Fashion Strategies for New Moms


Fashion Tips for New Moms

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10 Fashion Tips Every New Mom Must Know

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While you can make do with a lot of what you have, clothing rental services are a great way to supplement your wardrobe without paying for a totally new one in this in-between phase. Rent the Runway recently introduced maternity and postpartum-friendly clothing into its subscription services. Both the standard subscription and the unlimited subscription give you four new pieces.

Opt for darker shades in outfits to lend yourself a leaner silhouette. Go for tops and dresses that do not cling to your waistline. Empire-line tops, balloon tops, and peplum tops are fashionable options when it comes to new moms style. Choose softer fabrics.

Fashion and makeup for new moms The best outfits for new moms. The good news is that you don’t have to spend days or big bucks shopping for great Quick makeup that still looks great. If. The following style and fashion tips are perfect for any new mom who wants to keep up with her fashion while juggling the time and financial commitments of raising their newborn.

Accessorize. Adding accessories to any outfit is an easy way of making them seem like new. Fashion tips for new moms Be realistic.

Don’t rush to fit into your pre-pregnancy outfits. Be patient as shedding off the extra post pregnancy Keep things clean. Its not secret.

Our fascination with her beautiful family and chic home is bordering on obsession—take a look for yourself. So we asked the effervescent and insanely hip Sydneysider for a few tips on how to navigate style from woman to mom, the clothing she always gets compliments on (it’s not what you think), and her money-saving tips. Umbilical Cord Jewelry Is the New Mom Postpartum Keepsake Rings, bracelets, and necklaces can all be made from sterling silver and umbilical stump pendants, and the results are. Fashion tips for new moms from new moms, plus some real talk, too.

See Your Body as Your New Superpower. “There is so much pressure to ‘bounce back’ post-baby,” new first-time mom and co-founder of. On the other hand, a lot of new moms opt for comfy clothes – either consciously or unconsciously, so make sure to give them a try as well. When we say comfy, we mean cozy sweaters, oversized hoodies, cute sweatpants.

List of related literature:

New clothes in a range of suitable sizes in which the baby can be dressed before viewing, including a shawl, a nappy and a bonnet, should be available.

“Accident & Emergency: Theory Into Practice” by Brian Dolan, Lynda Holt
from Accident & Emergency: Theory Into Practice
by Brian Dolan, Lynda Holt
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Mrs Holmes gave advice not only on what to buy but also on how to care for the baby clothes, such as washing nappies in cold water and woollens in warm water, and suggesting that the baby should not be allowed to sleep on the mother’s knee after feeding in case it wet her skirt or dress.

“Fashion on the Ration: Style in the Second World War” by Julie Summers
from Fashion on the Ration: Style in the Second World War
by Julie Summers
Profile, 2015

It recommends five must-haves for maternity wear: a wrap column dress, a woolen trench, a bracelet portrait top, Marilyn jeans, and the perfect tote.

“Secrets of Stylists: An Insider's Guide to Styling the Stars” by Sasha Charnin Morrison, Grace Mirabella
from Secrets of Stylists: An Insider’s Guide to Styling the Stars
by Sasha Charnin Morrison, Grace Mirabella
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One practical thing I noticed is that if your baby is crawling, a dress is a really bad idea.

“A Woman's Guide to Babying Her Partner” by Gwendoline Summers, Evelyn Hughes, Rosalie Bent, Maggie Joyce, Michael Bent
from A Woman’s Guide to Babying Her Partner
by Gwendoline Summers, Evelyn Hughes, et. al.
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Baby clothes should be as sheer as possible and as soft.

“Etiquette: In Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home” by Emily Post
from Etiquette: In Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home
by Emily Post
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I have saved the discussion of blankets for the clothing section, because they really are an article that the baby will wear constantly in the first couple of months.

“The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine
from The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy
by Vicki Iovine
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Clothing for the mother: The mother can wear whatever she finds comfortable and warm in the ambient temperature, provided the dress accommodates the baby, i.e., keeps him firmly and comfortably in contact with her skin.

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition” by A. Judie
from Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition
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@If your baby is premature, look for more Os when you’re buying clothes.

“Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies” by Stefan Korn, Scott Lancaster, Eric Mooij
from Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies
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Pass on the designer togs when your baby is first born Rather than loading up on high­priced outfits, stick to basic newborn sleepers.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between” by Ann Douglas
from The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything In Between
by Ann Douglas
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You’ll want a couple of garments that your child can wear in the very beginning, but concentrate on larger sizes for the rest of the wardrobe.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
from Caring for Your Baby and Young Child
by Steven P. Shelov
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  • Love your tips! I saw other videos ” outfits for moms” ����‍♀️ no, no, no, definitely not, I mean they were outfits for models, super short crop top with super tight jeans crazy high heels�� with that type of outfit I will not be able to carry my child, well anyways as a mom I want to look good but be comfortable, that’s why I like you video. Already subscribed! Thanks.

