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FRIDAY, Feb. 24, 2017 (HealthDay News) Differences in how much men and women sweat have little to do with gender, according to a new study. Instead, sweating is.

Instead, sweating is linked to body size, researchers found. This might help explain why larger people typically men tend to perspire more during exercise or in warm conditions. “Gender has long been thought to influence sweating and skin blood flow during heat stress,” said the study’s lead author, Sean Notley, of the University of Wollongong in Australia. FRIDAY, Feb.

24, 2017 (HealthDay News)—Differences in how much men and women sweat have little to do with gender, according to a new study. Instead, sweating is linked to body size, researchers found. This might help explain why larger people—typically men—tend to perspire more during exercise or in warm conditions.

FRIDAY, Feb. 24, 2017 Differences in how much men and women sweat have little to do with gender, according to a new study. Advertisement Instead, sweating is.

Laut einer neuen Studie haben Unterschiede in der Schweißmenge von Männern und Frauen wenig mit dem Geschlecht zu tun. Stattdessen hängt das Schwitzen von. Don’t Sweat It: Gender Doesn’t Dictate Perspiration Rate; 3 years ago.

Instead, your size and shape influence how the body releases heat and cools down, study finds. Excess Sweating Can Be a Drenching, Wrenching Burden; 3 years ago. People with hyperhidrosis seem to have higher rates of anxiety and depression, study finds. Gender doesn’t dictate how much you sweat, but body shape and size do, researchers found. In other words: It’s not that guys sweat more because they’re guys, it’s that they sweat more because.

RELATED Don’t sweat it: Sex doesn’t dictate perspiration rate. Although researchers have known for years that microbes play a role in the production of BO, scientists at. A person’s overall sweat rate depends on how many sweat glands his or her body activates and how much sweat is excreted at each gland.

What the researchers found was that the fit. Some of the most compelling evidence for the idea of gender identity being hard-wired into the brain comes from medical reports on people who were born in.

List of related literature:

Gender differences in substrate utilization during exercise.

“Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport” by Anthony C. Hackney, Naama W. Constantini
from Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport
by Anthony C. Hackney, Naama W. Constantini
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In most studies, some HRV measures are reported to be gender-related whereas others are not.

“Comprehensive Electrocardiology” by Peter W. Macfarlane, Adriaan van Oosterom, Olle Pahlm, Paul Kligfield, Michiel Janse, John Camm
from Comprehensive Electrocardiology
by Peter W. Macfarlane, Adriaan van Oosterom, et. al.
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Females have (not significantly) more active sweat glands than males, but males show a greater gland flow (Fowles, 1986a).

“Electrodermal Activity” by Wolfram Boucsein
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Vainius, C.J. Wysocki: Preference for human body odors is influenced by gender and sexual orientation, Psychol.

“Springer Handbook of Odor” by Andrea Büttner
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Women sweat less than men to attain an identical subjective thermal rating, while maintaining the same body temperature as male subjects due to a greater efficiency of the sweat evaporation process.

“Recovery for Performance in Sport” by Christophe Hausswirth, Iñigo Mujika, Institut national du sport et de l'éducation physique (France)
from Recovery for Performance in Sport
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The best known cases are females detecting specific cues of attractions from male sweat (via the t-shirt experiments).

“Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They Told You: Busting Myths about Human Nature” by Agustín Fuentes
from Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They Told You: Busting Myths about Human Nature
by Agustín Fuentes
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This means that women sweat less and begin sweating at a higher percentage of VO2max when compared with men.

“Athletic Training and Sports Medicine” by Robert C. Schenck, Ronnie P. Barnes, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Robert S. Behnke
from Athletic Training and Sports Medicine
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Females have fewer functional sweat glands than males.

“Playing With the Boys: Why Separate is Not Equal in Sports” by Associate Professor of Political Science Eileen McDonagh, Eileen McDonagh, Laura Pappano
from Playing With the Boys: Why Separate is Not Equal in Sports
by Associate Professor of Political Science Eileen McDonagh, Eileen McDonagh, Laura Pappano
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The National Institutes of Health has recognized this gap in scientific knowledge and now mandates that studies be conducted in both sexes and to include gender as variables influencing physiological processes such as metabolism.

“Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Metabolic Homeostasis, Diabetes and Obesity” by Franck Mauvais-Jarvis
from Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Metabolic Homeostasis, Diabetes and Obesity
by Franck Mauvais-Jarvis
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Analysis of gender as a direct risk factor for MSDs, or statistically adjusting for gender differences, does not elucidate these issues.

“Women and Health” by Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode
from Women and Health
by Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode
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  • If you have a cock, balls, prostate, and falobian tubes, then you’re a male. If you have a vagina, uterus, falobian tubes, and a few male chromosomes, you’re a female. Stop trying to put everything into a spectrum just to feel like you’re unique and special, you’re not. And I understand the fact that some people are born with perhaps a cock but maybe no testicles, and yes that would make them intersex, but that is ludicrously rare. So if a person can reproduce like a male, they’re a male. If a person can reproduce like a female, then they’re a female. The only intersex ones, are the ones that can’t reproduce at all, because of a lack of matching se x organs. Which is honestly not worth making a spectrum for because of its rarity.

  • Two details:

    1. They are genetic mutations that are not transmitted in a generalized way in the species.

    2. These mutations are not statistically significant enough to speak of a new sex.

    It is like saying that having a cleft lip is a natural form within homo sapiens.

  • I’m looking at drawings of cardinals. One drawing for male and one drawing for female. So only XX and XY. Why is that? Why do birding drawings have only drawings for XX and XY? Because for the most part it IS the straight forward. There are exceptions exceptions to the rule. I think stating there are more than two human sexes is poor and dishonest science writing. I watched whole video. Thumbs down.

  • This stupidity is beyond unbelieveable, the only thing that is kind of positive is that this is only a small majority of people but they are impacting society in a negative way, you are either male or female and don’t choose what gender you are! Sometimes you honestly must admit that Hitler and the Nazis may of had a point on killing trans and homosexuals. This mess is out of control, we don’t encourage it we need to help those accept who they really are and ban conversion therapy.

  • Can I just comment on something. The comment section of this video has disgusted me, I am truly disappointed in all of you who have posted crap like “oh there are wars going on” and stuff like “oh these people are snowflakes we have to walk on eggshells around them” or “there are only to genders” or some stupid Trump-ass bullcrap like that. I am a cis male, yes, but even I, who grew up in a predominantly Christian household that upheld the same ignorant ideologies as you can provide this group of people basic respect. Do I believe in 50 genders? No. But there sure as hell aren’t just two, and I don’t think your privileged ass can comment on what other people want to identify as. Yes, there are wars going on, but you can’t say that commenting on this issue is taking away from that??? Like what, where’s the logic love??? And, as a person with non-binary friends, I can say from experience that these people understand if you misgender them a couple of times accidentally, or if you first meet them, they respectfully correct you. So don’t try and victimise yourself in an attempt to make these people feel less than your idiocy. The only thing with less of a range than your false idea of gender has is your intelligence if you think that what this video said wasn’t true, or good. Respect others and don’t be an idiot.

  • We should call performing medically unnecessary surgeries on a child’s genitalia what is it: intersex genital mutilation, and it is still practiced today. In California, we tried banning the practice, and it failed due to lobbing by doctors. Focus groups with adults who have androgen insensitivity has shown that some feel traumatized from having their internal testies removed, and there is no evidence leaving them in increases risk of cancer because there hasn’t been any large scale clinical trials for this procedure. My points don’t confirm that everyone feels this way. There may be someone who feels like their medically unnecessary surgery was necessary for their mental health, but what is clear is the harms are real, and the benefits are speculative at best, and can be delayed to when the patient can consent to the procedure.

