Exactly Why Is My Anti Snoring Making Me So Tired Throughout the day


Sleep Apnea Warning Signs & Best Treatments ��

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Why Am I Always Tired? Could be Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Symptoms of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Tired? Not All Daytime Sleepiness is from Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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Sleep apnea leaves you tired, even after a full night’s sleep

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Mayo Clinic

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So how do you know if you have excessive daytime sleepiness related to sleep apnea? Excessive daytime sleepiness related to sleep apnea can go undiagnosed for years because people might not recognize their symptoms or are using things like caffeine to attempt to stay awake. “If you’re actually sleeping the majority of the night and feeling MORE tired than you did without the CPAP, chances are that you have developed complex sleep apnea,” explains Joseph Krainin, MD, board certified in sleep medicine and neurology and founder of the online sleep apnea clinic Singular Sleep. “Complex sleep apnea refers to a few different. Because you partially wake up when your breathing pauses, your sleep is interrupted, and you often feel tired and irritable the next day.

Sleep apnea is almost twice as common in men as it is in. Because apnea wakes you up repeatedly throughout the night, you never reach that restful state of sleep that you need to restore your energy levels. As a result, you can wake up more fatigued than when you went to bed, and then suffer drowsiness and. If you’re still tired after using the CPAP machine, then you most certainly have CPAP resistant syndromeor True Residual Sleepiness. The science explains that there is a residual sleepinessin some patients with sleep apnea, which takes time to disappear (1).

You can help the residual sleepiness to diminish, by following the tips from this article. Sleep apnea leaves you tired, even after a full night’s sleep. People who have sleep apnea can wake up 15 to 25 times an hour during sleep – without knowing it. The condition causes them to awaken for only a few seconds, but leaves the sufferer feeling exhausted, even after a full night’s rest. “Sleep apnea is a problem with the upper airway, the part of the airway that runs from the voice.

Though difficulty breathing during the day is possible, the most severe symptoms of Central Sleep Apnea happen during the night, as the autonomic nervous system operates differently during wakefulness than during sleep. Patients with Central Sleep Apnea may experience daytime sleepiness and headaches as a result of their interrupted sleep cycles. The cause of UARS is undersized airways that are easily compensated for during the day, but prone to obstructions when relaxed during sleep.

The signs include mouth breathing, an inability to sleep. However, napping too much during the day can make it more difficult to get to sleep at night. If you oversleep by a few hours in the afternoon, your body may not be fully ready to sleep again by.

When left untreated, sleep apnea often causes excessive daytime sleepiness or fatigue, as well as morning headaches and memory loss. Sleep apnea also is a threat to your safety, as it increases your risk of drowsy driving and workplace accidents. Untreated sleep apnea raises your risk for serious health problems.

List of related literature:

Sleep apnea is usually caused by an obstruction of your airway passages during sleep, which causes you to wake up in the middle of the night or feel very tired in the mornings.

“Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind: Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, Liver Detox, Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Disease & Trauma. Mindfulness, Holistic Therapies, Diet, Nutrition & Food” by Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND
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Sleep apnea is a dangerous health problem that causes you to stop breathing for short periods of time while you sleep, usually because your airway is obstructed for such reasons as the shape of your tongue, a deviated septum in your nose, or enlarged tonsils.

“The Migraine Brain: Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health” by Carolyn Bernstein, Elaine McArdle
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Sleep apnea—best diagnosed with a sleep study—refers to the condition in which a person’s brain and body fail to get sufficient oxygen at night during sleep due to either obstructed airways or central brain mechanisms; as a result, the individual feels exhausted during the day.

“Conquering Lyme Disease: Science Bridges the Great Divide” by Brian A. Fallon, Jennifer Sotsky
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The hallmark of obstructive sleep apnea is being tired because you’re not getting good oxygenation at night.

“Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions About Stroke Recovery” by Mike Dow, Dr., David Dow, Megan Sutton, CCC-SLP
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Consider the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea in persons who are overweight, snore loudly, and complain of morning headaches and daytime sleepiness.

“Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review” by Amit K. Ghosh
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In addition to the symptoms that can accompany any sleep disorder, people with sleep apnea can have overworked hearts because the heart tries to pump blood harder when it senses low oxygen levels at night.

“The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide” by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
from The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide
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Sleep apnea is most often caused by narrowing of the airway by an excess accumulation of fatty tissue, causing obstructive sleep apnea.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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You may have sleep apnea, which can be easily treated and which will allow you to get your life—and energy—back!

