Exactly What Does Recovery From COVID-19 Seem Like This Will Depend. A Pulmonologist Explains


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What does recovery from COVID-19 look like? I asked Dr. Kenneth Lyn-Kew, an associate professor of pulmonology and critical care medicine at National Jewish Health. What does recovery from COVID-19 look like?

I asked Dr. Kenneth Lyn-Kew, an associate professor of pulmonology and critical care medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver, named the No.1 respiratory hospital in the nation last year by U.S. News & World Report. What does recovery from COVID-19 look like? I asked Dr.

Kenneth Lyn-Kew, an associate professor of pulmonology and critical care medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver, named the No.1 respiratory hospital in the nation last year by U.S. News & World Report. Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity. Analysis.

What Does Recovery From COVID-19 Look Like? It Depends. A Pulmonologist Explains. By Kaiser Health News | April 09, 2020. What does recovery from COVID-19 look like?

I asked Dr. Kenneth Lyn-Kew, an associate professor of pulmonology and critical care medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver, named the No.1 respiratory hospital in the nation last year by U.S. News & World Report. Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity. What does recovery from COVID-19 look like?

It depends. A pulmonologist explains. recovery from serious illness caused by the coronavirus have been trickling in from around the world. What does recovery from COVID-19 look like? I asked Dr.

Kenneth Lyn-Kew, an associate professor of pulmonology and critical care medicine at National Jewish Health. According to a report from Britain out last week, of 775 patients with COVID-19 admitted to critical care, 79 died, 86 survived and were discharged to another location, and 609 were still being. What Recovery From COVID-19 Looks Like Outcomes vary greatly depending on age and other factors, a pulmonologist explains By Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News on April 11, 2020. Recovery After Severe Illness With COVID-19 A small percentage of people who have the new coronavirus need to stay in the hospital to get help breathing.

It may depend on things like.

List of related literature:

Of the 371 patients studied, 21 (5.7%) had positive chest x-ray findings, including atelectasis and pneumonia in 7, segmental atelectasis in 6, pneumonia in 5, multiple areas of subsegmental atelectasis in 2, and pneumomediastinum in 1.

“Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician E-Book” by Joshua Broder
from Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician E-Book
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When stratified by pretransplant diagnosis, unadjusted 3-month mortality was reported to be lowest in COPD without A1ATD (9%) and highest in IPAH (23%), followed by sarcoidosis (16%), and IPF (15%).

“Regenerative Medicine Applications in Organ Transplantation” by Giuseppe Orlando
from Regenerative Medicine Applications in Organ Transplantation
by Giuseppe Orlando
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∎ X-ray chest PA and lateral views especially at the end of inspiration and expiration (Fig. 7): They show radio­opaque FB, lobar or segmental pneumonia, atelectasis and obstructive emphysema, and bronchiectasis and provide indirect evidence of radiolucent FB.

“Diseases of Ear, Nose & Throat: with Head & Neck Surgery” by Mohan Bansal
from Diseases of Ear, Nose & Throat: with Head & Neck Surgery
by Mohan Bansal
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2018

At this early phase of stage C, there may be few overt physical signs of failure, but chest x­ray often shows pulmonary congestion (redistribution of pulmonary venous flow to the upper lung fields) and/or cardiomegaly.

“Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of The Adult Patient: Sixth Edition” by Allan H Goroll, Albert G Mulley, Jr.
from Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of The Adult Patient: Sixth Edition
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Failure of the chest roentgenographic or chest CT infiltrates to clear over a 2-month period of prednisone therapy suggests noncompliance, another ABPA exacerbation, or possibly other diagnoses, such as cystic fibrosis.

“Allergy and Asthma: Practical Diagnosis and Management” by Massoud Mahmoudi
from Allergy and Asthma: Practical Diagnosis and Management
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Postoperative complications in patients with Fontan-type repairs include early problems, such as prolonged pleural effusions, and late problems, such as increased risk for stroke and thrombus formation, arrhythmias (especially atrial flutter), and protein-losing enteropathy.

“Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine E-Book” by Lisa B. Zaoutis, Vincent W. Chiang
from Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine E-Book
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The median time to ILD after initiation of gefitinib treatment was 18 days (range 3–123), and half of the patients developing ILD manifested acute onset of dyspnea.

“Cancer Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice” by Michael O'Dell, MD, Michael Stubblefield, MD
from Cancer Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice
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Ventilatorassociated pneumonia (VAP) occurs in 8 percent of patients after cardiac surgery, rising to 9 to 21 percent in those with respiratory failure, and 44 percent when intubation is longer than 7 days.

“Braunwald's Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, 2-Volume Set” by Peter Libby, Robert O. Bonow, Douglas L. Mann, Douglas P. Zipes
from Braunwald’s Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine, 2-Volume Set
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If sufficient collagen is deposited, the patient may enter a fibrotic phase with parenchymal fibrosis, though in many patients much of the lung abnormality resolves with little or no residual histopathological or functional abnormality.54

“Grainger & Allison's Diagnostic Radiology: Chest and Cardiovascular System” by Cornelia Schaefer-Prokop, MD, PhD, Adrian K. Dixon
from Grainger & Allison’s Diagnostic Radiology: Chest and Cardiovascular System
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Atelectasis may be acute or chronic and may cover a broad range of pathophysiologic changes, from microatelectasis (which is not detectable on chest x-ray) to macroatelectasis with loss of segmental, lobar, or overall lung volume.

“Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-surgical Nursing” by Lillian Sholtis Brunner, Suzanne C. O'Connell Smeltzer, Brenda G. Bare, Janice L. Hinkle, Kerry H. Cheever
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  • If we find that patients can get reinfected with COVID-19, do you suspect that a previous infection would affect the patient’s “reserve” and complicate the course of recovery?

  • we need to boost our immune system people, with an alkaline diet, Sea Moss, lots of vegetables, fruits, once a month meat and lots of fish wild caught and my number one product that healed me from Cancer and possible MS, Immunotec all the way @t

  • Drink hot staff ginger,lemon garlic. Don’t scared. You gone be fine. It just a virus human made virus.try to get up and exercise we hope you all will be fine. Thank you for sharing ����������☕

  • Why is no one addressing bill gates and the United states government they are the ones who created the virus they have a patent on the virus they need to be sued every fad or fashion starts in new York and California first how does a virus know to start off heavy in new York and California first wakeup America and think for yourselves there has been a crime committed on humanity there has been mass murder brought on the American people

  • Got swabbed on July 2nd then got called on July 6th to confirm that I was tested positive for The Virus. Lost sense of smell and taste along with fatigue. It varies from person to person so i pray for all of you that are going through this. Just stay home and rest. Follow instructions and you should be out the woods in no time

  • Lung issues are harder to treat than common colds etc!!
    When u can’t breath u have a serious problem!!
    They have said the lungs crystallize in some patients (painful to breath!?)!
    I’m a dialysis patient & an older patient was running a fever 2 weeks ago! Next few days in a wheelchair & driven to treatment (used to drive & walk in!)!
    I jus found out today they passed!
    Now I’m wondering did they have COVID19!!
    Some people are hiding cause of death & some are accusing others of blaming on corona!

    Regardless this is something to be concerned about!
    U may b young but u need to protect your parents/elderly by using the necessary precautions!

  • What if my temp has been normal for 4 days but ive still got chest pain and a cough. So im feeling more well but then having the chest pain and cough makes me feel slightly breathless

  • I had a real mild case! Only symptoms were fatigue, headache, dry cough and low grade fever. My symptoms lasted total of 3 days. The only thing that lingered was the cough. Lasted for about 7 days, but it was dry with no congestion. By day 10 I was already symptom free. I stayed in isolation for the remainder 4 days. So completed my 14 day isolation. I got re tested on day 19 and just got my results today and tested Negative. Thank God the virus left my body. The most important thing is staying in Isolation from time your first symptom hits to stop the spread. I drank 1/2 gallon water a day. Took a ton of probiotics ate my three meals a day, I limited sugar intake and ate vegetables with all my meals.

