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Take synthetic thyroid hormones. The typical treatment for hypothyroidism – regular ingestion of the thyroid hormone levothyroxine – will boost your metabolism. Talk to your doctor about whether you might be able to receive levothyroxine and thereby boost your metabolism.

Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism (hypo = low) occurs when your thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones. In the early stages, you might not experience noticeable symptoms, but when they do appear, they may manifest in any number of ways. Hypothyroidism is not a one-size-fits-all condition and can vary from one person to another.

The Importance Of Exercise For Those Suffering From Hypothyroidism. In general, exercise is part of a healthy, stress-free lifestyle with the added benefit of looking good. For those with hypothyroidism, and women, in particular, it is crucial to find the right exercise regimen—and stick to it.

I can take 1 Benadryl and be knocked out for the night, my daughter can take 2 and go play a good game of tennis — My doctor knows that if my thyroid levels fluctuate even slightly toward hypothyroidism, I immediately get the monthly cycle from hell, retain water AND feel like crap. Find possible causes of symptoms in children and adults. See our Symptom Checker. No matter what pressing variants you’re using, I strongly recommend learning and using a simple three-exercise warm-up with elastic tubing. It’s three rounds, 90 reps total, and won’t take you more than a 3-4 minutes.

Not only do I recommend this to my clients, I also do it myself before every pressing workout, and it’s been amazingly effective. My Electrocardiologist & my Cardiologist both attribute it to the HEAVY lifting over the years. They strongly advised me to switch to lighter weights with more repetitions, which I have done. It’s really disheartening to do so, but I’m accepting it.

I’ve gone from a 260 lbs Bench Press 6 reps, to a 130 Bench Press 15 reps. Pain-Free Bench Pressing How to resolve the primary causes of shoulder pain during bench pressing by Charles Poliquin The squat is the most effective exercise for packing on muscle mass and improving body composition. It is the king of lifts, and deservedly so. But the fact is the most popular exercise in the weightroom is.

Collarbone Pain from Bench Pressing For the first time, I felt dull to mild pain in the middle of my right collarbone. I needed to take a couple weeks off of bb bench and then it felt better. He said he had patients come in with the same symptom and their bone snapping later on because they kept going at it. Scared the hell out of me.

Brain fog is a symptom of another medical condition. It’s involves memory problems, a lack of mental clarity, and an inability to focus.

List of related literature:

postoperatively with T3 for 2 to 3 weeks, then stop the T3 for 2 weeks prior to the hypothyroid radioactive iodine treatment or diagnostic imaging.67 An algorithm for thyroid testing for the diagnosis of hypothyroidism can be followed in Figure 3-8.

“Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Gregory W. Randolph
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To rule out this stress-induced hypothyroidism, ask your doctor to run a test for ACTH and cortisol at the same time as your TSH test for thyroid function.

“Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!” by Jillian Michaels, Mariska van Aalst, Christine Darwin
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That’s the thyroid’s job, and T4 has nothing to do with stress, anyway.

“Anatomy & Physiology Workbook For Dummies with Online Practice” by Erin Odya, Pat DuPree
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You check her thyroid function, which reveals an elevated T3 and T4 with suppressed TSH. 1.

“Basic Science for the MRCS E-Book: A revision guide for surgical trainees” by Andrew T Raftery, Michael S. Delbridge, Helen E. Douglas
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You check her thyroid function, which reveals an elevated T3 and T4 with suppressed TSH.

“Basic Science for the MRCS E-Book: A revision guide for surgical trainees” by Andrew T Raftery, Michael S. Delbridge, Helen E. Douglas
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Caution should be exercised in the interpretation of test results after withdrawal of thyroid hormone replacement or after treatment of thyrotoxicosis because despite a low serum thyroid hormone concentration, TSH may remain low and may not respond to TRH for several weeks.

“Endocrinology: Adult and Pediatric E-Book” by J. Larry Jameson, Leslie J. De Groot
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Hypothyroidism alone can cause myalgia and muscle weakness and must be excluded [4].

“Statin-Associated Muscle Symptoms” by Paul D. Thompson, Beth A. Taylor
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(3) Antibodies mimic TSH and excessively stimulate, but do not destroy, the thyroid gland.

