Exercises for the Pelvic Floor Muscles


Pelvic floor exercises on the move: The Squat | Pelvic Floor Exercise Techniques | Kegel8

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How to do Kegel Exercises that Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

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Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercises | Physio Safe Core Exercises Video

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Abdominal exercises for a stronger pelvic floor | Pelvic Floor Exercise Techniques | Kegel8

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Better Kegels: How to do kegel exercises, and why they work

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Physical Therapist Pelvic Floor Exercises for Beginners

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How to strengthen your pelvic floor

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Next, imagine the pelvic floor muscles between your pubic bone and tailbone as two elevator doors and on an exhale, draw those muscles together to meet in the middle, lift the elevator. The pelvic floor is made up of a group of muscles and connective tissue that extends as a sling across the base of the pelvis. 1 It is also comprised of two layers – the superficial perineal muscles and the deep pelvic diaphragm. Pelvic floor dysfunction and secondary stress incontinence negatively affect many young people, and as the. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart.

Inhale, engage your pelvic floor, and lift your hips. Hold for up to 10 seconds (keep breathing!). Lower your. How to do Kegel exercises for men. Find the right muscles.

To identify your pelvic floor muscles, stop urination in midstream or tighten the muscles that keep you from passing gas Perfect your technique. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold the contraction for three seconds, and then relax. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. You can do Kegel exercise.

Type in the search below to find your pelvic floor condition: Search Search. Pelvic Floor Exercises English Arabic Chinese Czech Dutch German Greek Indonesian Italian. Weak pelvic muscles often cause bladder control problems. Daily intensive exercises can strengthen pelvic muscles and improve bladder control. Ask your therapist whether you are squeezing the right muscles.

Always tighten and contract your pelvic muscles before coughing, sneezing, jumping or lifting. Building and maintaining a strong pelvic floor is crucial for women of all ages. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles at the bottom of your pelvis that supports the womb, bladder, and bowels. The pelvic floor is made up of muscles, ligaments, and tissues that surround the pelvic bone.

The muscles attach to the front, back, and sides of the bone, as well as to the lowest part of the. The most common Pelvic floor muscle exercise is known as Kegels. Kegel exercises are the set of contractions and relaxations done to the PC muscle.

Now, what is the PC muscle? The PC muscle is a vein that supports bladder and urethra and has a direct connection with penis holding and erection capacity.

List of related literature:

The exercises taught include the pelvic tilt, abdominal exercises (tightening abdominal musclesin synchronization with respiration, partial sit-ups, inner thigh exercises (done cross-legged in tailor position) and Kegel’s exercises to

“A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing” by Annamma Jacob
from A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing
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• Strengthen pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises: The first step is to identify pelvic floor muscles.

“Griffith's Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult” by Stephen W. Moore
from Griffith’s Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult
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• Teach patients pelvic muscle contraction exercises.

“Potter and Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing: Second South Asia Edition E-Book” by Sharma Suresh
from Potter and Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing: Second South Asia Edition E-Book
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Squeeze your vaginal muscles around your finger to discover changes in pelvic muscle movement—the pelvic muscles may engage more smoothly and evenly.

“Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body” by Tami Lynn Kent
from Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body
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The aim of Kegel exercises is to improve muscle tone by strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor.

“Self Assessment and Review of Gynecology” by Sakshi Arora Hans
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● Aim for 6–10 pelvic floor muscle exercises with a 6–10 second hold twice a day (each women will be able to hold and repeat exercises at different rates—these need to be individually tailored) – Squeeze your back passage (anus) together as if you are stopping yourself from passing wind.

“Midwifery: Preparation for Practice” by Sally Pairman, Sally K. Tracy, Carol Thorogood, Jan Pincombe
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Teach women to improve pelvic support and tone by doing pelvic floor muscle exercises (PFMEs, or Kegel exercises).

“Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, Single Volume” by Donna D. Ignatavicius, M. Linda Workman, PhD, RN, FAAN
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As you rise, tighten your abdominal muscles, and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles upward and exhale (instead of holding your breath) to prevent straining your perineum.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
from Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide
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Pelvic muscle exercises (Kegel’s exercises), a regimen of planned, active exercises of the pelvic muscles to increase periurethral muscle strength, are particularly helpful in women with stress incontinence (see Chapter 104).

“Family Medicine: Principles and Practice” by A.K. David, S.A. Fields, D.M. Phillips, J.E. Scherger, Robert Taylor
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• cross their legs and squeeze them tightly before each cough or sneeze • share the lifting of heavy loads • avoid bouncing exercises (therefore, no running, star jumps or the like) • do pelvic-floor muscle exercise training to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
from The Essential Guide to Fitness
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  • Hi Michelle!

    I have been doing various exercises for abdominal muscles during the last 7 years (now I am 27). I have combined many hard ones with a medium strength ones and now I do plank, side plank, Cycling in lying position, double crossover, folding knives etc. (total arounda 100-120 times).

    However, recently I was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction. My therapists suggested me to reduce both the number and the strength of the exercises I do but did not explain much.

    Since my muscles are already used to a hard work, can you please suggest what kind of abdominal exercises I still can keep doing that are pelvic floor safe?

    The simple one are not effective enough anymore..

    Thank you!

  • I’m not sure what I’ve got to do? Am I supposed to breath that area in? Like suck it inwards hold the tension inwards? Then relax

  • I know this video is old, but it doesn’t feel like anything is “lifting” to me it just feels like it tenses up a little there. Is that what you meant or do I still have to feel it lift up?

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  • This is a timestamp to skip to the exercise for myself because I just need to watch the extremely helpful explanation at the beginning once 2:40

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  • I can’t seem to do this right. I read that you’re not supposed to flex your butt muscles. But no mater how hard I try, those always move, I can’t get them to relax. I’m can’t get my pelvic muscles to move and my butt muscles to stop moving.

  • can I literally do kegels almost anytime anywhere? and how long do you do them at a time and how often? Lets say I did it for ten minutes two times a day… how much does that really help? thanks for the video.

  • You explain this so gently with sensitivity and understanding. I loved how easy it was to comprehend what you were saying. Thank you!

  • Is there a reason why whenever I try doing this it makes me feel sick? I’m 9 weeks and want to start doing these but each time I do I feel sick.

  • Dear could you please tell me, how to titen the post partum belly, i am in to regular workout progress. Kindly helo ne out… Its been two years i am unable to titen it, list down the excercise, love from France ����

  • im 60 and suffer from bladder pain and issues but I have no feelings much down there do I cant feel anything but i do stop and start urination. I will still try this but cant feel it. for some reason. I have done this and I get a bit of pain and now going to the bathroom need to urinate. I think my plumbing is really messed up..lol

  • This is great. I teach pelvic floor and core in my yoga classes as best I can and I have found in my own practice it’s helped me to not pee my pants when I sneeze or swing a kettlebell! But I have never had pelvic floor dysfunction or prolapse! I don’t teach sit ups because I think their stupid and the core stuff i do is planks, shoulder taps in plank and BOAT! And that was the big WHOA, I need to understand there may be women who have had some pelvic floor dysfunction and maybe that isn’t great for them. The only thing I dont understand is why when on your back, you wouldn’t gently press the lower back into the mat. A lot of people have an overly curved lower back, causing tight hip flexors and weak glutes, hamstrings and core. If I lieon my back and draw TVA inward, my lower back gently presses itself into the mat and takes me out of the overly lordotic curve. I am aware our lower back has that natural curve and we want to repsect it and not straighten it out, but what about for those like me who have a tendancy towards a lordosis?