  • NEED a miracle for my girls!!! Me and my 2 daughters will be required to leave our apartment in 3 days if i cant come up with $240 its the governments fault my children and i have no way to pay the rest of our rent. The moratorium doesn’t take affect yet and my job is closed indefinitely due to covid. I created a cashapp to try and raise donations to save our apartment before its too late. Need a miracle at this point kinda praying 240 people will send us $1. Any donation would help my girls and i. God bless everyone in these difficult times. Any donation Please send to our Cashapp its $Bam0316

  • Dr.Oz my breathing changed around Mar 13, chest feels tighter lungs feel weird not hard to take a breathe but ive went twice to get tested and ive been denied but offered a xray, should i go back and request a test again

  • You’re not supposed to be on a ventilator if you’re breathing you walk around okay and you positive you’re not supposed to be on a ventilator sound like to me they killing people with that machine

  • why would you want to get tested? the test kit give 85% false results and some of them are found to be contaminated with the virus. you have much better chance to survive by not testing.

  • My friends Dad had flu symptoms and they put him on a corona ward and he tested negative!! A week later he showed corona symptoms…went back to hospital & tested positive for corona. They told his daughter not to allow him to have a DNR because they needed the ventilators for other people. He sadly passed away.
    If the hospital had not of put him on the ward in the first place….he might still be here:(

  • Thought I’d weigh in, since I work in healthcare.

    I agree, it’s super weird that they’re sending COVID patients with shortness of breath home. They sometimes even discharge them while they’re on oxygen, and call and check up on them in a couple of days.They do it for logistical reasons, such as minimizing COVID exposure to staff, preserving PPE and saving bed space for sicker COVID patients.

  • What a coincidence that two gay guys have a BOY. Don’t come at me I ain’t homophobic BUT I def don’t like two men having a little boy after I saw that two men who had a son were trying to sell him for sex.

  • Here in America, many treat this as a hoax. I am so frustrated at the lack of seriousnessppl say, “Well, I didn’t get it”, as if that is all that matters. I am happy for your recovery.

  • Anyone having trouble sleeping or suffering from post viral fatigue after having Covid-19? Doctor thinks I might have had it. I haven’t slept properly for the last 2.5 months and I’m very low on energy. Anyone experienced something similar?

  • Covid-19 is certainly an odd one. I had it start of April. Typical but mild-moderate symptoms for a fortnight. BTW I never had raised temperature, I swabbed -ve at the time but later blood test was +ve for antibodies. Wasn’t too distressing in the initial “sick” stage but it took 10 weeks to shake off and the persisting symptoms were sudden, intermittent fatigue, and shortness of breath on exertion. Just as you felt you were getting better you got worse again. Felt like Covid was playing cat and mouse for weeks. Kept at the rehab though and pretty much back to baseline.

  • Thank god the lord gave you a second chance of life!!!I hope you feel better and eating nutritious food God bless you ��������������

  • https://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/news/doctor-exposes-how-mn-is-telling-doctors-to-label-deaths-as-cv-19-whether-they-died-from-it-or-not/?utm_source=WPn&utm_medium=Slider&utm_campaign=Theme2020#.XpVygEBFx9M

  • My husband got the virus
    He has pneumonia
    Probably me and my kids will develop it as well.
    Fk China, if I don’t die
    Will try not to buy anything made in China.
    Make it in America, so we don’t have to beg india for medicine.