  • Love the content. I used my RL Blackwatch tote as a diaper bag 28 years ago and I thought I was the bomb lol. Fun fact I still own the bag and plan to use it as my Grandma’s Diaper bag.

  • Your fashion is beaut so thanks for this video! I’m a mum but always been a bit boring with my fashion…need to spice it up a little! There are a few things I think I may have to purchase from this video. great tips hun xxx

  • Am I the only one that is like “I got the man, now I don’t care how a look”? Meaning, I wear what’s functional, I don’t do makeup, I don’t shop for clothes or make-up. I just don’t care. My son still loves me. My husband married me and I stopped caring about my appearance attune the second or third date.

  • Such a fun and useful my video! I’ve been on the lookout for mum fashion advice. We don’t have these stores in Canada, but love the inspiration������

  • Oh I’d never think of buying cropped as I always want to hide my tummy but I’m going to get a few more pairs of high waisted jeans so I can get a few cropped jumpers. xx Oh and I’m so going to buy that day dress its FAB!!!!! xx

  • OMG I never watch makeup tutorials because I rarely ever put makeup on, but I love your videos so I watched this one to the end nevertheless………I was holding curved mascara brushes upside down for my whole live 0.o
    Thank you!!!:-D

  • Interesting how different one can perceive a Silhouette or what ages you. I think a cardigan really ages you faaaaaast, it has “granny flair”and only teens and twens can get away with it. While a cool sweatshirt with some slim pants might look great.

  • Love those updated sneakers. I have a beige pair, need ablack pair now that can go with dressier clothes…. Teenage years are not the easiest. My son was good, but my daughter definitely tried my patience. I did go through a separation and they had their father ghost on them a couple years later, so that made her teenage years even harder.

  • Love love love! My kids are 23 & 14 ������ so this isn’t for just new moms! I’ve lost my ways over the years and these hacks definitely helped makes me remember how to get back in the grove of things for myself! I love your vlogs and baby Miles! He is soooo cute

  • Loved this video! Our granddaughter turned 14 yesterday! Where has time gone??? She was adopted in China and is absolutely beautiful — inside and out! We watch as our daughter and SIL are going through what it seems like we went through yesterday with her and her sister! So I know exactly what the two of you are talking about! For those of us who are baby boomers, it also seems like only yesterday we were 14, welcoming The Beatles to the USA, rocking our ponytails, miniskirts, maxi dresses, knee boots, bell bottoms, platform shoes! See, what once was in style is back again!
    Thanks for a trip down memory lane! And I must get a pair of these updated sneakers! ��

  • Your baby is so cute!!! I’m a mom of three boys ages 10, 4 and 2 and most days when I’m just at home with them I don’t do makeup or get dressed up unless I’m going out. You nailed this video though love your time saving tips and positivity! ♥️

  • This video was so helpful. I’m a first time mom with a 7week old. My husband works 2pm-12am so I’m up a lot with the baby. He’s tired and worked so it’s tough sometimes we argue. I don’t think the gets it that I need sleep to. It’s just hard it’s not always that way. He helps when I ask but sometimes gets snippy. It’s frustrating. So I appreciate you saying your tips. Love videos like this.❤️ I’m finally taking a bath while my in-laws hold the baby!

  • Your last “hack”, it’s exactly what I needed to hear so Thank You! I recently started to watch your videos and I have to say, you have great, great content, very informative. And I say this comparing with other mom channels wich I follow. I love the fact that, trought your videos, I can actually learn something new and useful. So glad I found your channel!

  • This may be a little TMI but I think it’s very important lately I’ve been struggling to find a great pair of underwear I can’t seem to find something that’s a great fit would love to hear a namebrand you swear by for a recommendation thanks

  • Love you gals so much!! I so relate… The gals now have so many great alternatives and way cooler things as mommies. No matter… I remember feeling like I lost myself as I was tending to my sweet babies, (5 of them to be exact). Four of them still at home. (Hooray to Homeschool moms!)
    Basically I’m saying, Great advice for new mommies!
    Agreed… Please stay out of yoga plants. No one likes to see every crook and cranky of you girlie stuff. Most men are appalled by it. (Just saying.) Haha! Anyway my sweet moms, thank you! You gals are great! �� God bless! ��

  • I don’t know what ‘it’ is exactly about your channel? But you could seriously tell me I need ‘rocks for my socks’ and I’d be thinking, ‘you know, she’s right, I should think about setting up some rocks soon for my socks and my friend’s socks. Why haven’t I done that?’! So weird…Your baby, a mini-youtube star! ; ) Handsome baby.