  • Hi madam myomectomy operation was done for me for fibroid, it’s done for me in June 2018, exactly 1 year gone, shall i do this excersie now is that helpful for me or not please reply me madam, I’m 26 unmarried, open surgery is done for me,I feel so worried after that operation, after that operation my body is very painful and i got back pain after that operation so I can’t do my works also i feel so tired always, please reply me please madam

  • I can easily stop the flow of urine but even doing so I feel no physical contraction, lifting or tensing at all. As a result I am finding it very very difficult to replicate the squeezing of my pelvic floor muscles when I am not urinating. Am I using the incorrect muscles when stopping the flow of urine?

  • Hi Michelle. In your video there is mention about the time to spend doing these exercises or the period we need to see the results. Could I know this please? Thank you so much. I loved your explanation. Fouzia.

  • Can pelvic floor exercises help someone who tends to have muscles that contract too much when having a BM? I struggle with constipation and thin stools which I sense may be due to this issue. I’m just looking for ways to get those muscles more relaxed if possible. Thank you!

  • I’d be curious to see the scientific research around this topic. I wonder how Olympic athletes manage to compete at the highest level after giving birth

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  • I’m only 15 and experiencing frequent urination which has gone now but experiencing discomfort down there and like an electric pain…especially after exercising I started getting pain in my tummy and felt like my vagina was ginna fall or smthn. It was so painful that I kept my hand in the vagina and pushing upwards thing it’d help but the pain went after 5 mins but I keep getting discomfort and can’t jump around..it feels better when i do the push thing from my vagina but it feels better when u do it from my anus…I have no idea what’s happening to me.dint want Vaginal prolapse at this age

  • mam, I have 1 question
    There is something else below the vagina in the toy shown above.

    What is it?

    What can it do?

    Does it cause problems if used for intercourse?

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  • I am 18 and i have an
    Overflow Incontinence and i pee myself during the day (a few drops everytime) and it literally happens all day long everyday and it’s uncomfortable and disgusting:(

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  • Thank you so much for a very sensible and detailed description of these actions. I’ve always been physically active and, despite being disabled for the last 13 years, have continued to do all I can. But about a month ago, I began to notice a bulging when I went to the bathroom… one that grew worse as I walked. When I investigated, I found a sizeable bulge from my vagina.

    About two weeks ago it became really intolerable as I couldn’t walk across a room, never mind go for a walk, without beginning to feel pressureenough to feel like I was giving birth and the baby was crowning! Now, I’m 57 years old and it’s been years since I could conceive so I knew THAT was impossible.

    Until then, I had assumed I had hemorrhoids, except it wasn’t painful, as most hemorrhoids are described. In fact, thinking back, I now realize this is a condition that has been getting worse over the past few years. But it would improve spontaneously, too. Still, it’s never been this bad.

    The only time I had heard of a prolapsed uterus in All Creatures Great & Small, in cows. But never women. So I looked it up and, sure enough, my symptom match every symptom described. One thing I noticed was that, first thing in the morning, I often feel fine for a few hours. So I thought bed rest may be all I need. But I’ve tried that for two weeks and I still have the same problem. And it’s really a nuisance: Both the bedrest AND the prolapsed uterus. Plus, it’s worsening my primary condition.

    So I am going to try your methods to see if I can correct this problem. If I don’t see improvement in a week or so I will see a doctor. I have not rushed to the doctor now because, thanks to my primary condition, any surgery is risky. And that seems to be the only course for a doctor. I will report back after a week to let you know how I am doing.

    One question. In my case, do you think I should start with doing each exercise 3 times per day sufficient? Or should I do more?

  • I have 1cm rectal prolapse it’s a starting stage…will this exercise will make rectal to place back??? Or I should go under surgery or any other things to do to solve this problem??? Please help me it’s big problem

  • Dear @Michelle Kenway, I have just watched another video about Pelvic Floor exercise and here it seems very opposite of what you suggest. The man says to have the back against the ground (flat) without inward curving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L49T5D1x3qE
    What should I do and why in that specific way?
    Thank you

  • Thank you! Quick question: is there any advantage to continue to use the towel? I know you moved onto not having it, but can it be used as a reminder or support for improvements?

