Gene-Linked Iron Disorder More Prevalent Than Thought


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Sign Up for MedicineNet Newsletters! WEDNESDAY, Jan. 16, 2019 (HealthDay News) The most common genetic disorder among northern Europeans called hemochromatosis occurs more often than previously thought, according to a new study. The researchers also found that people with the condition often develop serious health problems. WEDNESDAY, Jan.

16, 2019 (HealthDay News) The most common genetic disorder among northern Europeans called hemochromatosis occurs more often than previously thought, according to a new study. READ: 9 Low Iron Symptoms. The researchers also found that people with the condition often develop serious health problems. More ; Gene-Linked Iron Disorder More Common Than Thought: Study.

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 16, 2019 The most common genetic disorder among northern Europeans called hemochromatosisoccurs more often than previously thought, according to a new study. WEDNESDAY, Jan.

16, 2019 (HealthDay News) — The most common genetic disorder among northern Europeans — called hemochromatosis — occurs more often than previously thought, according to a new study. READ: 9 Low Iron Symptoms. The researchers also found that people with the condition often develop serious health problems. Gene-Linked Iron Disorder More Common Than Thought By Weekly Sauce | January 17, 2019 The most common genetic disorder among northern Europeans — called hemochromatosis — occurs more often than previously thought, according to a new study.

The most common genetic disorder among northern Europeans called hemochromatosis occurs more often than previously thought, according to a new study. Gene-Linked Iron Disorder More Common Than Thought. Gene-Linked Iron Disorder More Common Than Thought.

The most common genetic disorder among northern Europeans called hemochromatosis occurs more often than previously thought, according to a new study. The researchers also found that people with the condition often develop serious health problems. Scientists have revealed that the western world’s most common genetic disorder is much more dangerous than previously thought. Haemochromatosis, a medical condition caused by an overload of iron in the body, may cause high levels of serious disease and disability, according to research. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutrient disorder in the world.

In fact, more than 30% of the world’s population is anemic, many due to low iron. Vitamins You’re Probably Missing Iron deficiency anemia, as the name implies, happens because of insufficient iron. For more information about genetic disorders that are more common in certain groups: The Norton & Elaine Sarnoff Center for Jewish Genetics provides information on disorders that occur more frequently in people with Jewish ancestry, including genetic traits that tend to be more common in Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews.

List of related literature:

However, Gordeuk et al., have demonstrated that there is a genetic component associated with African iron overload.78 This putative gene is not linked to the HLA locus.

“Manson's Tropical Diseases” by Gordon Charles Cook, Alimuddin Zumla
from Manson’s Tropical Diseases
by Gordon Charles Cook, Alimuddin Zumla
Saunders, 2009

One possible explanation for this shortcoming is that it has often been difficult to unequivocally ascertain the primary disease-risk HLA genes due to the remarkably strong linkage disequilibrium (LD) across the major histocompatibility region (MHC) (Miretti et al., 2005).

“Genomic and Personalized Medicine: V1-2” by Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Huntington F Willard
from Genomic and Personalized Medicine: V1-2
by Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Huntington F Willard
Elsevier Science, 2012

Thorough studies in both Britain and the USA have now confirmed that as few as 1 per cent of homozygotes for the predisposing mutation may develop clinically significant iron overload, although the figure could well be higher for close relatives on account of other shared genes.

“Practical Genetic Counselling” by Peter Harper
from Practical Genetic Counselling
by Peter Harper
CRC Press, 2010

Other HFE gene mutations associated with iron accumulation have been described, mostly in individual families.

“Postgraduate Haematology” by A. Victor Hoffbrand, Douglas R. Higgs, David M. Keeling, Atul B. Mehta
from Postgraduate Haematology
by A. Victor Hoffbrand, Douglas R. Higgs, et. al.
Wiley, 2016

Small duplications also can result in single-gene phenotypes, such as Charcot–Marie–Tooth neuropathy [Chance et al., 1994], although this is recognized less often than with deletions.

“Swaiman's Pediatric Neurology E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Kenneth F. Swaiman, Stephen Ashwal, Donna M Ferriero, Nina F Schor
from Swaiman’s Pediatric Neurology E-Book: Principles and Practice
by Kenneth F. Swaiman, Stephen Ashwal, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Between 5 and 20% of the population inherit the gene from only a single parent; these individuals don’t have these serious symptoms but do absorb iron better than people who do not have the gene at all.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
Wiley, 2019

There are also examples of diseases that are caused by pairing of two different mutations in a given gene, known as “co-dominance,” and combinations of specific alleles of two or more genes, in which PGD becomes more difficult.

