Flattening the Mental Health Curve May be the Newest Coronavirus Challenge


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Flattening the mental health curve is the next big coronavirus challenge Students, adults with children at home and front-line health care workers are most at-risk. Flattening the mental health curve is the next big coronavirus challenge. Students, adults with children at home and front-line health care workers are most at-risk.

Getty Images / Busa. Flattening the mental health curve is the next big coronavirus challenge by June Gruber and Jonathan Rottenberg, The Conversation Credit: CC0 Public Domain The mental health crisis triggered. Flattening the mental health curve is the next big coronavirus challenge. Published: May 29, 2020 • By June Gruber, Jonathan Rottenberg.

We know the virus has a deadly impact on the human body. But its impact on our mental health may be deadly too. The mental health crisis triggered by COVID-19 is escalating rapidly. By: June Gruber & Jonathan Rottenberg The mental healthcrisistriggered by COVID-19 is escalating rapidly. One example: When compared to a 2018 survey, U.S. adults are noweighttimes more likely to meet the criteria for serious mental distress.

One-third of Americans reportclinically significant symptoms of anxiety or clinical depression, according to a late May 2020 release of [ ]. Flattening the mental health curve is the next big coronavirus challenge By June Gruber, University of Colorado Boulder, Jonathan Rottenberg, University of South Florida 06/08/20 Some recent projections suggest that deaths stemming from mental health issues could rival deaths directly due to the virus itself. Before flattening the mental health curve, the curve must be visible.

Covid-19 has revealed the inadequacies of the old mental health order. A. Flattening the Mental Health Curve is the Next Big Coronavirus Challenge Students, adults with children at home and front-line health care workers are most at-risk. by June Gruber Jonathan. Flattening the mental health curve is the next big coronavirus challenge. Published: May 29, 2020.

A mental health crisis has begun, as social isolation from the coronavirus and loss of jobs, income and loved ones have left people reeling. A transformation of care is badly needed. As Australia continues to flatten its curve of coronavirus cases, mental health experts are warning a “much deeper, longer curve” lies ahead as the psychological toll of the pandemic sets in.

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  • I find that people tend to see me as “strong” — but I absolutely can’t and won’t “babysit” folks who will not do the minimum that our society demands to cooperate and get through this.
    These are energy hogs.
    There are those and who even more desperately lean on bigotry and rumormongering other social ills while yammering obsessively about “God” — meanwhile doing weird stuff like not washing their hands ect.


  • Really,it’s important for everyone during the extreme time of crisis to be safe and healthy physically and mentally…thanks…Rit from Nepal…

  • Whenever I am feeling stressed out by the Coronavirus, I just play some Three Beat Slide music and my anxiety disappears…It’s like some kind of magical drug that makes me feel happy again

  • I thought I was immune to the psychological effects of lockdown because I am an introvert and a gamer… but I am starting to lose it after four months of curfew/lockdown. I am going crazy mentally and sunk into depression… even introverts need social interaction

  • The emergency measures in uk now only require one psychiatrist to section a person under the mental health act instead of two. Dangerous.

  • I’ve been so numb for the past couple of weeks now. Everything i was looking forward to was canceled or delayed till next year, which feels like it’ll never come because of the unbearable redundancy, I can’t get a balance between school and home life, the list goes on. I just feel like doing nothing but sleeping even though I’m not tired and I hate it. This year is just a mess.

  • Why smoking should be banned:
    On cigarette packets it states there is over 70 substances that cause cancer.
    The poor smoke more due to stress, anxiety, depression and if politics do things so the poor can’t afford cigarettes then they do without gas and electricity.
    The poor live in a flat with a family so should children have to breath in cigarette smoke for 3 weeks.
    If the crisis was bigger would smoking be banned coz it does effect the immune system and also causes poverty and also causes brain to have a lack of oxygen

  • I am having nonstop panic attacks im going crazy my world is blocked im nonstop state of fear i can’t sleep or eat i have no idea how long can i continue like this l��

  • Ive been having a fon of problems with literally a ton of mental disorders before this and its even worse now especially cuz im supposed to be in a residential home but its harder to get in now. Im on my brothers old acc but bro i just wish i could sleep forever

  • I just downloaded the app that will help me not just because of the pandemic but for other reasons too. Thank you so much Dr. Peter Yellowlees!