“Rapid Review Physiology E-Book: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access” by Thomas A. Brown
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Recalling the pathophysiology associated with hypothyroidism and the function of T4 and TSH will direct you to the correct option.

“Saunders Q & A Review Cards for the NCLEX-RN® Exam E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri, Angela Elizabeth Silvestri
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Check TSH every 6 to 8 weeks until thyroid is under control.

“Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review: Fast Facts and Practice Questions, Second Edition” by Maria T. Codina Leik, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C, AGPCNP-BC
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  • “Grass fed,” huh, as if these poor animals don’t get forced to the same filthy slaughterhouse and killed with the same filthy knives as the poor grain fed ones in the dirty slaughterhouses….

  • I’m kinda anxious about my test results, because my levels were abnormal about a month ago. I’ve had these really bad anxiety attacks even when I had nothing to anxious about. I would always wake up and fall back to sleep and it was pretty scary. I was always tired. I gained soo much weight and it will not come off. I have had some bald spots since I keep my hair short. I hope this is what’s going on

  • Dr. Kahn: “I feel a moral obligation to give my patients the most factual accounting of dietary habits that can save their lives. The science points to plant foods.”

    Dave Asprey: “I am a steampunk mind wizard. A Tibetan man once let me suck off a yak. Please buy my coffee.”

    The public: “I don’t know who to believe!!!”

  • Best thing about me. First thing i do after waking is me med even if my eyes isn’t fully open.. i think medicine never bothered but to maintain it and not letting it fluctuate is something that bothers.

  • 2 Excellent Documentaries: 1. The Biggest Little Farm 2. FAT: A Documentary

  • dave “bulletproof” asprey has a degrees in computer science and an business sell his products, his understanding of science is, by his statements, negligible. Kip Anderson and Dr. Joel Kahn, on the other hand, have credible science based information to share.

  • Dave Asprey said something very important…know your own body. Pay attention to how you feel after you eat something. He also said, fill your plate with vegetables first! 2 sensible take aways.

  • It gets better. I have this diagnosis for 8 years. I was diagnosed at the age 15, when they noticed at the mental hospital I was in that I had a swollen neck. Before I was diagnosed I was falling asleep at school, I slept after school.. I was fully awake only a few hours in the evening. They though I had narcolepsy, because I could fall asleep anywhere, but no, It was hypothyroidism. My hormon levels are alright now, I found the right dosage of pills for me and I think I can live regular life right now. I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weightlifting, everything is possible for you. Sport and diet helps.

  • Thanks for sharing your story. I was just diagnosed and drink coffee and diet coke just to stay awake. I hope I can get back to normal

  • She’s an influencer, and I can’t believe how these people fall into these YouTube influencers it’s the new trend of marketing, pills cannot cure thyroid problems forever unless you change your life style, healthy habits specially psychological part try to do baths ����‍♂️ more physical activities and good positive thoughts while on medication try to change your life style go natural stay healthy more sunlight

  • Bio premed major who’s had Hashimoto’s thyroidism for 8 yearslove the kind of vid you’re trying to make to raise awareness but a lot of the info was wrong which is potentially dangerous

  • I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis last year in November and since then I take the pills. When I first started taking them, I didn’t take the prescribed dosage because I was very afraid and that turned everything upside down. Luckly, I didn’t had memory loss but I was dealing with anxiety and panick attacks. Just like you said, I thought I’m gonna die. I started to question myself if I’m normal or these things are just in my head and I’m crazy. Every morning I was tired, my head felt like it is empty, I couldn’t concentrate on anything, I had mood swings, my period was always late…it was really bad. Now I take prescribed dosage and I feel better but not 100%, my skin is still dry sometimes. I’m afraid that these symptoms will come back but I try to have everything under control, it’s hard. This month in September I have an appointment and I’m extremely scared. I’m afraid that this disease will affect my fertility but I hope it will not. Thank you for this video. ❤

    Sorry for my English but it’s not my first language.