  • Right now, I’m going through the process of trying on everything I own to see if it still fits or I even like it and my gosh, it’s taking forever because trying on clothes is THE WORST but I’m also decluttering and donating so much stuff that I don’t wear. #JeansAndTshirtLife Also, I still want to squish Miles happy little cheeks ��

  • I love your style. I can’t wait to have this baby so I can get back into my regular clothes and i’ll definitely be checking out the primark pants xx

  • I’m literally a hot mess every day�� I always wonder how mommas get their hair and makeup done while I’m over here in sweats & a messy bun����

  • These are great tips for grand moms as well. I searched to a long time for a dressy backpack that I could travel with and still look stylish. I have used it repeatedly. Even packed a lunch for day trips. I found the switching out theme very helpful. Often we see trends to wear on various sites, but not often do we get such sound advice on swapping our items for a different one that works as well, but improves our style.

  • Hi… Nyc video.. U cn teach your kids how to be themselves how to take responsibility for their actions, to take decisions, just tell them the pros n cons of things n situations n let them decide, be friends with them etc etc…. The list goes on ��…

  • Oh My Goodness…. Teenagers!!! I always said “I would rather have 20 Toddlers than 2 Teenagers”!! That Period was HELL!! The HORMONES!! My kids are grown now with little ones of their own & I am LOVING the KARMA!!!

  • I love Essie nail polish, too! So cute. I know this is an old video but Miles is soooo adorable & looks just like your hubby. Precious:) Thanks for the encouraging words, too!

  • I miss my boys being little..mine are 26 & piece of advice don’t be to pushy in their space all the time set boundaries of course but not always asking a million questions that drives them up the wall…gradually let them tell you because trust me they will.

  • I have a video suggestion:
    I will be taking a 14 hour flight to a warm climate this summer, and am looking for comfortable, breathable pants to wear on the flight. I am looking at linen, but many will look like a wrinkly mess after a few hours of wear.
    Fitted joggers are also an option, but I am looking for something that is lightweight that doesn’t look sloppy. I have a comfortable pair of white skinny jeans, but they may not be so comfortable for that long of a flight.
    What would you two ladies wear on a 14 hour flight to a warm weather destination?

  • Target has a wet to dry hair straightener. Skip having to wait on hair drying. It also helps so I don’t have to tear out as much of my hair while wet brushing I can just dry brush after straightening!

  • You are literally the truest YouTuber mom. Like no one knows how true and real it is some days is a miracle mom’s brush their teeth and the baby is alive and happy. Seriously. Motherhood is underestimated by so many people, but it’s a heavy duty job. I honestly follow most of these tips already, so naturally. I kind of just figured it out over a while. But it’s nice to know that other people also do it.

  • Thanks for the tips, which I am far past that age, but I am sure you will help the younger moms. My tip to you for teenagers is to be their mom and not a friend. The friendship will come later when they are on their own. Believe it or not they will appreciate the rules and curfews. I promise you later on they will know you did it out of love, and they all just want to be loved. I have 3 grown kids that are independent, responsible, and very caring adults, and now they have kids.

  • Miles is so cute!! I just discovered your videos and IG account and love all of your tips for moms. Thanks for sharing! What color is your Essie gel polish? When I open the link it just pulls up the polish in pink. I’d love to get the color you have. TIA:)

  • Your baby is so adorable and I’m definitely going to try that Revlon hair tool.

    Since I became a mom my hair is always up in a bun now days.

  • I don’t know how I found you two on here, but you’re both classy and cute. I don’t have children, but I enjoy your fashion tips. I like the idea of the motto jacket. Any chance it’s okay to wear rock t-shirts and the motto jacket with skinny jeans causally?

  • My advice to a new mom came from my sister and was a game changer for me. Instead of maternity pants, I kept buying inexpensive jeans in the next size up. I had one pair in each size until I finally popped out so much that I had to get maternity jeans. What was really nice about that was that after the babies were born, I found I could fit into the very biggest of the jeans and even though I had a lot of weight to lose, I just felt a lot better wearing normal clothes. Then, as I lost weight, I kept going down to the next size down until I could wear everything in my closet again. I remember my best friend was still in maternity clothes long after the birth of her son, So after the birth of my second son, I just kept handing her the next size of jeans as I moved to a smaller size. The first time she put on regular jeans, my hand-me-downs, her husband was completely wowed!

  • My son will be 30 in April and my daughter 19 in March so I’m way past this time but I still enjoy the tips. They’re really timeless to keep us older Moms from being frumpy. I’m gonna go get some of those shoes today!
    For a teen daughter, support her decisions. If she’s been a pretty good kid and listened to you, know that you taught her to make good decisions. Stay friends.

  • Wow…. just love watching you’ll. All the best with your teens… I’ve got 3 a 19 yr old boy 17 and 13 yr old girls. I know what your talking about dears.. just try to keep your cool when dealing with them… easier said than done.