  • At t= 6:38 he talks about one thing that is really helpful that is to connect and reconnect with your core social support network (spouse, siblings, children, closest friends), and contact them over the phone or over social media.

  • i’m gonna find morphine and kill myself as soon as possible. this is not the planet i grew up on. i do not know what is going on but i know it is not normal and will not change. i do not know who is behind this but someone is. me, i plan to die asap

  • My mental health is so bad. everyone is home now and drama is bound to happen. a lot of things aren’t the same and its even harder when you’re pregnant. i miss working and its even more difficult right now since i am at risk due to being pregnant all I do is lay down and its not healthy for my mental health and well being. I legit wish i did not wake up somedays. I don’t know how im gonna bring a baby into this mess. It makes me super depressed

  • I overcame my anxiety by reading Said Nursi’s book: “Message For The Sick”.
    I definitely recommend it to everyone.
    “O sick person who worries unnecessarily! You worry at the severity of your illness and that worry increases it. If you want your illness to be less severe, try not to worry. That is, think of the benefits of your illness, the recompense for it, and that it will pass quickly; it will remove the worry and cut the illness at the root. Indeed, worry increases illness twice over. Worry causes an immaterial illness of the heart beneath the physical illness; the physical illness rests on that and persists. If the worry ceases through submission, contentment, and thinking of the wisdom in the illness, an important part of the illness is extirpated; it becomes lighter and in part disappears. “
    Flashes 273

  • You are no expert I am the expert we have all this fear because of high cost of living!!!!!!!!!! And not freezing the rents and not paying enough 1200 that’s where the fear comes from high cost of living

  • Making sure that you take care of your mental health is vital. Im so glad this video is out. It helped me with my video content. Thanks guys:)

  • Humans NEED, not want, NEED social interaction and varied relationships and this situation is slowly but surely destroying our mental well being. It seems like you have to choose between the virus or eventual severe depression. Good fun.

  • I don’t know if others feel this way, but I feel that having a roof over my head and having my health is what makes most of us privileged. I wish there was less complaining and more self-reflection. Personally, for my mental health I’m keeping a journal of sorts; just dumping my random thoughts, doodles and future goals/plans. I hope this was helpful for someone!

  • I hate this so much, i’am a 14 y.o and last half year/8 month’s I’ve started to go back into society and not sitting all day in home. Since January/februari I’ve overwon my depression. But this quarantine has been killing me fr. atm I feel so lonely and feel like I have 2 good friends left:/

  • We have started this initiative.

    As we all know each one of us is dealing with anxiety or depression in some way or the other, this is a forum to help each other out by sharing our experiences and let go of the unseen pain.
    Trust yourself. You’ve survived a lot, and you’ll survive whatever is coming.

  • I feel anxious,worried and scared going to work im afraid of everything. I need to talk to someone how do i cope with everything at home, work etc. Im arguing with everyone at home im mostly frustrated.

  • I have been so stressed out that for the first time in my entire life i have skipped my period! I am a fully grown woman well into adulthood but not quite close to the change yet. I have all of my usual PMS symptoms, horrible cramps and that dreadful hormonal change that makes my head spin and feel horrible but no period. My cycles are like clock work. They NEVER skip… anytime i thought it would not come it always popped up by night fall or early small hours but not this time. This is how stressed ive been. And NO i am NOT pregnant.. unless you believe in the 2nd coming of Jesus

  • I got slapped in the face and pointed at by my girl bully. It was 3 years ago and I regret not reporting her. It took 3 years for me to speak to friend’s about it. It still makes me sad and I think about it most hours every day. I feel embarrassed and sad and has left my mental health in a bad state but I’m working to get myself and my confidence back to being good again,mental health is so important so don’t bully and be kind!

