Exactly Why Is Surgery Riskier for Black Children


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In general, the study found, black children and teenagers were more likely to have certain conditions or complications that raised their risk of dying after surgery. In the study, just over 6 percent had a blood disorder, like hemophilia, versus just under 3 percent of white children. Researchers found that black kids more often had risk factors that raised their odds of dying within 30 days of surgery.

They were more likely, for example, to need blood transfusions. Is Surgery Riskier for Black Children? WEDNESDAY, Jan. 10, 2018 Black children are more than twice as likely as white kids to die from surgery complications in the United States, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that black kids more often had risk factors that raised their odds of dying within 30 days of surgery. Researchers found that black kids more often had risk factors that raised their odds of dying within 30 days of surgery. They were more likely, for example, to need blood transfusions or to be placed on ventilators to help them breathe. WEDNESDAY, Jan. 10, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Black children are more than twice as likely as white kids to die from surgery complications in the United States, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that black kids more often had risk factors that raised their odds of dying within 30 days of surgery. They were more likely, for example, to need blood transfusions or to be placed on ventilators to help. Researchers found that black kids more often had risk factors that raised their odds of dying within 30 days of surgery.

They were more likely, for example, to need blood transfusions or to be placed on ventilators to help them breathe. Emergency Surgeries on Weekends Riskier for Kids: Study. Possible explanations include fewer hospital staffers, slower response times, researchers say Black Kids Face Higher Odds of Post-Op Complications Than White Kids.

The study was published in the July issue of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery. More information. Redheads may feel pain more sharply, but the facts don’t support their reputation for excessive bleeding during or after surgery, U.K. surgeons argue. Why Is Surgery Riskier for Black Children? | HealthyWomen healthywomen.org WEDNESDAY, Jan. 10, 2018 (HealthDay News)—Black children are more than twice as likely as white kids to die from surgery complications in the United States, a new study suggests.

5. Why Is Surgery Riskier for Black Children? Black children are more than twice as likely as white kids to die from surgery complications in the United States, a new study suggests. share.

List of related literature:

Black patients are frequently reported to be less willing to undergo “technologically intensive interventions” such as surgery.

“Black and Blue: The Origins and Consequences of Medical Racism” by John Hoberman
from Black and Blue: The Origins and Consequences of Medical Racism
by John Hoberman
University of California Press, 2012

many of these surgeries and procedures are the result ofvarying opinions, some occur because thereis financial gain for doctors in performing surgeries (Black, 2005).

“Perspectives on Deviance and Social Control” by Michelle Inderbitzin, Kristin A. Bates, Randy R. Gainey
from Perspectives on Deviance and Social Control
by Michelle Inderbitzin, Kristin A. Bates, Randy R. Gainey
SAGE Publications, 2014

Much of the surgery is the surgery of poverty and delayed presentation rather than specifically ‘African problems’.

“Schein's Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery, 4th Edition” by Moshe Schein, Paul N. Rogers, Ari Leppäniemi, Danny Rosin, Jonathan E. Efron
from Schein’s Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery, 4th Edition
by Moshe Schein, Paul N. Rogers, et. al.
TFM Publishing Limited, 2016

Hoberman argues that racial folklore may explain racial disparities in health, as “[m]edical personnel who believe in black hardiness may restrict access to certain kinds of surgery on the assumption that black patients have a less urgent need for such procedures.

“Reproducing Race: An Ethnography of Pregnancy as a Site of Racialization” by Khiara Bridges
from Reproducing Race: An Ethnography of Pregnancy as a Site of Racialization
by Khiara Bridges
University of California Press, 2011

The overall possibility for the surgery is higher for Black women than for any other group, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2015).

“Reproductive Injustice: Racism, Pregnancy, and Premature Birth” by Dana-Ain Davis
from Reproductive Injustice: Racism, Pregnancy, and Premature Birth
by Dana-Ain Davis
NYU Press, 2019

Blacks were more likely to receive open surgeries rather than the less dangerous laparoscopic procedures.

“Seeing Patients: Unconscious Bias in Health Care” by Augustus A. White III, M.D., Augustus A White, David Chanoff
from Seeing Patients: Unconscious Bias in Health Care
by Augustus A. White III, M.D., Augustus A White, David Chanoff
Harvard University Press, 2011

Returning to the files 3 months later, the researchers found that African American and Hispanic patients were significantly less likely to have had the surgery than comparable white patients.

“Introduction to Public Health” by Mary-Jane Schneider
from Introduction to Public Health
by Mary-Jane Schneider
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2004

However, despite these benefits, Hispanic and African Americans patients are half as likely as Whites to undergo surgery, even after controlling for income and access to care (Ibrahim, Siminoff, Burant, & Kwoh, 2002a, 2002b).

“The Handbook of Health Behavior Change, Third Edition” by Sally A. Shumaker, PhD, Judith K. Ockene, PhD, MEd, MA, Kristin A. Riekert, PhD
from The Handbook of Health Behavior Change, Third Edition
by Sally A. Shumaker, PhD, Judith K. Ockene, PhD, MEd, MA, Kristin A. Riekert, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

Because the chances of deathare far greater without the surgery.

“Love Must Be Tough: New Hope for Marriages in Crisis” by James C. Dobson
from Love Must Be Tough: New Hope for Marriages in Crisis
by James C. Dobson
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2010

Returning to the files three months later, the researchers found that African-American and Hispanic patients were significantly less likely to have had the surgery than comparable white patients.

“Introduction to Public Health” by Mary-Jane Schneider
from Introduction to Public Health
by Mary-Jane Schneider
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

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  • What it’s like to raise black children in America?? Kinda ridiculous to speak for everyone. Really depends on where you live. Don’t like how your treated? Move then.. if you fear for your family on a daily basis, make some changes, don’t complain and act like the entire world is out to get you. This woman clearly would never be able to have a calm conversation with an officer or someone of government. She’d instantly start verbally attacking anyone who didn’t agree with her, cause she’s already labeled herself as a victim.

  • Does Americans really have to make even COVID a race question?! Who does that help? �� Isn’t it racist?! �� I think it’s just non-sense and yet another matter that is used for the most disgusting political games…

  • God bless �� this woman and her family and every family! We need to do our best as a society to keep families together, always! Through thick and thin please hold onto your men! GOD is the cure that has been attempted to be removed from our daily lives! Bring GOD back, the power of that is limitless!

