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Fertility Awareness Method, Easily Explained

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Fertility Awareness Methods

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How effective are fertility awareness methods?

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NATURAL BIRTH CONTROL | Fertility Awareness + How I Track My Cycle

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Fertility awareness methods (FAMs) are ways to track your ovulation so you can prevent pregnancy. FAMs are also called “natural family planning” and “the rhythm method.” Want to learn how to track your fertility? Find a Health Center. Fertility awareness is an easy, scientifically sound way to track women’s fertility, and promote or prevent pregnancy. It’s a big improvement on calendar rhythm birth control.

Fertility awareness (Rhythm) Created: 09/14/2012. Last Updated: 04/15/2013. Share on: Effectiveness: 75 to 97 percent; effectiveness increases if you use several methods of tracking fertility, such as calendar, cervical mucus and temperature (24 pregnancies per 100 women each year). FERTILITY AWARENESS / Fertility awareness-based methods—or natural family planning—are all about tracking your menstrual cycle to determine the days that you can get pregnant. The tricky part is actually knowing when those days are.

To do that, you’ll need to pay very close attention to. Calendar Rhythm Method: count and record days in each menstrual cycle for six months and predict future fertile days (days when pregnancy can occur) using a standard calculation. The following fertility awareness-based methods rely on observing bodily changes: TwoDay Method: track cervical fluid every day, twice a day.

Fertility awareness is knowing and recognizing when the fertile time (when a woman can get pregnant) occurs in the menstrual cycle. This is the home of the Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control Facebook group which was created in 2014 in order to provide a safe, non-judging, women-only space for any woman who observes fertility signs (basal body temperature, cervical mucus/fluids, and cervix position) to track their fertility for birth control, health, or conception. But here’s the difference: The rhythm method pretends women run like clocks, while fertility awareness means paying attention to the sometimes unpredictable signs and symptoms that come along with. Natural Family Planning, also called fertility awareness is a method of birth control that does not use any drugs or devices. It combines the calendar/rhythm method, the basal body temperature method, and the cervical mucus method.

The natural family planning method is more. Fertility awareness is sometimes called natural family planning, periodic abstinence, or the rhythm method. How Does Fertility Awareness Work? If a couple doesn’t have sex around the time of ovulation, the girl is less likely to get pregnant.

The trick is knowing when ovulation happens.

List of related literature:

A peak of song activity during the fertile period may also be important to stimulate the last stages of ovarian development and ovulation (Møller, 1988).

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Fertility awareness techniques have evolved from keeping track of the menstrual cycle (the so-called “rhythm method”; see ‘menstruation) to avoid intercourse around the time of ovulation: tracking body temperature and cervical mucus consistency can raise effectiveness to more than 80%.

“Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Encyclopedia” by Merriam-Webster, Inc, Mark A. Stevens
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Each woman in the program was given an abacuslike device, consisting of red and white beads arranged to represent her fertility cycle.

“Critical Theory Today: A User-friendly Guide” by Lois Tyson
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In primates that have a 28-day menstrual cycle, LH pulses (measured as proxy for GnRH pulses) occur approximately once per hour during the early follicular phase, but slow to a frequency of once every 90min later in the follicular phase as estrogen negative feedback increases.

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Many rhythmic and recurring events that a woman may recognize on almost a monthly schedule during her reproductive years are called “fertility signs” and are manifestations of the body changes required for successful reproductive function.

“Anthony's Textbook of Anatomy & Physiology E-Book” by Kevin T. Patton, Gary A. Thibodeau
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• Fertility awareness—This involves carefully tracking your fertility—by noting your temperature and/or cervical mucus and/or menstrual history (rhythm method)—and then refraining from sex on the days that conception is most likely.

“My Teen Has Had Sex, Now What Do I Do?” by Ph.D., Maureen Lyon, Maureen Lyon, Ph.d., Christina Antoniades
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The device calculates the likely date of ovulation well in advance, and allowing for sperm survival time, the woman is then shown ‘green’ days when conception is unlikely and ‘red’ days when conception could occur.

“Mayes' Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives” by Sue Macdonald
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However, when you attune to your own cycle of fertility, you can access the energetic support corresponding to the rhythms of your female body.

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In extrapolating the functions of the Sunrise Dance, fertility might seem an obvious theme due to the ceremony’s temporal association with menarche.

