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Why I STOPPED Chasing Girls…

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How to Run Like a Girl

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Always #LikeAGirl

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Running like a girl is an everyday experience. Running like a girl happens on the road and off. Running like a girl invites us to engage with the world. Running like a girl means challenging our bodies and minds to be stronger and happier, and accessing our ageless girl-spirit, where the clean-slate optimism of “let’s go” meets the seasoned wisdom of “I can.”.

The campaign finds Greenfield on set and asking men, women, and boys to act out running, fighting, and hitting “like a girl.” The caricatured responses reinforce a stereotype that says girls are weaker and less determined than boys are. When Greenfield prompts young girls to demonstrate the same actions, reactions are breathtaking. Don’t let others decide that for you. Redefine “like a girl.” So what does it really mean to run like a girl? “It means run as fast as you can.”.

At the end of the P&G Always commercial, the last little girl was asked to describe what it means to run like a girl. Her answer? “To run as fast as you can.” When I hear “like a girl” I want to see a picture of a woman who is running the best she can, the hardest she can, using every ounce of her being, keeping her eye on the prize and her heart focused on finishing the race well. Let’s all run.

The #LikeAGirl social experiment recruited real women, men, boys and pre-pubescent girls and asked them to show what it physically meant to run like a girl, throw like a girl and do other similar actions. The results were incredible. What does “running like a girl” mean at Runner’s World?

Here are some links that should answer that question. “Running like a girl” means running strong, running with power, running fast. Women tend to be more flexible than men, which can be both a good and a bad thing for a runner. The extra flexibility is a result of a woman’s body structure and function — our hips. “Really the goal is to turn the phrase ‘like a girl’ from being an insult to being a real compliment and a boost to self-confidence.

We’re hoping we can really start a. Waving hands and flipping hair, the participants pretend to run “like a girl” and throw “like a girl.” Everyone—except, notably, the young girls—demonstrate that “just like a. And we really mean all of them.

No offense, but we highly doubt that everything you say is worth a laugh. That’s why our research indicates if a girl is constantly cracking up at even your worst jokes, she’s probably crushin’ on you pretty darn hard. Girls don’t usually waste time laughing at just anything.

List of related literature:

Many people believe that because running is something natural that everyone starts doing in childhood, the way you run must be a matter of personal style or preference.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Our hypothesis, to conclude, runs as follows: in girls, the process of individual socialization is synonymous with the sexualization of the body and its parts.

“Female Sexualization: A Collective Work of Memory” by Frigga Haug, Erica Carter
from Female Sexualization: A Collective Work of Memory
by Frigga Haug, Erica Carter
Verso, 1999

to provide frequent opportunities, supportive encouragement, and fun reasons for running.

“Developmental Physical Education for All Children” by David L. Gallahue, Frances Cleland Donnelly
from Developmental Physical Education for All Children
by David L. Gallahue, Frances Cleland Donnelly
Human Kinetics, 2007

These runners were ashamed that I, as “just a girl,” could beat them, and therefore they strove harder (actually, some of them quit) to reclaim their manliness and valor—defined as superiority to women.

“Third Wave Agenda: Being Feminist, Doing Feminism” by Leslie Heywood, Jennifer Drake
from Third Wave Agenda: Being Feminist, Doing Feminism
by Leslie Heywood, Jennifer Drake
University of Minnesota Press, 1997

We don’t want to run in front of anyone; if we were good at sports, then we wouldn’t be running, would we?

“The Incomplete Book of Running” by Peter Sagal
from The Incomplete Book of Running
by Peter Sagal
Simon & Schuster, 2019

It is good for my mental development to be defeated by female runners: it teaches me to control my anger and it shows me something about the relation between the sexes.

“Ethics in Sport” by William John Morgan
from Ethics in Sport
by William John Morgan
Human Kinetics, 2007

(I use the word “running” loosely, which is pretty much the way I run.)

“Veeck As In Wreck: The Autobiography of Bill Veeck” by Bill Veeck, Ed Linn
from Veeck As In Wreck: The Autobiography of Bill Veeck
by Bill Veeck, Ed Linn
University of Chicago Press, 2012

Running is the reason I’m on this team—that and my fondness for inflicting and suffering pain and violence.

“All Good Children” by Catherine Austen
from All Good Children
by Catherine Austen
Orca Book Publishers, 2011

We want to become something else, and so we never stop running.

“You are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment” by Thich Nhat Hanh, Sherab Chodzin Kohn, Melvin McLeod
from You are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment
by Thich Nhat Hanh, Sherab Chodzin Kohn, Melvin McLeod
Shambhala, 2009

(I don’t run if I sense that I can’t do so with my normal gait—running in that compromised state will both exacerbate the current issue and set me up for compensatory problems elsewhere.)

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • a nice video ruined by triggered guys in the comments because everything just has to be about them�� they’re the reason videos like these are made; because they insult everything girls do. just leave us alone lmao

  • rubbish.
    we chase girls for pussy, not for making ourselves look good, that’s dumb.

    does a stallion chase a mare to make himself look good? of course not! HORMONES

  • Thanks for this I’m 17 years old and Ive been a simp chasing girls. now Im gonna stick my one goal which has been beside me my whole life and that is the military. That is the only thing that will never leave me.

  • The phrase “Like a girl” shouldn’t be used in a degrading manner. Being a girl, a female, I am sometimes very much confused, afraid, that if I do a thing a particular way, I will be labelled as, either weak, or a tomboy, but I am none of them. I am not a tomboy, and I am not weak. I am still struggling between this “girly” way and “manly” way to find my way. Hopefully, I’ll find it someday.
    Hopefully, I won’t try to portray myself as someone who I am not. Hopefully, my physical strength, mental efficiency, my way to do things, one day won’t be judged by my gender. Hopefully, one day people won’t portray girls as weak.

  • I don’t have to continue watching your video.. I just want to answer you..

    Why u stop chasing girls?

    Because u like chasing man now.. �������� haha gay af

  • If anyone ever tells you……”HA, you kick “like a girl” you just reply…..”Yeah I kick like a girl and I’m proud of it” Sheyla Sepulveda

  • This is such a beautiful video. I love how one of the girls said and I quote……”Yes I kick like a girl, and I swim like a girl, and I walk like a girl, and I wake up in the morning like a girl because I am a girl and that is something that I should not be ashamed of” I love that quote because it shows that there is no difference between any genders because yes boys kick like boys because they ARE boys and girls kick like girls because they ARE girls the only difference between boys and girls are their HOBBIES nothing else.

  • A man did stop his car once while I was walking my dog and said “Honey, you are so pretty!” It as so weird, I just said thank you. Then he said “You’re probably too young for me, though.” And I was just thinking “Then what are you doing?!” So awkward!

  • The video is completely missing the point. Nobody insults a girl saying she runs like a girl. The insult is meant to demasculine (?) men.
    If you’re not tough enough (like society thinks men have to be), then you’re soft – like a girl. THAT is the origin of the insult.

  • Its only insulting t guys because girls are feminine and it insults their masculinity. If you say to a girl that she looks like a guy, she would get offended because that’s thebopposite of feminine.

  • This is great ad. In the other hand, P&G destroyed 30% of their market share with that stupid Gillette ad. It’s so much different.

  • There are plenty of women athletes.
    Unfortunately most women are becoming obese.
    Sad that Always do nothing to combat the obesity crisis in young girls.

  • I’m noticing a strange lack of negative comments from people who have issues with anything remotely related to feminism.
    This is very odd.

  • Focus on your purpose guys till you find a good woman marry her. stay away from sex out of wedlock (diseases)
    Or end up having babies out of wedlock.