    Side note: There is evidence that clitorus reduction surgery doesn’t have the traumatizing effects of other kinds of surgeries. I would ask if it’s medically necessary, and if it can be delayed. If the answer is no and yes respectively, then why do it before a person can consent?

  • They are only important cause it doesn’t hurt your feelings. But no one cares about your feelings in the end. If you get called the wrong thing then oh well suck it up and keep moving


  • Your “gender” is your birth right. Your “sexual identity” is your human right. One is a choice the other is not. The two are not the same. Why won’t most Transgenders or gays admit to it being “their choice”? If I wanted to be something else I would be proud of my choices and glad I live in a world where I can make them. I wouldn’t give a rats a** what others thought of me. They don’t live in my shoes. But they are lying to themselves and demanding we lie with them. I would proudly stand and defend anyone’s right to be who and what they are but I will also defend my own right to the same thing. I resent being forced to sympathize with people who care nothing about my own rights and refuse to acknowledge that I even have them. I am a straight white female. I was born a white female but made a conscious decision to be straight after growing and experiencing my own life. I am proud of that. Everyone has their own choices to make.

  • Its hilarious how all the protesters just all got quiet and looked at each other when she said “let’s have an actual conversation”

    It’s like it came straight out of South park��

  • I’d like to know what your views are on intersex and the trans community. While I, along with you affirm there is biological sex, I find intersex a grey area where nature shows a grey area. Also, those protestors were acting so shameful.

  • Holy shit! Alright, THAT is the line. Why can’t YouTube demonetize ACTUAL lies but they waste NO TIME in censoring unpopular opinions and actual truths????

  • You really do speak so much truth! And I just sometimes feel that lbgt community sometimes misconstrue what our feelings and emotions are and using all these wrong platforms trying to get the message across

  • Just one thing: chromosomes! Even if you can change your look and more (which is great) your biological gender will always be written in every cell of your body.

  • How did they let someone so disgustingly untruthful speak from authority at TED? Take one look at the credibility of ANY of the stuff this Karen was citing?

  • literally nobody is saying that gender is a choice, that’s the whole point. just like homosexuality, gender identity is just something that you realise over time

  • I’m a straight cis dude, but exploring my gender and gender identity was very valuable to me and I highly recommend everyone does it, even when you know you are cis and identify as the gender you were born with. I had a real good think about what about my personality or taste is genuinely me, and what about me is just my attempt at being masculine? I’ve stopped caring about masculinity, if I like something I like something, if I need to be emotional and vulnerable once in a while then damn-it I’m going to be emotional and vulnerable.

    This message funded by the council for trans people who are just as confused about the amount of hate leveled at intersex folks

  • And a communist told me this “sex isn’t a binary” stuff were new discoveries. Turns out it’s just the good old genetic anomalies I’ve seen in school years ago,the only new thing is that they repacage that as sex being spectrum… By that logic, the number of arms humans have is a spectrum as anomalies can alter the size and number of arms one has…

  • seriously, why dont you even like your own existence?
    you were born with a literal female developed brain… you seriously think a brain is not biological???
    you genuinly just dont think about it………

  • They just want to confuse ppl especially young ppl. I hope ppl don’t believe this ridiculous shit and more trans ppl are hopefully calling them out on this I don’t know? This is an older video? I know you did thanks.

  • LOL was gonna troll any possible morons in the comments on the original video but the comments are turned off. They LIED and they KNOW but it’s still on YOUTUBE and probably still MONETIZED. DAMN.

  • Can anyone even imagine what a national geographic episode would be like these days if other animals were as complicated, sensitive & picky as we are? “Here you see a…Land animal (whom has every right and capability to instead lead an aquatic lifestyle without oppressive restrictive prejudice if they so choose). Although you see what appears here to be a mother animal nursing their offspring, we can not definitively determine rather this particular animal is a female mother or male mother because the anatomic breasts you see here are not fair indications of their gender identity without first knowing how they personally identify & their preferred pronouns. Traditionally mothers will teach their offspring how to survive Up to 4 weeks but a father may also do this if any of the mothers don’t want to sacrifice their careers because fathers & mother roles shouldn’t be imposed on a modern animal.. Up the hill we have another individual animal without label of animal specifics to rid the animal kingdom of stereotypes & inequality. Although this particular animal is displaying traditional mating call practices, we can not know for sure if this animal is sexuality traditional when mating or if they like animals of a different sexuality or possibly do not even have a sexuality & is attracted to non gender specific qualities. Typically this land animal would primarily eat meat, but depending on their moral compass & belief system they may instead choose a primarily vegetarian diet. We really have no explanation to be able to truly descriptively describe this animal without upsetting individual identities or offending anyone so this episode is just a bunch of crap about what animal this may or may not be & how it may or may not live within their natural habitat. Thank you for watching.”

  • Exactly. This should not even have to be said. Men and women will always be different, and that’s not bad, and it’s not sexist, it’s just how it is.

  • This is so ridiculous, different gender pronouns have nothing to do with making women have casual sex or pursue a career single mindedly. Nor does it deny that woman and men are different, of course they’re different no one said they weren’t! Letting people identify themselves how they want does not effect you so stop pretending it does!

  • I didn’t know she is a trans woman until she said so. Man, she is beautiful! I feel for the gender dysphoric people, I do. But let the physicians decide what treatment they are gonna get. Are the getting a hormonal dose to enhance their sexual traits or are they allowed to have surgery. I can’t believe I had to say that, but these whole thing doesn’t depend on the patients, but depends on the physicians. Tell you a secret. I have seen trans woman arguing with doctor that he doesn’t understand biology and science. Part of me died that day.

  • Amazing job fam. Fantastic speech. It really opened my eyes a bit wider to my fellow human…I love the evolution that is coming:)$

  • Prageru, as far as i know from having to watch so many of their videos, is fueled by hate disguised as an educated debate. I can hear it in her godd*mn voice, that shes enjoying every second of patronizing almost anyone who doesnt agree with prager’s belief system. In fact i dont even think they ever really asked anyone on the other side who doesnt have a chance to be humiliated in some way how they view things. Theyre just mean, i dont understand why a school for education has to be so bent. I want to learn, not to be lectured into hating anyone.

  • It’s amazing how history repeats itself, yet, people can’t seem to learn from it. I guess people prefer Pleasant Lies to Unpleasant Truths?

    Holy God Risen Savior has for 6000 years been warning against dysfunctional, deviant, wicked souls who follow Lucifer rather than Jesus.

    It really that simple. Bob Dylan once sang “ya gotta serve someone, it might be the devil or it might be the Lord, but ya gotta serve someone”.

    Choose wisely.

  • If gender is not a straight line, then why do the experts in this field have a graph to demonstrate these nonsense ideas that’s literally a straight line with GI Joe on one end and Barbie on the other? Science.

  • I will NEVER tow the PC line. Anyone who tries to force it on me will be buried in my back yard. That means LITERALLY anyone. No one dictates what I can and cant think or believe by force.