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The other major rhythm in ovine reproduction is an annual cycle of ovarian activity.

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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 (877) 492-3666

Biography: https://medicine.yale.edu/profile/kutluk_oktay/
Bibliography: oktay_bibliography

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  • I got pregnant in the second month of using Daysy + condom, talked to them about how they are keeping track of users and they told me they rely only on the first study and they do not keep track with actual users

  • I just got off of the pill about 2 months ago and have been dealing with symptoms from it… I have been doing a lot of research on a more holistic way to track my cycle. Thanks so much for this video (:

  • I started taking the pill recently because I’ve never been pregnant and don’t know if I’ll ever be, which means I’m at higher risk for ovarian cancer because my ovaries have never stopped ovulating. Fortunately no side effects yet.
    Stopping ovulation for a couple years in your lifetime, either from pregnancies or birth control, helps prevent ovarian cancer because it gives your ovaries a break

  • Uugh I thought you were gonna explain the family method. But this video had so many back stories and comparisons., very little info on the actual method

  • Does anyone know how to connect the daysy app with the device through Bluetooth? (I think I’m following the instructions but it doesn’t seem to work ��) besides I love the product..����

  • Cheers for the Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you researched Tarbbatigan Complete Unit Tip (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning how to get pregnant naturally minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  • Great Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you researched Tarbbatigan Complete Unit Tip (google it)? It is a good one off product for learning how to get pregnant naturally minus the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker after many years got great success with it.

  • How successful is this? I’ve been doing this for about six months now due to the effects synthetic hormones had on my body, and when trying to explain it to people they are horrified �� Most people seem convinced that this doesn’t “work”. Any advice on how to explain it to people? I’ve been told by people that it doesn’t work because on any day of your cycle you have a 75% chance of possibly getting pregnant. (Which makes NO sense to me).

  • Did you get the Daysy Fertility Tracker or the Daysy & “Birth Control Protocol” one? There’s a price difference but I’m not sure how else they differ. Thank you in advance!

  • Thank for this I’ve been miserable being on birth control. Have tried so many. This iud is the last straw! I’m getting it removed but I’m so happy there are alternative options

  • I have been using the daysy for the last 2 years and wouldn’t be without it now ���� so happy to not have to put any hormones/chemicals in my body ��

  • This sounds great I’d like to try but my only question is when you say first thing in the morning does that mean when i wake up or is it a specific time in the am???

  • I really enjoyed this video! I’m pretty good with remembering when mine is thanks to the Clue App and I am pretty sure I have a hormone imbalance or something because sometimes I experience being unable to function on a normal level. It effects me quite a lot.

  • What if I don’t ovulate… I don’t plan children right now, but would like to later on in life, and I want everything to be working correctly. After five months of no period I got one in January, and I’m so scared of when the next one will be…

  • This was so so helpful! I’ve always wanted to learn about this as I’m discovering various methods of birth control that work best for me. You explained it all so well.

  • Great video! Such important information! I wish we had these information resources when I was younger. Btw, after giving birth I had to restart learning about my cycle. It got all messed up and took a while to get balanced again, differently though.

  • Thanks Meghan, i just downloaded Clue, thank you so much for the information, i didn’t know about Clue but because of you i already have! You are wonderful and keep making more informative videos! Much love from me! And i like your channel! ����❤️

  • Oh my god THANK YOU!!!! There really is not enough good, comprehensive information out there about women’s health, fertility, cycle changes, etc. I truly appreciate that you put together such a well rounded video. It includes so much valuable information in a very easy to understand format. FINALLY!! ❤️ thank you!

  • Sorry Meghan, I like you very much but I have to give a thumbs down this time. It is VERY IRRESPONSIBLE from you to promote natural birth control. Women can get pregnant at ANY TIME of the cycle. So many women got pregnant using these three methods!
    To all the women: if you don’t take a REAL birth control method, ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. If you don’t want to take hormones, use a copper IUD. Anyway a woman birth control AND a condom is the safest.

  • This video is so relevant for me right now! I am currently reading Taking Charge Of Your Fertility and loving it and learning so much. Thanks so much for sharing this info! I only wish I had known about this years ago.