  • No question that while vacationing in California (in all the busy touristy places) during early March, there were many infected people around us. But with peanut allergies and general cleanliness tendencies in the family, we escaped all of that. Got back home just when all the craziness started. Glad we were able to get in an early Spring Break (for us) vacation because it will be a while before we’ll be returning to any of those busy places without a vaccine.

  • Oh so sad…did he get sick while on a his Exotic Expensive Vacation…than have to go to the Hospital before coming back home to his Fancy House, Home Cooking and Fornicating? Prayers up!

  • Alhamdulillah he is alright
    And we should be thankful that such survivors are sharing their stories
    And giving us reality which is hope and not misery

  • Let’s see. They are lavaging the abdominal cavity after surgery with hypochlorous acid to reduce or eliminate the chance of a post op sepsis. So why can’t a bronchial lavage be considered to reduce inflammation in the lung?

  • The hospital has no business discharging a patient that tests positive with Corvid19, a fever,and pneumonia. They should be sued for negligence. The doctor that did not lose any covid patience in the two hospitals he was in charge of said,The hospitals are waiting too long before treating the patients.

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  • C is great, C is fine (as is all the anti oxidants) but PLEASE ALSO TAKE Zinc!! Zinc!! Zinc!! And also take something to help the zinc be absorbed into your cells! (HCQ, Quercetin, even tonic water can help and is better than nothing) Also take other things that fight inflamation and blood clots, such as statins & aspirin! If you have a more advanced infection talk to your doctor about ACE inhibitors, steroids. The point TODAY is there is a whole host of EFFECTIVE EARLY TREATMENT!!! If your doctor insists on sending you home with NOTHING then find a new doctor! The point is to prevent the cytokine storm from destroying your lungs, if you wait until you can’t breathe then you’ve waited too long and damage has already happened! Early treatment is WAY CHEAPER than being hospitalized! (My husband is a doctor, we NEED to inform the public! Death rates are DOWN! New research on TREATMENTS is available!)

  • Strangely enough he talks nothing about what medications he took or anything he did to try to help his condition prior to getting this bad. How odd.

  • Ventilators are actually exactly what’s killing people. Don’t cheer for these murderers nightly. They have no conscience, but it will catch up to them.

  • In my suggested videos list this was above a video that was titled: “doctors say outlook for covid19 patients in ventilators grim” and both were published 3 months ago. GO FIGURE! Mass media hysteria!

  • 80% die on ventilator?
    https://www.google.com/search?q=ventilators+are+killing+patients&oq=ventila&aqs=chroour public comments:

    Ventilator machine concerns:
    ? https://youtu.be/5g4u1LJQ7_k?

  • Will giving asthma pump along with cough syrup help. Using a hair dryer to blow hot air through mouth directly into lungs or above it. Doctors should try and see.

  • Does anyone realize the MEDIA is taking control of the “survivor stories” instead of these people posting it themselves? I would not lie for money.

  • My son Kevin has been in the hospital six days now on a ventilator and on dialysis because his kidneys aren’t producing enough urine because of covid, please pray for him. Thanks.

  • I thought the ventilators are killing people. At least that’s what the news has been spreading around. I was thinking If I got Covid, about telling my whole family not to let them give me one since it was making people worse and killing them

  • I drive my sister’s son into the biggest hospital in Stockholm to COVID 19 test and he get positive test but I am confused when they left him go home. by the way I who told him to make test because 2 of my family sleeping in the hospital with ventilator because of him

  • All I know is this crap scares me. There are people that have had no preexisting conditions that have gotten it and ended up dead. There are people that have preexisting conditions that have gotten it and lived. This virus is unpredictable and the best thing I know for myself and my loved ones is to stay home. I have several preexisting conditions and immunocompromised on top of it. Everyone stay home. Stay vigilant! ❤️

