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How to Soothe a Colicky Baby | Infant Care

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Cure your baby’s constipation and stomach ache with amazing acupressure and reflexology points

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How to treat colic

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Acupuncture may be effective for babies

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Baby Your Baby Acupressure points for babies

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Baby acupuncture for colic

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Because acupuncture is associated with relieving pain, restoring stomach function and calming, the Swedish researchers wanted to see if it might also relieve crying in colicky babies. “Normal. MONDAY, Jan. 16, 2017 (HealthDay News) For beleaguered parents desperate to soothe a colicky baby, Swedish researchers have a novel suggestion acupuncture. After two weeks of treatment, about two-thirds of babies given acupuncture no longer had colic compared to just over a third of infants who didn’t have the needle treatment, lead researcher Kajsa Landgren said. MONDAY, Jan.

16, 2017 (HealthDay News)—For beleaguered parents desperate to soothe a colicky baby, Swedish researchers have a novel suggestion—acupuncture. After two weeks of treatment, about two-thirds of babies given acupuncture no longer had colic compared to just over a third of infants who didn’t have the needle treatment, lead researcher Kajsa Landgren said. NYT Syndicate For beleaguered parents desperate to soothe a colicky baby, Swedish researchers have a novel suggestion acupuncture. After two weeks of Monday, July 27, 2020. A cupuncture may help babies who cry too much, according to a new study published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine.

Infants with colic—crying for more than three hours a day, for at least. A homeopathic remedy for colic is administered when the infant begins a colicky episode. Select a potency of 6C or 30C.

Put 3 pellets in a ½ glass of distilled water, let the pellets dissolve completely, stir 10 times with a clean spoon and administer ½ teaspoon to your baby. Acupuncture for Infants Approximately 10 percent of American babies experience colic. If you’ve ever tried to soothe a colicky infant, you know how exhausting it can be. You’re up all night, desperate to relieve your baby of obvious distress, and nothing you do seems to work. If you are feeding your baby formula, you might try a different brand.

Babies can be sensitive to certain proteins in formula. Try feeding your baby less food more often. Avoid feeding your baby too much or too quickly.

One bottle feeding should last about 20 minutes. If your baby eats faster, try using a nipple with a smaller hole. MONDAY, Jan. 16, 2017 (HealthDay News) For beleaguered parents desperate to soothe a colicky baby, Swedish researchers have a novel suggestion acupuncture.

After two weeks of treatment, about two-thirds of babies given acupuncture no longer had colic compared to just over a third of infants who didn’t have the needle treatment, lead researcher Kajsa Landgren said. For a Colicky Baby, You Might Give Acupuncture a Try; For Migraine Sufferers, Is a Chiropractor’s Touch All in the Mind? Certain Parents More Likely to Skip Kids’ Flu Shot; Can Acupuncture Ease Severe Constipation?

Review Suggests Safe, Effective Ways to Relieve Pain Without Meds; Acupuncture May Slow Pre-Dementia Memory Loss: Study.

List of related literature:

Minimal acupuncture has been shown to be an effective intervention in reducing crying and pain-related behavior in colicky infants by reducing intestinal peristaltic movements (Reinthal etal., 2008).

“Breastfeeding Management for the Clinician: Using the Evidence” by Marsha Walker
from Breastfeeding Management for the Clinician: Using the Evidence
by Marsha Walker
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Many years ago, a study found that herbs such as chamomile, ginger, lemon balm, and fennel seed can help relieve colic symptoms.435 These herbs are included in Gripe Water, which can be quite effective in calming a baby’s digestive system.

“Brain Health From Birth: Nurturing Brain Development During Pregnancy and the First Year” by Rebecca Fett
from Brain Health From Birth: Nurturing Brain Development During Pregnancy and the First Year
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Effectiveness of massage, sucrose solution, herbal tea or hydrolysed formula in the treatment of infantile colic.

“Pediatric Neurogastroenterology: Gastrointestinal Motility and Functional Disorders in Children” by Christophe Faure, Nikhil Thapar, Carlo Di Lorenzo
from Pediatric Neurogastroenterology: Gastrointestinal Motility and Functional Disorders in Children
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It’s tempting to try out various remedies that are advertised or popularly recommended for the treatment of baby ‘colic’, in the hope of some relief.

“The Discontented Little Baby Book” by Pamela Douglas
from The Discontented Little Baby Book
by Pamela Douglas
University of Queensland Press, 2014

Interestingly, many of the measures recommended to soothe a colicky baby are also good ways to short-circuit this negative feedback loop by creating an immediate connection between mother and baby.

“The Chemistry of Connection: How the Oxytocin Response Can Help You Find Trust, Intimacy, and Love” by Susan Kuchinskas
from The Chemistry of Connection: How the Oxytocin Response Can Help You Find Trust, Intimacy, and Love
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My baby was colicky from birth, and my chiropractor suggested that I bring her in when she was seven days old for an adjustment.

