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Fibromyalgia: 5 Questions to Ask Your Health Care Provider Before a Diagnosis

Video taken from the channel: HealthyWomen

If you think you may have fibromyalgia, it’s important to make an appointment with your health care provider to discuss your symptoms. Preparing in advance and asking the right questions at your appointment can be a big help. Watch our video below for five essential questions to ask your health care provider and get the. If you think you may have fibromyalgia, it’s important to make an appointment with your health care provider to discuss your symptoms.

Preparing in advance and asking the right questions at your. Because there is no test for fibromyalgia, your doctor must rely solely on your group of symptoms to make a diagnosis. In the American College of Rheumatology guidelines for diagnosing fibromyalgia, one of the criteria is widespread pain throughout your body for at least three months. Before your visit, write down questions you want answered. Bring someone with you to help you ask questions and remember what your provider tells you.

At the visit, write down the name of a new diagnosis, and. Sometimes, fibromyalgia is confused with rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. But, again, there is a difference in the symptoms, physical findings and blood tests that will help your health care provider detect these health problems. Unlike fibromyalgia, these rheumatic diseases cause inflammation in the joints and tissues.

To make the most of your limited time with your health care provider, physicians recommend making a list of topics you want – or should – discuss, including any new test results, especially if you are a new patient. “Don’t wait until my hand is on the door knob to bring up a new chest pain or recent. Next, ask whether you will be charged a co-payment, a small flat fee, perhaps $10, charged for health care services. Some plans have a deductible instead, an amount that you have to pay before the.

Your rheumatologist will ask you about your health and family history you’re more likely to have fibromyalgia if other people in your family have it. She’ll give you a physical exam and may. 5 Questions to Ask Your Health Care Provider Before a Diagnosis Preparing questions in advance can help you to get the answers you need: 4 Ways to Support a Loved One Learn how you can best help a loved one who is coping with the pain of fibromyalgia: 5 Tips for Traveling Like a Pro Learn 5 simple ideas for. Sharing my recent flare struggles, long term symptoms, and obtaining a diagnosis.

This illness is no joke. Hugs to those that suffer from this I’d love to hear from you. Follow Me: Website.

List of related literature:

Researchers studying fibromyalgia continue to look for the best answers to all of these questions.

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Which of the following is not true regarding fibromyalgia?

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If fibromyalgia is to be diagnosed or considered, such consideration should be applied to all patients.

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The diagnosis of fibromyalgia should be based on the defined criteria and not on the exclusion of other diseases.

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While the formal symptom surveys (see Table 1) and/or tenderpoint examination can be used to support the diagnosis, it is also reasonable to establish a working diagnosis of fibromyalgia purely on a combination of widespread pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance, if there is no evidence of another specific diagnosis.

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Five account for 90% of the cases — osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), fibromyalgia, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and gout.1–4

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  • Finding the right doctor to help you in with your journey for living with Fibromyalgia is so essential. What kind of doctor do you see for your fibro?

  • Pain, every day I’m in pain and it really depresses me so much �� woke up in pain. Go to pain I’m in pain. It sucks woke up and can’t move my arms my back kills me

  • I’m sure I’ve got this but my doctor will not diagnose it, he doesn’t believe in it. What it feels like is similar to the pain you get the day after starting a heavy physical job. Stiff, fatigued but not disabled. The discomfort seems to be in every joint in the body, wrists elbows,neck, shoulders, hips and sides of the knees. I have to sleep in the day or I get a headache, and I get stomach trouble sometimes. It can go on for weeks, months and then there’s a period of relief and then it starts again.
    Doctor just says you’re 50 now it’s aches and pains, here’s some Codeine, goodbye.