  • My Thyroid stopped working when I was 18 I was finally diagnosed at twenty one, I’ve been on thyroid medication for twelve years now. The tiredness, feeling cold, managing weight, it is still a constant struggle.

  • After a while you’ll be able to tell if medication will help you or not. Thyroid medication makes your body dependent to the hormones. As soon as you realize medication might not be the answer, it’s gonna be a diet change and vitamin D uptake. Please get your Vitamin D levels checked. This deficiency can lead to thyroid complications, I had the intense fatigue/muscle pain/joint pain/no retention of information and after a year on a Vitamin D supplement + K2 + Mg + whole diet change most of these symptoms have gone away. Do your own research, and lookup other Vitamin d deficiency stories here on youtube. Listen to other people like you, and take what physicians say with a grain of salt. You have your best interest in mind, no one else.

  • me clicking on this video because i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 11 i jus been diagnosed and i’m scared imma have to do the blood test again tomorrow to make sure if i do

  • I gained 80 pounds in 2019, 2020 25 pounds. My bones hurt and I’m tired and tired of gaining weight. I’m going to get my blood work done soon. I’m just scared:(

  • That Asprey guy put butter in coffee and thinks he’s a god of nutrition?! Lulz, ok Dave Kardashian. We get it. You’re a somehow famous douche with no creds

  • I know what it’s like. I have had hypothyroidism since I was 6 months old. I’m turning 19 soon. It’s tough. Medicine was always changing. Dosage changes. Monthly doctor appointments. Having to wake up extra early before school to take my medicine and wait to be able to eat breakfast. I had to stop going to the doctor in early 2019 due to medical loss. Can’t afford doctors right now. Even in I was on medication I was eating healthy and exercising I gained a ton of weight. I went from 130’s ish to gaining about 75 pounds in less than 3 months. My doctor said it was my fault. I cut out every now and then snacks. I went over 7 months with out sweets and pop. I exercised and I lost no weight. To this day I still try to lose weight and I did lose about ten pounds by just walking up and down stairs; and barley eating. I still get full just by taking a few bits out of something. Hypothyroidism has caused me to have infertility due to the lack of ovulation and menstruating (about once every other month) lasting up to 17 days. It’s tough but things will get better.

  • You have no idea how much I felt the high concern and how low you felt about having no energy and thinking this is how people feel! Thank you for making this video! I found out I have the same condition as you today. We can get thru this!

  • I need advice/help, I’ve been struggling with a diagnosis for the past year, I had blood tests in October and they came back as low thyroid levels, so I have had a repeat and the results will come back soon but here are my symptoms and I need advice as to whether you guys think I may have it or not; irregular periods is the main one, why I got the blood tests in the first place, I’m 16 and I got my first period in October, everyone else in my family got it age 11-12, and I got one in October, didn’t get one until January 1st, then I got it March 1st and haven’t had it since (July 11th) so that is the main issue. I’ve also always been colder than everyone, like I’ll literally have goosebumps and be freezing whilst people feel fine/hot, I’m always getting so out of breathe even though I used to competitively dance and had good stamina, I will literally walk up the stairs and be so out of breathe, I feel really weak after walking up the stairs, I frequently regret things, and I will have no clue what I have had for dinner last night/ go to do something and never ever remember what I was doing, I’m very easily irritable, I’m very pale, I’ve recently (last year or so) become a lot more down/upset, felt quite lonely even though I’m not, I really struggle to get up in the mornings. I also suddenly started having panic attacks and had a really bad pain in my chest as if there is some sort of whole there or something, I also feel like I’m having heart attacks sometimes when I’m obviously not, and I’ve been quite constipated recently, I’ve also been so tired, no matter how much sleep I get, I’ve also been getting really bad pains in my hip joints and knees, I’ve been kinda put off food and I have been having really bad dry skin/scalp, it’s given me subhoerric dermatitis in my head due to how dry it is,mi also have quite weak nails. Although the symptoms I’m not getting are: hair loss, depression, weight gain ( as a matter of fact I really struggle to gain weight) and I’m wondering if everyone who has an under active thyroid have every single symptom or not, please reply it would be so so helpful ♡

  • I regular advise my patients to take levothyroxine on an empty stomach to optimise absorption. Hope this basic thyroid video may be of use

  • Hi Olena, I am writing an extended essay on hypothyroidism and looking at natural food based treatments which focus on adding certain thermogenic compounds (chili, ginger, green tea, cayenne pepper, chinese herbal medicine) into the diet to initiate a cell based approach to improving metabolism as opposed to traditional drug based treatments. I was wondering if you have done any diet incorporating these foods and how it worked out for you. Have a great day:)

  • Thank you for sharing this with us and being an inspiration to me ❤ I’m also going through it, I know it’s not always easy but keep up with the good work!