“Human Genome Editing: Science, Ethics, and Governance” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, National Academy of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, Committee on Human Gene Editing: Scientific, Medical, and Ethical Considerations
from Human Genome Editing: Science, Ethics, and Governance
by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, National Academy of Medicine, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2017

We may refer to single-gene disorders, for example, but in virtually no case is the disease phenotype entirely attributable to a single gene locus (see Figure 7.21 for the example of β-thalassemia).

“Genetics and Genomics in Medicine” by Tom Strachan, Judith Goodship, Patrick Chinnery
from Genetics and Genomics in Medicine
by Tom Strachan, Judith Goodship, Patrick Chinnery
CRC Press, 2014

Unlike haemochromatosis, this disorder is not HLA linked, is phenotypically distinguishable from Caucasian haemochromatosis and is caused by the interaction of genetic factors and dietary iron.

“Encyclopedia of Genetics” by Eric C. R. Reeve, Isobel Black
from Encyclopedia of Genetics
by Eric C. R. Reeve, Isobel Black
Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001

It should be noted, however, that even if no evidence of familial aggregation or heritability is obtained from family studies, this does not rule out the possibility that a small subset of disease cases (e.g., 1% to 5%) might be caused by a mutation in a gene that causes a major increase in disease risk.

“Encyclopedia of Epidemiology” by Sarah Boslaugh, Louise-Anne McNutt
from Encyclopedia of Epidemiology
by Sarah Boslaugh, Louise-Anne McNutt
SAGE Publications, 2008

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  • So the insert at 47:45 about dietary restriction, says it can lower the immune system. So is ‘restriction’ a lower than maintenance level of calories per day? And if fasting, the normal way, you get all required calories but in a short window of time? Trying to identify the key differences between the two.

  • In Longevity Institute person knowing cancer best is sitting, in Cancer Institutes,people knowing how to medicament poison other people are sitting.

  • Excelente. PEro Para Hempel la ley puede explicar y no solo describe algo. Lo llama modelo de cobertura. Además, una hipotesis confirmada se convierte en ley y varias leyes hacen o conforman teorias. Al final este video acaba aceptan a Lakatos y su cinturon de hipotesis protector. Saludos cordiales

  • My gf has Lupus. She has been suffering for years and I has had an effect on me. I hope this message gets to someone with some advice. Do you think long term fasting would help her?

  • Hey, then what is the extent of recombination of the blue and green genes? Is it more likelier than the recombination of purple and green?(cuz of greater distance?)

  • I’m loving this dialogue on mental hygiene. Would like to see it included as standard fare for all social media like several others below have mentioned. Anyone else have good recommendations on this subject?

  • I have the Adult onset have not been tested for GSD 13 have asked my Doctor still waiting if someone will do something no blood or biopsy done. If you want my blood or biopsy I am willing to send it anywhere. Since Birth always had food issues

    fruits, oils, sugars hate them all I am Negative on Gluten Celiac but there is a Family History Celiac. I have seen HFI & also Baker Winegard Fructose 1,6 in these illness populations. Some have copies of the tryptase Gene HATS Hereditary Alpha

    Tryptasemia Syndrome tested here in Houston, Texas *key in tryptase the test opens up here

  • Dr. Camille Birch, I was searching on types of GSD in EDS 3 with CFS diagnosis I noticed a Family with 2 types combined GSD VIII & GSD IX combined I think VIII is now a type of IX but they all had EDS3 with CFS I saw this on the Coriell Medical Research Group USA site of Family Histories they have there so thought I would mention this as well most of them were symptomatic but not all of them who tested Positive to both GSD’s combined it was in children & Adults

  • When you say Diabetes do you mean Type One Diabetes or Type Two Diabetes? It would be helpful if you could be clear about the difference

  • I always have a hard time trusting researchers who have a personal financial interest in the thing they are researching. I think researchers should be rewarded for discovery but when money becomes the driver then bias is almost inevitable. I get really suspect when the representative product doesn’t go through FDA approval because efficacy doesn’t need to be proven. Even “independent” studies are problematic because someone has to fund those and if you look at disclosures you can usually find something that is suspect.

