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Summer Depression: Do You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

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the Seasonal Affective Disorder episode | Beaumont HouseCall Podcast

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Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

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Take Charge Parenting: Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Why Winter Makes You SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder Explained

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Seasonal affective disorder causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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THURSDAY, Jan. 28, 2016 (HealthDay News) A new study cast doubts on the existence of seasonal depression a mood disorder linked to reduced sunlight in the winter months. This form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and recognized by the mental health community for nearly 30 years “is not supported by objective data,” the new study claims. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) —also called seasonal depression —is a treatable form of depression that should not be brushed off as just the “winter blues.”. This winter has been a little unusual as the early months were quite warm with more sun, which made it possible to be more active outdoors.

Experts have a few theories, though, starting with how seasonal changes can throw the body’s circadian rhythm (or internal 24-hour clock) off-kilter, all thanks to the fluctuations in natural sunlight that happen as the seasons change (barely-there in the winter, always-there in the summer). Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is not an easy thing to deal with, but luckily, there are ways to manage it. With fall and winter months comes shorter days, less sunlight, and colder. Seasonal depression is a real thing and it’s actually quite common.

It absolutely sucks. You want to feel better but, ironically, many of the things that usually make you feel better won’t work because, in order to do them, it needs to be warmer outside. Is seasonal depression real?

As the temperatures drop and the winter jackets emerge, many people will be diagnosed with seasonal depression, also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Amazingly, as the weather changes, up to 10% of people living in northern latitudes will be categorized as depressed. Payton said, “although a lot of people joke around about having seasonal depression, it is a very real thing. Although it can seem silly that depression hits people during certain times of the. Without a doubt, seasonal depression is real.

Here’s how to identify SAD—and remedies that really work to fight it in the winter months. Seasonal depression is a mood disorder that happens every year at the same time. A rare form of seasonal depression, known as “summer depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder is not just a winter phenomenon.

For some people, summer weather can be a trigger for depression. Learn more.

List of related literature:

Depression can also be seasonal.

“Selecting Effective Treatments: A Comprehensive, Systematic Guide to Treating Mental Disorders” by Linda Seligman, Lourie W. Reichenberg
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But while seasonal effects on behavior and mood have been found, the diagnosis of ‘winter depression’ seems less certain.

“Encyclopedia of Human Behavior” by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
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Consequently, scientists have named this depression “Seasonal Affective Disorder,” although people often just call it “winter blues.”

“Grammar Troublespots: A Guide for Student Writers” by Ann Raimes
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The technical term for this form of depression is seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

“The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression: A Step-by-Step Program” by William J. Knaus, Albert Ellis
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SAD is seasonal depression.

“Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting” by Terrie M. Williams
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In fact, there is even a name for the condition: seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

“Statistics in Plain English, Third Edition” by Timothy C. Urdan
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A variant of depression is seasonal affective disorder, which is triggered

“Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Dentistry E-Book” by Frank J. Dowd, John A. Yagiela, Bart Johnson, Angelo Mariotti, Enid A. Neidle
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It’s one of the main forms of treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is a mild form of depression some people experience during the winter months when there is little sunlight (Golden et al. 2005).

“50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food” by Susan Albers
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Another form of fluctuating depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is tied to exposure to changing amounts of sunlight.

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SAD is a recurrent affective disorder associated with seasonal changes.

“Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences” by Robert B. Daroff, Michael J. Aminoff
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  • A few other things to help.

    Go tanning. Start October through march. Just 10 mins a day.

    Take vitamin D. Very important.

    Force yourself outside. Not to the mailbox. But everyday 30 minutes of exposure.

    Increase colored fruits veggies and drink more water.

    Listen to raggee music.

  • Depression is a tough illness but it can be managed by relying on all of your community supports. Remember to voice your concerns as struggling in silence is the worst part of this disorder. It can also give you a chance to see where you truest friends lie!

  • have anyone tried 5-htp for SAD??? This natural nutrient works magic for low mood & SAD by simply increasing your serotonin levels.. Have a look here:


  • I get really sad around spring through summer but in Autumn and Winter I feel happier than ever especially with rain or cloudy weather

  • this is why i hate winter, I wanna fucken die for no apparent reason.
    Every morning i have trouble getting out of bed and just cant find a reason to live,
    to eat, to shower, to exercise, to school, to do anything.