    GOD bless �� every one of you!

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  • If you white, you will never fully understand… The system ain’t broke, it was designed to do exactly what it is doing to my brothers and sisters……..

  • Slow the spread with racism guys

    Did you hear him guy?

    Basically dont be black guys and you’re good….

    Fucking assholes.

    Personal responsibility

  • These “medical professionals” are so naive. Doctors from Asian countries has been telling everyone since SARs that masks are the best way to spread viruses. There’s a reason why all these Asian countries are controlling this so well. Their whole population has been wearing masks since day 1. If EVERYONE had a mask on, less people will be going to the hospital, which means less medical supplies would have been needed. DO NOT TRUST WHO OR CDC.

  • Why didn’t the interviewer ask more questions about the 80% death rate of COVID19 patients who go on ventilators, or about the drug Remdesivir?

  • How is Vice ignoring the REAL institutionalized racism by the chinese government against blacks and muslims? Guess they see the communist chinese government as ideological allies (DUH)

  • Wasn’t he part of the group that kept telling the general public not to wear a mask because masks didn’t help (and also healthcare workers needed them more).

    Now he says “look at all the coronavirus cases you people caused!”

    I wore a mask anyway because their directions made no sense. I figured better safe than sorry.

  • Her persistence in trying to get him to dunk on Trump is really annoying, I don’t like Trump but like dude didn’t come out to talk politics

  • OMG! just because you people aint SHIT in life, and are too lazy to get a job, too lazy to go to school, too lazy to take responsiblity and intiative of your life doesn’t give you the right to bash Dr. Ben Carson. Your just JEALOUS that he’s a successful man and YOU AINT SHIT!!! thats all it is, that’s where your stupid ass comments derive from JEALOUSY and you know it. It aint Dr. Ben Carson fault that you live in a fuckin shack with you mom at the age of 31. You guys are pure fuckin LOSERS.

  • What a wonderful family! It’s so nice to see such a BLESSED family, that know and appreciate the Blessings, and where they come from! I love them!

  • dr ben carson is my hero and idol. when u grow up, if i turn out to be less than half the man he is, ill be the happiest person in the world

  • To the white people on this vine who say, “ALL people have this talk with their kids” you are pathetic. Are their thousands of videos with cops shooting and beating white kids? ������ You want everything we have, even our oppression. Yet you can’t go to Kim Kardashians plastic surgeon to steal oppression from us like you do everything thing else. That’s the one thing you can have��

  • That’s how you do it, make everybody afraid to be near a black person, because black people are more susceptible. Know anybody who sneezes in public, coughs in public, and doesn’t wash their hands is more susceptible. You can’t be serious right now… I hear more about people who go on trips, and come back to America are the ones who are spreading it. And I’m sorry to say, the lower class is not doing that, that you middle-class and upper class citizens. So stay away from them, oh wait, they already stay away from us.

  • How much did government officials “PAY” you to make this vid? Everytime there is some “dis’ease” it is stated relate to being potentially blacks as receptors and distributors, “because they are poor.” Blacks have the most “dominant” genes of “any” race. Meaning, we “naturally” produce antibiotics that repel pathogens. Weak immunesystems are an excepton. Sensible blacks do not fear this “cloned” virus “released” in our midst (hoods). We are not unknowing we are “the” target, and any “others” are mere “casualties.” That, vids like this sets the stage for “X” amounts of large sums of deaths in blacks’ communitie, not to be questioned their occurrence. In black communities possibly “every” family has a member with the blood disorder “Sickle Cell.” How easily the ground work laid to “isolate” them from family; “withhold pain management,” which will send the patient into shock or heartattack. Then, “blame” a staged virus, adding “due to complications of a previous illness.” This is the long, known to come “Purge.” Nothing less than “genocide.” Do I sound angry? Hell yes I am!!

  • I praise the doctors in the neurosurgery dept. I had a benign tumor removed in 1990. I have never looked back. The A+E can.t be matched anywhere,

  • Did they always have different color hair? It seems most conjoined twins I see look easy to tell apart even though technically they are identical.

  • I have a large respect for brain surgeons, and frankly, for any doctor who works hard for a patient. I truly is sad that he chose to retire as I am sure he was still capable of performing many more surgeries. I know this due to the fact that the brain surgeon who operated on me was 71 years old.

  • @87ramasaurus showing the brain is showing the physical flesh of her thoughts, dreams, speech, sight… ye its a muscle but everything she is orginates from this muscle

  • Vice has sunk to a new low. I mean come on wtf is this! You just gave a trump mouthpiece a platform to talk up the administration. America is f..ked and you’re giving this guy unchallenged air time? Unbelievable.

  • This was a bad interviewer. What more did he have to say. Stay home for thirty days and you won’t need a mask. Too much time was wasted trying to smear trump and those in charge. If we the people won’t stay home and social distance, wash hands, etc we’re bringing it onto ourselves.

  • What if the masks are only a way to throw off facial recognition software? If so then my question is: why do the powers that be want to hide some people from facial recognition software?

  • To all the people who ask the questions about fathers, it has nothing to do with fathers it’s about mothers. what this woman told her kids was the same as me and I think it’s normal but the only thing is that we are told these same things about everything because even though many people out there are not racist many do see skin as a weapon.I am asian/African American

  • YOU TRY STAYING INDOORS FOR 30 FAYS WITH YOUR STOMACH GROWLING HARDER EACH DAY! YOU RISK GETTING EVICTED! this isnt the situation I am in thank god. But to “express” how important it is to stay inside without offering people security and food, does NOTHINGGGGG NOTHING AT ALLLLLLL

  • I’m living in Ireland and burn under the sun and I had this conversation with my children 8 & 10 year olds with respect to behaviour towards police officers.

  • Seeing as how DEATH is a major side effect of covid 19. Dizziness and Nausea and even Sezures don’t seem so bad. Those are the same side effects too much drinking alcohol.

  • You have a 15 minute interview with the top doctor in America during a pandemic and you waste time asking him IRRELEVANT questions about his twitter account. Pathetic.

  • Unfortunately jesus christ knows the reality, the truth. Oftentimes the trauma surgeon is responsible for inflicting much trauma. Oftentimes the worse place for a child is the home. The elephant in the room.

  • As a white boy who grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood, a really big issue is that black fathers are missing. All my friends mothers were single mothers. They were amazing people, but it was very difficult for them on their own.

