The Gift of Giving

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TUESDAY, Aug. 15, 2017 (HealthDay News)—Generosity really is its own reward, with the brain seemingly hardwired for happiness in response to giving, new research suggests. Scientists in Switzerland used brain scans to track activity in brain regions associated with socializing, decision-making and happiness. Giving makes you happier There is scientific proof showing a link in the brain between giving and happiness. One study sought to find out if the prospect of giving could make.

TUESDAY, Aug. 15, 2017 (HealthDay News) Generosity really is its own reward, with the brain seemingly hardwired for happiness in response to giving, new research suggests. Scientists in. One of the rewards of giving is seen in verse 6: You will receive unlimited blessings. There is no ceiling or cut-off to these returns.

Even the most lucrative schemes or sweepstakes in this world have limits to their purses, but not so with Christian giving. The amount of blessing that we reap is limited only by the manner of our sowing. But research suggests it’s worth it: New studies attest to the benefits of giving—not just for the recipients but for the givers’ health and happiness, and for the strength of entire communities. Of course, you don’t have to shop to reap the benefits of giving.

The idea that altruism benefits the giver as well as the receiver usually derives from the fact (or hope) that if you provide help to others, one day when you need it there’ll be someone to help you. What goes around, comes around. Social scientists, psychologists and medical researchers are finding other ways altruism rewards the giver. And giving away money isn’t the only way to reap the psychological rewards of generosity: Americans who are very giving in relationships—being emotionally available and hospitable—are much more. The Giver As we walk through life, we take for granted the gifts that make it such a blessing: its beauty and complexities, the small things that we do not even think of on a moment to moment basis; the flowers, the different colors of green in the trees, the yellow and black of the bumble bee.

“There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.” Khalil Gibran “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” Ben Carson “If you want something, give it.” Deepak Chopra “If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.” Proverb. One of the best feelings in the world is giving. The positive energy is contagious. With just one act of kindness, you can inspire others to go out and plant seeds of happiness through giving, too.

List of related literature:

They can be given as demonstrations of appreciation for effort (Deci et al., 1999), hard work, or kindness; they can be provided to elicit momentary excitement and joy or to cause longer-term happiness; and most important, rewards can indicate positive feelings of the giver toward the recipient.

“Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation: The Search for Optimal Motivation and Performance” by Carol Sansone, Judith M. Harackiewicz
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Distance lays out the intimate gap between the giver and the gift, so that the self-withdrawal of the giver in the gift may be read on the gift, in the very fact that it refers back absolutely to the giver.

“God Without Being: Hors-Texte, Second Edition” by Jean-Luc Marion, Thomas A. Carlson, David Tracy
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Reward items were constructed to include areas of love and affection, fun and pleasure, fulfillment and meaning, and influencing and helping.

“Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques: Abstracts” by John Touliatos, Barry F. Perlmutter, Murray A. Strauss, George W. Holden
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It isn’t the reward giver’s intentions that count in terms of motivational impact.

“Organizational Behavior” by Mary Uhl-Bien, Ronald F. Piccolo, John R. Schermerhorn, Jr.
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The little gifts involve both the giver and the receiver, and the exchange guarantees the reciprocity that binds the community together.

“Bambini: The Italian Approach to Infant/toddler Care” by Lella Gandini, Carolyn P. Edwards
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Rewards are defined as the pleasures, satisfactions, and gratifications a per­son enjoys from participating in a relationship.

“Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-” by Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher
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Mauss stresses that the obligation to repay the original gift derives from the fact that each gift contains some of the self of the giver: “To give something is to give a part of oneself….

“Food and Culture: A Reader” by Carole Counihan, Penny Van Esterik
from Food and Culture: A Reader
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These rewards can be physical rewards, like receiving a monetary award for returning a lost wallet; social rewards, like having public recognition of a good deed; or emotional, like feeling good after carrying groceries for an elderly neighbor.

“Encyclopedia of Social Psychology” by Roy F. Baumeister, Kathleen D. Vohs
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Rather than receive, envy wants to destroy the giver, pushing for a leveling down so all will be equally miserable.

“Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying” by Ann Ulanov, Barry Ulanov
from Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying
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When giver and receiver had close connections, however, the receiver perceived higher economic value in the gift.129 A giver may also use the value of a gift to repay a favour done by the receiver.

“Consumer Behaviour: Asia-Pacific Edition” by Wayne D. Hoyer, Deborah J. MacInnis, Rik Pieters, Eugene Chan, Gavin Northey
from Consumer Behaviour: Asia-Pacific Edition
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  • I have to make a reflection paper on this and after years this still make me cry and feel overwhelmed/touched how this man can help others despite the fact that he also himself needed some help. He choose to share people his gift.
    And because of him he changed/helped other people’s life-
    This means that even one person can changed who are around him by doing good deedsand you can change the world and you can do it by starting to help others who are around you. I remember the first time I watched this was because I was watching “Don’t cry challenge/this will make you cry” back then hahahaha.

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  • The true way to Joy in life is J.O.Y! Jesus, others, then yourself in that order!! If your putting Jesus first, he’ll guide you to the ones that your actually called to help and when doing that your already helping yourself. Bismillah I thank you Father

  • This is a amazing show to show people to help others after school opens I will do just like this and everyone can do the same thing that dad is a good person this show really made my day my heart is happy☺️ who agrees

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  • i work in the restaurant business so when i see customers or people needing help i help them out. i even help little kids. i even make kids laugh at my silly jokes. i give people advice too and it always makes me feel good. sometimes a person can be having a real bad day but just by helping that person out or showing an act of kindness can help release a smile on their face. and it makes their day feel so much better and it also make your day alot better too. life is easier when we can spread helpfulness and kindness to one another

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  • These videos scared the crap outta me when I was little, but now that this was made 6 years ago, it’s no longer scary and this is just reality

  • Hi Haytham
    My self is Bisma Saeed. I started my art channel and i want to give some lesson with my art by also adding some good videos clip. My next art is about to help other and your video is best for the lesson with my art. Can i use your video in my next art?

    Jokes aside this is really up lifting and we need this IRL.

  • My mam send this video in our class 6 english group but when I see this I fell so nice that my mam send such a beautiful video.����.Very emotional video��.

  • A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring and make new tress
    -amelia earhart
    The quote is really perfect first the uncle did good deeds and show kindness and now boy and that really make sense when we do good to others that gives us happiness……

  • What I love about this is that I am with the creator, unlike with law of attraction, with His universe. This feels at home with the one who gave me birth, and I am proud to be His daughter. God bless! ����

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  • I watched this before when I was like 6 or something and I cried and to this day I forgot what the name of the video is and thanks to my church teacher she found me the video.

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  • I’ve listened to this message at least 5 times. I love your perspective, Pastor Judah. I grew up in a church where I was told that cursed is the man who robs God. We were required to pay tithes or God would punish us, so giving became an obligation and a drudgery. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to deliver wisdom. I would not be attending church again if it wasn’t for you. You have clarified so many false teachings that were dangerously preached with good intentions. Now I give every time I get a chance, and my life has been wonderfully blessed in return. Thank you!

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  • When it comes to finding happiness, the primary activity is to make harmony with yourself.

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  • Not one sermon from this Judah Smith is void. All his conclusions are profound and we’ll deliberated upon. Thank God for his life.

  • Kiya faltu topic padha rahe ho,
    Maddat karne se pehle khood ko bahoot kuch sikhana padta hai yeh ki, jab tumhe dhoka mile to khood ko sambhal sako. kiyu ki baad mein aihsan ban jata hai. Us waqt uska koi madat nahi kar raha tha tab tumne sath diya par jab woh thik ho jata hai to tumhara hi what lagane lagta hai.” Tum nahi hote to kiya mera kam ruk jata”.
    “Thats why do not help any body because even god helps to those who help themselves.” Ram ban (paramsatya) hai ye bat agar jhuth ho gayi to kehna.
    Even your parents,friends can mistrust you, be self, live self if you truly want to live happy. Help them but remember your work is even more important then of others

  • Portland Oregon yeah man!!! I lived in Portland Oregon for a while when I was super young as a child and I was born in Corvallis Oregon. I never knew this about Judah.