    When i try to do anything i get this overwhelming feeling and just stare blankly unable to do anything
    I hate this feeling, its interrupting my education and everything

  • I’m happier in the spring and summer. I still have my bad days but when I don’t see the sun in the fall and winter I get severely down.

  • My psychology teacher was like who here knows who has seasonal depression? I was like ME ��
    What I do is i exercise often so my body produces more endorphins, basically just do things to distract you, what I do is I have plants i often just sit by them and soak up some sun with them ��

  • I shit you not I’ve heard someone say 
    “Well nobody likes a cloudy day, but come on, there’s no reason to be depressed about it”
    I laughed for about 15 minutes straight after hearing that

  • I fucking hate this. Last year I felt so depressed around this time, and then when summer came I was suddenly not depressed anymore. I thought it was just a phase of something and lived better. UNTIL I WAKE UP FEELING DEPRESSED AGAIN. I put two and two together and realize around this exact time last year I was also hella depressed. So I guess I have to feel depressed for another four or five damn months. God I hate this.

  • I get seasonal depression from around October to February. Then March to September my life is fucking great. It gets worse though in this time because I remember how good my life is in the summer and then i get more sad because i miss it.

  • I don’t like to self diagnose but last year proves that I have might have seasonal depression. Towards the beginning of winter ( November ish) I was so hopeless, sad, and empty, I came home everyday crying and all I could rely on was the person I loved:(. He kept me warm and made me feel worth it. It began to get worse during December, January, February. As soon as it started to get warmer I began to be social again. I talked with other people with no hesitation at all. I was vibrant and happy. Now that it’s getting colder it’s begging to fade and thinking of all the horrible memories I’ve had last year during the winter months…and as the winters get colder and harder it’s more and more difficult for me. Idk what to do why am I so hopeless when it’s winter

  • Depression I think is possibly corelated to personality types. I believe all are capable of becoming depressed but some more inclined than others. I’m an infj male and around october of each year I go through a severe depression cycle.

  • I already have depression with IBS and now I think I have SAD!!! I absolutely dread the spring and winter months in Cleveland������

  • I’ve been depressed and suicidal for 3 years but only from around July til November. But I live in Indonesia, we only have summer and rainy season and rainy season starts in late October.:/

  • Makes no sense that this would be because our mammalian ancestors slept during the winter. We are from Africa. That means we have spent at least millions of years living without winter. Where were our ancestors before Africa? Nothing says they were from Europe or any other place where winter occurred.

  • seasonal affective disorder in the summer has 2 explanations: 1 people who have to work and would like to be in the pool; 2 people who are addicted to work and dont like the pool. seriously.

  • This does make so much sense now I Heard about this disorder my depression is very seosonal I also lack a loottt of vitamin d because I just don’t go out and because my heritage is Turkish and I live in the Netherlands where it’s always rainy also I lack a lot of iron deficiency which makes me very tired all the time I went to the doctor for this and gave me medication but it doesn’t really help with the seasonal depression I also didn’t get a diognoses so I don’t know what to do.

  • This pattern has repeated itself over the past three years; for the past year and a half, I’ve believed I get seasonal depression, but I didn’t know for sure till now.

    I feel amazing between May and August; but by about mid-September, I don’t feel quite as great, and I get tired easily. By late October it’s obvious I’m not fine, and I occasionally become suicidal around late December and January. It begins to clear up in February, but I still feel pretty bad. I only really begin feeling better around late March to mid-April. Then I feel great again.

    I also hate when dark clouds come and the rain just drizzles. Everything is so nasty and wet, and it makes me feel disgusting.

  • I think I have seasonal depression
    But I’ll check with my therapist
    Love the video it helped me understand more of the disorder thx

  • I’m in england when the sky is grey in July and August my body feels like it just want to shut down I want to hide under a blanket we onley have sun in june for 2 weeks has soon has the kids break up for school its crap weather

  • I love how extremely over educated science has become to the point where they entirely disregarding the human soul for the trade of for biology.

    Have you ever seen a person who is happy with their body, presentation, status, not suffering from jealousy, can afford decoration and living in a healthy environment having SAD? No… summer represents going out, being social, showing yourself off, enjoying life. If that has to be told to anyone that person must decrease their iq and raise eq levels to far at least a cow’s. God, no wonder you have so many young lost souls with this many fucking idiots that have been studying depression but never have experienced it on their own skin.