  • For the record, white parents talk there children also. And white kids get harrassed by police also. Maybe not rich white kids. But say that white people and black people don’t share in experiences cause problems.

  • He is so right. So much suffering and loss for an animal only to get tusks that will be made for an ornament. People are cruel and I honestly cannot comprehend why still after so many years and years… we still have the same issues

  • My people it is well known throughout the black community that cops stalk our young people of color. Cops manufacture reasons to approach our children and traumatize them, just to get a reaction to brutalize them. They do this because they have no fear of accountability or consequences for their hostility or act’s of hate crimes. The really dirty cops know that the police unions and Fraternal order of police will lie for them and back them and give them a paid vacation as a showing of loyalty!! Our children will automatically be accused of resisting or disorderly or some other bogus charge to cause damage to their character in the form of an arrest record…(Sad But True)

  • Obesity high cholesterol and diabetes are issues of fat and are naturally unheard of in sub Serra Africa those are problems of privilege. Opressed people are overweight?

  • The Surgeon General is nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, and serves a four-year term of office. This puppet offers zero answers or insight.

  • I had A craniotomy done in August of 2009 to remove a tumor.. And the only thing you care about is who can do your surgery successfully and keep you alive!!! God bless this doctor for what he does!!

  • Megan Kelly is definitely not good at her job now we know why here in 8/20 she was fired from places and now is not working any where very very bad at her jobs

  • I’ve watched hundreds if not a thousand YouTube videos over the last 20 years of USA police.They don’t discriminate,they treat everyone bad! They are Narcasitic bullies who are immune from the rules.
    Your country is a melting pot of differences and cultures and in a new marriage you will have friction till you knock of each other’s sharp edges.

  • My parents had the same discussion with ne when I was a child.
    Respect the police and your elders
    Go to school stay away from trouble makers
    Do right by the people around you
    my mom worried all the time about me back before she could text me or call me she was up waiting all night for my know it all [email protected]@ to get home and whooped my [email protected]@ for it. She also usually found out what I was doing before I even got home….. guess what I’m white.

  • In this virus,it anti any artificial things.
    In it epidemic,this is zoonosis in any animals
    So I think this virus is Biosafety level 3 to 4
    In US,this virus is third gene mutation.

  • Wow! Thank you for helping all your patients and that beautiful little girl! Put link on my glog. Look up Tehescmarts eduglogster brain.

  • Guys I know this may sound rather crude, but you guys should go watch James Corden’s video in reaction to the blm movement. I think it’s a good video and it talks about some of the same points brought on the end of this video

  • This breaks my heart. I have 3 sons. I can’t even imagine having to have this talk with them at such a young age. May God keep these young black children and men safe and under His wing. We are all made in the image of God and deserve to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

  • Hahaha, my mom taught me the same things and I’m white. BS. Private prisons are the issue, not racism. Yet again you have been successfully distracted from the real issue to fit a narrative in an election year.

  • I’m brown and my mom stays worried. She told me at a young age not to get into trouble in order to avoid the police. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Everyone be safe out there and don’t get into trouble.

  • Stop playing victim. Every parent has the same conversation with their child. Whether they are black blue pink orange. And there is nothing to fear about cops. Sinply respect them dont do.anything stupid like reach for your waist or make crazy movements

  • Maybe this woman should learn to take responsibility for her own poor choices like having kids out of wedlock it isn’t rocket science everything is always somebody else’s fault boohoo

  • What do you mean this should not the having with 12 years old? Everybody should be polite and not be giving sas to anyone. If your culture is violence and giving sas then that’s not our problem. Bye.

  • Boo Vice!! The likes and dislikes are almost even. That doesn’t happen very often. �� maybe people are waking up and realizing reality doesn’t care what agenda is being spouted by Vice. Very disappointed Vice, you guys use to be great. This was the opportunity to show the people you care about ALL Americans and not your propaganda.

  • Growing up in Brazil as a white family, we never looked at people of other races differently. Although living in Brazil was very challenging, Brazilian culture simply doesn’t have discrimination written into it like American culture. Moving to the US, we noticed how different people are here in the aspect of discrimination and racism. If all immigrants and minorities can just stop encouraging stereotypes and injustices and just work hard towards what they want to achieve in life, non-minority’s groups will change how they see us.

  • Correction, all parents, regardless of race, should teach their kids to behave and respect the law.
    Otherwise, it says something about her kids that they have to be reminded not to talk sass at everybody they see.
    Just raise your kids right and obey the law, you’ll be fine.

  • Oh please. Everyone knew this virus is airborne and is contagious in people who are asymptomatic up to 2 weeks since February! I am tired of their “play dumb” tactics

  • @TechPriest89 I hope you do too! When I graduate High School it will be my turn to step up to the medical plate. But good luck to you!!

  • That is probably because we are eating the diet of extremely foreign mutations.

    Our ancestors didn’t eat pizza and burgers and they ate way more photosynthesizing vegetation and fruit.

    Pork chops are not helping us.

    That is for a nitrogenous population that has a thirst for blood that we follow.

    Dr. Enqi tells me all we need to know.

    The virus is not an issue as much as education and NO-ONE but we will teach us about our exact biochemistry.

    They tell black women that they have low white blood cell count when that is healthy for them.

    As our immune system has everything to do with our skin.

    Carbon is an antimicrobial.

    We are not the same and to treat us like we have the same exact biochemistry is to better serve one population over another.

    Racism doesn’t matter, education is everything.

    However, our educator is our enemy.

    That is the root of the problem.

    Our ancestors were healthier than us and that culture is coming back.

    Nature abiding solar symbiotic people will be fine in the end.

  • God bless this family, and the parents are so sweet and real best friends. This was cute except for the interview question were, uhh ��

  • Hey Deborah, Your probably not gonna see this but, I sent you a letter! You responded and I got an autograph.:D I’ve been watching inside edition for a long time. I love it! -Rowan D.

  • I’m a white dad in the uk and when my mixed race son got a very very well paid job in the US my wife and me had to talk him out of the job because of the police in the US.As in the UK generally police interaction is alot safer but knowing he would be driving in a good car living a good life filled us in dread to be honest

  • I think the black community is going to have to do it for themselves. The white politicians will just continue to use them and lie to them as long as they rely on the government.

  • That is on you if you are constantly worried about your grown kids. There is a big difference in the days your brothers grew up and today. The police are not out there “hunting” black men.

