Girls’ Journeys Really Are great for Your Wellbeing


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Girls’ trips release happy hormones. One study published in Behaviour found that hanging out with your friends can help release oxytocin, a neurotransmitter known as the love or trust hormone. More oxytocin is released when you’re with your friends. That can make you feel happy, trusting, generous and friendly. Get ready to pack your bags – we’ve got good news.

According to a new study, it turns out taking a girls’ trip is actually amazing for your health.. Yep, you read that right, you finally have another good excuse to book a girls’ weekend.. As reported in Southern Living, spending the weekend with your closest girlfriends can seriously improve your physical and mental wellbeing. A girls’ getaway is actually beneficial to your health, and that’s not us talking — that’s science. Southern Living reports taking time to spend with your best girlfriends can improve.

Sometimes you just need a weekend with friends where you go somewhere semi-exotic and eat copious amounts of gelato. Thankfully, there’s a study that indicates that girls trips are actually great for your mental health. So, grab your pals, pack your bags, and buy a plane ticket immediately. You’re doing it in the name of science. That’s right; taking trips is actually good for your ticker, on a physical and emotional level.

Part of a long-term study called The Framingham Heart Study illustrates this pretty darn well. Female. There are so many cool places to explore with your girl gang in 2020 that are adventurous, relaxing, affordable, and really freakin’ beautiful.

So, whether your group is into spa days or wants to. Best for a Mountain Getaway. Asheville, in western North Carolina, is known for its culture, growing culinary scene, and gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, making it a perfect mother-daughter getaway.. Base yourself at the Foundry Hotel, a former steel foundry with industrial chic interiors and the farm-to-table Benne on Eagle restaurant.Take the Tesla house.

Of course, not every friendship is the same, and while it’d be pretty cool if every woman in America had a legitimate girl-gang to confide in, vacation with, and plan world domination among. Get away for a weekend of fun, girl talk, spa treatments, relaxing by the pool, or time out in nature with your best friends. Popular girls weekend getaway destinations include Palm Springs, Boston, Dallas, Galveston, Santa Rosa and many other unique destinations. CDC information for travelers.

Hours/availability may have changed. Each has its own take on spa services that are not only relaxing and enjoyable, but good for you. Relaxation 101. Must Reads. Find the best girls trip ideas right here in Wisconsin!

Read through our stories on spas, wineries, watersports, cooking classes and much more! Discover More Stories. Take a Short Hike to Interstate Falls in Hurley.

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Indeed, good sex is as good an exercise as jogging or squash.4 While the research did not look at the impact of sexual activity on women’s long-term health, I’m sure the benefits are even better for them!

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  • I overheard a couple of girls on vacation having a deep conversation last night……yea one of the girls met a guy and wanted to have a threesome but the somewhat “faithful” chick was having moral crisis so she wasn’t so into it…..but DAMN!!! The way her friend got into her head that everything would be alright in the end was disturbing but she did it….lucky dude……..not every girl is the same but alcohol

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