  • Common sense isn’t common anymore. We are in bizarre times. So much progress has been made, which we should be grateful for, yet so much pseudo-activism has been initiated for the sake of being ‘against something’. ��

  • Human race is soo dumb regarding to gender ideology and questions about genders. I accept trans people with everything related to them, because it’s medically proved that it’s dysphoria and it’s normal. But this kind of “creatures” that think they are something else then male or female or trans ones are absolutely twisted in my personal opinion. I agree with all your opinions completely ✌��❤️

  • I wish I could know you and all of these people in person, it’s kind of difficult to find people who agree with this kinds os opinions.

  • And if we have a war and reinstate the draft to produce combat soldiers, watch ALL of these pretend men quickly revert to being women.

  • Man. I thought this video was gonna say their ate other genders beyond male, female and intersex. Disappointed but still good video.

  • I love Blaire, and she is completely right. No matter how many surgeries she gets, none will give her the intrinsic body parts of a woman like ovaries and things like that. These people always say “trust the science” when it comes to wearing masks and crap, but when it comes to FREAKING BIOLOGY they will tell you “the science is wrong.”

  • Wow, where do I start?

    “Many public figures have given into the left’s anti-scientific myth that gender is a choice…”
    No. Gender is not a choice. It’s whatever your brain tells you. According to the NIH, there is proof that there are biological factors that lead to gender dysphoria (a condition where your biological sex doesn’t match your physiological gender). So it’s actually pro-science to believe in gender dysphoria and it’s rude and ignorant to say gender is a choice. Nobody is saying that.

    “Today we are told that male and female are one and the same.”
    Who is saying that? Please show me one person who is saying that. If we are talking about sex (which I assume you are) then no. Obviously, men and women are biologically different. We have different genitalia. Women develop breasts and have the ability to get pregnant and have a baby. Our brains are shaped differently and on average, men are physically stronger than women. If you are talking about gender, which I assume you’re not (or just don’t know the difference) then men and women aren’t different. We assign roles to these genders but how you want to express yourself (whether you want to have breasts, certain genitalia, a high or low voice or a certain face structure is up to you and doesn’t necessarily have to put you in a category. If that’s a little to unorthodox for you, let me put it this way, there are biological differences between men and women but, in an ideal society, those biological differences would not predetermine how you are treated on a day To day basis and would only determine certain things regarding athletics and medicine.

    “Led to the astonishing belief that men and women are not born male and female, they are whatever gender they say they are.”
    Your pulling a classic ‘I didn’t do my research’ and making a rookie mistake. You’re confusing sex and gender. Sex is what you are biologically born as. You can be male, female or in rare cases, intersex. This is determined by your genitalia. Gender is how you identify and what your brain tells you. You can identify as a number of different things depending on how your brain tells you you should look. If you feel most comfortable with a flat chest, low voice, strong facial structure and male genitalia, then your gender is male, no matter your sex. If you feel most comfortable with breasts, a higher voice, softer facial features and female genitalia then you are female. If you prefer somewhere in between those two things then you can identify as a gender in between these two. The umbrellas or these other genders is “non-binary”. When your sex and gender don’t match, you have a condition called gender dysphoria and you are what we commonly refer to as: transgender.

    “Know what a demi-boy is? Me neither.”
    Yes, I do actually. This is not a valid criticism of anyone but yourself. It shows that you’re behind the times and willingly ignorant. At any point, you could pull out your phone and look up what a demi-Boy is but you choose not to for no other purpose than to fuel your own ignorance. It is actually very embarrassing for you that you don’t know what a demi-boy is since you’re supposed to be teaching a college level class right now. For those of you who don’t know, a demi-boy is someone who identifies somewhere between gender neutral and a boy. That means they don’t exactly feel completely neutral but they don’t exactly feel like a boy either. Sorry for pulling your head out of the sand and making you learn something.

    “No amount of peer reviewed papers from gender departments studies can change this.”
    Hahaha!!! I don’t even have to try do I? You literally just devalued your entire argument by saying there are academic papers going against exactly what your saying while you site how many sources? 0.

    “The men and women are the same argument invariably leads women to be judged against men.”
    A. Like I’ve said before, we all agree here, biologically, men and women are different.
    B. Why though? It kind of seems like you’re making up a problem where there isn’t one. Nobody is suggesting women be judged against men in things they biologically cannot control. But with things that are under women’s/men’s (yes is said /men’s, were not all closed minded people who think only women can’t meet the standards given to men) control, it’s perfectly fair to judge them on their character. Although they are different, many things in your life are not decided by your sex. Your character in any given situation should be more important than what is in your pants. Why does it need to have anything to do with sex at all? Your pitting the sexes against one another when there is no need.

    “She has to want to have casual sex like a man, to serve in combat like a man, and follow her career with a single minded intensity like a man.”
    How are any of these male traits? Last time I checked we don’t live in the 19th century where only a man’s sexual needs are fulfilled. There are plenty of women who are fine with casual sex and plenty of men who are against it. Overall, according to Phycology Today, women’s sexual desires can strongly be influenced by what their friends are doing; with the modern openness surrounding “hookup sex” I would not be surprise if more women were becoming interested in having casual sex. Next, although men are generally more aggressive than women, there are always exceptions to that. Additionally, aggression is not always the main reason someone chooses to serve. Maybe they want to give back to their country, maybe, they want guaranteed job and a good education for cheap, or maybe, it’s a family tradition that they want to take part of. Serving in combat is not a uniquely male thing. Following your career is not a uniquely male thing. According to the PEW Research Center, Women are constantly pushed down in certain sectors like tech and science (which are also the sectors growing the fastest). Which gives women a reputation of not being career driven. Additionally, according to again, the PEW Research Center, women are thought of as bad people in societies eyes if they don’t have kids/take ample time off from work and not move up in their career for the kids but when men do it they are “hard workers” and “breadwinners for their family”. The only reason women don’t appear to be more career driven is because people like you in our modern society who constantly push them down and tell them that “they can’t play with the boys”.

    “Science is telling us more emphatically than ever that men and women are different”

    “But there is no room for science in stores like, say, Target or Toys R Us where toys are no longer divided into the boys and girls section.”
    OH MY LORD THEY MIXED THE TOYS!!! This is the weirdest argument I’ve heard yet. Why do you care? What effect is this having on you? I’m so confused.

    “Or in a North Carolina school district where students can no longer be called ‘boys’ and ‘girls’”
    I’m legit just confused why you care.

    “Using the wrong pronoun at the office might get you fired.”
    I know I sound like a broken record but I’m begging you to cite your sources. I did a little research on my own and technically, you are correct, there have been people fired for refusing to use the right pronouns. Your video is very misleading though. You make it appear as if you can get fired for a simple slip up or mistake but I could only find people who were fired for intentionally refusing to use the right pronouns and who were given multiple warnings they would be fired. In the sentence right before this one, you advocate for respect for those who you say “really” have gender dysphoria (as if someone would chose to be hated and discriminated against) but this makes it seem that you want to respect them up until the point that you actually have to give them any respect. Calling someone by the correct pronouns is literally the least you can do and you defend people to even refuse to do that. Absolute hypocrisy.

    Finally, the martial arts example.
    That was just wrong. There is a biological difference between men and women and although she is a women she still contains the strength of a man and should’ve followed with other men. Anybody with common sense will not argue that men and women are biologically the same. They aren’t.

    In conclusion, cite your f*cking sources!! Everything you say can be automatically thrown out the window because you can’t prove it’s true. I’m trying to help you do your job!! You make it too easy.