  • This is just for whiny teenagers who don’t like the cold. Depression is a serious issue caused by actual problems in your life and your mind. Not the temperature outside.

  • Does anyone get it where you can smell autumn in the air, and it brings past memories flooding back and makes you really sad and feel so alone?

  • Cause of the depression isn’t fully known?
    But it is! This world and life are fallen, horrid, and constantly going downwards spiral. It’s statistics, human ecology, conservation biology and epidemiological medical studies that keep proving this.
    At this point, depression is mostly caused by the environment, and is a natural response in objective people with compromised ability of self-fooling (in a wand of a better word) and denial.

  • I’m doing a school assignment where i have to make a psycho-educative programme.
    This helped me out so much, both for the information and the design of the video. Big cheers!

  • Just found out I most likely have SAD. Winter break was actually so horrible and while all my peers were enjoying the time off school, I couldn’t wait to go back. I don’t care about my school work and I don’t feel motivated to do anything right now. The only times I am happy during the winter is when I’m with my friends. I hope everyone else is doing ok. Have a nice winter:/

  • I’ve a vitamin d deficiency which is linked to ‘sad’ but my symptoms only start when the sunsets or if the weather gets really bad. I’ll be fine during the day but when it’s dark I start to feel super depressed

  • If you stay inside on your computer every day it becomes a year wide thing, I pretty much had this for 14 years until I found out what was causing it.

  • I find cold showers (30 sec to 1 min), eating healthy at least 80% of the time, meditation, journaling, sleep discipline and exercise help with SAD. There is also an App to help with SAD in the Apple store https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/light-box-for-sad/id1332927650?mt=8. You can do a short test on it to see if you have SAD. It also makes the screen of your iPhone/ iPad shine like a light box. Althoughthe intensity of light projected by the app is not 10,000 Lux but you can adjust the brightness and the colour (white/ blue/ any other). It is much cheaper as compared to a typical $50/$200 Light Box. I recommend trying exposure to blue light for 20-25 minutes in the morning after waking up. I find it convenient to just place my iPhone/ iPad next to the mirror/sink in the bathroom (at Max brightness) whilst I am brushing my teeth/ getting ready etc. FYI It takes at least 5-7 days of regular use before you start to feel it’s affect. You are not alone, take care X

  • I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, I’m depressed during the Fall and Winter months. I’m usually depressed late October Early March. In December and January, it’s really bad! I am severely depressed during those 2 months of the year. I feel a little better in February, but I’m still pretty depressed. By the end of February I start to feel much better, same goes for early March. Usually, by mid March I’m no longer depressed, I’m still a tad bit depressed but not as much, I’m glad it’s spring finally! I don’t have to be depressed anymore!

  • I feel the opposite to this, I feel extremely sad in Summer and I’m much more happy in Winter. When it rains it also makes me happier.

  • I get depressed each and every summer. July and August, sometimes being peaks. And I always dread summer, to the point of tears sometimes when Winter comes to an end.
    Anyone else get this way? I feel like the odd one out. ( ; -;) Since most cases of SAD are about the colder seasons.
    And, like, my family and friends enjoy summer so much. I wish I could feel that way too, but frustratingly enough, I can’t. Even if I tried.

    It sucks.

  • I lived in New York for a few months and I got there during the early Fall. I instantly began to feel my mood shift and it contributed to my manic depression. Fortunately, that was also during the time that I found the right combination of meds but even after they had kicked in, I still couldn’t handle the weather’s SAD effects so I moved back home to California

  • For me I feel like it’s less the light but due to being cold 24/7 and finding wearing layers all day long extremely uncomfortable.

    People in my family will tolerate 55 degree house temperature for like the first week it’s at those temperatures, but when they turn the heater on they only turn it up to 62-64 degrees.
    I need 68 degree temperatures to feel moderately comfortable. (As in I will have cold moments but I’m not thinking about how cold I am the entire day.)
    Years ago they use to put the temperature up to 68 degrees during the winter, and it wasnt until they stopped doing that, that I got depressed due to the season.