“For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment” by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
from For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment
by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
Seven Stories Press, 2001

The consensus of most experts who study colic is that it is multifactorial in nature and no single treatment for every colicky infant will be effective in alleviating the symptoms.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
from Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book
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It is antiflatulent and may settle a colicky baby (check with your holistic health-care professional before using it in this manner).

“Medicinal Plants of North America: A Field Guide” by Jim Meuninck
from Medicinal Plants of North America: A Field Guide
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The consensus of many experts who study colic is that it is multifactorial and that no single treatment for every colicky infant will be effective in alleviating the symptoms.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, David Wilson
from Maternal Child Nursing Care
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Staphisagria is also a remedy for colicky children, with disposition like Colocynth and Chamomilla.

“Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics” by E. B. Nash
from Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics
by E. B. Nash
B. Jain Publishers, 2001

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  • Omg! This worked. My 4 month poops everyday, but hadn’t pooped since 2 days, I was watching this and applying it to my baby. He just pooped. Thank you so much����

  • My 5 month old had colic and acupuncture really helped him. Thanks for posting this video to spread the word, so others may know acupuncture is a safe effective alternative to expensive prescription medications which have unfortunate side effects.

  • When my daughter was an infant she was colicky and cried just about all the time. No amount of gas drops or other natural or medical remedies seemed to help. I ordered Baby Magic Tea on amazon and it was magic! I gave half Cup of it and she was soothed instantly. Every one’s baby is different and this may not work for yours, but it certainly did for mine. In fact I just ordered another one for my cousin’s new baby. They are having a similar problem with him. Thanks secretoftea(dot)om

  • “Colic
    1-teaspoon juice of mint (phudina) given with a small quantity of powdered black pepper and honey relieves colic.
    Founded these article from here its is just amazing

  • After a few minutes of massaging the heel and lightly tapping the spots on his hand I hear him fart loudly a couple of times in his sleep

  • What a cute little girl. You doing that on your daughter really shows that you mean it’s absolutley for the best and that it doesn’t hurt. Good video:)

  • Hi baby last night poop come very hard and Im going crazy on social media and I found you and tried all of them on baby. She enjoy all of them know just going to wait.

  • Wow this worked. My 3 week old baby has been struggling to poop for the past 1 week. He was in so much pain straining and crying so much. Tried this and we had 2 full diapers and a smiling baby. So grateful, thank you so much

  • I always rely on “babies’ magic tea” by Nothing seen working better than this,You can give him even better things to cope with colic like “babies’ magic tea” is herbal and mended especially for such issues, you can add it to his formula as well.

  • “Babies colic tea” by is the finest source to relieve gas and colic issues in babies. I got really impressed with the results it brought for my baby to cure his colic. It’s herbal so nothing to worry about using this formula with babies. It has NO sugar, No Alcohol, No artificial flavors.

  • Since two week, my two years old son gradually suffered with colic, I was tried different home based remedies some of them worked but temporarily. Finally I found “babies magic tea” which strongly affected and my son sleep well every night.

  • @axxle000 I can understand why you’d feel like that acupuncture does sometimes seem to defy accepted logic. But if you’re interested in educating yourself further on the topic, I’d suggest googling ‘acupuncture MRI’ for scholarly articles on brain responses related to traditional indications for acupuncture points. Fascinating stuff.

  • Hi thank you so much great video!
    Quick question how long do I massage the areas for? Can I do all of them or just. Thank you in advance

  • I have been really struggling with rough hours due to my baby’s colic unless I found an herbal formula “babies magic tea” by this tea is a simple blend of herbs as far as Iearned about the tea but has unbelievable outcomes to cure the colic.

  • Shame she didn’t know about making a tea using fennel. I would bet the baby would have needed no more than one ounce to get rid of that gas.

  • Daughter didnt poop in 9 days. I tried this for two sessions in the morning. I tapped was able to do all the triggers except she didnt like the under her knee. I did each trigger on one side for about 2-3 mins each. I did the massage on her heels a bit longer. The first time nothing really happened at all. the 2nd time I waited for her to be asleep and I did the tapping on her finger and hand for about 5-10 minutes each and she farted a couple times.
    No poop until later that day she did poop. But I also did stomach massages based on another video and we did warm cotton balls on her anus per the doctor.
    So I am not sure which one worked, Next time (hopefully not) I will try one exclusively and see which does the trick.