  • Thank you for sharing this �� I think it is so important for women to know about this and understand their health! While I may disagree with the use of barrier methods, I am very happy you made this video to educate women on healthy ways to take care of their fertility ��

  • That was really useful! I cannot wait to give it a try! I’ve been for some years on the pill and it doesn’t work for me. I think this is exactly what I need! Thank you! ��

  • what if you have an interrupted sleep cycle, for example, I might wake up and go back to sleep a few times in the morning before I get up

  • I am so scared to use this type of method (basal body temperature) since so many people here in Sweden have become pregnant using a similar tool. My biggest nightmare is becoming pregnant again. I would not be able to handle it. So I am on the pill but I really don’t want to:/

  • First off, you curly hair is absolutely beautiful! And suits you so well! ��
    Second, this video is so helpful! This topic has been on my mind for a while now, and you made it so informative while still simple and easy to understand.

  • Thank you so much for the informative video! I got married last year and I knew from before that I did not want to take the pill so I researched intensively hehe.

  • I have downloaded and uninstalled so many cycle tracking apps. I downloaded clue as soon as you mentioned it. It’s the best one yet!

  • Thank you for this video & for being so thorough. I always thought the cervical mucus ( never knew it was called this ) which is always at a 1 was a way for our vaginas to cleanse themselves. Sorry for the TMI.

  • Hi!!! Excellent video, exactly wat I needed, I cant wait to stop using the contraceptive injection, have had a really bad experience with it.
    I’d love to start using Daysy, but I have a question, hopefully someone could help me:)
    I work as a baker 4 days a weeks, what means that I don’t have an exactly hour of waking up every day, sometimes it could be a 2 am, 7 am or 9 am. Will Daysy work for me? I really want to know before investing that amount of money on it.
    Thank you.

  • I’m about to sue YouTube for these terrifying ads before the video. The hell.. it’s 10 pm and I’m home alone why you gotta do that.. ��

  • … I apparently suck at natural birth control…. I’m pregnant �� in about a year or so I can start trying again at tracking better (3 months till baby is born, then about a year or so till I start getting periods again)

  • I have not used hormonal birth control since I was first married and I didn’t like the affects of it and got off it. I have had success just tracking things and being aware. By the way, I absolutely love your hair curly. It’s so very pretty.

  • Hi Meghan Thank you for this informative video. i’ve been thinking about going the natural birth control route. Right now Iam using the IUD method been using this birth control for about 8 years its been working great. But I don’t want to rely on it forever.

  • I developed a serious infection from an IUD and have now been tracking my cycle for 9 months using Kindara. I love FAM. I will never go back to hormonal birth control.

  • Great vid! Especially the part where you differentiate between the Rhythm method in this method! That was great news to me. I’m interested in learning this method. I hope you have many more videos that explain in detail how to do it. As you were guided I hope you as well can guide us

  • Do you have to buy it yearly or once? I seriously can’t be thankful enough for this video, I’ve had a copper iud for a yr now and am having lots of symptoms severe depression, dizziness and more and the pill causes side effects too so thanks thanku

  • Thank you for such a great review on the fertility awareness method! I’m using it to help achieve pregnancy, but I love that it can be used to prevent pregnancy or to better understand your body.

  • We have been able to successfully track our fertility for the last 25 years using mucous observations. Our (4) children were all intended. Preventing pregnancy without any other method (barrier or anything else) for the last 16 years because of the very high risk of rupture of the uterus. The new advances in technology are so great! Ladies, you can do this and it is so worthwhile!!

  • I learnt more in this video that I did at school, thanks for this! Never thought talking about ‘the period’ could be so interesting:D

  • I have a 20% off Natural cycles subscription + a free basal body thermometer �� ⭐️ ��


    Please feel free to use! Would love the support!

  • Its also good for your health to be aware of your cycle so you know whats normal and whats not.
    TMI but ive had sex regularly with guys finishing inside me for five years. Still not pregnant. Just stating my experience with fertility awareness. I ask my partners to get tested and strictly never use condoms. I just dont have sex anywhere near my fertile window (which is nice, i actually enjoy holding off and the anticipation) and as a side bonus my period never sneaks up on me. Its amazing. It can be an empowering and connecting experience both with yourself and your partner.

  • The study daysy made with the 99.4% effectiveness got retracted from the scientific journal it was published in just fyi. It excluded any who had not used it for 13months or less. So I’m just guessing here but any women who had unintended pregnancy in the first year and quit using it were not surveyed. But this vid was made before it was supposed to be retracted. I think this would still be a great addition to symptothermal method.