  • This whole foolish movement regarding “gender” and “sex” is just an example of people who are trying to destroy any notion of God and His creation. God is perfect. His creations are perfect. His law is perfect. The Son, Jesus, lived a perfect, sinless life.

  • 3:59 she said like in one of the next clips that she’s intersexual, so her biological body isn’t Either male or female, it has characteristics of both. Why you didn’t put that explain or the parts talking about intersexual people, but thoes after, the video has like 5 minutes, y’all can go and check

  • If a trans woman is biologically a woman, then why don’t they get their periods and all the crap that comes with it? This is so ridiculous!

  • @ 2:00 I feel like I have seen that woman in another video getting shut down by a former citizen of post-collapse USSR shutting her down on her views of socialism.

  • If these fucks spent as much time working and getting an education as they do figuring out how to label themselves, we’d have colonies on Mars and flying cars.

  • I’m a conservative man in continuous fight agains my prejudices. People like you help me so much to understand and love transgender people as they are. Thank u so much

  • Young generation gets dumb and dumber. Having to makeup an identity because you feel like it then force it on society to accept it. Is this a joke?

  • In Thailand people call them ladyboy. And sometimes it was really difficult to distinguish who are you looking at, because some of them use plastic surgery and hormone theraphy. Some of them are ‘HELLYEAH’ beautiful! Most of them are men who want to look like a woman. The opposite ‘transformation’ is more rarely. And Thai people accept them normally, they don’t have any ‘pronouns wars’, they use the second, normal (male/female) name. There are even a lot of shops of clothes and accessories specially for ladyboys.

  • Nice video. But the problem is to proliferated throughout media. It is almost impossible to take back the way they have produced such erroneous results about gender. In health class today kids are learning such screwed up ideas about gender and they make it hard for parents to reject that part of false education.

  • Grammatically speaking pronouns are generally used in reference to people or things that are not in the conversation and/or not in the presence of the conversation. You’re essentially attempting to regulate what people say when you’re not around which is kind of insane if you ask me.

  • I am in the IT industry (“male dominated industry”), I like casual sex, and no I’m not questioning my gender. I am a woman, I was born a woman and I will always be a woman. I guess I’m the exception because nowadays all people who happen to like or do things of the opposite gender are suddenly non-binary… smh please start using your brain and don’t think whatever the society wants you to think without critically questioning it

  • “… easiest way you can acknowledge someone’s identity” yeah no, not gonna memorize a whole chart of pronouns and keep tabs on every person, how about if it’s not “he” or “her”, we just say “snowflake”?

  • Sex and gender are different so you can identify as whatever you want on the gender spectrum. Strictly speaking, male and female aren’t the same since people are identifying as such and it is still very important to them to assert these differences (just like any other gender on the spectrum by the way).
    Ashley McGuire, you seem to have a thriving career as an author and spokesperson on this channel and thankfully that had nothing to do with your sex or gender but with you as a person. I am pretty sure you didn’t need to be more like “a man” to achieve that.
    These “progressive elites” you are talking about are trying to explain how we all need to learn about and respect people on the spectrum, so that we won’t continue living in a society with rampant hate and discrimination.
    Believe me I personally didn’t know what a demi-boy was but it took me less than a minute on the internet to research and comprehend. I invite you to do the same.

  • Some Additional Info: In this episode, we mentioned that those with XXX chromosomes sometimes have minor learning disorders, and that those with Turner syndrome may have mental disabilities. Everyone experiences these things differently, so these symptoms don’t apply in all cases! But as for why they sometimes happen? Well, scientists aren’t actually sure, and any ideas they do have are extremely complicated. Hopefully we’ll know more soon!

  • Looks like PragerU doesn’t understand psychology. Gender identity isn’t a left-wing thing, it’s psychology. America’s right-wing is notoriously intolerant, though, so of course you can’t handle the gender spectrum.

  • The majority of undescended testicle cases are because the baby was born pre-term. This video seems to statistically lump those cases in with the gender bending chromosomal reason for for undescended testicles.
    Not cool!

  • Trans females don’t get periods, don’t have ovaries or eggs, and can’t have babies… Trans females are female in the public eye as long as you present yourself that way, but you weren’t born a female.

    like Blaire said… trans is from A to B, male to female, and vice versa

  • Yes, even as a trans person, I still believe there are differences between male and female.
    I don’t get why people are trying to say there are none.:/
    If there wasn’t, then there’d be no need for people to medically transition from one gender to the other.

    As for non-binary people, I don’t doubt the possibility that their brain structures might fall more in between male and female in the sexually dimorphic areas. But it doesn’t make everyone else all the same.


  • “Gender” is a concept made up to make the concept of “personality” seem confusing.

    It’s actually quite standard of post-WW2 Continental Philosophy which specializes in saying nothing at all in the most convoluted manner while using as many words as possible.

    Not surprising that gender was never applied to humans until the late 1950s.

  • I don’t normally comment but since this comment section is full of people who, despite obviously not agreeing with what’s in the video, decided to watch it anyway. Just wanted to give some support.

  • My teacher made us watch this on zoom and I knew I had to look it up to read the comments and I’m glad everyone shares the same thoughts as me

  • “My pronouns are they/them/theirs, and that’s a non-negotiable” lol, forcing someone to say words they do not want to say is fascism at it’s finest.

  • I actually unlocked the bonus sex. You have to go to the corner of the room and jump 15 times while punching repeatedly. If you do it right, you’ll hear a click and you’ll black out briefly. When you wake up, you’ll have the bonus sex as an option. I’m not sure why it happens, but it might be that it’s an Easter egg or it lets you briefly warp to a dev area.

  • What if I use bro to everyone and it’s just my language, like if I was to say “bro you gonna come on later” is that an act of “violence” even though I use it to describe most of my female friends who don’t identify as male. I don’t understand some of this stuff but would like to know more about it so I can make my own decision on what’s right and wrong.

  • What these trans people and trans activists fail to realize is that all humans are biological beings, therefore everything humans are and do is of biological origin. That’s inescapable.

  • I think I don’t agree with the gender pronounce because it comes from a very personal place. Listening to these people explain why they find it important, makes me understand and feel them and at the same time I understand why they find it important. That doesn’t mean it should therefore become a law and a “everyone must do this” because so many people dont known shit about it or don’t understand it. And for people to understand something you don’t need a law, you need relationships and communication. Wherever that be in family, friends, school, business, etc.. I find the solutions to the “problems” these days too onesided, it keeps people out, irritated and confused, instead of bringing us people as a whole together. To grow, we have to value the views of people we don’t agree with. Not make a new law.

  • If you need someone else’s validation in order to identify what YOU believe, why bother believing it.

    If you need ME to call you something you’re not in order for you to feel like you’re that, it means you’re not it

    If YOU strongly believe that you’re something else, why does it matter what other people say, haters gonna hate, if you depend on people believing what YOU are, then you’re nothing.

  • Tellling people with gender dysphoria that they are what they claim to be is the equivelent of telling someone with schizophrinia that the voices in their head are real and the the distorted reality they live in is all real.

  • So nice to hear a woman say this. I always wondered why women would want to do the insane things men do. Lotta unresolved trauma I guess

  • i hope that blaire has another like meet thing. i really want to meet her so bad, i love her so much and i have been watching her for 2.5 to 3 years.

  • I don’t disagree that male and female are different, but tomboys have been a norm since the 1970s, and therefore, janegirls should be a norm, too.