    Seasonal changes = Freezing 7 months out of the years where sleeping is the only escape and I can’t stand it. TT_TT

  • i been searching information about this all the time but codunt find a right one yet. i been diagnose with IBS and this year its start from January winter moths in switzerland i am not able to fall a sleep untill morning 4 am and i am completely energy drained that day. then its happen again in late summer i know i was excited about somthing happing tommorow thast why am not able to sleep again. it was mild as far as i have researched. then in fall i have few months off i ahev enough time for sleep and no work stress i began with difficulties to fall a sleep for two days in a row. then its after few weeks i been walking up very early in the morning and again difficult to fall back to sleep. i been sleep maxium 6 hrs a day. i have treated my self with CBD infused oil but it didnt work out.i soak,y slef under sun for 30 minutes but still didnt help much. now i have decided to buy a light thereaphy but i saw valkee light theraphy head set. hope thats work for me. i am so frustated with my disorder and want to live a normal life. i cant plan for anyone this days. my day is all depend on how much i sleep and how muchi am rested. els i dont have energy. extreamly sad with m life.

  • What about seasonal affective disorder in the spring… literally felt like I was hit by a bus since Sunday and I have had this my whole life. I slept twelve hours last night

  • Had no idea this was a thing, but this has always happened to me every year like clockwork, I loathe when October creeps around every year, then spring comes and I come back alive. I’m glad I’m not alone..plus I live in Cali��

  • Every year, Psychiatrists put £5 in the kitty, and whoever
    comes up with a new condition that they invented wins the cash.

    That is where this SAD comes from. Get over it.

  • I don’t have periods most of the year but for some reason a week or two before xmas day i get a period and i may get one or two after December too from Jan March i had two at the start of this year this time but without fail every single year i get a period b4 xmas i mean… That’s weird right? Can SAD affect periods like that where you have none all year? Any girls
    out there get the same thing?

  • I have SAD in the winter… every time I see snow and feel the coldness I feel like I want to cry… good thing I live in a northern state��

  • For me its summer, with the rest I feel more better but every summer I always felt depressed, even now I feel sad, and idk why but i just do

  • Pardon my ignorance folks, i searched about it but i couldnt find the answer. If i have sad, does that mean my children are gonna have it too?

  • Summer isn’t almost here for me. It’s almost December. Still quite a ways to go in 2018. When I get the money I’m moving to someplace warmer

  • Today was the day I started feeling like I began my winter blues as today was less than 50°F and cloudy. The trees are turning red and orange now. It’s also the day when daylight is exactly 12 hours long. I live in Minnesota and winter here goes on for eternity, the first snowfall can happen in October and it can continue on into May. Through November to February are the times where my SAD is at the baddest, it’s not so bad March through April and towards the end of April or early May, it stops. I live on latitude 47N and for most people living in Alaska, Scandinavia, etc., that probably doesn’t mean shit for you guys as for half of the year you get no sun period. But for me I like not having the sun rise at 7:55AM and setting at 4:19PM.

  • Summer is extremely depressing. The heat, the lack of energy, constantly wanting to sleep, the heat allergy devesating my skin, feeling you cannot take a deep refreshing breath. Can summer be skipped please.

  • I have never actually liked winter as a season (spring is my most favourite and summer too but I admit that mad-maxian temperatures aren’t comfortable). And there is an unnecessarily wintry winter here in Czech Republic this time, fuck*n’ white sh*t everywhere, defeaning silence and piercing cold. It feels like my “mood bar” were now capped at “average,” whereas in spring and summer “average” is my bottom cap.

  • http://turquoisetrouble.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/mental-health-awareness-listen-love.html
    Please read…
    After losing my dad to suicide in 2011 I have been trying every effort to raise awareness on mental health and fight the stigma attached to it. I have written an in depth blog post about how it effected me, I have included peoples own words that have suffered sharing their stories to make sure people don’t feel alone, I have discussed things that need to be talked about in raising the awareness and I have also created a catalogue of videos sectioned into different subjects hitting individual mental illnesses and general ones to educate people so they’re easy access for whenever anybody needed to view them and I have included this video in the list as I felt it could really help some people fighting a battle by watching it. Please read and share if you can I want it to reach as many people as possible in raising awareness!
    Thankyou so much.
    Abigail Purslow/ turquoisetrouble

  • I have severe seasonal affective disorder and I live in northern Wisconsin! My fiance doesn’t want to move but I literally cannot stay here. I’m miserable for most of the year.

  • I wonder if any research has been done, into how climate affects people and societies over generations. For example, are people from places that are warm year ’round, genetically, less likely to be depressed and does the culture in those places tend to be more relaxed and easy going in general? And, inversely, are people from places like the Arctic circle more likely to have mental illness genes and have a more rigid, up tight culture? I’ve heard that depression is more common in places where it’s dark a lot of the time, but I want to know more on how it’s affected the culture over time, if at all. Any anthropologist/sociologist study this?