  • It is only as effective as you are motivated to make it effective (by getting educated and sticking to the guidelines/rules).
    I have been using the sympto thermal method for about a year. It’s a bit of learning to begin with but once you are educated and understand the rules it’s not hard at all. Like riding a bike, I don’t have to think about it anymore. You don’t have to have regular cycles, that’s why there are rules, to help you determine when things change or you can’t get accurate temperature etc. We have come a long way since the calendar method. (Unfortunately that is what those period tracker apps are)
    The more I learn about my anatomy, biology, hormones and how they work, the more I trust this form of birth control.

  • Thanks for the Video! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about Tarbbatigan Complete Unit Tip (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for learning how to get pregnant naturally minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years got cool results with it.

  • I have a Daisy too! Btw I am in love with your hair!! Keep it this way!
    The only challenge with Daisy is to remember measuring every morning before you get out of the bed. Sometimes i get out of the bed and then I remember and that moment is like “OH NOO”
    I also have 1 question. Do we need to measure our temperature at the same time every morning to be accurate?

  • I was having so much anxiety about birth control, worried the hormones would even give me more anxiety. I’m so glad I learned about this method!

  • I just started using the daysy my female gyno recommended me to get off hormonal birth control because I was having problems. Then a male doctor I had to see told me I was ASKING to get pregnant and I need hormonal birth control right away. I am committed to the daysy and have never felt better even after just two weeks of using it

  • Such an important topic that very few people will discuss. You presented the information in a classy yet educational format! ❤️ Thank you

    Have you researched reusable cloth feminine products? Healthier options from the popular standards? I would love to see a video on those sort of options available.

  • I need help reading my chart to determine my fertility window! Where can I learn that?? (No I don’t want a an instructor) just want someone to show me how to read the pattern:(

  • I love Natural Cycles! So much better than the pill:) You can get 20% discount using this link: https://signup.naturalcycles.com/en-US/signup/secret?code=referralid20&referral=9ufixk85s37x3ghp

  • Thank you sooo much for making these videos!!! I’m not sure how I came across the original video but have been struggling with the thought of getting an IUD. I have done lots of healing and detoxing and DO NOT want to take any hormones. I have also had lots of trauma in regards to my lady parts and the IUD just sounds like more of a traumatic experience. Been completely stressed out thinking about the appointment and tried to get it today and didn’t work out and almost fainted. Having been so stressed, came home to do more research and found your video. I feel like a huge stress has been lifted off my shoulders now. Currently in the phase of discussion about the Daysey, with my partner. Hoping it’s a good fit fir us!!! THANK YOU!!

  • Does this frustrate you too? Or have you just been introduced into the world of birth control? Let me know if you have any questions!

  • thank you so much for highlighting fertility awareness! for anyone who is curious about the science behind the fertility awareness method, the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” is essential reading in my opinion. it teaches you the exact science of how and why basal temperature and mucous charting are effective. i personally track using the Natural Cycles app, which in at least the US (and a few European countries as well) has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration as an effective form of birth control. they have developed a very conservative algorithm to determine your “safe” days, although personally i still recommend learning the science of it by reading the book i mentioned. i bought a basal thermometer for $6 dollars and paid about $80 for a year-long subscription to the Natural Cycles app. i’ve been using it for a year and a half and i absolutely love it. in the end i think it has been cheaper than when i was paying for the birth control pill, and i feel SO much more in tune with my body!

  • Very very helpful video but I’m confused about you calling them different “methods” because so far what i have been learning is that there are different “ways”(temp and/or mucus, etc) that are used in different “methods”(Sensiplan method, symptothermo method, etc) and since im new to this, I’m really trying to figure out which method is right for me.

  • (regarding using daysy with a fever) “if you have a high temperature and you’re feelin’ sick, whyyy-are you having sex anyway? Right?” The way you deliver that line LOL! You’re so cute <3 Thank you for these videos!

  • What I found interesting about FAM is how effective it is and that it’s all natural. You introduced me to FAM back when you did the Kindara giveaway on your other channel. I’ve been interested since then and even started charting a little but I’ve never made time to learn how to read the charts. I’m so happy that you’re making these videos and I’m excited to learn!