  • Few times a day of 10 reps or 2 to 3 sets of 10 reps equalling to 20-30 reps per day.

    How many times should i do in a week like how many sets of excercise, she is not clear on that and don’t give clear instructions

  • I had two Miscarriage because of my uterus gets opened….1st at 5th month of pregnancy and 2nd at 4 month of pregnancy…so can i do this exercise.?….pllz ans

  • This video is from a while ago, but I recently saw it and have some questions; I am really new to this, and when I do the techniques in your video, I’m really not sure if I’m actually doing them correctly. Is it normal for me to feel very aroused when doing this exercise because I do, it’s a little embarrassing to admit. I try to tighten my pelvic area for 10 seconds or longer and it’s almost unbearable because of the sexual intensity (painful almost). Also it’s really hard to not hold my breath with squeezing around that area, is that normal? I try to breath when squeezing but I automatically hold my breath because when I breath in and out it feels like I’m releasing when I want to squeeze. Also how do I know I’m releasing correctly? I don’t really feel much of a release when I stop squeezing.

  • Can these exercises help me for first time sex..its been 4 months of being married but i am still a virgin because evertime when i try it with my partner i feel so much pain and stop him. Please guide me some tecnique which can make it easier to break the hymen.

  • I am 16 and have an overactive bladder. I hate it and nothing is helping. But thank you am going to try this and hope it helps a bit.

  • I am 18+ and doing abdominal exercise for the first time..though I am fit enough..but suddenly I am spotting from 2-3 days..what to do?

  • How do I know if my pelvic floor is too tight or too loose? I’ve had a recent problem where my only symptom has be the constant need to urinate even when I don’t need to. I’ve been doing levels and bladder training along with a diet changes and they seem to help but I also don’t want to do kegels when my muscles are already to tight.

  • Hi Michelle, thanks for sharing some useful resources! I’m a physio student, uni has not touch on this topic much and I’m currently preparing for a presentation about incontinence. 
    [QUESTIONS] Do you mind explain a bit more about..
    1. Why we need the lumbar lordosis for better effect?
    2. How the posture can bring better effect?
    Thank you!! Appreciate it.

    (Correct me if I’m wrong: What I’m thinking is that the pelvic floor muscle length does not have significant change because of the lumbar lordosis/ anterior pelvic tilt. However, with “a lengthen spine/ inward curve in lower back”, aka a better sitting posture, would be more comfortable if patients are going to sit there and exercise for long time.)

  • Thank you, I wanted to confirm that I was doing my exercises correctly and you explained it perfectly. Will continue on to your other videos:)

  • I had a baby 2 weeks ago, is it normal to feel it release after 3/4 seconds? I can lift it up with ease it just feels slightly shakey as I come up to the 3/4 second mark

  • Hi, I’m 52. Tried doing kegels for almost a week. How come after kegel exercise, I feel tightness in the front opening…am I doing correctly?

  • Hi
    I am 29 and got endometriotic surgery 2 yrs back because i was suffering from severe pain in my lower abdomen in both right and left ovary and then they removed cyst through lazer. After tht pain disappered completly now when i try to go gym doing some cardio like cycling and runnig my pain gets back in my lower abdomen. Can you suggest me which excerciaea i shouldnt do?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the informative video. Do these exercises help to revert slight pelvic organs prolapse? I am 14 weeks postpartum and have symptoms of slight POP.


  • I really enjoyed this. It takes much focus to do these deeply and correctly. I do abs every day and try to work different parts of the abs so as not to over work them. And I thought I had everything covered but I learned that my lower abs are weak and I was more amazed after the first time doing this that I was sore? Really? So I know I need to do more of these. I do wish you would do all the exercises with us real time. Like I said, one has to really focus each move to do it right… I need ya to help me!!! Please make more videos for abs and especially the lower abs. Thank ya!!!