  • I’m sorry to be a prude but I do think it’s confusing to say sex is on a spectrum like this effects the general public. There’s a huge difference between saying there’s general two sexes but there’s exceptions to every rule, and because there’s exceptions we are changing the rule we all could not be the sex we believe we are. I don’t think anyone on the planet would deny the existence of people that don’t fit into the binary, like we can see it. But to change the standard of people that do fit to the binary is not benefiting anyone.

    Yes, I agree a non binary bathroom and giving the freedom to individuals to express both is necessary, but please don’t try and critique the fact I’m a full functioning female based on subtle inconsistencies. I’m a cis gender female and my organs and hormones for now allow me to reproduce. 95% of people feel this way, nothing wrong about it. And then there’s people that are born or feel differently and that’s okay and really cool. End of story.

  • I can accept them not wanting to be called he or she but I cannot accept “they” or “them” cause those are plural nouns. So they need new, non binary, singular pronouns.

  • My extreme childbirth pain would beg to differ as would my near death experience due to pregnancy issues don’t forget PM’s, the absolute worst thing. But I suppose it’s all a figmant of my imagination.

  • “You’re your own special creation”

    The far left has become so focused on collectivism that they can no longer comprehend the fact that people are unique individuals even when biologically categorised as male or female.

  • Think about implementing gender neutrality in European languages it wouldn’t work and they would have to change their entire language because of some hipster fucks that think they’re important..

  • There are only two genders in my opinion, but at this point why does it matter so much what others believe. They’re entitled to their own opinions, and they’re not gonna change, so this video accomplishes nothing as far as a wake up call for leftists

  • So, what are the names of the other sexes? How many public restrooms should we have? There’s nothing new here. I went to high school in 1970s and learned about the possible different combinations of X and Y chromosomes. So, this video is incorrect to say we learned only XX or XY in high school. I think this video is political correctness motivated. I watched the whole video and giving it thumbs down. It may report science accurately but the jump to more than two human sexes and spectrum is not science but spin. Also, I’m sure this is all true for other species. Should birding books have more than drawings for just male and female? XX, XY, XXX, XYY, etc.

  • Y’know, I see where PragerU is coming from. I hate when everyone talks about brown people, like, people are either black or white, there’s only two skin colours! All the people with “olive”, or “ash”, or “tan”, those are fake.There’s only Black and White you attention-seekers

  • People kick against God and His perfect creations because they don’t want to be held accountable to Him for their sinful actions. There’s nothing “new” about this thinking. Ancient civilizations have been rebelling against Him for centuries. Turn to Jesus. Be saved.

  • 50% of comments = making fun of his masculinity and being obnoxious about all the “s.j.w.s on ted.” Purposefully using wrong pronouns

    50% of comments = sweet, kind, loving words about his speech, encouraging him and saying wonderful things.

    please be nice!

  • I try to be very open and educate myself on things. I just binge watched POSE for goodness sakes. But this!!! I can’t. If you get stabbed in the heart because of someone using a pronoun, you have bigger fish to fry. With the exception of hermaphrodites, there are only males and females. Chromosomes, DNA, science indicates this. I certainly understand that there is a mental component to identity as well, but English language does have a pronoun for neutral, “it”. “It” is genderless. Why in the world are you going to ask the population to string a list of other pronouns together to refer to you or your feelings are hurt? If gender descriptions offend so much, why not just use IT? IT wants to be seated at table 3. Who is the person sitting on the park bench that does not want to be defined as male or female? IT is Pat. Problem resolved. If a girl doesn’t want to be referred to as she or her and that is OFFENSIVE, then using a the genderless pronoun of “IT” should be all that is needed, Its not that complicated.

  • A demiboy (also called a demiguy, demiman or demimale person) is a gender identity describing someone who partially, but not wholly, identifies as a man, boy or otherwise masculine, whatever their assigned gender at birth.

    2 things:

    1. I hate that I found this on google

    2. This is definition of a cuck or a little bitch

  • Varying gender identity is valid beyond a and b. Those who choose to express their identity are valid and deserve safety, and those who are hiding deserve to express their identity safely. Varying gender identity is scientific, variations beyond males and females is scientific, and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know when invalidating human beings’ harmless behavior is a dick move. Smooooches

  • Just…no…just…stop, like why do you need to make this video, why can’t you leave the people be? It’s people like you that make this world an unaccepting, cold-hearted and rude place. Just stop, keep your harsh misjudgments to yourselves and stop talking, for the sake of mankind. You transphobic assholes.(and BTW I do in fact know what a demi-boy is, if you care to educate yourself properly then you would know as well)

  • Why would you even accept the use of the word “gender” instead of “sex”? You’re already ceding the language to the left on this point:(

  • This honestly hit so hard, I’m also ftm, and honestly. my family doesn’t help. I’m so glad how we are getting out there. Coming out is hella scary.. cuz I’ve done it wrongly once. and bad coming out story.

  • Ok so, I just watched the actual video. The girl who said “I’m living proof of that” claims to be intersex.

    Also, they turned off comments and the like/ dislike ratio I’d 1k/20k ������

  • Blaire, you are fucking AWESOME! I absolutely love how you are trans, but you don’t let that get in the way of your critical thinking. It’s almost like being a trans woman doesn’t define your entire existence as a human being. Like you have thoughts and feelings that don’t revolve around your transition. Crazy, right? You keep doing you. The LGBTQ community should hold you up as a shinning beacon….

  • Makes me wonder how many transgender people have a form of DSD and don’t know it. I was assigned female based on my genitals, but I identify as a man. But for all I know I could have some male sex traits. Wild.

  • Defining terms is important!
    Sex: Physically what you are born as. Male or female.
    Gender: This is your social disposition, or how you conduct yourself. You can have an effeminate male or a manly female. Nothing new here.
    Sexual preference: This is who you choose to have sex with.

    Now the question is why is not socially acceptable for a white woman (see Rachael Dolezal) but a man can pass as a woman when women, historically, have been the most discriminated against and oppressed demographic. A trans man will never menstruate, does not have a uterus, and will never produce a child. How are women not offended by this?

  • I agree that it is ok to identify as non-binary, but I also agree that there is a difference between male and female. It’s not closed minded it is a reality. Heck, studies show that even transgender people have the brain pattern of the gender they identify with. So yes, there is a difference and that’s ok. Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe toys are toys and don’t effect gender because I used to play with both feminine and masculine toys because they are just toys. However, I still wanted to be a feminine girl and I still do. And I’m sorry, but co-ed bathrooms and dorm rooms are not a good idea. Privacy matters. And you can’t resort to violence to get your point across.

  • What’s so confusing? Have you ever talked to someone specializing in genetics? Sex isn’t black and white. Why would gender be? Especially since it’s a social construct.

  • The thing i don’t understand is that most people I see talking about gender are using gender stereotyping as proof that they are non binary, what’s wrong with a woman liking sports? Or a man liking sewing? Just because a man likes what have been seen historically in our culture as “feminine” activities, doesn’t mean he is a she,or a they.