  • Thankyou, this is really informative and you’re husband at the end was cool and the giant dog �� ��, y’all a beautiful supportive couple, he cares about you’re health awesome husband ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Omg I love this video. I’m currently on the arm implant and seriously considering getting mine removed, and switching to the daysy. I am just a bit hesitant because i am not planning to get pregnant. Do you still like it? Any changes you noticed?����

  • For the money that you spend, it is less than average..
    1. Poor quality materials and bad design.
    The cap broke within 3 months of using daysy. And that is because the plastic is very bad quality and the cap should be just round, not oval, so you could put it on without looking at it. It’s not rocket science…. Of course it’ll break when people are putting it back on with their eyes closed.
    2. The app.
    It is horrible. Truly, the worst app on my phone. It’s disconnecting and crashing all the time and again poorly made/designed. Terrible update now, where you can’t edit your period.. So if you make a mistake on your daysy or not sure (as soon as you open your eyes in the morning) whether you’re menstruating today or you’re finished you’re screwed basically.
    3. Accuracy.
    It is not very accurate and I’m wondering if taking the temperature actually means anything as my simple free period app is more accurate at predicting my period than this EXPENSIVE thermometer even after using it for 5 months.
    4. Money.
    It is soooo soo expensive… For the price and this precise thermometer they could’ve added a screen on the daysy and a feature to take your temperature that wouldn’t log into the algorithm. You know, when you’re sick for example?? It’d be great to have such a precise thermometer at hand. This just seems such a waste only using it for your period.
    All in all, I do not trust daysy 100% and would not purchase it again. I would wait for more studies and a more developed company.

  • So informative, thank you for sharing your experiences! I’ll be getting married soon and am not a huge fan of hormonal birth control methods. Hearing success stories from other people help me gain trust in some of the more “unconventional” methods of birth control. Keep giving us updates:)

  • Does this method work well for women with irregular cycles?? Like really irregular, I only have my period about 5× a year. I have pcos but I want to try this method really bad, I just removed my iud cause I gained 15 lbs and got infections too and started losing my hair and what not. I was on the pill before the iud and had bad side effects with that as well and just couldn’t take it anymore.

  • Meghan, I loved this video. Some years ago I decided stopping the pill and started understanding my menstrual cycle too. I started paying attention to my body and this was very important to me. Then I planned to get pregnant and everything got right! My baby will born next month! I think everything gets easear when we understand and respect our body. Congrats for your channel! PS: I’m from Brazil and my English is a work in progress.. sorry for some mistakes.

  • As a pharmacy technician, I would highly recommend the Daysy to a lot of women out there because a lot of girls I’m friends with use this. And they can relate to me because I take PreP (an HIV preventative drug) so they’re trying to prevent pregnancy while I’m trying to avoid sexually transmitted diseases lol. The way I can relate to them is that we BOTH are trying to prevent something from happening. I don’t wanna get HIV and they don’t wanna get pregnant! But a lot of women’s bodies are different. Like, they’re fine with Loestrin, Blisove Fe, Nuvaring, whatever birth control they’re using. And that all depends on how their bodies work and what other drugs/alcohol they are putting INTO their bodies that could interfere with that. A lot of women don’t think about that and sometimes the pill fails because another medication interfered with it. So please talk to your doctor if you have any questions because first time birth control users NEED TO KNOW the side effects birth control can have on their bodies. Headaches, nausea, cramps, etc. are all side effects. The good thing though is that it regulates your menstrual cycle so you won’t have irregular periods (or shouldn’t at least). So basically, try the Daysy and if you don’t like it, see what method works best for you!

  • The study that claimed to find a 99.4% effectiveness estimate for Daysy has been retracted from the scientific literature, as the findings were found to be misleading. You can read more here: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/stephaniemlee/daysy-fertility-tracker-science-retraction.

  • I would love to try daysy but it is 410canadian dollars which is insane for me right now. I’m using a basal thermometer and charting on Kindara and Lillypro along with my cervical fluid. I can’t use any type of hormonal birth control as it makes my anxiety and depression skyrocket and the copper iud was also giving me weird side effects. It was time for my husband to also take some of the responsibility of birth control and we now use condoms on fertile days and withdrawal on non fertile days. We will for sure invest on a daysy soon. They should offer payment plans.

  • So much great info. I use a mix of the method you use (symptothermal) and the Marquette method (using the clearblue fertility monitor). I’m also Catholic so instead of condoms during fertile times, we abstain.