  • I appreciate how you explain it so gently. However I really can’t contract for more than 12sec before it drops again and I’ve been practicing for over a week. Any suggestions?

  • Hi! Dear. M suffering from loose motion and gastric problem especially in the morning since normal delivery( Four years old baby).. what is reason behind it.. which too difficult to control it. can u suggest me some exercise for cure it?

  • this might be a lil out of nowhere but youre so pretty!

    Thank you for this, I needed a nice visualisation to really know what i‘m even working on!:)

  • I just can’t accept the notion that women should never do traditional pilates or yoga again after prolape. These exercises are not sufficient to keep a strong core or back for active women. There has to be a better option, this is way too depressing to watch!

  • Hi Michelle
    I love your videos as your explanation is extremely clear and concise.
    I have been recommended these exercises to strengthen my lower back muscles by my physio.
    How often should I be doing these?
    Thank you!
    Much love from Aus! X

  • Hi Michelle, when you do this exercise when you slide the foot forward on the ground you keep the contraction not to hard and exhale as you lower your foot and inhale as you come up. And the one one you imagine you have a glass of water the same thing you keep the contraction and exhale as you move the knee to the side and inhale as you come up. Is that correct? I just have trouble with the breathing and just want to make sure I understand correctly so I don’t put to much pressure on the pelvic floor? Thanks im a super fan of your videos…

  • Hello, I find your videos very helpful. I am suspecting that I have mild prolapse. I have had this discomforting feeling for a long time down there but didn’t really pay attention to it until it seemed to worsen a bit. Now that I started to do a lot of cardio with a lot of vigorous jumping especially with the legs open, there seems to be a bulging small lump up my vaginal wall opening. Sometimes I do feel something’s about to drop from there, so I was worried. I looked it up in the internet and found your channel. I tried your tips and somehow I don’t have trouble working up my pelvic floor muscles. I am new to Kegels and willing to continue doing those. When I was younger I had problems with urinating, and I kept working my pelvic floor muscles until passed urine. Do you think that could be one of the factors of my prolapse? Will prolapse be cured out of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and avoid surgery completely or just temporarily? I would like to have your opinion before I head out to the doc, thank you!

  • I had a baby two months ago and feel kinda like when you put on a tampon in wrong, like when it’s not all the way it. I feel like I have something not in the right spot? I told my doctor but she was no help, just disregarded it. Anyone know why it feels this way?

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  • hai I had an surgery when my L1.in spine was fractured in an accident I am 42yrs old lady I lost my bowel and bladder sensation and also numbness in my buttocks doctors advised me for kegel exercise but due to numbness I can’t feel the contraction and relaxation of muscles I am trying does it help me. can I gain full control of urination advise me which exercises help me please help

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  • Hi, Could you please tell me whether I can try this out for vaginismus or are there any videos of you I could try for vaginismus?Love watching your videos.Thank yo

  • I’m 52 had 3 kids vaguely, I had my tubes tied and had kidney stones removed. I’m also now overweight. I’m a smoker and drinker. Can this be the cause of me literally gushing pee when I cough? This is the most embarrassing time of my life at 52

  • Sounds like you should have a version of this for men. It is a safe and fun exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere, no one ☝️ will even know you’re doing them!! I find these so fun that I’ll take it to the next step, ☝️ one that I suggest the restroom ��, or home, if you’re testing this sexually. Once you try this exercise, nobody can do just one ☝️. For all you men out there without a partner, just be respectful when doing this exercise in public. It WORKS!! Can flush all those embarrassing and dangerous pills down the toilet ��. They are only a “repair”, or “quick fix”, that we’re permitting doctors to do on our body. It’s like choosing the road named “Death”. Yes, I am not joking �� you guys. These pills will ruin your penis, and cause pain so severe that you’ll be in the ER. They will also give you a heart ❤️ attack. Death �� is the very next thing, if it does not happen to you the very first time. I also don’t find penis surgery fun by any means. Guys, do kegels, they’re very safe and fun, just think �� of respect ✊ for those of you without a partner, like me. It is a “Get Ready” exercise, spoken of this way. Once you land a partner, she will never know you had a problem, and she won’t even know you were doing kegel exercises!! These probably help women, too.