  • This Pandemic has hit our family hard financially and emotionally ��. On May third my mother had fallen ill. On May 8th she tested positive for Covid-19. Shortly after that it all went down hill. A few days later she couldn’t breathe and had to be admitted into the hospital where not only did they tell her that she had contracted pneumonia but that she had bilateral pneumonia meaning in both lungs. She also had been diagnosed with kidney stones and that her intestines were inflamed. My mother is 50 year woman with lots of health issues as it is ranging from diabetes to high blood pressure on down to low sugar. This is a really stressful situation because I’m home taking care of her instead of working which means little to no income is coming through. She is a beautiful strong single mother of 3. She gets a little better by the day and God’s the only one to thank for that.
    I have a cashapp tag that I would like to drop if anyone would like to help us out. Whether is $1 or $5 anything will help. Stay positive and stay blessed❤️

  • I smell something funny all this flu vaccines that people have been getting for years destroys the immune sysytem especially with new virus or disease I’m not aPhysician but I can honestly say vaccines destroy the body and I feel are prone to strong infections especially if the vaccine doesn’t recognize the disease

  • I love Ventilators!!!! I’ve been on a ventilator when I had sepsis which caused my acute respiratory distress. After I awoke from my coma, the sound of the ventilator was very soothing, like a sedative.

  • to be spared from the 0.1 percent that have fallen! imagine what a real pandemic could do! america needs more heroes like this. too bad all other types of death have fallen so sharply that doctors and nurses being laid off.:-(

  • Lol why do the female doctors have their long hair floating down everywhere? Is it hard to just tie it up for their and everyone else’s safety? This isnt a time to try looking pretty, the floating hair is everywhere and could catch the virus, wtf

  • Ventilator was breathing for someone who can brethe! That’s the pain! he needs oxygen ventilation…he survived an attempt on his life in my opinion..

  • China DONATED 1000 ventilators to New York. Is that a kind gesture? a magnanimously kind gesture? a trick gesture? Well interpretations are varied. But one thing for sure. It has save thousands of American lives. So the Chinese communist government has saved thousands of american lives. Let that sink in yeah?

  • blob: https://www.youtube.com/16043555-8f08-479c-b370-40f96c2eadea
    Why does CBS contradict ABC? Just curious. Why is ABC saying yes to the ventilator, but CBS is saying 31 out of 32 patients died on ventilators?
    why is another sample of CBS saying 6 out of 10 are surviving on ventilators?

  • Why are the hospitals now saying ventilators are not the appropriate treatment? Just a question no need to be rude in your response. Why is the “protocol” of using ventilators at question, especially with a 80% death rate in NYC from use of ventilators? Why is oxygen saturation the key, not mechanically forcing people to breathe with a machine? Why has “proning” found to be the effective alternative to forcing a working human diaphragm to be damaged?
    Why is every death being second guessed as Coronavirus?
    Why is it,that 8 days after this video was published, doctors in New York are going against the protocol of ventilators?

  • This is stupid. Those with eyes can see that this virus is biochemically engineered by man.

    History repeats itself. Death Famine and War.
    They are all linked. Won’t be surprised if war is about to break out.
    This was just a test phase.

  • Has anyone read about the DAMAGE to lungs after venting? That you are placed in a coma in order to intubate which is NOT A HEALTHY scenario? That this lung issue is akin to ALTITUDE sickness or THE BENDS?? Hemoglobin? A vent is OVERKILL literally but is an OLD PROTOCOL THAT THE HOSPITALS MUST FOLLOW? That each admit as a coviddy the hospital gets $13000 just for the admit!???!! AND wait there’s MORE if that admit goes on a vent there is $39000 for that? Nothing like incentive, huh? The over saturation of lungs, just breaks them down. Not too many docs will open up about this but keep doing the ever so lucrative “protocol” Even though patients are alert, talking etc and DO NOT FIT THE VENTING CRITERIA docs are choosing vents… where face masks would do UNLESS THE ADMIT IS SEVERELY ILL, IMMUNO-COMPROMISED, AGED, ETC treatment for fluid in the lungs may include: additional oxygen, medicines, a lung inhaler, a respirator for the most severe cases. Also there is not a test to conclusively DETERMINE an active case of covid 19. NONE. Some prove false positive, most are negative there is no way to test for a “virus” never has been. Many say a virus is our body detoxing some poison, toxin, etc and we cannot be passing to anyone since virus are dead. I am still researching this but many drs have reported this. Flu and colds cannot be tested by blood/sputum/etc. Possible lab cultures? Not sure. The CDC began hiring for QUARANTINE program managers IN NOVEMBER a month after Event 201, BIll Gates Pandemic Exercise he funded. Named: Coronavirus Pandemic. All media is making BIG money from pharma. Sensationalizing, causing hysteria and well, some even promote LIES. be well