  • I’ve always had such a hard time with hormonal birth control. I’m currently on the ring, however I have charted my cycles with an app before. I think my biggest fear was accidentally getting pregnant at any given time. I’m already a mother of two and they were planned, because of the charting, and knowing when I was most fertile. But I still have it in my mind that even on those nonfertile days I will still get pregnant. Everybody’s solution is always “Have a Tubal” but I feel that’s such a permanent change to my body. I’m willing to learn a little more through this channel. Maybe put my fears at ease and stop taking birth control. Thanks for the info. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • This is really interesting, I know I don’t ovulate on day on 14 like I’m “meant too”

    I’d like to learn more about this I track my cycles but not in deep detail I’ve gotta start!

    If you breastfeed and don’t get periods are you fertile? I didn’t get one for 6 months but still played safe.

    I really don’t like the pill it’s pushed on women all the time. I just have a kid and they throw it at you! The way the treat teenagers too!

    When I went on the pill I bleed everyday for 2 months and then came off it and it took months for my cycles to go back to normal! I’ll never touch any of it ever again ��

    Very informative! I love the glitter tampon at the end ����

  • This may be a dumb question, but does the amount of heat around you (like blankets and the temperature of the room) effect the temperature? Or is this a situation in which I’d just have to wait for the Daysy to get accustom to my body?

  • Thank you for sharing this information I have learned a lot however I do not have a relationship with anyone right now like I hope I would it’s kind of a long story. But if I do have a relationship with someone this will be a good method however yes it is expensive but I would love to have that kind of method because it will be a whole lot cheaper in the long run.

    Any kind of prescription medications can cost roughly about over $1,000 per year. Even if you’re working for two part-time jobs in this day and age it is pretty tough just for to get even one job.

    However since now I am officially a full grown adult I’m about 30 years old and yes I would reconsidered take the method. However I would bye it early just for me to practice using it. However I don’t have be budget.

    Plus I mean time to be away from my family at least my mother a year or 2. That way I could be more independent however financially I’m in a bad situation.

  • Absolutely amazing video. So full of information. Thank you. I wonder in your professional capacity could you do a video on pcos how to relieve symptoms and a pcos diet for fertility. Thanks again ����

  • I just subscribed and I am going to try Daysy!! Thank you for giving my body a break from the hardships hormones have caused. Please do another update!!!

  • What do you do in the case of flu when your temperature rises? Does Daysy adjust it somehow or do you have to do something on the app? X

  • Because you said you need 3 months to track your body. Can i be on another birth control while trying to let it get to know my body?? I am really fed up with horomal birth control.

  • This is NOT a safe method! You can get pregnant every day of your cycle and making a video saying its safe is completly wrong! 20 out of 100 women get pregnant with this! Please dont promote such rubbish methods to young women! Why not promote a diaphragma which is 97 to 100 safe and doesnt need hormones!

  • Yep! I think we were all taught that you can get pregnant on every single day. WRONG. I use symptothermal/Sensiplan… it CAN be highly effective. The thing is the apps shouldn’t tell you anything. They are just a tool for writing stuff down. Ignore their interpretations, use your own brain by learning. Like you said, really read up on exactly how to do it.

  • Good to know this works for irregular cycles too! This is for sure something I want to learn more about. I used the pill for many years which worked great but I didn’t like the idea of taking hormones for that long, I have had an iud for about a year and a half and hate it so much so looking for other options. I’m curious if there are ways to become more regular in your cycle or if this method just helps to know the signs of when things happen?

  • Mary: what do you call people who use natural birth control?
    Suzi: I don’t know; what?
    Mary: Parents!!������
    Remember ladies: YOU will be the one who is pregant. There is no such thing as ‘we’. Babies are cute but they cry, poop, and change YOUR life FOREVER��

  • Anyone have occasional insomnia and have success with this? I occasionally will go 3-4 nights maybe every 1-2 months with trouble sleeping and not sure I would get those consistent three hours before taking. Thanks!

  • Hi Elle Brown, Thank you for sharing with us your review on Daysy.
    I have just downloaded it’s app and am planning to buy my device soon. However, I checked the reviews of the app and there are 100s of negative reviews for the new update of the Daysy App. Have you also faced the same difficulties now with no option of manual update of your menstrual cycle, previous data getting deleted etc?