  • I never got this way In winter time I used to actually like it but it’s winter here and it all began a few months back but the problem is I used to actually hate daylight I would sleep all day and stay up at night for months at a time Itd be like this and I’m wondering if that’s the problem? I stay up on the day now but now snowy weather and gray/white sky days make me scared and make me sad and night time does too and i pray every day that it’s just a lack of vitamin d as well and it could be that I don’t get out much so I’m hoping that’s what it is but fr do you guys think that’s what it is? Like my reality feels hopeless and gray it scares me I take vitamin d pills and I’ve seen way better change so idk I’m hoping it’s just that and plus the cold sucks I can’t go outside so you guys think it’s just that? Cause I’m terrified of it being depression that stuff is horrible and I don’t want that but if it’s a seasonal thing then I’m happy

  • why does this only affect some people?
    I’m from Australia and moved to China for 1 year. The winter there was so horrible. I developed pretty crazy mood swings (highs and lows), started missing home for the first time in my life, had an infatuation with someone which got out of control. I just treated things way more seriously.
    Usually I’m totally carefree and easy going. Why ME!?

  • it’s my senior year of highschool and it’s december. finals, can’t fail one class if you want to graduate, being told to read 16 chapters of Driver’s Ed in one week. I stayed home today to get some of the final projects I’ve been assigned done (I often stay home to do that and it works) but being cramped in with a bunch of other teenagers wasn’t the problem this time. I’ve had 0 motivation, my body feels heavier, things that make me laugh aren’t lasting, all since we changed the clocks. school and life in general really wasn’t made for people with illnesses, they make it so it fits the “normal” and make others be expected to perform the same way. it’s horrible

  • I get more depressed in the summer cuz heat and especially HUMIDITY makes me feel trapped and actually afraid, and bright SUNSHINE nauseated me. So, I don’t like Summer at all. Is there a name for this condition of mine? I feel as though I’m alone in this.

  • I always thought i had this. But according to the video, the depression has to be in remission when spring comes. But for me, all of the depression’s repercussions linger on and Saratoga the spring and early summer. And around August I start getting terribly depressed again knowing that the season is coming to an end. I also have a lot of other things going on regarding mental health, Borderline pd and depression in general… but one thing I know is warm weather and clear skies make everything better and anything under 70 is cold to me.

  • I think good healthy food is important. Tryptophane and magnesium rich foods are important for mood and energy levels. (Pumpkin seeds has both for instance) Furthermore eating enough FIBER helps your gut and the bacteria to do their job. In your gut many of the substances that your brain needs are made, including tryptophane.
    Also a light therapy lamp helped me. You can buy them for reasonable prices nowadays. Do watch if the product is seriously tested (best with an university or research institute).
    And take extra vitamin D october march.
    It doesn’t mean you will not get a depression per se, but it can make it less bad in my experience. Better to have a winterdip then a full out depression.

  • Even if your in a tropical climate, if you moved from a place like New Mexico where there’s brilliant blue skies to a place with 80in of rain you can have problems adjusting.

  • I usually start feeling these symptoms around January to about April. It’s not everyday but if it gets really cold or the weather gets to bad I refuse to go outside unless I have to. That’s when it gets bad ��

  • I think i have this, that would explain a lot of things, probably you wont read this but i dont want to keep somethings that are eating me inside and i need at least to put them somewhere.

    I really feel some seasons like a piece of garbage,useless,and guilty of everything.
    I have selfharmed my self and thought of suicide lot of times and I dont think I can keep like this I just want to rest.

  • all my life i was having anxiety and deepression once summer starts and it seems i recover once the weather gets colder. I was always wondering why i felt alive energetic and calm during winter because i thought seasonal deepression was only for winter times so when i started reading about summer deepression it all made sense to me.I noticed that once May comes to an end and after being hit with all my allergies of spring it becomes like a fog on my brain and suddenly in the end of June i feel physically weak i cant sleep properly i cant eat and even water is difficult to swallow my blood pressure goes lower than normal and i feel sick literally most mornings i will find myself crying for no apparent reason and its so difficult to work ( having a family business in a touristic area in Greece doesnt work for me as the sun is so strong )every October i feel stronger again.I always thought that i just hate my work and i would rather go to the beach and im just lazy and that i wasn’t really sad…. i figure out its not the case because i stopped working in summer for the last two years and the symptoms remain i just can’t go for a swim on the beach as i though i could because I’m too weak and sad and i cry every day..i have started going on therapy for it.