  • I have had fibromyalgia for over 30 years,I unfortunately have all 18 pressure points in my body that is affected
    I would love just 5 minutes without pain �������� but I know that is impossible

  • Never give up in life they all say no cure to FIBROMYALGIA which is a big lie I have pass through many process also i never believe there is really cure to FIBROMYALGIA until I meet Dr.OBELA the doctor that have been helping many people for many years, I come across this doctor online when I was searching for cure online I found out about this man, and to my greatest surprise this man have the herbal medicine which I have been looking for years I explain my problem to him through the email I found on someone who testify about him also, Dr.OBELA write me a reply and explain how the process work so after ordering for the medicine I got it within 4 days and I took it according to the way Dr.OBELA instructed, I was so happy after two week I took the medicine there was very big change in my health when I was done with the process I go for test, I found out I am negative that was the day I have the tears of joy you can also get in contact with my doctor through his email now [email protected] or you can also WhatsApp him +2348115919700. And He also have herbs medicine to cured the following diseases; eczema,urethra wart,chronic problems.Herpes, Cancer, Als,Hepatitis, Diabetes, HPV,Infections, CORONARY ARTERY, DIARRHEA DISEASE, DIABETES MELLITUS

  • Thanks Jessica for your videos, I’m 51 years old with fibromyalgia for more than 10 years, few moth I’m decide to stop all the horrible medication and use natural remedies,my family dr is not agree but I’m decided because all the horrible side effects I’m not resist any more, I’m start my journey, pray God to help me ����

  • Thank you for this video. I have had fibro for over 20 yrs now. The Cymbalta & Ambien have helped me greatly along with vitamin D in a large amoutn. 5000 units a day. My biggest problem now is no energy but you have given me a place to start working on that.

  • Thank you for sharing this video with us. In Ayurveda, the treatment of fibromyalgia is possible without any side effects. Planet Ayurveda offers Boswellia Curcumin Capsules and Aamvatantak Churna which are very useful in the treatment of fibromyalgia.

  • I’ve gone to er twice in 6 months with normal blood work and xrays and ct scans. I thought I was going crazy until I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia

  • These questions are really good but I can’t ask them to my GP. You are only allowed to talk about one symptom during the 10 minute consult. Years ago I went to see him with all my symptoms on paper and he was so nervous then. And the only thing that he told me was to watch my limits. The other doctor that works there does the same just looks in the computer and listens. The system here in the Netherlands is that you have to look for a house doctor, a GP, in the area where you live at. And when I type Fibromyalgia doctor on Internet, the rehabilitation centers open up. I have been to one last year with my daughter for an information talk and the woman was not that open-minded, kind of laid back. So all the information that my daughter and I got was hanging on poster boards on the wall. I don’t want to go there because it’s in the city and I depend on public transportation and walking a lot. You don’t heal there, so I have heard from an old friend whose partner also has Fibromyalgia and has gone there to learn more about it. You get to talk to a case-manager there, a psychologist and do exercises with a physic therapist. There is no research done there what the cause is. You learn there how to manage Fibromyalgia and live with it. As far as my GP, after talking to him and having the luxury that he looks at my face, then it’s time to go…so I only go to him when it’s time for my Diabetes Control. The osteopath and Chiropractor I can have a look and know that you have to pay yourself partially and that can really run up high bills.

  • love your videos Jessica, I am 57 yrs old I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2011. I am on disability not for that, but iam also on state medical and they don’t pay for chiropractic care. But when I lived in Missouri I saw a sports medicine doctor before my symptoms were not as bad as they are now I could stand for him to adjust me. But I don’t think he was really in tune with fibro. so my question is do u think a sports med doctor would b able to help me now. iam living in Iowa now and iam sure they don’t pay for a regular chiropractor unless u have had an accident.

  • 2:30 “most people can get well” I’m vibrating please tell me how
    3:00 “can you get a good night’s sleep?” I can sleep for 18 hours straight if you let me. F*ck.