  • “You run like a girl”
    “I know because I am one”
    “I know, that’s what I meant, you are a girl and you’re running”
    “dang bro that’s deep”

  • This song and “Clover Cage On My Mind” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better

  • Girls like guys who are independent and confident about themselves. I was always independent. girls ask me random stuff about checking out their legs, or if something’s stuck on their butt, and of course I’d compliment them but just continue minding my own business. I talk to girls easily. had a couple older classman girls ask me out to be their dates for school events, and etc. Guys, just be yourself. You don’t need the affections of others or approval of others. How I gain confidence is being myself. I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old, I used to play outside with the kids around the neighborhood and a cute Armenian girl would come over to the house asking for me and my relatives would tease me that I have a girlfriend �� just be yourself, don’t pretend to be something you’re not, and the girl will love you and appreciate you for who you are, not what you are ����

  • Starting no fap on 12th may during lockdown. Every like would be counted as one day in my no fap journey. I need your prayers and wish me luck!!!
    ” Nothing is impossible because the word itself says I am possible

  • Whenever I hear something like “women should be able to walk down a street naked and have no one bother them men should be able to control themselves” statements (not relevant to what Cristin said) but everyone knows we don’t live in a perfect world and we have rapists and serial killers in every city so why do feminists say what we “should have” rather than what is actually the case? We will never live in a place where everyone is safe and can wear what they want without risk of something happening so why can’t feminists accept that?

  • No actually I would have asked why your boyfriend was out running after dark, or why he was running in the neighborhood he was in.  Stupidity knows no gender.

  • I won many madal from my beginning of life and I am proud of myself because I am girl……… according to me who are not able respect to girl they are not a �� human being…even they are a idiots of own life…

  • Thank you always for being here because I get bullied for being a girl I get teased because I’m a girl and it happens to my friends to but I just can’t deal with it even tho the boys know I’m better then them I always win in a game boys vs girls and I have pinned them down ( don’t judge me I have a low tolerance) and even tho they know I’m better then them they still tease me. My friends are close to committing suicide because they get bullied, and thanks to Always for giving me the confidence to stand up to the boys and to encourage my friends to love themselves for being a girl I still get bullied but the boys that REALLY picked on me and were true bums lets just say they have a crush on me now �� Thank you Always for always being here for me

  • So true, last week i met a hot-hot girl. Invited her to a date, she looked excited about it, called her the night before the date and she said, lets meet a day after tomorrow. Told her no, then went on to do my own thing. She tried to play games on me.. Anyways, i was aware that my real purpose would have been to show off with this girl. Like look at me, ive been working hard, and now i get the finest girls. Wasnt that interested about her to be honest.

  • Toxic Sexiest Feminine Supremacists….
    Why do you hate men (not all men are like that btw) & why must you use offensive hate speech towards men???

  • Holy shit I did not expect this. I actually thought this would be a topical video about running, with maybe some facts or references on how women run differently from men. Instead we get a full on opinion agenda video with a few quotes. Not that I disagree, this was a very neutral piece and I do think the biggest issue is that women aren’t proud of being women enough anymore. I just did not expect this.

  • Skills only depends on passion, hardwork, dedication and consistency. It does not depends on anyone’s gender.
    Dont do it like a girl or a boy do it like a human as best as you can.

  • I used to chase girls too, now I’ve got a restraining order… I thought they liked the chase and being swept off their feet! How wrong I was.

  • This song and “Clover Cage On My Mind” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together….

  • See look,
    Don’t mind me but what I think is that girls are getting more attention than boys in this time

    edit: atleast where i live, India in like school and stuff

  • I know someone who is a very good runner, she places in the top 5 in her age class consistently in marathons. Having 2 daughters myself, who are not the age for running marathons, however, I would hate to see their toils through the ‘what is now’ perception of a female athlete, should they take that route. I think it might be cool to have a running shirt that just says “Like a Girl” as an exclamation of self confidence and pride. 

  • I noticed how women have to think differently while running or jogging, especially at night. Men don’t have to the the same precautions.

  • “When I set foot on a public sidewalk there is a very good chance that I am going to get honked at and yelled out….”
    Seriously…. this happens to everyone who runs, cycles, walks on the sidewalk. This doesn’t just happen to women. Why make it out like it is?

  • Wow, this was an interesting video. The reason the phrase “running like a girl” exists in the first place is because there is a typical running style that’s almost exclusive to girls. If there was a noticeably strange way almost only boys run, it would be called running like a boy. Also, the theory you’ve heard about women being better at very long distance running is interesting. Have you looked into different times people from the different genders have completed very long distance running?

  • I think you should be clearer that any inherent danger to a woman running alone at night doesn’t come from men in general, but from violent sociopaths who happen to be men. That’s a really important distinction. Seeing an attractive woman jogging alone in a secluded area does not automatically turn anyone with a penis into a sexual predator.

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  • i don’t know if you’ve done a video on this or not but i’ve always been curious. How do women make milk? where does it come from, why do we need boobs to make it, why can’t we just have nipples and not the whole boob package, can we only lactate after giving birth?

  • Any time women come around me and break through the shields I setup I end up wasting so much time thinking which takes away from the world I’m manifesting

  • Great job
    One of the best youtube videos ever
    People’s lives especially fellows lives will not improve unless they accept girls as our equals with real thoughts and real feelings

  • And when someone’s rude enough to tell me a woman’s place is in the kitchen, i just tell them to get their ass the f*ck out of my kitchen, right now..

  • I never got the saying “run like a girl”. Grade school boys use to say “you run like a girl”. I use to think that was the stupidest insult and tell them no shit I am a girl.  -_I guess its a thing lol

  • Did you know that men and women are about 98% identical genetically? Why they consider us any different at all is a mystery to me. Really the only significant differences proven have been related to reproduction. If you take a look at the graphs of studies that have to do with gender differences, you’ll notice that there is only a slight offset in the experiments that have proven there to be a difference due to gender. This means that there is really no difference at all, until you get to the end of the bell curve where all of the “extremists” are anyway, and there will be a larger percentage of “extremists” in one gender or the other, due to the offset. Basically, people are diverse and complex, and grouping people by their gender instead of abilities only makes you look dumb.

  • As a female everyone should remember that males are biologically more fit than women. Their bodies are able to build muscle and burn fat faster. 

  • Very empowering, and I appreciate the serious tone on this video, which is more suited than the typical wackiness (though I enjoy that as well!).

    I believe that female empowerment and respect is great for both genders because feminine males have it just about as bad as females, I’ve noticed.

  • I have a question: Is it more common for girls to have their first period on or very close to their birthday?

    My first period happened the day before my birthday and I thought I was so unlucky. However, after talking to my friends, I learned that my birthday period wasn’t as uncommon as I assumed it was.

    I already know that girls can and many girls do have their first periods nowhere near their birthdays, but I’m having trouble finding any more information than that.

  • This ad just gave me a slap on the face… kind of waken me up to see how LUCKY I am to be a GIRL.:-)  great vid of all time!  This gives more confidence to FEMALE.  The counterpart of MALE.  Thumbs up!  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Or hearing boys telling other boy they run like a girl. As if there is something wrong with running (or doing any activity) like a girl.

  • Such a good video! I especially liked the last bit at the end, that symbolically, we’ve been running this whole time. Great job Cristen! I now need a shirt that says “I run like a girl.” Also, have you seen that always commercial, where they bring in a sample of women, girls and boys and ask them to run like a girl? Its similar to what you discussed today.

  • Great song. Time flies by in the Yellow & Green. Theirs a mountain top that I’m dreaming of….Don’t look back…. Love this song <3

  • Comercial maravilhosamente ilustrativo e semântico. Ouvia isso quando era criança e não entendia o porquê usavam tal frase como ofensa. Quando cresci, descobri os nomes para isso: machismo, sexismo e ignorância pura. Eu era uma criança e achava anormal essa construção social tóxica e ofensiva, agora, sendo adulta, não aceito me dizerem isso e, um dia, quando tiver um filho ou uma filha, vou ensiná-los como não ofender ou se deixar ser ofendido por esse tipo de frase que só saí de pessoas emocional e psicologicamente limitadas. Parabéns Always, ótimo comercial.