  • I really hope we can overcome all this judgmental small minded ignorance and embrace that we are all in this together and are all part of the human race.

  • The sane people in America are greatly concerned that activist media hacks at terrible organizations such as Vice, Buzzfeed and CNN are STILL concerned about virtue-signalling and identity politics, pushing their radical agendas instead of acting like real journalists for a change.


  • Something That God Made…comes to mind. Incredible work, loving family and out of every bad comes something good and sometimes great…may all of you enjoy your life.

  • They are absolutely conversations anyone should be having with their kids. No matter what race. Most kids don’t respect authority or adults anymore. If we teach them these values out of fear then we only drive a wedge between law enforcement doing their jobs and the communities we live in.

  • Your fears are insane…

    That’s a you problem that you project on society…

    That’s your choice though…

    Personal responsibility is a thing even witg what you choose to teach your children…

    Where did you go to medical school…

    A few legitimate claims dont support all the false claims…

    Blm is separating people off by drawing racial lines…

    You say ban together but that doesnt involve any change on your side…?

  • California’s Public Health Department statistics do not match what the Surgeon General is saying:

    Latinos: 30% of cases and 29% of deaths (39% of the state’s population)
    Whites: 37% of cases and 43% of deaths (37% of the state’s population)
    African Americans/Blacks: 6% of cases and 3% of deaths (6% of the state’s population)
    Asians: 14% of cases and 16% of deaths (15% of the state’s population)
    Multiracial: 2.5% of cases and 2% of deaths (2% of the state’s population)
    American Indians or Alaska Natives: 0.2% of cases and 0.6% of deaths (0.5% of the states’ population)
    Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders: 1.6% of cases and 1% of deaths (0.3% of the state’s population)
    Other: 9% of cases and 5% of deaths (N/A)

  • Agenda is clear, the attempt to pin black people as the face of COVID-19. China are now trying to randomly test Africans in their country under the false guise of them “further spreading” a virus that they started, can you imagine the nerve! Though it may be true that socio-economic issues play a vital role in contribution to the affect COVID-19 has on African-Americans, one shouldn’t shudder to assume that there could be an ulterior motive in moving towards testing black people for the vaccine as the French doctors tried to propagate for Africans.

  • Please consider visiting africa on vacation, to have peace of mind and lower your stress level. Just visit, stay for few weeks and a month then you can go back. Come with your sons too.

  • I cried. Thanks for saving the elephant, I salute and respect you people. To poachers and trophy hunters I hope you all die soon.

  • As a forgiener in America, i am learning more about America now even after staying here for a while. It is sooo unbelievable that people have to fear just because of their race…I don’t know if i could ever relax totally if my child was black and drove often like how this mother concerns..It is tragic…I feel so sad…

  • I’m a father and white, I don’t even live in America and I had this conversation with my son at 12 and 13 and 14 etc.
    Does this lady think you get a medal for being a parent ��
    Cry me a river!
    .. a trauma surgeon Don’t be so melodramatic woman ��‍♂️

  • News flash, but white parents have these conversations with their kids too. My parents did, I did with my kids, they will with their kids.

  • watch this guy’s eyes. his blink rate ranges from normal and to fast and excessive. notice what he’s saying when he blinks excessively… fast blinking, in the context of body language, suggests someone is lying.

  • This man is a true healer, who takes pride in improving people’s health. Not just a fancy title who don’t know what he’s doing.

  • This guy (with his weird lisp) just had to bring up the whole “black and unhealthy” topic, which isn’t true. Black Americans could be at higher risk simply because they are represented in more service jobs and don’t have the ability to isolate as much as others.

  • Honestly, if your real husband would have been with you he would have raised your kids better. But alas! Apparently black fathers are nowhere to be found lmao

  • Funny how its always about the “BLACK WOMAN” and NEVER ABOUT BLACK MEN! Honestly, if BLACK WOMEN would make better dating decisions, they wouldn’t have to worry so much because she has a MAN to be there. Why isn’t anyone bringing up the FACT that black women put down their OWN MEN all because of the PAST BAD DECISION making they DECIDE to OPEN THEIR LEGS to? BLACK MEN have a higher DEATH RATE by RACISM as well BUT no one mentions that because its a BLACK MAN! When BLACK WOMEN face the same thing, I hear and witness the IMMEDIATE SUPPORT for BLACK WOMEN.

    NOT trying to take away from BLACK WOMEN but seriously tho, Ive always felt us BLACK MEN are always being OVERSHADOWED. I really do feel like this is one of the RACISTS TACTICS that WHITE SUPREMACISTS use to continue the DIVISION amongst BLACK MEN and WOMEN.

  • I honestly do think that is a conversation you should be having with your child. Tell them to respect cops I’m sure it would probably help out, not all cops are out here being murderers.

  • LOL: funny he never did one for the descendants of a certain population in Jan, Feb and March… when Coronavirus -was- tearing up EUROPE.

  • The reason is Vitamin D deficiency. Check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan. African Americans can’t absorb Vitamin D from the sun, so they have much higher deficiencies.

  • I’ve had a look into what a virus is. The first thing is there is no virus spreading and killing people. A virus is a cellular discharge, cellular excretions. So social distancing and this lockdown is a load of rubbish.

    When a cell gets polluted with toxins, the cell goes into cleaning mode. Once the cell has had a cleanup, what’s left is the rubbish. The cell then produces a molecule, this molecule is called a virus. Why they call it “virus” is beyond me because the word “virus” means “poison” in Latin. The real term for these excretions should be “exosomes” not virus.

    Under an electron microscope, the micro-organism of what they are calling Covid-19 has the exact same structure as the exosomes produced by the cell.

    The body produces many different exosomes in our body, this is because the cells are always cleansing themselves of all the different toxic pollutants entering in.

    Because of this constant cleaning, there are always (exosomes) being created to deal with the rubbish. These exosomes when tested, will always contain RNA and proteins, and they look just like what they are calling Covid-19.
    The exosomes reveal themselves as snot, fevers, flus, headaches, etc.
    Exosomes are non-living, and they do not cause disease.

    The exosomes “virus” doesn’t cause the illness, the exosome simply shows a person is going through an illness while the cells are cleansing themselves of the pollutants. The pollutants are the actual cause of the illness. For example, asbestos is a pollutant, which when breathed in can cause lung problems. And guess what will be present if a RT-PCR test is done on that person? That molecule, that “virus” they are calling Covid-19.