  • Please NOTE: hypothesis is not something you PROVE; hypothesis is something you test and reject or fail to reject. Science can never tell you something is true, but the surmountable evidence of hypothesis testing will support the null hypothesis (no change) or it will reject null hypothesis and it will offer an alternative explanation/hypothesis, but it will not prove it to be the explanation!

  • Habba Syndrome? Dr. Habba Gastroenterologist New Jersey USA Gal Bladder not properly functioning with bile they use same medicne in Gal Bladder removals one with no sucrose the Light one in powder form 4 mg pouch. He does gal bladder Scan

  • FMD was an answer for offering fasting to people who refused to do a water fast.
    Is FMD better than water fasting. Or just a substitute?

  • With the help of a relative, whose life has been separate from my “social unit” for quite a number of years, I have made a new observation for myself:
    The most strenuous mental exercise one can practice is finding someone with a “totem” against your viewpoint and find the information and perceptions that are missing from your viewpoint, while separating it from its totem… Then, in exchange, finding what information and perceptions you could present, while dissecting it from your own totem.

    When done with another person, in person, it is possible, and it is beneficial. It is even more beneficial when all people, even spectators to the debate, come into this exercise with the collaborative goal to not let the exercise become “personal.”

    However, it is mentally exhausting to the point of spontaneous emotional lapse to do the same exercise with a video, personal narrative or one-on-one in tone, designed to build the totem up and make it more intricate.

    I live in a family with airline pilots. No one can stand listening to the modern TV 24/7 news channels. We lament the absence of channels that provide weather updates and news snippets in 30-minute loops.
    I hope I’m not alone in being willing and able to learn this lesson when it is presented to me.

  • so fact is an observation
    hypothesis is a whatever explanation of the observation
    theory is a experimentally proven hypothesis
    and a law is a prediction based on a theory

  • “we count chromosomes by the amount of centromeres present” finally somebody said it that clear; you could add to your def. that the equation counts for 1 centimorgen; btw i like your voice

  • Nicely done, and I will likely use it in my class in the future assuming the pandemic ever ends. My one issue is the repeated insistence that a theory is well supported and the implication they only become theories once they are accepted. “Eliminate the bad ones and we are left with a theory.” This feels like a defensive position to head off evolution skeptics. Theories are broader explanations that attempt to tie together facts, hypotheses, and observations they are at the heart of science because they can answer not just “what?” but “why?” Unfortunately, they often end up being disproven and discarded. Lamarckism was a theory. So was vitalism, spontaneous generation, phlogiston, and caloric theory. And these weren’t tweaked and improved over the years like Darwinian evolution, gravitation, or atomic theory. No, they were tossed out root and branch because they were flat wrong, but it doesn’t mean they were not theories.

  • Wrong, “the sun is out” wasn’t a fact until you went outside and observed it, which now qualifies it as true, and as fact. Any fact is true. You are simply wrong.

  • Hhhhhhhhhh
    Evolution is a fact we know that it happens no doubt But how does it happen?
    Who said that is no doubt?!
    Monkey to human?!
    As a fact..
    This cynicism from you does not match what you are calling?
    When said something is no doubt you have to give one fact for that.
    I’m not goog in English but if in my language I can be more interested and can to answer.

  • 30:30. So it cost $50m to go through FDA to get a feeding protocol approved. Wtf. This will never happen because there’s no money to be made on dietary formulas. Effn insane.

  • The title is a bit misleading. I came here trying to help my sister’s autoimmunity, and came away with basically nothing. Perhaps, I can ask here/now…”””how can an individual who suffers autoimmunity reset their autoimmunity?””. Thank you for your time. =D

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  • I came to see this video after so many years because it is more and more relevant. when are we going to stop? in another civil war?

  • I am trying to find out how I upload my DNA report from Ancestry DNA in order to obtain reports from FMF. Has anyone succeeded in doing this from Thank you

  • Evolution shouldn’t even be called a theory according to the definition of theory given in this video. The definition says “repeatedly tested and confirmed through OBSERVATION and experimentation”. Macro evolution cannot be and has not been repeatedly confirmed through observation. Maybe it needs to be knocked back down to a hypothesis where it belongs.

  • I don’t understand why the products in the Longo FMD diet series have starch in them(rice) when he says in every intervju that the carbs in the diet must come from vegetables, not from starch…

  • Any time I talk to a creationist, they always say “Evaluation is only is a theory” This irks me to the to no end, so I point out that their creation hypothesis is based on faith. The irony is that they think faith is the best method to determine truth.