  • I think that most folks living in the Northern US and Canada experience to some extent the winter blues. But as an antidote for living in these latitudes, one should get more involved in activities, albeit INDOOR activities, whether it be for leisure or recreational purposes or athletic or whatever to counter these symptoms. I know I have had this too, and staying busy sure helps a bit. THAT, and lots of Vitamin D too!:)

  • What is surprising that I actually do like autumn and early winter. But this SAD stuff spoils everything. And It is hard for me to accept that it is connected with daylight or something like that.

  • Do any of you use a light?  Thinking of buying one.  Also has anyone noticed how fast it comes on.  One day there is sun, the next there is no sun and you can fall that quick. 

  • This pissed me off. Reverse seasonal affective disorder has absolutely nothing to do with disappointed expectations, anxiety over weight and kids etc… what a crock of shit. It has everything to do with the 14 hours of assaulting sunshine and the overbearing heat that causes the depression. Oh this pissed me off… ��

  • i suffer from this, 2016 winter/autumn for me was hell!!! put on fuck loads of weight, hid from the world and slept my life away or locked myself away and watched netflix all day

  • Keep your blinds open. Eat lots of healthy foods. Join a gym and exercise five times a week. Surround yourself with people. Develop a healthy sleep schedule sleep during the dark, awake during the light. Get a dog. Enjoy outdoor activities skiing, snowboarding, hiking, etc. Go on a vacation to a warmer climate. Get a job. Watch movies set in the summertime. Volunteer around the holidays. Start a project around the house. Stay busy and DO NOT just sit around. Keep your head up.

  • Im 14 andSchool is somewhat causing my seasonal depression because in the winter I have to wake up at 7.20 and its still very dark and causing my brain to think its still night and causes me to be very tired and have bad mood for the whole day and when I come back from school at 3.40 the sun is somewhat starting to set and when I’m back around 4 the sun is setting and when I’m done my homework the sun is gone and during school when I see sun Id be like I just want be outside no matter the temperature but i cant my seasonal depression starts to appear around late September and end around early March but this year is starting to apear now and I live in ireland

  • i’ve been way more depressed than usual
    i’ve been eating less due to food not feeling right and being too sad to care to eat
    i’ve been sleeping so shitly
    my motivation went from amazing to no work at all. i used to revise every night but now it’s winter i cannot get motivation to work and am getting homework detentions.

  • Awesome work! I have SAD for the last 8 years, but the doctors didn’t know what happend to me after 4 years (actually I am other 4 years on tratement). Sorry if me english is not good enough, is not my natal languaje ��
    Winter months are horribles for me, specially December and January, I can’t work, keep social relationships, etc, only cry and sleeping any time, It’s frustrate because I want to work, I LOVE my job but I can’t do it on this months…
    Thank you for the video, really, on my languaje I don’t have enough information (The people say that “SAD doesn’t exist, are only excuses”, indeed…)
    Again, thank you very much ������

  • having summer deepression and being Greek ��my family owns summer business in a touristic area every summer was a torture. Every june it comes i cry almost every day i can’t sleep and i feel physically weak it lasts until the end of September..evey year here we go again

  • LOL what a freakin insane culture this is. ‘TRYPtophan huh..? I bet you dont get a trip from it huh?? Thing is we live in a patriarchal civilization which psychologically splits reality into dualities and has one part thought of as superior to the other part,  which in reality are not parts but dynamic processes; in this case ‘light’ as thought to be superior to ‘darkness’ and in fact the latter has been demonized since ancient times, in patriarchal mythology. So that is a mythological basis for why people fear darkness, and also fear FEELING sad, or different to how they feel on a bright summer day etc.
    This fear could be resolved from probably ONE real psychedelic Trip with right set and setting where the experiencer would explore the creative wonder of the DYNAMIC which is light AND dark and which is cyclic and interwoven

  • Thank you for exposing summer depression! People think I am CRAZY for feeling depressed during bright sunny days. But actually, I am sure more people are affected by this than are aware of.

  • Yes I am much more depressed in summertime. I’m grouchy and lock myself in my room and cry all day long. This has been going on for years. HELP!!