    5g seems to be a major pollutant in our atmosphere, from 5g towers, 5g cables, smart meters in our homes, and our mobile phones. All causing an increased amount of radiation entering our body’s cells. You could say the 5g is the actual virus(poison)we need to deal with.

    Many countries, especially Italy, Spain, and Wuhan city are saturated in 5g radio frequencies, which they can turn up or down at will. When 5g frequency runs at 60ghz breathing becomes very difficult, causing respiratory flu-like problems, and sometimes death.

    There is no Covid-19, there is no virus being passed from person to person, this is all a lie which has caused us all to lose our freedoms…we need to get our freedoms back.


  • Unfortunately blacks and others who are on welfare get huge amounts of food stamps. What do they spend it on? Well let’s just say that quite often food stamps get spent on junk food, highly processed food and soda. Instead of just throwing money at a situation they need to start teaching people how to cook and make nutritious meals. This isn’t a problem of poverty it is a problem of ignorance. Feed a man to fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

  • It’s disgeusting but highly inspiring to see a man of my culture accomplish somthing this great after bieng birthed and raised in the gutter of Detroit…In my eyes Ben Carson is the Tupac of medical progress.

  • Hes probably uncomfortable having to speak about it, all these people commenting including myself dont actually know what’s happening.
    Alot more than COVID 19 in the works though for certain.

  • Dizziness and nausea is probably better than death. Reporter doesn’t understand medicinal side effects enough, or too lazy to read up that almost ALL side effects during trials are noted, even if a handful of people had that particular side effect. If the medication works, and I run a 1 or 2% chance of having those side effects, that’s a very good risk for me to take.

    As far as blacks being higher risk, let’s not go there that a lifetime of Mickey D and other shit fast food has caught up with a vengeance.

  • Why are you lying?? You sounded so nervous saying that. Oh so rich and poor white people are the healthiest people on earth now?? Lol ��

  • I really feel her I don’t have black sons, but I have brothers cousins uncles friends I have a black daughter and her fiance black man I’m afraid all the time for them. You can’t possibly explain this fear even when you teach them how to speak to police officers how to act and interact with police officers, to be respectful and kind. Unfortunately our sons are brother our uncles are fathers are still being killed they can speak as nicely as possible and they are still considered a threat. I am fearful.

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  • This is coming from a man who when Covid-19 started said that mask weren’t good to wear and is now advising people to put on a mask. I wouldn’t trust this clown as far as I can throw him.

  • Simplest explanation is usually the correct one so I’ll give the simple answer. BLACKS ON AVERAGE ARE NOT DISTANCING. Why is that? Simple. Black people are more likely to attend Church at least once a week if not more often! There are lots of people in those places and you are not six feet apart! If grandma goes, she could bring COVID back to the family not realizing it. Either way, it is about social distance so once people come up with other crap, it’s BS. Here is your truth right here. https://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/compare/attendance-at-religious-services/by/racial-and-ethnic-composition/

  • This is logically correct if you can publish the data of first three weeks of COVID-19 pandemic patients that had immediate access to ventilator/treatment by race.

  • Hey Black moms. Show Ray Rashard and George Floyd on tv. Say “Do you see these two guys? Don’t lead a live of crime”. Ray was taken out of his car without force. They talked to him calmly. They decided to hand cuff him as they would anyone else they smelled alcohol on regardless of race, age or gender. He knocked both officers to the ground. He stole a taser and fled to escape. As the officers ran after him, his back was to them. Yes, of course it was, he was the one running away. Then watch the video. As he was running away, he turned and deployed a taser at the officers to incapacitate them. One returned fire. He died. What does that prove? A CRIMINAL resisted arrest, assaulted two officers, fled the scene and then fired upon them. He caused his own death. The officer was justified and will be found not guilty. Kids, don’t be a Ray Rashard. Don’t lead a life of crime. We just turn the tv channel regardless of the criminals age, race or gender. They put themselves in that situation and got what they deserved. American won’t rally around a criminal.

    Trump even stated that BLM is a hate group. If you don’t agree with their agenda and do as they DEMAND, they will beat you up, loot your stores and then burn every store and building they can.

    This lady looks like she has two fine sons. Do you think white women don’t also caution their kids that when they turn 16 to obey the laws and an officer? Stop the racist rhetoric. Everyone struggles. America is 77% white. Why are there so many “black people” in prisons? You explain to the community why they chose a life of crime rather than working like everyone else regardless of age, race or gender.

    So a black mother can sit down and talk to her children about officers and racism. A white mother has to sit down also and talk to her kids about officers and breaking the law and also on how some black people might beat you up or rob you just because you are white and there are more of them than you. FACTS. TRUTH. It’s sad today that crime effects EVERYONE.

  • The satanic propoganda machine is at full power! I’m sure it’s quite the opposite! You can see that by the number of dead in Europe and Asia!

  • K this mother is not a A.A..he is what we �� a.Oc.k.let me ��.down.k.what schools did he go two.what town
    Did.he come from..im not a hateing.on him.yes.he at the top of his �� k I’m tlaking.two A.A.like that name.lot of history.the being.of men.rome and cartridge. �� of ��.AA.kings slave trade…the mixing.of blood.then the new.A…ways.two.freedom.Wars.that dieing.that had been going on.now this NEW A has die.for this ����. His mix blood.now has the right.two be pordly.call.Afican.American.and so.on and so on til now..this O.C.andMe.im from Cali.schools.fist.nall.than chaotic.that made me a crusader+then back two nall.iltte.citty cogae.but that all.from football �� two plastering.all A.A.in the ����.that I love.and yes Trump.is.my.peradet.that I well ��.for.and yes I’m a A.A.R..im from the hood.W/ C.now me and that A.A.O.C.are form two different.worlds.two say this hurts put us right back of the ��.only this way times.and all fuck up things that go’s.on just what that OC.saying a.lot.saying.that good.kill.them all.lets keep it rail.but I’m here two say.no matter what we have been put in all things and came out better.then.befor.i have two stop ✋ but take care ❤ AA.do the right thing.stay.on line.this is just why they back than did not want blacks two.learn.knowledge.is power.its.just the way the African.american.oreo.��.saying this way we all are not like that and all people.have the same medical.issue.not just A.A

  • How about we stop pussyfooting around the reasons why, ADOS are saturated, with these comorbidities? State it plainly and unapologetically! Racism, that has been sanctioned by our government is the reason.