  • Excuse me, comments, but some parts of this video horribly confuse me. PragerU says people are being told make and female are the same. I am not aware of facts like this being forced on people. My classes teach about chromosomes and different information being in different sex chromosomes. I also think that genitals differ from sexes. PragerU also does not seem to understand the differences between gender and sex in modern, moderate to left views being discussed. None of this is being said to be determined by sex chromosomes, or whatever PragerUさん was saying.
    Scene II
    Is not knowing what a demi boy is not inadequate research? Please get good before you knowledge us. Is not the teacher to know five fold their material? As your job is partially to reeducate poor, lost souls such as me, take not your scornful tone! Hear, as this may guide you in your path to becoming a college, Big Dennis. This school will not teach about subjects such as gender identity, identifying genders, or climate change.
    Scene BBB
    I’m sorry for bothering you, Michael Jackson. I know you’re busy. It’s just that lately, I’ve been so frustrated. I know the material two books ahead, but I still underperform. If I had to name one stressor, I really couldn’t. I keep my cool all the time, which actually makes this kind of thing happen less. I know it’s my fault, I waste time by being smart to the teachers, assuming confusion. Really, I’m not mad I got points marked off for showing extra steps, or boxing wrong, or showing too few steps, or being lenient on self corrections. And I love the people around me. Whenever the slow ones mess up, I feel rewarded for helping them. When the fast ones succeed, I feel a sense of comradery, seeing not everyone is sadly obstructed by the poor curriculum. I love helping others, yet being seen as a troublemaker. I want to have fun in class, so I mess about with the teachers. I like all my teachers as people, but the classes are lacking. It’s not their fault, but I mess about nonetheless. I know my writings illegible. I could write neatly, but that would take years. I’d prefer to get a point knocked off for my 9 looking like a 4, even if my teacher knew what I meant. I know what my teachers mean, so it’s only fair. And when I’m truly questioning, it’s not their fault. I cried wolf.
    Scene fourth one
    Is there anything else that needs to be done? I’m busy.
    €Runs off into the highly efficient coed restroom€
    €Bursts into treats€

  • Gurl….you need to get out of that city. Stop putting yourself in dangerous situations. Just make sure you are in a safe place before you speak in public. These people get very passionate and they are not very smart. You just be careful.

  • I am a Male,and I am told that I Male eyes meaning that I can not see what is right in front of me. I don’t know what that means, and I don’t like it,but I am not going to get plastic surgery just because I see different. Maybe thair is something good for Male eyes. I don’t know what if anything.

  • I get that the pronouns are getting retarded, however they aren’t saying that you pick you gender (hormonal teens may). Sex is the biological differences and gender is the brain’s hormonal and structural differences between female and make brains. Ya feel? I’m up for a discussion if y’all want:)

  • Thank you, Blaire! I didn’t know about Teen Vogue’s cough contribution to this discussion. Now I understand better why so many younger trans people are acting such a fool about biological gender.

  • still a dude but… lol… like if u earned my respect, id call u whatever u preferred… but ur a dude pretending to be a chick… “transitioned” wth is that lol… ur a dude pretending to be a chick simple… nothing wrong with that… but yeh…. ur a dude lol

  • Why do they all look like they are playing drag?

    Except Blaire white cuz she’s hot……….. like you wouldnt know shes a biological man if you didnt hear her voice.

  • The bigger problem is we need to remind that there is a difference between gender and biological sex. Take back the definitions of the words.

  • I agree with this video, but toys do not need to be separated by gender. Let toys just be toys and the kids can pick what interests them.

  • Although I don’t agree with Blaire’s politics, I really appreciate listening to her speak about gender issues. It’s really interesting to hear a trans woman talk about her views on the topic of gender, that aren’t the typical views.

  • I’m so glad Hillary Clinton was elected president in 2016! I’ve been kind of out of touch with society since then because I have been hurting alpacas in Peru for the past 3 years, but the media does a great job of reflecting the prevailing opinion of society. Finally, a female president! Assuming she’s a woman of course.

  • Me on my way to get misgendered by my parents for the 100th time today because I came out but they won’t let me change to they/them: ����

  • Why don’t we say we are whatever race we want to identify as and demand the rights that go along with minority status. It’s the same concept rooted in magical thinking. Once white people start identifying as Hispanic and black we will see this none-sense go away because all hell will break loose

  • Honestly, Yr either one of the two Genders, ok so if you sit in the middle of the fence and fall the other side, So Be It, if your happy in yr body, I wish you Happiness, But stop this crap, No you Havnt got yr female body parts if yr a Man, Stop this crap where every one is a doctor, Its all in yr head, So leave it there by itself, You are what you have been born with

  • Acting as if sex and gender are the same. Sex is biologically scientific. Gender is a social construct that falls under sociology and nothing to do with the science of biology.

  • No gender studies departments are saying men and woman are biologically the same. That’s such a strawman argument, they are saying that the traditional gender roles aren’t inherent to our biological sex. Why would we keep traditional roles when they don’t fit the reality?

  • Why it isn’t enforce into a school society? Teens already have plenty of things to stress about, lets not give them more issues than necessary!

  • He talks like he doesn’t even believe what he’s saying himself! He just keeps repeating the same old sentences you see on every trans message board. It’s not authentic, since it doesn’t come from his heart.

  • yeah every1 can be as they are, but if this statement is true, why is diversity advertised, almost glorified as if it was desirable to be trans or else?
    if it is normal to be trans or else why do we need to advertise it?
    i would have no problem with few people being trans, but in this whole tolerance dictatorship, which is a war against traditional families, i see a big problem.

  • I really dont understand gender you decide what you are…So i am a 31 year old male..but i can decide that i am 13 years boy. So it would be ok for me to date a 13 years old?? I will not be arrested because it my gender…This world is Sick..

  • If 49% of people are male and 49% are female, and there’s some disorder that causes a variety of different ways that the remaining people don’t perfectly fit into one of those groups, how can you declare that there are multiple sexes and imply that everyone exists in some kind of spectrum? I don’t think that’s what spectrum means. And while I think that eventually people do need to understand that every kind of plan and system can go wrong in some way and end up with something that doesn’t fit neatly into a classification, trying to use that to make everyone believe that gender doesn’t exist is doing us all a disservice. And yes, I just used the word gender the way it used to mean rather than using your new redefinition of an existing word. Sorry, not sorry.

  • I almost always enjoy TED Talks, but this one is just pure nonsense. Just a confused little girl who would like to be a boy. She can pretend all she wants but it will not change reality. Most people give up pretending in adolescense.

  • The title of this talk should be “Gender Is Not A Straight Line For.6% Of The Population.”

    Seriously, this stuff is starting to get out of hand.

  • High school did not lie to you exactly. It just failed to correct mistakes in the lesson packages it bought from McGraw Hill in the 90s. Updates are very expensive and very political.

  • This is a great video that as a transgender person I feel helped me understand intersex more however I would have liked to know more about the 25 genes that all have to do w gender or sex and I’m personally just curious how these genes work for trans people. Essentially I want to know if there’s biological evidence for being transgender

  • Stop the liberal madness. You’re a woman, a tomboy maybe. But a woman nonetheless.

    I’ll also add, no one should be forced to accept someone else’s ideology.

    You do what you wish. Be who you want to be and do what you want. But you can not force others to accept your ideology.

  • Science has confirmed, 100%, without 1 ounce of doubt!, that there are only TWO! GENDERS!
    Failure to acknowledge either 1 or the other isn’t normal.
    GENDER IDENTITY(identity is in the brain)CRISIS EPIDEMIC.

  • So……what does your chromosome structure read? Because that’s what each of us really is, not our thoughts about what we wish we were. 13.6 billion years of this universe existing brought into being an entity that you were born as, and you’re telling the entire universe that every moment of that 13.6 billion years “just got it wrong”. That’s the height of arrogance. If your chromosomes are XX, you’re female. If your chromosomes are XY, you’re male. Everything else is a fabrication bordering on delusion, just as a person “””identifying””” as a bird or a cat. That’s simply a mental illness.