  • citizens of the internet don’t know the language of science, many unnecessary science vs religion arguments could be avoid if people could stop asking the most stupid question on the internet
    “how do you know the theory is true” this question is invalid!!

  • to paraphrase potholer 54, if the scientific consensus is in contradiction with my own belief, there are 3 possibilities: 1 scientist are lying, 2 scientists are deceived or 3 maybe scientists know 2-3 things more than what i know and i try to understand them. it’s always better to investigate the 3rd possibility.

  • I like how he starts evolution as a fact. Why did he get to jump right to a fact with evolution? That alone proves this video was designed to deceive you. He didn’t use his own formula with that one. Why you might ask. Because you have to cheat to prove evolution.

  • Wow, they should start a publicity campaign with the NFL to aware players and people, who play the sport, of its consequences and injuries. I mean they obviously know them, but just as a reminder and certifier…

  • So… keto is a no-no, because some miniscule fraction of cancers can metabolize ketones (though vast majority can’t and die in glucose deprived environment), but chemo is a great way to go! Thanks dr Longo, but no thanks.

  • i was the thinnest when i would eat one fast food meal a day and diet soda the rest of the day and i felt pretty good, i guess i was fasting ��

  • The word “theory” has been smeared by the cliche-phrase “conspiracy theory”, which is used to counter arguments that are too difficult to destroy otherwise.

  • the observation none of these experts will admit publicly……….is that the human genome shows clear evidence of being an engineered product. Why cant they find the gene that makes people gravitate to violent,extremist ideologies so we can eradicate marxists and muslims?

  • i’m italian and i usually understand easily when someone talk in english but it’s very difficult for me to follow when Walter Longo talks in english.. (and since he’s talking an italian version of english it should be easier for me)..

  • I had a young earth creationist (in a public school) teach my biology class in high school that went over evolution. I’m so glad I was able to be deprogrammed from that. It took longer than I’ll admit.

  • ,,,, detoxification and eat clean dark greens
    No sugar no alcohol no smoking
    Don’t cook fruits and vegetables
    Now get away from these 2 trying to sell you their books and products
    OMG. She is gone

  • 1. Prolonged Fasting Dry / 2. Prolonged Fasting Water Only / 3. Prolonged Fasting Water, Black Tea, Black Coffee Only. Currently on a 5 day, water / black coffee only fast. 2 cups of coffee a day.

  • Very interesting presentation, with findings and concepts that offer new avenues of research challenge focusing on our disease. Many thanks!

  • I hate to be a pedant after such a brilliant film which clearly every school child should see….but

    You ended with a hypothesis, not a theory!

  • Here are a few things that this video gets wrong:

    Gluten is a cause of sickness for some people, and yet was discarded as a reason. Sure, the ultimate reason for their sickness is a result of their bodies’ intolerance due to imbalances in their digestive system, but gluten is still the cause of that sickness. If people who are gluten intolerant aren’t exposed to it, then they don’t suffer the associated illness. In the same way that people don’t get sick if they are not exposed to the germs or viruses that cause various illnesses.

    Supra species macro evolution (i.e., one type of creature evolving into another type of creature) is not an observable fact. This phenomena has not been observed or tested. Sure creatures can speciate, but no-one has ever observed, or has any tangible evidence, for one type of creature evolving into another through through incremental transitions. As such, evolution is not a theory at this level, it is still a hypothesis. Conversely, speciation and micro evolution occur so they provide the basis for a scientific theory at this level, but supra species macro evolution has never been empirically observed, tested, or reproduced, so it does qualify as part of the theory of evolution.

    Evolution presupposes abiogenesis (i.e., the spontaneous creation of the first forms of life from non living elements). This phenomena has not been observed, tested or reproduced. The problem of abiogenesis has even tried to be avoided by hypothesising pan-spermia, which just kicks the problem down the road. How did life on this planet, or any other planet spontaneously come into being? No scientific theory can explain it.

  • “A Summary of Scientific Method” by Peter Kosso is a brilliant 50-page summary read on this topic, published by Springer in 2011 (SpringerBriefs in Philosophy). He explains all these terms: fact, hypothesis, theory and law. There’s a brief mention of how Popperian Model of scientific method is incorrect, and why we don’t go about discarding theories even if they’re falsified. Overall, science is a knowledge enterprise whose engine is inductive reasoning. We develop hypothesis, test them, make predictions through them and try to confirm and disconfirm them, while always taking into consideration auxiliary theories and experimental conditions.