  • Sorry Dr. Bruce, but I’m not buying it. Fibromyalgia is a worthless, vague term, having symptoms that very from person to person. I’ve had it since I was a child. I am now 61. I’ve taken just about every test, and tried just about every medication available. (I even blew $700 on the bogus blood test the EpiGentics hustles on ignorant suffers looking for answers. I’ve seen every type of doctor there is, and mental health professionals are the worst. A good doctor needs to focus on the symptoms, and search for the cause. I have rarely found a competent doctor to do this. I’ve known the cure for my symptoms for decades, but couldn’t get the meds until recently, after telling the doctor I have fibromyalgia. I never believed fibromyalgia was a real and specific illness, but my illness is very severe. So, I did what I had to do to get my meds. After only 2 years on these meds, (and over 30 years having these symptoms) doctors are now telling me my symptoms are caused from addiction withdrawal. What a crock. Here’s what I believe is the cause of my illness. I truly believe other pain suffers may have a different cause, yet it is convenient, to group all of us together. A good doctor needs to perform professional troubleshooting skills, using the patients symptoms as a starting point. Big Pharma is making billions with there serotonin and gaba receptor drugs, as well as anxiety, depression etc.drugs. I keep telling them I have a specific type of chronic pain, but I could never get a doctor to listen to me. “Patient exhibits drugs seeking behavior” is the usual b.s. I hear from them. I wasn’t even taking drugs. For God’s sake, I don’t even smoke pot. (I put myself through college, retired a millionaire, and raised 2 beautiful daughters, are just a few of my accomplishments.) Anyway, I’ve concluded, after extensive study, is my illness is caused by a defective dopamine receptor system. One would think that if a patient has suffered chronic pain their entire life, that would be top of the list as to its cause. It was evident in my personality as a youth in that I seemed to suffer from hyperactive A.D.H.D. (never tested and diagnosed) My personal activities seem to have always involve mental stimulation more the most kids my age. The more stimulation I would seek and receive, the less pain I would feel. I am also guessing it was doing more damage my pain/pleasure system. I’ve found that such stimulation, seemed to become less effective over the years. I spoke with my neurologist about this, and she thought it made sense. I asked her what is this illness called, and she told me “chronic pain” syndrome. She is wonderful. I’m am now 61, and I no longer buy into the Fibromyalgia B.S. I do believe there are those that are suffering from some sort of pain, but I also believe it’s on a case by case basis. I think Fibromylagia is not only making huge dollars for big pharma, but it puts a vagueness on an illness that patients who are seeking drugs to get high on, have to convince a doctor they have a an illness that is difficult to prove, and is left up to the doctor’s diagnosis, via questionnaire, if they have it or not. I can understand this, and was lucky enough to have gotten approval. However, now I have doctors telling me I’m addicted, or are going through withdrawals when my b.p. immediately raises to 120/107 3-4 hrs after taking my last pain pill. (This was happening well before I went on pain meds.) I have had doctors terminate our doctor/patient relationship because I refuse to allow them to say that I am addicted, or that I am going through withdrawals, and this is the source of my problems. (Such as high blood pressure.) My critically high blood pressure is due to extreme pain, and I’ve had this symptom decades before I took my first pain pill, (I also have a few other interesting symptoms, which I think I’ve figured out the cause.) I no longer allow any health professional to feed me this bull [email protected] I’ve done too much research. I understand addiction, withdrawal, and opiate overdosing all to well. However, I do agree that such pain medications are slowly deteriorating my pain/pleasure system even further, but If I discontinue, my blood pressure will increase immediately, and I will have another heart attack within weeks. (I’ve already have had 2, as well as a stroke.) So I’m face with a choice (should the system allow me these), One is to quit my pain meds, and suffer excruciating pain, and critically high b.p. until my heart bursts, (I’m already taking the limit on b.p. meds, and withdrawal medications don’t do a darn thing. I’ve never even experienced withdrawal symptoms.) or take my pain killers, which may have to be increased from time to time, and live a near normal healthy life. I would think the answer is a no brainer, but as you probably well know, the system does not know how to identify patients like me that require more opiates than what the system allows, and makes it hell for me, where I a forced to, at times, to put this crap called kratom down my esophagus just so I can live. I hope you appreciate, and glean something from my post that may be helpful to other pain suffers. (There’s more I can add, 40 years more, but you get my point.) Thanks for your time. Charlie

  • I told you so, I told you so, I told you so…. and Dr. Hooten. This is it….. I wonder how the Russian is taking it? Hahahahaha

  • Thank you for such an accurate explanation. I was diagnosed as a second time at Mayo at Rochester clinic. The experience I call it like “Going to Disney for the ill”. I can’t express my gratitude enough and share what I have learned if it wasn’t for Mayo. This fight is just the beginning of my journey and I won’t stop until everyone is aware of what we go though to get diagnosed and be treated as a human, which is what Mayo Clinic did for me. ����������

  • I didn’t go to get diagnosed and my gp also supported me. We know the treatments for fibro and I don’t buy into those medications… I m managing my symptoms with alternative therapies like osteopath etc some few supplements and highly
    Anti inflammatory diet and tolerance over flare ups…,,I don’t see any use in getting a diagnosis for ppl who can change their lifestyles etc but obviously it is personal choice.