  • In my mind run like a girl means slow, look at sports world records in what sports do females beat males?? seriously I am not aware of that sport if you have information on that please share it.
     Sure walking in a street and getting cat calls, is not the best experience but the reason is this, the reason is that females in that situation are weaker than males do you think a male would insult a Olympic weightlifting champion female?? no because he would get his teeth broken. Please remember this weak(I am not only talking about physical strength) males get bullied as well a lot

  • I’ve come to find out that the guys who tell us to focus on ourselves are the ones who have no problem getting women. I wonder if they would say the same thing if they were one of those guys who women dont want. Cause when we cut down to the truth, every heterosexual guy wants attention from women. And when you dont get female attention, you cant help but feel undesirable or that something is wrong with you. People just love speaking from a standpoint of never being in an unfavorable position and think that just cause they can do it, so can anyone else. Lacking the introspective that the reason why women show those particular men attention is because they’re good looking.

  • The creepiest thing happened to me once. I was walking late from school it was winter, so if anyone cares; my thick jacket made me look like a human marshmallow and this man was following me so I began to freak out because I didn’t have a phone at that age and the street was deserted.

    Then this other random guy walked out of an apartment building and I asked him if we could pretend to know each other. The guy said ‘ok’, but by the time he did the stalked was sprinting in the other direction.:S

  • I’ve never focused on women all my life. Sure, I had a crush here and there, but they died out quickly. I just focused on my athletics and improving my physical and mental strength all throughout high school. I knew teammates that had girlfriends that weren’t on the varsity team. After being a 3 year varsity team for both football and wrestling, I knew I made the right choice by not having a girlfriend. Now, girls want to talk to me about life and asking my advice.

  • You mention ways to take precautions and stay safe for women running in dangerous locations.. which is smart as a precaution for anyone running at night (just more so women it seems, statistically), but when someone says that about rape, that women should try to take some precautions to protect themselves, they get shittt for it.. I don’t know if Cristen is against arming women with how to take precautions or not.. probably not.. I feel like it would get crammed into the “blaming the victim” card, but no I also think it’s still the rapists fault.. they’re the one who did the raping obviously lol, but is is smart to take precautions. That includes men.

  • @FarFromAverage Wassup I like your videos and I really like your content but I’m 18 years old and I’m really confused.I don’t know weather I should try to get good with girls or not because I’m not use to getting them I’m not that all the way confident in approaching them but on one hand some is telling me to stop chasing them and then on another hand I’m thinking to myself that if I stop chasing women then I will never get good so I become stagnant and confused and I don’t know how to handle it.

  • Back in day I was a hard core runner I was taking part in a 5 K charity fun run. I was surprised to see a higher than normal contingent of women runners. I asked a female bud “why”? She said most were there to run with 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Joan Benoit Samuelson & they wanted to beat her. I asked if my friend had seen Ms. Benoit & she pointed out a group nearby. I asked which one was Samuelson. She gestured “that one”. Still clueless I asked “next to the chubby one?” I got a head smack & was told that was Joan. & that she was 5 months pregnant. I might note pregnant or not Ms. Benoit still outpaced me! Run like a girl indeed!!!        As to the other points you made…sigh…sad comment on US culture!

  • I’m not sure what this video was trying to say? So what if you run like a girl, most of the pressures and sterotypes are perpetuated by women. Who do you think tells girls that they should not out run the boys if they can? Other girls! they just frame it as “helpful advice” to help them from being social outcasts. It’s a shame that I only have a limited amount of space to comment because I could talk about this for hours. All I’m saying that you can’t blame men for everything. I’m just sayin’

  • Chasing women had made to forget to solve my past problems which occur everyday in my future life. When we are with a beautiful women during our life journey, it actually feels good. But in most of our life when a problem jumps infront of us. It’s we who are alone during our journey. At that moment its our inner skill and hobby that accompany us always when we are driving towards our goals.

  • NO…the terms is “throw like a girl” And this was pointed out in The Adventiures of Huckelberry Finn when he tries to pass himself off as a girl. Actually due to women’s wider pelvises they can never have as straight a leg as a man which is why there is no such thing as a competition race including both sexes. BUT, it still doesn’t explain why GOLF is still sexually separated = you’re playing against the course, not each other.

  • I practice aikido, and I throw like a girl.  Just ask the guy I threw to the ground!  In grade school my best sport was track.  I will always run like a girl, and with the same pride that I have when I throw!

  • I haven’t even watched the video but i can already say its an immediate put down��. Being someone who has been told they run like a girl, i know its just nice. U have to think about what your implying, you are in fact implying i am less than you i cannot do as good as you i therefore cannot be as good as you. Watch your words people

  • Hi Cristen. I have just been wondering this: Why do girls (of all ages) usually have diaries or journals at one point or the other, but boys do not? Is it just the whole ‘manly men don’t keep diaries’ thing, or is it something more?

  • i dont really feel that i learned any thing one this video, however, the precautions for women going running should be extended to most situations and people.

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  • Age 9 #girl #gymnast has #incredible #strength lifts 425 lbs, Google name to see pic. Barbara Akulova   #muscle                                                                              #likeagirl

  • Life will teach you. Man. I wish I could tell you this in person but the time I stopped chasing girls was EXACTLY the moment they began flocking towards me. Its like this reverse law that when you don’t focus on something or care too much about ir, it just fucking comes too you. But when you try REALLY REALLY hard to MAKE it happen. Guess what? It fucking shatters to shit. Honestly, you may just say I’m “bad” with girls (which maybe I was) but now that I don’t give a FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girls WANT to talk to me. You need to be in that position where you literally don’t give a fuck, and also, try to be aware of her and what she might be going through. This elevates your fucking respect too a WHOLE other level because this way you are preparing and ANTICIPATING her needs in the moment. Because chances are, she may not want to be approached. But regardless, pay attention the sutble cues. Women are ALWAYS communicating and most of the time. It’s subconscious. So in short. Medititate. Be aware. And don’t try so hard. (Be NATURAL) and you WILL be attractive. ��✌❤

  • Men and women are not same. They should be treated equally but there are both biological and physical differences between men and women.

  • Seriously? Why the heck are people like “unsubbing ngehngehngeh,” ok then…on simple video you disagreed with…3-4 minutes gone but those minutes were saying to stop labeling… To bad. Its just one video. If you’re a feminist… You think genders are equal not one is better. So I say good bye to you unsubers(if that’s a word…) So long humans

  • Well, If you find phrase “run like a girl” insulting, first of all stop creating a girl-only disciplines. Compete with Usain Bolt, not some “running girls”:/

  • Like Tia. Like Thuri & Alethea. Like Annie T. and Annie S. Like Sam, Sara, Katrin. Like Carli, Alex, Megan, Tobin, Julie. Like Pema. Like Mom, Judy and Maureen. These women are not just highly actualized human beings. They are great and inspiring leaders.

  • What if we changed the saying “run like a girl” to “run as a girl’? That’s what I identify as and because of the negative connotations to “like a girl”, make it more definitive. I’m running as girl because that who I am and I’m proud to be.  

  • I dance “like a girl”, I throw “like a girl”, and I sure as heck run “like a girl” but you know what? That has never gotten in my way. It never gets in my mom’s way either. How you run doesn’t matter. What matters is the effort you put into it, how much heart ya got, and your determination. I wish more people saw that.
    Thank you for a /very/ inspiring video Cristen. I appreciate it more than you know.