  • Wow.. he was already compromised.. sad he had asthma.. he would probably not have ended up so bad.. awe.. glad he provide you can serve…
    Thank you.. ��

  • Running low on ventilators was a lie, I knew when the Javits center and the ship did not have anyone there it was all a lie. Shame on you!!

  • this is a biological weapon created by the chinese. symptoms start with cough fever, when you feel that way, the virus is allready attacking your lungs. healthy people have died within 48 hours after feeling sick. so think what you want but keep your distance and STAY HOME

  • It makes sense because Covid-19 mimics ARDS or Acute respiratory
    distress syndrome which happens when your can’t get oxygen at high
    altitudes, this utilizing the ECMO will ensure elimination of Carbon
    Dioxide and supplying Oxygen to the patient. Why they are not using this
    all over I do not know? This information has to be shared. Patients are
    dying because they are starved of oxygen.

  • It makes sense because Covid-19 mimics ARDS or Acute respiratory
    distress syndrome which happens when your can’t get oxygen at high
    altitudes, this utilizing the ECMO will ensure elimination of Carbon
    Dioxide and supplying Oxygen to the patient. Why they are not using this
    all over I do not know? This information has to be shared. Patients are
    dying because they are starved of oxygen.

  • We need more masks for everyone who goes back to work, not just the first responders. With this crazy outbreak a month ago, every store has been sold out of masks because people are freaking out. However my bf works in a dusty warehouse and can’t find a good place to buy masks anymore. I just bought some masks from buymasknow.com to share with my neighbors. They are in stock and ship fast for free. Thanks for the “how to make masks” tutorial on Youtube, I made a few for my family before I got more.

  • Breathing practice to increase your lung capacity, designed by Yogic Master: https://youtu.be/lP1Y1bk1YgU (It is called Simha Kriya, Simha means Lion. Breathing like a Lion!

  • Put alcohol on nose as antibiotic because they say Corona virus living there long time in all Americans.If it we inheal in are Lungs it while breathing we can’t breath

  • The reason people are submitting to fraud and dictatorship is psychological. Denial. In shock, it’s a natural response. Strong people go through this stage quickly to process the new reality. Weak people exert all their mental energy in maintaining the denial permanently.

  • If you listen to the CDC you will die! There saying we shouldn’t be using masks unless we’re infected in order to stop the spread, and now we’re being told that the general public should wear masks in public as of April 2, 2020. The news even said it’s ok to use a bandana or a scarf in public if you don’t have a regular mask. Well any genius will realize that water droplets will go right through a bandana or scarf! Also they say only health professionals should use the N-95 masks and not the general public so why is that? That makes no sense whatsoever what’s the difference if a health care professional uses the N-95 masks and a normal civilian that’s not in the health care industry? This country is all F up giving the public bad and misleading advice that will eventually kill people! Then again they don’t care cause this virus is man made with the purpose of population control and to kill millions of people!