  • i’m confused bc i’ve watched multiple videos where people aren’t cured and have hypothyroidism always and i think my first doctor may have lied to me bc i had hypothyroidism years ago that he said “resolved with medicine and your levels are back to normal” but years down the line i just got diagnosed with it again?? so maybe i had it the whole time in between because i never felt better?

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  • Omg �� my pcp just send me for blood work and a throat ultrasound! I’m nervous! My mom always told me I had it because of certain signs but I have no will power with what I eat.

  • I feel like I’m the only guy commenting on this video but I know exactly how you feel. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism an year ago and I’ve experienced the fatigue, hair loss, muscle aches, anxiety, etc. Anytime I bring it up to anyone, it feels like I’m making up an excuse and most people don’t really give a shit. I don’t just live with Hypothyroidism but I was also diagnosed with Keratoconus in 2018.

  • Hey, I have hipotiroidism, and this morning I got so frustrated that I can’t find my keys and I forgotten my wallet home, no one told me that the pill should be taken in the morning, have same problem with the coffee, and not functioning properly, got to 210 pounds, got trough architecture master degree, and a toxic relationship, my periods are inconsisten month to month and I was wondering why I’m not able to do things like other people. The struggle is real.Now I decided to take care of myself, started 2 months ago and lost couple of pounds, but here medical sistem it’s broken, if you have ensurance you have to wait 1-1,5 months to do blood work (because this it’s not considered interagency and the sistem it’s not private) or you choose to pay lots of money (I’m from România). I will soon get blood work done and try to get better because at this point it’s a must. ������

  • I just got diagnosed of hypothyroidism and its really hard for me focus in school. Over been exhausted all day; I try to work out every day but it complicated my heart.

  • Thank you I just got test results today and I have to get my blood drawn again and they believe I have hypothyroidism but I do believe I’m lucky because I found it when I was 14 even though I’ve been dealing with symptoms for 4 years

  • I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism 5 months ago (im 17) and I didn’t react as emotinoal like her. Maybe its because I have other chronic disseases but I hope she feels better now:)

  • Omg! My Doc refuses to check my tsh levels. I feel like crap. Im going to tomorrow to request seeing Endocrinologist.. Ive worked out alot. But its so hard to lose weight. Thank You..

  • Wish it was a fair debate. 2 vegans vs 1 keto guy. Before any vegans attack me, I’m not taking any side. Unsure if veganism or keto is better, but a great debate would be Dr. Berg/Hyman and Thomas DeLauer vs Dr. Gregor/Kahn and Kip. That would be something to watch. I doubt itll ever happen live in front of an audience though.

  • These types of videos introduced me into unintentional ASMR, but they also showed me how much I truly do want to become a doctor. Thank you for the video!

  • According to the documentary “The World According to Monsanto”, NINETY-THREE PERCENT of soybean IS GMO (aka “Roundup Ready”). Although the the soybean industry is fighting hard against science, high consumption soybeans can impact thyroid function. As serious as this is, forget about that for the moment and think about this: A little soy here and there from time to time is not going to kill anyone. Nevertheless, you STILL have to consider that the main, active ingredient used on soybean crops was also used to make Agent Orange, and has been proven to cause cancers such as Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, T-Cell Lymphoma, Leukemia, etc. Despite the fact that employment between Monsanto, EPA, and FDA, has been a revolving door and they have been helping each other, there have been multiple legal settlements awarded to victims of Monsanto / Bayer as a result of the of their RR-sprayed GMO soybeans, thus far that have been to the tune of $2.4 billion dollars, and you can bet that there will be more in the near future.