  • For those who breast feed express the foremilk off each breast for 1-2 mins before putting your baby on the breast to feed. This is the part of the milk in each breast that contains the highest amount of sugars, which when passing through the digestive system, creates gases and can cause spasming of the colon. If you express this before putting your child on each breast it will significantly reduce the potential to cause colic (spasming of the colon). If you have ever experienced the pain of a spasming calf muscle and now transfer that same pain into the colon, although it is not damaging, it is however excruciating pain and avoidable. Express the foremilk!!!! Non of the GPs or children’s specialists had any advice other than “your baby is really healthy and shows no sign of anything wrong. You’re doing really well, so it will go away in time, don’t worry.” It was a trained nurse at a Karitane Mothercraft centre in Australia that told me what to do and my daughter slept peacefully form that day on.

  • Thank you so much!!! God is so good!!! ����������������. These methods worked immediately! Thanks so much for your help. My baby pooped big twice in less than 5 minutes!

  • j, dr k udaya sankar, am the innovator of infantile colic treatment in the treatment is based on diet only. mothers should avoid 10 small ‘c’ s cows milk, chicken, coffee, chacolate, chicken egg, caubage, cauliflower, citrus fruits, cigarettes & chepalu ( fish) in the first three monhs infants life to treat big C ‘ ( COLIC).along with pre pro biotics & simethicone. My treatment (U.S.treatment ) udaya sankar treatment was presented by me in 26 th international pediayric association in johannasburgh, south africa in august 2010 & it was published in world journnal of medical sciences nov 2010 & it was accepted by more than 30 internernational medical text books in the world. M y treatment stood first in world..Millions of doctors hav been following my treatment & millions of infants mothers have been sleeping well. you can check up in world journal of medical sciences journal.Dr k udaya sankar contributor to morethan 100 international medical text books.

  • @axxle000 In the UK, acupuncturists are required to undergo 3 years of full-time, degree-standard training, which includes Western anatomy and physiology. We also study traditional Chinese ideas. Over thousands of years of refining, correlations between specific points on the body and physiological functions have been recorded and honed into a complete and often powerful medical system. Not all of these effects can be explained in scientific terms as yet, but I believe one day they will be.

  • My baby didn’t poop for 6 days,, and after trying this he poop,, now regularly from 2 days,, he have no constipation and clearing his tummy.. he is just 3 and half month old

  • Or you can try “Baby’s Magic Tea” as well. It’s very healthy and I tried it myself. My LO used to wake up screaming. There were many nights that I didn’t sleep for a single minute. A friend told me about this tea and I started giving it to my LO. It really works. But its up to you, if you want to try other things, you should. But it worked for me.

  • Please make it easier for your baby by giving him babies magic tea,
    Not only is going to help him with Colic & gas painful experience but also is going to help him sleep and therefore help you sleep.

    It has been shown in 1978 study that mother eating dairy causes stomach pains in babies through breastfeeding.
    Simethicone has been shown to be inneffective in 1998, yet they continue to prescribe and sell it.
    Lookup dr. Michael Greger and colic for more information. This big pharma and agg bullshit has to stop.
    Avoid Pfizer: first they make you sick by selling arsenic compounds to farmers, then they sell you the drugs to treat their deseases.

  • Our baby girl hadn’t pooped in about 2 weeks. Tried your methods and within 2 hours she had relief. Thank you so much for the education and help!

  • So much thank you lady, my baby constipation problem solved with in few mins…. Only word comes to mind now ” Love you”.
    Gratitude and respect my dear Katrine.

  • @ricehq I’ve treated several babies for this distressing condition, and almost without exception their parents have reported that they have become calmer and happier afterwards. In some cases, these effects have been ongoing, and the condition has not returned. But don’t just take my word for it a high quality study was undertaken by the Dept. of Paediatrics at the Institute of Health in Stockholm, which reports similar findings (Google ‘Reinthal acupuncture colic’)

  • If your baby is not settling down due to colic, try babies magic tea. It helped me great by soothing my extremely fussy and colicky baby.

  • Omg I love this video!! My 2 month old baby girl that is breastfed was a bit constipated and would not settle for her afternoon nap today so after watching your video I started doing it straight away while watching and within seconds of me doing all the acupressure and reflexology points waah laah she managed to have a big poop, now after her change she’s sound asleep:) Thank you so much Katrine this has helped us both so much <3

  • Thank you so much for you video it’s a big help for me and for my 1month old baby.she did not poop for almost 2 days and she’s very irritated.when i do the massage as what i saw in this video.a few minutes she poop a lot.❤️❤️❤️������big thumbs up.looking forward for more videos.

  • Thanks for the question. Generally speaking they don’t seem to notice much, or at all. Sometimes there are tears, but I can only remember one occasion with more than a minor outburst. Occasionally, as in this video, they even seem to enjoy it! Maybe my daughter is just a bit strange?!..

  • I had my baby at 28 week and he is still in NICU. he hadn’t poop for a day. But he had been grunting and uncomfortable longer. I asked the nurses what can I do? They said rub his belly clock wise and down…nothing. did this 5 minutes later a small to medium BM!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! I prayed for him to help him and he brought me here. I have done it again cause i know more is in there. Tears for this…I never knew how joyful I could be over a dirty diaper…thanks hun for making this video.