  • Ive just recently had twins and have very bad pelvic girdle pain. Im having to use sticks to walk around and lifting my feet off the floor hurt when walking and just walking up the stairs is painful as im having to take steep steps. Im unable to lie on my side in bed as it causes chronic pain just attempting to turn onto my side. Would these exercises be safe for me to do as i really want to get back to normality as soon as possible.

  • Hello mam…. I m virgin girl. My clitoral hood in outsider and my labia majora thick and small… My vagina is loose… What exercise is better for me to tighten vagina??

  • Oh dear… No wonder i noticed my pelvic muscles are giving way more recently. I have been doing sit ups and training my abs. So now that my abs are firmed up, my pelvic muscles are giving way. Oops, time to train my pelvic floor muscles. Not funny especially after having two vaginal deliveries.

  • Plz bahn mere liye koi exercises btaye mera 1 baby hone par hi utars Sikh rha aur uni bhi loge ho gaya h plz plz plz plz plz help me

  • Is the squeezing up a kegal? I’m a little confused. I have to wear a pad all the time (I use cloth pads instead) or I feel like I’m going to pee myself all the time. I’ll leak urine without even coughing or sneezing and I wake up with my pad wet. Not soaked, but some leakage from the bladder. I hate it. I’m pregnant with #4. Can I do this while pregnant?

  • Really love the explanation about the pelvis and the pelvic floor and the problem with crunches or sit ups applying pressure. Thank you for sharing this with women @Michelle Kenway, it is SO important women know what to avoid.

  • Hi I need help with this, I tried doing the exercise and when I was tensing my abs and buttocks going up with my hips I had to hold my breathe doing this and as a result after doing these for 10-15 mins I felt really lightheaded and faint afterwards, should I not be holding my breathe? Tho if you contract your abs you can’t breathe as they go loose again I don’t get it

  • I m 30 by birth I dont have uterus, never having periods till now there is any exercise to overcome my uterus n it can cure my problem, i.m very much upset

  • Can we do kegal excisi. In overactive bladder condition I have both mild incontinence n overactive bladder even I can hold my urine even many time 5 to 6 hrs but I feel always heaviness both areas plz answer my questions it is nessesary for me

  • Hello.
    Thank you for this VERY basic tutorial! FYI, I am a beginner singer and desire to MASTER “diaphragmatic-breathing,” in order to become an awesome singer/performer; and this has been a great help for me to visualize where to contract & release.

    Now, I see where I was making my mistakes. I was NEVER contracting my PELVIC muscles, I was squeezing (probably too hard) on my lower abdominal muscles and squeezing my butt cheeks!��.

    This was ALL wrong!��

    Hmmm, what’s weird, NONE of my vocal teachers (several private lessons������) mentioned your technique to me….They just told me as I exhale, “to contract my pelvic muscles and slowly bring in my lower stomach muscles.” SMH.

    Well,, my singing has improved but, I never felt I had proper alignment with my body and the breathing. I always felt something was “off” and you gave me the ANSWERS!!!����������

    Thank you. I’m very grateful for YouTube and people like yourself!����

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Thank you so much for your informative video. I was about to see a doctor and I avoid doctors at all costs! 17 years post-hysterectomy I suddenly have a prolapsed vagina. ARGH! I was pretty sure it was weak pelvic floor muscles and had no idea why it took 17 years to happen and then I saw this video. Oh my! Some of the exercises I do may have caused this issue. I have been doing those exercises for over two years so I am not sure why I have the issue now. I do know to stop those particular workouts and check out your programs.