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
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What are common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea?

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Your partner may have sleep apnea, a sinus infection, or some other medical problem.

“Fibromyalgia For Dummies” by Roland Staud, Christine Adamec
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  • Gravity is the main reason when your tongue relaxes on your throat. Your head must stay sideways while your mouth is pointed towards the bed side. Something you have to get used to this position, even though you will experience a change in movement simply because continuous blood flow throughout your body /*\

  • Right when it said “it was due to your tongue and throat relaxed” I’m like yay!! It’s not because of me being obese and than it said it could also be because your obese I’m like ������

  • I don’t really believe in oversleeping. Yes, some people sleep a lot, more than average, yet they’re still tired. But that’s because they’re ill in some way, which is also why they oversleep, it’s the body trying to heal itself. Sleeping more might not be enough to heal, so they’re stuck being both ill and sleeping a lot, and wrongly conclude that sleeping a lot is bad.

  • i just learned i have OSA, now im waiting to do the sleep study so i can get the CPAP. is so hard to get through the day when all i feel is exhaustion and cant focus.

  • Haha that’s funny as you said that I legit flicked my eyes to the left of the screen and I noticed the whey powder, fuck, I had some today gonna see if I have a brain fog tomorrow, I have been getting but idk man we will see

  • Hi Dr Sam. Can you please do a video on Gout.. i suffer from it, in fact it’s inflamed right now. I know about alluprunol, but don’t want to take it as it alters liver function. Is there a cure?

  • Thank You once again for taking the time to make these helpful videos Dr. Sam Bailey, I get Sleep Apnea only when I am lying on my back lol, not sure why this is the case, but I have in the past woke myself up when lying on my bed watching TV and I have a snooze.

    When I wake up I initially struggle to get my breath and have a mild/minor pain in my lungs area, I am not aware of me having Sleep Apnea when I sleep on my side, but I do suffer from some of the ailments and side effects that you mentioned.

    I do have dry mouth and am always thirsty throughout the day, but I assume that is due to me being Diabetic, I also have Erectile Dysfunction, but again I have always assumed that being Diabetic and having Hypertension when the main/only causes of my Impotence?

  • I love your videos doctor Sam. You are a true doctor, a healer in the manner of the father of medicine, Hippocrates who is one of my heroes! keep up your great work xx

  • I heard that the risk of sleep apnea is increased with the diameter of your neck; if your neck diameter exceeds 42cm you’re likely to develop sleep apnea. This is in direct correlation with obesity

  • Kudos for the video content! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you researched Franaar Magic Dream Formula (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one of a kind guide for eradicating sleep apnea and snoring without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate after a lifetime of fighting got cool success with it.

  • Nice Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried Parlandealey Active Life Process (should be on google have a look)? It is a great one off guide for learning how to stop feeling tired without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my old buddy Taylor finally got amazing results with it.

  • I’m going through exactly the same right now. I feel constantly drained and every morning I’m waking up in empty. I’m going to cut dairy completely out and give it a couple of weeks.

  • I have sleep apnea, severe gluten intolerance/ allergy and lactose ( dairy ) intolerance. I also have mild sleep apnea. Mild shallow breathing. Also i ate protein bars and they have whey protein in them!!!!

  • I’m using my sleep machine and when I wake up I feel like I had a fast party on a treadmill with barbiturates and angry hookers who screamed at me all night long! What is going on!?!!?!! ��

  • All foods have histamines, some types more than others. Your body increases attack forces against it thus expending vital resources in response.
    Central apnea isn’t always improved by cpap. My cpap almost killed me. Every hour I stop breathing over -300times!! I wish cpap worked for me!!

  • I am always so tired, actually in the lowest point of my life. I eat very healthy, exercise a lot. I do have long days and it’s very stressy. But my day is no more different than other students in my class who feel totally normal, but I just still feel so tired. I can’t concentrate, forget things sooo quickly, can’t focus at all for studying. Sometimes I feel like I am going to faint or vomit as a result of extreme fatigue. I am very anxious. I might lay down early and wake up at the right time and I still just feel overwhelmingly tired. My stomach is so bloated, I always feel so dirty but take a bath regularly. I treat myself with essential oils. Get abdominal massage. Drink plenty of water, try to lay down early and wake up early but never get it right. I do breathing exercises, listen to music. I have enough social contact and go outside. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am always soo tired and have never felt so trapped and confused. Please help me!