  • Ok, what should i eath after 5 days of fasting, while refiding? Should i eath just soups for 2-3 days, or how that whole thing goes from there? Does anyone know?

  • Great video! He says, “I predict that future is going to be very bright. I like that theory.” Well, it’s a prediction, not a theory. A prediction does not equate to a theory. For the records:)

  • Globull warming is not a theory, it’s a pile of shoddy hypotheses, the predictions of which have Never proven to be true. How many times must a hypothesis fail before it is discarded, never to be exhumed again? Damn.

    That goes for “overpopulation” as well. Like globull warming, Malthus’ short-sighted doomsday predictions have been proven wrong with the passage of time. Ehrlich was debunked before his crappy book was even published, and yet that shoddy work is still taught as if it were correct! (“The population bomb”…). Damn.

  • Meme culture has never been more toxic. Do yourself a favor and stay away from social media in general for a long time. It does nothing good for you.

  • Hey i believe that thought can reduce your physical needs for food and sleep. I eat 1400 cals a day at 103 pounds running 2 hiues a day and at a speed double for a male. The ethics are serious given covid 19 ive no right to eat id I can gain 9 pounss with that intake
    5 fwet one i train 2.5 hours a day diagnosed anorexic even though I can’t. I have proven that belief can keep you from starving to death. I. Require no sleep.
    I gain weight despite 2 hours trajninbg a day.

  • Isn’t it interesting that most of the mentioned kinds of intermittent fasting are recommended in Islam?
    The 5:2 is the sunnah, or practice of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as he used to fast Mondays and Thursdays.
    The prophet also said that the best fast is the fast of Prophet David, peace be upon him, who used to fast every other day.
    Then of course there’s Ramadan, in which we fast for 14-18 hours (depending on location) every day for 29 or 30 days straight.
    There’s also a recommended fast of the three white days, that is the three days of every lunar month in which the moon is full.
    Of course in Islam the fast is from dawn do sunset, and it is a dry fast, which means no water or any other drink.
    It would be interesting to see some research on how a dry fast affects the body differently than a wet fast, but as far as I’m aware no such research exists.
    If you read this far, peace be upon you!

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  • Really excellent video! Thanks.

    59-year-old Electrical Engineer here. Even with my reasonably substantial scientific and technological education, I have to confess that these terms have been a little muddled in my mind!

    To clarify, though…

    The emphasis of this video is that a Scientist’s definition of a “Theory” is very different from a police detective’s definition! That’s a really excellent distinction, but I in particular did know and already understood a Scientific Theory very well. I have largely equated “Theory” with “Model” — the explanation.

    What this video clarified for me was the terms “fact” and “Law,” and how they relate to the Theory. I hadn’t heard those terms particularly clearly defined before!

    Newtonian gravity is definitely an excellent example:

    A scientific fact is just a distinct piece of wisdom that we all accept as true, like that objects near the surface of the Earth fall accelerating at a rate of 9.8 m/s/s. This fact, in itself, does not involve explanation — it’s not about “how” or “why,” but just “what,” is true.

    The Law of Newtonian Gravity is F=Gm1m2/r^2. That is not an individual fact like 9.8m/s/s, nor is it the actual Theory — the explanation — itself, but it’s a reliable formula based upon the Theory.

    The Theory of Newtonian Gravity — which by the way, is clearly known to be flat-out wrong, but is an extremely good approximation — is Gravitational Fields. That is not a distinct fact nor a formula; it is the model — the underlying logic.

  • If you prove that fasting works, you are probably also proving that ketones work. Therefore, why is this doctor resistant to the Nutritional Ketosis Diet? Answer: He’s a vegetarian, pushing carbs, holding back his patients. Why tell someone to fast for a week, and then tell them to go back to carbs… the carbs would reverse all of the progress they had made from fasting.

  • My hypothesis is that most people watching this are watching it because they were required to take notes in online school about this.

  • 4:08 “The THEORY of the FACT of evolution” is an opinion-statement of direct contradiction to the definitions he just gave for each of those words. He did not “do a science” by saying that. My HYPOTHESIS is someone forgot to FACT-check the script.

  • I am looking for great sources for learning more about time-restricted feeding and prolonged fasting, besides Valter Longo’s book.

    Any recommendations?