  • I love how informational this video is & the fact that you stressed on doing your own research if others wanted to use a cheaper alternative to Daysy instead. And it was great how we were able to hear you husband’s thoughts on it. TY! It shows how much you care about your viewers:)

  • I love seeing that more and more people are taking a look at fertility awareness as a legitimate birth control method! I’m not married yet but I never felt comfortable with the idea of any hormonal birth control witnessing the side effects my mom and friends used. I’ve been tracking my period and fertility with Clue app for over 4 years now and it’s helped me feel more in control over my body and fertility. My periods and my overall cycles are a little longer and irregular but observing my fluids, paying attention to my pre-menstrual and ovulation symptoms (like that slight pinching pain around the ovary), and my emotional state. I haven’t implemented recording my BBT into my tracking yet but now i’m looking forward to investing in the Daysy or at very least getting myself a thermometer for additional accuracy. I’ve never really had a real pregnancy scare except for about 3 years ago where I think I skipped my period due to stress and then the stress of worrying about the possibility of a pregnancy and recently when my period just came a few days late. I think the Daysy would have helped me so much in that situation! Just to feel a little more confident. Sorry for the TMI but i know there aren’t many people who have shared their experience with these kind of methods. Any who, thank you for sharing your experience with us!!

  • This is by far the best method. All the other methods cause bad side effects and mood swings not to mention long term effects. Thanks for making this a non-sponsored video!!! Really appreciate your honesty!

  • So I’m assuming if someone has PCOS and not had a period for many months that they couldn’t use this method… in other words: you need a regular-ish period for this to work???

  • Sadly…..Ive been on birth control pills for years and i know how bad they are i really do, they’ve worked perfect for me, hubby and i have 2 beautiful planed kids and we dont plan on anymore at al unless its an accident! then Yes of course!..but i am very afraid to try this Daysy i know its the best for my body, thankfully i dont feel any of the side effects of the pill and my period is normal its never affected in any way, I am trying to get all the info i need so that i can start this method, im very nervous and excited all at the same time thanks for this great video!!

  • I recently learned the effects of birth control and I made the decision to stop taking the pill. I have decided to use the fertility awareness method and this was a GREAT video to start with! Thank you!

  • I use natural cycles app and it’s very similar. I use it along with a diaphragm on red days as we don’t like condoms. I’ve used it for 4 months so far!

  • Hey everyone! LOVING the comments & questions so far keep them coming! Here’s my blog post about some of the MANY health benefits of charting enjoy! <3:) https://www.tamarathebirthdoula.com/blog/chartingforhealth

  • I thank you for this info. I can see that your passionate about it. Your clearing a lot of doubts regarding some misconceptions of Fam.

  • Turned 20 two months ago and I really want to try this…bought the book taking charge your fertility and saavy cycle to educate myself n seriously what I learnt in school was like zero n basically nothing..however as u said..it’s a lot to take in..I hope there’s like a well experience instructor that can teach me this and help me go through this but yeh I don’t even know if I can do it myself

  • I am a naturopathic doctor and recommend FAM to many women. This is a great introductory video for them, and most specifically the MEN in their life who are not convinced 😉

  • I had a question about daysy, I work as a nurse during the nights three days a week. My shift is 7pm to 7am for three days a week. The next four days I switch back to sleeping during the night and being awake during the day. Would daysy be inaccurate?

  • I’ve never been sexually active, and recently i met someone who’s i think could work for me, and i was scared my whole life of the common birth control methods and it’s side effects, now i think i can be rest assured in the future, you explained it so well elie thanks ��

  • But what is this method. How do you measure your cervical mucus and nasal body temperature? What are you charting (the combo of these numbers? Does cervical mucus have a number?) How does this work?

  • I love this, I am only a teenager, but I am really passionate about this and I am learning to chart since it is not only birth control, but it also tells you about your health, and if something might be wrong. I am sooo thankful that there as such a thing as FABMS!!❤��

  • thank you for sharing! i am planning on using fertility awareness method and hearing testimonials like this makes me feel so much better!

  • Hi Elle, thanks for the video! very informative. I have been reading a lot about the daysy and watching lots of youtube videos. I ordered mine two days ago, I am coming off hormonal birth control (bad side effects) when I start using daysy basically I don’t enter my first period? I just keep measuring in the morning as normal but don’t enter my first bleed after coming off birth control? I enter my second period then?