  • I especially love how a group of people feel that their misjudged and judged according to them as a group because of individuals, fringe individuals. And isn’t it this group themselves that is a fringe and should not represent the group? But then again what would hyper-vigilance be without people exercising their inflated opinion of something

  • All the “men” complaining here, are insecure incels. They want every single damn thing to talk about them. Ding dong: not every woman is perfect as not every man is perfect. But you should remember: you were born from a woman. A woman endures period since she’s 12, just to give birth to you. A woman kept you in her belly for 9 months. A woman endured a labor and childbirth, to give birth to you. Her body changed to give birth to you. Her body suffered to give birth to you. Her life changed to raise you. This is a song that praises a woman’s strenght and what women have to endure every single day. We live in a sexist world and there’s still too much violence against women. Things will change only thanks to education. Girls remember that we should support each other!!! Guys complaining, we don’t deserve your anger!! To the ones supporting us, all the love. Last but not least, to every girl reading, you are amazing!!!

  • Run like Usain Bolt! As a science person I hope truth and rationality prevails. Just like we should not make fun of any disabled person we also should not make fun of girls. At the same time we should not give them false hope. over confidence is also detrimental.

  • we dont want that we are equal even tho boys helped more in earth okay maybe not more but girls dont own the world neither do boys

  • I went out running twice, both times I was stopped by the police… Why? I was the wrong skin colour so they just assumed I was a criminal. 

  • I thought girls had to run the way they do, because if they don’t, they slam their hands into their hips and it hurts a whole lot.

  • I’ve never actually have like a girl to be used as degrading to women but more as an insult to boys/men. While I was in school if anyone said to a girl “you run like a girl” the immediate response would usually have been something like “duh, that’s cause I am a girl” while using the same insult towards a guy would be degrading, as if running like a girl was somehow a bad thing.

  • I hate this stupid fear your trying to instill in women. There is no reason for you to be scared to run anywhere as a women that a man wouldn’t be. If you tell yourself that you can’t take this person, you probably can’t. Also there is nothing your boyfreind can do that you can’t, if someones got a knife or a gun, you’re both done, if they’re just using their fists, then you have always had a chance even without your boyfriend. Let’s stop making these stupid ideas where women need to be cautious because I can tell you that as a women how is constantly out at dark in sketchy areas, the worst thing there is non human animal, and those animals don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. I can take the largest man I come up against, I’m tiny but it’s all about how you take them and believing you can. There is no reason to fear the dark or walking/running in it.

  • I have no idea how pervasive this is, but I have noticed on the male end of things, rather then ‘what bad luck’ the general social feeling is that it was because of a failure of masculinity.  It kinda dovetails with the victim blaming females encounter only instead of ‘you brought it on yourself’ it is ‘you were a failure at stopping them’.

  • To those saying “what about boys” are missing the point entirely. Saying “like a girl” is used as an insult to EVERYONE who does anything in a feeble way, while telling them to “man up”. If you remove the stigma from “like a girl” then everyone also get treated fairly. How is everyone missing this point?

  • What does it mean to “run like a girl”? Amy Hughes ran 53 marathons in 53 days, beating the men’s world record. That’s one 26 mile run, every day, for 53 days. Amazing! 


  • Ai! Demóstenes!

    Ai! Demóstenes, força do povo, tu em cujo interior vê-se esgotos imundos; caminhas alegremente como que de norte a sul, como vazia e solitária rainha Vitória das covas sobre o mundo; ages como filhinho escondidinho de Hiperopsia; não reconheces a supremacia alheia: Porventura fazes tu: Au, au, au, como cão dourado que late em Jerusalém, em louvor a Deus; que não puxa o saco do Bolsonaro, nem do Lula? Ou ainda, porventura, és tu como 24 (vinte e quatro) cadelas vira-latas que latem como os machos e não se cruzam por dinheiro?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, boas opções de escolha, mas escolheste a prática do mal?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, oxigênio, mas inflaste-te como balão de hélio?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, como bom ouro em abundância, para que fosse distribuído entre os necessitados, mas tu, porém, circulaste-o, de ano em ano, apenas entre teus próprios arraiais mortais?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, pedra sardônica, para dialogar verdadeira, organizada, paciente e esperançosamente com todos os viventes, mas mostraste-te impaciente e usaste da violência, inclusive com aríetes, para arrombar a privacidade do teu próximo?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, bdélio para grande difusão pelo mundo, e para que tu marcasses verdadeira presença, mostrando tuas duas faces do rosto, tu, porém, o trancaste com ferrolhos, e ainda ficaste preso com medo da vergonha dos bedelhos e da tua falsidade?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, ossos frescos para montar, mas os deixaste secar em tuas mãos, e as articulações se perder; esquecendo-te delas por aí, num lugar qualquer, desprezando seu verdadeiro valor?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, sabor e celebração de vida abundante e de graça, mas tu insististe em comprar e pagar pela cerimônia da morte?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, água limpa e corrente, porém preferiste comercializar água suja de poço?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, carne para comer, porém preferiste o sangue para embebedar tua terra?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, lã para vestes de inverno, porém preferiste arrancar o couro dos animais; aquecer-te no calor do inferno?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, lenha para te aquecer e cozinhar, mas transformaste em amuleto de guerra?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, grossos troncos de madeira para canoas, no entanto, utilizaste para adorá-los como carrancas?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, pedra para tua organização, sedimentação, orientação, direção e proteção, mas usaste para tua fortificação, ataque e aprisionamento? Edificaste pedra de tropeço, mas, agora, não sabes tu o caminho de volta, nem onde deves pisar?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, pães, mas preferiste lança-los aos peixes?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, peixes, mas tiveste preguiça de limpá-los, e tu os desprezaste?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, justo rei, porém optaste por ficar com o rei macaco, escondido por detrás da catarata das lamentações; senão, no esconderijo, como ratazanas do falso conformismo?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, atenção, porém, de medo besta, ficaste apenas em meditação?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, mãos e palavras de verdade, porém tu apegaste apenas ao real e passageiro sabor do chifre da mentira; encolhido, escondido e mudo fizeste figas, ao invés de colher os figos com cantorias da eterna justa felicidade?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, mosto, mas vomitaste no tapete da embarcação, devido ao enjoo durante a viagem?

    Ohh! Demos-te, né, vinho, mas não apreciaste com a devida moderação; ficaste perdido, como que no Triângulo das Bermudas?

    Ohh! Demos-te cachoeira de águas frias e cristalinas para banhar-te no quente verão, mas negaste estar sujo e fedorento; escondeste-te no poço das mudas, molhando de xixi as tuas bermudas?

    Elevo-me em pensamentos a Ramá e me pergunto: Como ficarias tu, desastroso Demóstenes, se acabasses largado ao frio extremo e ao relento, tal como Nabucodonosor? Não te renderias a Deus, mesmo assim?

    Quanto a vós, ohh de Judá, melhor que não vos envergonheis pelos de Gileade; quanto a vós, ohh de Gileade, não caluniai os de Judá; melhor, por Deus, todos nós buscarmos, com amor, compreensão uns dos outros, antes de afirmarmos qualquer coisa; pois, caso contrário, da má reflexão sairá, no mínimo, besteira. E quem quer ter atestado de besta pregado na testa?

    Porquanto tenho passado por Bete-Rabá em brumas, comi beterraba da terra; nem uma beterraba, das que tenho visto, é igual à outra. Como dizem, então, os membros das famílias diabas: “Somos todos iguais”? Porventura, não são essas criaturas caluniadoras por definição?

    As bestas, por besteiras, ficam com fama de diabos ou diabas; que no fundo elas são sim, mas sem mesmo saberem, pois não querem aprender; querem apenas passar de ano; além da morte, não enxergam a vida; são como cegos e cegas que não querem ver. Opção eterna de vida ou de morte? Já os diabos, de carteirinha atestada, são profissionais da mentira, que gozam escondidos entre si, ao longo dos seus sujos anos de prática de imundícies. Como todas essas criaturas fogem de Deus, distanciando-se do amor e do amar, unem-se, frequentemente, uns aos outros pelas cumplicidades de seus erros, vergonhas e pecados; servindo um como regaço do outro.