  • Wow I’m watching you describe me to a specific T…… I’ve had fybromyaliga for 13 years and every day for over 10years I wake up with a headache that turns into a migraine or just a full blown migraine restless leg syndrome exhaustion fibro “fog”pain in places I never knew existed I’m only 38 years old and got diagnosed after the battle my mother had with pancreatic cancer. 3 months went by… I was living on auto pilot and remember NOTHING of those 3 months! I was up almost a month later with a Tracheotomy and could not speak, but I was lucky and had a reversible Tracheotomy! I was also a quadriplegic when I woke up! Since then I tried everything you could think of. Then dad got sick and let’s just say my sister didn’t care to stick around to help either one of us. I took care of my father as I did my mother until he passed. Then I decided it was time to get better! Big problem….. there is no end all be all cure for fybromyaliga I applied for disability twice and got excuses both times so I worked and while doing what the government wanted me to do(work) I had a stoke and a mild heart attack. I gained weight because I was always tired so I lost 100pounds now I’ve been the same weight for 2 years! My weight has gone from 123lbs-280+lbs. now I’m at a steady weight but need to loose 40lbs. This video is so on point nobody can help me and maintaining the pain is astronomically difficult. For 13 years I feel as if I’m not living at all! Even when the state/government gave me no choice to work or I would of been homeless. All working did was bring out more pains tennis elbow in both arms arthritis from back of my scalp to my lower back! I just need help!!!!!!

  • Give scientific evidence for “energy”,,ayurvade too,,chiropractic can work but not for reason most chiros say,,accupuncture too not better than placebo,,,this lecture mostly bullshit

  • I’m 19 but have every single symptom and like the video has said, have had multiple blood tests and xrays to find what’s wrong. Before I get anymore tests I’m going to see if I have this.

  • I wonder what he would have to say molecularly-wise about treating fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis or MS or any other inflammation-based musculoskeletal disease. Because all of these literally “suck the life” out of a being!!! He has done quite a bit of research so he might know. It is very difficult to live with these soul sucking illnesses. One doesn’t have energy to just live….and it is near impossible to do regular life stuff!!! Ughhhh…… This should only affect rich people because they have money to hire maids and chauffeurs and butlers and cooks and have money for doctors and medications.

  • I have it so severe, I hate this. I’ve got IBS, Fibromyalgia,CFS, Severe Gastritis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Cluster Migraines., RA,.
    I take [email protected], Krill oil, Moringa, I’m asking Adrian for iodine @ Vitamin B12.
    Dr Edward Group was a Dr who said no one needs B12he said after studying it for 3+ mos, ‘ I was wrong ‘ He also says we need iodine @ astralagus. I have extreme exhaustion. Not tired, overtired, I’m talking mono times 1000. So I feel the head rush if Moringa,but does nothing for my severe exhaustion,I wish. I’ve lost home,$, job, marriage, everything, because of Diseases.
    I can’t smoke pot, I quit smoking, because that’s how I coped with PTSD.

  • Fatigue weakness and pain are the main issues, I’ve recently cured my pain for the most part by using a combination of CBD Oil, Cannabis, Kratom, and Moringa.
    I make smoothies every morning with Moringa.
    I take chewables of CBD 400X x 2 every 6-8 hours
    I take 4 x Gel Caps of Gold Bali Kratom Natures Organix every 6 hours
    I take Cannabis in the evening to help me sleep and to extend the CBD terpenes into the morning which prevents me waking up with pain.