  • Once again another reason to never trust your government. Top dr but tells people masks don’t work. You mean the top propaganda dr.

  • How could this be? In area where most of the people don’t even travel overseas. This virus is airborne. Something that’s spray in the area of black people. I notice between certain hrs of the day the media announces how many death has occurred. Now they wants to use the vaccine in the same area. What does economic has to do with a air bourne virus?

  • @Pop1075 one more thing, I am a surgeon and I’m Arab. I don’t go around saying I’m Arab though and make it a reason for my success.

  • Big ol scar?, who is the out going one? Who is the better one? Eho is useless? Who got most of yhe butt cheek? You can take the girl out of foxnews, but cant take fox news out of the girl, this was awful,

  • Elephant with foot literally falling off: I must keep fighting on!
    Me with a small knock on the desk: I need three weeks off or else I quit!

  • Ok but like this is a genuine question I’ve had for months after watching this how do u pee or poop with only one butt cheek??? Like I’m so counfuxed

  • Stupid video trying to tie women stress/health disparities in the black community to police brutality. So silly. I would argue that black women on average have a higher level of stress compared to white women due to socioeconomic disparities including a much higher rate of single parent household. Garbage reporting.

  • Dr. Carson is an amazing surgeon but he is not my hero. Dr. Goodman is my hero for removing a tumor and saving my life. I had an emergency surgery to remove a tumor the size of 4 golf balls 6 months ago. I had to learn how to walk, talk, eat, and write again. And even though I still have to have surgery to correct my vision I am returning to work in the oil fields.

  • Exactly he deserve to be called doctor, even i’m doctor, but in front this greats doctor i just nothing, and that is means we must also doing some thing to save the people not only collect money

  • He’s not wearing his Navy uniform with all that fruit salad trimmings and Tito Jackson’s hat because it got returned to Warner Bros last Thursday

  • This man is an angel!!!
    Imagine dedicate your whole life to save lives. There is nothing campared! I hope he is training the next generation of surgeons to be as good and caring as he is! That would be a bless to the World…

  • I knew before I even came into the video that there would be a bad upvote ratio just from the title alone. Sensaaaaativvvve mother fuckers these days.

  • Puppet…You better turn to God because sooner of later they’re gonna throw you under the bus and your wife will leave and divorce you

  • The host was kinda rude..everytym she spoke i just prayed she wont say something crazy..super cool dad..i really admire those beautiful girl..am sure i would have paid more attention if the host was different.she really got into my nerve system

  • Do I have this right? The Surgeon General of the United States goes on camera and tells the world he he’s falling apart, healthwise. Some conditions that could be changed by a better diet and losing a few lbs. Are we supposed to take health advice from this guy? Asking for a friend.

  • @Pop1075 I know credentials mean shit on the internet, but I’m currently finishing my PGY-2 in Neurosurgery (this means I am 2, almost 3, years out of medical school and am currently training in what we call a medical “residency”). Obviously his religion has no effect on his medical judgement. However, the onus is on him to provide and explanation as to why he thinks that the Earth is no older than 10,000 years old, not on me to prove he is full of shit.

  • Everyone should all stand together regarding this systematic racial injustice. All lives Cannot matter until Black Lives Matter. ✌��✌

  • Es una preciosidad poder ver á estas dos niñas separadas,es un alivió para ellas qué podran hacer cada una su vida,y no estar obligadas á estar juntas,mejor dicho pegadas dios las bendiga,y á los doctores qué consiguieron separarlas con éxito,lindo relato,

  • Thing I find extremely funny about this situation is when it was starting to effect people in this country there was black people all over the comments claiming that it was only white people and asian people getting sick. Well guess they were wrong��‍♂️��

  • Wow. What an amazing family. The parents are incredibly strong. Its easy to see where the girls got it from. Also the twins are ad beautiful as their mother. May God continue to bless their every step n every breath. This family is so full of light that even Megyns arrogance n trash questions had no chance of ruining this interview.

  • He is a man in uniform, not a politician. He would never talk against the President (Trump or anyone else) no matter how much ever the reporter tries to trap him. I liked how he masterfully navigated through tricky questions.

  • Did you really just say the black community didn’t put themselves in this position?? Have you not watched how adults act with police? Children will not do what you say they do what you do. Maybe if the adults started acting appropriately with people in authority maybe the children and teenagers would as well. How ur child acts is 100% a reflection of their raising. Watch the news. It isn’t polite respectful adults being attached. It’s violent criminals that the police are trying to subdue

  • More media lies. MOST COVID cases globally are white victims in Europe and the U.S. U.S states are purposely jaded. State Sen. Scott Jensen (R-Chaska), a practicing physician, sounded the alarm Tuesday about a CDC guidance that gives doctors the authority to include “suspected or likely” cases of COVID-19 on death certificates.
    Jensen said the document, which was sent to him by the Minnesota Department of Health, suggests that he could include a diagnosis of COVID-19 on death certificates even if there were no official lab results confirming the diagnosis.

  • Very unproductive interview. She tries to pin the guy for no good reason over and over and the hydroxychloroquine questions are so redundant at this point

  • Hi guy’s can u plz go over to my YouTube channel Bailey’s Creations so we can cook and bake together thank you. Come along and have fun cooking with me

  • Sad to see him at hud… Its like giving a classical pianist a job as a hotel manager… He should be surgeon general! Another sad thing…. If he wouldve run around with obama he wouldve been a celebrity! Too many smart blacks get demonized for being in the RIGHT party!

  • @dzntms144 if you knew Dr. Ben Carson and his story you wouldn’t talk like this! Inform yourself.. do your research about him and his story and then talk if you have to..

  • I hate the way the interviewer asks the questions about their personality like honey they’re not Evelyn Evelyn these are real people

  • Scars are the least of all problems, ihad cancer and I have a scar from my breast bone down to my pubic bone & ascar across my stomach for gall stones, & it doesn’t bother me at all You go girls

  • 4:38 why is Megyn Kelly so ignorant?? She really does not have good interviewing skills… I’ve never watched her show, but from the few YouTube videos I’ve seen I hope she is no longer on the air. She is awful.