    The smart thing to do is either to completely eliminate or at least reduce soy intake as much as reasonably possible. We know vegans want to use soy so badly, and stick only to its benefits while ignoring the risks, but when 93% of soy is not only GMO, but contaminated as well with dangerous chemicals on top other health concerns with soybeans themselves, regularly consuming large amounts of soy products is not a good idea. It is better to avoid consuming soy, and / or switch to quinoa, almonds, etc., for a main protein, even though they are much lower in BCAA’s to eggs, meat, chicken, and fish.

    On a lighter note:
    “There is only one kind of milk, and it is moo cow fuck milk. There is no such thing as soy milk. It is SOY JUICE. But, they couldn’t sell soy juice, so they called it soy milk, because anytime you say “soy juice”, you actually start to gag. We ALL know there is no soy milk, because there is no soy titty, is there?!” Lewis Black (I think he makes a good point. ��)

  • Hy Dear!

    I have been suffering from this disease since I was only three months old and I also inherited it from my mother. But you have to be courageous and trust in ALLAH and HE will fix everything IN SHA ALLAH!

  • What 3 words do you ask your patients to remember? I have typically heard the sequence of “Chevrolet, Zebra, Honesty” is the most common, but in New York, “Chair, Hat, Chicago” is the most common sequence.

  • I was diagnosed at 16, mine was caused by a side effect from some psychiatric medication I used to take, it’s a pain in the ass but you get used to it

  • Hey Olena I am watching your video after 1 year of you uploading it, and I needed it I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism 5 yrs ago I was just 15 years old and right now I am going through these conditions fatigued, gained almost 20 kg as I was a very skinny girl before it is really very hard for me, I have memory loss, irritation on little things, always exhausted and thank you for this video I very much needed this

  • The best isn’t so much anecdotal description, but the science. If one “feels good” it’s not the same as being biologically good. There’s always gonna be gaps, but having listened to Asprey he tries not to leave too many gaps. So I’d personally trust his science more than other people’s anecdotes

  • I have tried both keto and currently plant-based.

    Pros of keto:

    I have to say my muscle mass was pretty good on keto
    I wanted to do a lot of anaerobic exercises
    I lost good amount of weight

    Cons of keto:

    I had to calorie count and portion control
    My body started having a distinct smell
    My muscles hurt a lot due to lactic acid build up
    I had a slight feeling of hunger most of the time and carb cravings, so needed “cheat” days

    Pros of low fat Plant Based

    Much bigger range of foods such as pizzas, burritos, burgers, big grain bowls with veggies, so never feel hungry
    No portion control or calorie counting and still losing weight although slower than on keto
    I am more active. Playing tennis 3-4 hours a day at a competitive is not a problem now
    No muscle soreness even after long hours of training
    No cravings for animal products

    Cons of Plant based:

    Harder to eat out as all veggie dishes in restaurants are usually drenched in oil
    Harder to eat meals with family as it feels more restrictive to them
    Not much of a desire to do anaerobic exercises
    If eating to much beans there is flatulence

    In general I feel that plant-based diet is easier to follow as keto diets really focus on peculiar things, food has to be organic and grass-fed and disease tested and oxidation-free and all that stuff otherwise it’s pretty bad for you, whether with plant-based it’s simple food groups veggies, fruits, legumes and grains. I supplement with B12 and vitamin D, I was supplementing with much more on keto. Also the discussion about nootropics is a difficult one, I have tried a few on both diets and they do make you think better on any diet but it comes at a cost of “brain hangover”

    Also from what I found knowledgable people who popularise plant-based diet are usually doctors who make their money from practice and do the research on health and nutrition in parallel. Many more keto advocates are selling their supplements, “exclusive” meal plans and health routines which you can buy only from them

  • The sweet natural fruit,,, ummmm were is it? All we get given is most fruits with ten or twenty times the sugar content of the NATURAL fruit that once was

  • I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 4 years ago. Was told my thyroid was huge so I was sent to an ENT. I was having swelling in my throat on the right side. I was depressed for no reason, tired 24/7, hair falling out and weight gain for no reason. 2 ENT partners told me it could be acid reflux and blew me off. My PCP told me 2 years ago that I was cured my T levels were normal. I moved to a new state and I asked my new PCP to test my T levels and within a week I had an ultrasound and an appointment with oncology without a biopsy. Within the following week I had surgery set was told my thyroid was covered in cancer (extensive grey matter) and large hard masses. I have surgery in 2 weeks. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago due to cancer and I felt great for 6 months after my uterus was removed but at 6 months I went back to feeling like garbage.