  • I have been to so many doctors and they said sleep apnea but machine didn’t work I feel like dying it is so bad I can barely keep my eyes open can’t remember anything can’t wake up in the morning it feels like I’m on drugs. If anyone has any ideas please comment

  • I’ve been to the doctors several times about the fact that my sinuses are always completely blocked. Out of all the possible solutions he suggested, he never once mentioned food. Out of nowhere i developed a rash on my cheeks and was told by a dermatologist that it was an incurable skin condition called rosacea. I was always exhausted through poor quality sleep. I noted that my rosacea appeared after changing my diet to what I thought was a super healthy one. So I started to play around with food. It took a while but when I stopped eating vegetables and dairy I could breathe through my nose, my skin cleared up and I could sleep. I’m never listening to a doctor or dermatologist again. Great video.

  • DUDE!!!!! Ive been contemplating doing an elimination diet but for some reason you inspired me to actually do it. Ive battles brain fog and fatigue for 10 years with doctors telling me it was depression. So anyways I’ve been on it for 3 days and I feel amazing!!!! Like a veil has been removed from me. LOVE YOU!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • I kept turning up the volume and turned the bass off for this video. I’ve had sleep apnea for a very long time and been on CPAP for about 11 years. Even with CPAP, I struggle to get refreshing sleep.

  • Maybe a bad reaction from Sucralose, the common artificial sweetener used. I get brainfog from sucralose myself. BCAA, drinks, powders etc. Went natural, no issues yet. ��

  • Yo, Max. When you said you was having issues with a milk allergy, was it effecting your nose? I am getting this brain-fog, and I have been having it for around 5 years now. My nose is constantly blocked on one side, and every time I wake up it feels I’ve been hit in the head by a shovel. I do come around in a few hour, but the brain fog remains. Symptoms get a little better a few hours after I wake, but it still feels like I am opperating on 50% performance. Please reply! and thank you:)

  • I found this because I just realised my problem is dairy and was searching to see if anyone else had the same thing. I can wake up in the morning and have a cappuccino at breakfast then by around 10:30 be back in bed sleeping until lunchtime (I work for myself from home). If I have the same coffee without milk, no problem. Any time of day I have milk, I can be asleep shortly after. I’m about to go totally dairy free. Hoping my sleep will also improve as like you I wake up feeling tired and foggy.

  • an impaired explanation of the problem/solution but glad it worked for you this way. The gist of this video in one word: Whey Protein is Bad!

  • Get rid of the supplement garbage protein shakes and caffeine, yes, caffeine! Walk for a minimum of 30 mins each day stay away from MSG.

  • Very inspirational, I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through you’re whole life with brain fog. I developed chronic rhinitis after coming back from an extended period in a foreign country, it sucked, I hated it, I woke up every day with the symptoms you’ve suffered with you’re whole life. I’m a very intellectual person, and I love to learn about different things all the time, but this requires me to be well-rested, so I really can’t express how much I don’t like having this condition… fortunately it’s not a huge deal and just requires a simple one-time operation that I’m going to have in a couple of months. Once again, I’m glad to hear you got through it, I will definitely try completely eliminating dairy just to see if it helps a little.

  • Thank you dude for that valuable tip! I’ve been feeling brain foggy lately until I watched your video and realized that I was taking too much daily. I haven’t taken any daily for the last 2 days and I feel great! No longer feel sleepy, tiredom has greatly reduced…now I need to test eggs and see results but so far what you said about food being a major contributing factor makes a ton of sense. Thanks!

  • Did half of you not listen? He eliminated dairy and that didn’t fix the problem. He discovered dairy is in whey protein. Holy cow people

  • Make sure there is no mold in your house, stop drinking milk, stop jerking off/transmute sexual energy, meditate daily, exercise weekly, and do wim hof breathing exercises/cold showers!

  • I understand eliminating protein powders….but how would one get the required amounts of protein without protein shakes…the other alternative is stuffing yourself with more food.And a lot of protein based foods are also dairy based.��‍♂️

  • I have used a CPAP mask for several years. Are there any dangers of using one for so long? Can it effect your normal breathing patterns? Great videos, just joined. Very informative. I like your accent better than my Boston one:) Jeff/Boston MA

  • Like all the rest of your programmes, that was terrific. Just one thing worries me, though; I was brought up to spell it ‘apnoea’ am I out of date? Not that I’ll lose sleep over it!

  • I feel like you were describing my life for years. Problem is that I have given up all these things but maybe not all at the same time, and if I did give them up all at the same time, I had bad detox and felt worse and stopped after just a few days. I live with fatigue, constipation (TMI), and significant brain fog. Hearing that you broke free from it is inspiring.