  • fact: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and is proudly stamped on our currency. If you ever wonder how America stands on race relations think of that simple fact

  • Yes…. Do to the way Descendants of SLAVERY have been treated in America, statistically we are more at risk than someone with generational wealth built off slavery….. America has never allowed Descendants of Slavery to be fully treated like U.S. citizens with all the bells and whistles that are supposed to come with that.

  • @Rjsyeah what is that supposed to mean? You sound stupid and should think before you write and im sure speak. This man is a great surgeon.

  • Please realize that the Doctor’s are not allowing blacks to be admitted to the hospital. They are prescribing blacks and the have nots….oxygen and sending them home while our counterparts get the full treatments and ventilator. Down here in New Orleans!

    How is it a 74 year old man of color whom has prostrate cancer on chemotherapy survives Corona Virus?

  • Right, and you can blame Black Daddy and your inability to use a simple birth control pill…..sorry…it happens to Whites, Hispanics, Asians…the list goes on. AIN’T NO DIFFERENT OR SPECIAL

  • I have an identical scar from tumor removal. Put Mederma on that thang and it’ll be invisible in a year. It’s been six years since my surgery and you can’t even see it. You can feel it, though, and that’s the only way people believe me!

  • This sounds so much like my thyroidectomy. I was told the same risk about vocal damage. My endocrinologist said if it lasted 6 months or less, it’s considered temporary. 6 months or more, permanent. My surgery was 4 hours also, I was in recovery for 2 hours. I’m curious though, if she also needed to do anything like take Tums for calcium post OP. Sounds like she’s doing well at any rate!

  • I’m going to pray for you Deborah Norville I’m going to pray for you God is with you every step of the way all right God it will be always with you no matter what

  • Какие страшные повреждения ног бывают у слонов просто сердце кровью обливается…очень жалко какие вы молодцы помогаете животным..спасибо вам…

  • I have seen this video before, but it is in my recommendation and agin I started watching this video, why because they are saving an elephant and i love to watch it������

  • The history’s central figure,the world’s largest following God Jesus has claimed as the only way to get to heaven,the truth, the life giver,healer,lover of sinners,died 4 them n arose on the 3rd day. C ‘following Christ!’.!..!,.

  • Blame humans. If aliens would come and ask: “Are humans smart?” I would answer:
    Well yes, but actually no.
    P.S I’m not talking about these people on this video

  • Black women: We have to take a lot of stress and trauma
    Asian kid who got A-: Am I a joke to you?
    Ok for real tho, I know these aren’t the same stress but I just a joke.

  • It is noble work indeed helping helpless animal, you shall be rewarded one day but what about chickens and others who are getting killed in millions in the slaughterhouses for just the taste of our tongues daily_ can you imagine it is Daily in Millions across the globe? and you are surprise for one? What about Millions? Why so double standards why can’t move 360 degree (head)?

  • The real enemy is death,it does not have a colour or a gender.Death stalks the country like a virus a kills who ever and whenever feels like it.Death can come upon you when least expect it.Death mask itself lie a soldier in a camouflage.

  • Human leaded a lot of animals to extinction, and most of people still continue that. Human is just a Earth destroyer. Even a last Specie of White rhino has died in 2018. I hate trophy hunters who kill animals just for money, rich life. I am disgusted with things like that, like a coat from real fur. Everyone abusing animals are demons, stop the animal cruelty! And God bless goodhearted People Saving and Preventing endangered animals from extinction. Respect from Poland

  • Is that why white folks running around kicking and spitting on shit! Fact of the matter is its affecting whites and asians at far higher rate because of their dietary habits alone forget Gene’s they dont even come close.

  • C’est horrible de voir un elephant prit dans un piège d’un ou plusieurs braconnier ces horrible personnes j’espère condamné pour leurs cruautés envers ces animaux

  • I have had brain cancer since the age 7-8…Pilocytic-astrocytoma…had brain operation as an adult…….but they could not get it all….No chemo….No radition…….there are other ways….I am going on 48…..if you have brain cancer,,,do not give up…the brain can heal…find new pathways around the damage…..& please check out my channel…

  • People, why all this race talk jus because the man is black? HE IS GREAT HUMAN BEING, let’s jus leave it as that and thank God he has been a blessing to so many people. God forbid some of u racist people son, daughter, bother or sister may need brain surgery. SMH

  • Wow, I’m so glad they’re okay. I laughed and cried. They really are blessed that everything turned out okay whereas other cases had very sad endings. The parents, especially the mother, when she said she’s a serious think processor, I’m the same way and I understand how she could not even say the word or tell anyone about this before the surgery. The parents must’ve been so devastated upon learning about this before they were born. Anyway, so very glad this had a happy ending. Thank you for sharing this. XXOO

  • what about stubbornness to basic health rules? and showing off like “i ain’t wearing no mask dorgg”, what about weakness of lungs by smoking weed,snorting crack? and what about “no devil virus ain’t getting me cause i covered by the bluud? what about “this info ain’t true cause they just want to downgrade the original jews?” cheeesus was black”…WHAT ABOUT A DUNCE ATTITUDE?covid 19 par teh!

  • This is so messed up. I’m glad there’s people in the world that want to help animals from people who want to abusively hurt them like this.

  • It’s because of the lifestyle. They are thinking they aren’t affected but blacks are higher risk cause they lead and a lot of health problems. and also the way they are reacting to this they are not taking it seriously.

  • Neat trick by the White House to send out a black yes man to blame black Americans for dying disproportionately of COVID-19. The ghost of Goebbels is cackling with glee.


  • There is so much corruption in those countries that no law could save this animals…its such a shame…that we can’t do anything about it.

  • Try watching the movie  “Gifted Hands,the Ben Carson story” for a greater insight into this awesome man.Its a biographical movie of his life growing up in the most difficult circumstances and overcoming adversity and prejudice to become a famed surgeon.Wonderful inspiration for us all.

  • @leston4life ya i did some research on him after I saw this and found that out. He had a hard childhood which makes where he’s at even more impressive

  • I’m sorry, I am a white man and I have had all the same conversations and concerns that talk about. With my children. You are not special!

  • Cause black people arent doing what their supposed to, especially in the inner city. im black from Bronx they had to bring military guys!

  • fear·mon·ger·ing
    noun: fear-mongering
    the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue.

  • This is bull shit anything that can harm Americans blacks are highly targeted for some reason why is that?? people dont believe everything u hear just look at what they are doing!!