  • I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism many years ago but my Family Physician of 6 years keeps trying to say that Hypothyroidism isn’t a real disease and that I’m just overweight and I needed to lose 20lbs
    I also have Stage 2-3 of 4 Congestive heart Failure so when I went to see my heart Specialist Nurse Practitioner she prescribed me Levothyroxine
    I was on it for a while then after taking 1 test she had me stop taking it completely which I’m positive you’re not supposed to do..Shortly after my stomach started growing bigger and bigger & the Dr. kept asking me if there was any possibility of pregnancy which ticked me off because the Dr. already knew that I had a hysterectomy over 25 years ago
    Ppl can be very cruel in my town so I try to stay away from most ppl…The Ppl making fun of overweight ppl,not knowing anything about them or why they’re overweight in the 1st. place are pathetic
    It’s not like we asked for this disease
    No matter what I try I can’t seem to lose weight perhaps because I’m older than some of you on here..I’m 48
    Where do I go from here does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a certain things that ppl with thyroid problems should be eating or certain specific exercises I should be doing?
    I need better Doctors Ones that actually care about their patients a bit more than my Current ones do
    Thanks for sharing your story…
    I too have lost alot of hair

  • The best isn’t so much anecdotal description, but the science. If one “feels good” it’s not the same as being biologically good. There’s always gonna be gaps, but having listened to Asprey he tries not to leave too many gaps. So I’d personally trust his science more than other people’s anecdotes

  • Thank you for making this video. It means so much to hear another young person talk about it. Makes me feel valid and less alone. I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in January after 6 months of extreme symptoms. Thank you, thank you!!

  • Humans have the physiology and digestive system of Primates (Gorilla, green monkey, orang outan, bonobo, our hominid ancesters ) who are all vegetarian (fruit, vegetable, leaf, and nut eaters ) Humans have been domesticating and eating animals for only about 12,000 years. That is not enough to create an adaptation that is transmissable genetically. Any biologist will confirm this! The Omnivores (bear, pig, fox, rat, boar) have another type of dentition and digestive system, a shorter intestine like carnivores etc.

  • When she said, “Did I take MY medication?” Lol I just saw this meme that said bad news is I took the wrong medication the good news is I’m protected against fleas and ticks for 3 months ������. If that ain’t thyroid symptoms for you. On another note: I don’t know how I did everything I’ve done in my life with the chronic fatigue, memory loss, memory fog, anxiety and depression to name a few. My family has treated me awful…I get the “Lazy” “Stay home and do nothing” but they did manage to use me when they needed me and I was their Go-to reliable child so ��‍♀️. I’m on medication, NP Thyroid now switched from Levo but the symptoms are still there even though I’m normal. I’m trying everything…vitamins etc. Also, it’s different for everyone. My grandmother had it, mom does as well but they are on miniscule dosages compared to me. I did have cancer, chemo, radiation etc so maybe it makes everything I have 10x worse. Here’s to hanging in there. ��

  • Asprey dude is a walking meme. Andersen is your archetypical whatever that is. Joel Kahn is a nationally highly regarded doctor. Gee I wonder who the Google people are going to listen.

  • All this is true I hate it, especially when family go out and do things. But I’m usually just to tired. And I have gained so much weight so I definitely feel your pain. I too have hair loss and forget about my memory it’s horrible. And it hurts when u have ppl you don’t understand. But stay strong it will get better I’ve learn to deal with it.

  • I got diagnosed ever since I was three along with type 1 diabetes. I’m so glad people can relate to your videos and I’m happy this community can be together and be strong:)