    Muitos dos membros das famílias diabas e dos seus rebanhos espalhados de bestas sem pasto, como no barro, vão se afundando de erro em erro, de mentira em mentira, de injustiça em injustiça e de pecado em pecado; na escuridão das trevas em que andam, recusam a luz que lhes mostra toda podridão; reconhecem as boas sementes e boas atitudes, mas estão no grupo do deixa pra depois; por prata (Ag), compram alguns duvidosos cobres (Cu); não se rendem a Deus; mantendo-se suas almas sujas e aprisionadas pelos espíritos imundos, que atuam para o maligno. Padecem de mau comportamento. Qual será o preço de mercado por uma alma suja? De qualquer forma, fazem eles bons negócios?

    Não é de hoje que muitas criaturas fogem de Deus; recusam-se ou desinteressam-se em conhecê-lo de perto; praticam mentiras e desenvolvem-se, para o mal, em pós-verdades.

    Seja livro selado ou livre solado, com amor, e como Emanuel, sigo me arranjando e arcando com as consequências de meus erros. Sou contra esse tipo de terceirização; sou contra injustiça e a favor do amor e da verdade. Rendendo-nos a Deus, todos ganhamos. Quem ainda não se convenceu disso?

    Não tenho apenas livros e Deus ao meu lado; embora, muitas vezes, sinto-me até como que em seu colo e pairando sobre mares e ribeiros, até altas horas; com ele e seus anjos em coral, soprando como boas brisas mareiras em meus ouvidos; enchendo-me de fôlego de vida, emoções, boa disposição e alegria, com boa esperança de presente.

    E pelo bem que sinto, e pelo bem de todas as criaturas, até às bestas, diabas e diabos, eu meio que imploro, cravando meu pedido simplório: Não nos esqueçamos, a cada momento, de agradecer nem de agradar a Deus; nem de seu amor por todos e em tudo que faz! Quando não soubermos direito como agradá-lo, busquemos, ao menos, não desagradá-lo.

    Também dou meu conselho a todos: Não creiamos na terceirização dos pecados! Achas isso justo? Achas que Deus seria injusto? Não achas que corruptor e corrompido, cada um tem a sua contribuição para o mal?

    Independente de termos ou não pós-graduação, não sejamos nem levianos, nem soberbos; não banquemos nem os espertalhões, nem os bobalhões; falo isso tanto para machos quanto para fêmeas.

    Quem nos dá entendimento e sabedoria, e muito mais, senão Deus?

    Apenas sendo um pouco curto e grosso em SABEDORIA, olhemos abaixo ao final do pequeno presente abismo:









    doei (holandês) => tchau*

    bdo (hindi) => Bardo*

    bardoeias (basco) => bardos*

    (*Fonte: https://translate.google.com/?source=gtx).


    substantivo masculino

    1. Barda.

    2. Curral de ovelhas e carneiros.

    3. Estaca para empar videiras.

    4. Terreno cultivado.

    5. Renque de videiras ligadas por varas, canas ou arame, que serve de apoio em forma de grade.

    6. Poeta celta que exaltava o valor dos heróis.

    7. [Por extensão] Poeta lírico. = TROVADOR

    Confrontar: brado.

    Palavras relacionadas:

    brado, trovador, barda, bárdico, bardada, cancelo, latada


    bar·dar Conjugar

    verbo transitivo

    1. Cercar de bardas.

    2. Pôr a barda a (o cavalo).”

    {Fonte: “bardo”, in Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa [em linha], 2008-2013, https://dicionario.priberam.org/bardo [consultado em 31-01-2019]}.

    Mesmo que tu não estejas aqui ao meu ladinho, sintamos o presente Espírito de Deus.

    Em verdade, em verdade, cheio de graça, falo sério: Com amor, fiquemos verdadeiramente vivos, firmes, livres, felizes, sãos e salvos, com Deus!

    Honra e glória a Deus! Amém! Aleluia!

    Até logo!

    Caraguatatuba, 31 de janeiro de 2019.

    Fábio Luís Amaral dos Anjos

    (o Fuzilinho, Belinho, Dinho ou, ainda, São Fuzilo)

    Cidadão do Reino de Deus

    Estagiário de Deus.

  •  men run like men, women run like women, men throw like men, women throw like women.men think like men, women think like women. I don’t think gender differences should ever be discriminatory.

  • The insult “like a girl” is used against boys and men as a comparison to girls, who, on average, are weaker than men. When saying “you run like a girl,” it’s just comparing your speed to that of the average girl which is lower. It’s not sexist. It’s comparing two benchmarks.

  • I don’t think the chasing validation thing is for every guy cause when i was chasing women, i wasn’t doing it to say that “yeah i did that” i was chasing cause she was bad and i wanted her lol

  • All the dislikes are from egocentric assholes who still think men are above women but in reality both are equally important. I love this song and it’s one of the best I’ve heard

  • What a slap in the face to all of the males in America. What a disgrace that a company like this would go out of it’s way to commit such sexism. If this ad were actually meant for empowering young girls then it wouldn’t have been on TV when the least amount of young girls would be watching. This was specifically aired to make men feel bad and it’s disgusting.

    I hope the few real men in America will recognize this sexist attack for what it is and stand up for true equality. The feminists have had enough time focusing on just their issues. Let’s focus on HUMAN issues instead of gender issues.

  • By now that boy has grown and seen that girls cant run like boys. He was humiliated on national tv. Now he knows he was lied to also. Transgender girls should stay in female sports. Feminists deserve the humiliation.

  • Thanks fir this, Cristen.  My mother started running at age forty and competed until her knees told her to stop decades later. She and my father both ran, and encouraged us to be runners. Although I prefer long distance cycling, she was an inspiration for me, my sister who ran, and my nephew, who ran with my parents starting at age two, and went to college on a track scholarship. Even he can run like a girl!

  • I stopped chasing/trying find a girlfriend 5 years ago. I gave up on women period and just focus on myself. I’m not even an attractive type, just an ugly shy introvert type. Me just focusing on myself just make me hate women even more now. Like, I dont hate women it’s the fact that making me not chasing them changes my mentality of not liking women anymore, or dont care about getting a lady friend in the future no more. So if that’s the case then what’s the point of this video??

  • What do men do with women after they attract them? I’ve always wondered what the purpose of attracting women was for men. You just want a woman just to say you have one? Isn’t that vapid and pointless. That’s probably the reason why marriages fall apart people doing things for the sake of doing things not really putting any thought as to the underlying reason and purpose for doing something.

  • still remember the days when in like pizza stores they would put this song on and everyone would be happy but now this song is kinda in the dust and you can only search to find it

  • Is it true that every time a woman goes outside they get cat-called and horns honk? I’ve walked around in a big city and never saw this, or heard it. I live in a (relatively) small town so most people here aren’t weird like that.

  • Women are genetically weaker than men, and oftentimes have poor throwing arms. To “throw like a girl” means to throw weakly, to throw poorly. (Watch the girl throwing lemons at the sign in Better Off Dead.)

    It’s not an insult to girls, they’re not supposed to be able to throw like men. It’s an insult to guys because if he throws like a girl, he’s throwing weakly. If he doesn’t CARE about having a strong arm, then who cares?

  • Yes, because girls don’t have enough programs and people telling them how much they can effing do, but if a guy so much as tries to talk to them or be confidant in himself then he is the weird one! Hah. I love looking at all these feminist commercials. Anyways, with your confidence at puberty thing, EVERYONE feels un-confident during puberty! We’re all acne cesspools that sweat a lot and have awkward proportions to our bodies with weird voices to match!