  • prob the same network making this video has a lot of relation or parthenship or financial investment by the same ppl how pay a lot of money for the tusk, nice round job, do bad things to make money, and also make videos about why bad things are bad and make more money, ppl is so stupid that makes saving that animal irrelevant, thanks for nothing dude

  • While we still need more data (mostly by age and pre-existing health status), they need to be looking at exposure rates…are Black Americans more vulnerable to being exposed to the virus? Why? Right now, I can tell you than many ‘essential’ workers are Black people. Due to social and economic conditions (which can include racial components), the types of jobs a Black person can take are concentrated in certain industries such as retail for example. Not everyone has the luxury of working from home, but Black Americans are less likely to have jobs which allow us to do that.

    A great portion of the US Postal workers, most grocery store workers, Amazon warehouse workers, food delivery people, uber and ride services drivers, and a great portion of home health care workers and nurses in urban metropolises are Black Americans. Many of the ‘essential’ retail service industries have Black staff that are working right now continuing to be exposed, many without proper protection.

  • It’s people like Dr Benjamin Carson that make me proud of humanity! Greatest of praise to you, Dr Carson, you are a champion indeed!!!

  • I am curious WHY this very young man was sekected as Surgeon General. Yes he obviously is smart but he lacks the life exoerience to KNOW he is being used as “window dressing”, purely (impurely) for optics. When I first saw and heard him, my first reaction was “who’s the kid”? Fyi and he does not speak for or represent poc. Just saying.

  • funny how they dont show the black on black problems that exist in black community,the single rate and on an on,channels with agenda either right or left shoulb be demonitezi so they cant have just their opinion push on peoples,that really cause a big problem

  • @kcb7012 you don’t really know what you’re talking about. He wouldn’t be widely regarded as one of the best neurosurgeons in the world at one of the best hospitals in the world if he killed and injured more patients then he saved(which you don’t even know for a fact as medical records are extremely private). As for delving too far into the brainstem and hitting cranial nerves and the like, your knowledge of anatomy is lacking and your claims, unfounded.

  • The host is asking the guestions but is she listening to the answers, the mother explained thoroghly two legs coming out of one hole in the onesies and the host is like so you sewed to onseis together???? What the heckmom said nothing like that!!!

  • Where’s his father? Maybe he can teach him how to handle himself in public. All black women have to be trauma surgeons?……. wtf does that mean? ����‍♂️ as long as you can be the biggest victim you get the spot light.

  • @Pop1075 Earth is 4.54 billion years old. This isn’t a question of “is this a legitimate estimate?” it’s more of a “this is a universally accepted fact within the scientific community” sort of thing.:\

  • The most disobeying people to social distances and (Stay at Home) role are blacks; hanging out, chilling in groups with no masks, so this results don’t surprise me

  • @Pop1075 I did not say there is anything wrong with being black……You misunderstood me. I was replying to Leston4life who pointed out the Dr.’s color…which has nothing to do with his intellectual power. Pointing out someone’s race for either good or evil, and make it a reason for their failure or success is racism. And I was simply trying to promote the idea that you should be color blind, you should not even MENTION that he is black, for there is no reason to do so.

  • Elephants are one of the most Holy animals in Hinduism.I am not a Hindu but I am crying here seeing the pity condition of this injured Elephant.

  • Being a twin myself…I hate the whole “who’s the _ twin?” Like ‘more outgoing’ or ‘shy’ or my personal favorite, “who’s the evil twin?” Don’t ask twins to compare their personality or physical traits. It encourages a competitive spirit in us. Even now at 23, I struggle with being considered the “introverted twin with the rounder face” because in my mind I translate that to “the no-fun, fatter twin.”

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  • Proud of our KENYAN MEDICAL RANGERS thankyou Buchanan for documenting this.Its sad what people do to this majestic animal.Chinese demands for ivory is what is causing all this!

  • I’l have you guys know that I broke my leg in 06 and my surgeon was a very nice colored man. He did everything he could for me and made me feel a LOT better before my surgery (I was scared shitless of getting one since I’d never had one before). He was very good. Color doesn’t mean shit >(

  • Research. That is the word. Never give up!!! keep studying ANATOMY,, keep practicing, get insigh about the complete funtioning of our organism, our human body is a awesome machine, Jehovah has created it in a way can no be able to describe, so keep studying the bible, has been preserved for 4000 years, and ANATOMY. I feel soooooo happy for this little girl… Juan, your friend!!!!

  • Just listened to a reading of Dr. Ben Carson book I picked up from the liabrary to listen to while on my last trip. ( I drive truck long distance,) Think Big. I thought it was going to be something totally different as I have been picking up audio books to help me change my mindset from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking. This book was fantastic. I wish he could operate on my 15 year old who has epilepsy.

  • I guess if you’re gonna have a brain surgery in the states you might as well beat it with a brick or throw yourself off a cliff cause it means living on the streets for most normal people.

  • @saul25850 well you clearly dont have one… everything in the body that is tissue is a muscle. everything. Bone is the only element which is not muscle as it has no where near the amount of nerve endings its bone marrow, neither does it bend or stretch. The brain can swell when the skull is hit hard, fluid builds up in a reaction to protect its flesh, exactly what any muscle does on the body. unfortunately left untreated, this can cause death.

  • That is just sad. It’s good that this is being spoken openly. I hope for a better situation not only for African Americans but also for other ethnicities that are being targeted by racism there.

  • This is propaganda. This is not a real concern for any of the black moms I know including my own. Police are far from the issue in our communities. U guys are distracting from the real issues facing our communities

  • Why make a video only about black race. There are many different race that was or is in their position. What he stated, I know more white people with lung disease, diabetes and etc then a black person would. What he is saying should be for everyone. Let’s not make this a race game.
    Most people who have coronavirus is not black.

  • Why is it that a person who pays the salaries of cops have to be fearful of them. If they aren’t serving and protecting then what is the point of police in the first place?

  • this doctor made me at 40 years old want to apply myself to be a medical doctor,anyome who insults talent,and the willingness to sreve others can piss off and die.when you need him i hope h is not available,and treats them with the same prejudice.dr.carson will not do that and i hope at that point it changes your views.

  • I am as white as you said you are, I am black, I am hispanic, I am asian but the true is that I don’t care because before GOd i am as equal as you an anybody else are. I am human and I learn humility and get along with everybody. That’s what you must learn, I hope someday you understand it, kid!.. People like Dr. Ben are an inspiration to me, that’s why i choose this career.