  • I’m so glad you are making these videos! (I told you I subscribed to you in our FAM page on FB <3) Just in case there is anyone reading the comments, I wanted to share a little bit of my story and journey through FAM.
    I started taking hormonal birth control when I was 15. I’m now 26. I was on the pill for a long time, joined the Navy and decided on a more permanent HBC, the Mirena. I had the Mirena for about 3 years when I started forming very large, painful ovarian cysts. Ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer run in my family, so I had it removed right after. I decided to try the Nuva Ring. Had that for all of 5 months and didn’t want to deal with it anymore, and went back on the pill. Fast forward a year or so and I was heading out on my first deployment, away from my boyfriend (at the time and now my husband) for 6 months. I had been talking to him for a few months, contemplating not really wanting to be on HBC anymore and we figured what better time than deployment to get off of it. (because of the no sex thing)
    So, I did that. I would say a week into my deployment, I was looking through websites and apps and stumbled on the app Kindara. I read all of the knowledge base and whatnot to learn about what I needed to do to prevent pregnancy and not be on any HBC. I felt like I hit the jackpot. I didn’t get a BBT thermometer until 3 months later? I ordered Wink (still have it and love it). It allowed me to at least track my CF and see how long my cycles were after coming off HBC for 9 years of being on it. My temps were a little crazy for the first month of using Wink, but surprisingly enough, my cycles were normal that first month of starting temping and tracking my CF.
    I felt so empowered and amazed at all the little things I DIDN’T know. 2 years later, I still am learning. I would love to have an instructor, but I’m not sure how much it would benefit me at this stage.
    I’m currently on cycle 31 TTA and am more in love with FAM than day 1. It has been a rough journey, to say the least, but probably the most rewarding decision I’ve ever made.
    After coming off HBC, I noticed that I was depressed. I felt normal again and full of life and energy and loved things I forgot I did. My relationship blossomed and we got engaged shortly after because we grew closer.
    Benefits to no HBC for me: Clearer skin, higher sex drive (even if it did take around a year to come back:( ), being happier, having more energy, trying new things!!!
    I also within the last year and a half have been using a menstrual cup! The second best thing I”ve done for my health! AND within the last 6 months, I started going braless/wearing bralettes and I have noticed a crazy difference in those muscles. They’re noticeably stronger and my boobs look just a smidge perkier already! Maybe I’m crazy, idk. Don’t care.
    I know this is SUPER long, but if you read this whole thing and can relate to any of this, please let me know! I love hearing other experiences <3
    Also, THANK YOU MEGAN for making these videos for us:)

  • Hi Megan! How long do you think it will take for someone new to learn how to practice FAM properly and get the maximum efficacy rate possible? Currently I’m on the pill and I hate it. FAM sounds like a great alternative, but I’m also super scared of messing up.
    Also, is there somewhere I could read more information on its reliability?
    Thank you!:)

  • Wait I’m confused because I’ve been doing this for like 7 months and never got pregnant I’m scared what if I’m not able to have kids

  • Question, what if he ejaculated in you on a green day and 1 day later its a red day? Sperm stays alive for 72 hours so that can lead to pregnancy? Just wondering how that works.

    Editedi just heard the part where you mentioned it lol. So it would continue to be red. Ok coollll. I have anxiety so this is what im leaning towards o dont want hormonal birth control.

  • I would think that the Daisy needs at least 3 4 weeks of just noting down my temperature before it can give a trustworthy answer. So you started on August 15? So you had the 15th & the 16th as calculation days and by the 17th it’s green? I don’t think I can be that thrusting…

  • Megan!!! Okay so normally, im HelloKatii Bishop. Im on my husbands phone right now. Mine is dead, 10 feet away but its fine lol. Okay so, I was late in the game learning about FAM. Like you, i didn’t want to put all these hormones and products into my body. I just didnt trust it! Im a mom of four, and I’m all done having babies, but all my friends have horror stories about just about every different birth control method out there. I never heard about FAM until you posted your announcement to begin this channel… The DAY after i threw in the towel and had my tubes tied. Lol. So anyway, there is a point to this. I know you keep track of your cycles with the symptothermal method and can track fertility, but are there other health benefits that can come from keeping track of cycles? And if so, can my situation specifically still rely on it to understand my overall health?