  • This is nothing. Just stay home, watch some Netflix or go to bed and catch on sleep. Sheesh, everyone says they never catch up on their sleep. Well, this is the BEST time to catch up on it.

  • What do you do when those you are trapped inside with all day every day are miserable and mean and suck the very essence from your soul? There is no escape. I am now at the point where I’ve accepted defeat. I hope my out of control 17 yr old daughter does bring the virus home and that it kills me so I don’t have to endure this pointless struggle anymore.

  • I wish there were any videos on YouTube about how to live through this pandemic without feeling like you’re in a prison. If you try to look for certain information it just takes you to “what covid symptoms feel like” �� K…but how do we live other than social distancing and washing our hands?

  • What could help America’s mental well this is to get all the information that is wrong off of the TVs the radios and YouTube about the covid-19 we are pounded with it as a daily dose how many people died do this do that the only ones we should be listening to is scientists that know what they are talking about don’t watch the news don’t watch the talk shows anybody that’s talking about covid-19 ignore it unless they’re telling you there is a cure I have been doing that I’ve been staying home I wear a mask when I go to the store to get groceries other than that I stay at home which I have been doing all along enjoy your day don’t listen to the news they just stress you out more thank the media add information

  • I live alone in a small flat I think I had the corona virus last week it was terrible and I’ve been stuck in my flat for 23 days I keep having this really weird experience of extreme laughing and crying at the same and I am so so exhausted….

  • Hi all I’ve been posting daily social emotional videos and songs while our students are out of school


  • •Taking care of mental health is important during such a time like this…. Thank you for such a lovely and informative video, and may all who are reading this find peace and happiness during this time of change and hardship ��

  • As a mother to a three year old and an eight month old whose partner is still working six days a week, I can tell you that motherhood was certainly not meant to be done in isolation. This shit is rough.

  • WARNING Watch all of this video The Dr will be Killed. To Save you from DNA Destroying Vaccines! Say No Pass On.
    I researched online, but anyone speaking the truth is scuicided or Disapears. 200 Doctors speaking out about “Empty Hospitals” “Fake Copit-19 Deaths” All video deleted in 15 minutes for having the Courage to tell the Truth.

    I had Pneumonia It is far worse, I was in a Coma for 12 day’s, had 2 drain rods forced into my lungs had a caffita and had to walk with a urine pump, I also had 5 syringes permanently on one hand I lost 6 months Memory.

    The BBC interviewed a so called Pneumonia patient, who had none of the above I was in Hospital 31 Days and needed 3 month’s bed rest?

    So how was Boris out in a week? A Millionaire stealing a NHS hospital bed, when he could have gone Rrivate? ( Pr Con Job)
    Thousands of dying people were thrown out of Hospital and put in Care homes and Died Not one dead mentioned out of 20,000.

    All the Wards were Empty the nurse that secretary videod the empty wards was sacked.
    Every know death type was given extra funds if it was labelled a Copit-19 Death
    The induced Fear and massive Fake Death figures! SCAMDEMIC.

    So You beg for the Un-Tested DNA changing Vaccines & Tattoo’s with micro needles Injected into your blood with DNA changing substances, that turn you into TRANSHUMAN Slaves.

    Death can be triggered by one 5G signal to your neuro net. On to full overload The Vaccine was “tested on ferrets” Then they were placed In a cage with the pathogen “All Died”
    STAGE 2. Rushed Injections on Human being’s is illigal The rush for a cure is skipping Safety Protacols for bribes.

    The Vaccine can mutate in 2 Months and millions will die, you cant remove it. Your children can’t either Say No until people go through a proper safety double blind plesebo Tests. It takes years.


    The Depopulation Agenda will be forced on you With Scam video lies.

  • Thank you for such a great video. I’m under psychiatric care for depression on PTS and my anxiety is destroying me. This video has really calmed me down. I did not get the application the Doctor mentioned for help. Could you kindly let me know, which is the application to calm a person? Thank you.

  • First world issues. We are trying to save lives and people are depressed that they can’t get haircuts or go to a bar. Relax and wait till June.