    Ventilators are a last resort with only a 15% 20% positive outcome rate. Hospitals daily intensive care cost: Mean intensive care unit cost and length of stay were 31,574 +/42,570 dollars and 14.4 days +/15.8 for patients requiring mechanical ventilation and 12,931 +/20,569 dollars and 8.5 days +/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15942342

    Are Ventilators for COVID-19 Doing More Harm than Good? https://youtu.be/6Dwcfye7_LQ
    Do Ventilators Save Patients https://youtu.be/QnShqaHdYgo
    Gov. Cuomo On Ventilators https://youtu.be/KFjkbnY9lzg
    COVID -19 Respiratory Management https://youtu.be/dTGpWDIzEPQ
    Avoiding Intubation And Initial Ventilation in COVID-19 https://youtu.be/mZqNiQxJLSU

  • Why do these reports and not report patient’s age and underlying health conditions if there was any. Not helpful and just raises anxiety and fear.

  • Doctor looks pretty young for 20yrs work. Now tell us about the false reports…you know changing bronchitis death to say covid…we know the truth

  • Everyone should know the covid-19 does not exist. I will put a link here everyone should watch it. Every time someone puts this video on YouTube it gets deleted, and the person that did the interview said it’s not him saying it’s been copyrighted it’s BBC and main stream that is making YouTube deletes it..
    All you have to do is press play and put in the email trust me everybody needs to know the truth


  • I work in a hospital. They are waiting to long to give hydroxychloroquine. They arrive in ER then get tested. They then get admitted. 24 to 48 hours later they get results. It’s up to the Dr. To give hydroxychloroquine if he/she chooses to. Usually they wait to see if condition worsens. Then all at once they rush to give hydroxychloroquine, but it’s usually to late. Must start medicine at the entrance into the ER.

  • Hello po, Kindly like, share and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Salamat po.
    Follow me fighting Covid-19 in quarantine facility


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  • I understand this causes anxiety I have suffered from terrible anxiety my whole life. Yet as a society knowledge is power and the more we all learn about this virus can only enhance our awareness and in so becoming safer. God bless stay safe.

  • Now I believe conspiracy theorists, there was a guy describing this virus ten years ago.
    Now World war three
    Then asteroid
    Then only 5% of us left.
    Maybe is for the better

  • I tested positive for covid and was afraid. I had no fever, no shortness of breath…nothing. I don’t know what is going on but I never even felt sick the entire quarantine. I don’t know if they understand anything about this illness. I smoke a pack a day and didn’t even notice anything.

  • i was tested april 12 nose swab they call me 2 weeks later and say im positive were going into june and i have no issues no fever nothing i dont feel i have it, think they made a mistake on my test. i havent felt nothing at all if i did i think i would have felt something 2 months ago

  • My biggest concern is that the doctors have no idea what they’re doing and the public is expected to trust and rely on a system that can only prolong your death by turning your body into a meat marionette at enormous cost.

  • My dad has heart problems and lupus and he has covid-19 has been taken to ICU and may be on a breathing machine as a significant amount is in his lungs. Please pray for him, I’ve been crying all day I’ve been in contact with him so I might have it to but he is my priority. The one man in my life and the closest thing to me.
    Please please pray for him. I can’t do this

  • My question is if you don’t have no Symptoms and you are tested positive can you still work and be around your co worker like Nothing?

  • My mom has been hospitalized since january 6th because she couldn’t breathe, she tested positive for covid.. she is on the ventilator today will be a week on it. please pray for my mom to be healed. She is a strong woman and i know she will pull through this. Please any prayers for my mom my family will appreciate.

  • https://youtu.be/tARyZfFSCyc
    The reason for the ventilators not working. I think iron is a good example of a use of the cast iron cooking giving the blood the ability to absorb oxygen

  • Im so glad he’s made it and so grateful he acknowledged how medical staff does everything to reassure and not make you panic when things are very serious. That hope and optimism instilled in patients is everything. I’m a healthcare professional and it feels good to hear that people feel safe in our hands. Not easy and straightforward caring for sick people, that’s for sure. Stay strong Sir!