  • It is scary when your oldest starts to drive. Just like the first time you put them on the school bus and prayed they would make it home on the right bus that afternoon. But it is also very liberating, like the first time they were old enough to leave home while you went grocery shopping. Suddenly there is one kid you don’t have to drive everywhere and in fact when you are in a crunch you can have them drive a younger sibling where they need to go. My issue now is my number 3 graduates this year and I will have a gap year without a teenage driver. I will become the mom taxi again…… ALL THE TIME! I have been spoiled to have additional driving help for the last 5 years.

  • GREAT suggestions! I particularly love the idea of joggers with a Moto jacket or cardigan. I agree with the other comments that I’d love to get some cool jogger recommendations from you guys.

  • Found your channel through Kateloved this video! You have incredible style and are very well spoken! Keep up the awesome work! xoxo, Caylie

  • All the rage now for all women are the tshirts with words. I call them talking tshirts. Small letters not big jeans add a blazer oblong cardi.��

  • Just want to say I love watching you, you’re the only mom that I watch that doesn’t think that she has to have makeup on and has to be perfect. I love that you’re more modest with your clothing some of the moms are always in tight skimpy clothes and they’re tiny little waist it’s kind of annoying….. So thanks for keeping it real

  • You two crack me up! �� So glad I stumbled upon you. I’m also in FL (Central) and a mom of a 15 yr old girl. �� I’ll be watching this thread for tips to survive HS with a teen girl. ����������

  • Miles is soooo cute! I wanted to just kiss him ����. Thanks for the great vid! I really like that hair tool! I do the same thing, wash hair before bed. It’s dry-ish by morning. I end up looking like your before pic, lol! I’ll give it a try ��

  • Essentials aka capsule wardrobe— it really is a life changer. I’m finding the time to finally look like a “put together mom” once my kids hit toddlerhood and they run off to play while I get ready. Also, not following moms on social media is so refreshing. Comparison is never good.

  • I LOVE the 24 hr glide eyeliner and the Chanel mascara primer and waterproof mascara!!! I never used to use a mascara primer but i got a sample of both at Chanel and i had to buy and now ILL Never wear another. I put it on and it literally lasts 2 good days even through sleep wake up and it looks like it did when you put it on!!!!!

  • I love this so much! Especially the explanation of being a great mom! ❤️❤️❤️ And you made me laugh when you were digging through your closet and said, “I have nothing to wear. I’m not going.” �� And Miles stole the show when he was staring at your finger when you were talking about the clothes in your closet. ������

  • My best mom looking put together mom hack is if it takes ages to get the perfect winged eyeliner then just follow your eyelashes across and just a little farther past the end of the eye. So much quicker. My best new mom home hack is not sleeping when the baby sleeps. Not 100% a good-looking mom thing but productive, for sure. I have 4 kids ages 10, 9, 7, and 3, if I had slept when they did my house would’ve been a wreck.

  • Idk why anyone thumbs downed! As moms we definitely always need to think more creatively and different ideas �� always help you adopt routines or spark new ones! Thank you for your post! ����

  • Lucy darling great vid love Kate too and that last tip of yours is brill! i agree get the right knickers and bras. lots of love B xxx

  • Have kids they say, it will be fun they say Don’t do it it’s a trap!!! Not really. I wish the products that they have now were around when I had my children. I would recommend not wearing oversized clothe to cover your body. It makes you look bigger and frumpy.

  • I can’t take it anymore ������! Miles is sooooooo adorable ��! Thank you for sharing your mommy hacks. I incorporated a few of these tips without realizing it. #MomsGottaDoWhatMomsGottaDo

  • SeneGence is a multi-level marketing company which is essentially a legal pyramid scheme. They can be really predatory towards moms who want to work from home. The people working for them tend to lose a lot of money. I used to sell cutco knives. They’re great quality. But Vector, the company who “employs” people to sell them, is toxic. Beware of MLMs.

  • How cute….loved the fast makeup look so realistic what shade do you get in the face makeup…the foundation tinted moisturizer…

  • I love this! Especially your chat at the end. �� I’m about to be a 1st time mum (bub Due in 7 weeks) so hearing this really helps me, I feel like I’ve already been putting pressure on myself to be super mum and it’s awesome to hear encouragement like this ☺️

  • Another hack I love as a new mom is for curling my hair in 10 min. I bought the Tyme Iron second hand and after a bit of practice, it makes getting ready so quick! I use the Revlon one step to smooth my hair, and then the Tyme iron to curl. It cut down my hour of hair care to 20 min… ��

  • I love your channel! Been following you for a while now and seeing Miles smile and be such a happy baby makes me wanna hold my baby girl already but I have to wait til June! Love your tips btw ������

  • SeneGence is located here in Oklahoma. I think it is really a neat company with wonderful products! My youngest is 17, I wish you were doing this when he was young.