  • How long should I wait to move to the next point? For example if I’m tapping her finger, how long should I do that for before trying the next point?

  • hey kat…how long do we have yo do 18 month son hasn’t pooped in four days…tried this but not working…how long should j do thus

  • Thank you so much for this video! My son had gone 2 or 3 days without pooping and within an hour of doing these exercises he had a huge bowel movement!

  • Like most of you, I scoured Amazon looking for something to help my fussy newborn. Gas drops weren’t quite cutting it and he seemed to have some silent reflux going on, so into my cart baby magic tea went. This does help my baby when he’s crying/fussy and it usually works within a few minutes. It doesn’t totally stop the discomfort but it definitely alleviates it.

  • the best way to soothe colicky babies tummy is “Babies magic tea” by the finest source to relieve constipation, gas and colic issues in babies

  • With the help of Babies magic tea I relieved my baby with severe colic pain who was not settling down even after trying a bunch of remedies.

  • my baby was having severe colic and I tried out “baby magic tea” for my little one too. It worked out so well for him! he got calm soon after i gave him… it’s a true relief and most of all its healthy as its made up of total natural substances. he’s super happy now!

  • Idk if this is gunna work but its 1am and I am looking for way to help my crying baby in the morning from severe constipation! Willing to try anything so please this guide help me

  • “babies magic tea” is awesome, it’s herbal, does amazing for babies with the unsettled stomach, colic, and wind. this is a blend of pure herbs for babies to deal with wind and colic. I have been using it for my Kids. I can say Lifesaver of babies. needy peoples must visit

  • Thank you so much for your video. I’ve started doing it to my 13 months old baby that has constipation, but I don’t know how long do I need to do each point?!

  • My baby is one month old he is always tried to push making noises whole day he did poop every after 4 days,he feels irritation,gas problem does it works?

  • Hi mam I am udhaya,i am indian and tamil language tamil.but write english i understand.but speak english not understand,so pls u tell the video write the words.pls mam.

  • Wow! Im a believer!
    My 7 day old son was painfully constipated and his cute self was struggling and pushing so hard to get out out. I did each one as you talked and I’m shocked how fast of a response I got from him. He started pushing and immediately was relieved. Im so thankful for this video!!!

  • For colic: if you’re breast-feeding, they usually recommend trying to remove all cruciferous vegetables and all dairy. Doesn’t always work but you can try. If bottle-fed, idrolized formula seems to work better as well as donkey-based formula. Some probiotics like Lactobacillus reuteri has been proven to help to talk to your pediatrician about that. Another thing that can help is a visit with a baby osteopath. Then you can try baby massages and a tummy hold with a hand in between their legs and placed on their stomach, moving from right to left. You can also try putting them on their back and bringing their legs to their chest.
    For reflux: visit an osteopath right away. Follow a diet with no dairy or allergens. Keep them in an upright position while feeding them and then upright until they burp + extra 5-10 minutes. Change their diaper before feeding and never after.

  • My 5 months niece not deficate for more than 15 days… I search and got this video… My sister told me what can a massage do… Just a simple massage… When I did…. The baby slept…. And when that baby woke up…diaper was full. Of poop… That day my niece deficate more than 3 times a day…. Thank you very much….

  • My saviour!!! We got so worried that our baby didn’t poop for 2 days!

    And all went out just on the 2nd pressure point at the 4:20 Mark!

    Very helpful tips!

  • I will never forget your vlog
    It helped my baby when she was so tiny. This vlog came out 4 yrs ago, same age with my daughter. Tusind tak til dig

  • I thought I was gonna have to go to the drugstore and get suppositories this Method worked like magic all in 3 minutes wow…Thank you.

  • Thank you very much!! It worked really well. I did it in the morning and he popped in the afternoon. I am now doing this every morning to be sure. I also wish I knew this with my first baby, he really had a problem until we started solids.

  • O god this really worked for my 7 months old daughter �� I was about to take her to the hospital and I tried this it worked �������� thank u so much I am not a person who prefer medication so this made me so happy

  • Do we need to try all of them or just anyone? My 18 months old girl strains a lot while passing poop. I can’t see her in such a situation.

  • For those who breast feed, you might want to try expressing the foremilk for 1-2 minutes off each breast before putting your child on to feed. The foremilk contains the most sugars which when digested creates gases that cause spasming in the digestive system. I was shown this by a Karitane nurse in Australia. As soon as I did this the screaming stopped and peaceful sleeps from then on. If that doesn’t work then it would be well worth going to a mothercraft centre as they are trained to show you how to overcome the problems and if that doesn’t work then go to a doctor.

  • Babies magic tea is an effective and natural home remedy to soothe a colicky baby. My son was very cranky and fussy and this tea made him calm.