  • I am a huge fan of the ncse definitions. I appreciate how this channel makes things accessible for folks. Please remember though folks, scientists define terms as needed. Most intellectual pursuits do. I personally believe these sorts of fundamental definitions in science, along with skills to evaluate information criticality are more important than learning random factoids.

  • Awesome content! I love that you include the citations as real time overlays so the audience can follow along while you discuss the data.

  • Nothing yet can be said for sure, but studies on duplication may indicate an interrupted, punctuated, pattern of evolutionary event rather than gradual, accumulative one. This is very intriguing (were this true)! Need definitely to know more!

  • Thanks for the great interview! I wonder though about his argument against the Ketogenic diet (ie not followed by long living people in the past) as he just says how the body is better aligned to fasting (ie. using fat and ketones as fuel) rather then eating all the time (and burning sugar mostly)… Maybe ‘ketogenic diet’ has been followed for thousands of years before the agriculture developed… Many of the centenarians have the right genes, instead of having a great diet/lifestyle….

  • Beautiful interview, substantial! How low carb-high fat diet can be a challenge and it is so easy to fast with it. I have been on low carb, moderate amount protein, high fat for the last 3 and the half years. On IF for the last 2 and the half years, i eat 2 times a day and often i do one meal in 24 hrs. Could not be easier, tasty! Never feel hungry, do mot have to count calories really, i know it is lower than if i would be on high carb diet. I do not use sweetener for the last 2 years, we all love foods but your taste receptors change. Of coz in therapeutic ketosis you need to measure ketones against glucose

  • The rapid onset can be explained by Forest Maready’s theory about aluminum stored in white blood cells. The cells rush were they are needed to heal in the body but they also rush to the brainstem. Mental trauma, stress, activates the vagus nerve and the white blood cells also rush to the brainstem.

  • If Dr Longo can abandon having to deal with the FDA or other powers that be, who don’t want society healthy. We all win. There are products available without FDA aporoval that are changing pepoles lives for the better. Once people see his product works, they will use it. Anecdotal eveidence or not, if people see results they will use the product. I just hope he doesn’t sell his soul, when the O.T.O. makes him the offer to come to the dark side. Who besides Big Pharmaceutical companies can afford $50 million for FDA approval?

  • Let me help u. Truth is truth. Truth doesn’t become truthier. Lol.
    Either it’s true or it isn’t true. If u believe it to be true then find out it’s not true, it never was.

  • What about the effects of the types of proteins i.e. animal versus plant? Is there the same effect on aging in high plant protein diets?

  • Doesn’t mention anywhere in the title or description who the interviewer is. She’s Dr Rhonda Patrick. A very knowledgeable person in the fasting field.

  • we don’t know that evolution happened, we assumed that it happened. there is a big big difference between knowing something for a fact and assuming something for a fact

  • Mouse is a nocturnal animal, so this is a waste of time

  • Good podcast and interview, but just be careful on how you interpret some of the information he presents here because he makes information from both animal studies and human studies. Metabolisms, and how organisms respond to fasting is vastly different and what happens to one wont necessarily happen to other.

  • I´m sorry, but the video is talking about chromosomes and chromatids for 3 minutes until it gets to the point. Please get to the point, we wouldn´t be watching the video if we didn´t know what a chromsome and a chormatid is/ look up gene mapping to begin with!

  • first 10 minutes are very interesting. protein, IGF1 and aging is something Dr Grundy writes about in the Longevity Paradox. i sense some myth busting going on in the world of protein needs, esp of the animal sourced.

  • The FDA are going to find ways to stop this treatment, otherwise it will revolutionize health care, it will negatively impact share prices for Big Pharma/
    They’ll probably say that these treatments need more studies until they can be recommended, in the mean time, patients should continue to blah blah blah blah.

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  • Thank you Rhonda for this excelent and nurturing interview with Valter! I’ve got a doubt thou, during the 5 day fasting period is it recomended yo workout? You see, I workout (resistance, weights) every weekday un the morning, should I stop working out during this period or is it recommended to continue to do so?
    Another question is, what can we drink during this period besides water. Can we drink green tea and coffee? Any other suggestions for drinks during the fasting period?

  • 3:34 Evolution is a fact? Has anyone seen vertical evolution with their own eyes? Has anyone repeated the experiments to achieve the same result? 1:04 A fact must be observed. Adaptation, though, is very much a thing. Horizontal changing is observable fact. Some dogs have adapted to colder weather and have more fur, some are better at running long distances, some are better sprinters etc. BUT! They are all still dogs. None of them decided to change to a polar bear to be warm or to change to a tiger to run faster.