  • Omg no way. They’re insane. Literally we are born male or female. What you decide what to do later in life is up to you. Be happy. Don’t force anything.

  • This is getting out of hand, even for an sjw I bet. I understand you tolerate others, but there is a difference between tolerating ideas and ENCOURAGING them. Who wants to live in a world where they can’t distinguish the male from the female?

  • The problem with stating that gender is a spectrum is adopting the ideology that we should make rules for the exceptions and not exceptions for the rules. Facts are still facts and intersex individuals although they do exist make up a very small portion of the overall population. There are two sex’s male and female and we have an exception to that rule which is intersex individual. And yes I have a bachelors degree where I majored in both Biochemistry and physiology and a masters in biomedical engineering.

  • You were born a female cos u are a female who thinks your a male explain to any one how you know you had female feelings or male feelings I’m a male and don’t know how a female feels and just because you do masculine things as: girl doesn’t mean your a male it means you liked playing male games there are two genders prove otherwise by facts not by what you feel

  • Con dumbs acting like they know about science? LOL! There are XY women and XX males, people with both sets of genitals, and ambiguous (conservatives probably don’t know what that word means) genitals.

  • this video was more entertaining then * �� *Last Jedi �� & �� rise of skywalker, �� F_CK you �� Disney. ��
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    I don’t even believe in Hell but I hope there is a special place in there just for you #Disney_R_a_p_e_d_MyChildhood. ����‍♂‍��‍♀‍☢️☣️������������.

  • You know women more uless will take losing our bathrooms our sporting equality and such but I know of many men who if these lezy chick dudes talk that shit they’ll get layed out quick real men don’t play nice with these things

  • If a sex, as some of the speakers here seem to think, is a certain biological architecture designed for the purpose of reproduction that presents in one of two definitive forms (male or female), many people simply have no sex at all. And to then take what those people factually have and force it into the existing definition by saying that it was either a defective male or a defective female architecture, isn’t really a scientific enterprise (because this attribution can’t be determined by the facts), but an attempt to make nature adhere to theory. An attempt by the way that had already gotten it wrong when it assumed purpose in the events of evolution.

    In my view, if we’re confronted with outcomes like this we have to change our definitions (which biologists have long ago started doing, of course). Today, sex isn’t just a reproductive function anymore, it’s a set of functions including mere anatomical phenomena that regulates reproduction amongst other things. And it presents in more than two ways, yes.

    PS: Please excuse my English, I’m German.

  • you dont even know there are cis women who cant have kids???
    just becausethey cant have kids ther are not female to you?
    and WHO do you even think you are? hahahahahaha

  • In Czech Republic we have 30 years ago comunism and it suck.
    1. The take us guns: when can anybody have a gun= with gun you can defend yourself and that what’s comunism doe’snt want.
    2. Freedom speech: my grand grandpa have a farm so he must be “comunist” to “own” one. One time he said “ our comunist meeting in rain is destroyng our wheat. So in rain we can’t come.” In next meeting there was only him and two real comunist and they said
    “hey Karel doesn’t forgot that your son is almost complete high school”
    so he was muted.

  • I am a biology professor and this truly makes me laugh. I am sure gynecologist may also disagree. I am sure none of them ever delivered a baby via a penis.

  • Well blaire you contributed to this foolishness. I hate it when you try to make it look like they’re delusional. Meanwhile you’re a man that dresses like a woman and all

  • I feel like TEDx is more Trans/Interested in gender than the average Trans-specific youtube channel, it’s like they approve any talks that use “gender” in the first sentence. (Not to say any of them are poor quality, they are all quite good, there’s just soo many of them.)

  • these kind of videos really are idiotmagnets, and considering that so much data is collected online, i wonder what kind of advertisement these people get, maybe guns, sportscars and muscle-, brainand penisenlargement stuff

  • I totally agree with the idea that what defines a man and what defines a woman are broad. There are no clear things to define the two genders. Why do transgenders act like there are? “I never liked sports so….I can’t be a man”. Gee, I didn’t know that was what defined a man. There are different kinds of “men”: more masculine, more feminine, unique, those that fit the perfect stereotype, etc.. There are different kinds of women: girly-girls, tomboys, sterotypical, unique, more agressive, etc. A female brain and a male body(or vice versa) doesn’t make any sense. Accept yourself: A man/male or a woman/female.

  • well i don’t think there’s more than two sexes, but you can be anywhere on the spectrum between the two sexes. to have something to classify as a third sex would be a completely distinct set of genitalia, but intersex people simply cannot be put into either binary category of male or female. however, i think everyone, really, is intersex in a more literal sense, because nobody is going to have fully “male” or “female” characteristics, especially considering that everyone has both estrogen and testosterone in their bodies.

  • Well…with all the respect to the speaker, why can’t a proactive and strong woman still be a woman and romantic and soft-hearted male still remain a male? Does romance or proactivity define a gender? I guess, the gender is quite obviouse since a person’s birth… it doesn’t need to be proved or denied. But charcters and behaviour may differ naturally a lot though.

  • Weird that they turned off comments on that original teen Vogue video, like why not let people discuss their opinions? Isn’t that the whole point of making a video like that? It’s weird that they made the distinction of saying intersex is different than being trans, b/c ofc most people would agree intersex is an actual biological condition, but then they started using intersex as a reason trans people are also biologically female? Like noone cares if you’re born male… And identify and female, that’s not a bad thing….

  • I have a male friend who is gay a female friend who is bi and/or pan sexual and I myself am asexual. It is an interesting circle we’ve become.

  • what like 1000 people out of 5 billion, and now gender is a spectrum and a choice depending which way the wind blows. you just broke my heart hank.

  • aight, lemme explain.
    a demi boy is a male presenting nonbinary person.
    if you want me to define any more terms for you who are too lazy to punch it into google, please ask.

  • I see 1 logic flaw here, I learned from this that sex is spectrum coz of genetics malfunctions or mutation etc which optimistically circles around 2,3% of world population (taking into account how many babies are born every day/year and medium life expectancy) if that’s the case can we really say sex is a spectrum? when vast majority is untouched by this genetic disorders/mutations/malfunctions?

  • Not enough illustrations. You kept describing things and the entire time I’m just thinking, “Okay, but what does that look like? I can’t wrap my head around how that can be possible.”

  • Got into an argument with an individual about how many sexes there. I pointed out that there are XXX, XXY, and XYY individuals. His retort was because there are so few of them they don’t count. I also brought up the various combinations of genitalia for intersex individuals. Again his retort was because there are so few of them they don’t count. For him there was only 2 sexes, 2 genders, 2 chromosome pairing, and 2 ways for genitalia to exist.

  • After seeing this i can’t help but wonder if someone can be born with one fully functional testicle and one fully functional ovary. When thinking about that i also can’t help but imagine some woman that spontaneously ends up pregnant after pleasuring themselves.

  • I respect “her” right to live life as she wishes so long as she causes no harm to others. That does not mean I am obligated to share her delusion. Some homsexuals claim to be born so while others walkng both sides the street admit they have a choice, still others are a-sexual (mostly Aspbergers).

  • You know what… I perceive myself as the president of the US… no, wait, I perceive myself as the king of the world and master of the universe…

    Please, treat me like I am the King of the World and Master of the Universe, and stop betting violent towards me by treating me as your equal, because I don’t feel myself as your equal.