  • I got notified yesterday then last night realized I’ve been putting this issue in the back of my head as I had my nasal passages close up for several seconds and so I realized I shook my head at the fact that you luckily for me uploaded a sleep apnea video too..is the universe awesome/timely or what!! ☺

  • omfg i HAVE SEVERE sinus problems, ive tried elimination diets going gluten and dairy free however still had whey protein i also have mild sleep apnea! chronic post nasal drip etc congestion severe! I had a DNA test done a while ago and it say Gene LCT which is a gene for Lactose intolerance that i have type CC which means my body produces 0 lactase! which is the enzyme that digests lactose! Going to eliminate whey and 100% of dairy products and see what happens, we should chat somehow how and discuss symptoms similar sense we both have sleep apnea proabably caused my lactose allergy!

  • I have enlarged turbinates (nasal congestion which is caused by inflamed nasal lining) and have had horrible fatigue the last 16 months but have a risky operation by the sounds of it in 9 days time. I will try cutting dairy as I too had protein shakes but stopped but also still drink milk

  • Doctor Sam when you have time could you possibly do a video on G6PD, and the taking of Eliquis 5mg tab for blood clots. Thanks, your the best

  • My recepie:
    Morning: Vitamin C 1g, Niacin 750mg,
    30min later: Fish oil, Lecithin
    Day: Niacinamide 500mg
    Before bed: Lutein
    Diet: no sugar, no bread, minimum bad carbs

  • Basically the whey protein powder caused him to have is nasal airway clogged, because of the allergic reaction he had from it. Once his nose was unblocked he could breath properly when he sleeps and his sleep apnea went away, which made his brain fog go away

  • Nothing is really proved here, just says it was whey protein. You said you dropped a ton of things did you not loose weight in the process?

    Now a load of people are going to try alload of baseless options when the only thing that’s actually proven is weight loss, CPAP and surgery.

  • Love your passion thanks for sharing. I don’t take whey protein but this gives me the extra motivation to look closer at what I ingest.

  • I don’t think I have this but when I try to get sleep at night my lungs stop automatically breathing by themselves and I need to do it which then effects my sleep because I’m focused on my breathing and so how I try to fix this is to think about something else or watch YouTube but can someone please tell me what I have because I have no idea what I have and I’m afraid to tell anyone, if someone told me it would make a huge change to my life

  • Very true. I have had trouble with my thyroid as well. I have bouts where I seem to need CPAP and I will go long times where I don’t. I have had months where my machine has only had to help once or twice a night if that. Without it I wake up and I am not tired at all. So I often wonder why my bouts with apnea are so hit and miss. There was a time when there was a lot to see in sleepy head the next day, but as of the last year or so absolutely nothing comes up. Why is that? I have been trying to figure out how this can be.

  • Go on an elimination diet and get tested for sleep apnea. I’m 52, a runner and eat healthy. I had severe brain fog. Eliminating dairy and coffee (not caffeine, just coffee itself) has made me 70% better. I’ve been dealing with this for 4 years! I was also just diagnosed w/sleep apnea-I am not the person you think would have sleep apnea! It takes work but you have to do the elimination diet and figure out what’s affecting you. I get my CPAP this week and look forward to feeling even better! Do the work, it will make a huge difference in how you feel and you will be much more in tune with your body��

  • Great info Doc. I used a CPAP for years with a mask and then cannula style. I have no problems with either one, my issue was condensing moisture drowning me. So my buddy suggested putting the machine on the floor. That worked for a while until the temp starting dropping at night. Then I insulated the hose with fleece and keep the hose under the blanket….nope nothing worked. It did have a humidifier. I no longer use it….seems to be ok for me.

  • The only way I have combatted this: stop using computer after work. Go to sleep early early, like 8:00 so I get as much sleep as possible. Like 10 hours at least.

  • I was in hospital and the fellow across from me had c pap machine and it kept me awake all night, can’t imagine how bad it would be if I was wearing the darn thing, thank god I don’t have Sleep Apnea

  • 31 years? ��
    You look less than 25! ������
    I have your problema but do not take protein, it’s probably the food then. But good food os expensive in my country and you don’t earn enough to aford good food!

  • Yup this has been my problem for a while. Always one of my nostrils are clogged when I sleep, no exceptions. I’ve tried propping my head up, humidifier none of dat shit work. Now I’m on an elimination diet eating basically only meat and eggs.