  • Does this explain why some men seem to be born without the ‘conscience’ part of the brain? Would that be a mutation or addition of a different species of genes?

  • If you intrested in fatty acid metabolism in relation to keto and cancer. Have a look a Dr Budwig.
    Apply hormesis and eat her emulsion. You can get flax seed mills on Allibaba…. im not a doctor
    So its not medical advice…. however.

  • Wow  I just realized  this is   from Khan Academy  YAY      ;):).  Very well done… THANK YOU kHAN ACADEMY    I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH OVER THE YEARS FROM YOU   ALL.

  • I want so much to believe but I always have a hard time trusting researchers who have a personal financial interest in the thing they are researching. I think researchers should be rewarded for discovery but when money becomes the driver then bias is almost inevitable. I get really suspect when the representative product doesn’t go through FDA approval because efficacy doesn’t need to be proven. Even “independent” studies are problematic because someone has to fund those and if you look at disclosures you can usually find something that is suspect.

  • Thank you so much! I was getting a same question wrong again and again! Your presentation helped me a lot to understand how to solve.

  • Dr. Patrick please make a video on ways to manage or heal ulcerative colitis / Crohns Disease. I would love to hear your perspective!

  • I want to believe, but he’s selling the meal kits for £200. £200 for 5 days worth of soups and nuts?

    I want to hear his justification for the price, because you can bet that he didn’t personally spend money on the research.

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  • This is like THE MOST HELPFUL THING EVER. It helps me a lot for my final exam. And by figuring out the concept of gene mapping, I also figured out meiosis, crossing-over, difference between chromatids and chromosomes and so on. Thank u sooooo much!

  • Can someone clarify his point about fasting dealing with visceral fat but not touching subcutaneous fat? Is there no point at which subcutaneous fat gets broken down or do you simply have to fast over time to the point of elimination of visceral fat to tap into subcutaneous fat?

  • What about discovering potential igf1 receptor antagonists, would this be beneficial? Someone should look into cannabinoids in this regard.

    As in both mice and human tissue culture cancer studies, delta 9 THC has been shown to have; anti-angiogenic, anti-proliferative, anti-metastatic and pro-apoptotic effects on the non healthy cells exclusively.

    I hypothesized that some cannabinoids may work as an insulin receptor agonist, as my type 1 diabetic mother noted anecdotally that she could lower her blood glucose a little by smoking cannabis without having to inject insulin, also I get very hypoglycemic if i do strenuous exercise after smoking… evidence to me that some cannabinoids may work in similar fashion to insulin on a cellular level as far as glucose metabolism is concerned, without having elevated levels of serum insulin and the subsequent resistance or other more serious (inflamation & pro tumor etc.) side effects.

    This explanation of the igf1 receptor signaling pathways as related to cancer and aging really make me think that cannabinoids may also be taking an antagonistic role at the igf1 receptor (particularly in cells with a low immune response, such as old/damaged/cancerous cells). This might explain why and how cannabinods have and perform their selective anticancer properties.

    This seems like a workable hypothesis, and i presume there is little chance dr. Patrick will see this comment… But I would love to hear her thoughts on this, its possibilities, and maybe potential for therapeutic application.

    Thanks for reading 😉

  • Stop mixing micro-evolution and macro-evolution and making people believe they are the same thing. Science is based on observation, not on “how many scientists say it is true” or on polls. Micro-evolution is Science because it is based on observation. (Genetic material is not being added to an organism) Macro-evolution is not Science because it not observable in nature and genetic material can not be added to a pre-exisiting organisms.

  • It is mindblowing to me how the videos with the best information on the most important subjects in the world always have so little views, fewer likes and even fewer comments… All of this is evidence that people in general aren’t interested in the stuff that really matters…

  • Thank you for this video… but I think you wanted to mean… 6% out of 100 meiosis events recombination will happen between the two given gens… correct? It means that centimorgan is actually a unit of time…

  • The longest ongoing thought germ is the conservative vs liberal or republican vs democrats which started shortly after the start of the Republican party.

  • me when he said: cats purr because theres robots in them

    me when he pulls out the scerw driver:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DONT try this at home

    me: laughing hahahah

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    Then forgot about it as certain things happened.