  • I cry every day I live in a bad country (Iraq) its horrible children are almost every year killed by there parents and suicides happen each day it hurts to see people with a good luxury (like phones and houses and 24hour electricity and clean water from sink good colleges acceptance of ART) cry about (U call me them I’m suing U)

  • its ao funny how many disliked this and how stupid people can be in the comments. its okay we all know you are bigoted and stupid there is no need to show it off

  • I had to redact my like on this. I learned that sex is binary. Check out paradox institute YouTube channel. It’s way more compiling then this video. It sucks thats we have to debate this issue while intersex and trans people are stuck in the middle.

  • Sex is not a spectrum because you still only end up with male or female or people who have some parts of either. If sex were a spectrum there would be other sexes separate from male or female which there aren;t.

  • The title doesn’t seem to be supported by the content of the video. Some people having medical conditions that affect sexual development doesn’t mean there are more than two human sexes, any more than some people being born without legs means humans aren’t bipedal.

  • My neuroscience professor tried to tell us that all women with Turner Syndrome die at a young age when we were learning about sex differentiation. I had to raise my hand and tell him my mom has Turner Syndrome….and turned 50 years old the month prior.

    He looked at me like: ������

  • Lmao these dumbass snowflakes getting sad at freaking pronouns, just use she her and he him. So simple and no need for goddamn plural pronouns that are confusing. I’ve been called some pretty shitty things in my life, like once I was a terrorist, even tho I was pissed these people are way more mad about getting called the “wrong” pronoun when people are getting hurt in real life by real shit

  • Oh geez…I’m guessing the like to dislike ratio of this video coincides with the educated/uneducated ratio of your viewers.
    Super happy you’re covering this topic! Thank you!!!

  • I hate it when anti-sjws or “””””skeptics””””” make jokes about there being 71 genders. There aren’t 71 completely unique genders, they’re just different labels for different places on the spectrum.

  • 3:47 if you go to the actual video the women is intersex, and Blaire takes this out of context and doesn’t show the clip in its entirety stating she didn’t claim why she is living prove.

  • A lot of people have known that these biological differences come as common as psychological dissociative issues regarding sex and gender. Specially when people realize every human starts as a neutered hermaphrodite.

    But biologically there’s just no need to be interested in anything but functional binary genitalia.

    Everything else is opinion and complicating people whose lives don’t revolver around a single thing like gender or sex.

    But at least now they have Science to back up discussion which is great.

  • Can’t a girl climb trees, fall from trees and ride a bike and still be a girl? You can do that and still be a girl, no need to refuse your female beginning..

  • Whoa was that misleading. Don’t get me wrong, this was fully of some great data but his interpretation of it was definitely loaded with bias to influence. These educational channels are very smooth not to separate the opinion from the facts so it comes along as one package. It astounds me how even some of the information varies widely. For example at the university my class taught that nearly 1% of the population was intersex. I understand getting an exact percent for this can be tough but this video was claiming double that which is quite significant. Also our text book taught about over 20 variations of intersex. The most common ones were so incredibly minor, that most people that had them live their whole lives without even realizing the abnormality. Meanwhile the ones that this video talked about were the cases that are truly nonbianary but at SUPER rare. It was intentional to lump them all together though to make this sound as big a population as possible but the truth is that yes you should know they exist and treat them with respect like any other human but there is no reason to go around thinking enough people are intersex that to be respectful you should avoid supposing they’re a male or female. Sorry for the rage and I very well could be wrong but for now I feel this video was dishonest until I research otherwise.

  • It’s really hard to explain to certain people why it’s their correct pronouns and not “preferred” pronouns. I got into an argument about this with someone and he kept getting really defensive when I said, “you should refer to someone by their correct pronouns and if you don’t know then ask.” That’s where we disagreed. You don’t sound like a trans advocate if you don’t not respect their pronouns. You sound like an asshole.

  • Sex is binary and here is why……’s all to do with gametes. This video is not scientifically accurate. See this channel for accurate information:

  • Man gender is so confusing �� lucky sex is true so in that case there are only two sexes female and male because that’s biology gender is more actually scratch that gender is too confusing and science is being influenced and I feel flustered.

  • “Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?” -Galatians 4:17 KJV
    The Left has become so demented that I am considering going back to Christianity.

  • An incredibly well done video about an incredibly complicated and frequently misunderstood topic. (It’s also another nail in the coffin for “Intelligent (sic) Design”).

  • People are really in disbelief & denial of thousands of years of history literally nothing in the world is black and white so why would the spectrum of biology and sex? There’s levels and layers and multiple dimensions to this multiverse. Its not fair to you to keep your mind in a small box. Allow your mind to wander. We’re spiritual beings living and learning the human experience. We are and aren’t our bodies. To boil someone down to their body parts is disrespectful & sex obsessed and controlling. I hope we can all be a little more understanding and loving towards beings we share this realm with.

  • THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for being honest even though you easily could agree with this, you are being honest and I resect you very much

  • But you can’t say that because of some genetic variants there’s suddenly more than two genders, just like what someone else said just because there are people born without legs doesn’t mean humans aren’t bipedal.

  • If biological sex does not exist, then transsexual / transgender people don’t exist. They are literally erasing us and themselves.

    Most of these SJWs would not deny race, which has no genetic foundation…but they deny biological sex. I’m completely befuddled.

  • i am an actual biotechnology scientist, and this isn’t scientifically accurate, and the title is objectively wrong

    i think if they changed the title it would be better, biological sex/gender isn’t a spectrum from a biological point of view, and its really scary how the name of science is used to push certain agenda and i am not even american, i am iraqi

    the closest thing that would come to that is saying certain hormone regulations differ between individuals from both genders, giving a spectrum of how feminine / masculine phynotypically the person is, that can reflect on body and behaviour.

  • not trying to be mean at all but i feel like SJWs are a very small part of our society. like, it seems like the number of them is HUGE because of the online presence but i have never really seen them very much in the “real world” if that makes sense. i’m not hating on anyone at all bc i used to be more inclined to believe like them but i’ve found that it’s good to open my mind to other points of view besides just my liberal views. also i don’t mean for this to come from a place of hate, i hope the best for everyone! but there has to be a line somewhere, honestly.

  • male and female are natural elements that can never be without each other…
    its completely one in all of nature…
    we as humans were never meant to think are specifically are one or the other… even though humans live with this flase knowledge for so long now,. everything and everyone will always be ONE…
    STOP destroying our nature with your video’s!
    for god sakes, a penis and vagina are such similar things… if they would really be so specifically different as you think then how on earth can they be changed from one to th other with surgery you think???
    you honestly dont seem to know anything…. a penis and vagina are literally the same things, just developed a little diffrently…

  • Hey just so you know defining intersex as a list of discrete conditions a person can be born with is a way out of date understanding.

  • I though in usa this will be more accepted but I see that expressing your identity irritated some people here as I does in latin america, I just watched a video about this same topic from a Chanel based in Argentina and there were more dislikes and a bunch of horrible comments, wtf people just respect. I supposed you guys ✨.

  • Scishow should change its name to pseudoscishow. If you inherited a Y chrosome from your father you are Male, otherwise female. Genetic disorders are not sexes.

  • Given history, thats a big leap, but at the same time hard for some people to accept. This is our future, accept and not deny those who are diferent to the supposed norm.