  • I stopped chasing girls bcuz of BETRAYAL it scarred me for life in high school I chased a lot of women I thought they liked me but they talked right behind my back and Laughed at me my physical features DIDNT please them in my junior year was the worse part of my life I wrote a letter to a girl I loved but who I thought it was going to be my first time she said I was real cute and gorgeous a year earlier for the first time in my life I felt good about myself pursued her constantly. But my junior year I heard she threw the note away and another girl found it and spread the word to the whole school and humiliated me then she dated someone else people turned on me. People call me UGLY Perv sicko stupid every derogatory word except the n.I lost interest in school work. I wanted to drop out. Then after high School in 1991 I chilled for awhile in 1994 was the best year in my life pertaining a girl at a appliance store she’s the most beautiful woman ever seen before I secretly fell in love with her bcuz she was married so we got along well as workers she asked me once how old are you your middle name and do you have any brothers and sister I answered the questions and I saw her staring at me Dec 23 1994 then I got a job at GM. then few years I met a older woman and fell in love again but she was spoken for she was 10 years older than me and I thought this is it my mom met her and thought she was beautiful they talked about their cheating hussbands then I noticed she was not around on another shift I heard she lost her job fooling with another guy this broke my ❤️����led to a panic attack and I had to take aspirin to go to sleep I wanted to kill him for cockblocking me and preventing me from losing my virginity I came to work late I wasn’t focused I hated myself and my appearance in 2002 then in 04 I have a little luck I won a 2004 Z06 Corvette it boost my self esteem when I’m down but the first time in my life I get respect bcuz of the car people chase me down and talk to me but my life still took negative turns with women I tried after I won the car I groomed my self with haircuts but I never got a response with sex so up to this day I just figure all these years of being a nice guy and still being rejected and disrespected finally I said “it ain’t worth it” So I stay to myself as a monk. Brutal honesty

  • Home grown alligator, see you later
    Got to hit the road
    Got to hit the road
    Something changed in the atmosphere
    Architecture unfamiliar
    I could get used to this
    Time flies by in the yellow and green
    Stick around and you’ll see
    What I mean
    There’s a mountain top
    That I’m dreaming of
    If you need me you know where I’ll be
    I’ll be riding shotgun
    Underneath the hot sun
    Feeling like I’m someone
    I’ll be riding shotgun
    Underneath the hot sun
    Feeling like I’m someone
    The South of the Equator, navigator
    Got to hit the road
    Got to hit the road
    Deep sea diving round the clock
    Bikini bottoms, lager tops
    I could get used to this
    Time flies by in the yellow and green
    Stick around and you’ll see
    What I mean
    There’s a mountaintop
    That I’m dreaming of
    If you need me you know where I’ll be
    I’ll be riding shotgun
    Underneath the hot sun
    Feeling like I’m someone
    I’ll be riding shotgun
    Underneath the hot sun
    Feeling like I’m someone
    We got two in the front
    Two in the back
    Sailing along
    And we don’t look back
    Time flies by in the yellow and green
    Stick around and you’ll see
    What I mean
    There’s a mountaintop
    That I’m dreaming of
    If you need me you know where I’ll be
    I’ll be riding shotgun
    Underneath the hot sun
    Feeling like I’m someone
    (bis x6)
    George Ezra Shotgun

    Más letras de canciones traducidas…

    Utilizar canciones traducidas en inglés es un gran método para aprender inglés, ya que accedes al vocabulario “de la calle” y consigues que tu oído aprenda a discriminar sonidos y separar las palabras. Estudiar Inglés es una tarea ardua y a veces aburrida, aquí queremos facilitarte un poco el trabajo, si estudias las expresiones del idioma sobre la letra de canciones actuales que conozcas o te gusten, te resultará mucho más fácil de memorizar y aprenderás de manera más natural.
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  • Im Heare Aftet Listening Beyonce Sharma Jayegi Song….Beyonce ♥️Is 10 Times Beautiful And Sexier Than That papa ki pari ananiya pandey

  • Felt so proud of myself… Puberty nvr changed me mentally…when they said run like a girl…the first thing that came to mind is to run fast:):)

  • Bring it on. Love this campaign. I love it as an adult. I love it as the little girl inside me. I love it because my daughters love it too, which means the message truly resonates with everyone.

  • I don’t usually watch ads on YouTube until the very end and would always skip them after about 5 seconds, but for some reason I was hooked to this and got really moved. Well done.

  • It’s just a saying!!!!!! See your like a girl video with 65000000 likes and you’ll see how…

    You just manipulated these girls to saying these things!!!! The 6 yr old at the end was bribed to!!!

  • Knowing who you are as the consciousness of being is the most fundamental truth we need to experience and know, you are existence, you are life.

  • When i was about 6 i was bullied, almost all the girls in my school was bullied by the boys, i was playing basketball at that time and, when i was playing a game against the boys, they said something that changed my life: ” girls shouldn’t be playing basketball, all they are going to do is cry about loosing and fall down! So whats the point of playing against them?” Our team lost, now i am 12 still bullied, still sad, but i am still playing basketball. 3 months ago our team won 15 to 0! The boys say that it was luck, we had a rematch. We won again! 29 to 3! Don’t listen what boys say to you! They are jealous of how powerful you are! Boys dont make girl superheros for a reason, because they are trying to be as strong as us! Girls, i hope you guys are all happy, and just know boys only make fun of you, because they are jealous.

  • The frustrating part for me (a guy) is no matter how far society progresses regarding gender equality, it only takes a relative handful of a-holes to screw up a lot of lives.  I’m also a little surprised that you didn’t mention Amy Hughes, who only a few days ago ran 53 marathons in as many days beating not only the women’s consecutive-day marathon world record, but the men’s record as well.

  • the reality is here boys n ppl who think girls or female r not strong u must realize that we r the most powerful living being in the world

  • Tbh we already knew this you just needed something to advertise that no one else had. Wen some one says you run like a girl it’s for a joke. I can’t be asked with women any more. Always take offense to nothing that was offensive in the first place if women are seen as weak that’s coz of the women that came before us. Taking offense to something like that is dumb wen you people should be focusing on racism; sexist people will always be in the world so what

  • A further comment about women in Sports. Since Title 9 there has been a massive sea change for women in sports. One I TOTALLY support. I think that US women won more medals than men at the London Games.   You might want to do a blog on how the lives of women has changed in culture post Title 9 

  • 1. Be a good human being
    2. Treat everyone (man, woman, boy, girl) with the respect that they rightfully deserve.
    3. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself
    4. Be kind and compassionate
    5. Seek peace

    That is what it means to be a feminist.

  • I seem to recall about a year and a half ago seeing stuff about your new channel: Stronger Men. But I just took another look at it and there were no videos showing up on there. Is it just my crappy IPad, or did you decide to not keep that one going? I thought it was a brilliant idea for a YouTube channel but only ever saw one or two videos over a year ago. Just curious what happened. Love your content, by the way!!! You rock!

  • You might miss the girl you like but if she’s off getting pissed all day every day with different lads then leave them, stop texting it’s not worth it uno

  • Yeah as a child lol i was in karate, softball, biking, running, wrestling lol and I would do my best! That was early 2000s!! So I know that insult very well I guess that’s why I would try to beat the boys all the time lol and umm half the time I did lol �� it also helps I have two brothers who never back down lol ��

  • My high school cross country team gets honked at every day it sucks! When the boys runs no one honks but when we run its a different story.

  • if they casted me for this commercial, I would’ve already done the stereotypical things of “like a girl”. I’m turning 12 this month and I’ve always had the mindset that doing things “like a girl” is bad. if you told me to run like a girl when i was 6, i would’ve just fast walked while flailing my hands around. it all depends on how you grew up. i had a friend who’s brother would always make fun of me for being a girl. so it really all depends.

  • Gotta love these comments “men Will always be better than women!”. Now I don’t know the definition of sexism or the definition of being an asshole, but I feel like it fits both definitions.