  • I lost my sense of smell and taste last week and developed dry cough and fever. And now I am on isolation. Got swabbed yesterday and Im waiting for my result. I just hope that no matter what the result is I hope I’ll get better soon.

  • Interesting 3D/CT shot. But not particularly useful for diagnosis or treatment.
    Takes 30 min to an hr for the shot + rendering and diagnosis, and every patient would need one -> every day.
    5 min chest X-ray would show pneumonia/comparisons and be somewhat practical.

  • I can’t get my Mom to follow social distancing rules. I keep telling her and she keeps driving everywhere and visiting relatives and friends. I am furious and my head is about to explode. Does anyone have any good suggestions to get her to follow the rules?

  • I know many people who went on ventilators and never made it out. I have a friend who is an RN she deals with covid patients and as soon as they put them on the ventilators most of them end up dying..

  • My dad is fighting for his life at this moment, he went to his primary doctor 2 weeks ago and they send him home, told him to stay home and seek medical help if symptoms get worse, he haves pneumonía and tested positive for cov19, the world is crushing me I can’t see him or talk to him, idk how to feel anymore.

  • They sent him home because the man just had pneumonia y’all chill out����‍♂️����‍♂️ if he had rona his whole family would be sick supposedly

  • You know what i find REALLY weird about all these ppl catching it? Everyone seems to have wanted to take a trip to a different country in the month of March??? I just find that really strange

  • Why don’t you te the truth you can’t catch a virus it has to be injected. And why were they discussing Corona viruse in 2015 and then it wasn’t strong they had to lab create it so it would be stronger. And why don’t you tell the people. If they do get the Corona viruse in 24 to 48 hours 90% of people who get it would be ok not dead. All you are is a peer of the problem. You should be ashamed. You give doctor’s a bad name. Lies you can not be trusted. They want to inject people with a virus don’t accept it.

  • As a lay person: If I got Covid and recovered I’d love to be on the front line somewhere, visiting patients and talking to them so they aren’t so alone.
    Obviously still take precautions, but those that have already overcome the disease could provide critical support to those that are sick.
    I really hope that governments start allowing something like home or hospital visitors & people start to take the mental health of everyone more seriously & allow this to occur.

  • Dr. Oz whats your opinion now since the beginning of the outbreak. When your walking the streets not scared and acting all causal. Pathetic

  • Anything man made is always deadly
    God bless all hospital staff and all the mortuaries who will be up next in line for help, God help us.

  • This bloke had lung problems caused by virus and lukemia, but luckily Some of his family were “conspiracy theorists”

  • i woke up with a small fever and a caugh. my wife is pregnant and i’m keeping distance… hopefully is just a normal flu. i’m going to talk to my doctor tomorrow. im scared shitless tho.. not for me but for my wife and my soni dont want anything to happen to them ��

  • Did the doctors try the Malaria prevention drugs and didn’t anyone who suggested they get these IV quickly? The few who had almost death had these drugs and been saved by them. What is the future of people who are going to die as this patient did would have been at least the last option to use?

  • Sanitize your HOSPITALS and quarantine them better!!! I’m watching videos in hospitals and these ass hole doctors have the patient’s too close to each other!!!

  • I just wish these doctors would stop treating patients like hamsters or something!!! Your supposed to be a doctor not a scientists ������ focus on actually TREATING your patient instead of trying to get the spot light on the media!!!������ Mean while his patient probably past away while he’s on tv blabbering it’s making me sick seeing how selfish some doctors are!!! The real mvp are the doctors and nurses who actually have it and still try to at least do something!!!������


  • My grandma has the corona virus and she’s in a critical position currently admitted in the ventilation, I would ask for everyone’s prayer ��

  • Fun Fact: The government is giving hospitals $13,000 for every patient “diagnosed” with CV, and $39,000 for every one of them that goes on a ventilator.

    I sure hope that woman’s lungs weren’t hurt by a ventilator.