  • Thank you so much.For me the hardest thing is to keep breathing through the exercises! I really appreciate your video and will keep trying

  • I’m 15 and I’m pretty sure I have a rectocele since I have been suffering with constipation my whole life, when I do go to the toilet it use to bleed a lot and would fill the water.I don’t know what to do since I’d find it awkward to visit the doctor and tell them it’s bulging into my vagina. It gives me a lot of pain and hassle since I can go days without for a poo. Also it’s making me worried for my future since I read it can affect you in many ways, it has also made me nervous to get into any relationship since I feel embarrassed to ever have sex since it is bulging into it. I read surgery is necessary (since it’s bulging a lot not just a bit). However I have my exams soon for school my final ones that I can’t miss and time out of school will affect my grades. I really have no clue what to do since it’s affecting me everyday. Any advice?

  • I’m doing these exercises because I have a very weak bladder. I’ve also had a csection plus a number of abdominal surgeries. I had a prolapse during my pregnancy too. How long will I need to do these exercises for before I can also work on my other core muscles (the 6 pac ones) because they need serious help too!? Do I wait until I feel like my bladder is completely healed or as soon as I start to see some results can I then start doing core work? Would really appreciate an answer. Thanks

  • after training and strengthening your pelvic floor muscle, how do you now apply them in bed? or doing the exercise is enough to cure premature ejaculation?

  • Thank you so much for these videos I have pelvic floor dysfunction with lower abdominal weakness and finding videos on the topic is near impossible!

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  • Far too much chat and hardly any interaction with queries. It’s a big no for me. What’s the point in doing all the work and not answering queries������

  • I can’t hold the vagina part at all…..but I also had a horrible birth of my son. I cracked open inside my vagina 16 cm and my anus muscle jumped. I could not sit or stand for more than 10 min. at a time for about 2 months

  • I’ve been doing the exact core exercises that you advise to stay away from! I wasn’t doing my prolapsed bladder any favours. Thanks for the info!

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  • Hi I really liked your exercises. I am having PVR issue at such a young age of 25. Can you suggest me wether these exercises will help cure that as well? And also should I do Wright lifting?

  • I am 73, in the middle of a sciatica episode, and realizing that my week mostly in bed is not good for me. The Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercise looks like something that will appropriately support my strengthening and hopefully speed up my recovery. Thank you! Can you recommend any other strengthening exercises that might be good to do while I am going through the ups and downs of this condition? Some days I seem to be on my way to the end, other days it comes back in force. Frustrating! I know i need to keep moving, but want to choose the best way to do this. I don’t want to be weaker and more out of shape by the end of this episode!

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    thank you

  • I sure don’t know what you are talking about. I need help but your hand movements do nothing to help me learn exorcize to help the muscles that need help to eliminate problem.

  • I have the opposite problem: stiff, tight pelvic floor (diagnosed by a professional) and therefore pelvic pain. Any advice on safe core exercises? Normal abs give me extreme pelvic tightness and pain. Thanks.

  • Thanks sooo much,because i had an accident at work that made my pelvic pop. I had incontinence for years since 2006. Im better now but still needs help. Btw…. i work in construction. 1st sime subscriber here from Chicago.

  • Thank you so much for solving this mystery for me! I have never seen it more clearly explained how to find those muscles and know if we are doing it right. I don’t have any problems, I’m only 54 right now, but I have wanted to learn this so I can take preventative action as I begin to age. Thank you!!!!

  • My son had a hamegeric stroke and c v a lost all ability to feel #1 and # 2 so we have to use adult Pampers is this exercise will be able to help him; he only 44 years old if someone out there can help us please feel free to let us know thanks

  • Hello
    I am 33. I had total hysterectomy 6 months back due to severe endometriotic pain. Now i am pain free but i put on lots of weight. Can i do squats, lunges, jumping jacks, situps for weight loss. Are these exercises safe for me? Plz reply.

  • Thanks for sharing these well-explained exercises and for explaining the structure of the pelvis and showing where the muscles are… love the way you explain how they are like a trampoline.