  • yea it is the worst thing ever i feel everything from my feet to my head every bone everything hurts all the time every day all day i have all the symptoms cant sleep cant eat major depression anxiety always tired always weak cant think cant focus cant remember it is a very very crapy way to live i pray to die every night before bed because of my religion i cant kill my self witch is so unfair because if i didnt have that i wouldnt be writing this right now thats a promise the list goes on and on tmj sinus infections prostatitis i cant keep going and going i have to wake up at 7:30am and its already 12pm and i am watching this because i cant sleep also have a stress disorder anger problem very emotional break downs i mean at least once to twice a week if not more i used to love the rain and snow now i HATE it i used to love the summer now i HATE it because i get hot flashes and i am a man smh i get cold very fast and hot very fast my body doesnt regulate its own temperature i have high vitamin levels low vitamin levels just writing this took a while because its hard to try and make sense of what i want to say i hate my life i would wish this on my worst enemy i hate seeing other people in pain because if the pain i am in and NOTHING takes away the pain fully NOTHING not Cymbalta witch i am on 90mgs or Lyrica Gabapentin because it only numbs the senses witch make you feel not even human like you cant feel the grass in your feet or water on your hair i dont shower i need help shaving i also need helo showering because i get tired really easy no sex drive no drive to do anything really used to draw used to play video games used to play with my kids on the play ground dont get to do any of that really anymore with out feeling it every day for the next week and being stuck in bed and o yea laying down is the best position sitting hurts standing hurts laying on my sides hurt sleeping on 6 hours is a good day 3 to 4 is normal 8 a very good day i take over 12 pills i believe every day if not more i have to have alarms for my meds because i forgot when i took them last i have to write it down after i did asap or ill forgot this LIFE really does suck God Bless and i say that because thays the only reason i am alive still!!!!!!!!!! o there is so much MORE but need to try and sleep now

  • I am looking to help my system cause the Health Departments are not helping me, I’m telling them what I need and they are ignoring my questions and explanations, I’m having reactions to foods, chemicals, but sent to allergy clinic and the don’t test for what I’m reacting so I ask where do I find out what I’m reacting to, I know what is up but the medical profession is whats failing me, finding this video gives me to pass onto other sufferers and my GP, it would be fantastic to have you do a talk in our ME/CFS FIBRO movement in Sheffield England, we need to hear people who have suffered, understand, have worked out we are telling the truth to the GP’s, and that we want to get better, and want to hear positive approaches to working with these debilitating, exhausting, painful, emotional symptoms we need a movement to make the medical profession sit up and listen to us!

  • Great video Jessica, thank you so much for your continued hard work and dedication. Your videos are packed full of information and inspiration. You have helped me to change how i used to survive (i wont call it living)!
    I have changed my doctor several times because i was so tired of not be listened to or given the wrong advice. We have to be our own advocate.

  • Bovine colustrum, i must try that. I changed my diet that healed the diverticular and ibs problems. I do agree that some supplements help the most. I use cbd oil as a painkiller now and paracetamol. My doctors are very good I’m very grateful for that. However they cant help with everything ( i did get the diagnosis though ) K

  • now the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  is found: radiation of microwaveoven.(magnetron)
    To stop you have to eliminate the oven out of the house.
    The plug out of electricity net because the oven has also radiation when it is not in use.And out of the house because the oven has a high voltage capacitor.
    The distance between an oven and a person is very important.After a 2 weeks without microwaves health becomes better.

  • I just heard of a blood test! It’s called FM/a. Look it up! Also, yrs ago I had a sleep study done, showing alpha intrusions into delta wave sleep over 150xs per night. I was told that they see this all the time in fibro patients, & that the intrusions keep you from getting into deep, restorative sleep. So, a sleep study might also help you get a diagnosis

  • He talks about sleep, but how can you sleep at all when you’re suffering from a chronic illness. This guy is totally drunk on B.S.

  • Dear, now the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is found: radiation of microwave-oven(magnetron).
    To stop you have to eliminate the oven out of the house.
    The plug out of electricity net because the oven has also radiation when it is not in use.And out of the house because the oven has a high voltage capacitor.
    The distance between an oven and a person is very important.After a 3 months without microwaves health becomes better.
    The victims are more sensible and also the distance between victim and oven is important.After long time obesity is possible.
    (Also possible: nightmares, change of character)Most people with a microwave arent chronically ill because some people are more sensitive for microwaves, also the distance person/microwave is very important. The oven in another place is more safe. The radiation become less when the oven gets older.Some ovens give less radiation then others. In Russia the less radiation is allowed by law.
    I had much very positive reactions, some people recovered entirely. Sometimes not because it was being tired through other causes or diseases,not the real cfs.Take everyday a vitamin D supplement because almost everyone have to little.

  • My Dr. Prescribed Ambien. Doesn’t help. Adderall. Doesn’t work. I’m totally exhausted in pain. I’m broke and can’t afford natural meds. I’m at my wit’s end. Help me. My Dr can’t.

  • He also recommends this book near the end of the video.