  • 6 years later this ad still brings tears to my face, I felt it hard… Thank you so much for such amazing content and as a Marketer, I am inspired to carry on the message. Thank you so much…

  • Don’t chase bitches,especially if ya broke lol even if ya rich don’t chase em,at that point the bitches will come,jus stay on yo purpose like my nigga AMS said ����

  • Sigh…. you know commercials like these wouldn’t be seen as the pandering bs they are if it weren’t
    1-ran buy a company who didn’t charge more for their “girly” scents than their male product lines
    2let the UFC or the WNBA or Olympic champions come on and show how awesome women can be… instead you pic a little girl to show us how she doesn’t run “like a girl”……like that’s exactly what she runs like because that’s what she is

  • You only stop chasing girls when u figure out ur a low life because no matter what women will always be around us chase or no chase some females will follow u and some won’t but however men think it’s all a game when in reality its not most men want to just talk to a girl so therefore entirely what u said is false because no matter what men will chase women a man can still have success with or without a woman women aren’t a priority that bag is

  • Very disappointed in the “run like a girl” segment. The forward-rotating motion of the lower arms and legs is actually a key component of a strong, fast, mature, female gate. The lateral spread of the hips and shoulders, and the relative narrowing of the waistline, that happens to females body during puberty, causes a lateral component to a forward motion of a female running gate. The forward rotation of the lower arms and legs helps counterbalance the side-to-side motion of the hips and shoulders. Therefore, fast, strong running by a mature female involves swinging the arms and legs. Instead of “run like a girl,” the interviewers should have asked the participants to “run like a WOMAN.” Once again, the media is not only fetishizing prepubescent girls but also stigmatizing the differences between a man and a woman. Those differences that makes us WOMEN make us STRONG.

  • Kelly was always beautiful. But Beyonce was prettier. Kelly was always jealous of Beyonce before she her baby. If Beyonce did not make her babies. There will be no Behive there would be BEHATERS. Beyonce was always positive, and a motivator and a Inspiration as a mixed black women. Beyonce was perfect in her own way before she had babies. Now Beyonce is fat from her pregnancy and calling her baby fat curves. The reason why her hips are so wide is because her uterus expanded when she made her babies. Before Beyonce had gotten pregnant, Caucasian women use to praise her. Now Caucasian women call her a African witch. Beyonce self esteem went down when JayZ was going to leave her. She turned to African black magic. Beyonce is no longer the same after her babies ruined her body image. Beyonce has inner beauty that reflects on the outside. Look at 1plus 1 that is the best music video she did. Beyonce got to realize with a ruined body. She still could have her confidence back. Because I was perfect than Beyonce in body image. And the steroids from sicknesses ruined my body image. But I am still confident in my own skin. I have no low self esteem or insecurities. Just look at me what do I have to be insecure about. My body image was ruined because I took medications for sicknesses in my body. Not because I had babies or sex or did anything with a man. It’s not my fault I was sick so nobody could compare my beauty or body to nobody.

  • Growing up as a girl who was naturally relay good at almost all sports, i never fund the phrase “like a girl” offensive as i was better than most of the boys. So I saw the phrases “you throw/kick/run/hit like a girl” not as an insult to girls, but just a term to say you suck at this. Also if this phrase was used on me id quickly change their mind by challenging them to whatever it was they thought i sucked at.

  • So I totally love your channel and think it would be awesome to hang out with you.  Having said that, if you think it takes a lot of strength to proudly do things “Like a girl” when you have 2 X chromosomes,  Imagine what it is like WANTING to do things “Like a girl” when you were born with the wrong plumbing.  I would love to be able to do everything in my life “like a girl”, but the social cost is just too high.

  • ummmm….im a martial arts professional and yea…..the little girls they choose? y the running was bad the fighting was worst y????? not pick better examples?

  • The adults were like running rlly badly and saying that’s how girls run but then they try to be like ‘ Why doesn’t running like a girl mean win the race’ and be rlly empowerfull but that just annoys me so yea

  • All some people do is chase girls, however at the end of the day you only need one girl you don’t need multiple tbh. The right girl will come at the right time don’t stress it

  • Bey was so thin in this video �� �� and they say the camera adds weight so she was thin thin! I personally love the thick queen she is now! ��

  • I wish I would’ve known this when I hit puberty, I’ve wasted so much of my life chasing women. Now im nearing my 40s and stuck in a sexless marriage.

  • I love how the ending somehow symbolizes that when women get their power back and had equal rights, they can work together with men. Sorry I’m on a Yoncé marathon.

  • Love it! And as a lady prepping to run her first marathon in a few weeks, your video comes at a very well-timed moment!:) (Also, your SMNTY podcasts get me through ALL those 15-20 mile slogs, so thank you!)

  • lots of false information.
    1. If you are not attractive no matter how much you try you will never succeed.
    2. Those who succeeded later in their life actually didn’t become better at approaching girls but their physiology become better they became attractive. Some people develop till their mid twenties and there could huge difference in their current look vs early adulthood look. Those who didn’t become attractive never succeeded.
    3. Being social is not an experience. It’s a trait assigned to you by people around you based on your look in most cases. If you are attractive then people will call you social. Why? Because they want to talk to you. Indeed, being social is not cause of some guys getting successful it’s side effect of being successful.
    4. All living creatures are biologically hardwired to get pleasure at the end of our actions. You want to get pleasure of having sex either consciously or subconsciously. So you are lying. You didn’t stop chasing girls. You cannot. Biology doesn’t change.

  • What are these more important things? I love how you made a video about why you stopped chasing girls but yet you didn’t state why or what’s more important, what a wierd ass video.

  • The ad is idiotic. The primary promoters of female incomepetence are women, not men. Men just note the results. QUIT BLAMING MEN for women’s failings. Remember, children are raised by WOMEN, not men.

  • But even boys are emotionally weak thats where they love thier mom most…….its obvious and natural….why you parting it as girl and boy issue….by the way in 21st century no girl is less than boy.��


  • As a teenage girl, I know how it feels to be insecure and told things that may or may not be true. ” Like a girl” is just an expression that usually the male gender uses to offend the female gender. What they don’t realize about being a girl, is a lot of the things they think we are over exaggerating on, we aren’t. Like periods for example, when we say that period cramps feel like we are being stabbed 17 times in the stomach, we aren’t lying. When we talk to people about what it’s like they always say,
    “oh you have no reason to be insecure”
    “You’re beautiful, you have no reason to be insecure”And the truth is some people don’t have to be insecure, but what people don’t realize is, they don’t see what we see. They don’t see me standing in the mirror looking at myself and pointing out ever single insecurity. My body shape, my hair, etc. They don’t see things through my eyes and understand how i feel about myself when i see myself in the mirror. They don’t understand how we feel when we see a “slim thicc” girl with a flat stomach and long hair and bright blue eyes. They don’t see when we compare ourselves to people we think are prettier than us.Even through all of this you still have to stay positive and love yourself for who you are. If you have a thigh gap, love it. If you have no thigh gap, love your thick thighs. If you have stretch marks, love them. If you have a double chin, love it. If you have under-eye bags due to genetics, love them. As a female, i understand how it feels to be insecure and bullied. Its hard. But we have to be positive and stick together and e there for each other. Love yourself for who you are because you are you and you can’t be anyone else. You are perfect in your own way. Stop comparing yourself to other people because you are perfect the way you are. And in the words of Bruno Mars, “Girl, you’re amazing, just the way you are”. It’s not a bad thing, being a girl, be proud to be a girl. You are strong. You are independent. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are a girl, own it!
    Thank you for reading.

  • I stopped chasing girls when I was 8. One wanted to race me so I gave her a head start to run to the end of the playground and back to starting point. Boom, she still cheated

  • When u work on urself and build ur confidence, wonen will notice this in u even if u wanna be a player or whatever. When u approach them, they either agree or not. If they don’t, sometimes playing hard to get, they still try to know about u

  • The title basically says the same thinh im doin rn. I stopped chasin girls ever since ive lost interest in them. I stopped 4 good. I dont plan on gettin a gf any time soo cuz 1. I have bad luck w/ them. 2. I get rejected most of the time. 3. I’ll die single n im not gonna be suprised if i do.