  • To be honest one of my friend had sex before marriage now shes afraid of getting caught by her husband when she gets married. Now she is looking for some help to make her vagina tight. Will this help?? Please reply.

  • I have trouble doing this in sitting position. I just started 3 weeks ago and can do it lying down. When should I try sitting and doing this? When I try in sitting position I can’t really feel and hold contraction for the 10 seconds just for 4-5 seconds. Is this normal since it’s gravity? Am I doing it too soon?

  • Just wondering, and I’ve looked on the net with no luck… What does pushing out on the muscles do? I can pull in and push out. Kinda like a heart throbbing. And. I’m 100% serious when I say this, the girls at the club call it “Pussy Popping” when you push out. I’ve used the move in my routine for years, but is it damaging?

  • Hi Michelle. My 45 year old male who is having pelvic pain suddenly. I have been to a pelvic physiotherapist yesterday. I just wanted to get your opinion on prognosis. If one is to do kegels and the other exercises recommended for this syndrome what percentage of patients come out either pain free or with minimal pain?

  • I found this review https://therealrealreviews.com/pelvic-floor-strong-by-alex-miller-review/
    please let me know if any1 has tried this program. Thinking to get for my wife.

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  • I just want to say… that before watching this video, I have been going to physical therapy for almost 5 months now and was wondering why I wasn’t seeing results and NOW I KNOW WHY! I was squeezing in the wrong placethis is so fundamental!!! This is LIFE CHANGING and I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for sharing this with everyone because I believe this just saved me hundreds to thousands of dollars on more therapy/products that I don’t need! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

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  • Hi there,
    Hope you would reply mam,
    I am 32 and started to had bilateral lower back pain in March…MRI l-S spine normal…was prescribed otc meds…with in a month pain shifted to coccyx( don’t know how)..severe pain with extreme tenderness…after 2 local steroid injection and lots of medication I don’t feel my coccyx tender or painful now but just behind coccyx it seems if there is extreme debalatating heaviness…..there is a weird feeling in anus…..is this pelvic floor dysfunction secondary to coccygynia????

  • Hi michelle kenway
    Jass here
    I gave vagina birth in 2017. Its 3 yrs now. I visted doctor today and she suggested pelvic excersise for my weakpelvic floor and prolapse. Is this excersise suits to my condition or not. Plz recommends me with best excersice to get back to normal.
    Many thanks

  • If a 4 degree cut during labour happened would this help ease discomfort and help the body become normal and comfortable again I’m trying to get help with the physio side of things for someone I know

  • Michelle you are so clear and informative. Thank you for all your helpful videos. I’ve seen a pelvic floor physiotherapist before but I understood so much more listening to your information. Great techniques.

  • Hello there this is my first time trying to do kegels. I think I did them right. How long will it take to tighten the vagina. I have 2 kids vaginal birth. I was just wondering because my husband said i feel looser down there. That made me feel horrible and ashamed. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you for reading and responding.

  • I have pid after laproscopy surgery.. Lots of pain in left side abdomen and left lower back side.. Iam taking antibiotics since 3 days.. How many days it will take to cure and is back pain occurs in pid..

  • Exercises that work 100k views. “Rub this plant/condiment on your snatch and get tight overnight” 20 million views. Why do something that works, when you can take an easy option that doesn’t but then lie and say it did, rather than admit you got conned?

  • Is squirting a sign of a weak pelvic floor? I just want to say that this is a awesome video and answered a lot of my questions. My boyfriend lasts longer than me and I think this will help me blow him away.

  • hi michelle i’ve already asked u this question but u didn’t reply i will really appreciate it if u do. is it safe to squeeze my muscles more than 10 seconds each? the more u hold it the better? or should i stop at a mxm of 10 seconds noting that i can last for 50 seconds. i just want fast results. plz tell me what to do thank u

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  • Tried these exercises. But when I do the last one slowly ( lowering one leg on to the side), my left lower back muscle hurts. Why is that so?? Kindly help

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