    Decided to take a break from facebook, and noticed I was much less angry. Suddenly remembered this video. Took a hot minute to find, but yeah.
    Shared it to some friends, cause we were talking about it.

    Such a good video

  • so i got into a little discussion with a friend:
    I think things/facts (i’m not too sure how to word it) fall on a spectrum of IMPROBABLE -> PROBABLE
    He thinks things can be a definite “no or yes”
    I think nothing can be TRULEY proven, it falls on the scale of VERY VERY VERY improbable or probable, for example if we want to talk about a higher being or god: he’d say, no because science definitively proves it doesn’t exist (i’m atheist btw it’s just an example).
    He’d go on to say by my logic, I must think the chair i’m sitting on can’t be 100% real I’d say i know i’m sitting on a chair or at at least by my subjective view i am, but at the same time 0.000000001% it may not be real!
    Is it just semantics? I don’t know what to make of it, can things be definitively ‘real’ or not?
    yes i’m very stoned

  • I knew it! Covid-19 could be spread via the internet! I need to tell my teachers that I can’t do online learning for school. I must sit at home in the dark all day so that I don’t catch the coronavirus over the internet!

  • Could you do some like nutshell videos of three to four minutes that sum things like these up. It’s impossible for many ME patients to listen to this video. I would like to know what it informs us about but I am totally unable to get it through a format like this one.

  • A theory in science is better called an hypothesis. This means that it has been postulated rather than proved to be true or even close to what really happens. For a scientific theory to have credit a certain amount of testing or experiment is also needed or at least some sensible result to be known to come from it. Thus the expression “theory” in science is misleading and the result of the idea after it has been shown to apply to some degree to the real world makes it more than “just a theory”.

  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick, it would be very interesting to hear your thoughts about PMGs (Protomorphogens) and its effects on autoimmune conditions. I just discovered that one, but not sure what to think of it…

  • With the nature of activity so elevated, even above the chimp, it seems to me that either the female of the species has a selective instinct toward change, or their is some eerie support for David Jacob’s recent findings. I don’t pretend to know anything personally, or understand all of what has been said here, but some of it seems to be jumping off the page in terms of bang for the buck potential for non-destructive change. It’s hard to imagine the kind of parity they show generally occurring at random.
    Of course their may be other reasons, perhaps due to culturally rooted manifestations influencing behavioral aspects of the natural process, but it seems to me that that would be leaning a little toward the likelihood of destiny as a progenitor in a fundamental capacity that gives me the creeps.
    Is our experience so irrelevant?

  • Curious if FMD has been studied on people that are already using metformin or berberine. I use berberine and sulforophane which has affects on ampk, mtor, glucose, atophagy among many other things. How much would I need to alter the FMD process?

  • Hi CGP Grey, this is a very good video about a phenomena that happen GLOBALLY. Yes, i repeat, globally. So in that sense would you give us the permission to redo your video using our own local language? We will put you on citation and copyright though.

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  • 3:30
    Actually it’s a theory too because we dont have any evidence that confirms that we evolved.. we could somehow come into existance as humans or something
    We dont have history that confirms humans were not humans (I mean ancestors that were simillar to us) before, or a time machine or something like that confirming a 100% that evolution is a fact.

  • I wonder if Dr Patrick could give her opinion on GcMAF which is said to cure stage four cancer without side effects.

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  • well im on day 2 of my water fast i drink 500ml of coconut water 110 calories a day because im not a moron and i know my body needs sodium and potassium.

  • Just discovered Dr. Longo about a month ago I love his studies and what he talks about and started listening to his audio book today love this information thank you!

  • i have been trying to regulate my autoimmune diseases with diet(type 1 diabetes, Graves disease, celiac, and arthritis). what would be the ideal diet for autoimmune disease? I am currently eating in a 6-hour window and have played with my macronutrients in that window. i would be willing to make any further dietary modifications necessary to improve. i currently follow low lectin protocols cutting dairy, legumes, nightshades and grains with the exception of corn and peanuts and a little cream in my coffee.

  • I wonder he being italian what he thinks about gluten, is pizza and pasta in or out? and more broadly if preparation or combination of gluten with something else makes is safer/less problematic (if at all).

  • I absolutely believe in Theory of Evolution, there is no discussion about that but I don’t believe humans evolved from monkeys/apes.

  • This reminds me of the french meme “pain au chocolat ou chocolatine” which basically means “chocolate bread or chocolatin”, this meme has been around for decades now and has never died.