  • I am sorry for saying to all the people who disliked this video but I want to tell all of you who disliked that I am really disappointed in all of you this video almost made me scream…..”YEAH I AM A GIRL AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!!!!!” but I kept my cool.

  • I dress like a boy I act like a boy and people say I’m weird and I don’t like that so I keep being me and I just ignore so yeah that’s my story

  • “Run like a girl means run as fast as you can”. Not completely true, is it? Yeah, I’m sure Usain Bolt’s race obective is to run like a girl.

  • I can go running and guarantee that I WON’T get cat called. However, I always bring my fiance with me when I run. Just because I don’t get cat called doesn’t mean I won’t get attacked.

    I have, however, been told I was ugly when in the street.

    Oh the joys of having men be the judges of our beauty!

  • I was starting to already notice spinets of feminist dogma in this channel, but this is just too much. No one expects anything from girls more than they expect boys, stop trying to perpetuate this bullshit. 

  • Hey, Cristen! First of all let me tell you that I really love your videos amd the way you explain things. They are so entertaining:) Second, I have a topic in mind. Would you mind talking about breastfeeding in public? Last week in my country (Paraguay) a mother was asked to leave a mall because she was breastfeeding. There are mixed opinions on the subject, but what really bothers me is that people think it’s immoral and that women should cover themselves or not breastfeed anywhere besides their homes. Uhg, so frustrating!

  • When this ad campaign started, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell showed this ad, and talked about how good it was to empower girls and young women. Then saw the ad in the Super Bowl, and it was just as powerful as the campaign behind it. And its #2 placing in the USA Today Ad Meter poll surprised a lot of culture pundits. I believed it would do well, but #2 was a surprise even to me! Sobering experience after being almost choked up by the winning ad, for Budweiser. Excellent ad, indeed!

  • I think of back to the stone ages when we didn’t have shit and were living in caves with maybe just discovered fire.  We sure didn’t have cars so how did we all probably get around…?  Yep, running.  There was no ur a girl you can’t run with us.  It was run bitch unless you wanna get eaten. lolol.  (excuse the partial sarcasm)

    Btw, where’s my vid of Cristen running like a girl on video? lol

  • Terrible. Positively Awful. A bunch of satan worshipers doing nearly nothing in costumes. It’s not good music. it’s tribal chanting. it’s not good dancing, it’s sexual seduction. It’s ridiculous and the producer and director have nothing in their heads.

  • That Always commercial has been going around for months talking about a very similar concept. I understand if you can’t reference sponsored things for some reason, but if not, and that is what inspired this video, maybe you should link it in the description or something? Forgive me if I am wrong that is just the first connection I made.

  • I couldn’t really find the point of this video. If I am a girl, and I am running, I am, by definition, running ‘like a girl’. Women on average, are generally the weaker gender. In my experience, it has never been an issue. I don’t want to be expected to compete on the same level as men like some feminists suggest. No one ever has told me, you can’t run, because you are a girl. I just wasn’t expected to run in the same races as boys…

  • I have honestly never heard the term “run like a girl” being used as an insult towards a female. I have heard females be insulted in many other ways, but every time I have heard anyone use “like a girl” it has been directed at a male to suggest they are not masculine enough. The strange thing is, every time I hear anyone speak of the issue of misandry/misogyny “society” is always blamed. Yet, I know several people personally who disagree with this mindset, and watch and read about thousands more who also claim to disagree. So if so many people that make up “Society” think that everyone should be treated equal, who is left to be bigoted?

  • I love how you ended that. If only we were all the same gender and could choose any partner and procreate the world would be a more interesting place. 

  • Age 9 #girl #gymnast has #incredible #strength lifts 425 lbs, Google name to see pic. Barbara Akulova  #muscle                                            likeagirl

  • Someone walking by the roadside could be passed by literally thousands of cars and possibly tens of thousands of people and only have a couple of occurrences from people missing a chromosome. I’m a good guy and I don’t want to be judged because of one person out of a thousand. That’s not fair

  • Lesson learn, Focus in Goal, Focus Ourselves or Yourself, Don’t chase a woman, Let Women Chase You Never ever. Cheat if You have In relationship, Don’t mind The women, Mind The goal.

  • Wyobrażacie sobie co to będzie na Ziemi jak te wszystkie demony zostaną zamknięte przez Królową Maryję �� za niedługo!? Za bardzo blisko.
    Klucz do Czeluści ma Królowa Maryja ��

  • I watched that “like a girl” playtex commercial and it was heart touching to me. Idk what it was but i felt _. I have no clue what it made me feel but I was happy.

  • It’s completely wrong to use the phrase “like a girl” as an insult. But that doesn’t change the fact that males are biologically faster and stronger than females; hence why major sports like sprinting and boxing have separate divisions for both sexes.

  • Wonderful….”run like a girl…kick like a girl….though sounds bad girl should take it in a positive different way”….be who you are never loose your worth….never be ashamed of it…proud to b a girl and do the very best you can

  • This commercial only makes women look weak. Like seriously, if a petty insult deters you and makes you quit then you are just weak willed. Only snowflakes with no self confidence would get hurt by this.

    Ad: Women aren’t delicate little flowers, but don’t make fun of them. Because apparently women are strong but will get their feelings hurt by an insult that’s rarely used by anyone under the age of 10. But remember women are strong #banbossy

  • All the men in the comments are like suck it up. Have you ever been a girl. Ever been insulted by a “like a girl” No. So stop wasting your time saying like Really this is the stupidest thing ive ever seen.

  • does this mean the world should stop and be as nice as possible and say and do everything a girl wants beacuse confidence goes down that doesn’t make any sence

  • To co robi Beyonce jest absolutnie nie kobiece!!!
    To nie jest rola kobiety jaką ona współcześnie wykonuje!!!
    Jest dany czas na nawracanie się!!! TERAZ. WIĘCEJ GO NIE BĘDZIE, BO CIERPLIWOŚĆ WKOŃCU SIĘ SKOŃCZY!!!
    Jeśli tego nie zrobicie poczujecie karę napewno.

  • Are you people really that damn dumb? The insult is an insult between boys you ignorant fools. Guys are by nature and expected by society to do everything for their family while the women typically do the stay at home mom thing. Because of that theyre not as experienced as guys at the same time being weaker by nature as a female. Its not really in a females nature to fight so when they do fight they dont do a very good job of it. It is in a guys nature to fight so its perfectly fitting for a guy to say to another GUY that he hits like a girl and thats an insult to a GUY. It was never intended to mean its bad when women do it. Its just bad when a guy does it like a girl. Men are suppose to be stronger than their women. Men are suppose to hit like men not like their wives. Its just an insult or a joke between guys and has NOTHING to do with women at all really. How the hell do people not get that?

  • oy vey! females are forever the victims of everything! it’s funny how females want to be the victims and victors all at the same time. pick one ladies! are you strong and independent, or innocent, defenseless creatures? and you hate to be thought of that way, yet, you all do play the victim card when it’s convenient! when are there going to be PSA’s for when women tell men to man up? and how “hurtful” that can be to a male?! but guys don’t go around playing victims to everything. in fact, women think guys don’t feel pain or emotions. by the way, how can a male show emotions, when we’re taught to not show emotions. can’t connect emotionally to a female if were taught not to be emotional….how about you females woman up, and stop with this perpetual victim mentality!

  • Energy is neither created nor destroyed but TRANSFERRED. if you’re chasing women,then their energy has been transferred to you. Stop being fake. Be real.. Your energy will get you some where..

  • “Keep doing it, Because it’s working.  If somebody else says that running(kick,shoot swim) like a girl is something that you shouldn’t be doing, then that’s their problem.  because if you’re still scoring and you’re still being the first, you’re doing it right.  It doesn’t matter what they say.  Yes, i kick(walk, swim, shoot) like a girl and I wake up in the morning like a girl… because I am a GIRL.  And that’s not something that i should be ashamed of.  So I’m going to do it anyway”.:-)